Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Resultado de imagen para meme of the simpsons doctor with his arms crossed Doctor Love by 1st Choice

Today I am gonna do an article based on CLINICAL TERMS to show US just HOW THEY be DOING it to just US & WE still cannot SEE clear thru! Bcuz I am what YOU are, whether ya MOOR, ISRAELITE, nigga, 5% or whatever......WE are all in this SMASH together & its HIGH TIME that WE start REAL EYE sing that WE are going to LOSE BIG if WE dont UNITE NOW! BM STAND UP & be COUNTED & I just dont mean PHYSICAL FIGHTING either! CRIPS gotta bond with BLOODS & so do ATHEISTS & CHRISTIANS bcuz them real niKKKas is coming as 1 so WTF WE gonna do yo? Yo Ray Ray & Pookie where yall at? Are blaKKK police & military members gonna PROTECT the RICH before their very OWN FAMILIES? FOH yo! Time to protect ya Baby Mama & that Lil Nigga you aint see in 2 years bcuz that BIA always BEGGING for mo money! ALL WE got is US!

Before WE do that though, WE are gonna get into a lil DEFINITION here

CLINICIAN - a doctor having direct contact with patients rather than being involved with theoretical or laboratory studies.*

I have to put some CLINICAL TERMS in here bcuz a lotta yall THINK WE just talking shit but when ya RESEARCH just some of this.........WE gonna cover the SPECTRUM from A-Z to show that if you KNOW what THEY can & cannot do then  you are way ahead of the GAME. Fuck what ya beLIEve in & check it out yo! And so, WE start with A  Yall need to know what ATRAZINE is! The CORONER did an AUTOPSY on that corpse that supposedly died of A.I.D.S which has proven to be a HOAX. She really died of BLEACH BLONDING but the AUTHORITIES covered it up so as to keep that money rolling in! Thru BIOENGINEERING, they have changed OUR BIOCHEMISTRY& it is messing up the BLAK BODY especially thru COGNITIVE DISSONANCE & if ya wanna know how to CLINICALLY DIAGNOSE someone, ya need to check the DSM aka the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual. They use all kinda CONTROL MECHANISMS to get US DISSASSOCIATE with OUR very SELVES which is DANGEROUS. DISABILITY is getting harder to get! Do not get caught in a DOUBLE BIND

Resultado de imagen para pic of the dsm Luv Hangover by Diana Ross 

Wouldnt you break down if ya knew an EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT were about to happen? Gotta have thick skin like ELEPHANTITIS! Them KraKKas wanna place THEIR FENATYL Crisis as a PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE instead of how THEY did US during the krakk EPIDEMIC! Before ya know it, all ENERGY will be FREE so keep on going. GENOMES in ya blood stream mention that GREAT THINGS are in store for US thru the BASE RESONANT FREQUENCY! Great! If I was a DOCTOR I would have been a GYNOCOLOGIST

Resultado de imagen para meme of a cartoon devil doctor injecting a baby Night Nurse by Gegory Isaacs

What do yall know about HENRIETTA LACKS? Better yet, what do ya know about HELA cells? In case ya do not lnow, it means a cell of continuously cultured strain isolated from a human uterine cervical carcinoma in 1951 and used in biomedical research especially to culture viruses.* Note that these cells came from Lacks a BW who does not get any credit but WE went in just a little as to who she was here at If a BW wants CHILDREN & is OK with HOMOSEXUALITY then what is her OVERSTANDING inside of this dynamic & NOTE that I HATE NO 1! If you are WISE you would stay out of those HOSPTALS! Have ya ever heard of the INTERNET? That HEROINE is literally KILLING em yall! May HEALTH WIN! INJECTIONS & INOCULATIONS.......HELL FUCKING NO! I prefer getting hits of IODINE. Walk by the seaside & breathe in those negative IONS

So there ya have it from A-I & to not BORE YALL, I am going to make this a 2 or 3 part series to drive the point home, Boss, WEs SICK & WE gotta get OVER it bcuz regardless of WHERE WE are or WHAT WE are DOING, just like I said above WE aint as a PEEPO doing GOOD & it is my LIFES MISSION to CHANGE that & IDGAF what ya think of Me! Idk about yall but I cannot keep living this way! Carrying TORCHES is a SIGN of LOVE & just like em & WAR on THEM & LOVE on US so get it right yall! Do not get DUPED into going to MASS DEMONSTRATIONS unless you are REAL about LIFE & DEATH bcuz its ON & POPPING! If VIOLENCE is ya thing be STRATEGIC in ya planning bcuz YOU are too VALUABLE to LOSE! As WE used to say, GET ya MIND RIGHT! 

