Monday, August 30, 2010

Things Are Not What They Seem

Wow, we still here hangin tuff & its only 844 days to go. What a year it's been & Haiti's earthquake was the beginnin of it all. I'm wonderin when the big 1 gonna hit ny but y'all just wait. Or it might be a hurricane, who knows? But wat up with y'all & how y'all doin. I've been dyin to get BLAK to y'all but decided to take a weekend off & chill & now that it's Monday, I'm BLAKKKKK!!! Last week, linsey HOhan, spanish(fly) hilton & shitney spears all made the news for whatever foolishness they get down with. Just like HipHop, they gone WILD! I wonder whats up with nicole bitchie but she seems to have chilled after motherhood got to her. Not so long ago, she was doin that horse but.....she'll be aiight for now. Whateverrrrrrr!!! Y'all just be ever vigilant & watch for things to come. September ususally brings about the worst shit & can y'all believe we almost 9 years since 911? I would suggest as well as yesterday was Katrina's 5th anniversary that y'all check my archives as we spoke of haarp & weather modification techniques used to TERRORIZE the populaces where resources are plentiful. THEY SHUTTIN down society as THEY pretty much almost where they wanna be but THEY can't beat the BLAK GOD! On with the show!!!!

Most of us ain't talkin about this insufferable dude who keeps just gettin on ya nerves in much too many ways. Seems like he lives to just annoy the FUCK OUTTA peepo & in case you are askin who, I'm talkin about glen becks. Ayo, you gotta give these peepo credit at bein kkkrafty man! He went to walk on dc durin the 47th anniversary of MLK's I Have a Dream Speech & even had MLK's niece, alveda king out there with him. WTF? She has been labeled as a conservative, railin against gays & same sex marriage & all but with this dude? For God's sake, he's a tea party dude & even had the female george w bushit with him, otherwise known as farah nailin. Y'all know who I'm talkin about, the gorilla from wasilla aka the baby killa! What have we come to? What are we doin? Do the Kings even have any money & I wonder what her motivation wass to make such a move with this lunatic. As a peepo, are we really that stupid to not know by now that these MUTANTS can't stand us, don't like us & are lookin to get rid of us? And they did this all on the 5th anniversary of HURRICANE FEMA! That's not just hate - it's also symbolically disrespectful as this dude inocently keeps sayin that it wasn't planned to be so. Ayo you!!!!! They tryin to confuse you & wear you out with THEY tacticts & you are gettin sleepy...gettin sleepy....tired......WAKE YOUR ASS UP!

Another march happened in dc to commemorate this occasion BUT this one was led by charlatan, al sharptone. The good reverend seems bored & only those who don't know who he truly is are still followin this.clown ass nigga. I ain't gonna front, I once believed in him too. We as a peepo have to question how someone who previously was persecuted & marginalized, could climb to a level of runnin for president & things of that nature. That should be enuff evidence there but I digress. Now, whenever a racial shituation occurs, they pull out old al to be the spokeperson of the "COMMUNITY" if there ever was just one. Be aware of that one NIGGER dynamic & Michael Eric Dyson is another one. As I have written extensively on the good rev previously, I don't wanna take too much time speakin on this but.....what was the point of it all? We are now 2 1/2 generations removed from MLK & his works & to a lotta young men & women, he is just some guy who fought for civil rights. They don't know what he did, just that he fought for BLAK peepo & his I have a dream speech. No, King fought for all is in my opinion that becks & sharptone were PAIRED to do this on this momentous date so as to cloud what King's true legacy was/is by CONFUSIN everybody with this controversy. The angle on most news reports were on the warrin factions than on the PURPOSE of the events with nailin makin the keynote speech. If you think she even cares about you....You see, those who are in their early 20's-30's were TRAUMATIZED by the assasinations in the late 60's, early 70's thru the DNA of they parents. These children comin up, now in there late teens to early 20's are a whole new breed & they wanna know who this dude was, along with Malcom & Medgar & they don't have to learn SHIT from mom, dad or anybody else. They got youtube at skool & even on they phones. They HUNGRY & they gotta know & so these two seemingly opposing idiots went there to cloud the issues, lookin like they in opposition, when in essence, they the same MOTHERFUKKER they always been. SMMFH!

You see, we here at BLAK2AFRIKA believe in the collective conciousness. What that means to us is that, there are peepo all over the world(melinated only), who will ASCEND to the top as in a pyramid & know what to do when the proverbial shit hits the fan. We practice with our lives. To us, what this means is, IDGAF what you believe, eat, practice or how you live ya life but at the end of the day, what is ya intentions for BLAK FOLK? I'm not a 5% but the percentages from the 85'ers will go down & some of the 10% will move to the 5% but not many & we will be the new leadership that this world needs. This cannot be stopped as all of the prophecies are comin thru, includin dead fish washin up all up & down the East Coast. The very peepo who rule us now will be humblin themselves to the true & livin GODS & we shall show no MERCY! They will bow at our feet & we will ignore them as they do us. The 144,000 spoken of in the bible(which is a book & not the GOOD BOOK as it gotta alotta bad shit in it) is a SYMBOLIC NUMBER to represent how few the new rulership will be. It will be righteous as that's all we know how to be with religous INTOLERANCE as there will be no need for it. What's good revenge for a pedophile/rapist/slaver/murdererin TERRORIST? I AM IN THAT NUMBER & I AIN'T BRAGGIN so watch me NOW! I already told y'all I write in the FUTURE! Men who have shown care, patience & forthrightness will be rewarded with numerous wives because they have shown responsibility to the PEEPO first! The earth will cleanse herself & shall continue. Our women will play their positions as things fall in place & be like children to men, respectfully in the ways of MAAT. That shall be reciprocated. So be that NERD that gets slept on. Be that broke dude that gets fronted on. Take it all in stride for the time is near! We shall be kings, chiefs, fathers & CREATORS! We shall destroy all evil! This time, this ain't no story. Some of us just peak late. For now though, Things are Not What They Seem! Stay Tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Story!

Ayo, guess who's BLAK? It's me peepo & we BLAK up in the piece one mo time! Watitdo? Who U with? I been thinkin about this for some time & instead of bein outrite with it, today I gotta story to tell. Do ya like stories? I thought ya did. I'll even keep it short. So here goes to all of my peepo.

