Monday, August 25, 2014


(my apologies for the low sound)

Yea........WE gonna get it in on how WE gonna get to LIVERTY in the NEXT DISPENSATION of TIME! Everything ya do from this time on, will be for the next age that started in earnest on 12/21/12 and not even 2 years later, WE'VE seen some GREAT CHANGES on how things REALLY work! Get with the REAL as WE break down what's going on in HIP HOP, HISTORY and NOW EVENTS! 

I also will have t-shirts for sale as WE need to know that the PLAN has already been made by those who CARE how WE do! WE go in at the Brooklyn Christian Center, 1061 Atlantic Ave between Franklin and Classon Ave's in BKNY at 7 pm. The Blak Smith wishes to reach ya, teach ya, love ya and have WE HOLLA BLAK to who WE really are aka SANKOFAH! So yo.......'til it's PEACE, it's WAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Rev. Phil Valentine speaks on Michael Brown Shooting, Supermoon Rituals

Very INTERESTING POINTS & something to THINK ABOUT! As there is so much he says, won't say anything but FREE RAMSEY ORTA, keep being R.O.B.O.T.S* & DEATH to ALL DEVILS whatever their STRIPE! Blak Pepo.........YOU will be FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At the end of the day, the MESSAGE is, do NOT get distraKKKted! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOLLA BLAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* Righteous Ones Banging On The System

Thursday, August 21, 2014


To see what WE mean, refer to

Well.......JUSTICE has yet been done & OUR DUDE, Ramsey is still locked up! If ya for BP & HATE that Eric Garner was MURDERED by the nyKKKpd, ya MUST ASSIST in getting him outta jail like YESTERDAY! Mike Browns FAMILY was supposed to come & RIDE in a CARAVAN on Staten Island but sharptone takes his ORDERS from his BOSSES & so that SOLIDARITY won't happen here but nevertheless.........if ya can send at least $5, please do so! As he now has a paypal account, go to & drop SOMETHING so that this Man can get back to his FAMILY! BP, I IMPLORE US to put OUR MONEY where OUR mouths are! Overstand why WE are WILDING in MO! It's on US now! Til it's PEACE, it's WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! (All WE got is US by Onyx)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


FREE RAMSEY ORTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

I'm just talking SHIT about my book, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die, the BS in MO, staten island, la, al sharpton, Eric Garner, Ramsey Orta, ALIENS & so much more that's not in the BOOK! To those of ya who would rather HEAR Me than read an article, this 1 is for YOU! Big shout to host, Shaunes Richardson & State of the BLAK Parent! Regardless of what they do or how they do it, WE will SURVIVE & so stay VIGILANT & ALIVE! As well, the Blak Smith will be lecturing at U.A.M in BKNY on August 27th 2014. For details on ya personally autographed book, lecture & if ya want Me to come yo way, contact US at OUR paypal email,, as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) on fb (INBOX ONLY) 
& here at this blogsite. If ya just want the book without the extra crazy, simply go here at In order to HOLLA BLAK, ya gotta STAY ALIVE! Til it's PEACE, it's WAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Goodie Mob - Live At The O.M.N.I.

They were 19 years EARLY! Now Cee-lo is CUTE & SMMFH! Anyway.......listen & ENJOY!


(Chrissie Orta, the BEAUTIFUL WIFE of Ramsey)

All y'all BLAK SHIT TALKERS who SAY they HATE rws really need to read this short & sweet MESSAGE right now especially on the BORN DAY of OUR GREATEST in this CENTURY, the late & great, Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey! WE MUST as a BP, FREE RAMSEY ORTA bcuz he's going CRAZY in JAIL unlike beyonce who was once CRAZY & DRUNK in LOVE! As this is a SIRIUS SITUATION, I'll let Alton Maddox take it from here!

Freedom Party Doors Open all Night ©
Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

            It is of great interest to me that a civil rights organization is appearing before the media as being in the vanguard of the struggle for Eric Garner and a Black oriented, police activist organization is claiming to be upset about the chokehold death of Garner; yet, neither organization was in court on Friday, August 15, to show support for Garner.

            Chrissie Ortiz would have been in court alone to support her husband, Ramsey Orta, if it had not been for United African Movement which has not issued a single press release and has made no appearances before the media.  The lack of concern in the Black community is of great interest to Chrissie Ortiz.

