Sunday, March 31, 2013

Why THEY will NEVA leave US ALONE Part V the Concluison

Yo! How y'all doin out there today? I'm hopin that all is well & WE MUST THANK all of y'all out there who have been SUPPORTIN the Blak Smith in all of his various endeavors. Thank all of y'all HATERS bcuz ya MOTIVATE me! For the past week, WE been talkin about how that KraKKa has been RAPIN US, AFRIKA & for the most part, wherever there are ABUNDANT RESOURCES! In such a situation, NOTHIN gets left to mere HAPPENSTANCE! This is why soetero was
(s)ELECTED so as to SMOOTH the way in for the 2nd berlin conference aka the SCRAMBLE for all of the worlds resources. Instead of outright WARS of CONQUEST, today THEY RULE thru the u.n bodies like the world bank, the imf & various ngo's which means non governmental organizations. WE can describe all of this by a quote long ago said by the devil as in kissingerman, who said, “Con­trol oil and you con­trol nations; con­trol food and you con­trol the peo­ple."* Pretty HEAVY!

As WE continue thrue the VENUE..........WE gotta get BLAK to exactly WHO WE ARE if WE know who that is supposed to be. WE are the SHIT & I mean that in a GREAT WAY so to those of US too OLD/YOUNG to get that, go MARINATE! Ok, so what are WE to do? IDK! The problems that racist wite supremacy presents to YOU depend on where ya are, what ya do, who ya do it with, when ya do it & how ya doin it. The problems of a dude from the south Bronx & Nairobi are perhaps SIMILAR but not the SAME! The Blak Smith cannot fight the bristish the same way that Dedan Kimathi fought 'em durin the colonial period of Kenya. If ya don't know who he is, RESEARCH him! I'm gettin to a point here so have a lil patience with me here. As Afrikan Peepo, WE need to stop bein NAIVE from OUR # 1 PROBLEM & on a personal level, WE deal with too much FEAR! While in Afrika, I used to ALWAYS tell peepo if ya don't like me, bein that ya ain't gonna do SHIT to me, do whatever MAGIC ya got bcuz my shit is STRONGER than YOURS! My mentality is a STEEL TRAP yo & I am not always RIGHT but peepo don't CHANGE that much! RIGHT is RIGHT & WRONG is WRONG wherever ya go & that's NO MATTER WHAT! In that regard, WE hope that ya TRULY BELIEVE that 

To those of US who are really into REAL CHANGE, WE know that no amount of RELIGION, MONEY, ACCOMPLISHMENT (unless it's ANTI THEM) or whatever is gonna make a difference in OUR PLIGHT! What are YOU doin about that? If YOU still livin the way that THEY wany ya to live, don't BLAME anyone outside of SELF when ya get victimized! This SHITSTEM is based on PIMPS & WHORES yo! Which are YOU? What I mean by that is goin to THEY skkkools, takin THEY meds, takin in THEIR MEDIA such as RAP MUSIC, THEIR movies & NEWS & eatin THEIR gmo food. They've POISONED the WELL that WE spring from! This absolutely has to STOP & it will but I wanna RUSH that SHIT so that WE can LIVE the way WE supposed to. Peepo are dyin in record numbers y'all! I say it like this bcuz

Part of gettin outta this is to not have FEAR! Ya LIFE is NOTHIN compared to the STRUGGLE! If ya have to give up ya LIFE for a BLAK CHILD, ya BETTER do it or get accused with COWARDICE! That krakka is on a 1 way ticket to EXTINCTION & when it happens, it won't be the fault of US bcuz that level of KILLIN just ain't in OUR NATURE! Of course, I'd PREFER that ya take DOZENS of 'em with ya if ya have to but..............anyhoo, the CONCLUSION that I will again address is this! For years now, I've been talkin about a 1 DAY WORLD WIDE BLAK OUT wherein BP EVERYWHERE NOT WORK for just 1 DAY! WE DON'T have to re-invent any wheels as WE already have BLAK SOLIDARITY DAY in early november. I always talk about how durin the ups strike in the late 90's how CLUELESS these KraKKa's are to the ACTUAL WORK that need to be done instead of sittin in air conditioned offices while eatin gourmet cuisine while WE humpin in WINTER COLD, abject HEAT & dealin with the BULL SHIT that goes with OUR LIVES. Could ya make a DECISION for all of US to just do 1 THING for just 1 day?


Ya see, it's really all quite simple. Today right here & now, I'm gonna separate the WHEAT from the CHAFF with this message. If ya really SIRIUS about US bein LIBERATED, what I want ya to do is SPREAD this MESSAGE as FAR & WIDE to any BLAK PEEPO that feel the same way WE do. As said in the GREATEST MOVIE I've ever watched,!/2012/02/spook-who-sat-by-door-1-of-greatest.html,** WE have to STOP doin what WE'VE already done to get somethin NEW! To my knowledge, there has NEVER been a day of PROTEST on an INTERNATIONAL LEVEL involvin US that I know of & if other ethnics decide to get with US, the better but WE don't need 'em as WE suffered thru our PECULIAR INSTITUTION the way ONLY WE know how WE did! So before I sign off on this series, all that I ask is that ya spread the word that if it ain't break down by then, that WE as BP STRIKE on Blak Solidarity in early November to FIGHT rws with no speeches or anythin & that WE just do BIZ with OURSELVES for 1 day & let them KraKKa's do some REAL WORK! If ya scared, GTF off my blog! YOU are now left for ya conscience to be yo GUIDE!


