Friday, September 28, 2012


Mannnnn........been away for a few but this 1 right here is gonna hit a lot of y'all between the eye sockets when ya get to it. In case y'all forgot, I am the Blak Smith & bein that this here blog is OURS, I don't have to necessarily agree with what some of my contributors say for me to put up their posts. What does this mean to ya? Do ya want all of the info ya receive to be pre-packaged neatly, gift wrapped & handed to ya on a silver platter for the rest of ya life? I don't & if ya do, GTFOH!

Now that ya know how I feel, let me get BLAK at ya to let ya know that OUR FUN RAISER is still on. As of now, WE have raised about $300 of a possible $2500 & as I know that SOME of y'all who read this absolutely LOVE ME, ya gotta make those pledges happen. In keepin with the tradition, if ya love DEEP HOUSE MUSIC, check this joint out as it's the LICK: With that, as of today, WE now have 82 days & I love to see that KraKKa runnin scared. Look for some really unpredictable weather & come what may situations. Expect the unexpected as some of my peepo tell me that NOTHIN is gonna happen & yet some say, just be ready for whatever. With that, let's let get into some info that my HOMEGAL, Super Nat Turner hipped me to a few days ago & I thought that it was so important to let y'all know about that I INSISTED she write on it for it to be as authentic as possible. Let just 1 of my trusted tell y'all about the TRUE ORIGINAL MAN! 

For those of you who think that just because someone has the same skin makes you related to them, you are wrong.  “All because someone is your skin folk doesn’t make them your kin folk,” is a very true and deep statement….and here is why.
The ancestors came to me and basically gave me a whole ‘nother OUR-story than what we originally thought or read in those Krakkas HIS-story books. Turns out, it’s not OUR-story, or HIS-story….it’s mostly “HER-STORY”, and it was HER-STORY that has affected everything. First, let me educate you on the modern African.

Most Modern Africans you see today are not real people…they are hybrids…test tube babies, or what I like to call “PINOCCHIO’S”. I don’t know how many of you know the story about the ancient Egyptian deity “SEK-MET”,  (read the link). SEK-MET was sent here to seek revenge on Man because of the way he was treating the daughters of ISIS, the Goddess and when SEK-MET came, she became addicted to taste of devouring and drinking the blood of man! RA himself had to come and make a special wine to get her drunk to keep her from killing all men on Earth.  So, what does that story really mean?
What people call “MAN” today, has not always been called Man….."Woman is the ORIGINAL MAN”….but during the great gender war (Matriarchal vs Patriarchal)  which happened around 6,000 BC and 4,000 BC, the SONS OF MAN waged war against the original MAN (the woman, but I will call us OM for short) for political, spiritual and economic power. After killing most of the original men and their offspring, they took control of everything that the OM had erected and created and treated the OM as slaves.This angered nature and in return, nature began killing the SONS OF MAN (I will call them SOM).  Seeing that their numbers were going down and with the decreasing numbers, they were losing power & they took the OM’s science of genetic splicing and began to make slaves that would help them maintain power (test tube babies). 
They took the OM, and used her body to carry their experiments….they genetically spliced a wild boar, a cat and a rat together, inserted the embryo into the African woman and forced her to give birth to their creation…the PIG. Then they took the Pigs, began interbreeding them and took some of their own DNA and spliced it with various animals and had the pigs carry the embryo’s. They found that the rhesus monkey was better suited to be spliced with because the other animals they tried created monsters. .These are what you call  “EUROPEANS” today.
The Europeans, after their war with the SOM, which is another subject, then took that same science and forced the OM to carry their experiment and there you have the Hybrid Africans which are 90% of who you see today. This is why most of them seem to be stuck in a time warp and have this uncanny love for the white man…because, the white man is their creator…their god if you will.  Many people would say that this validates the man “YACCUB” and his science;, but I’m here to say that this YACCUB was more of a period in time than an actual individual SOM.   

So there ya have it from my Super Hero, Super Nat Turner with a BURNER! That chick is so & she ain't scared of none of y'all NIGGA's! Let me tell y'all somethin, I purposely say NIGGA after somebody writes that I shouldn't write the word. I'll use it til the majority of US (85%) start doin all that WE can to get these youth to stop killin each other. Stop tellin the youth that tired shit to go to schools of higher learnin & get a job! Teach 'em to own thru vocation. At this point, gettin money ain't NOTHIN if ya can't help ya brethern. Hang on & see all of y'all soon! Those of y'all who are sirius can donate to OUR CAUSE at or inbox me on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Part 2 Next Week…..What happened to the Original Man if most Africans are Pinocchios?