             Her eyes were filled with tears at the Brooklyn Christian Center on this Saturday because her husband, rightfully, had stood up for Garner and exposed the rogue cops even though the Black community is seemingly indifferent to her husband's plight.

            Sunday, August 17, is the birthday of Marcus Garvey who preached racial pride even though the U.S. Constitution has wrongfully defamed Blacks. By not supporting Ramsey Orta, who video-taped the fatal assault of Garner, it puts the entire race in a bad light and it confirms our universal reputation of having bad character.

If you divide the ransom of $75,000 by two million persons of African ancestry, it points out that Black life is not only cheap but that Blacks are selfish. It is certainly not an invitation for any ethnic group to seek to help us.  The disposable income of Blacks is over One Trillion Dollars.  Seventy-thousand Dollars is a drop in the bucket.

            Members of the Freedom Party will keep its doors open until this paltry sum is raised, especially over this weekend of Mr. Garvey's birthday. Celebrations are being held throughout New York City while Blacks in Ferguson, MO are actually exhibiting racial pride.  They need no help from New York. They need no Judas goat from New York dropping rain on their parade.

            You should immediately pick up the phone and call Freedom Party at 917-947-8994.  On Sunday, August 17 you should call all radio programs to announce the effort of the Freedom Party to raise bail for Orta. Churches should also be encouraged to participate in this effort.  Up You Mighty Race!  You Can Accomplish What You Will!*

* as written by the Honorable Alton H Madoxx on 8/16/2014 & just know that the Blak Smith MORE THAN APPROVES this MESSAGE! 

REAL REVOLUTION starts at HOME & spreads ABOARD! Before WE in NY can do anything about Ferguson MO, WE gotta take care of securing Mr Orta first! He filmed the whole thing bcuz Garner was his friend & let those out there do what MUST be done! WE got work to do NY.......what's it gonna be? 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

TRAINING DAY - Part III - the OUTLOOK (Louder than a Bomb by Public Enemy)

Hmmmm......what do WE call this? Should WE call Michael Brown the SHOT HEARD 'round the WORLD? Should WE notify Sway & Tech so that WE can all collectively Should WE go get Larry Fishburne so that he can run screaming thru the School Daze campus? Can ALL BLOODS, CRIPS & LATIN GANGS UNITE wherever WE are under the BANNER of FAMILY finally? To do otherwise is foolish bcuz WE getting it really bad & if my Latino Brothers don't wanna recognize, what are y'all doing for Ramsey Orta? Stop being NICE to 'em & thinking that it can't happen to YOU & YOURS! Today, what I'm gonna do is break down what happened in the Lou from a METAPHYSICAL STANDPOINT!  I FOREWARN ya NOT to SCAN these articles bcuz there is too much to learn & to do so could mean yo peril. Let's get into it!

Before WE get into the TRAGEDY of how OUR SON, BROTHA, BEST FRIEND etc etc died, I wanna ask, "just who in the HELL is calling sharptone & crump? I other words, how does this PIPELINE work? It's been said that every 28 hours, a BM who didn't deserve it dies at the hands of racist white supremacy. As the Lou is a major city, don't they have peepo there who know peepo who can speak for his parents? What gives? All AmbuLance chaser gonna do is get that HUSH MONEY but this is the reason for this article as nothing will be as it's been for way too long now........WARNING, this article is gonna kinda be all over the place but at the end, WE gonna wrap it up nice & neat for ya so have patience. These articles ain't for you IMPATIENT READERS & WE go..............

WE gonna start this WAY OUT & then bring it home but....did ya see the last Super Moon on Sunday? What a sight to behold eh? Well.......any of my METAPHYSICIANS out there know that most RITUALS done by the d'evil are done around their hellidays & on these type of interstellar events. That last 1 a few days ago is gonna be the biggest in a long while & as I see it, the d'evil is gonna INCREASE the PRESSURE at the rate WE moving in bcuz this is all he's got - KILLING BM & niKKKa's! They do charts, numerology, ouija boards & whatever other occult shit they try & get ya to ignore while they use it whether ya BELIEVE in it or NOT! Those of US old enough may remember that nancy reagan didn't allow her (p)resident hubby to make any moves without consulting her psyciKKK advisor! Keep BELIEVING in them BULLSHIT MOFO's  named hey-zeus, moHAMad & heyBROHAM!