Picture a world where everything is PERFECT. As you look outside, you see nothin but lakes made of milk & honey. The MEN go to work every morning & the WOMEN raise the children while tending to the crops near home. The MEN bring home what the WOMEN need without the benefit of MONEY as the universe provides everything that WE need for FREE. The eatin of UNCLEAN ANIMALS stops and capilaries, veins & arteries clear up. Pedophiles could never line up afterskool as they are KILLED after bein caught the FIRST TIME. The elders are absolutely revered & respected. EVERY MAN absolutely respects the next MAN'S wife & dire consequences meet those who VIOLATE as in, OUTCASTING! Imagine a world where FOSSIL FUELS are used ONLY for industrial purposes. Did y'all know that the #1 ingredient in PLASTIC is OIL? Imagine NEVER havin to pay for water. Imagine just bein able to drink any water anywhere without worryin if it's contaminated. Everythin under ya soil is yours! Think about a REAL GOD that looks how YOU look. Think about a TRUE & LIVIN GOD! How about a place where everybody has their job accordin to the talent that they showed as a young child, nutured for that & more. Could you even think about a place with no CHURCHES as your temple houses the mind that lives a LIFESTYLE & not just in a building on any given SUNday? Imagine communin with the wild animals & they know not to TRESSPASS because what we got is ours & they got all that out there! Boy, they don't want it with us! No diseases & no made up diseases that peepo still wanna believe in just like religion; it's so hard lettin go of bad habits as we SIGH. No sperm from the sky deities & mos def, no bio engineered foods. Tobacco would be used ceremonially. Trees would be to MEDITATE & LEVITATE. No one would starve & no one is jealous because there are 3 women per 1 man & NOT every man has 3 wives. Some have 5 because some others JUST DON'T GET IT. Clean fish that jump into ya boat. Sun SPOTS aka solar flares. Look that up!!! All music made ORGANICALLY & no REFRIDGERATORS. Matter of fact, no electricity as ya senses get keener & keener. Pickin fruit up from the ground & bitin directly into it because the DIRT is CLEAN! You could walk anywhere BAREFOOTED. Guns won't work. Cocaine & Heroine are things of the past. Hospitals HEAL instead of makin you a CUSTOMER. Peepo live to be 110 on a regular basis with no trace of alzheimers or dementia bcuz processed foods are banned along with hydrogenalized oils, msg & aspartame. ALL FRUITS have SEEDS! No passports because all you gotta do is ask permission to cross the lands & as a matter of fact, we got peeps EVERYWHERE! How you think KINGDOMS grow? You won't need no ID because peepo wanna be known for who they are first as you represent ya peepo with PRIDE. Sunburts! Imagine two weeks of sunshine instead of an ice age. Who shines & who FRIES? When the earth stops spinnin, don't help 'em or y'all gonna blow my high. Imagine those things that can't NATURALLY TAN as melanin is GOD. Imagine the DEVIL pink before turnin red before turnin into a.....maroon. Imagine! Think! Be! Love! Respect! The Creator is COMIN in YOU! Imagine that.....................................................Don't front, ya know I got ya open! It's just a story & I'm stickin to it!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Let's Go RANDOM!

Hey there U! I like that greetin. Yeah U & I'm talkin to U! Watup? We still here at BLAK2AFRIKA writin & commentin & tho not actully in AFRIKA in the flesh, we still there as much as possible in mind, body & soul. This is why we never changed the name of the site! I deal with US as a peepo & hope that we speak with the perspective that ya don't get from mainstream press. Boy, HipHop has gone WILD! was a monster smash & we hope to continue bringin it to ya live & direct! We go in on anything BLAK & know that y'all are part of it & need to ask me to address topics that pertain to US. Y'all know how to get at me, SO GET AT ME. We are not afraid & today's article will be on RANDOM SHIT as so much is happennin. Let's get into it!

BREAKING NEWS: Just found out that wyclef jean CANNOT run for Haiti prez because he is not considered a legal citizen. I believe that this was all a grand FARCE from the beginnin to bring attention to the guy that his partner in crime, pras is endorsin, michael martell. At this point, who cares anyway? Sounds sorta like the barry sortero shituation, doesn't it? Ain't time just flyin lately? It seems like an hour since I wrote that last comment. Another powerhouse person for US as a peepo died the other day & her name was Abby Lincoln. I wasn't very familiar with her before her passin but heard so much since & wish to express my condolences to her family. She will be missed. Did y'all see that GANGSTA BULL on youtube that went absolutely ape shit? My take on dr laura? Well, her sponsors CONVINCED her to leave the show somewhat like imus of a few years ago so that she doesn't have to appeal to "special interest groups." I actually kinda sorta respected her BUT LET HER SPEAK! She spoke herself right outta a job! I heard that call soonafter that BLAK chik called in & her sayin NIGGA(yeah I wrote it AND??) was not the issue, at least in my opinion. My issue with what she did was that she showed no EMPATHY to someone who was sufferin & ASSUMED that ALL BLAKS use comedians, rappers & thugs as their role models. Chris Rock even says there's a difference between NIGGERS & BLAK FOLK. Did she possibly think that this BLAK woman could have been from a cultured family that raised her away from all of that? This brings up another topic though; Alotta Blak women THOUGHT that bcuz the BLAK man was supposedly a dyin breed, that they should open up their oprahs(meant options) & now feel free to date white men ONLY to find that them niggers can be fukked up too. What kinda man allows his frends to disrespect his wife? Too many sistars(I ain't sayin all so don't start) believin that they gonna go somewhere else to meet they prince charming & they gettin CHARMIN as in toilet paper. Y'all go with that while I segue into how the Tanzanians are still killin up those albinos. If you ever meet a regular everyday run of the mill Tanzanite, you should ask them why they do that & report to us BLAK here. Saw that the Senegalese president, Abdoulaye Wade is doin the damn thing on relaxin visa restrictions for diasporan Afrikans so that they can repatriate easier & develop businesses like the beloved Dr Kwame Nkrumah was tryin to do some years ago in Ghana. To all my peepo out there interested in Afrika, STOP lookin soley at Ghana & broaden your minds. Afrika is a continent with 53 countries & gasp.....most speak english. Ya see, soon it's gonna be all about land & what you can do with it & instead of goin against fluid & seek ya own level. South America & Brazil more in particular seem to be places where ya might be pleasantly surprised. Record labels & record deals are gone as hardly anyone buys recorded music anymore. Kiss 'em goodbye & good riddance. Segue Master Jungle Jim is the BEST DJ I've ever had the pleasure to listen to. Global Warmin is a HOAX! Do peepo still eat mcdonalds food? Do peepo still go to church? Do peepo RESEARCH anything anymore? Wow, I have no job & I'm still busier than you? Amazing!! In last Sunday's Parade Magazine (8/15), syndicated nationally, there was a cover picture with the title of "Bad Dog?" The subtitle read: Not anymore! How one of Michael Vick's notorious pit bulls became a child's best friend. Ayo, these lunatics is STILL fuckin with MV after he was already sentenced, did his time & then BP happenned & peta din't say shit about a WHOLE OCEAN of dead animals. Yeah MV messed up but THEY just keep on spinnin the story to make US ALL look bad after 3 years, SMMFH! I had heard a rumor that Dr Ben had died & found that it wasn't true. Boy was I glad! Big up to Attorney at War Alton Maddox, Dr Jeffries, James Smalls, Steve Cokely, Tony Browder, Dr Patricia Newton, Dr Jewell Pookrum, Helen Mills, Bobby Hemmitt, Dr Frances Cress Welsing, Kofi Kambon & so many more while they are still ALIVE! I believe in such a thing as the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS & as time goes on, most of y'all will too. As you have no choice, you've been WARNED!!! What are we gonna do with those of US who will wanna help THEM when THEY dyin on THEY death bed? THEY better be able to trace they families BLAK to the Underground Railroad before they get my help. I luv the SUN! You don't bcuz you've grown accustomed to AIR CONDITIONIN! Them flourescent lites is absolutely KILLIN ya melanin. Oh I see, you don't have any. In that case.... Luv ya neighbor as you luv yourself but don't get caught by ya spouses. This ain't WIFESWAP! Someone on FB asked what does it mean when a BLAK man says that he's GOD. As I say it all the time, I must answer to that here. Any BLAK man who cares about his peepo is GOD! Any BM who would tell the TRUTH at personal cost is GOD! Any BM who would TEACH that TRUTH is GOD! You MUST have luv for the SUN! Any BM who raises his FAMILY is GOD. To tend after a nation no matter how small is GODly behavior. One who strives to see his peepo better off than yesterday, no matter the cost is GOD! One who is RIGHTEOUS is GOD! Exhibit those qualities & attain GOD STATUS! We need ya! HOLLA BLAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Marcus Garvey!