1 hour of Deep House

Monday, September 24, 2012


File:1 Ghana Cedi.png

Ain't it just great to see money with BLAK peepo's face on it? The big 6 greet you & though some of these dudes were SLIME BUCKET SCUM BAGS, they still BLAK & on that loot. All of US need to go somewhere sometimes where it's just US! I'm still on my FUN RAISIN shit & WE bringin it to ya loud & clear. How do ya do my b2a FAMILY? At least 2 of Y'ALL out there are gonna join US & I'm waitin to see who it will be among y'all. As I need to give y'all SOMETHIN, if ya ASSIST US to do OUR thing, ya will get an e-book version of I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me & my new 1, Boom bye bye, Hip Hop will NEVER die. This blog is FREE & the books cost me so stop tryin to get a freebie!

Well, don't ever say that WE don't give ya NOTHIN! Once again, I will hit y'all off with some great music so sit BLAK & enjoy the selections WE bring ya. HOLLA BLAK at US & let US know how WE can better serve y'all in the next days, weeks & year. Know that on this here site, WE absolutely LOVE BLAK PEEPO & encourage y'all to kill the NIGGA in ya. 87 days left & hang on in there.            John Coltrane/Blue Train Sly & the Family Stone Greatest Hits                                   Peter Tosh/Legalize it           Earth Wind & Fire/Greatest Hits                                  O.C/Word Life     the Roots/Illadelphia Half Life                                   Michael Jackson/Invincible       Immortal Technique/Revolutionary Vol 1      Jedi Mind Tricks/Violent by Design                                                            blog by Mbwebe

For some reason, the links provided are not highlighted & for that I apologize. If ya wanna listen or see anything I put here, just copy & paste it to ya browser. WE are now within 90 days & who knows if WE see the SUN on Wednesday 9/26/12? If the LIGHTS & such go out, I see ya on the OTHER SIDE of LIFE! If not, HOLLA BLAK to my email, or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Fun Raiser 2012 will soon get BLAK to ya. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Obama Deception (Full Movie-DivxHQ)

This 1 goes out 2 all of y'all who still believe that the eloctorate process is fair & balanced bcuz WE gotta glitterin mulatto in the executive chair of the office. He along with his REPTILIAN wife DISGUST me & if ya on my friend list talkin this Glove/soetero shit, watch this as ME & my a-alikes revel in the fact that this system has 88 days left! Them solar flares is gonna go in next year & if ya ain't righteous, ya won't ascend to avoid 'em or somethin like it. This joint is almost 2 hours long & it was already out so come & get ya soetero on. WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR & know that ya can reach me as WE do OUR FUN RAISER for ya kind & generous DONATIONS at or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff)

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Hey, whatup yo? I'm now personally askin those of you who are suscribed to b2a to send me some MONEY! I've already received $80 & have a goal of $2500 to cover my airline tickets, food & board & expense money while I'm in Ghana West Afrika comin on in the next few weeks. I've been askin for y'all to donate OR as I'd have it, I'd rather ya buy my book, I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me from that ugly dude who's always shoutin out HOLLA BLAK!
I ain’t perfekt, but take it from Me

Yeah, from the way I write, ya may get the impression that bcuz I tell Y'ALL that ya only got 91 days left, that I'm always uptight with a stick in my ass but that's the furthest thing from the truth. What I'm gonna do today is make ya know how much Y'ALL really need this site. Here I will provide y'all with some links so ya know what WE dealin with.  Run D.M.C/King of Rock KRS1/Return of the Boom Bap Tribe called Quest/Midnite Marauders Makavelli/the 7 day Theory      Outkast/Aquemini       Xzibit/40 days & 40 nites Lauryn Hill/the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill       Nas/God's Son     Bob Marley/Legend  Marvin Gaye/What's Goin On?    Miles Davis/Some kind of Blue *                                                                                                  Blak Smith/blogspot 4 that ASS!!!

