Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Is Blaksmith a Spy or Not? (Part1 of the Series)

U kno how U feel about me but they won't leave me alone & now I gotta expose these HATERS! Everywhere I go, I got 2 put shit in check & so here goes my timeline. Feb 2004- My 1st time in Ghana. When I touched down, I stayed in a hotel that my bro Tony's dad who happens 2 b from here, hooked me up with as peepo here will cheat U like most places in da world if U don't kno da system. I stayed there 4 awhile & as I tell peepo here now, I kno more Ghanians in NY/NJ than I do here in Ghana. Remember, my hometown, the Bronx NY(Big Up!) is West Afrika Head Quarters & I've been around MY peepo & so I knew plenty enuff peepo 2 have a small network when I got here. Anyhoo, the lady who owned da place said that I should entwine myself into da AA community as I may 1 day need they help. Tho I was reluctant 2 do so, I did it bcuz I was new & said well, let me see what these folx is about. She directed me 2 da Dubios Center & da spellin wasn't a typo. WEB Dubios was a spy workin 4 da interests of da US. Thatz anotha story but anyhoo - upon goin 2 the Assoc of Afrikan Amerikans in Ghana aka AAAG, I saw dat basically it was a group of old Women on da Social Club Tip. Thatz coo but not my stick. While there, they were talkin bout dual citizenship & 1 guy named Hamburger Moringa got up & tho somewhat erratic, he spoke 2 what I was lookin 4, uncompromising repatriation in a fiery way. He said dat his study group met on Sundays at da Dubios Center & kinda walked away sayin his group was 4 Afrikans & I'm Afrikan, so I thought nothin of it. Little did I kno dat what he meant was Afrikans on da ground here as he has appointed himself as Chief of all AA's & I was accountable 2 HIM. Anyhow, I stopped goin 2 AAAG meetings as I din't want 2 b around old women speakin on issues that really din't concern me. I started goin 2 da Afrikan Study Group held by da so-called Dr. Moringa & he welcomed me @ 1st but b4 I knew it, word was gettin blak 2 me dat he din't trust me as he thought I was a spy. OK, I'm not here 4 gossipin & so I sed 2 self dat if he wants 2 kno he would ask me hisself. He eventually did 1 day which I respected & I told him unequivocally dat I wasn't SPYING on him & soonafter, I fell gravely ill wit Malaria. I was in Afrika & in April 2004, just 2 months after I had arrived, my life was in da balance. If U've had Malaria b4 U can relate. Bcuz I never had it & I din't foolishly take any precautions, I almost died but UNLIKE Jesus, I ascended after 7 whole days like Toni Braxton. I was in da ward where dudes died! I don't kno what y'all think of me but I'mma Pan-Afrikanist & I still went 2 thoze meetings after I got outta da hosp bcuz I kno who I am. Anyway after bein so ill, I had 2 come blak 2 da US as Malaria can make 1 relapse & da process could start all over again. In Jun 2004, I came blak 2 NY & din't feel better til Oct of dat year. My bro picked me up & took me straight 2 Jacobi Hospital in da BX. I was there 4 a month & when I got out, I had 2 stay in da NYC Shelter System as I din't want 2 live wit anyone. I was in da system 4 about 1 year & 4 months b4 I got out & joined da US Merchant Marines as a seaman. This was da last job I held b4 I came blak2afrika in Oct 2007. The HATE had already begun.(to be continued)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Am I Blak? Are U?