My BABA, the most HONORABLE Marcus Garvey celebrates his birthday today! This man did it all without cell phones, televisions & computers. We need to harness the verve & energy of his times as we continue the struggle. He designed the TEMPLATE & encouraged us to UPLIFT the race. It is my honor Baba, to mention you on your special day & have you know that we luv you forever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MESSIAH!!! Your goals will be accomplished so help us GOD!!! You are that GOD!!! PEACE!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

HipHop has gone WILD! Part X

Yeah y'all, HipHop has gone WILD! Of course, we at BLAK2AFRIKA would be remiss if we just let it do so & as we luv it, we have to offer some solutions so that y'all don't get despondent thinkin that everythang here is doomsday predictions. But first, we have to address some issues in regards to what we goin thru as a peepo as mad thangs are goin on. Last week was just crazy & I keep tellin y'all to watch out as those forces which I speak of, push US ALL closer to Armegedon. That crazy israeli stabber got caught in, of all places, atlanta ga & we are still very sketchy on the details. dr laura schlessinger allowed herself to not be wrong in her usage of y'all favorite word, nigger, but in bein INSENSITIVE to a caller STUPID enough to be married to a KKKrakkker & then, lookin for sympathy from her. I'm goin to spin that into another article after I finish HHhgW because alot of peepo called & asked me wat my opinion on that one was. I'm still thinkin about that. Some Blak dude in MD was supposedly sprayin sperm on white women from a spray bottle & boy, are they really tryin to start a race war. And let's not forget that the US/UK/Israel axis of evil is still tryin to start wars everywhere so as to depopulate the earth & keep all of the resources & riches for themselves as native populations starve, home & abroad. Be very wary of the goings-on in the world because most things don't really start happenin until after September. Look out for more racially charged incidents to happen & supposed natural disasters that MAY be made by man. You know how THEY do! And with that, we conclude with HipHop has gone WILD! We seek to change course.

By now, I hope you see on a CONCEPTUAL LEVEL, how HipHop has gone wild. As I don't personally know any of these artists, I can observe as a born new yorker who has seen & STUDIED all of the twists & turns of HipHop as it ages, a feel like an OURSTORIAN, a spectator & participant. There was a time of innocence for the upstarts in the game & I wanna use nas & kanye as examples bein that, I think that they were forced into this demonicness. If you are so observant, you would notice that they both used to smile. I don't mean in such a way as to be grinnin idiots, BUT smile because they are happy & RICH. If you ask me, the facial gestures & body language of these two suggests an akwardness as in holding back to not reveal what they can't reveal. I'm talkin about the rituals & findin out at the end of the day, that you are STILL doin the devil's biddin. You see, like both MJ's, Mike Tyson, bill cosby & so many more, these peepo eventually find out that they are nothin but HI-TECH SLAVES for massa all over again. Believe me, when some of them find out, they fight it & the body count starts. THEY DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS what at this stage of the game but "WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?" They've turned all BUSINESS into dog eat dog competition & HipHop/Rap into a laughin stock, makin Blak folk look ridiculous in the process. They are the CAN'T STOP DON'T STOP & we saved music from dyin, basketball from dyin & look now! They gonna kill THEMSELVES & take alot of us BELIEVERS(in them) with THEM! I want to give y'all some solutions to go with, so stay with me please. It is my dream to see my brothers SMILE & ENJOY the game as we will in the near future.

In this one, wat I wish to focus on is wat music is supposed to do for us as a peepo. We are still in the wilderness of amerikkka after 400 years & we must make of it wat we can. The only way most of us will go BLAK2AFRIKA is if we HAVE to & that would mean a catastrophe of epic proportions. The end/new time is comin & so in the meanwhile......we have to be quickwitted. As the great Lauryn Hill once said, " come on baby lite my fire, everything you drop is so tired, MUSIC IS SUPPOSED TO INSPIRE, so how come we ain't gettin no higher?" I agree on the 100 tip with these very words & after a generation of nigga/gangsta/playa music, the youth are lookin for INSPIRATION. All we keep findin in the message in the music is DESPAIR. Rappers who long escaped the streets & are now multi-millionaires are STILL rappin as if they left those streets last week. Most of them CAN'T go BLAK to the HOOD because the HOOD knows who they really are. We know why this is so & so we wait in vain for someone big to come forth honestly about this but think about it....You're a young kid comin out the hood with no real skoolin but you can rap ya ass off. After a few brushes with the law to keep up the IMAGE, you finally RELEASE ya album & because your OWNERS have so much leveraged on ya, you hit & never look BLAK. Though manufactured, you make it look easy & before you know it, you're known internationally. Every gal wants you. Guys wanna be like you. Kids grow up admirin you because they parents play ya songs over & over again. Ya life is good. This is where the TRAP starts. Like Lupe, it's a FIASCO. They got ya!

For those who are HI-TECH slaves & can't break out, we send our condolonces. To the audience, I can give you alternatives & it won't be listenin to Talib, Mos, Common & the Roots, some of my favorites. No, I'm talkin about usin music as THERAPY! In my opinion, no one is greater than the art that they do & that's why there ain't no best nothin. A 50 year old's best MC might be Melle Mel. A 40 year old's best might be KRS1 or Rakim. A 30 year old, Snoop Dogg or Scarface & finally, a 20 year old Lil Wayne or Wacka Flocka Flame. Right now, most of the guys like Niki Minaj for obvious reasons. But let's look at this music as therapy thing for a minute. While browsing the web, I found this link that I think you just might enjoy at "Research has shown that music has a profound effect on your body & psyche. In fact, there's a growing field of healthcare known as Music Therapy, which uses music to heal. Those who practice music therapy are finding benefits in using music to help cancer patients, children with ADD & others and even hospitals are beginning to use music & music therapy to help with pain." A little further down they say that, "music can also be used to bring a more positive state of mind, helping to keep DEPRESSION & ANXIETY AT BAY. This can help the stress response from wreaking havoc on the body & can help keep CREATIVITY & OPTIMISM LEVELS higher, bringing many other benefits." As those ads on TV & radio say, "But WAIT, there's more!"

"Each illness is a musical problem - the healing a musical solution." said by Novalis, an 18th Century mystic poet

In the August 2010 Edition of the Aquarius Magazine(, there was a very very interesting article entitled, Sound Healing with Tibetan Healing Bowls written by Susanne Kriegler(pages 6 & 7). I'll just put some interesting quotes from the article here & let y'all decide on these arts. She writes, "Sound Healing is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies of the person with the intent of bringing them into a state of harmony & health." A lil later on she states, "In all ancient cultures, it was well known that the beneficial effect of sound goes much deeper than just producing a sense of emotional wellbeing. Harmonious sounds also have a healing effect on the body at a cellular level." But we get yet a lil deeper in & we find that, "Some interesting studies have been done on exposing droplets of water to various different types of sound and music and then freezing them. Water droplets exposed to heavy metal music produced a weak looking water crystal of irregular shape & structure, whereas droplets exposed to classical music, notably Mozart, produced a water crystal of great beauty & wonderfully complex structure. THE HUMAN BODY IS COMPOSED OF 60% TO 70% WATER, which makes it a good conductor of sound. Sound can kill us at or at the very least, can make us gravely ill but the right sounds can produce seemingly miraculous healings." I hope that y'all still with me here. A lil more into the article, its written that, "Proffessor Jim Gimzewski at the Univ of California amplified the "voice of cells" & discovered that healthy yeast cells sing the note "C," whereas sick cells sound like a jackhammer. Together with a patholigist & cancer researcher he is currently working on early cancer detection by listening to the song of the cells, thereby scientifically proving what all sound therapists have known for thousands of years."