                                                                - to be continued -

Best of Maxwell the Slow Jams

It does NOT STOP til the COPS come knocking! Yall know who he is so get with it bcuz with SO MUCH DRAMA in the WORLD WE SEE...........b2a gotta give it to ya so RELAX & WIND DOWN as ya made it thru another day! You are now in the Urban Hang Suite! 1!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

SuperStar distraKKKtions Part II

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For this to make a lil more sense, go to Part I here at 

I have noticed some things from Part I  of this series and as I THINK that they are important to note especially since I wrote the DEFINITIVE BOOK on EXPOSING how the entertainment industry really works, I will post a link of my book, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die a lil later in the article. Please SUPPORT  US in OUR EFFORTS! Come on yall, WE gotta talk about it!

Now ya gotta stay with Me bcuz some of this stuff I have already adressed but every so often WE must go back to it. Generally speaking, the DEVILS have ruled over US outright for at least 400 years. I said that to say that what once used to work just aint working no mo bcuz it has an EXPIRATION DATE! Too many of yall aint ready and yet again for most of ya, this is just another RANT of a MAD MAN! Starting off with KapernicKK, if he really was the reason why BLAK PEEPO are gonna boycott the NFL then where were YALL when Marshawn Lynch was denied the Superbowl Win and getting fined for not speaking to the FAKE NEWS PRESS? Bcuz Lynch did not speak much, his actual not speaking spoke VOLUMES! That is his way of saying that ya not gonna make Me bcuz I got BEAST MODE and my PEEPO ABSOLUTELY LUV ME! He dont get NO PRESS and Colin is getting just about all of it & is gonna get picked up by some maveriKKK owner at the last minute dramtic style for the story of the year! This is WHY I dont TRUST HIM bcuz he has pledged wth a LODGE & is a HALF BREED like OVOMIT! Yall niggas will rejoice but check this lil article out 1st at To all of ya who care anything about this, use it as a SPRINGBOARD to know how to move US FORWARD! The nfl is making CRAZY MONEY every time ya CLICK on anything affiliated from the ADVERTISEMENTS from what is called CLICK BAIT on their website bcuz you took a side! They still have your ENERGY! Beast Mode by Marshawn Lynch

By now, any and everybody has heard about Dr Umar Johnson and his SCHOOL and his CONTROVERSIES and whatever and as soon as I heard em, I told PEEPO to not FOLLOW him but to RESEARCH what he SAYS after he told ya what and how to DO what IT is he told ya about! When I check THAT it usually checked out and I can go about my merry way! Lets get into a biggie now and thus far, I have not seen anyone else addressing this 1 just yet.............

Quantasia Sharpton (r.) and her lawyer Lisa Bloom hold a press conference at the Hilton Hotel on Monday. Sharpton claims she was possibly exposed to it because of her sexual encounters with Usher. Situations by Usher

Before WE get into Usher, I wanna get into his protege or a dude named Justin Bieber...............betcha ya didnt get this from the LAMESTREAM PRESS but......... Just why is the Biebs hanging out with a PASTOR? Could it be bcuz of this? Just so ya know, the name of this article is Pedophiles Run the Evil Music Industry! Its about to get VERY INTERESTING! 

Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

The definitive expose on how the INDUSTRY really is is at PLEASE SUPPORT BLAKs BUSINESS! 

Usher Raymond! GREAT SINGER and like too many BLACK ENTERTAINERS, lateley more known for what happens OFFSTAGE than on. WE wonder why? Could it be bcuz the MUSIC INDUSTRY is basically DEAD and bcuz of the INTERNET, do they have to get ya in the news for peepo to REMEMBER YOU? They could invent ways to keep ya relevant but with Usher, its always NEGATIVE! Compare gayz and Kanye and............I think Usher FAILED at keeping his tabs on Bieber bcuz he is WHITE and YOUNG thereby being SUPER INFLUENTIAL and Usher has gone thru the INITIATIONS but allowed Biebs to TALK and out the blue, CHARGES of HERPES! Look at that gyal up there..........C´mon Son! Whether TRUE or NOT does not matter but to Me the QUESTION is WHY NOW? Some of these ALLEGATIONS are YEARS OLD with MORE COMING like Bill Cosby! Even brad pitt who spoke on PEDOPHELIA while going thru a DIVORCE with angelina jolie are now are TRYING to make it all work out. Again, WHY? katy perry is FREAKING OUT, taylor swift got GROPED (lol), r kelly is the new Rick James, Kanye was BRAIN WIPED, chad penninton was the pizzagate LEADERs son aka john podesta who had chad KILLED bcuz he was gonna TALK about it and had the PLATFORM to do so, somebody ran up on britney spears stage show just the other day, lady gaga said that the royal family were ALL REPTILIANS and whether ya luv him or hate him, the DEEP STATE continues to fuKKK with Trump with not 1 shred of evidence to say that he colluded with Russia. WE thinking about all of that while WE aint even thinking of this which is way more important at The article is named Universal Basic Income discussed at World ECONOMIC FORUM. I was not there or even invited! How about you?