Ayo, whatup tho? U kno what time it is. So are U Blak? Who's bad? Ooops, wrong message as Mike Jackson(R.I.P) was da baddest, tho I din't agree with his message of it don't matter if U Blak or.......... But who's Blak? Ok, let me tell y'all my interpretation of what Blak is. Blak is Beautiful! The most beautiful Women on earth are Blak! Ludacris told y'all that on his song, Pimpin all over the World. Blak is deep. Some of us is so Blak, we Blue & then some NON-COLORED peepo gave us the Blues. Blak is God & I ain't talkin about Jesus or whatever U call him nowadays. My first father is Blak, the Creator of ALL HUEMANS!!! Blak is Golden as what's in the earth, on the earth & all over the earth is Colored. All Blak Peepo come from Afrika! Peter Tosh sed if U come from Brooklyn, Brixton or Kingston, U are an Afrikan. Blak is Royal & Regal. Not as in Chivas bcuz when U break up the words in that drink, U get C H.I.V as Regal. Blak like white is not a color as it is the epitome of ALL COLORS & white is the absence of any. On a binary level, Blak 1 Others 0. Blak shines with a full luster that cannot be explained. Blak is smooth & elegant. Blak is a plague that killed MILLIONS of THEM during times U don't hear 'em talkin about much. Our sin was 2 save 'em & they have been repayin us dearly. Look it up. Blak is power! Blak is knowledge & wisdom combined 2 make Universes. Blak is as exciting as it is comforting. Blak is ancient. Blak shouldn't be spelled witta c as there is no c in any Afrikan language. Blak is a frequency & melanin is the receptor all U need is the sun 2 activate it thru ya chakra's, so make sure ya stop sayin shit like, "I don't need 2 be in the sun bcuz I'm dark enuff." U din't get that from the same peepo who MADE U use combs or did U? Blak is essence. Blak is funky. Blak is musky. Blak is heavy. Blak is TRUTH! Blak is RESPECT! Blak is INTELLIGENCE!Blak is ALL! Blak is 1! 2 alla my bible thumpin Kkkhristians, I provide all the proof U need - As it was sed, "Let US create MAN in OUR own image." OK, stay with me as I'm gonna hit it 4 U right now. It was also said, "Let there be light." OK, who is US? What was our image? Who wrote the bible? Go 2 www.dictionary.com & look up the word hue. They made it 1 word but when U find out what hue means, we are the ultimate hue. Don't worry about the spellin, deal with the SOUND! If the light came into existence, what came b4 it? What comes after? We been here, we still here & we aint goin nowhere so don't fear my friend. U are the ink that REMAINS 4ever on whatever color paper U choose 2 use! Blak is U! Blak is ME! Blak is Blak! Blak is Afrika! Come home 2 BLAKNESS!!! I'll meet U at the airport, bus station or pier. Blak is BLAK!!!! Now that U kno, don't holla back, HOLLA BLAK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Really Short Notice

Hey y'all, it's me again. I'mma keep this really short & sweet on this 1 here. OK, 2day as I browsed the net, I saw a story on Yahoo sayin that an AIDS vaccine that can reduce infection by 31% has been DISCOVERED! Don't fall 4 that deceptive BS! U are left still with 69% HIV & what a # 2 use, ain't it? Those in charge of death & destruction kno that the cat is outta the bag & wish 2 further DISTRACT y'all by throwin a curve into the mix. All vaccines are poisonous & I don't wanna hear, "My children can't go 2 skool w/o shots." The worst way 2 b lazy is wit ya THINKIN! I just gave U a nugget & did U catch it? What U gonna say when they suffer ADVERSE, IRREVERSIBLE ailments? U say U gotta bad boy/bad girl wat U gonna do, wat U gonna do when they come 4U? 1 must alwayz ask Y something is happening & when it happens, why now? 2012 nears & whatever U kno of the Mayan Calendar needs 2 really be looked at in these kkkrazy times. U alrdy wore that Bible out! B=Basic I=Instructions B=Before L=Leaving & E= Earth. Did y'all see I-Legend? They 4castin ya future with clever storywritin so look at that movie again & check out whattheydo& figure it out! Shit figure it out & help me 2!! I ain't tellin what or how but why fly planes really low over downtown NYC as THEY did a few months ago? Y'all not gettin it. Why the plane land on Jennifer Hudson? Why the plane land on th the Hudson? Y'all need 2 be readin Behold A Pale Horse by William Cooper. If U so luv the Snakkkes, I implore U 2 have a place 2 go in the woods & ruff it when that time comes! HOLLA BLAK!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Disrespect at its Best

