Saturday, March 31, 2012

DEEP COVER FULL MOVIE - The Most Gangsta Movie EVER!!!!!

jootube takes 'em down & I put e'm BLAK up:

Check out that MOST GANGSTA title bcuz the REAL GANGSTAS are ALL these NIGGAS wearin suits & carryin briefcases. Bein that this film is now 20 years old, ya need 2 REVISIT it & look at it with a GROWN ASS MIND! Though this movie didn't WHOLESALE deal with POLICE BRUTALITY aka OFFICIAL FRONTLINE RACIST WHITE SUPREMACY, the IRONIC part of it all is that, Laurence Fishburne was on the other end of this dynamic in Cornbread Earl & Me. Where it ties in with US today is that Attorney at War Alton Maddox is readin more into this & says that zimmerman was arrested & ALLOWED to ESCAPE from JAIL as a SELF DEFENSE PLEA can be made only after an INVESTIGATION by a GRAND JURY! This goes up to the GOVERNOR's LEVEL yo! Now Alton respected Johnnie Cochran but fights for RIGHTS & not MONEY! If  he gets involved in this.........WATCH OUT! What I wanna show y'all in this message is how HIGH CORRUPTION goes as I can VOUCH for myself how over my head this film was when I first saw it. Y'all need to know how it REALLY WORKS! 264 days to go & so HOLLA BLAK!   

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stevie Wonder - Living for the City/ STAY ALIVE Y'ALL!!


Hey y'all & a BIG WHAT UP to all of my BLAK PEEPO! Man a lot is goin on & WE must keep FOCUS of it all as 1 thing cannot overshadow another. The methodology of that KraKKa is always in a state of flux & while WE seek JUST US for Trayvon Martin & Rekia Boyd & so many others, know that THEY keep US like this! As WE have OPTIONS such as MANCOTTIN without MARCHIN, PROTESTIN thru MASS STRIKES & not smilin with KraKKas, are WE gonna do any of it? As I have said previously, YOU make this SHYSTEM go as WE are the prime CONSUMER in this country & divestin SELF from THEM for just 1 day would do WONDERS for US but YOU don't hear ME though. As said by our well known elder & activist, Dick Gregory, there's a LOT MORE to all of this & I got schooled when I watched this: Damn he put it down!

That's not all that's goin on though! Did y'all hear that our BRO in Bobby Brown was recently arrested again for drunken drivin? Did y'all know that lindsay HOhan hit someone with her car again? Did y'all know that the state of indiana approved a law where regular folk can fire on the po-po if it's felt that they are in danger? Did y'all also know that soetero just passed a law that pretty much says that he can do these kinda things?: Executive Doomsday Order: Obama Authorizes Gov to Seize Farms, Food, Processing Plants, Energy Resources, Transportation, Skilled Laborers During National Emergency. Are YOU ANY of these?

Yeah, while too many of US are asleep, WE find that a coup occured in Mali West Afrika. A lil research finds that the leader of this coup, captain amadou haya sanogo was trained in the good ole us of a even though the state dept CONDEMNED this coup & is publicly callin for the present govt to be restored. The stated reasonin of course is that al-qaeda is gainin a stranglehold in the area & so like in Uganda, the us must INVADE! Check this link out & see what ya get from it: Stay the COURSE!

This T. Martin shituation has reached a level where even soetro had to address it! This reminds US so much of Emitt Till in that dude was a 1. child 2. innocent 3. innocent & 4. intelligent. He was also good lookin & had the backin of both of his PARENTS. soetero needs all of the DISTRACTION he can muster as he was a part of that kony2012 SHIT & now that jason russell had that MELTDOWN & is in a LOONY BIN, notice how that SHIT ain't even mentioned anymore. Y'all also FORGOT that soetero was rumored to have killed that blogger dude, breitbart who was gonna expose the (p)resident. Lately, soetero has been actin like kkklinton! Bodies are just pilin up & all of these peepo have connections to him. Maybe skip gates should get arrested again & speak on Martin's part.

Yea, at the end of the day as I've been sayin for the past few years, the REAL ISSUE is the SCRAMBLE for OUR beloved AFRIKA! Last year I wrote a 3 Part series entitled: Though YOU should read it as it's a CLASSIC, know that THEY are lookin for a place to go as the US is gonna go down before it comes BLAK! As ameriKKKa has been basically strip mined, all of the abundant resources aka GOD (Gold, Oil & Drugs) can be grown or found there! THEY don't know how to get back to alpha DRACONUS! After desecratin all that is on the earth, THEY need an escape & cannot KILL enough of US fast enough & thus THEY dilemma.

