Monday, September 25, 2017


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Ok yall, gues who is BLAK? Yea, its MEe & with so much now going on had to cancel a post I wanted to put on here to keep yall from getting distraKKKted! What are ya making of this shituation between ameriKKKa, the white house & US? I sure do not claim to know but why come yall cannot see a SET UP happening right now? BeLIEve it or not, a CIVIL WAR could be started based on this new fiasco & if ya cant peep`that I cannot help you as this brings PATRIOTISM to the FRONT! Ya see, the decimated DEEP STATE now needs a BIG EVENT or perhaps an OCTOBER SURPRISE to even be viable. The FUNDING to the dnc is at an all time high as WE head to the last days of this FISCAL YEAR! WE can get down right BIBLICAL & say that this is the day & age of the great TRIBULATION! 

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Those of ya who know Me well enough know that I have a very discriminating mind........a few years back, I wrote about half breeds, hybrids & mullatos. In that most controversial article, I stated that biracial peepo are NOT BLACK or WHITE simply by stating that when you put WHITE PAINT into BLACK PAINT you get GREY & that is FACT! To further that, the point was NOT to say that they could not be accepted by US but must PROVE themselves before you could be TRUSTED bcuz of OURSTORY! I had noticed the emergence of early 90s sensations such as Mariah Carey, Derrick Jeter, David Justice, Halle Berry etc etc who were just starting out at that time making GIANT LEAPS from outta nowhere! Now this does not mean that these peepo arent talented as some them really are the RECENT WEATHER WARS, all at the same time! What were they preparing US for back then with these so called BLAK PEEPO? WE now see with the likes of Adele, Justin Timberlake, Alan Thicke, Iggy Azeala etc etc. 


In preparations for ALL their meetings and their initiation process, “the Altar of Kappa Alpha Psi, which is the Sacred Delphic Shrine, shall be placed in the center of the room and covered with a crimson and cream coverlet (p.14 of ritual book).” TheDelphic Shrine is significant in the Greek polytheistic religion because it was the shrine of the GOD APOLLO. It was his most important place of worship where his oracle presided and prophesied. Kappa Alpha Psi’s members kneel at the Delphic shrine, the shrine of the god Apollo and swear their allegiance to it.[3] taken from

For years now, I have told yall that the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY is outright CONTROLLED & bcuz they let peepo like diKKK gregory talk all kinda loose shit, yall THINK that anyone can & put self in jeapordy! I have written extensively on that & yall are allowing this to affect ya thinking & now the MOCKINGBIRD MEDIA is trying to blame Trump & if ya HATE him already, well there ya go! To finish this bcuz I do not think that this requires a lotta time, what are they distraKKKting US away from when WE should be more worried about NATURAL DISASTERS everywhere?

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So fuck the BS! WE still got peepo suffering in the AFTERMATH of those 2 hurricanes as in Harvey & Irma.........has it been that long ago? How about those affected by Maria? How about those affected by those mud slides in Sierra Leone? All of these recent earthquakes in Mexico? FOH with KNEELING anyway as it is a subservient position to be in! When are WE gonna get tired of REACTING to what they do? What if WE ALL TOOK off of WORK for just 1 week & said FUCK ALL? Most of yall are just thinking of that next car, house, meal, clothes & shit WE do not really need anyway! I need ya to talk to Me!

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So getting dude Daniel told Me about some Numbers across town. The Genesis of the convo was started when he was tyalking about how he got into it with a chick named Esther. Luckily the Judges saw it his way & so he got off or was it all part of his Numerology chart? Who knows? Being that his Proverbs were usually sincere, WE had no need for LAMENTATIONS! How many ACTS are there in this play anyway? I told him that WE living in REVELATION & as of this moment are in TRIBULATIONS! Stop wasting time thinking that SPORTS will save US! 

Friday, September 22, 2017

b2aradio presents Intro - the Album

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As so much is happening & do not always have time to write about it, just wanted to give yall a blast from the past that most of US forgot about. Enjoy & WE will soon get back to business.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Can Ya HELP a BRO OUT & buy a BOOK?