I SERIOUSLY recommend that y'all out there read that article as I provided the link & a lil further down, they talk about the healing properties of some bowls made by the peepo of Tibet. These bowls have serious healing properties & the answers are there for those of you with eyes that see & ears that hear. This is how SERIOUS this shit is & to those of y'all still thinkin that it's JUST MUSIC, now you know that it ain't about me hatin on jay, kanye or any artist mentioned previously in this series. Because this last article was written by caucasians that are at least publicly respectable & because knowledge is knowledge, I quote them as well as others to TEACH y'all that like Dead Prez says, "it's bigger than HipHop!" Your owners know what they are doin & those enlightened enough to know otherwise, compared heavy metal & classical music thru water. Remember, water is fluid & seeks its OWN LEVEL. If we compare that same water using HipHop from the 87-91 GOLDEN ERA to todays HipHop, what would we get? How about our classical music, jazz to r & Bullshit? To all of my older heads, AGAIN, this is not an indictment on the youth. Most of our parents hated Rap/HipHop & said that it wouldn't last blah blah, etc etc. We from the Original Skools, took they music & FLIPPED IT & now the whole FUCKIN world is doin it; mimicin poor ghetto youth from the STREETS of the Boogiedown Bronx NY!

Y'all need to take SOUND SERIOUSLY! As previously reported, it can kill. In 1990, General manuel noriega of the Republic of Panama escaped to the VatiKKKan Embassy in his country & was TORTURED out when the u.s military forces played LOUD ROCK MUSIC for days & days on a loudspeaker aimed at that embassy. Check out an AP report which stated that, "these guys are the fingernail on the blackboard....broadcast US propaganda from bullhorns & blast rock music at the Vatican Emabassy where manuel noriega was taking refuge, hoping to unnerve him." Or how about an LRAD-500-x, a lil old machine used in San Diego CA that can, "emit a deafening tone aimed at incapacitating & dispersing a crowd without use of lethal force." Like Tasers & supposed other non-lethal weapons, this device is virtually UNTESTED & can be lethal when used. You know that THEY are liars! Y'all better be careful!

This series was made to enlighten y'all. I don't profess to know it all but music can be used for therapy, as an aphrodisiac, as a stimulant, war or for pretty much ANYTHING under the sun. I wish not to choose the music you listen to but to inform you on what's out there so that you know for yourself. The beat from Queen's, "We will rock you," is harmful to BLAKS as it tears up the melanin. Alot of Blak music has undertones undetectable to the PHYSIKKKAL ear but when picked up on a subliminal level, they are utterly destroyin US. The notes & tonalities of alot of todays rap music is low vibrations & it's not always the artists fault. It's akin to subliminal messages in the movies back in the day. The tonalities of electro music are not NATURAL & therefor HARMFUL, somewhat like eatin processed over non-processed foods. Radio(wave) frequencies under 100 Megahurtz or anything under 100.0 on ya radio dial is also HARMFUL to your melanin. Those VIDEOS, are like wow & serve as nothing more than RITUALS to desensitize you on a psychosexual level. Don't think that every video havin VIDEO HOE'S in 'em & the glorification of SUPERHEAD is a coincidence! Them kkkrakkkas have been GROUPIES for years goin so far as to NOT WORK & followin they favorite artists for YEARS while they tour. Like AIDS, they changed the name to make it a BLAK thing! I'm not even gonna get into the obvious as the music that you listen to is a reflection of who you are & our young don't know who they are YET, so do not knock they music! Learn what their message is, allow them their due & if you disagree with the message in THEY music, make them listen to your music with an explanation of things. This is education & we come from each other! As Chuck D says, "every generation generates a new attitude!" Make them listen to Coltrane & explain that MOST of those jazz cats was doin DOPE, as in heroine! Tell the whole truth!!! They were JUNKIES!!! Make them listen to Miles, Dizzy, Louie Armstrong, the OJ's, Teddy Pendergrass, Ike & Tina, Prince, Sly & the Family Stone, Chubby Checker, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Jackie Wilson & Donny Hathaway. Let them know about Minnie Ripperton, Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin, the Supremes, Sara Vaughn, Anita Baker, Abbie Lincoln(R.I.P), Ella Fitzgerald & Eartha Kitt. Let them know about ACTIVISM thru music like Marvin Gaye & early Stevie Wonder. Thru lettin them know all of this, you can teach 'em more than music, you can teach them that music is history - OUR HISTORY! Our ART! To hear it is to OWN IT! They system of ownership is up as they struggle to keep a hold. Music is HISTORY & TALENT IS POWER!!! WE HAVE THE POWER!!! BLAK MUSIC will never DIE!!! THEY let us take ourselves for granted & when we din't think that we would sell our JUNGLE MUSIC, we exceeded our BEST EXPECTATIONS. Our stylings is what the world expects while we are still taken advantage of! That planetary alignment is comin though & with it, the harmony of the UNIVERSE as our earth & our bodies will all play in a universal synchronicity, the ultimate equation! So my peepo, we've got thru it. HipHop has gone WILD but the UNIVERSE shall MAKE IT take its rightful course! I luv y'all & stay tuned as BLAK2AFRIKA awaits you & our common DESTINY!!!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

HipHop has Gone Wild Part IX

Watup y'all & how y'all doin? Did y'all know that 50cent's endorsement company, vitamin water, that coca cola distributes(owns) is gonna get sued for basically sellin "sugary water?" This was considered NEWS BLAK when he started & I told peepo that this was his REWARD for keepin that drug dealin, thug gangsta mentality frequency goin. Y'all need to know that those who are rewarded are given things for US to ingest such as beverage companies & it's always unhealthy shit. Check out diddy with ciroc, nelly with pimp juice & all of those rappers BLAK in the day who used to endorse malt liquor before that phased out. Look up that word ingest. The fake rick ross is the last boy scout on that thug frequency. I keep tellin y'all that these NIGGAS don't give a wat about any of US & y'all keep givin 'em ya money like ya did when kkklinton & bush told y'all to send MONEY for the Haitian relief fund & they themselves caused that quake. Then they faked a financial controversy with clef & got THEY cut to make y'all believe that he with us & this link will tell y'all different at Did y'all know that the dude who shot up the beer factory in CT is my HERO sandwiches are the best type of lunch; wouldn't y'all agree? He kinda sorta reminds me of Colin Ferguson & I ain't talkin about that actin dude either. If ya don't know who he is, ya need to look him up. Anyway, gettin BLAK to Oscar Grant.....oops, I meant Omar Thornton, who tho found his moment of SANITY, was still dealin with the DEVIL in that, he had one as a girlfrend. He just couldn't figure it out..... That man went SANE & did wat alot of us only WISH we had nerve to do & days later, so called experts were appearin on the rick sanchez show on cnn, sayin that he was delusional & makin up these allegations as if KKKraKKKa's never ever played those racist games before. As if we don't have HISTORY to refer to. Of course one of 'em was a negro & by now, y'all gotta know that this TV is PROGRAMMIN US with they nonsense that too many of US keep choosin to believe in beyond a shadow of a REASONABLE DOUBT. HMMM, doesn't that title ring a bell? They SAY that they have surveillance footage of him stealin beer, yet in the ny post, the headman of that beer company SAYS that they offerred him a CHOICE to resign or be fired. What kinda shit is that? Why would someone OFFER someone STEALIN from them, caught REDHANDED, such a condition? In all the jobs that I've held, I ain't never heard no shit like that before. You steal, you GONE!!!! Show that PROOF NIGGA!! That shit makes no sense & this is gonna get weirder as the days go BUT I can offer y'all another angle that no one else is talkin about. VA Tech, Columbine & the massacre in Stockton CA some years ago all have similarities & if you are so inclined, ya need to look 'em all up. Mr Thornton COULD have been a Manchurian Candidate for ALL to finally set off this RACE WAR that the nwo/illumunatti want so bad, so that all the niggas would fight all the racist whites while leavin the so-called ELITE the FUCK ALONE. It's AGAIN, all so hegelian! This is why knowin OURSTORY & his is so important & if ya can't DISPROVE IT, don't ask me to PROVE IT. I put it in ya lap & make y'all THINK. What y'all thinkin, that only HipHop has gone WILD? With that we get into it with a lil twist on just exactly WHY HipHop has gone WILD like drunk & hot high whitegirls at a gang bang with rappers & athletes. Let's go!