Don't worry as it's TOO HOT for 'em to live there! The earth will HEAT UP considerably as witnessed by most of y'all this BALMY WINTER! As far as I'm concerned, this winter was way better than summer 2011. Wait til those Solar Flares knock these electrical grids out & as much as he wants ya to BELIEVE, even he can't do SHIT about it! I've previously told Y'ALL that the KraKKa has LOST already but ya gotta believe me for YOU! This is the reasonin for these DRACONIAN LAWS & outright SACRIFICES. There will be more but the difference with Trayvon is like the difference between pearl harbor & 911. One happened BLAK then & the other more recently. Ya gotta STAY UP & SPEAK by COMMANDIN FORTH from ya ancestors what ya want & need. They told ME that ya want my book & so here's the link: That info on how to do just that is ALL UP in THERE yo! They will answer ya & the weight of ya rewards will be measured in what ya RESULTS are. Stay alive as all things change around & if ya get the callin to be sacrificed, do not do it in VEIN. The way to do that is to know that the WEAPON of MASS DESTRUCTION is to once & for all, DISTRACT YA!

Callin ALL WARRIORS! WE here at b2a need ya! If ya can't afford to send a donation, please purchase my book. WE aim to keep on providin ya with top notch info & breakin news so STAY TUNED for the next 268 days. If ya wanna HOLLA at me, ya know the drilly. I'm emailed at & on Face Book, I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Cosmic Party, here WE come!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Before the Amistad, there was Ill-Gotten Gains.

WE here at b2a have decided that WE'VE been goin too easy on y'all & real-eyes that WE are gonna lose membership along the way but that's OK! WE'VE decided that this here vehicle is gonna cut the wheat from the chafe & only bring Y'ALL the REALEST SHIT EVER! With 270 days left & KONY2012 bein an afterthought & the CONTINUAL ONSLAUGHT of our precious young, WE must be the voice to prepare those who are still very ASLEEP! In the comin weeks & months, do NOT expect to see US slacken in OUR resolve to let y'all know the UGLIEST TRUTHS & if ya don't like it, simply remove yaself or ask me to do as so many have & I will. The sayin goes that there is no REST for the WEARY! WE will on with OR without ya so make ya choice. Here at b2a, WE luv US some Blak Peepo so...........on with the REVOLUTION. WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

SISTAS need 2 get it 2gether!

‎"Usually when people are sad, they don't do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about a change."
Yea watup? I'm still MAD so don't come on here expectin me to make Y'ALL laugh! As I feel this way, let HIM make ya laugh: This 1 here will make ya UPSET with me but by now Y'ALL know that I don't give a fuKKK! I'm gonna keep on talkin the way I talk & sayin it how it's supposed to be said. These youths dyin at the hands of racist white supremacy ain't NOTHIN NEW & I been tryin to tell y'all that as if y'all ain't already know. WTF is wrong with US yo? (Nathaniel Gaines)

Ok, if rick ross is from florida & ALWAYS makin songs about him bein a BOSS, can he do ANYTHING about these recent current events. He has CLAIMED to had worked both sides of the fence & about other RAPPERS who claim to have so much money that they make it WAYNE? Doesn't he also live in florida? I HEARD that a dude from that local area who deals in pharmaceutical street sales put outta hit on some dude down there who had happened to kill an innocent youth. Did anyone hear about that? Ya see, all y'all street dudes claimin this or that need to watch old movies as the real OG's used to sell only to users & didn't allow OTHERS to get involved! The NEIGHBORHOOD looked out for 'em bcuz THEY looked out for those down & out but today, bcuz of how the LAWS were set up, that don't happen no mo! For better or worse, it was what it was. Damn. (Michael Griffith)

I'm goin directly in to those niggas out there who claim to be BAD NIGGAS! Y'all gotta start doin that robin hood shit man! Y'all been dealt a hand WE all been dealt & if ya out there slangin them things, ya know what it is & if a young, good kid could get it this way, what does that mean for you? Use the above example as FUEL bcuz the SEPERATION has already been made & when the time comes, if YOU was a MENACE to OUR SOCIETY, YOU won't have a place amongst the righteous PEEPO! (Fermin Arzu)

Any of y'all ever hear of a dude named Nat Turner? If ya haven't, RESEARCH who he is yo! That's right yo! All of 'em! Yeah, the 1 day old BABIES! The lil gals! Them precious imps of theirs! They TODDLERS! They TWEENS! They TEENS! They college peepo! They ma's & pa's! Get 'em & hit 'em up! They grannies & granpas! uncles, nephews, nieces & aunties. Be like Minny & make 'em SHIT PIE before they die! (Tyisha Miller)

Yea, ya need to get ANGRY & STOP bein AFRAID! I as much as YOU killed Trayvon bcuz at the end of the day, racist white supremacy has turned just about the whole of US into COWARDS! A few weeks BLAK I wrote of the detroit 300 & now wanna know, "what is their stance on this sad ass SHITUATION?" SHIT like this is SUPPOSED to happen as it's been happenin but with the difference bein that almost EVERYTHING now is RECORDED as EVIDENCE beyond a SHADOWof a DOUBT! The bible is also RECORDED EVIDENCE of a whole bunch of BULLSHIT ya can't prove while Trayvon lies in state somewhere readied to be buried WAY TOO YOUNG! If y'all talkin bout jesus, where the fuKKK was he while this young innocent was gunned down with a HOLE in his CHEST? For that matter, where the fuKKK was he when ya ANCESTORS were workin from sun up to sun down while bein systematically BRUTALIZED every fuKKKin day? Where was he when you got used to bein RAPED SISTA? (Sherrice Iverson)