WE at b2a don't know what ya hear about US but if ya loyal to US, ya GOTTA do SOMETHIN! I & others like myself have real - eyesed that WE ain't gonna get rid of 'em thru killin 'em but do y'all REAL EYES that the majority of Indigenous Peepo were KILLED off thru CHEMICAL & BIOLOGICAL WARFARE thru diseases that THEY had no IMMUNITY to? Kill that krakka in YOU by KNOWIN that MONEY ain't gonna be what FREES US bcuz WE still playin in HIS GAME! WE don't have to fire a shot & THEY would then make it ILLEGAL to skip work if not SICK or if someone in ya family is dyin. WTH yo! I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me is available with Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die right behind it. Get at US at & on fb, I'm, Blak Smith (Blak Smiff).

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Why THEY will NEVA leave US ALONE Part IV


Can ya believe that WE already on Part IV of OUR ADVENTUROUS SERIES? Yea, WE detailin exactly why Afrika will go BLAK to it's ORIGINAL OWNERS & very SOON at that! Just bcuz ya stopped by means that YOU have decided that racist wite supremacy shall NOT WIN & that YOU have done all that ya can to SEE US VICTORIOUS wherever WE may be. IDGAF who says any DIFFERENT but WE ALL have a CLAIM STAKED in seein my MOTHER/FATHER RISE UP & that don't mean government & shit.......nah, I'm talkin about the 3 NECCESSITIES of LIFE as in FOOD, CLOTHIN & SHELTER! As Che Guevera said back in the days, "all wealth comes from LABOR." WE got WORK to do that don't require US to be on a j.o.b! That SHIT is playin out more & more everyday bcuz more & more, I'm hearin US sayin that WE ain't workin no j.o.b anymo! Awaken that MELANIN yo! Let's go in!

The Blak Smith has been havin fun despite the HEAVY SUBJECT MATTER as Afrika is my LOVE & I would NEVA tell any of YA any different. WE left off with S & all of the things that this letter brings. That SUN of FOREVER has been named as GOD aka SOL or the SON as GOD but not G(old) O(il) or D(iamonds) in this case. WE can ENERGIZE Afrika TOTALLY once SOLAR PANELIN becomes cost effective as is happenin as YOU read this here. Let's get into T & what WE can get from there & WE gonna begin with TANZANITE! Any LOVER of Afrika would have recognized that this word begins with TANZAN & if ya never heard of it, it can only be found in Tanzania. But check this, it was Tiffany's Jewelry Shop in nyc that named this thing from Afrika. THEY namin the STUFF that belongs to US yo! Titanium is mined at it greatest numbers at richard bays minerals in again, South Afrika? Or how about the world's largest TIN mine in Uis Namibia?  Are ya ready for the TAKEOVER of all this like Mugabe did not far away in a place named

Let's get into a BIG BOY & now talk about that SHIT that krakka needs to WEAPONIZE & in that, WE talkin bout URANIUM!: Again, jumpin around the alphabet, WE see that the BEST SOURCE of it in the WORLD is found in Central Afrika & more particularily in Chad, Gabon & Namibia. This stuff is HIGHLY TOXIC & is used for NUCLEAR ENERGY. WE could talk about it all day. To get just a feel of what this is all about, check this 3 minute trailer out: From here, WE go into V & hmmmm.......V is not too popular but how about Vanadium? This stuff is used as a STEEL ADDITIVE so as  to make it stiff & hard so that it all stands up. This stuff is found in South Afrika & is a known micro nutrient. Now WE go to OUR MOST PRECIOUS RESOURCE of ALL & that is the W aka that Afrikan WOMAN & please note that I'm talkin about the Afrikan WOMAN wherever she may be! This ARTICLE about AFRIKANS is for ALL of US WORLDWIDE as I make NO DISTINCTION for US unless ya ain't AFRIKAN or claim MOORISH SOVEREIGNTY!

Yea, the Afrikan WOMAN has suffered TERRIBLY as she has seen her MEN BEATEN, SHOT, STABBED, TORTURED, ABUSED (mentally & spiritually) & KILLED! Though YOU have also witnessed this personally, most typically the BM has SUFFERED thru this physically, especially in tryin to keep his FAMILY intact! In particular, the Afrikan ameriKKKan woman was DISPLACED, RAPED, & MINDFUCKED to the point of ADAPTIN to this BULLSHIT that WE wakin up out of so my SISTA's, when I write these words, THEY come from a place of OVERSTANDIN & NOT ANGER! And if I am ANGRY, it ain't with US! I know how to channel the energy thru the very words ya readin right now! Also, bcuz YOU were BUILT to be EMOTIONAL, in a lotta cases, ya won't be able to get what I'm sayin without REACTIN & so.......regardless of what WE say, WE ain't goin nowhere without each other! So.........YOU could get with this: but I would PREFER to get with THAT:

I know Y'ALL are prolly like, what the HELL is the Blak Smith gonna find for X? X is for xenon & tada, it's the ony NATURAL GAS that I've spoken of so far! Accordin to wikipedia, Xenon is used in flash lamps, arc lamps and as a general anesthetic. The first excimer laser design used a xenon dimer molecule (Xe2) as its lasing medium and the earliest laser designs used xenon flash lamps as pumps.Xenon is also being used to search for hypothetical weakly interacting massive particles and as the propellant for ion thrusters in spacecraft.  