So this jay-z character is now surrounded with his roc-nation crew of Beyonce, rihanna & kanye, who just released a new video named power & that shit is one of the most EERIEST pieces I've ever seen. Before continuin readin, check it out on youtube. That is some lady gaga type shit goin on there. He's lookin as robotic as rihanna is! Just had to throw that in there but like I said earlier, jay(hova) is the man pullin the strings in HipHop BUT for who? That's a very interstin question. We gonna have to go BLAK in time on this here now. We'll go BLAKwards. jay took over the mantle in a vaccum when hussle simmons let the reigns of def jam go; if I'm not mistaken, around the time of his divorce from his sham of a wife, kimora lee. I remember at the time that def jam old heads such as Chuck D from Public Enemy & ll cool j were sayin that they shoulda got the job BUT I knew that jay would get it because he was the consumate business man to help the kings. hussle, like eddie murphy has eaten the kings meat & they both were known homosexuals from long ago & thus were allowed to write their own ticket. We now know that they had to spank eddies ass & he ain't talkin much anymore. Stay quiet & get that MONEY! Though I believe that hussel's intentions MAY have been REAL & NOBLE in the beginning, the copious amounts of money proved allurin & all senses thus flew out the window. Remember, he did sign Public Enemy but more on that later. Who is the man behind the start of def jam? Who was behind hussle? It's a guy named rick rubin who is ohmygosh, a lil (so-called) jew boy from lido beach ny, just outside of the nyc limits in long island. How ironic to know that Jazzy J from way BLAK in the day, one of the BEST DJ's ya never heard of as he is one the humblest to do it EVER, produced def jam's first #1 hit by T-La Rock named, It's Yours, an ALL TIME HipHop classic. Soonafter, DJ Jazzy Jay, from the Jazzy 5 & the Zulu Nation introduced rick to hussle & they got rid of him & made def jam what it became today, just like NIGGAS do. Also, this rick dude was the dj to a group he produced & managed named the beastie boys who melded rock & rap & are credited as the first white rap supergroup. So when you hear about hussle, one must refer to his benefactor, rick & his money as his father was a humble cobbler & had time to support zionist based organizations out there in those ny suburbs. This dude is now the co-head of columbia records but most of his frends in high skool HATED him because he din't know JACKSHIT about music. WOW!!! Tho rr parted ways with hussle in 1988 goin on to his own label, I think that he did so to watch his NIGGA investment & to offhand monitor Public Enemy & more in particular, Professor Griff. Prof Griff is the realest & was kicked outta PE for political reasons BLAK in them days for tellin the truth about them kkkhazars. The switch was on as PE's Apocolype 1991 album was sub-standard & some upstarts from LA CA named NWA (Easy E) took the spotlite from NY by bein sensationalistic. The powers had them make songs like Fukk the Police & gave what should have been a local CA thing, all of these sensational HEADLINES & PE was never the same as the anti-heroes were born. The west was now GANGSTER(hip) & out with the upliftment of the BLAK MAN as it wasn't coo anymore. Easy couldn't even rap! DOUBLECROSSERS!! rick also had executive producership with his new def american label while maintainin touch with his new rapper frends like ll cool j & later, ohmygosh, jigga, goin so far as to producin jay's 99 problems song. By the way, I hate that song because it SUCKS! That piece of shit song won a fuckin grammy & I know right now y'all jay lovers is hatin & prolly sayin to yaself, "what the fukk you made nigga?" There is more to this rick dude but we don't have enough space so lets get to the point. It is in my BELIEF that he is the conduit comin from the nwo/illumunatists to the street level rap dealers. If they can rise to the occasion, they are allowed to run the uninitiated. This nigga brought back johnny cashes career! I BELIEVE that he does all of the rituals as these so called elites don't fuck with nigga's. jigga may be different tho as he meets with the elite all of the time. They let tommy motolla, clive davis, steve rifkind & liar cohen do that shit. Ya see, when the white man's burden was, "what do we do with all of these niggers" as in send 'em BLAK2AFRIKA, the so called jew said, "keep 'em here & make money off of 'em!" We still here & sadly DON'T wanna go anywhere BUT.......we'll see.

Now what do hussle, jay, 50, Nas, clef, busta, kanye & just about EVERYBODY whether you like 'em or not in this music shit have in common? They all work for zionists who ONLY see us as money (property)! Stop thinkin of zionists as just jews. These are aliens who have no loyalty to anything but world domination, regardless of color, nationality, etc etc. They all work for the same motherfuckers! Some of these dudes ain't all that talented BUT the zionists pretty much control ALL of the media & can therefor make or break ya career. jay keeps that family name (rocafella) in the minds of the young who if they ever heard of that family, associate it strictly with money & not the dastardly deeds that will soon be described. If they made you & you start to REBEL, like Pac or b.i.g, they kill you or marginalize you like they doin Lauren & DMX. But let's look at this a lil closer. roc-a-fella records was named after the most ambitiously notorious family that ever existed in the US, aka the rockerfeller family. Let's take a look at some research material that I got from in regards to this family of INTERNATIONAL HIGH CRIMINALS. The article is entitled, Skeletons in the Closet: rockefeller history

"Some authors suggest that the rockefellers are merely a front for the working's of the rothschild's....For our purposes, due to the vastness of their historical connections, we will focus on a fraction of what and who the rockefellers are involved with and connected to.
The history of the rockefeller family began not with Standard Oil & not with honor, but with a con man, womanizer & a thief." You see, john d rockefellers dad was no other than william avery rockefeller, a SNAKE OIL SALESMAN if one ever existed who sold cancer cures for $25 a bottle, at that time TWO MONTHS average salary! The main ingredient in it was PETROLEUM! He also posed as deaf & dumb to win syphathy from the townspepole that he sold cheap trinkets to. He was a rapist havin been indicted in cayuga ny & hence was on the run. He died under an assumed name, dr william levingston in freeport il in 1906.

On to john d rockefeller (son) - laid claim to the title of "most ruthless american." (is y'all readin me right?) This dude was a war PROFITEER durin the CIVIL WAR sellin UNSTAMPED liquor to federal troops at huge profits in order to parlay those funds to later CONTROL the oil industry. He started this all in 1870 & by 1881 along with his brother, william, were pretty much runnin thangs usin ruthless means. But they also had their hands in railroads, steel & other big money biz. Ayo, this dude funded the so-called BAPTIST CHURCH, the (JAY)HOVA WITNESSES, the YMCA's, the world famous Univ of CHICAGO & made it so that doctors would have to go thru a gruelin education in order to graduate in this healin profession. They made it so that naturopathy was made to look like quackery. john d even funded the eugenics records office which wished to STERILIZE inferior BLAK PEEPO off of the earth! He actually created HITLER as the eugenics movement started in the US! His son of the same name was instrumental in donatin land where riverside church & the UNITED NATIONS now sit in good old jew york shitty! Y'all gettin me yet? The general EDUCATION board was devised as an effort toward, "this goal of social control." They also settled scientists & scholars from NAZI GERMANY into US universities after WWII. In 1971, this family funded the Intl Committee for Contraceptive research.