He & others serve as SYMBOLISM as WE can PROVE that these TRUE & LIVIN GODS existed while too many of US go in search of PIE in the SKY! Trayvons mom is seekin solace in jesus but what does the father have to say about all of this? I would be sayin this: Now, I ain't sayin that he ain't sayin SHIT but he ain't sayin it LOUD ENOUGH! This is how OUR SISTA's should be kickin it about now: The BROTHAS don't need to say SHIT & just do what needs to be done! (Elanor Bumpurs)

Gay-Z DONATED 100K when the columbine massacre happened. When this happened, I don't know if he did anything but this was in the hood he hailed from: Y'all not gonna tell me that them HI-TECH NIGGAS ain't controlled! I'm almost sure that the Martin fam don't know the time bcuz THEY got al sharptone down there rallyin & sharptone's mom just died. As I'm writin this very article, a great friend of mine who goes by Him Aggin X has just informed me that that KraKKa SUFFOCATED Trayvon after he shot him to MUFFLE his SCREAMIN! What are y'all gonna do? (Emmitt Till)

Blak Peepo have been made STUPID by racist white supremacy! Yeah, I said it & when someone like me says it, y'all gonna HATE me but so what! Those who deny that they can HATE anything or anybody are the WORST bcuz how can ya not hate 'em? Who taught the person that taught YOU not to use an EMOTION that YOU were GIVEN? Who luvs the DEVIL? Justify that SHIT there! Why was HATE given to you anyway? That movie the Help was a SIGNAL to the BW of the atrocities that YOU no longer had to go thru & bcuz it involved ya EMOTIONS ya missed the point of it all. Do y'all know how much MORE abuse & disrespect y'all Ma's had to endure? The smacks on the ass? The comin thru the Blak doors? The rapes? The lies? Too many of y'all poured out LUV to they CHILDREN while neglectin ya own like in slavery when the MAMMY (mammaries) fed the KraKKa's child while NEGLECTIN OUR OWN & havin OUR children die! I can't blame ya for that 1 though as ya had no choice. This will soon stop (Gavin Cato)

This is an appeal to the SISTAS! Get off of that white man's diKKK! The reason YOU can't find a good Blak Man is bcuz of HIM! The reason why you are ANGRY is bcuz of HIM & if ya ain't seen it yet, I can't do NOTHIN for ya! That was OUR SON & any feelin person that has never gone thru this must be wonderin who's next? This will not stop & so do not allow this to paralyze ya into teachin FEAR! That same jesus/god shit ya BELIEVE in that got Trayvon shot dead ain't gonna bring him BLAK bcuz that shit just ain't REAL. Y'all don't even know that the most DANGEROUS THING that YOU can do for YOU & ya CHILDREN is to eat the very FOOD that these KraKKas keep fuKKKin with! That SILENT KILLER kills EVRYDAY! There are very FEW BLAK MEN ready & willin to stand up so when it comes time for US to do what WE supposed to, get the fuKKK outta the way bcuz 98.5%  of  y'all is gonna be sayin not to get at THEY BABIES while they steadily KILLIN OURS! Unless ya clonin or stem cellin, YOU AIN'T MAKE THEM by yaself so how YOU gonna follow THEY laws when it comes to FAMILY DECISIONS? The few BM who are ready are READY! Fukkk that KraKKa as HE leads ya to the road of perdition. He knows his time is up & y'all don't need be afraid for my life bcuz I'm DIVINELY PROTECTED! I am that GLITCH in the MATRIX. Get the fuKKK out my way or................JOIN US! When ya know, YOU are MORE DANGEROUS than I could ever be! Don't be this: Be this: WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, Kenneth Harding, Troy Davis, Ramarley Graham, Dane Scott, Trayvon Martin & all those names WE'LL never know who died NEEDLESSLY at the hands of racist white supremacy. Y'all will be vindicated!)

When I get ANGRY, I type on these motherfuKKKin keys like a DEMON. I ain't inna mood to be fuKKKin with y'all so to get at me on email, I'm at & on Face Book, I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). With 273 days left, watch EVERYTHING, be VIGILANT & when ya see/smell/hear/observe something, HOLLA BLAK!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Ya know THEY TIME is UP when.......