Don't think bcuz ya NEVA heard of it that this makes it UNIMPORTANT! As already said, Afrika has EVERYTHING in it! I would look up somethin for Y but WE already covered that Uranium & the the best is found in Central Afrika. After THEY process it into YELLOW CAKE, it's LETHAL to MILLIONS! WE will cover YAMS though & how abundant they are there. Like soy, 1 could make it for the tastes of the region. FOOD in Afrika is way too abundant & what causes DROUGHT is THEM fuckin with the weather with they haarp machines & sattelites. WE know the deal! But let's finish this alphabet stuff as WE already went from Azania to Zambia, from Angola to Zaire. When 1 thinks of all of the resources in Afrika, I never thought of Morocco as havin the largest ZINC production in all of Afrika. I never knew what Morocco had before today. Of course South Afrika is 2nd. Zinc is TOO IMPORTANT in that it increases SPERM COUNT & is NATURALLY in most UNPROCESSED FOODS! As a matter of fact, ZINC is a MUST yo! Check this out!: On a SCIENTIFICAL LEVEL, this dude CAME OUT bcuz he depleted all of his ZINC from 1 too many ejaculations. BM, I know OUR WOMEN are seXXXy but WE not supposed to be cummin EVERY DAY! Multiply ya age by 2% meaning, if ya age 30, ya must COME no more than every 6 days. If ya 40, every 8 days & so on. When she WANTS it, learn how to INJACULATE so as to keep ZINC in ya for MAXIMUM OUTPUT in all that ya do! This for ALL of US! That krakka has SEXUALIZED all of US into thinkin sex drugs & rock & roll all day erry day! DAMN!

This was just the tip of the iceberg. Conservative ESTIMATES from reports state that the Congo alone has 24 TRILLION DOLLARS worth of RESOURCES that are UNTOUCHED!: How in HELL is ANY AFRIKAN STARVIN yo? WE still soldier on though! When this SHIT finally goes down, will Continental Afrikans show LOVE or will this DIVIDE between US as a PEEPO still be THERE! WE are MORE ALIKE than DIFFERENT & WE MUST be FRANK about who WE are to EACH OTHER! As the GREAT KRS - 1 always says: (listen to the first 15 seconds) This is OUR TIME NOW so get READY to do what must be done! Ase O!

                                                      - to be continued -

So, the Blak Smith has already warned ya that the new berlin conference aka the SCRAMBLE for Afrika is on. Not to worry, that krakka is in a krippled koma! He's doin the BUILDIN necessary for US to later REMIX so as not to DESTROY MotherFather EARTH! Stay tuned & in Part V, WE let ya see in other ways how Afrika is still gettin it hard. Get ya orders in for I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me ASAP as THEY goin FAST! Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die is on the way. Get at me! I'm at & on fb, I'm at Blak Smith (Blak Smith). WAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Why THEY will NEVA leave US ALONE Part III

(Afrika is SO MUCH MORE than WE THINK!)

So.......ya made it BLAK2AFRIKA? How y'all doin? WE still here despite the krakka's BULLSHIT & ya gotta persevere thru these & TIMES! Like Nas said on What Goes Around, "WE WILL GET THRU THIS" so stay UP! In today's WORLD all kinda CRAZY SHIT is still goin on but do ya see that it's OVER for HIM? The krakka's system is officially in a COMA & slippin FAST & just like WE had a cold ass WINTER, I hope WE have a HOT ASS SUMMA so that these non MELINATED mofo's BURN like that FIRE 'pon ROME! If YOU are RELIGIOUS, YO ass is a kkkristian bcuz as I always say, ya gotta have an OFFICIAL CHARTER from the vatiKKKan if ya have a WORLDWIDE RECOGNIZED RELIGION! The reason why there were RUMORS that the next pope would be BLAK was bcuz the only place where RELIGIOUS FLOCKS are INCREASIN are in Afrika! If that's ya program, don't come to me with it as YOU will be REJECTED outta hand!

Ok, WE done JUMPED OFF! WE last left off at MELANIN & how that krakka ABSOLUTELY NEEDS it! THEY process it to make MELATONIN which helps them niKKKa's sleep. Everywhere I go, I see way too many bi-racials which means that, most of 'em are from the BM & I have a problem with that! Anyhoo, STOP givin it to 'em! Now let's go BLAK a lil & let's get into NIGERIA, the home of Afrika's GREATEST MODERN AUTHOR, Chinue Achebe. This man was a major leader durin the BIAFRAN WAR that happened there. Find out about this dude for real & to get ya started, here goes: NIGERIA is a very IMPORTANT & STRATEGIC LOCATION as it on the western horn of Afrika. In Ghana, way too many peepo are AFRAID of Nigerians bcuz of it's REPUTATION but those were the dudes I fucked with bcuz THEY remind me of NY NIGGAS! In my world travellin experiences, if ya met someone BLAK not native to whatever country, almost 90% of the time, they were Afrikan ameriKKKan or Nigerian. Big RESPECT to my NAIJA PEEPO!