I have been telling yall for some time that every MAJOR INDUSTRY especially if there is any level of PUBLIC INFLUENCE is controlled by the illuminati! As peepo WAKE UP, this will all come out as WE living in the days of REVELATIONS where ALL shall be REVEALED! This video here is the REWARD for those of ya who hung around long enough to deal with my MADNESS! and the name is 70 year old Prophecy, the Earth will soon be Swept by Extarordinary Rapid Waves of Cosmic Electricity. Ooh Child by the 5 Stairsteps

Resultado de imagen para pic of erykah badu

I always try to end off on a high note and that high note is to tell ya to STAY ALIVE and ENJOY LIFE! Thru the haze I see DAYLIGHT though I live in the DARK like GOD did before he created that LIGHT! What I wanna leave yall with is that EVERYTHING is gonna be ALRIGHT bcuz the SWEEPING is happening right in front of ya eyes! Right now it is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR but like Erykah said, its PEACE after REVOLUTION! 

Friday, August 11, 2017

I Could KILL YOU aka ICKY!

Resultado de imagen para meme of a gun pointing at user Natural Born Killer by Ice Cube feat Dr Dre

This is gonna be both IMpersonal yet PERSONAL so know that I say a big FUCK YOU with LOVE! If you feel this 1 then YOU really KNOW ME! Now that I have said that lets go in!

I Could Kill You! I used to CARE about EVERYONE & EVERYTHING but LIFE has taught Me how not to give 1 flying fuKKK about most of ya! Yall know that the 1s supposedly CLOSE to YOU are the 1s that can make you tick tock like a clock full of EXPLOSIVES! Those explosives would take your very LIFE yo! Man I LOVE to HATE ya I HATE to LOVE ya? At the end of the day, WATEVA! 

Ya see my EVIL comes from the mind of a dude who is SANE in an INSANE WORLD! It seems like everything in my LIFE is RESISTANT but it serves to make Me much STRONGER! I could actually TRIGGER ya TRAUMA & make you go back to DRINKING & DRUGGING ya fucking LOSER! To not get the stench of DEATH on my hands it would be better for you to just committ SUICIDE! Those impulsive urges get STRONGER & STRONGER everyday as you fall WEAKER & WEAKER! Your REGRESSION thru COGNITIVE DISSONANCE increases as ya HEART races to keep up but...........the empty shell you used to be ceases to exist! Why not go back to your ex-spouse who DESPISES YOU more than any of ya FRIENDS & FAMILY MEMBERS? You live quite a PATHETIC EXISTENCE & all of ya ILLUSIONS will NOT come to light! How about that KILLER SARCASM? 

Resultado de imagen para meme of someone getting killed Let Me Love you by the Force MDs

Why am I so CONFLICTED as to how I really FEEL about you? Bcuz in a perfeKt world, I am supposed to LOVE ya but one too many times, you have LIED to Me which lead to SABOTAGE & later, BETRAYAL which equals DEATH! I need NOT recount that you have done this more than once & you will not recieve a 3rd shot! By no means am I perfeKt but I always stand up for what I have done & dealt with the CONSEQUENCES. I realize that peepo fall out & I shall RESPECT ya WISHES but you got Me feeling like I should do some PEDOPHILE SHIT to you by TORTURING ya, RAPING ya, STABBING ya & finally, EATING ya by the bonfire! If ya BLOOD splattered on my meal, I would not stop eating & as its WARM & GUSHING, I would smile like wes craven! I would then mix that BLOOD with RUM & call yo ass Kkkhrist! BON APETIT niKKKas! Die MF Die by Dope

So how does it feel now that I have written ya EULOGY? How does it feel to ask is he talking about Me? Are you looking around that next corner? What happens if you cut it too close? This is a NOTICE to all who have WRONGED Me that you are on notice & if ya ever have a NEED to KNOW something, do NOT seek Me out bcuz I will not be there for ya! Yall do know that the TABLES TURN right? I know yall still saying SHIT about Me like Im CRAZY but that´s OK bcuz only CRAZY DIFFERENT PEEPO CHANGE the WORLD! That is why THEY KILL PEEPO LIKE ME or LABEL US as CRAZY........Yall are them CRAZIES that Einstein was talking about when he said that the DEFINITION of CRAZY is doing the SAME THING OVER & OVER AGAIN & EXPECTING a DIFFERENT RESULT! I will keep FIGHTING to be FREE with or without YOU so go DIE bcuz I Could Kill You! Cognitive Dissonance has made you a SHIT for BRAINS! Go smoke a joint & have a chill PILL! Go chase PIT BULLS! Feel ya BLOOD OOZING OUT ya BODY!  Go to HELL bcuz I am EMERGING from there! You are ICKY & that is why I Could Kill You & as a matter of fact, I allowed you to kill the BODY but I...........already KILLED ya MIND! Can you RECOVER? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR NIGGAs! Killing Me Softly by Robeerta Flack