Something I hope every1 wants is RESPECT. I know that I do. So, now we seem 2 be livin in a world where respect is not all that important. How & why do I say this? Well, bcuz everyday, more & more, I see peepo disrespecting each other 2 the point of nausea. Hey, not that I really give a flying F but ya fave Prez was dissed by a congressboy who called him a liar as if Bush din't lie. We already know about Kanye dissing Taylor Swift & how about even Old Gal Etta James dissin Beyonce not long ago 4 singin her song at an award show last year. Who here readin this remembers the days when it was best left 2 say nothin bad about some1. What happened 2 declinin dissin ya bro/sis or at least confrontin 'em 1 on 1? I think I know what happened.....every Sue, Jane & Felicia owns a video camera 2day & everything is now INSTANT! Sex tapes? Reactions when peepo been drinkin/smokin/sniffin are instntaneous & everybody livin a virtual life. No time 4 respect when things are instant. Peepo are REACTIN instead of RESPONDIN & once in the air evrything is fair. How can U respect food that came 2 U in less than 2 minutes? It doesn't have high value but it sure does hit the spot, right? 2 me, this is how I know the last days are upon us & I also know that every ending is a beginning 4 something else so no doomsday predictions here. Do some of y'all listen 2 how our kids talk 2 each other? Suck my dick nigga! Fuck U punk! Yo bitch, U stink. Them niggas from the other side of town is soft, etc etc ad nauseam. What have we been reduced 2? Some of us ain't gonna make it thru as the time nears. I don't care who U are but if U are so lucky 2 be readin this or have some1 readin this 2 U, U better be makin some alternative plans bcuz shit gonna get really UGLY soon. What U talkin about gettin Swine Flu shots? http://www.google.com/ squalene & 4 y'all lazy asses, here go ya link bcuz if I say it, y'all might get offended. Oh I see, U allowin the fear 2 paralyze U. Will the federalizing of this law scare U more? I'm talkin bout MANDATORY shots 4 all! Does the United Snakkkes Gov gotta tell U 2 be scared with they color coded assessments? Are U a 14th Amendment & a good nigga? Did U wash ya ass this mornin? Did U get ya hair did? Are U afraid of what & how I write? U can only be offended if U are lazy & follow laws that are written in flowery language but nontheless, dangerous 2 U & ya fam. Is it offensive 2 read PURPOSEFUL butchering of a language that I mastered & hate the fact that I mastered it? What's goin 2 be important 2 U in 1 week/month/year? Will we be talkin 2 each other like this when we actively under fire? Will Obama & 'em still be ya leaders when stuff hits da fan? Who knows? I luv y'all 2 much & as Public Enemy said so eloquently not long ago, who fears a Blak Planet? ALL WE NEED IS LUV!!!! LUV is da plan as LUV=RESPECT!!! I luv y'all 2 much. Blak is 4 the peepo I come from & Smith means working man. I work 4 U my peepo!!! We don't need any other plan! Marcus, Nkrumah, Malcom & Amos Wilson all gave us 1 already as they loved they peepo as I do, 2 a FAULT! So hate me now bcuz I luv y'all knowin that some a y'all hate me bcuz I luv y'all! Come blak 2 da luv. U can find it here in Afrika. Afrika luvs U! http://www.black2afrika.blogspot.com/. PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Devil in HipHop