It ain't that Nigeria is any better or worse than anywhere else in Afrika. Nah, bcuz there are over 100 Million peepo there makes 'em very COMPETITIVE! Lagos State (metro Lagos) has more peepo in it than the WHOLE of GHANA! With all of the GOD there as in OIL, there is NO REASON why anyone in Afrika should be HUNGRY or HOMELESS! I said AFRIKA as most of these countries are gettin the STANDARD 5% for their OWN RESOURCES!: Check that BIAFRAN WAR HISTORY out yo! Look at what happened to perhaps the most FERTILE places on the earth in the Delta! Check out Ken Saro Wiwa & the Ogoni 8. Read THINGS FALL APART! Why is there such a thing in Afrika named the RESOURCE CURSE?! I set y'all up in Part II when I told y'all that back in the day, LEADERS were KILLED & the next up to rule, depended on that outside iron FIST to keep the peepo down. The AFRIKAN is POOR though Afrika is RICH!

WE don't need to get too much into OIL bcuz ya favorite peepo run the G & D (oppenheimers), O, the bush(its), cheney & that clique with ALL of 'EM CONTROLLIN the L(and) thru THEIR militaries. Let's get into P now & all of the PRECIOUS METALS that WE never even hear about. Why did this happen?: I got this line from wikipedia: Despite its significant mineral and other resources (uranium reserves in Bakouma, crude oil, gold, diamonds, lumber, hydropower) and its arable land, the Central African Republic remains one of the poorest countries in the world and among the ten poorest countries in Africa. Again, Quartz is all up in South Afrika! What's happenin in Mali? WE could go from A to Z with all of the PM's in Afrika on 2 lists & not put same twice. Every Afrikan in the WORLD should be worth the equivalent of $250,000. I ain't said FAMILY, I said EVERY AFRIKAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do any of Y'ALL know about all of the RUBBER that was in Liberia & how firestone REENSLAVED the peepo there for it? Damn yo! w.e DUBIOUS had a lot to do with that so check ya BOOKS!: How about RHODIUM? Again, wikipedia had this to say; The main exporter of rhodium is South Africa (approximately 80% in 2010) followed by Russia. What about S? Sure WE could talk about SILVER, SODIUM or even SULFUR but what about all of those WARS for the SALT MINES durin the MAAFA?: In case ya don't have enuff time, the very 1st sentence in this article says: Salt is an essential ingredient for life and health. Taste that before WE move on!

The ONLY REASON why Afrika was never taken over totally was bcuz of the fact that it is SO HOT! The reason for that is the SUN! SOLAR POWER is what's gonna CHANGE the WORLD & THEY CAN'T STOP the SUN! WE'VE told Y'ALL over & over that there have been peepo who can use AIR & WATER as FUEL! Who remembers this OLDIE but GOODIE?: As far as Afrika is concerned, there should be NO OTHER WAY! Even durin the rainy season, there is PLENTY of SUN for ALL! When I lived in Ghana, a totally OVERCAST day was RARE! I said in Part II that the HEAT coupled with WATER makes STEAM & the SUN makes that HEAT possible. The peepo have been BLESSED with all that NATURE MADE for US to LIVE & LIVE WELL as WE don't have to hunt for SUSTINENCE! If ya hungry, YOU can EAT! That krakka was in the COLD & became EVIL as he had to learn the ways of ANIMALS. This is why til this day, THEY like THEIR steak RARE! He NEEDS BLOOD like the DEVIL he is! He knew that WE banned him from the GARDEN & this is why he's payin US BLAK! Stop tryin to CIVILIZE him & as Robert Nestor Marley said, "they've got to fufill the BOOK!" My question to YOU though is what BOOK are ya believin in?

I think WE covered enuff ground thus far. In Part IV comin soon, WE gonna go into the rest of the alphabet as in T-Z. WE'VE been gettin rave revues for these articles & please know that these RESOURCES are just the tip of the iceberg. At b2a, OUR BOOKS are OUR RESOURCES & WE wish to fill ya mind with TRUTH! I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me is AVAILABLE! Get ya signed copy by hittin me up here: & on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Boom bye bye Hip Hop will neva DIE comin SOONER than ya think. If possible, buy my book from me as I get the LIONS SHARE of the money. If ya buy it at the site, I get very LITTLE & I can't sign it! WARRRRRRRRR!!!!

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Why THEY will NEVA leave US ALONE! Part II

WE at b2 gotta keep goin despite the many HATERS that LURK on the net waitin to get at US. After you've learned that THEY target only those of US who are makin a difference, ya shake it off & CONTINUE as if THEY don't even exist. I've had to do that PLENTY of TIMES on different continents & I'm still here. How y'all doin out there & what do ya think of US goin STRONG for almost 4 years now? What does that say for some of y'all who have come, gone, came & WENT AGAIN? I see y'all startin SHIT & seein DEFEAT but OUR COLLECTIVE is TRIUMPHANT & gainin MORE STEAM as the days go. If NOT, ya best to get with the WINNIN TEAM & as WE here for a LIMITED TIME only:

So before WE get into OUR FEATURE story, WE gotta give it up BIG TIME for a GREAT R & B Man who left US with so much GREAT MUSIC to FOLLOW behind & his name is Bobby Smith. This dude was an ORIGINAL member of the Spinners & for those of y'all too young to know, THEY were 1 of the TOP R & B groups of their era. This was just 1 of their GREATEST HITS: Ya boy, r kelly who just lost his HOUSE to the i.r.s a few weeks ago made it over. He bought that house in the 90's for $3Million & THEY got it for $950,000. What is r doin lately? Know ya HISTORY & this is why I post GREAT SONGS that express how I FEEL about certain SHITUATIONS! Pour a LIBATION fellow musicians if ya can RELATE! That's part of just HOW it goes DOWN in b2a. That's how THEY get US but let's get into Part II of OUR SERIES & what WE got to say about G as in GOD aka GO(l)D! Anything ya know about measurement, whether ya know it or not deals with a measure of RATIONIN a CURRENCY & what it's EQUAL VALUE is! Thousands of books have been written about GOLD & the quest for it. Let's go there a lil.

Just a few weeks ago, I had a lot to say in a series I did on money. Check just some ot here:

"So WE know that durin the 1300's, my GREAT KING, Mansa Musa flooded the gold market of Mecca to the point that it COULDN'T correct itself for 4 years! In researchin this topic, wikipedia started their GOLD STANDARD page with roman silver coins in britian in 796 AD but these krakka's ain't slick yo! For beginners, europe has virtually NO RESOURCES & Afrikans had the gold standard for YEARS before & so.........THEY full of SHIT! Remember, the Moors CIVILIZED the iberian peninsula & bought those fast regressin krakka's SYSTEMS of GOVERNANCE that THEY are still usin til this day! They went in 711 AD & these niKKKa's wanna act like 796 is antiquity. Maybe to them it is bcuz as of 12/21/12, WE are in a new dispensation of time aka, a NEW AGE!"*

Where are there MASS gold deposits outside of Afrika? Where were these leperchauns that SUPPOSEDLY were guardin all that GOLD from? They were the very ORIGINAL PEEPO named the Twa who predate all other CIVILIZED BLAKS from way BLAK in the day! They guarded the GOLD that has HEALIN PROPERTIES & why this precious STONE is so valued even til this day. Til this day, there are Afrikans who claim that a READY PERSON has been showered with GOLD DUST! Today, most Blak Peepo think of GOLD as JEWELRY but why were some metals more valuable than others? GOLD conducts ELECTRICITY but is VALUABLE & that's why COPPER gets the nod on that. The very jesus some of Y'ALL still believe in was delivered GOLD, FRANKINCENSE & MYRHH! Peepo have been KILLIN each other for it since way back & most of it is in Afrika! Them niKKKa's will NEVA LEAVE US ALONE!

If ya knew some of the SHIT that goes on in these's SLAVERY of another sort all over again! Not to mention on how THEY basically have to RAPE the LAND it comes from. Afrika has been ruled for too long by those not NATIVE to her! They ruin the LAND & then LEAVE the peepo behind with the most fertile LAND INFERTILE! THEY dig way down in her, deep into the EARTH's CORE just like them krakka's did to that YOUNG GAL in a time to KILL, the movie with Samuel Jackson. Those LANDS ain't meant to be mined & those mines are ALWAYS fallin in. If every so often it happens here in the ameriKKKa's:, what makes ya THINK it ain't happenin over there? There are WAY MORE mines in Afrika than over here as practically ALL of the REAL RESOURCES are there! Do ya remember this?: DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's move on to H now & let's say, hmmmmmm, H in this case is for HEAT! Not that miami shit but that REAL HEAT that can be TRAPPED & used as STEAM combined with WIND! WE still on H so stick with me; HEAT is GREAT & I suggest that everyone there should know at least substinence FARMING for that FOOD that WE already spoke on. Certain things need HUMIDITY to grow. Before Atta Mills passed on to bein an ancestor, he had approved gmo FOODS but would not allow HOMOSEXUALITY laws to be eased in Ghana. I still believe that he was KILLED but ya know.......ameriKKKans at that level ain't HONEST so WE won't know what happened for a while. WE now move into all of the INTELLIGENCE leavin Afrikan shores aka the BRAIN DRAIN. Peepo there are gettin graduate level degrees & goin off to europe & the us but bcuz of the worlwide economic crunch, are not stayin long. This sometimes confuses OUR IDENTITY but after that, WE get into JUNGLES & how THEY were made after the krakka ran all thru OUR HOMELAND! Yea, THEY the REASON why mosquitoes infect many with MALARIA as THEY went into those JUNGLES & sucked those pesky insects OUT! This how my JUNGLE looks:

Yea, THEY took away OUR KINGS! THEY took away OUR TRUE LEADERS! THEY took away OUR WAY which is the NATURAL ORDER or what is better known as MAAT! Let me tell ya how THEY did it in a lotta cases; THEY would come among a peepo & extract those who wanted MORE, got them against THEIR PEEPO with a TWISTED sense of RELIGION & when the peepo were confused & fightin, ATTACK the STRONG from info that the WEAK provided & were then appointed by proxy! Very often, it was as simple as askin, "who's in charge?" & when that person stepped up, he was SHOT & the question was asked again. The 2nd would usually say somethin like "you are" & he became the leader with the protection of that outside FORCE! THEY invented GUNS! This was all done for the purpose of LAND as most of europe was goin thru plagues & WARS so who the HELL wants to hear about what THEY were doin in caves in the COLD? WE already broke down that LAND is the basis for ALL & ALL that's needed for a VIABLE INDEPENDENT PEEPO is FOOD (& WATER from the land), CLOTHIN (COTTON that grows) & SHELTER (from wood planks)! Anything else is EXTRA as this ORDER, creates the conditions for those peepo on the LAND they just happen to be on at that period of that time. Read Destruction of Black Civilization by Chancellor Williams.