2012 Wallpaper

Greetins from the b2a FAMILY & if ya BLAK (of course ya are) & readin this, how y'all doin? WE STILL here just countin down the days of that DUBIOUS, DEVIOUS, DEVILISH KraKKa & just know that when he finally GONE, the BW will breathe that great sigh of relief! She will have that NUCLEAR SEXUAL EXPLOSION! That NIGGA is wreakin mass HAVOC in the area as he FRUSTRATES hisself into why don't the NATIVES of GAIA just kill OURSELVES? As stated here previously, HE is the 1 who's in the great RACE against time akin to a half gallon of milk in the fridge that expired 3 days ago. Ya know, ya taste it & it's still good but it AIN'T good for ya, it AIN'T fresh & it WON'T last much longer. Yea, that NIGGA's about to expire & THEY put yo ass in the triKKK bag by givin ya a blaKKK (p)resident. With 275 days left, y'all need to read thru & see how THAT NIGGA'S TIME is UP!

If ya wanna OFFICIAL DATE, it was 911! His time has been up since 9/17/2001 & that's why 911 happened when it did. There are NO COINCIDENCES! Y'all remember that lil incident in ny, pa & dc right? Then came the tsunami, katrina, the bp oil spill, another tsunami & so much more. Oh there was so much more before but y'all had god/jesus/mohammed or BRASS MONKEY to get ya thru so ya prolly didn't notice SHIT! Don't worry as I didn't either!

Ya know that THEY TIME is UP when............. the level of RECIPROCITY has upped to almost an instant level event! In my last article about invisible children, I told y'all about that devil in disguise, jason allen who has a past that I cannot track. Well, for some reason, this NIGGA was in san diego & really bared himself to the ameriKKKan public by puttin on this very trackable display of jacKKKin off in pub(l)ic. Is that reciprocity or what? The Blak Smith absolutely refuses to put naked white men on my blog so if ya lookin for a link, ya won't get that here! What I think is that the pressure OR AFRIKAN SPIRITS are hauntin dude as a result of these CONJURED up LIES he put out. More & more & as THEY get EVILER, THEY best laid plans will FAIL but don't get caught up in THEY CROSSFIRE!

Where soetero at when his boys need him? Again, WE gettin the same old, lame old EXCUSE of DEHYDRATION & EXHAUSTION! When someone famous or rich gets into a pickle, THEM NIGGAS bring out those 2 words like they are CODE WORDS for somethin. This leads US into the 2nd part of OUR article in that the so called elite are passin all kinda laws that WON'T WORK bcuz that frequency of time is UP! They are either tryin to jail ya, injure ya into submissiion, mind control ya or kill ya & this is why ENTERTAINMENT today SUCKS so much. Every time I turn around, soetero is signin a new law into effect yet he ain't find time to fix home yet as Nas would say. As I said before, if it ain't a SPIRITUAL LAW ya breakin, fuKKK it & do YOU!

soetero, they luv ya but DISTRACT US with this republiKKKan/demoKKKrat ism schism! Those very republiKKKans who ACT like THEY hate ya so much are as much as part of yo game as michelle is. Me & many others like myself know that you are a manchurian candidate & if not, that you were put to the task by ya HANDLERS thru remote control! Some of THEM got triKKKbagged into thinkin that unfair laws, drugs, teenage pregnancy, lil or no healthcare, crime & police brutality would get better but NOT! Shit has actually worsened but as I know, the aliens have taken care of all of the underground military bases that warehoused our NUKES, so y'all don't need worry as they do they job! I've already told y'all that WE will reign VICTORIOUS.

Finally........WE get to the end & WE must talk about Trayvon Martin & that racist punk who would never confront a GROWN ASS MAN like that in george zimmerman. If you ain't heard about this by now, ya went to sleep before rip van winkle & so no need to rehash. If ya haven't yet, GO FIND OUT! Last year as a result of the injustice in Troy Davis's death, I wrote this 2 piece article & heard it from high hell to holy water: I must assume at that time that NIGGAS wasn't used to bein jarred but as WE STRUGGLE, there will be SACRIFICES aka CASUALTIES. Some of y'all die a THOUSAND DEATHS as COWARDS & some live on FOREVER! That was way over too many's heads. This is nothin NEW & it will happen before these 275 days & so if ya ain't gonna do anything about it, STFU & get back in the alley like Malcolm told ya too back in them days. Yea, like that there.

Ya know THEY TIME is UP when ya see SHIT like this:

If ya read it, ya already know! The days of bein a COWARD are over! Since they killin US anyway & since ya reached an adult age, you have become STUPID if ya thinkin that "it can't happen to me or my fam bcuz WE good peepo & not NIGGAS!" Was Lil Trayvon a NIGGA? His mama is talkin about jesus & reporters is askin if he ate chiKKKen like this shit izza joke or somethin. WTF? I often pose this question to the FENCE WALKERS: "when the seperation has been made & the lines are drawn, which side are ya choosin?" Yeah, I know that maybe 1.5% of the KraKKas are real & true but what line seperates armies? Will you do missions behind enemy lines to save ya liberal friends? If ya family is biracial, on which side will THEY be on in abject WAR? Ya know that TIME is UP when...............YOU CHOOSE YO SIDE! These next 275 days is the end time of that KraKKa.