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

You Have A Secret Bank Account & Heres How To Use it

Resultado de imagen para pic of the anonymous mask Victory Album by the Jacksons

This very brief video is from the group ANONYMOUS & I want all of you out there who are even slightly FAMILIAR with this subject matter to be really CAREFUL! WE all need to be RICH but just as the vid said, use this account to just get out of DEBT! Pretty soon, WE will all have MONEY & better yet, REAL FREEDOM! Enough talking so lets get into it so that WE can all see what the big deal is! Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Look toward a GOLDEN FUTURE!

Before I go in with this 1 lemme warn yall that this 1 is for the SIRIUS only! If ya wanna know how MONEY REALLY WORKS in a REAL WAY then this is the 1 for YOU bcuz SHIT done CHANGED! Reader discretion is advised.

Resultado de imagen para pic of a black gold painted women Golden by Christette Michelle

This article brought to YOU today will be more for those who more enjoy audio visuals & who do not have time to read a whole lot but are realli interested in what is happening with this NEW SYSTEM of MONEY which is soon coming! Lets start out of the gate by going BACK & moving FORWARD in real time with a very short video on how it used to be & will be like soon! Aboriginal Elder, Gavin Nascimento talks about the WORLD before MONEY!

Ok, that was really short. The next post caught my eye yesterday but I could not find it when I went back to look for it but did yall know that there is a LIEN on US all & when I say that I also mean WHITES who THINK that they are FREE too! Though ya may have to read a lil in this 1 lemme whet ya apetite with this 1st......... Upon verifying authenticity;   these  documents  presumably evidence, what could be considered   “human trafficking”,  real estate/land  “trafficking”  theft by private global entities;  valued in July/Aug 2011 at uS $ 14.3 QUADRILLION, according to the 5 page,  globalists U.C.C. filings in Maryland seen here:;.......more at

Resultado de imagen para pic of a vault filled with gold Golden by Jill Scott

Lately, I have been watching videos of a woman speaking on the Heirship Bank & so far what she says I really like! If you are new to how money is supposed to work, ya may not get where she is coming from but still & all, to Me her message RESONATES! Check this recent entre at Commentary on TDAs, Heathers arrest & becoming an American National, etc

And finally WE get to TODAY & look into how THEY got the embattled Trump doing things like having 87,000 PEDOS ARRESTED or how he will soon back the DOLLAR with GOLD & none ya even talking about it ya stupid MFs! He is fighting with Sessions now on finally LEGALIZING WEED so now what? Did ya hear about the latest with debbie wasserman schultz & that FIASCO of a life she has been living? If ya like real POLITICAL INTRIGUE ya gotta check this 1 out at Deep State Regime Change Operation Exposed

The DEEP STATE is now the DESPERATE STATE bcuz they are now on their HEELS as they continue the FAKE NEWS NARRATIVE that will be further EXPOSED by what that dws bitch mentioned above has on those HARD DRIVES & if ya do not know what the hell Im talking about then ya did not heed the warning I started this off with. Pizza & Pedogate are the KEYS to this all & ..... As wel, WE gotta FULL ECLIPSE coming on August 21st which promises to be real fun! Of course I will see yall before then & hope by then that WE FREE & if not well..........HOLLA BLAK! WAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR is almost over!& Baby I got ya MONEY & it is made from GOLD & other PRECIOUS METALS! Keep On by D Train

Monday, July 31, 2017

b2a presents the Moments Greatest Hits

Resultado de imagen para the moments album cover

These dudes eventually became Ray, Goodman & Brown and were 1 of the most SOULFUL GROUPS during the late 60s and early 70s! Being that I wanna just make this about this GREAT MUSIC, I am gonna take a lil note from,_Goodman_%26_Brown that simply says Ray, Goodman & Brown is an American R&B vocal group. The group originated as The Moments, who formed in the mid-1960s and whose greatest successes came in the 1970s with hits including "Love on a Two-Way Street", "Sexy Mama" and "Look at Me (I'm in Love)". In 1979, for contractual reasons they changed their name to Ray, Goodman & Brown and had further hits, including "Special Lady". A lineup of the Moments (featuring original member Mark Greene) also tours currently.

This is basically an ANTHOLOGY so just kick back, TURN UP and ENJOY! The goings on of the world have been so heavy lately but LIFE is still to be ENJOYED! WE hope that WE are doing OUR part and however ya feel about US here at b2a, let US know. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!