One of the GREATEST things that THEY need from US hardly ever gets mentioned but I talk about it perhaps too much. That krakka ABSOLUTELY CANNOT live without OUR MELANIN! Say what ya want but this a FACT to those in the know! Them KraKKa dudes is lookin for dark skinned SISTA's as most LIGHT SKINNED SISTA's wanna go BLAK HOME! Instinctively, that KraKKa knows he's outta here & though I HATE quotin the bible, it looks like the MEEK shall inherit the EARTH! Why do ya think I always tell US that the krakka has CONCEDED? Why do ya THINK that LATELY, the nypd has gone HOGWILD with the permission of bloomturd? THEY wanna disarm EVERY BM in nyc yo! Kimani Gray LIVES! Why do ya THINK that Hidden Colors II was subtitled the TRIUMPH of MELANIN? WE risin UP as THINGS FALL APART for THEM & WE would be remiss, if WE didn't bring up that Chinue Achebe who wrote 1 of the BIGGEST BOOKS ever in litaerature, passed away a few days ago at the age of 82. This dude was a big part of Nigerian culture & will be sorely missed!

For now, I think that WE'VE all had enough. THEY need OUR MELANIN & cases of just how THEY get it have already been done here. Them krakka's get TERRIBLE NITE MARES from all of the dna atrocities that THEY have committed all over the world. The WISEST PEEPO keep krakka's away from 'em! Dick Gregory told US that THEY may have harvested Treyvon's parts as he lay dying in the hospital, his MAMA & DADDY not knowin where he was. DAMN, just the THOUGHT.........anyhoo, WE gonna next get BLAK into it, startin with the letter N & that should be good. Stick around bcuz WE gonna be hittin US with a lot more of what I THINK WE need! WE gettin to that point yo & as I applied the FINISHIN TOUCHES, my dude Ray Ray called me & told me about this: As I know NOTHIN, make up ya mind what ya think about that. For now, stay BLAK & get with US in part III. WAARAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



                                                   - to be continued -

Man, I'm at an all time HIGH! These reports keep gettin tighter & tighter WE at b2a have it goin on! WE have so many passin on but BM & BW, NOW is OUR TIME! Keep on doin what ya doin & as much as possible, care about ya PEEPO! Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die is on deck! I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me is HERE! For ya personal copy, hit me here at or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WE apreciate the HELL outta Y'ALL & ask that ya support US by buyin the book. Get at US!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Why THEY will NEVA leave US ALONE!

How long will THEY KILL OUR PROPHETS while WE just sit by & look? Bob Marley
                                                                                                                      Redemption Song

Yea today, WE gonna talk about my Mama & Father Land, Afrika! Look up there at how HAPPY HE/SHE is! WE gonna get her BLAK to where SHE supposed to be but for now, allow the EARTH to cleanse herself as ONLY SHE can. Hurricane sandy & sandy hook was all a part of the game can't ya see? The EARTH is into ETHNIC CLEANSIN! As I forgot my manners, I apologize & so HOW are WE my peepo? Y'all know I LUV US right? Are ya TIRED yet? Are ya still SLAVIN at a 9 - 5 that ya absolutely Are ya wonderin as to when ya gonna finally be able to GET ALONG with that BW who's so BEAUTIFUL? Ain't ya just TIRED of bein TIRED? Are ya ready to shed that RELIGION that keeps on gettin exposed MORE & MORE by the day?: Man, with the soon comin COLLAPSE of the ECONOMY & niKKKa's strugglin with, what's a dude to do besides WRITE about it? Let's do exactly that!

Let's do it ALPHABETICALLY! The RAPE of my Mama is SOON OVER! WE'LL start with ALUMINUM which essentially, comes from BAUXITE as in Guinea is the LARGEST PRODUCER but accordin to THEM, australia, is where it is most mined. Then WE go to COLTAN & the ONLY WAY that YOU can READ & OVESTAND this is bcuz prettty much, EVERY ELECTRONIC DEVICE on this EARTH NEEDS this for it to work EFFICIENTLY! But while doin the RESEARCH for this article, check what I found out: Kinda puts Chavez's death in another perspective eh? The CONGO has been in some kinda CONFLICT or another bcuz before, THEY said that just about ALL of it was there the SCIENCE on who Patrice Lumumba was. COLTAN is the BIG BOY that unless ya STUDY this type stuff here, ya won't know about but have it all around ya! Man, I could do more letters but lets get to D as in G.O.D as in how that krakka CAN'T PROPERLY PROPOSE to his Kkkave BIA.........without it!!!!!! When WE was FOLK, WE always knew DIAMONDS as lil SHINY ROCKS! Y'all seen Blood Diamond so no need to metion about that matter.