It was said by Dick Gregory that the reason the cops is so crazy now is bcuz they wear extra LEAD BULLETS around their gun belts by & now, WE should know that whatever seeps into ya bloodstream even in low doses, affects ya behavior. Them peepo out there are giving 'em HELL & WE SALUTE y'all for finally taking a stand! As nothing that they are doing is new, WE MUST know that their time is up & that they are in FULL SALT the EARTH MODE! But........something ya gotta know is.........about Cahokia aka, the EPICENTER of PYRAMIDS that run from the TOP of NORTH AMERIKA to the BOTTOM of SOUTH AMERIKA! That very ground there was HOLY GROUND! Did ya know that this is in East St Louis IL, just 10 miles away from Ferguson? Did y'all know that just perhaps, that East St Louis is the WILDEST PLACE in the U.S & is virtually 100% BLAK? That place makes CHIRAC look TAME but the POPULATION is small unless ya into HEAVY RESEARCH like Me & so...........WE NEED to LOOK at it ALL! WE already explained how that SUPER MOON is COSMIC & them planets are moving as WE are toward that MELANIN RISING like Tariq Nasheed has said. Ya need to stop bullshitting & check that Hidden Colors III like yesterday but.........this causes MERCURIAL BEHAVIOR in US bcuz REAL GROWTH is TURBULENT! I'm HAPPY for this TIME bcuz some of US ain't where some of US is!!!! Ya need to OVERSTAND that however ya LIVE! 

 (the Cahokia Mounds in East St Louis IL)

Or is it none of what was mentioned above? Could it all have been a mistake by a rogue cop with a bad attitude? How does a municipality HAVE the RIGHT to NOT tell the name of supposed PUBLIC SERVANTS who KILL CHILDREN!!! What mo' can they do? Where is that REBEL in YOU? How do WE know why this is happening so often now or................has it been like this but the internet........? Anyhoo......some dude in geneva whispers in some dudes ear in london - the london guy goes to frankfurt - the frank goes to sydney - the sydney guy goes to paris - the paris guy goes to new york & the new york guy makes a phone call  & says- somebody BLAK within 20 miles of those above mounds must be SACRIFICED to fulfill an age old PROPHECY just before that SUPER MOON comes out! Like Whitney Houston, leave his body on the street to INFLAME the PEEPO so that WE can now get rid of 'em using CIVIL UNREST as the reason! WE'LL call it GENTRIFICATION bcuz WE need the ENERGY from that LAND bcuz OUR TIME is UP! Make sure that he's a good kid to really piss 'em off. If riots ensue, EVICT 'em ALL after declaring the area a DISASTER AREA! hehehehehehehe! Ya just gotta luv those niggers eh?

Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

Everybody crazy & somebody gonn.......hey! Mannnnnnnnn, in this book, I expose how the just made to RETIRE LA county sheriff was getting all the drugs to the Entertainment Industry. Ya see..........THEY OWN EVERYTHING! They own the computer ya reading on, the credit card ya use to make purchases & even.......the very thoughts in yo head using MK-ULTRA programming. Cop this book bcuz it covers all aspects of CONTROL in the industry. Get it at OUR paypal e-mail account at for only $.99 til Aug 17th. For the print book, get at OUR fb page as Blak Smith & to get book directly; THANK YOU for YOUR SUPPORT & please....................BE at WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

So what's really hood? Where do WE go from here? To be honest with ya, WE don't know bcuz WE are NOW REDEFINING WHO WE IS! IDGAF who ya are................from this there is no going back! If ya scared to die then ya SCARED to LIVE! The OLD way of THOUGHT is DEAD bcuz whether ya LOVE or HATE what I say...................ya going thru this SHIT with Me. Even faraKKKoon has said that the MENTALITY of today's youth is what's needed bcuz as far as they are concerned, older niKKKa's is BULLSHITTING! As WE say in the hood, FUCK what ya HEARD! Michael Brown, I APOLOGIZE to ya for being a COWARD too long & making it so that YOU had to witness this atrocity so soon in yo life! BP, even when WE PISS each other the fuck off, I still luv ya but...................GTFOH with RELIGION! The only thing I RESPECT is LIFE