Yeah, that 1st book is FIYAH! The 2nd is MO FIYAH but it ain't out yet! Y'all better cop that before I'm FAMOUS & charge $10,000 per lecture & $125 a seat. Don't worry though bcuz by then, money will be obsolete. To get at me, & on FB, I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WE goin to that stratosphere 9 ETHER til INFINITY! See ya at the Cosmic Party! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How do YOU see INVISIBLE CHILDREN like me? (KONY 2012 explained)

Watup? Ayo, before I go in today, wanna let y'all know that this 1 is gonna go in HARDBODY, so BEWARE if ya FAINTof HEART aka BITCHASSEDNESS! The SCRAMBLE for Afrika has gone up a notch & so WE must kick it STRONG while keepin it GULLY & REAL! If ya don't like me CURSIN or soundin NIGGAISH then get the fuck outta here & I'm on it like that to the point of spellin it out so as to let y'all know that WE ain't playin. To all of the rest of y'all..........go the fukkk inside & see what WE gotta say today. If ya claimin somethin other than what represents BLAK, I won't give a fukkk anyway so comment away & see if I care. WE got a lot to cover with 281 days left. Yea, WE still on that Final Countdown Shit & so.........

Fukkk that! Do y'all see yet that the us of a izza rogue state? Do y'all yet see that those who most profess to LUV what the us stands for are straight corrupt? How do ya not see it? Just a few days ago in afghanistan, a us seal team seargant from ft. lewis md went & shot 9 CHILDREN, 3 WOMEN & though the reports didn't say, leaves it to the imagination that the other 4 were INSURGENTS. This soldier was said to have done this all at 3AM after havin suffered from a MENTAL BREAKDOWN but never says why he was havin it then. Thru Wire Sources, the us military fears reprisals but wouldn't you already be upset if a foreign occupation was on ya land anyway?

Though it has been reported that only 1 soldier did this, it has been reported that there were others & that these soldiers had the PRESENCE of MIND to douse those bodies with CHEMICALS & BURN 'EM! Now remember that this all happened at 3AM & that these PEEPO were asleep. This offensive that is supposed to take place by the FAKE ASS TALIBAN created by the cia is feared by the us bcuz..............they released the info on the INTERNET! How conveniently SAD yo!

WE here at b2a don't do CONSPIRACIES! WE calculate, conjecture &then come to OUR CONCLUSIONS so to all of y'all naysayers, again, go suck an UGLY STICK! WE ain't even half way in this article yet & so if ya don't got patience...............SICK my DUCK! This STAGED DEBACLE of this WAR occurred on march 11th 2012, exactly 1 year after 1 of the WORST DISASTERS ever in the japanese tsunami, which I previously wrote about extensively on this blogsite. With as many japs as the us has, ya BARELY heard a PEEP about it & why is that? I've been to japan & those peepo are fightin TOOTH & NAIL to once again be a SOVEREIGN NATION. They are usin the media azza WEAPON of MASSDISTRACTION & most of y'all ain't probably know the year anniversary had just passed. Around the time of that DISASTER last year, they were about to announce that they had a car that ran on water & had to pay the us 60 TRILLION YEN to not get HAARPED again. 1% of that money & I'm FREE! I would even take y'all out for soured ice cream. To all of y'all who still think that YOU can REFORM this KraKKa with religion & good will..............fuKKK YOU!

Now that WE'VE gotten somewhere, let's REALLY  GET THERE! WE gonna approach this KONY2012 Shit knowin that most of y'all already know that this Shit is BOGUS but with a lil INVESTIGATION in it. So......the lord's resistance army was started in 1987 by alice lakwena in northern Uganda. This group soon fell into the hands of Kony & he had young children killin parents & brainwashin other children into joinin in. After not bein able to reach peace with the Ugandan government in 2006, the group left Uganda. They still wreak havoc & this is where it get's really complicated. A group of film makers from the us led by JASON RUSSELL came to Northern Uganda & SUPPOSEDLY saw a TRUCK in THEIR entourage shot up by kony's outfit, the lra. They SUPPOSEDLY were on their way to Rwanda to see what was what after that ATROCITY but MIRACULOUSLY decided to stay in Uganda to bring light to the goin on's there. This was how this group invisible children was born.

As there is so much to cover, WE gotta fast track so do ya due diligence in ya own research. They filmed a movie named invisible children: the rough cut, came home & showed this SHIT to they peepo. After that, they went to high schools & somehow, just a week ago, more than 40 MILLION peepo saw this short film in just 3 days!* WTF? How did THEY manage to do that?

This not for profit, charitable group solicits DONATIONS (like I do) & sells trinkets to raise money. The dough that they raise goes to produce films to make US aware & for so called humanitarian aid. In April 2007, THEY got 67,000 activists all over the us to sleep in the street in cardboard boxes to garner attention for those youths affected by the lra in uganda. Even though the lra left Uganda in 2006, in 2011, ya favorite afriKKKan in barry soetero, enacted the lra disarmament & northern uganda recovery act. Read the words & ask yaself what are THEYrecoverin?