I'm BLAK at it again y'all! This 1 2day is gonna be kinda ruff & so...here goes. I know even da least aware of y'all heard about alla this occultism lately in HipHop starrin some a y'all greatest, Jay-Z & by proxy, Kanye West & Rihanna. My very good friend, the Concious Rasta wrote a book some years ago named Rap HipHop & the New World Order but things done changed since then. U should check it out at www.libradio.com & see 4 yaself. Blak then, it was Easy-E & alot of peepo now quesion his CAUSE of death, but.....Any cursory look at Youtube will yield 1 plenty of info on what THEY doin but let's take a look at what's going on in they respective lives. OK, Rihanna & Chris Brown. B4 U think domestic abuse, get ya mind inna white state of mind. IMO, Rihanna was trying 2 get C Breezy into da NWO & he wasn't havin it bcuz he didn't see what her mission was. Of course he couldn't as he is still a teenager! He rebelled & has been labelled a woman beater & NOBODY KNOWS WHY!! She PROVOKED him!! His way of sayin this is these stupid ASS appearances on those TALK SHOWS to show Hollywood(Zionist Propagandists) that he will b good Massa so I's can get in. They forcin him to appear weak to further pacify Blak young men while criminalizin 'em! Hang strong as we goin to b gettin it in soon. We need y'all young souljahs. This is his test & depending on who U are, he is passing or failing, PUBLICLY! U see, they shame U publicly if U aint gettin it to FORCE ya hand. Just look at Bill Cosby & his supposed daughter & his son gettin killed soonafter. We will see where this goes. Kanye, wow! I use to luv him but......sad to say that he may have had to had sacrificed his Mom. I hope not but his appearance at the VMA was a staged stunt to distract y'all from the economy & healthcare issues. This is Kanye's chance to flaunt Hennessy in his pics, giving da public a chance to diss him & have him disappear & receive his Masonikkk training. His mom was da sacrifice but it's OK cuz she was old anyway as said by Big. U see, Big & Pac would have eventually merged again after they figured it all out but U kno, da ole Divide & Conquer tactic worx everytime. Now on to Jay! Jay is Jay! He is known also as J-Hova. He was da 1st rapper to showcase Euros in a video when the US economy started to suffer. Jay took his 1st loss messin witta God MC when he took on Nas. Jay is 1 of da biggest proponents of sayin dat U can't rhyme if U don't come from da streets. Jay gotta lotta subliminal codes in his logos, labels & clothes. Jay has met with Bill Gates, Kofi Annan & Mandela & is a good friend of Oprah. Oprah is good friends wit Obama. Obama is da Anti-Kkkhrist & a son of a Bush cloaked in da Clinton's flag. Jay named his company afta 1 of da top Illumunatti Families. Jay has da most influence as Diddy has exhausted his talent pool & has done all that he can do except be a billionaire. Diddy is on this list 2 & B.I.G was his sacrifice. Suge alledgedly shot Pac so U kno how dat go. The marriage between Jay & Beyonce was made to happen to solidify the followings of all who follow 'em like lambs to the slaughter. That's just lite stuff here & I kno, U wondering, "What does that have to do with moving to Afrika?" I once read an article about a guy like me who as an Afrikan Amerikan in Afrika & saw an elderly man sitting. As an Afrikan Amerikan in most of Afrika, U are seen as a Representative of da US for better or worse. The old man asked da bro what was Blak Amerika's # 1 export to da world & da young man couldn't find an answer & the old man said, CULTURE! Yep, we exporting culture & to more than prove my point, Busta Rhymes was here last week((9/12). Yeah man, Culture! Jay-Z has da age, charisma, da woman, da money & da green light to do whatever it is he wishes to push forward the New World Agenda as a Master Mason. It's all there for all to see & now we know why Big & Pac died. They were da last REAL NIGGAS ALIVE bcuz they wasn't doin this shit regardless of what. They had to be killed so as not to compromise INFLUENCE, our way. Imagine if they had lived & turned it all positive? Their influence was 2 great & da stakes are 2 high. Since I been here, I been labelled a spy & all kinda shit but so what. Do U think that those who accused me are spying on me? Lauryn Hill anyone? Busta 2-3 years ago? The HipHop Police is checking for YOU & thats why HipHop died! They feedin y'all from da pukebox & y'all can't see it bcuz U luv ya oppressor who will send U into da foxhole. They sendin U to luv ya own OPPRESSOR & U choose it liked da kids chose da PIED PIPER. Obama was here 2 months ago. Need I say more? Just like it aint trickin if U got it, it aint hate if it it's da truth! Don't get mad, HOLLA BLAK!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