There have been various rockefellers thruout time & as stated earlier in this article, their history is so extensive & long that I could never possibly cover the whole gamut without WRITIN a book on 'em & I ain't interested in that. One can read the International jew or the Secret Realationship between Blacks & jews for further info on who these peepo really are. My goal here is to once & for all demystify the games bein played on us as a peepo so that we can ALL be clear on who & what we dealin with here. To finish this, we must note that the rockefellers began such organizations as the jehova's witnesses thru a man named charles taze russel from the russel trust (illuminati) & the mormons. The russel trust got they start protectin routes of the opium comin from the burmese triangle into China durin the Boxer Rebellion. They couldn't make anything the chinese wanted & subjected them to a drug epidemic akin to the krakk days of the 80's, all in the name of trade BALANCE! Y'all still with me? The mormons are a cia creation. This family also formed the trilateral commission & the council of foreign relations, along with the rothschild's who may be the same peepo in the long run. These MOTHERFUCKERS OWN the world thru the UN yo. All they tryin to do now is to confuse everyone into thinkin that they are broke by sellin off US debt to the japs but the japs don't have a MILITARY. With the internet & instant info always at the ready, they sell off they assets but if one can follow the paper trail, it all goes back to this family as they create the wars, finance both sides & when a victor emerges, get paid from the spoils of war & rebuild the defeated countries & secure all of the contracts like cheney is doin with haliburton & bechtel, etc etc. They then OWN a majority of the stock outrite & turn humongous profits quickly & bank it, perpetuatin this system but they time is up. This is why shit in the very near future is gonna be hectic. For the BLAK Man right now, shit is already at CRITICAL MASS. This family owns the majority interest in OVER 40,000 CORPORATIONS yo! I din't say companies, I said CORPORATIONS!!! Ayo, my peepo, these MOTHERFUKKKERS own EVERYTHING includin ya thoughts! CBS, NBC, Columbia & prolly 98% of any media is owned by THEM. Wat THEY say is wat it is!! They then put japanese faces in front of you with these lofty soundin titles to throw you off & they keep the secrets & get rich. The last prime minister of japan recently resigned as japan wants their autonomy & couldn't get it BUT WE RESPECT him because he din't sell out his peepo. Y'all don't OVERstand, they own it all!!!! The first split atom was in THEIR institution, the Univ of chicago in 1938!!!! This is why I always mention bill cosby, as his son was sacrificed when he tried to buy nbc & he was first exposed as supportin his supposed halfcast daughter & when that fiasco was over & bill cleared of that, they killed his ONLY son, Ennis. He was determined to buy nbc. Mike Jackson owned the beatles catalog & would not sell. Google nbc's hq if you don't know where it is. They all interbreedin maggots! Simply put, these are not really peepo, THEY ARE ALIEN REPTILIAN SHAPESHIFTIN SATANISTS & this is where y'all label the Blaksmith crazy but jay-z first came about as a Nuwabian with the Jaz from BLAK in the day. Their leader, Dr Malaki Z York is doin forever in jail in a supposed sex scandal of him SUPPOSEDLY sexin children. They ususally get BLAK men with sex scandals. How original. jay's even NOW on a song with his labelmate, rick ross entitled, FREEMASON tryin to take off some of that heat that he know he in! He knew all about this shit long ago & don't nobody write me BLAK talkin about god & jesus & all that soakin in blood shit! This is beyond GALAKTIKK! When questioned about all of his masonic connections on Hot 97 by angie martinez, he said that he's doin all this because he's a COMEDIAN!!! So now my question to jay is, is it funny that this family you named ya company after who are no frend of BLAK peepo a joke? To boot, I'm gonna answer my own question in regards to what do all of these entertainers have in common includin lebron & kobe. For that matter, anyone throwin up them goat horns; maybe some of y'all don't know it BUT THEY sold out THEY peepo because THEY had to & because these SATANISTS want to get rid of 90% of the world's population so that they can have EVERYTHANG for theyselves. They ain't tryin to preserve these white niggas who work for 'em neither. If you ain't in the elite, you simply ain't down! Cops, soldiers & low-level politicians ain't shit to 'em. Look at the treatment returnin soldiers from Iraq & Afghanistan is gettin. This is how I know that we are GOD'S. If they can get us to destroy each other thru our culture VOLUNTARILY, they then can keep THEY hands clean while we kill each other with dead vibrational music that is DEBASED in NATURE. Most of US is killin ourselves thru INGESTION!!!!!

Yes, yes, yes, like b.i.g said, "they turned the rap game to the crack game." These 2 families, the rothschilds & rockefellers fund BOTH SIDES of everything & reward the side that wins to do their biddings for profits & most of y'all chasin some sky spiritual sperm god while plottin to kill each other for minor bullshit, lookin for ETERNAL LIFE after DEATH & you ain't never been dead yet. THEY FINANCE OPPOSITION & like Grand Puba said, it's all "set up by the devil as he looks & he smiles." I finish this Part IX piece with another mic GOD who sums it up all so well. KRS-1 said in Aww Yeah, that "whether ya know it or not ya in the RACE against TIME & the finish line IS CONTROL OF YA MIND!!"

So do y'all see why HipHop has gone WILD? They are softenin our youth & desensitizin 'em to ingest garbage & now they either thugs, homos, homothugs, jail convicts, in rehab, etc etc. THIS IS NOT AN INDICTMENT ON THE YOUTH as it it not they fault that they parents were on drugs & not all there & I have to take some of that blame myself as well. I put the BLAME exactly where it needs to be & if THEY control our thoughts & actions, THEY are the CAUSE of HipHop bein WILD. To all of my older heads readin this, deal with the causation & not the SYMPTOMS. Free ya mind & ya ass will follow but where we goin without each other? Everybody 20 years younger than you is ya son/daughter. Speak with RESPECT!! Music is cultural & when put to a repetitious rhythm, it can be LETHAL! Some TEAR THE CLUB UP THUG TYPE SHIT. Most of us do almost everything with our MUSIC on & they found out how to get it into us VOLUNTARILY & in our MENTAL & then make US blame OURSELVES or point at the youth saggin they pants like you never did nothin to piss ya parents off. The jiggaman in my opinion is the anti-kkkhrsit & barry sortero is the DISTRACTION & yeah, I said it! Every generation generates a new attitude! This music is POISON & like pork, it tastes GREAT!!! I'm here to set US straight! Alrite, hope y'all stuck with me this far as there is more to come in Part X. Why? Well y'all know!

- Y'all still here? Stay tuned as things stay INTERESTING -

- Part X is comin attcha SOON -

Thursday, August 5, 2010

HipHop has gone WILD Part IIX

Wow!!!!!! As I usually start my posts with luv & care for my HAITIAN PEEPO'S, today, I start with a lil sadness in my heart. In early August2010, a mr wyclef jean formerly of the rap group, the Fugees, decided that he would run for the Haitian presidency. Any readers of mine already kno that I spoke of clef durin the earthquake & that I wasn't donatin SHIT to yele or any other causes for the Haitian peepos because as I posted on FB, a us senate report stated that only 2% of the money for that country reached the peepo. WTF? For that info, you can check out I give y'all references to what I speak on for all y'all non-believers. For my real peepo, I LINK the truest info directly via e-mail or FB. To check clef's BLAKground out, go to Yes, just like on college campuses with your boule(advisors to the kings), we from the HipHop Era, have been GIVEN leaders & so when you see moves bein made like this, be very careful. I believe that Lauryn Hill was supposed to be clef's sacrifice & she caught on because the sistar is so powerful in every way. Haiti got CRAZY RESOURCES & is part of the Atlantis/Lemuria Paradise. Our ancestors ravage that place with natural disasters from the Melanin Gut! This is why that nation had the ONLY successful REVOLUTION in the western hemisphere. The KKKraKKKa will never let Haiti rest because of the profound SPIRITUALITY, so they tryin to control it before 2012 BUT THEY can't. The more they get involved, the worse off for them. In other news, big up to the Sherrod Fam & all that they goin thru with the USDA who again, denied the BLAK Farmers they money. Tell Barry to give up that dough yo! Ayo, these KKKraKKKa's is gonna pay BIG so just keep on bein good & BLAK or as it says in the bible, 'don't get weary in well doin." Let's get into Part IIX of HipHop has gone WILD!!!