* (If link is not highlighted, please copy & paste to ya browser)

Yea, I don't feel bad jackin this stuff bcuz for years, I've been SUPPORTIN these artists & now with ya beloved jewtube, like most of Y'ALL I get it FREE but shit......this vey site ya gettin it from costs me. I don't wanna get into all of that but now the Blak Smith has to go in preacher mode & tell y'all out there that ya gotta pass the plate with MONEY in it. Me,
& a whole bunch of other peepo is gonna go hang out with Imahkus & Shabaaz at & I wanna meet those of YOU who can make it over there bcuz as far as I can see, a lot of y'all got it if ya car is any indication as to ya financial solvency. Yea, like that there!

So there it is.....pan-Afrikans doin what WE do & WE ain't afraid of them KraKKa's bcuz THEY at the 0 hour of time. Man I'm learnin so much & hope that since y'all have been readin & watchin here that y'all have as well. WE not goin over to the Mother/Father Land to be sad.......noooo......WE goin to SEE what's there as in good food, investin, visitin, chillin, & reclaimin what too many of US LOST durin & after the MAAFA. Shit, why not just take a VACATION instead of goin to mexico again? Don't ya wanna meet me? I'm that crazy ass HOLLA BLAK dude but didn't ya know that already?

So enjoy the entries provided! Get elated in the fact that ya haven't heard a lot of these peepo in a while but just know that b2a is here for y'all whether ya helpin US or not, from ameriKKKa to Zimbabwe from Atlanta to Zealand & from Albany to Zebraville. Get with US & if not, help a BROTHA out ya HEEEAAAAARRDDDDDDD???? WAAARRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The info is the same. I'm at & as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) on fb. After ya read this 1 here, ya gonna have less than 90 days left so watch yo NUGGETS! Ya know what it is & how WE do & YOU!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What does it TASTE like?

Photo: BBQ!

To all of my BROTHA's, get yo mind outta the GUTTER as TASTE is not just in WOMEN! Ain't she BAD azza MUG though? First of all, allow the Blak Smith to greet y'all. How y'all doin up in this b2a space? Hope all is well where ya at & know that this is how many days WE got to go: That taste thing.....wooh! Before WE officially go in though, gotta let y'all know that the arab late summer persists & it's not just with arabs so check this out: Them peepo from pakistan are indians & separated a long time ago bcuz they were muhammedized. WE keepin it movin though & as the days count down, I've heard that the 3 days of darkness may now be in december. As things happen, I'll keep y'all posted but when y'all think that I'm crazy for all of this other type info SHIT, hold onto this & see that this has been in ya face for a long time now:! Let's now get into ya TASTES.

In my book, I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me:, I have a chapter named the Taste Chapter (Mental Nutrition)  . The TASTES that I speak of doesn't really include much about FOOD though bcuz 1 could read Nutricide by Llaila Afrika or even Fast Food Nation which I covered here in a 10 part series 2 years ago: So the tastes that I'm talkin about here ain't about fine cuisine.......nah, WE talkin about what ya like & WHY ya like it. This could be covered by the 9 peepo activities & when ya examine why ya like what ya like, 1 could find out a lot about SELF! Do you ever do a SELF ANALYSIS? Do you ever concern SELF with what you're goin thru on a spiritual level as WE are SPIRITUAL beings havin a HUMAN existence. What of ya TASTES? Let's check on it.

Why do some of US need to be constantly entertained? When ya do INGEST entertainment, why do ya like what ya like? What charges ya engine to like or dislike whatever ya do take in? How does ya likes & dislikes get shaped into ya psyche? Why do some of y'all even bother readin this HOT SHIT at b2a? What's ya taste in the opposite sex or for that matter, the same sex & animals? Why do some peepo from HEAT hate it while others from the COLD love it? How come peepo from the same mother/father can't get along but ya friends are close to ya? You should answer for SELF! These are just a few rhetorical q's that I pose to ya as I had asked some similar q's in my book. Y'all need to cop that as it's REALLY REAL! Wait til my next 1!

If ya think that ya gonna get to the next dispensation with MONEY bein important, you are fuKKKin KRAZY! Very few of ya OVERSTAND what that thing is really about & I always blame racist white supremacy on why WE act the way that WE do so if ya think that I'm HATIN YOU, reTHINK what WORK is: I could tell y'all that NOT WORKIN for 1 day would break the back of racist white supreamcy without firin 1 shot but y'all ain't UNITE yet & so I ain't sayin SHIT about it anymore! Stay doin the same SHIT complainin to me all the time about bein TIRED but ya ain't doin nothin DIFFERENT! Do what the fukkk ya do but if ya ain't wantin to be LIBERATED, WE ain't got SHIT to talk about! Money is for this time as & when ya need it to wipe yo ass with, what are ya TASTES gonna be? I'm advertisin my blog so that y'all can either buy my book OR DONATE some cheddar to the cause of US gin to Ghana! Don't ya just love the chick in the pic above?