666 on 9-1-1

Da 666 aka da mark of da beast! No I aint talkin about June 6th 1966, I'm talkin about September 11th 2001! Do y'all remember dat? WOW!! Tho I lived in Orlando FL at dat time, believe me, my body cried. I started my corporate career working in the Financial District(Wall Street) & a company that I use 2 worked for, moved 2 da WTC soon after I stopped working there. Therefor, I knew peepo personally who saw atrocity after disaster after craziness on up to a few who died up in there. Even on TV, I was over familiar with what had happened as I worked in dat area for 5 years & knew those areas intimately. Can't believe dat it's been 8 years! Whew! Ayo, wat y'all think? Time 2 put on those thinking caps of ours. Do Y'ALL seriously think dat some cave-Arabs could infiltrate 5 airports/airplanes at virtually the same time & no 1 caught wind of it? I won't even get in2 dat now. How about this question - do Y'ALL actually think dat da same peepo who enslaved U care about U anymore than they did when U was actually outrite chainable? Remember, we are talkin about peepo who are still alive, who's Grampa taught 'em how 2 deal wit dem Darkies. We as Blaks(worldwide) tend 2 b apologists for da behaviors of those in da past & Kkkhristians want 2 4give. WTF? I used 2 not like whites but I've discovered recently dat it JUST aint about color anymore. It's based on what U want & F wat folx say, I see wat U do. We talkin about 9-1-1 now & so let me relate wat I say 2 dat. If U have any LIFE EXPERIENCE at all, U have 2 kno dat da official story is as big hoax! I kno, I kno, where's my proof rite? It's in my......assets were traded 2 manipulate the MARKET so somebody made a whole lotta scratch. Now, if U still believe this so-called official version....then U prolly believe in Jesus Kkkhrist 2 but dat's another session. What I'm simply tryin 2 do here is tell Y'ALL dat, U are now ready 2 kno dat ya whole sense of reality is gone & if it ain't by now then there's no hope for U. Yeh, da economy will recover, da police are good, blase blase, yakketty yak etc etc. Ayo, da west is OVER as THEY(Obama included as lightskinned peepo heat up at my sayin it) shut it down with ya EYES WIDE SHUT. I was finally able 2 work dat movie title in2 1 of my rants. Listen Y'ALL, aint nowhere perfect but this is all we got. We got plenty of resources & it's yours for da takin!! Wat will b da reserve currency when da dolla collapses? Will we even b usin paper as it's runnin outta style? Where will Ghanians want 2 go when da west is finally done & mark my wordz, it's DONE! Mayb everybody comin here but NIGGAS wouldn't last long here as they need NIGGA SHIT goin on in they life, all day, every day. I tell every1 I kno 2 b ready for dat day. Keep ya passport oiled & ready! Why do I tell 'em dat? Bcuz 9-1-1 could b 7/7 or 8/8/8 or 1984 or..........This b da Blaksmith tellin some a Y'ALL 2 come home & at least look around. Rite now U not livin well but U not in survival mode, YET. We eatin here yo! I'll even greet U at da airport when U get here. Holla blak if U get a rate dat's 2 high on da airfare tip. I got da HOOKUP. I seen U smilin & now I kno U Afrikan bcuz we all luv HOOKUPS!!!! Blessins 2 all 9-1-1 victims & dat means alla Y'ALL includin EVERYBODY cuz we all lost so much 2 da Patriot Act & alla these new laws. Come on down!! See U when U get here!! HOLLA!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

666 on 09/09/09 (upside down)