Today, we gonna get into the mostly, non-business side of jay-z, jigga, j-hova, yung aka sean carter. He was born on December 4th 1969 & to those of y'all who know, this was the very same day that one of our BEST ever in Fred Hampton was killed on the West Side of Chicago. Isn't it ironic that a Chicago rapper/producer would virtually eclipse him? The jigga-man is from the notorious Marcy Projects in the do or die Bed-Stuy hood of Brooknam NY. Ya top BITCH Oprah even went there with him to interview him in his old surroundings. As he puts it in the d'evil song, he was always friendly actin & all until money came between him & the friends that he grew up with. That past is very questionable as the ONLY crime that I could find in his past was when he ALLEDGEDLY stabbed Un Rivera for leakin his new album. Anyhoo, as I heard it, he was first affilliated with the Jaz & Hawaiian Sophie. Nas dissed him for bein a dick ridin dude coattailin off of Jaz, Big Daddy Kane & b.i.g. When that din't happen fast enough, he then went on to record with a forgotten group called "Original Flavor" & they had a small hit with a song called, Can I get Open? From there, Damon Dash from Harlem, convinced him of startin they own record label & at that time time, diddy was the talk of NY. As mentioned earlier, it went from Lil Shawn to Craig Mac to b.i.g & the rest was on. Where could jay play at that time? Then Pac & big died but before big died, they made Brooklyn's Finest. jay was outshone & everyone thought the song was a big song. Pac hated jay & even called him gay-z on the KILLUMINATTI album.

Pac knew what was goin on & wanted to kill 'em because he came from a long line of Panthers. Like Malcom's grandson, the STRUGGLE is in the DNA! Pac had to be killed! His war with SOME East Coasters facilitated it so that the West Coasters (suge knight) could kill him as he came of age in Marin County CA but BLAK to jigga. After diddy had his shine, it became apparent that it would come to an end. You see, the forces constantly need new blood & they sucked the talent out of diddy/badboy for all they could with the Lox breakin that cycle of clive davis's strength. Why y'all think Jadakiss always gettin busted for weapons & weed charges? Yes, new blood was needed & so we go BLAK in time & check out this title you prolly haven't heard in some time, "The Streets is Watchin." In the context of this series, titles like that take on a whole new meanin, don't ya think?

For better or worse, today's heroes are the celebrities we as Blaks have been reverin for some years now. Gunmen & drug dealers with all of the money influence these young ones & if they attain OG status, they game has to CHANGE. Those with vision either tell their tales thru song OR have some young upstart with talent do it for 'em & it's off to the races. jay has the advantage of comin from the right neighborhood & havin a birthdate where he BIRTHED the comin of a prophet havin been born on the eve of the 70's (the Good Times Era) on the same day that the REVOLUTION was killed thru who would have been our new Malcom/Martin/Medgar in Fred Hampton. Bein a Sagitarius, this man can be described as very INTELLIGENT, persuasive & calculatin. On a symbolic level, he was perfect & has been given the green light to do all of the things to arrive where he is because THE ILLUMINATTI don't allow you to just get anywhere because you are handsome & articulate like barry sortero. This shit is constant observations, tests & qualifications before they allow any of US to get anywhere near where you wanna be & he still had to have his nephew, Ramel Carter, sacrificed. Like Lauryn, I sometimes think that rapper Amil would have been a sacrifice, saw it comin & got outta there before her time was up. You see, a woman has an intuition a man has no clue of if she can tune into it & that's why most women KNOW when they man is steppin out on 'em! She never speaks ill of the roc fam because she prolly was paid off OR silenced as she felt her spidey senses tinglin around her. Before THEY remove it AGAIN, check out her song on with subject entitled as, Amil, exposing the industry. I don't know what became of Christion, a soulful duo on the roc label but in all truth, that was the best album to EVER come off of that label. It went nowhere as these STREET DUDES din't know how to push it or maybe they all of a sudden weren't with the shit that you HAVE to go thru. So the progression was slow but we have 50cent (another snitch/informant) to compare to as far as movement. 50, like jay owns a lucrative beverage company named vitamin water & is makin a killin! He keeps all of his lackies in check & is allowed to do whatever he wants includin burnin down his baby mama's house & star movie roles though, THAT NIGGA cannot act. What a world we live in!

I could go on & on about what ails the recordin industry to no end but no need to. They are dyin a slow death & only the image of it all still exists. You see, they are goin to kill themselves with all of this greed that they have. DMX made that song, Stop bein Greedy at the right time, right before the industry went broke with cheap blank cd duplication & then soonafter, the mp3. HipHop actually SAVED the recordin industry as rock & roll died to a new generation of white kids who wanted to forego their PARENTS music & listen to these raw & gritty urban stories of where they couldn't & shouldn't go to in the urban jungles of NYC/LA/Houston & Miami. Them motherfuckers were bored shitless in suburbia & started their own drug subculture with this rebellious BLAK music as the backdrop to piss their parents off. As KRS said on MC's act like they don't know, "we even got whiteboys callin themselves nigga!" Do y'all remember that? The recordin industry was suin peepo for downloadin free music but they created the very equipment to do that with! What kinda shit is that? They even raided DJ Drama's crib a few years ago & got nothin. That is an admission that they JIG is UP!! In rappin up this segment though, like HAARP & most everything else, the jiggaman MADE the BLUEPRINT for how BLAK music was to be disseminated to the MASSES as they ritualize the willin into their demonicness. Easy E was the first but he talked too much. His son KNOWS that Easy was killed & ya gotta read Rap HipHop & the NWO to get the skinny on that. Dr Dre took over & Ice Cube infiltrated PE because after he dickrode them, he blew the FUCK UP! That nigga ain't even a rapper no more. Had Pac sold out, he would be where Jig was but his past.... big had the influence but was that REAL NIGGA. diddy is soft! jay stepped up & his numerology numbers was RIGHT ON TIME. His wife is mesmerizin us with her body, Kanye comes with the beats after he was reigned in fully & Rihanna represents to the youth on the new roc as sponsored by billionaires like bill gates thru roc nation. Fuck them dudes from Philly because they weren't with most of the masonic shit anyway! Don't let 'em fool you, this is about money. jigga was also the first to introduce us to dead music & if ya don't believe me, take a close listen to jigga my nigga. Say the words & you'll sneer sayin 'em because the vibrations & tonality of it is mad BASED makin it deBASED music so don't blame the SOUTH for that!!! Outkast & Goodie Mob set the template for good soulful southern music until NY niggas such as who I'm talkin about ruined it & killed it. Nas knows it. A name never mentioned here as in Busta Rhymes knows all of this too as he, jay & b.i.g all went to the same school & these two titans of HipHop NEVER EVER recorder a song together, until touch it. Why so late? Do they even like each other? With the exception of Busta, what did most of them do in the end? They signed a deal with the devil in DEF JAM, the reignin champ of HipHop record labels. Hussle Simmons simply handed over the keys to his man & he was made thru them devilish zionists like rick rubin & them. Y'all better not FUCK with me!!!!!!

