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DEEP COVER FULL MOVIE - The Most Gangsta Movie EVER!!!!!

jootube takes 'em down & I put e'm BLAK up:

Check out that MOST GANGSTA title bcuz the REAL GANGSTAS are ALL these NIGGAS wearin suits & carryin briefcases. Bein that this film is now 20 years old, ya need 2 REVISIT it & look at it with a GROWN ASS MIND! Though this movie didn't WHOLESALE deal with POLICE BRUTALITY aka OFFICIAL FRONTLINE RACIST WHITE SUPREMACY, the IRONIC part of it all is that, Laurence Fishburne was on the other end of this dynamic in Cornbread Earl & Me. Where it ties in with US today is that Attorney at War Alton Maddox is readin more into this & says that zimmerman was arrested & ALLOWED to ESCAPE from JAIL as a SELF DEFENSE PLEA can be made only after an INVESTIGATION by a GRAND JURY! This goes up to the GOVERNOR's LEVEL yo! Now Alton respected Johnnie Cochran but fights for RIGHTS & not MONEY! If  he gets involved in this.........WATCH OUT! What I wanna show y'all in thi…

KRS One - Sound Of Da Police/ the Sound of the Beast


Dave Chappelle - Killing Them Softly/ He WARNED US so WE can't 4get about him!


Stevie Wonder - Living for the City/ STAY ALIVE Y'ALL!!



Hey y'all & a BIG WHAT UP to all of my BLAK PEEPO! Man a lot is goin on & WE must keep FOCUS of it all as 1 thing cannot overshadow another. The methodology of that KraKKa is always in a state of flux & while WE seek JUST US for Trayvon Martin & Rekia Boyd & so many others, know that THEY keep US like this! As WE have OPTIONS such as MANCOTTIN without MARCHIN, PROTESTIN thru MASS STRIKES & not smilin with KraKKas, are WE gonna do any of it? As I have said previously, YOU make this SHYSTEM go as WE are the prime CONSUMER in this country & divestin SELF from THEM for just 1 day would do WONDERS for US but YOU don't hear ME though. As said by our well known elder & activist, Dick Gregory, there's a LOT MORE to all of this & I got schooled when I watched this: Damn he put it down!

That's not all that's goin on though! Did y'all hear that our BRO in Bobby Brown was recently …

Before the Amistad, there was Ill-Gotten Gains.

WE here at b2a have decided that WE'VE been goin too easy on y'all & real-eyes that WE are gonna lose membership along the way but that's OK! WE'VE decided that this here vehicle is gonna cut the wheat from the chafe & only bring Y'ALL the REALEST SHIT EVER! With 270 days left & KONY2012 bein an afterthought & the CONTINUAL ONSLAUGHT of our precious young, WE must be the voice to prepare those who are still very ASLEEP! In the comin weeks & months, do NOT expect to see US slacken in OUR resolve to let y'all know the UGLIEST TRUTHS & if ya don't like it, simply remove yaself or ask me to do as so many have & I will. The sayin goes that there is no REST for the WEARY! WE will on with OR without ya so make ya choice. Here at b2a, WE luv US some Blak Peepo so...........on with the REVOLUTION. WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SISTAS need 2 get it 2gether!

Fee Mesghena ‎"Usually when people are sad, they don't do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about a change."Yea watup? I'm still MAD so don't come on here expectin me to make Y'ALL laugh! As I feel this way, let HIM make ya laugh: This 1 here will make ya UPSET with me but by now Y'ALL know that I don't give a fuKKK! I'm gonna keep on talkin the way I talk & sayin it how it's supposed to be said. These youths dyin at the hands of racist white supremacy ain't NOTHIN NEW & I been tryin to tell y'all that as if y'all ain't already know. WTF is wrong with US yo? (Nathaniel Gaines)

Ok, if rick ross is from florida & ALWAYS makin songs about him bein a BOSS, can he do ANYTHING about these recent current events. He has CLAIMED to had worked both sides of the fence & about other RAPPERS who claim to have so much money …

Ya know THEY TIME is UP when.......