                                            - if WE continue is up to YOU -

Monday, August 11, 2014


So....did Y'ALL get it right yet? Before WE go into what WE came to this long blog post for as if I gave a fuKKK, did y'all know that the u.s is AGAIN bombing Iraq? Do y'all know that the SUPER MOON that WE had yesterday brings EXTRA BULL SHIT with it as I wasn't giving a fuKKK about NOTHING all day yesterday! WE on the VERGE of that NEXT THING bcuz my body is telling Me that SHI(F)T is about to CHANGE for real for real yo! How are YOU feeling? Man.......everyday is a NEW MAJOR HEADLINE & as the saying goes, "may you live in interesting times." Are WE there yet? Are the times interesting? How many Blak young Men have to get killed before WE rise up like the SISTA's did in the Lou last nite & got them niKKKa's turning to EACH OTHER to say collectively, that ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

To make sense of it all, ya MUST read Part I at

(DEVIL beating an ELDERLY WOMAN in CA)...............WAIT for OUR TURN aka NO MERCY!, I'm gonna do something that I used to do on  a constant basis but stopped......but every once in a while, I gotta let y'all know.........I'M NOT the 1 to FUCK WITH & here's why! Upon reading that a baby was killed in Queens NY last week, I was appalled & thought that I would lose my mind! While reposting the article, I had been informed that the article was a HOAX but it made Me FEEL so fucked up that I decided to run it anyway & look what happened in the Lou on Saturday nite.........another young BM dead at the hands of the PIGS for NOTHING! Didn't WE just bury Lawrence Campbell & Eric Garner over here on the east side? Nah man......the GLOVES are OFF & all that DIPLOMATIC SHIT is NOW DEAD!!! As far as I'm concerned, a standing army no longer has to DECLARE WAR on a POPULACE if ya already KILLING US at will! This is why I published that HOAX bcuz if that type of SHIT could be considered a HOAX, then OUR LIVES really have NO FUCKING VALUE at all ya USELESS EATERS! Get the point!

The time for PROTESTING, MARCHING, SINGING, buying symbolic HOODIES & appealing to the FEDS been up but those who don't know are gonna continue going down the same old tired route of getting sharptone, crump & all of these assorted characters to get that HUSH MONEY while the officer who killed 1 of US gets time off with pay, a raise, a promotion & the knowledge that he took another Blak Life. My writings reflect that & I find it quite ironic that I posted that article a day before the Lou situation popped off so that none of ya could say that the timing was all wrong! About 8 or 9 peepo told Me that the article was a hoax & to prove ya don't deserve my RESPECT, if ya gonna read Me, ya gotta READ the WHOLE FUCKING ARTICLE! Before I type anything, I research 1st so as to bring ya proper info to use so that ya don't get TRAPPED OFF bcuz over 95% of these young BM getting killed have NO FATHERS in the HOUSE so why the FUCK ya getting mad at Me for? Ya think I wanna attend MORE FUNERALS? For some reason, the FONT got small where I posted that the article was a hoax so who the FUCK ya getting at while calling names? WE now KNOW that the willy lynch letter was faked but it may as well be TRUE bcuz TOO MANY of US is living as if it's REAL! Being BLAK ain't no excuse & right about NOW, if yo MONKEY ASS ain't MAD, there's something VERY WRONG with ya but DIRECT yo ANGER properly! Some will OVERSTAND & some WON'T but it has been proven long ago that BP get upset about these things for 90 days & then forget about it & that's why I put Trayvon's pic above this segment................

This 1 goes out to those of ya who FEAR for my LIFE after I write such a scathing report on how I wish ALL POLICE choke on their own VOMIT mixed in with SHIT SANDWICHES & MAYO! Stop it! It seems like the more PASSIVE of US is the 1's that are DYING! To the BW, it is DIVINE for a MAN to DIE FIGHTING if WE already in a WAR that has been DECLARED on US since isabella got them MOORS outta SPAIN! PAY ATTENTION & really LISTEN to the 1st link above as it is an OURSTORY LESSON! Just today, I saw on the news that the police cannot stop ya from filming them but..........................don't be STUPID & be all up in front of 'em doing it if ya can help it! Look at what happened to Ramsey Orta aka, the dude who filmed the whole Eric Garner thing; Then after, check this out; Did y'all know about this? I keep telling y'all that this ain't a GAME & so if ya wanna get MAD at ME for SUSTAINING the PRESSURE of how ya need to FEEL, then COOL but if ya do it DISRESPECTFULLY, I'm gonna AIR ya the FUCK OUT bcuz right about NOW, IDGAF about yo FEELINGS in RELATION to TOO MANY of US DYING! I ain't gonna be explaining myself so get used to it or leave Me the FUCK ALONE! Delete Me & I won't ask to be taken back by yo PATHETIC ASSES but don't be looking for Me when the time comes & as a matter of FACT.............................I HATE THEM & not YOU! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR on the BEAST until they ALL DEAD!