This law was signed on off of the strength of invisible children y'all! Ayo, them ic NIGGAS was present at the oval office when that MOTHERFUKKKIN law was signed by the pen of that halfriKKKan yo! That asshole even said that "we have seen your reporting, your websites, your blogs & your video postcards - you have made the plight of the CHILDREN(capitals mine) visible to us all." Ayo, this NIGGA BS has heard THEM at ic & skip gates, his pal that got arrested when tryin to enter his crib in boston. Him , the cop & bs hadda beer at the white house. Y'all remember that? What about Kenneth Harding, Troy Davis or Trayvon Martin the GODS?  Damn &SMH!

Well here WE are & this is the DROP! A few short days ago, ic started a campaign called kony 2012. This was to put PRESSURE on the us govt to do MORE as in militarily! These so called "film makers" from the university of southern ca sure do have a lotta pull eh? Check out Tavistock Institute. The way THEYsay that the vid became popular was bcuz THEY had oprah, justin beiber, rihanna & ryan seacrest TWEET this shit to the masses. This was a MASS RITUAL demonizin a bad man but there's ALWAYS a reason for it. My question to y'all is "why now?"

Okay, WE finally gonna get to the good part. Just who is ic? More than that, who is this jason russel dude & how the fukkk are 3 "film skool grads" able to come up to the level of gettin LAWS passed on an international level with entrenched Afrikan Soldiers in the jungle? I did a lil investigatin & 1st, I'll give ya some FLOWERY words from his peepo: Now after ya read this, ya can see that it was all nice & artsy english aka DOUBLESPEAK as orwell said in his classic book, 1984. What I found was that this dude is named after: As I wanted to get Y'ALL attention ASAP, I could not find out if this dude was related to the infamous russel family who are beter known in the world as: This is why I prepared y'all for this 1 bcuz WE need to be extra THOROUGH when WE talkin about I take this SIRIUS! y'all motherfuKKKers still with me? If ya took that & are now sayin, why the fukkk is he addressin me this way, it's bcuz yo BITCHASS ain't buy my book while I provide this FREEASS site, givin y'all REAL TALK as y'all feel the HEATof my breath on yo BACK! Cop that shit yo & my next one promises to be even hotter than that! You ain't gonna get it like this from anywhere else & so.......anyhoo, at the end of the day, this SHIT ain't about kony & as he more than likely is an asshole, fuKKK him too! Yea, I'm pissed off bcuz last year in my 4 part series, I told y'all that There's plenty of oil in Uganda & the northern border of Uganda abuts the Congo which is the RICHEST country in the world & as of right now, is still basically UNTOUCHED! This ic SHIT is nothin but MERCENARY MISSIONARIES gone VIRAL usin INITIATED PEEPO to sell an AGENDA! How the fuKKK does 3 recent grad students get the (p)resident to enact laws based on videos? Why do YOU believe that many peepo saw this film in that lil time? Who authenticates this info? Who owns jewtube? When did europeans start givin a fuKKK about starvin Afrikans gettin killed? As there are no weapons manufacturers in Afrika with the exception of south afrika & the fact that kony & his peepo hide in the jungles, who's supplyin him with weapons? With all of the wars goin on in Afrika, why pick Rwanda after that ATROCITY & then coincidentally stumble upon kony & his cronies? Yes, the ic snuck in as evangelists to PACIFY the peepo, meanwhile makin kony into a PATSY to SNEAK in to the Congo to destablize the region & take over the richest part of the world & control it, ONCE & for ALL, FOREVER! Research the berlin conference & never speak of this kony as these PARASITES have 281 left & are the ORIGINATORS of ALL EVIL! Ain't none of y'all fuckin with this & if ya can, ya need to HOLLA BLAK! WAR!

Y'all know the drill & I ain't bein FRIENDLY so get at me! is the e-mail & if ya wanna see me on Face Book, go to Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Don't let that KraKKa fool or skool ya in these last days bcuz he wanna take as much of US outta here as possible. I'm out yo!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Not for the FAINT of HEART/Goodbye Uncle Tom (Full Movie)

THEY take 'em DOWN, I put 'em BLAK UP:
Yeah, I think that Y'ALL READY by now! This 1 here is the 1 that gotta let Y'ALL know the REAL & 4get about REFORMIN them NIGGAS bcuz THEY can't be reformed! Years ago, I was told to NOT see this movie if I had to be around them KraKKas & bcuz I had to be at that time, I NEVER bought it. Everybody who has never seen this needs to see it & if ya have, watch it again & show some TRUTH to ya CHILDREN. Movies like roots & sarafina PALE in comparison when ya see the ATROCITIES that have been done to OUR PEEPO as a MATTER of COURSE so get with US & know that WE here at b2a are givin ya that STRAIGHT NO CHASER DOPE! Go in but BE WARNED, this 1 here is not for the faint of heart! 284 days left y'all! WAR!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