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Hey yall, I am in a SITUATION & instead of asking yall to DONATE to OUR cause, what I could do is ask yall to SUPPORT my MAGNUS OPUS, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die! Its available as an instant download for only $10 & is packed with info! The link to get the book is & is also in hardback & soft cover. As well, the book was written by the Blak Smith but if ya wanna get at Me, contact Flaveus Jones on FB. Have a great day & continue to support US at b2a aka black2afrika where WE give it up INFO STYLE! For now, still looks like WAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR to Me. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

New Information on DEADLY 5G!

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In a word to the above Q, HELL FUCKING NO! This very brief video is a MUST LISTEN as most of US are just looking at 5G as a more powerful digital system but in reality there is SO MUCH MORE & so ya gotta know! What are they hiding behind all of these CRAZY STORMS? Do yall not see that the distraKKKtion METER is on super HIGH? Them CONTROL ARTISTS are on their last legs so stay vigilant! Give a listen & keep on living thru these very serious times. There is no FEAR& so til PEACE, its WAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Published on Jul 22, 2017 by cindy garay
I just ran across some NEW information Today about 5G that everyone needs to Know about, It will be worth your time! The 5G program is an Extermination program PERIOD! The Time is NOW to Boycott AT&T esp.but also soon We as a WORLD, must decide if we really want TO TRADE THE HEALTH OF ALL OF US & OUR PLANET For Deadly WI-FI that Mostly Benefit’s Corporations!

Which is more DANGEROUS?

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Saturday, September 16, 2017


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Before ya peep this brief video I have somewhat cryptic message for all of my A-Alikes aka those of US who are LIGHTWORKERS! As this 1 will not be overly wordy, please pay attention! Get yaself ready bcuz OUR TIME is now here whether this 3 days of darkness stuff happens or not & I will state why I feel so later in this article. Are you a part of the 16,000 x 9? Get ready for those who have plotted against you to seek ya ADVICE. Get ready to JUDGE those who have stayed SCHEMING behind ya back more than rick ross! IMHO they are UNWORTHY of ya presence so no need for revenge as they already shot themselves.

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I said all of that to say this..........after learning the HARD WAY not to rely on DATES, I no longer make hard PREDICTIONS but I will say that WE A-Alikes feel SOMETHING BIG coming in the near future & that is why lately, my articles have reflected exactly that! Do not look to Me to PROVE shit as WE just saw an 8.2 earthquake hit Mexico while a Hurricane raged nearby. What about that ever changing trajectory of Jose poised to now hit NY? Why is this 1 not being reported as it is supposed to hit soon? What about those FIRES that were STARTED PURPOSELY out West? They got ya UNFOCUSED with WEAPONS of MASS DISTRACTION bcuz in the final analysis, ya aint concerned with the soon coming FISCAL end of YEAR with NO MONEY as Trump tries & save this DOOMED ECONOMY! It aint gonna happen yo & they aint talking about it which heavily concerns Me. Did ya know that MARTIAL LAW was declared in London?

So........numerous NATURAL DISASTERS, POLITICAL INTRIGUE & a FINANCIAL COLLAPSE as never seen before all together........are ya ready? WHY NOW? So to my fellow LIGHTWORKERS........again, be ready for ANYTHING! Some of yall dont even know that I am talking to YOU! IMHO, the way to live now is by the CODE of the STREETS, NO SURRENDER & NO RETREAT! There will be no FORGIVENESS so do not REPENT aka SAVE the DRAMA for ya MAMA & know that I no longer have 1! Shit is about to TURN tf UP so be ready for ANYTHING! That bell has rung & it is now time to SHINE! Shine by Estelle

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


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For Me, LIFE goes on as a SOVEREIGN MAN & as I try my best to get BLAK to yall stateside, I have been having quite the experience! I will be back there soon however but for now must remain vigilant. Ya see, WE do not care if ya do not beLIEve in the Flat Earth Theory or HAARP bcuz all ya gotta do is SEE what is actually happening & HOW it happens. After that, man self with KNOWLEDGE til ya find better INFO & make ya CONCLUSIONS! What about the MANifestations of mk ultra. operation Paperclip & project MOCKINGbird, just some of what WE cover at this blog? Deny away all ya want but like Brill (gene hackman) told Dean (Will Smith) in the movie , Enemy of the State, the stuff they are using is 20 years ahead of what they say is available! When things get right all of this extracurricular shit will be over as WE are BURGEONING! Like the heading of this blog says, WE shall EMERGE VICTORIOUS & its too bad very few of ya see it! LEADERSHIP belongs to PROPHETS! However......these next 3 months will be pure HELL! Lets take a look see into the NEAR FUTURE! 