Greetins from the b2a FAMILY & if ya BLAK (of course ya are) & readin this, how y'all doin? WE STILL here just countin down the days of that DUBIOUS, DEVIOUS, DEVILISH KraKKa & just know that when he finally GONE, the BW will breathe that great sigh of relief! She will have that NUCLEAR SEXUAL EXPLOSION! That NIGGA is wreakin mass HAVOC in the area as he FRUSTRATES hisself into why don't the NATIVES of GAIA just kill OURSELVES? As stated here previously, HE is the 1 who's in the great RACE against time akin to a half gallon of milk in the fridge that expired 3 days ago. Ya know, ya taste it & it's still good but it AIN'T good for ya, it AIN'T fresh & it WON'T last much longer. Yea, that NIGGA's about to expire & THEY put yo ass in the triKKK bag by givin ya a blaKKK (p)resident. With 275 days left, y'all need to read thru & see how THAT NIGGA'S TIME is UP!

If ya wanna OFFICIAL DATE, it was 911! His time has been up s…

How do YOU see INVISIBLE CHILDREN like me? (KONY 2012 explained)

Watup? Ayo, before I go in today, wanna let y'all know that this 1 is gonna go in HARDBODY, so BEWARE if ya FAINTof HEART aka BITCHASSEDNESS! The SCRAMBLE for Afrika has gone up a notch & so WE must kick it STRONG while keepin it GULLY & REAL! If ya don't like me CURSIN or soundin NIGGAISH then get the fuck outta here & I'm on it like that to the point of spellin it out so as to let y'all know that WE ain't playin. To all of the rest of y'all..........go the fukkk inside & see what WE gotta say today. If ya claimin somethin other than what represents BLAK, I won't give a fukkk anyway so comment away & see if I care. WE got a lot to cover with 281 days left. Yea, WE still on that Final Countdown Shit & so.........

Fukkk that! Do y'all see yet that the us of a izza rogue state? Do y'all yet see that those who most profess to LUV what the us stands for are straight corrupt? How do ya not see it? Just a few days ago in afghanista…

Not for the FAINT of HEART/Goodbye Uncle Tom (Full Movie)

THEY take 'em DOWN, I put 'em BLAK UP:
Yeah, I think that Y'ALL READY by now! This 1 here is the 1 that gotta let Y'ALL know the REAL & 4get about REFORMIN them NIGGAS bcuz THEY can't be reformed! Years ago, I was told to NOT see this movie if I had to be around them KraKKas & bcuz I had to be at that time, I NEVER bought it. Everybody who has never seen this needs to see it & if ya have, watch it again & show some TRUTH to ya CHILDREN. Movies like roots & sarafina PALE in comparison when ya see the ATROCITIES that have been done to OUR PEEPO as a MATTER of COURSE so get with US & know that WE here at b2a are givin ya that STRAIGHT NO CHASER DOPE! Go in but BE WARNED, this 1 here is not for the faint of heart! 284 days left y'all! WAR!!!!!!!!


This is TAKE 2 of this article so before I greet y'all, just know that! What up to my peepo out there? I'm talkin about my Blak Peepo Y'ALL! How y'all doin? I'm SURPRISED that Y'ALL ain't got it yet but my book is off the CHAIN twice yo! If ya ain't cop it yet, ya way late & way remiss in ya REVOLUTIONARY FERVOR! Here it is at: Ya need to cop that bcuz ya got 287 days left! Yeah, WE gotta lot of US who know what time it is but the vast majority doesn't have a clue! This include those of y'all with advanced degrees who think that ACADEMIA is the only way to go. Note that I said the word ONLY as school in & of itself is not the problem or the solution. Once ya know ya BLAK SELF & luv ya Brotha & Sista as SELF, then ya alrite. There's a lot to be SURPRISED about today so let'…

Kendrick Lamar - Ab-Soul's Outro (feat. Ab-Soul)


How Sugar is a Cancer Feeder

Just shoutin out my peepo before I allow OUR guest columnist Aileen Stillman to take over. Yeah, WE here at b2a gotta do that once inna while to let all y'all out there know that WE are a FAMILY with 292 days left! As bein that WE FAMILY, WE also have to let y'all know that WE are a COMMUNITT FORUM! My sista e-mailed me a few weeks ago & asked for a topic & when I asked her to drop it on this topic, she went WAY IN! Ya see, WE try to cover all facets of the Blak Experience here & so when ya press that link, ya never know what ya gonna get. Pretty soon, WE gonna take it up a notch with videos of ME doin my thing so that Y'ALL can turn this: into a BEST SELLER! Thanks for Y'ALL SUPPORT! Look for lectures & book signings to soon go viral as y'all will soon see me in LIVIN COLOR comin BLAK at ya with my u…