So 93 days to go & just know that the MAN (me) who knows SOMETHIN knows that he knows NOTHIN at all! What does ya mouth taste like when that bile from mcdonalds come up in ya acid reflux ass? What does a bad strippers vagina taste like? Have ya ever drank ya own vomit? Someone else's? TASTE! What's yours? Can ya taste freedom & a whole nother way? Would ya know how to handle it if it was just given to ya? Do you know anyone who's been liberated? Let's get to this point y'all: What does Afrika taste like? FOOD, CLOTHIN & SHELTER is ALL! What does that TASTE like?

The Blak Smith has done it again. I hope to meet some of y'all on this here Ghana trip. Holla at me & get with the MOVEMENT! Check me at or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mandingo the Ultimate FLICK!

jootoob took down the movie but here WE have the trailer. Get it where ya can until I can repost.

FINALLY!!! I found this for
US! This movie here is so GANGSTA! A few months ago, I had posted the sort of sequel to this movie on this very blog & it proved to be a very POPULAR post. It proved so popular, jewtube has already taken it down & so I advise Y'ALL who haven't seen this to get it FAST as they will soon take it down as well. I'm tellin Y'ALL that ya need to see this 1 & hopefully soon, Drum will be BLAK online. For now though, check this 1 out & DIGEST it as it's over 2 hours long & well worth it.

WE at b2a are still goin to Ghana & hope that ya join US. WE still have OUR great book: for sale. If I ask a lot of y'all for DONATIONS, y'all say that I'm BEGGIN & so I would PREFER that ya buy the book to assist my cause. If ya wanna DONATE, get at me at or on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). With 95 days to go, be on the lookout for the 3 days of darkness or not.........The SHIFT will bring about the ASCENCION! WAAAARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Do y'all NIGGAS want a WAR?



Hey b2a peepo! What up & how do y'all do? Hope that wherever ya are is fine & peaceful. Ain't it been a interestin few weeks? WE had the deaths of 2 of OUR best in Chris Lighty & Michael Clark Duncan & 9-1-1 just passed. Today is the 17th anniversary of Tupac's death & here WE are twiddlin OUR thumbs while NIGGA's still wanna be NIGGA's bcuz THEY don't know what else to be. Yea, SHIT is about to really HEAT UP & too many of y'all NON BELIEVERS is gonna get CAUGHT UP but as I already said a few months BLAK: but some of y'all ain't hear me & so I'm gon say it again! Get yo SHIT READY bcuz as it stands today, the Final Countdown is at 98 days! Shit is really gonna get RATCHET & all of y'all concerned with PETTY SHIT that won't matter inna few weeks & months is THRU & I'm gon be there to make sure that ya NEVER a problem to those concerned with righteousness anymore. Do ya want it? I mean, do y'all REALLY WANT IT? It's time to MOVE!!!

As Mr Robert Nestor Marley said, EVERYWHERE is WAR!!!!!! As if ya didn't know, in Lybia, on 9-1-1, 4 ameriKKKans were killed includin an ambASSador as in Now WE must remember that in Libya, qadaffi was a populist president which means that the overwhelmin majority in his country loved him. That country is still up for grabs as the u.s.a cannot know who to trust as his military were pretty loyal. They waited for 9-1-1 OR this move could have been made by the u.s so as to have JUSTIFICATION to go BLAK in the region to once & for all start ARMEGEDON aka the WAR of all WARS!

As I've said since the arab spring, egypt is still a toss up & 1 of the main reasons why KraKKa's hate arabs is bcuz THEY can't TRUST 'em! Remember that arabs are 1/2 BLAK & 1/2 KraKKa & are LOYAL to THEY own! THEY can never hold down these countries bcuz most of 'em have 1 or 2 cities & millions of villages in the middle of some of the harshest terrains known to man. Look at what just some of ya TAX PAYIN DOLLARS do: Takin mubarak outta POWER last year was simply a SYMBOLIKKK move to get peepo to relax & I told y'all that but WE still seein the UNREST bcuz the u.s is still pullin the strings there. Remember that the Blast Master KRS-1 told y'all that THERE COULD NEVER be JUSTICE on STOLEN LAND here: What are ya gonna do HOMIE?