Friday, August 8, 2014


THIS has to be the END of this type OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To all of US BLAK PEEPO still not over that WE HURT EACH OTHER bcuz WE's HURT & can't get over it, a big STFU to ya but when they literally KILLING OUR BABIES, ALL BETS are OFF MOTHERFUCKER! 

In a continuation of the ongoing police scandals rocking the New York City Police Department, three-month old infant Layla Smith has been pronounced dead following an August sixth incident. This closely follows the July seventeenth death of NYC resident Eric Garner after the use of a prohibited choke hold by officers against him. Garners death was ruled a homicide by the NYC medical examiners office.

Suzanne Smith, Layla’s mother, had been sitting on a bench in Queens waiting for the bus when Layla began to insistently cry. Knowing that her baby was hungry Ms. Smith began to breastfeed her daughter. Witnesses at the scene report that she was then approached by a NYPD Officer, later identified as Michael Fitzsimmons, who requested that she stop feeding the baby in public as it was “indecent”. Ms. Smith refused to comply with the directive and told Officer Fitzsimmons that she wasn’t doing anything illegal. Officer Fitzsimmons again insisted that she stop and threatened to arrest her for indecent exposure. Ms. Smith calmly responded to the Officer that he could not arrest her because breastfeeding in public wasn’t against the law.

“He got so mad at her”, said Tyrone Webb, who witnessed the unfortunate altercation. “He started yelling at her, saying that he was the police, and that she didn’t know s**t about what was against the law. He got all red in the face, pointing his finger right at her nose. She just sat there and kept feeding the baby calm as could be, being real polite and reasonable. Someone else tried to chime in and tell him he was wrong and he told the lady to shut up and mind her business.”

As the argument transpired the bus approached and Ms. Smith stood up and moved Layla to her other arm, momentarily exposing her whole breast to the Officer and other onlookers. Ms Smith then clipped her breastfeeding bra shut and went to get on the bus with her baby.

Sandra Parker, another witness to the incident, described what followed next: “He screamed at her to stop and told her that she was under arrest. When she ignored him and kept walking toward the bus he grabbed her by the back collar of her shirt and violently yanked her backwards. The poor baby just toppled out of her hands. She hit the ground and the poor little thing just started bleeding from her head. The Officer saw what happened and actually continued to cuff the mother while she began to scream. It was the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen!”

Onlookers grabbed the injured baby and attempted to staunch the flow of blood from her split head. Officer Fitzsimmons is reported to have made the statement to the crowd that “it was an accident but you can’t resist arrest”. Layla was transported to Queens Hospital Center. Her mother was taken to the precinct for processing. Layla subsequently died, without her mother, from her injuries at the hospital.*

Overview of New York Indecent Exposure Laws New York criminalizes exposure of a person, one of several offenses "against public sensibilities," where a person appears in a public place and exposes (or does not clothe) the private or intimate parts of his or her body. Section 245.01 of the New York Penal Code specifies that the offense does not apply to the breastfeeding of infants or to any person entertaining or performing in a play, exhibition, or show. However, the statute permits a city, town or village to adopt a local law prohibiting such exposure. 

To all y'all niKKKa's like al sharpton & others TALKING LOUD SHIT & ain't saying NOTHING, like GAY SEX, I ain't FUCKING witcha.......this is a HOAX but what IF something like this really happened? Who's READY to FIGHT & DIE for OUR FAMILIES? As ALL of this is POSSIBLE, think about it! This has been a b2a editorial. 

*- See more at:

** - See more at:

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Barack Obama BATTLES Iggy Azalea

The RAP BATTLE of the CENTURY & not even 2 MINUTES YO!!!!