So my man comes from da US yesterday & he knows I'm here & he calls me up 2 greet him at the airport! I'm da Blaksmith & so I have 2 CRAFT a way 4 him 2 get where he gotta go outside of Accra. No sweat, da Blaksmith been here ALMOST a year & by now I kno plenty enuff of peepo 2 get dat done &....We got there fine & all & on da way blak.....The police stop me & my man, a Taxi Driver as we neared Tema which is part of da Greater Accra area. Anyhoo, they stop my man & he gets outta da car 2 sort things out & aint no problems. Now they vexxed bcuz they aint findin nothin & aint got nothin 2 do. As I partook of some Sticky Icky dat morn & finished it wit my arriving buddy, I didn't have anything on me(thank God), but they found Rizzla (equiv of EZ Wider or ZigZag) in my pocket. Naturally, I'm from da US & my instincts kicked in & I told him that I was rollin tobbacco. That proceeded 2 piss 'em off as Ghanian Kulture is in luv wit reverence 4 those in authority. They were vexxed & insisted that I was insulting them bcuz who uses Rizzla with Indian Hemp residual in the paper as they smiled. They cuffed me as I was considered DISRESPECTFUL & told that I would be taken 2 da nearest precint 4 possession of SI dust. As an Amerikkkan, I said, "Lets go!" but I kno da game & I saw them smilin as they have an Amerikkkan in they midst & they can get MONEY bcuz they equate Amerikkkan Peepo wit MONEY. Nevertheless, I was cuffed 2 da railin of they truck & after they searched me & my man the Taxi Driver, he pleaded wit me 2 BEG them 2 not take me 2 jail. He made numerous phone calls 2 try & free me 2 no avail. They left me sittin in the truck 4 about 20 minutes b4 I told said driver 2 give them HIS Money as he is Ghanian & they would have a lil mo sympathy on him bcuz he is poor & a native. After they kept comin around & SMILIN cuz they smelled DOLLARS, like they jus met da cat's meow, they freed me as if I didn't kno they would bcuz they would never jail an Amerikkkan as he can BRIBE them 4 his freedom. I didn't bribe them, da DRIVER did. Peepo were scared 4 me but I looked at it as another story 2 tell. I give dat story 2 U 2 tell U dat at no time ever did I feel frightened or afraid as I've been in the custody of NYPD & felt terrified even if they were coo! This story allows me 2 tell y'all dat despite Ghanians bein really shysty at times & slick, there is a luv dat can't b explained as they KNOW I am an Afrikan & at no time were they abusive in any shape form or fashion. Even tho I had 2 pay 2 go, would it b betta 2 go get processed 4 dust, jailed, sent 2 court, given a record & poss expelled 4 somethin even Kwame Nkrumah did DAILY? Mind y'all, they didn't find anything as I don't get down wit da Sticky Icky. I use dat 4 tobbacco & mayb my peepo rolled fatties dat I didn't see. What an EXPERIENCE!!! Ayo, come 2 Ghana if U wanna come 2 Afrika from da DIASPORA as it is a Man's Paradise tho by no means is it perfect. Hey I bleev in da motto of nothing ventured nothing gained. Have experiences everywhere U can. Live a little! Besides if U turn the date of 999 over U get 666 & we in da last dayz. My life is now upside down & blood b rushin 2 my head 2 make me.......THINK!!! Ghana is 1luv. There is a luv here dat U could never get there & I can't even explain it tho I feel it. Stop bein scared & com get som. I'm CLEAR!!!! HOLLA BLAK!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009


