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Why THEY will NEVA leave US ALONE Part V the Concluison

Yo! How y'all doin out there today? I'm hopin that all is well & WE MUST THANK all of y'all out there who have been SUPPORTIN the Blak Smith in all of his various endeavors. Thank all of y'all HATERS bcuz ya MOTIVATE me! For the past week, WE been talkin about how that KraKKa has been RAPIN US, AFRIKA & for the most part, wherever there are ABUNDANT RESOURCES! In such a situation, NOTHIN gets left to mere HAPPENSTANCE! This is why soetero was
(s)ELECTED so as to SMOOTH the way in for the 2nd berlin conference aka the SCRAMBLE for all of the worlds resources. Instead of outright WARS of CONQUEST, today THEY RULE thru the u.n bodies like the world bank, the imf & various ngo's which means non governmental organizations. WE can describe all of this by a quote long ago said by the devil as in kissingerman, who said, “Con­trol oil and you con­trol nations; con­trol food and you con­trol the peo­ple."* Pretty HEAVY!…

Why THEY will NEVA leave US ALONE Part IV


Can ya believe that WE already on Part IV of OUR ADVENTUROUS SERIES? Yea, WE detailin exactly why Afrika will go BLAK to it's ORIGINAL OWNERS & very SOON at that! Just bcuz ya stopped by means that YOU have decided that racist wite supremacy shall NOT WIN & that YOU have done all that ya can to SEE US VICTORIOUS wherever WE may be. IDGAF who says any DIFFERENT but WE ALL have a CLAIM STAKED in seein my MOTHER/FATHER RISE UP & that don't mean government & shit.......nah, I'm talkin about the 3 NECCESSITIES of LIFE as in FOOD, CLOTHIN & SHELTER! As Che Guevera said back in the days, "all wealth comes from LABOR." WE got WORK to do that don't require US to be on a j.o.b! That SHIT is playin out more & more everyday bcuz more & more, I'm hearin US sayin that WE ain't workin no j.o.b anymo! Awaken that MELANIN yo! Let's go in!

The Blak Smith has been havin fun despite the HEAVY SUBJECT MA…

Why THEY will NEVA leave US ALONE Part III


(Afrika is SO MUCH MORE than WE THINK!)

So.......ya made it BLAK2AFRIKA? How y'all doin? WE still here despite the krakka's BULLSHIT & ya gotta persevere thru these & TIMES! Like Nas said on What Goes Around, "WE WILL GET THRU THIS" so stay UP! In today's WORLD all kinda CRAZY SHIT is still goin on but do ya see that it's OVER for HIM? The krakka's system is officially in a COMA & slippin FAST & just like WE had a cold ass WINTER, I hope WE have a HOT ASS SUMMA so that these non MELINATED mofo's BURN like that FIRE 'pon ROME! If YOU are RELIGIOUS, YO ass is a kkkristian bcuz as I always say, ya gotta have an OFFICIAL CHARTER from the vatiKKKan if ya have a WORLDWIDE RECOGNIZED RELIGION! The reason why there were RUMORS that the next pope would be BLAK was bcuz the only place where RELIGIOUS FLOCKS are INCREASIN are in Afrika! If that's ya program,…

Why THEY will NEVA leave US ALONE! Part II


WE at b2 gotta keep goin despite the many HATERS that LURK on the net waitin to get at US. After you've learned that THEY target only those of US who are makin a difference, ya shake it off & CONTINUE as if THEY don't even exist. I've had to do that PLENTY of TIMES on different continents & I'm still here. How y'all doin out there & what do ya think of US goin STRONG for almost 4 years now? What does that say for some of y'all who have come, gone, came & WENT AGAIN? I see y'all startin SHIT & seein DEFEAT but OUR COLLECTIVE is TRIUMPHANT & gainin MORE STEAM as the days go. If NOT, ya best to get with the WINNIN TEAM & as WE here for a LIMITED TIME only:

So before WE get into OUR FEATURE story, WE gotta give it up BIG TIME for a GREAT R & B Man who left US with so much GREAT MUSIC to FOLLOW behind …

Why THEY will NEVA leave US ALONE!