This is TAKE 2 of this article so before I greet y'all, just know that! What up to my peepo out there? I'm talkin about my Blak Peepo Y'ALL! How y'all doin? I'm SURPRISED that Y'ALL ain't got it yet but my book is off the CHAIN twice yo! If ya ain't cop it yet, ya way late & way remiss in ya REVOLUTIONARY FERVOR! Here it is at: Ya need to cop that bcuz ya got 287 days left! Yeah, WE gotta lot of US who know what time it is but the vast majority doesn't have a clue! This include those of y'all with advanced degrees who think that ACADEMIA is the only way to go. Note that I said the word ONLY as school in & of itself is not the problem or the solution. Once ya know ya BLAK SELF & luv ya Brotha & Sista as SELF, then ya alrite. There's a lot to be SURPRISED about today so let's get into a lil of that as WE go in on it. Hope I don't SHOCK ya in the process.

I'm SURPRISED that Y'ALL ain't talkin about the SOLAR FLARES that have been & are BOMBARDIN the EARTH these last few days. I've been talkin about this for over a year now & though it has yet to impact anything that WE can see with the naked eye, it will so make yaself aware of it. In case ya haven't seen or heard about 'em, check this out:

Have y'all heard about this thing with the detroit 300? This is a group out there in michigan statin that all GANG  BANGERS are the enemy of Blak Peepo. I have peepo out there & though WE may not know it, THEM niggas is killin too many children & elders! This group got together recently as a result of yet another child dyin at the hands of gang bangers shootin at a house in the hood there. SOMETHING has to be DONE & the reason why I have ISSUES with it is bcuz this group is with the police dept. This is what I think of 'em:

Something has to be done there bcuz too many of US are dyin & it ain't national news bcuz it's US! I'm gonna provide the video link here so Y'ALL can see for y'all selves & just know what it is: To the peepo of the D where it's COLD at, y'all need to make up yo mind as to who & what ya gonna do but I liken what's happenin there to the atlanta child murders of the early 80's that's still shrouded in mystery. At the end of the day, who's puttin the gangs up to the killin for these results to arrive to this? Will the detroit 300 have the same attitude with dirty cops on the force? How did y'all feel about this?:

Have any of y'all who hate kanye west really examined y'allselves? I ask this bcuz I still believe til this day that he was FORCED into bein part of this EVIL roc nation as a result of bein tied in with gay-z. Ever heard of the sayin to not wish too hard for somethin bcuz ya might get it? To me, that sayin is more than appropriate for this case & here's why; tellin US that bush didn't care about US was his MAMA's death certificate as THEY waited to kill her like THEY did Michael Jackson. Upon examination, THEY ain't that ORIGINAL so start lookin at this shit from a differnet lens. come no one talks about other Hip Hop standouts who OBVIOUSLY did the same & I mention some of 'em here on this blog periodically? I'm talkin about someone like cee-lo green formerly of the goodie mobb. This dude was a 1 man wreckin crew against the nwo with songs like & If ya never knew, HE went thru the ritual right in front of OUR eyes on the cover of his St Elsewhere album wearin the dress & now makin songs like This has NOTHIN to do with TALENT as INFLUENCE is what THEY are after so THEY must use INFLUENTIAL PEEPO! I've reported here a lil while BLAK, that this dude had a pic in a free Atlanta weekly sittin in a car with 2 white chiKKKs holdin up the goat horns lookin DIRECTLY into the camera BUT I know that he's way in bcuz he's on a major tv show & he graced the stage with madonna durin the ritual before Whitney got killed aka the superbowl & NOBODIES talkin about it & I wanna know why he gets a pass & no one else does. Check this out:

Finally WE get to the end & WE are totally fuKKKed up about how none of y'all soeteroites aka obamites ain't talkin about this: This dude was a conservative BLOGGER like me who had a LOT MORE CREDITIBILITY bcuz he was a so called jew, white, rich, helped start the huffinton post, exposed a congress man from ny (rep weiner) in a sexting scandal who later RESIGNED & was reported to have unflatterin footage of barry while he was at harvard. Where all of y'all peepo who so luv this so called NIGGA (p)RESIDENT? Paul Mooney was the 1st person to label KKKlinton as the 1st blaKKK (p)resident & y'all ran with that but do y'all remember that they also used to call him SliKKK willy & WILD bill? Unlike the bushes, that nigga bill had peepo all around him dyin like a motherfuKKKa includin his closest who could implicate him & most of y'all don't know that. Ron Brown comes to mind. All of these (p)residents have goon squads & what makes ya think that soetero doesn't have his own? Most of y'all don't care about how this stuff really works so whether barry killed this guy or not is of no moment to me but just like I can't prove that he did, you can't prove that he didn't & this makes this a CONSPIRACY! This dude just dropped dead of a heart attack at the age of 43 & hardly any Blak Peepo are talkin about that but check this yo: Are you SURPRISED yet?