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Most of US remember sayings such as if ya at the bottom the only place is UP or how about its always darkest right before the light? As a peepo, at least in my opinion, this is where WE find ourselves but that just aint good enough! Bcuz of these storms, a lotta US find ourselves in SHELTERS but a better term would be fema kkkamp! I say this in regards to Harvey in TX & now Irma that just ran thru FL.......I hope yall ok! Well.......if ya in that situation & lost most or all of ya stuff, you are now in the position to START it all OVER AGAIN as ya still have BREATH! Ya need not say that ya cannot bcuz WE have the RECONSTRUCTION PERIOD to look at! THEY will NEVER leave US alone bcuz the name of the game is to ACT like they do not need US but they do & that is why it is VERY IMPORTANT that ya watch out for HUMAN TRAFFICKERS in these places! As in PRISON, no 1 should ever be ALONE especially CHILDREN! I posted this ARCHIVE so that ya know at Not everyone who disappeared is DEAD! As Pizaa & Pedo Gate is REAL........keep tabs on ya peepo yo & remember, NO FEAR! 

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So Blak Smith, what should WE be looking at? First off, WE need to stop debating about things that aint gonna change OUR CONDITIONS & I already stated some of em above! WE should be ANALYZING what is going on behind the scenes as the media absolutely vilifies Trump! Are ya doing any PREPPING with a BUGOUT BAG? What goes in it depends on where ya are as the west BURNS & Jose is on deck just after Irma! The New Madrid is very active in the heartland & in fact, there are other things going on all over the WORLD! WE should all be ready for ANYTHING! 

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You cannot afford to be AFRAID in LIFE my peepo! Some are saying that on the 23rd of September that WE are supposed to have 3 days of DARKNESS. As I had addressed that 6 years ago, WE shall see! However.......these SOLAR FLARES are REAL & so watch out for that bcuz when these rays start affecting US on the SKIN LEVEL, you have the COMPLEXION of PROTECTION aka MELANIN! Those flares are only getting bigger! Ya really need to be checking on this 5G technology & everything I find on the subject is quite scary but remember, NO FEAR! Despite all of this though & beLIEve it or not, WE are still WINNING! The main peepo in the DEEP STATE have to remain quiet bcuz any loud declarartions bring about SCRUTINY! That Kkklinton BIA says that she is done as a POLITICIAN but I wish she would just go! WE are gonna give yall all of ya SHIT back! Expect them to fight tooth & nail but the empire is dead yo so let it crumble! Lose that FEAR to do the RIGHT THING! Learn about MA├éT & get into that! There will have to be a CULLING* bcuz some of yall aint gonna be right & ya gonna HATE yaself for crossing Me! As well to address the guilty, if ya ever sold Me out, betrayed Me or otherwise fucked Me over, ya gonna REGRET it! As well, I THANK YOU for causing that SEPARATION so go on with ya BAD SELF! Ya see, I am not AFRAID, never SCARED & despite ya fuKKKery, always Since I am still waiting for PEACE, I guess it will have to be WAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR til then. I am not afraid by Jill Scott

* taken from

Thursday, September 7, 2017

b2aradio presents Aaliyah (self titled album)

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Who did not just luv AALIYAH? She was born in NYC but made it in the MIDWEST after marrying R. Kelly which is an ONION that is still peeling! Can yall beLIEve that she has been gone for 18 years but left US this GEM before it was over! This 1 here was produced by Timbaland though. WE NEED A RESOLUTION to all of this FIRE & WATER on EARTH so look to SELF for HELP! Instead of looking for a SAVIOR ya need to go INSIDE! After ya do that, unplug & listen to GREATNESS! Aaliyah lives in YOU & you are gonna keep on living & so...................ENJOY!