WAR ain't nothin but a DISTRAKKTION as all this Cosmic Shit must be  glossed over so that ya can't see it for what it is. Things happen the way they supposed to happen & I can finally sleep restfully as I got my peepo on watch, right Chef? Very few will OVERSTAND & time to get away but before I go, did any of y'all hear of this here?: If y'all think of this stuff as far off fantasy, what about this dude?:
If ya didn't, don't worry bcuz it's to DISTRAKKKT US away from the fact that these NIGGA's is in cahoots in 1 big UNHOLY ALLIANCE til the wheels fall off. The WEST is done & if ya know how to read it, you will know that the KRAKKA has conceded & if ya think he's gonna tell ya that, I gotta bridge to sell ya in Brooklyn. NIGGA's that don't even have interest in this type shit is still thinkin that young BM are killin themselves for owin money to an ILLEGAL ENTITY aka the i.r.s! Them same NIGGAS still believe that fast food is FOOD! Now, ya could be upset with me but are ya upset that ya taxes keep goin to this?: How about this here?: Have I made my fuKKKin point yet? If not, like they say in infomercials, "wait, there's more!"

A few weeks ago, I told y'all about the WAR on the STREETS that mainly young Blak Men are havin amongst each other. As well, WE just had the recent deaths of Chris Lighty & Michael Clark Duncan. Things are crazy, hazy & just plain confusin. 1 could get lost if not careful & thus my partin message before I get outta here & post this. As much as possible, extract yaself from NEGATIVE NIGGA's who may cause ya to harm 'em especially if THEY don't do SHIT for ya! The enlightened become more enlightened & the ignorant become more ignant! In true form, whatever is gonna happen is gonna happen & to those of ya who don't fit this message, I apologize to ya. To those of ya who think that MONEY is gonna be the THING to have in the next dispensation............I feel for ya! As I won't have slaves, figure it out & know that the MAN who has WON the WAR against himself could NEVER be DEFEATED! Ya got 98 days to MANAGE yo AFFAIRS & get it right! If this SHIT hit's you in the heart, my job is done. If not, HOLLA BLAK & if I answer, BE HUMBLE! But I hear y'all & fuKKK it.......y'all NIGGA's want WAR!!!!!!! The message here is self made WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! (on this 1, it's about the message & not religious figures).

To stay in contact with the Blak Smith, contact me at or on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff).

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Just 100 days to go


(look into the eyes of the elephant)

Not gonna say much today but maybe ramble a lil bit ya know? This is that b2a man aka the HOLLA BLAK dude gettin BLAK to all Y'ALL here and as it's 9-1-1, a lot of US is focused on that most TRAGIC day of 11 years ago. As I assume that the average readin age of this blog are of adult age, I would also assume that most of US remember exactly where WE were on this day in the year 2001 when it all went down. Of course the old DOG and PONY show will take place with the callin of the names and all but what of all the deaths as a result of racist white supremacy which is in the billions? 1 has to remember that ALL has been recorded in the cosmos as WE are all part of the micro/macro! Are WE celebratin this or commemoratin 911? I say this havin had knowin peepo who died there so please do not take this as me bein callous. Whatever ya do today, determine that ya gonna have a GREAT DAY!

So how y'all feelin lately? WE now have exactly 100 days left and it's now time to be mindful of what the future can hold. If ya ain't thinkin about it, then ignore all of our REVERED elders and ancestors who spoke of these comin times, some who have gone to the ether such as the above pic of the gone but not gone, Baba Steve Cokely. This dude died earlier this year and gave so much info. Today, I will not provide links so if ya don't know who some of these peepo are, check for 'em. At this point, if ya know anything about the near future and still don't acknowledge that SHIT is GOIN on, then IDK what to tell ya. Y'all better PAY ATTENTION!