Yeah, the Blak Smith is ME & I am HIM! Y'all need me for lectures, workshops, seminars & such get at me. I'm at or on Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Get at me as ya HOLLA BLAK dude. Peace with not much time left.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

How Sugar is a Cancer Feeder

Just shoutin out my peepo before I allow OUR guest columnist Aileen Stillman to take over. Yeah, WE here at b2a gotta do that once inna while to let all y'all out there know that WE are a FAMILY with 292 days left! As bein that WE FAMILY, WE also have to let y'all know that WE are a COMMUNITT FORUM! My sista e-mailed me a few weeks ago & asked for a topic & when I asked her to drop it on this topic, she went WAY IN! Ya see, WE try to cover all facets of the Blak Experience here & so when ya press that link, ya never know what ya gonna get. Pretty soon, WE gonna take it up a notch with videos of ME doin my thing so that Y'ALL can turn this: into a BEST SELLER! Thanks for Y'ALL SUPPORT! Look for lectures & book signings to soon go viral as y'all will soon see me in LIVIN COLOR comin BLAK at ya with my ugly ass. This HOLLA BLAK dude will soon be hauntin ya every move with his SELF & VOICE......? Watch out world as a Blak Smith UNLEASHED on ya screen will prove INJUROUS & DISASTROUS for all involved. Videos of my face will relieve ya home of any VERMIN! But not to worry as WE have the beautiful Aileen Stillman at the ready to let y'all know what cancer is really all about & that it's up to US as individuals to not get it in the 1st place. With that my lady, take it away.

You may not realize it, but you have cancer cells in your body. Everyone has them, but they will only show up on scans and tests after they have multiplied to a few billion. Even after a cancer patient goes into remission and the doctors say that there aren’t any more cancer cells, it just means that there aren’t enough cells to detect the cancer.

This can be very overwhelming news to those who have a family history of cancer or to those who have a loved one with the disease. Cancer is a scary reality to face, and there are many scientists and doctors trying to figure out a way we can reduce the number of people who develop different forms of cancer each year.

Form Healthy Habits

One effective way to battle cancer and keep the cells from growing and multiplying is to starve the cells, and you can do this by restricting the amount of sugar you consume. The down side of the fact that sugar is a cancer feeder is that sugar feeds your body as well as the cancer cells. If you do get cancer, you will want to control your blood glucose and insulin levels with a strict diet and exercise routine and control your stress in order to improve your chances of recovering. These healthy habits are also helpful in the battle to prevent cancer. This is, obviously, not going to guarantee that your cancer goes away or that you won’t get cancer if you eat right and exercise, but it is a place to start.

The “Cancer Feeding” Process

Malignant tumors use the glucose in the body to create lactic acid as a byproduct, and cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment. This large amount of acid is made by the fermentation of glucose, and then the acid travels to the liver. The conversion of glucose to lactic acid will produce less acid pH and will cause physical fatigue due to the lactic acid buildup in the body. This process could also cause the cancer patient to be malnourished.   To generalize, the cancer is wasting energy, which leaves a person who has cancer to feel tired and have less energy to do the things they normally are able to do.

All forms of sugar promote cancer, but they all affect the cancer cells in different ways and at different levels. The carbohydrates glucose and sucrose have the ability to keep neutrophils from doing their job. A neutrophil is a type of white blood cell that assists the cells surrounding cancer cells and other invaders in destroying the harmful cells.While glucose and sucrose are both very harmful for those with cancer, fructose seems to be the most destructive of all.

Stop Cancer Cells from Multiplying

If you want to try to stop your cancer cells from multiplying with your diet there are two things you need to consider cutting out of your diet: sugar and milk.

·         Sugar – When you cut sugar out of your diet, it will cut off one very important source of food to the cancer cells. It is also harmful to use sugar substitutes that are made with Aspartame, like NutraSweet, Equal, and Spoonful. It is best to find a natural substitute like Manuka honey, Stevia, or Agave nectar, but you should only use them in small amounts. Even table salt should be avoided because chemicals are used to dye the salt white. An alternative you can use is sea salt or Fort Braggs Amino Acids.

·         Milk – When you drink milk, your body produces mucus, which makes the body acidic. Cancer feeds on this mucus and the acid, so when you take milk out of your diet, you starve the cancer cells. You can substitute milk with unsweetened rice or almond milk.

Aileen Stillman is the creator of, which is a site devoted to educating readers about their opportunities should they decide to get a Bachelor of Science degree. She enjoys writing articles about health and various science degrees.

This has been another BLAK COLLABO with the many scientists & lab savvy peepo that read & contribute. WE still ask as runnin this site ain't FREE, that you donate funds or buy OUR services & products as the COMUNITY needs to support the COMMUNITY. WE accept nothin from the government bcuz those who FINANCE you CONTROL you! To HOLLA BLAK, get at US at or on Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). For anyone in the ATL area with a venue, I am available to grace yo place with my presence with lectures & book signins. Peace.