Ahhhh, a word most Afrikan Amerikkkan woman can't talk about unless they DISSIN it. 2day, dat word is POLYGAMY & b4 y'all start sayin dat "If a man can do it, so can a woman stuff", let me stop ya (yawn & long paaauuuusseee). OK, y'all ready? This is what it is: Polygamy EXISTS because da birthrate is such dat, 51% of births are females & 49% are male. Now 2% may not seem like much but multiply 2% by an almost estimated (possibly more) 7Billion & those numbers aint so small anymo. By the time most guys reach 23, a significant portion have died, while an insignificant portion of females don't. Polygamy is 4 da woman as it gave the MAN a vehicle 2 claim ALL of his children. Polygamy is not better or worse than the 1 on 1 concept of man & wife, it's an alternative 2 da tried & tru. Polygamy has been around since da original AFRIKAN FAMILY existed! Polygamy binds FAMILIES 2gether & if dat particular REALATIONSHIP fizzled out, it probably wasn't gonna work anyway like a business & that's jus how it goes. Thru it all, no such thing as baby mothers & fathers as we kno dat da Village raises the child. Polygamy isn't perfect & U aren't either. When women wish 2 indulge in POLYANDRY, they have 2 kno who's da Daddy. Polygamy can work if there is MUTUAL RESPECT & TRUTH aka MAAT. Anything organic & EARTHY can sustain under MAAT which spawned da 10 Commandments U now luv so much. Polygamy is not 4 game players as those who indulge have so MUCH NATION BUILDING 2 do that who da MAN is fuggin is of no moment bcuz he got enough EGO @ home. Polygamy is not 4 most in da West as OUR collective psyche has been replaced wit Kkkhristianity as most peepo thru time had 2 adopt it as a MEANS OF SURVIVAL. Polygamy makes OUR elders & wise look @ given situations & allows US 2 survive by all means neccessary. Polygamy is what we will soon have 2 go BLAK 2 as these Thug Niggaz that U mistake 4 men fade 2 BLAK when da REAL SHIT hits da FAN! Go ahead & eye dat iced-out hooligan who beats U. He won't kno his head from his...... Polygamy will replace money as those wit da most offspring as far as LAND BASIS rules da roost. This is what is meant by bein a King or QueenMother in Afrika. The more chilluns 1 had, da more land U were afforded & voila... da more juice U had. (Offspring=HUEman Resources) Polygamy is represented by da Ankh or eternal life 4 da Life Cycle dat will NEVER end. Like KRS-1 says, "We will be here 4ever. THOSE peepo only have old lonely men reppin they set. Where is da WOMAN & CHILD in this grand equation? Da Greeks expelled they women 2 Lesbos & there ain't nuttin but HOMO's there. Whether U like it or not, polygamy is here & aint goin nowhere. Once U tell me dat ya Pops has only chilluns wit his wife or your mom whichever comes 1st, there U have it. What makes U Blak Woman think dat anything has changed? Polygamy is in a MAN'S nature as said by great minds like Arthur Schopenhauer. He is worth lookin up as all TRUE HEADS kno dat knowledge is knowledge. 4 more than 80% of y'all, ya very own Pops was an illegal/immroral Poygamist. Donald Trump is da perfect Serial Polygamist. Polygamy is ego! What man doesn't wish 2 say these are my WIVES!! So don't b afraid of da way U feel. Open ya heart if U feel it's real, IT'S REAL LOVE as written by the music group, Skyy. Ayo Captain, don't distract 'em, make it happen. Polygamy must be affordable 2 work. May U get rich in very interesting times. PEACEEEEE OUT & 1 or 2 or 3 LUV!!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

101 Wayz 2 Use Hate!

Hate is, hmmm? Well My Peepo what isn't hate? Allow me 2 pls tell U what Hate is & isn't at least IMO. Hate isn't speech, it's da actions that come from said speech. Hate isn't a vibe, it's da antithesis of SPIRITUALITY. Hate is not evil as duality provided from a Creator/God/Nature cannot be proven to be unneccessary. If everything has a begiining & an end, then there are 2 everythings & so where's your extreme OTHER? So called wild animals are in fact closer 2 nature than HUEmans are now & if they haven't been domesticated will run away from strangers. People in Afrika have been living around animals since b4 b4. Hate should be used ACCORDINGLY! Hate is not recognized as criminal unless those who hate US are its victim. This is the easiest way to be labelled a racist or Terrorist. Hate is living in Ghana & seeing Native Afrikans fawn over Europeans who tip them more generously & enslave the miners who work 4 them same enslavers. Its 2 a point where they expect deference THEY feel so ENTITLED 2 & I always burst they bubble. Hate is not always obvious. Sometimes somebody jus don't like U but they would NEVER do anything 2 U bcuz they don't hate. We all in our life had some1 we didn't like 4 1 reason or another who became like a Sibling 2 U eventually. Hate is always intense as it is an extreme EMOTION such as LOVE which are on the opposite side of the same pole. Hate could never be dispassionate as it can smolder & explode almost immediately. Hate can be beautiful as it can be expreesd on the canvas. Battlefields covered in gore & blood from the perspective of the victor is like sweet wine dripping into a big cup. When was your last victory? Hate is reciprocal so use it! Hate balances out respect in the heart so use sparingly! Never ignore hate as it begets more hate. Hate ya rhymes with nature. Does the lion/tiger hate or love the deer that it eats? Hate is love......hate is love.....love is hate. Sorry 4 that typo but, hate is great. Learn how to hate APPROPRIATELY! Hate those who Hate U! I luv y'all!!!!! HOLLA!!!