So, WE hear about diamonds but what about the ALLUVIAL DIAMONDS that WE NEVA hear about? Do Y'ALL out there know that there are 2 diamond markets with different prices & all? WE must remember that diamonds are used INDUSTRIALLY to cut stuff on an ATOMIC LEVEL so think about that BUDDY! Yea, WE gonna HOP around the alphabet goin BLAK & forth but WE gotta mention just some of this so ya know where all of these RESOURCES are comin from. Now WE get into E & the ETHER that's gonna do these krakka's in! Let me tell y'all somethin, the WORLD is Afrika & in it, she has EVERYTHING! If Afrika decided to close her borders right now, the WORLD would have to STOP as NOTHIN could be manufactured. Or......the west would have to STRIP MINE what lil THEY have! Afrika don't need NOTHIN from OUTSIDE except the BEST of US OUTSIDE of her! Shit, Y'ALL keep talkin SHIT about starvin Afrikans when Zimbabwe ALONE has enough FOOD for pretty much, the WHOLE of the Afrikan Continent. Note, Zim is not a very big country! Afrika has got it all, from artichokes to zuchinni squash. From fufu to yams, get it in! Every FISH you could conceive! I say, when in Afrika, 1 can eat more NATURALLY so why not? If not then eat FRESH & RAW!

After livin in Ghana for over a year, I found much to my chagrin that, TOO MANY of 'em over there is POSIN as Kkkristians & it needs to STOP POSTHASTE! In other words, there is WAY TOO MUCH GOD there with nikkka's talkin about the blood of hey-zeus on it! While WE here at b2a advocate for GOD, WE don't acknowledge any belief in some old white dude with a long beard & his homosexual son! Nah, WE believe in the METU NETER aka MOTHER NATURE & all the GO(o)D & (d)EVIL that comes with that! Hey, WE was BORN in it so what ya want me to do? In too many instances, the muslims fight the kkkristians, the north vs south & group vs group! Damn MAN! On a financial basis though, THEY are takin TOO MUCH G.O.D outta there with all of the GOLD, the O - word & the many DIAMONDS WE already spoke on! WE always talkin aout conflict diamonds & all that but what about this?: Where was it mined from? Instead of teasin Y'ALL with what GOLD is about, WE gonna start off Part II with that. As that krakka dies more & more each day, I leave him with the ULTIMATE BREAK UP SONG of ALL TIME!:


                                                            - to be continued -

Yea YOU, I'm the Blak Smith! What of it? I do it my way! My way is to INFORM & if ya don't like how I do it, well FINE! A Bro knows how to get the hint but I gotta do this! Those books are now on the way & for ya personally signed copy, get at Me! The e-mail is & on fb, I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smiff).

Monday, March 18, 2013

Scratch (Hip-hop.documentary) (title of article)

And how about Nas goin in here?:

Ya say ya LUV GRAFITTI? Style Wars from pbs:

So, lil wayne has suffered seizures eh? THEY MAY be tryin to get rid of him in order to USHER in a NEW ERA!I went in on names a few months ago on here where I said that drake seems to be the heir apparent! Look at the definition of his name AGAIN:

drake drake2    /dreɪk/ Show Spelled[dreyk] Show IPA


1. a small cannon, used especially in the 17th and 18th centuries.

2. drake fly.

3. Archaic . a dragon.


before 900; Middle English; Old English draca < Latin dracō dragon*

WE must remember who's RUNNIN this SHIT! WE must also remember that drake like soetero, is a GLITTERIN MULATTO & bein that there ain't enough DEVILS, THEY tryin to come BLAK thru US so WE must be careful! drake is a self admitted khazar aka, the so called jew!!! These krakka's don't even CHASE light skinned chicKKKs bcuz THEY know that most BM want THEM bcuz of that opposite SHIT made famous by willy lynch! THEY NEED that MELANIN yo! Them krakka's is from alpha draconus & thus the name, drake & why he has become so prominent in weezy's camp SO FAST!!! Look at the patterns; weezy was JAILED, did his time, has/had(?) an addiction to WATER & is no longer as influential as he was as dudes like 2chains, asap rocky & a whole slew of OTHERS have stepped in to fill that always REFILLIN VOID! Even though weez is still young, he's been around long enough to be passe now & as these 15-18 year olds come of age, THEY ain't tryin to hear him LIKE THAT anymore! As well, even though she ain't Hip Hop, lindsey lohan is still doin that dumb shit! What does she have to do to get imprisoned? THEY got her in locked rehab!: Shit, THEY had paris hilton in there for a few weeks a few years ago! What's up with ll? Anyhoo, there are 3 docs of Hip Hop up there! Go in & try 1 out for size. After all that, Hip Hop BLAK! WAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* taken from

Brand Nubian - Wake Up that MELANIN (in the Sunshine) Ain't it about that TIME? HIS TIME is UP!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Base Resonant Freqency

(the PORTAL to ya NEW LIFE in apt 5D)

This is where WE at as a BLAK PEEPO & today, I'm gonna go INSIDE with Y'ALL & hope that WE can all take this ride. I promise that I'll keep it short. That title up top was described to me by my main dude named Shaheed. He came by the crib last nite talkin about how the Base Resonant Frequency as measured by Nikola Tesla & then some dude named schumann, affects US & who WE are. To those of ya who need a lil more insight, this is on the CELLULAR LEVEL! Of course when ya look it up, it says a whole lotta high falutin language that sounds all complex but it simply means that ya DNA has been AWAKENED, NEVER to fall ASLEEP AGAIN! If ya can't feel it, it wasn't for YOU to get yet! Those BIG WORDS THEY usin is to TRICK US into THINKIN that WE can't grasp concepts that require LAYERED THINKIN in the ABSTRACT bcuz "I barely graduated from high school!" In the last 6 months, haven't  WE SEEN enough SHIT that NEVA happened before is happenin a lot now & that the krakka is gettin left with FEELINS of "OH SHIT, what NOW?!" The movie Hidden Colors II told US that MELANIN is TRIUMPHING! As ALL Blak Peepo have ABUNDANT MELANIN, stop sayin that I'm gettin DEEP! It's WAY MORE than PIGMENTATION! Ain't no such thing as DEEP when ya know how to SWIM!