- as the BS ain't finished yet, stay tuned for part IX -
                                      as HipHop goes WILD ads a new twist

Monday, August 2, 2010

HipHop has gone WILD Part VII

Boy, we went in on 'em last time huh? Yeah, me & my a-alikes is knockin y'all out the box & things are still not right for Blak Peepo as a whole but we still soldierin on. A few months ago, a so called official LIFE was said to had been created in a labratory. This was supposed to have had happened in May/Jun of 2010 but if ya watched Enemy of the State, remember, Brill said that they were usin OLD TECHNOLOGY. They been clonin peepo & they just lettin it out now to DISTRACT US. They don't tell US everything but we believe WHATEVER THEY say! Now if y'all been readin this column long enuff, y'all know that I say that I'm GOD but y'all gotta kno that EVERY BLAK MAN who makes that claim & lives RIGHTEOUSLY is as well. Righteous means what is right as in stealin, killin or whatever in order to survive if you have to! I din't hear a peep out of any Blak Peepo & in my humblest of opinions, this should have been front page news. Where the hell y'all at? Who dies needlessly at the youngest ages? Who is the pigs killin like WE goin outta style? What group in disproportionate numbers is in the military, in the prisons, shelters & in rehabs? Whose women work the hardest, get harrassed & get paid the least? Which group of peepo (as a whole) wherever THEY are, are usually in the lowest of places? Y'all already know as THEY try to get rid of us, ridicule us & most of all, REPLACE US with artificial life & they already told y'all this with the NWO's Blak favorite, will smith (initials ws=white supremacy) in the movie, AI. That stood for artificial intelligence but we got our own AI in Allen Iverson aka the ANSWER! Y'all better stop goin to these hospitals as some months ago, the so-called Jews were killin peepo in hospitals & usin the body parts on their old & frail. A lot of those peepo wouldn't have died & the MDA admits that at least 100,000 die a year due to MEDIKKKAL MALPRACTICE. If I sound discouraging at times, I apologize but all I wanna do is lite that FIRE under ya ass so that y'all can THINK & maybe a little more of us can go to the next realm as all of y'all ain't gonna make it. We soldier on!!!!

Ok, this Kanye dude keeps comin up. This Mr West dude started the trend in a big way of speedin or slowin down samples & before you knew it, just started makin symphonic type shit. As the years went on, he just got better & better & was known as the International Asshole but I tend to think that WE loved him as he was the consumate HUMAN. He had frailities & he rhymed about them & made it ALL sound good. Kanye was gettin grammy's & all but after his mom died.....things got quite wavy. As I said in Part VI, Kanye's mom's death took a toll on the young man & the death itself was quite eerie. Ms Donda was havin plastic surgery & it was widely reported that she was already at high risk for that type of ELECTIVE SURGERY. The BLAK doctor who supposedly botched the job was Dr Jan Adams who worked on Ms Donda for double the time for that type of surgery, clockin in at eight hours accordin to As usual, like aaliyah's pilot & Mike Jackson's doc, they found that Adam's medical license was to be revoked because of MULTIPLE DUI's in recent years. So again, we get with the Hegelian Concept in that though I doubt any of us here know anything about doctorin, we are passin judgements on someone we don't know based on what had NOTHING to do with her botched operation. The Hegelian equation is surgery + motivation + revenge + a neccessary blood sacrifice x oppurtunity = killin of a close relative as Kanye generates millions of dollars. He is too valuable too kill & I don't BELIEVE in haphazard coincidences! Because one can only die once, check out all of the similarities when you suspect a blood sacrifice killin. Like assassinations, there is always an unwittin, unsuspectin FALL GUY who ain't in on it & when it comes to US, they are usually BLAK because white peepo are too valuable to waste on Blaks but y'all love 'em so much. Tho aaliyah's pilot wasn't BLAK, he was latino or non-white. Dr Conrad Murray took the fall for MJ's death & who knows if he was duped, paid or FORCED to do it, found not guilty of negligence & goes on to live happily ever after out of the pubic eye. As stated before, these celebrities are HANDLED & are thus subject to bein exposed to whatever is slipped to 'em. The saga continues.

Graduation - A very ironic name for his album given that Kanye was a COLLEGE DROPOUT. On second thought he did make a LATE REGISTRATION. Ok, after the blood sacrifice of his mom, what did Mr West graduate from? Or was he to soon graduate into the rich club? Once again, this album was released on September 11 2007 & boy, was it the BOMB. Ms Donda died November 2nd, almost 2 months later &......what I THINK this graduation represented was the coming doom because as said earlier, jay is a snitch & an informant who gains the trust & confidence of his allies & uses it against them when need be. How could he have a challenger in his midst & not take him down? He had to do it clandestinely. Peep game on how I THINK it goes.

Over the years as jay announced retirement or came out with lackluster product as in the Amerikkkan Gangster Soundtrack or either collabo with r kelly, others have tried to take him down. These artists such as Lil Wayne, the Game, Fat Joe & others have all LOST not because of head to head mic battles but because of the MEDIA dubbin jigga as the CEO of HipHop & becomin the PRESIDENT of the longest lastin HipHop label, DefJam. Thus because of his stature, like all of the banks that got BAILED OUT with your tax money, he was dubbed as TOO BIG TO FAIL! jigga is the ULTIMATE MC as in the Media Creation & had to take down everybody not as good as him or INCORPORATE THEM with a lil help from his friends. When jay & Lil Wayne were goin thru their war of words, Kanye went on record sayin that he thought that Wayne was the best out. He said that RZA was one of his biggest influences. His songs with Nas are super duper heartfelt & he DEFERS to jay as in Diamonds are Forever. jay is only loyal to memphis bleek! "As long as I'm alive, he's a millionaire!!!!" We also have to consider that r kelly is from the Chi & Kanye MUST have had some type of hometown bias. He also had the advantage of bein able to watch every move from the BLAKground. Also remember, Kanye is the guy who produced Lucifer. He really started changin then & wow! What you think he thinkin after Jesus Walks? To me, Yeezy says it all on his song, Big Brother. As you are readin this online, you can read the lyrics or hear the song on youtube & make up ya own mind. Proof is in the puddin.

September 13th 2009 - I'm really surprised that this incident din't happen two days earlier but the world was in an uproar as a seemingly drunken Kanye West goes onstage durin the Video Music Awards & snatches an award from AmeriKKKa's favorite white gal, taylor swift. A lil history tho on the white gal as her father, scott swift is ahem, an OIL MAN with ties to merrill lynch (wonder if they are related to willy lynch) & gave the young taylor a shot at music when she sang the national anthem at philly stadium durin the WORLD SERIES. He's got the connections but it gets better. Some of y'all may remember a book named Gulliver's Travels from back in the day. It was written by a relative from 16fuckin67 by the name of johnathan swift so these peepo had money since forever. They also have those type connections. She looks aghast & the cameras shoot to beyonce (who figures big in all of this too but come on guys, I'm coverin HipHop) & later makes up for lil Kanye by sayin that Yeezy was wrong for doin it. A good friend of mine even got on my case because I went on his Facebook page when peepo was dissin him & I defended him sayin somethin like I'm sayin here. He pretty much iced me from his account. Ayo, peepo are SERIOUS about they music & what they like & don't like. Soonafter this happened, I wrote about in this blog & this is what I THINK happened. After Graduation & the murder of Ms West, our guy who was edited on radio for sayin that "the white man get paid offa alla that" on All Falls Down, had to pay dearly & so they either planned this incident on national tv OR some of his HANDLERS spiked the drinks & made him go on autopilot like a Manchurian Candidate. He causes a stir, everybodies talkin about it & now Kanye has a convenient reason/excuse to disappear to do what? At the time as well, he was datin amber rose & that chik looks about as robotic as rihanna does & we already way more than covered the new roc or did we? DeLa Soul told y'all along time ago that Three is the Magic Number! jay had his 3rd blueprint right? It is my humble opinion that, Kanye was MADE to do some ill shit on national airwaves so that he could go & GRADUATE to his 3rd degree master masonry level. This is REQUIRED!!!! Alrite, enuff! Ponder that & see me on Part VIII comin soon! Shit gets BETTER!!!
- Stay tuned as the Blaksmith goes in on 'em again -