So, the purpose of this article is to just let y'all know that ya need to be THINKIN about just what may happen. I always say that the Planetary Alignment is imminent and no 1 worth their salt denies this as this is COSMIC and not somethin I made for entertainment. The days of 3rd dimensional thinkin are DONE and if ya don't know what I mean, I apologize as I may be talkin over ya head. If ya don't know, seek the info as the time is SHORT! As of today, the triple digits is a WRAP! With Steve Cokely leadin on that elephant behind him, WE say WAAAARRRRRRRRR!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dr. Delbert Blair breaks down the Metaphysics of The End Times

All HAIL to the This video is 3 years old & is as INFORMATIVE as it gets. When y'all be like, "where the hell the Blak Smith get his info from?" well this is just 1 source. This is for those of Y'ALL who say that NOTHIN is gonna CHANGE! Shit is CHANGIN as WE speak & a lot of things done changed. Haven't ya noticed that WE'VE gone from vinyl recordings to 8track, cassette tape, cd's, dvd's & now free music on jewtube & itunes. The earth is 4 billion years old & if ya look at 500 years on it, that's like a FINGER SNAP to someone who lives 110 years. You are livin in INTERESTIN TIMES!

WE are now on the eve of the 3 days of darkness. As IDK if it's gonna happen or not, I think that ya should at least be puttin it in yo mind to be ready IN CASE & in fact, there is no way to do that other than MENTALLY! The frequency bein used now is FEAR & so the antidote is not to be FEARFUL. Yea, WE got 102 days left & the info is all that.

Finish off with another great MASTER TEACHER!:

Dr Blair has plenty of info on jewtube & Y'ALL should check it when ya get a chance. The Blak Smith has a book & wants ya to purchase it so as to help me to get to Ghana. That link is here at: If ya like what I write, DONATE to US & contact me at On fb, check me as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Little Brother - The Minstrel Show (Full Album)

If ya want REAL Hip Hop in ya LIFE, simply press PLAY! Nuff Said & ENJOY!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Entertainment peepo DEATHS are STRANGE!!

Yea yea & whatever! Y'all know who it is & what it's the Blak Smith & who the F are YOU? Shit gettin HOTTER & HOTTER & by that statement, I ain't talkin about the weather. Man.......dude kills peepo inna supermarket. Aurora. Peepo SHOOTIN peepo outside of any reasonin all over the country. One hundred and seven days left & EVERYBODY is feelin the HEAT! Today, WE goin in on the INFAMOUS, as in the recent deaths of those BEHIND the SCENES of the entertainment field culminatin with Chris Lighty on 8/30/12 at the age of 44. May he R.I.P! Damn........y'all still thinkin all of this fuKKKery is fake & staged? This shit is fuKKKed up & peepo are dyin for real yo! Let's see what it does.

Every time someone dies in real life it really isn't that mysterious as to why especially if THEY were YOUNG. For some reason though, when they are famous/imfamous, things take on a whole different perspective. Here at b2a, WE'VE gone thru lengths to keep Y'ALL informed & OUR investigative reports uncover lots & lots of BS that the media puts out. WE don't know it ALL but WE try to go past the impossible BS these KraKKa's try to pull on US with investigations that CONCLUDE to a substantial point. It's all mathematical equations & when WE finish, all WE do is allow Y'ALL to see what ya previously didn't know, put it all together & keep it pushin. WE want Y'ALL to critique but maintain RESPECT in order for US to RESPECT ya BLAK! At b2a, WE luv US some US!

Ok.....though dastardly shit has been happenin to show-biz peepo since the entertainment industry has been in existence, SHIT has been really CRAZY as of late. A few years ago, I wrote about that with this story here: Yea, ronni chasen. I never wrote about this dude but maybe some of y'all remember this: The point of it all is that WE think that just famous & rich peepo are goin thru it but HOLLYWEIRD like Hip Hop, have gone ASS NAKED WILD! Why all of a sudden are peepo goin CRAZY & shootin up theatres, supermarkets, schools & post offices? Are the programmed gettin the buzzwords to ACTIVATE? Didn't y'all watch the manchurian candidate or limitless? What's goin on?

Y'all don't even mention that Mike Jack been dead for over 3 years. The family is totally DYSFUNTIONAL! Did ya research Shakir Stewart? Guru has been gone more than 2 years & that was pure CRAZY SHIT! Heavy D died & bcuz he was the OVERWEIGHT LOVER, his death could be easily dismissed as weight related. Then, this year, WE had Whitney & all of that nonsense. Yea, some of these peepo were up front but don't famous BLAK peepo with lotsa money die of old age anymore? Why do they die so young? What's the fuKKKin deal? jay-z in the illuminati? Had a discussion a few days ago with my BROTHA who was lamentin that this is the question he gets from the youth. He also expressed that he's tired of that question bcuz THEY ain't got J.O.B's & I was heartbroken bcuz ain't no fuKKKin j.ob.s yo! This ain't about Hip Hop at this point yo! I personally didn't know OUR BROTHA Chris Lighty but to my knowledge, have never heard of any fuKKKery that he was involved in though I know that he had to be IN to attain the heights he reached. I've seen him with my own eyes & he didn't seem to be an out & out devil but maybe some of y'all know better. As of late, I wasn't even hearin of him but his name was big in the late 90's & early 2000's as he was affiliated with some of the biggest names of NOW! There were RUMORS that 50cent had beef with Lighty & that THINGS HAPPENED which were QUICKLY refuted! This dude MANAGED diddy & it don't get too much bigger than that. How come peepo with diddy always dyin? Did y'all hear about this here?: This is where things get hazy.