How long will THEY KILL OUR PROPHETS while WE just sit by & look? Bob Marley
                                                                                                                      Redemption Song

Yea today, WE gonna talk about my Mama & Father Land, Afrika! Look up there at how HAPPY HE/SHE is! WE gonna get her BLAK to where SHE supposed to be but for now, allow the EARTH to cleanse herself as ONLY SHE can. Hurricane sandy & sandy hook was all a part of the game can't ya see? The EARTH is into ETHNIC CLEANSIN! As I forgot my manners, I apologize & so HOW are WE my peepo? Y'all know I LUV US right? Are ya TIRED yet? Are ya still SLAVIN at a 9 - 5 that ya absolutely Are ya wonderin as to when ya gonna finally be able to GET ALONG with that BW who's so BEAUTIFUL? Ain't ya just TIRED of bein TIRED? Are ya ready to shed that RELIG…

Scratch (Hip-hop.documentary)

Image (title of article)

And how about Nas goin in here?:

Ya say ya LUV GRAFITTI? Style Wars from pbs:

So, lil wayne has suffered seizures eh? THEY MAY be tryin to get rid of him in order to USHER in a NEW ERA!I went in on names a few months ago on here where I said that drake seems to be the heir apparent! Look at the definition of his name AGAIN:

drake drake2    /dreɪk/ Show Spelled[dreyk] Show IPA

1. a small cannon, used especially in the 17th and 18th centuries.
2. drake fly.
3. Archaic . a dragon.
before 900; Middle English; Old English draca < Latin dracō dragon*

WE must remember who's RUNNIN this SHIT! WE must also remember that drake like soetero, is a GLITTERIN MULATTO & bein that there ain't enough DEVILS, THEY tryin to come BLAK thru US so WE must be careful! drake is a self admitted khazar aka, the so called jew!!! These kra…

Brand Nubian - Wake Up that MELANIN (in the Sunshine)

Image Ain't it about that TIME? HIS TIME is UP!

Base Resonant Freqency

(the PORTAL to ya NEW LIFE in apt 5D)

This is where WE at as a BLAK PEEPO & today, I'm gonna go INSIDE with Y'ALL & hope that WE can all take this ride. I promise that I'll keep it short. That title up top was described to me by my main dude named Shaheed. He came by the crib last nite talkin about how the Base Resonant Frequency as measured by Nikola Tesla & then some dude named schumann, affects US & who WE are. To those of ya who need a lil more insight, this is on the CELLULAR LEVEL! Of course when ya look it up, it says a whole lotta high falutin language that sounds all complex but it simply means that ya DNA has been AWAKENED, NEVER to fall ASLEEP AGAIN! If ya can't feel it, it wasn't for YOU to get yet! Those BIG WORDS THEY usin is to TRICK US into THINKIN that WE can't grasp concepts that require LAYERED THINKIN in the ABSTRACT bcuz "I barely graduated from high school!" In the last 6 …

Mr Medicinal (Grandad Smokes WEED)


Ayo! Let's talk a lil about gettin HIGH today! The ONLY THING that WE should be usin to do that that I know of is that LEAF, that SENSIMILIA, that PIFF, that LOUD, that STICKY ICKY, that HERB, that MEAN GREEN, that LA, that REEFER & so many TREES WE can't even count 'em. I wrote about all this in my book in Chapter 9, entitled Drugs & Alcohol though WE now know that MARYJANE as WE know it is NOT a DRUG in that, IT AIN'T SYNTHESIZED! It's a MEDICINAL HERB & the u.s is finally comin to grips with that FACT! As I was browsin the net this mornin, I found this news item I wasn't even lookin for: Hey, WE can approch this topic HUMOROUSLY & this is why I put the Boondocks as the example to glean from.…