"And just cause I hate U, dat don't make U a playa", From Win the G by OC on the Jewelz album as rhymed by Freddie Foxx.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

5 ways 2 tell Whats 2 Come!

....Other than a sexual encounter what else.......Look at some a y'all runnin cuz he's about 2 talk sex but - nahh, it won't be about sex. This 1 is about what 1 should expect when Things Fall Apart as our revered elder Chinua Achebe said so eloquently not so long ago. Y'all do kno that Things Fall Apart right? Well if they don't then why did a young Kunta Kinte get snatched from his HOMELAND? Why are most of the resources in Afrika outsourced? Why are you reading my commentary & why do Blak Woman look so beautiful? That last question was 2 see if U was still awake. Anyway, what's 2 come is what we speak of 2day & boy O boy is it comin! Why, it's already started! Let's look at 1. Town Hall Meetings being bombarded with Citizenry(read white) who are FUCKING HOPPING MAD & aint gonna take it anymo. They jammin in these places & shoutin out ANY politician who dares 2 speak NASTILY of Obama & his policies. As if the AntiKkkhrist gonna do antyhing 4 them. So much 4 political correctness. 2. The State Department has pretty much been silenced as Hilary is eerily VERY QUIET lately. Her bein quiet is as loud as Dick Cheney's(DC) loud ass quiet aggressiveness. U kno what it is! Bill goin 2 N. Korea a few weeks ago must have pissed her da F off as he has not that I kno of, OFFICIAL POSITION! So much 4 family ties. 3. The economy: Tho U are hearin all of these accolades about the Market & how it is in RECOVERY, any real 1/2 ass investigation will reveal how false that shit really is. Gold, whatever! Silver whenever! Food, priceless! U can't eat gold & silver is not even worth 1/8th of gold & so what! In Afrika, as cool as it has been lately, 1 can grow FOOD yearround. YIPPEEEE 4 me!!!! 4. The metaphysical impact of having MELANIN makes 1 kno that shit aint right & I don't care the level of sophistication, U can't deny it anymo. Shit is hectic & will continue 2 b so. How can U maintain in these times knowing that the proverbial 2nd shoe is about 2 drop unless U are TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS 2 your surrounding? It has been said that if something is not in the interest of the beholder, then THEY don't see the PROBLEM. On Youtube everyday now, I see white cops tasering & otherwise beating on those good ole white peepo & I'm sure that it happens alot but not at the level we see 2day. Did y'all know that ALL police dept's 2day have been PARAMILITARIZED? Voting is RIGGED! Blak Peepo are hated except by the other women who always state that they wish 4 some1 Tall, Dark & Handsome. That's the truth as I've been around a little bit. Aint nothin change aint nothin STRANGE! 5. Natural Disasters: Can any1 say the Tsunami? Fema or aka Katrina. Snow in Yonkers NY in JULY? Snow in Kenya last year? WTF? Watch as more Hurricanes & Earthquakes hit areas not usually hit. The earth is angry my friend as she is ready 2 cataclymically erradicate those who have disrespected her 4 so long. U kno, da makers of PLASTIC, ASPARTAME, High Fructose Corn Syrup & Monosodium Glutamate strictly 4 profit. Artificial Beings make ARTIFICIAL THINGS like PLASTIC SURGERY & SILVER FILLINGS 4 teeth laced with DEADLY ASS MERCURY! Your diet is a natural disaster but U don't hear me tho........That was jus a quickie as 2 what is 2 happen. Y'all betta at least b thinkin on som Bob Marley Exodus type shit. It's on & poppin whether U kno it or not. So, go get a late pass......STEP!!!!