As record sales are almost non-existent as jewtube has taken over, that money pie in music is pretty much done. Are davis, motolla & iovine pittin execs against each other ala diddy/suge? After checkin various sites, I find that a lot of these so-called SUICIDES aren't fittin neatly in what would be called  the suicide handbook & it makes me almost KNOW that WE are bein eliminated in so many ways. Of course, Lighty owed so much to the irs like Nas, Method Man, Lauryn Hill, Wesley Snipes & too many more though, no 1 can show ya ANYWHERE where the tax laws are MANDATORY! This is how they get ya GRADIENTLY so as to give THEM leeway for the coup de gras. Lighty's wife could have been a HANDLER or a willin participant in his death! She may have set off his ALTER & BLAM, he did himself or........maybe, just maybe, THEY set it up to look like a suicide. WE gotta question this shit yo!

Do WE remember that Rodney King died earlier this year under similar circumstances? How is a dude who so much wanted to live, drown hisself after arguin with his woman with whom he had been with for some time? Note, I'm not sayin that Lighty didn't do himself but why now? The police closed the case on King's death when the media said that his relationship had ISSUES but WE also know that the LA police dept wanted him dead bcuz of what he symbolized in ameriKKKa to EVERYBODY. There are so many angles to look at this from & WE must consider that STAR WHACKIN shit that Randy Quaid exposed a few years ago: Could it be that THEY are targettin lil known celebrities with major cake?

Yesterday, Michael Clark Duncan died. I will NOT attribute every death to the n.w.o but....... tony scott died very mysteriously and was reported to be ill but did ya hear this 1?: Did y'all know that Clark Duncan was on the security detail of Notorious B.I.G the nite that he wak killed? This is why Y'ALL need to send me donations bcuz MOST of Y'ALL who loved this dude didn't know that right there! I don't believe that OUR own Chris Lighty committed suicide bcuz traditionally, BLAK PEEPO don't kill OURSELVES as bein BROKE ain't the end all be all. IF he did commit suicide, I BELIEVE that he was induced to doin it as mk-ultra and the n.w.o have the MOTIVE bcuz I BELIEVE that THEY are puttin peepo up to stuff that have a limit as to what they would do & when THEY can't get ya to do their biddin anymore, then THEY report ya as BROKE, drag ya name thru the mud  then off ya & take ya money thru the i.r.s and other EXTRALEGAL means. I want y'all to look at that Star Whacker SHIT SIRIUSLY as THEY doin it to who THEY THINK THEY can get away doin it to! MJ's house is PUBLIC PROPERTY! In these last days, 1 must be very careful and as it's already too late, MORE CHAOS & MAYHEM will COME!

My next book, (Boom Bye Bye Hip Hop will NEVER die) will focus on exposin a lot of these mysterious deaths in celebritydom with a FOCUS on Hip Hop. These deaths do not follow logical sense as far as how suicides go. As WE are livin in the days of revelations, ALL will eventually come out & so ya gotta stay alive. Could diddy's ex-manager & bodyguard have been plannin on tellin the TRUTH & had to be offed days away from each other? Is Omarosa complicit in his death? IDK but these questions must be asked as These KraKKa's is outta here and in the HOOD, nigga's is killin nigga's and Blak Folk. Stay away from SAVAGES unless ya wanna get SAVAGED! Blak Peepo, this is how I feel about US:

Was just in new england & got nothin but luv! WE goin to Ghana in october 2012 and wanna see ya there. IDK what's goin on with my newer e-mail but will now go BLAK to til I figure it all out. On FB, I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) and if ya got anything for me, drop a message in my inbox on there for me. Wanna go with US overseas? Check here: Hold on to the LUV and see SOME of Y'ALL at the Cosmic Party. WAAAAAARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!