Get HEALTHY with Dr Blak Smith & his MASTER TEACHERS


WE BLAK in effect! Hey b2a & how the HELL are WE? I hope WE good & just to remind US, WE gonna get a lil healthy here & why not? While browsin the web, I found this INFO as provided by the recently deceased Dr Andoh of Ghana. In keepin with tellin Y'ALL that WE gonna be speakin on Afrikan issues, I found this & found it appropriate to tell US ALL as well. WE don't want ya gettin to the Cosmic Party all worn out & stuff. WE HOPE that by now that ya ain't eatin BEEF, PORK, SOY or any of that anymore. WE hope that ya drinkin plenty of kangen water. WE hope that ya eatin more VEGGIES that ya grew yaself as WE shouldn't even be trustin stores like whole foods & the like. WE hope that ya eatin as HEALTHY as POSSIBLE! WE hope that ya not drinkin WHOLE COW MILK ( or eatin ANY WHITE FOODS such as white rice, white bread or white sugar which is an outright CANCER FEEDER!: http://black2afrika.blogs…

Ethiopia and the history not seen


This my friends is a PIC based on the Battle of Adwa which happened in Ethiopia durin the late 1890's. This was the 1st time that them just joined up i-talians TRIED to take over STOLEN LEGACY style & like how the khazar is tryin to CONFUSE ya into thinkin that THEY are INDEGENOUS to palestine, the vatiKKKan tried to do same there so as to CLAIM that THEY originated kkkhristianity. At b2a, WE dispel all MYTHS! WE here at b2a have been remiss in reportin on the going on's in Afrika & as I just learned of this flick, I felt that I had to post it! Lately, it seems like jootube ain't allowin direct download links to go DIRECTLY to the movie & this is why ya gotta go into the link & then into the movie. THEY probably tryin to stop it bcuz of the studios BITCHIN but that don't stop US! Our mission statement at b2a is to give Y'ALL the best info out there as much as humanly possible. As things are happenin, let…

Big SHIT goin ON & POPPIN!

Big SHIT always be GOIN ON! Where ya at in the grand equation of things? I think that TO MANY of US still don't BELIEVE that the krakka's TIME is UP! THEY makin all kinda confessions & it will continue. What I wanna do here is take note of just SOME of the SHIT that has POPPED OFF in the last few months of 2012 & til today on March 9th 2013. Look at the title pic & wonder if it's YOU makin that face. This is b2a & if ya BLAK & RIGHTEOUS, WE got yo BLAK!

SHITuation # 1 - george hw bush & bill gates SUPPOSEDLY get arrested as them n.w.o types  probably THINK that them bein NICE to Blak Peepo really matters & especially THOSE who have already showed US THEY ASS!: As I don't profess to know much about this so called arrest, what I will say was that there were PLENTY speakin & writin on it as in:…

The Revolution Hugo Chavez.(Documentary)

Image the DOCUMENTARY & Failed Coup

So.........when will it ALL end? How long will THEY KILL OUR PROPHETS whle WE stand aside & look? Who knows? THEY, as in the n.w.o TOOK another 1 from US AGAIN & big PROPS out to the MAN who stood up to this BULLY, refusin to cave in to THEIR demands til his DEATH! He goes along a SHORT LINE of GREATS defeated but NEVA loss to 'em. If ya don't know who I'm speakin of, I'm talkin bout the GREAT Hugo Chavez, populist president of the oil rich Venezuela who didn't have 1 fuKKK to give when it came to the monroe doctrine influence of the usKKKa over the western hemisphere. That dude called george w bush the "DEVIL" & called soetero a PAYASO. As y'all don't know what that means, that is a spanish word so look it up.

Y'all need to check out some of my past articles. Last year in this article, http://black2afrika.blogspot…