So ya see, by allowin myself to go INSIDE myself, it opens up somethin in ya spirit, psyche & please learn HOW to use ya INTUITION! Facts cannot explain ALL! I don't know WHO ya hang around lately but things are just startin to HEAT UP! What do THEY have ya THINKIN? As WE bring ya current breakin news, WE been tellin Y'ALL about all of the events & what I THINK it means to US as a peepo. Other than Kimani Grey's FAMILY & close circle of FRIENDS who are sometimes BETTER to YOU than ya FAMILY, I say take that FRUSTRATION out on ya j.o.b & don't go to any PROTESTS, sign any PETITIONS, fight for NEW LAWS, APPEAL to the d.o.j, DEBATE conservatives, PRAY, DEMAND REPARATIONS or any ACTION that continually goes under the ASSUMPTION that krakka's give a FUCK about US as a WHOLE! I say WE take ACTION as NONACTION is ACTION! I've said it before & I'm gonna say it again; WE CAN SHOOT the SHOT HEARD AROUND the WORLD by doin a WORLDWIDE WORK STRIKE & for 1 SOLID DAY, doin BUSINESS just amongst OURSELVES! No MARCHIN, BOYCOTTIN, LECTURIN, COMPLAININ or any of that! No one entertains, carries any packages or waters plants. No ceo's or mailmen goin to work, NOBODY! When enough peepo get on board, WE can advertise here on this blog & on whaever way ya get ya message out. This would even go out to those NAGA's that  LUV THEIR JOBS! Just Blak Folk in Shaker Heights doin biz with THEY PEEPO in Papua New Guinea. From Montego Bay to Rio De Janeiro, from Arusha to Nova Scotia, WE gotta get it in! Ain't ya tired of these kinda sentiments?:

So what of this Base Resonant Frequency I speak of? It's a GOOD THING for US! The way the aforementioned Shaheed explained it, what it means is that as a peepo, the krakka knows his time is up. He gave me a chart that says that OUR KEY RESONANCE which measures OUR POTENTIAL of GREATNESS has been goin up since the 50's & how that all resulted in the civil rights era. It kept risin in the 60's & stagnated in the 70's when WE THOUGHT that INTEGRATION was the move! It then started risin again in the late 70's & at present is SHOOTIN thru the ROOF! This is what y'all need to know & I actually FEEL the EFECTS of it bcuz I'm not concentration so much on money. It won't matter SOON anyway but as Black Thought said, "fuck gettin money for real, GET FREEDOM!"* I'm bustin my ass to get those REWARDS of a LIFE not of WANT! Everybody has a ROLE to PLAY!

So where are YOU headed? I heard of a recent suicide & I HATE to hear YOUNG PEEPO doin this to themselves! I have to take some of the RESPONSIBILITY PERSONALLY & here's why; WE HAVE TO take it as OUR CHILDREN FEEL that THEY CAN'T COME to US! As well, I was at a Talent Show yesterday & it felt GREAT to be around a whole bunch of TALENTED YOUNG PEEPO who weren't actin a FOOL! There were performances up to age 25 & it was OUTSTANDING to see. BLAK PEEPO are GODS yo! The event was named the Atlanta All Stars Project & to see what I'm harpin on, check here: WE here at b2a wanna BUILD US up & this is why ya rarely ever see me goin in on someone even though at times, I could! As I & OTHERS have observed, OUR TIME is HERE & don't be expectin ANY of ya so called LEADERS to tell ya that! If THEY in the MEDIA, it's almost guarenteed that THEY'VE been COMPROMISED! The title of this article stands on it's own & before I do more research, do some on ya own & let US know what ya find! TOO MANY of US are sufferin from PTSS & threfore this as well: My Big Brotha wants me to research & get BLAK to US about what LAWS were enacted as this chart FLUCTUATED til about the 50's & took off in the early 2000's & is shootin thru the roof at a CRAZY RATE as you read! SINKHOLES are PORTALS! Did ya see that krakka get SUCKED in in fl a few weeks ago? Trayvon was VINDICATED but for me to feel satisfied, WE need 1,000 more. DC had 1 recently. Before ya go, know that YOU can look up WATEVA but when it comes to the REALEST of the REAL, do this INSIDE; YEAH!


How ya feelin after that display of writin? Ya still ain't get my book yet? Yea, I know, ya gonna contact me really soon at Oh, ya don't do the e-mail thing much but at fb, I'm at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). What's that, he's doin twitter at WOW, this dude is EVERYWHERE! Bet he wants US to LIVE LONG! Bet he's CREEPY! Bet he says HOLLA BLAK before he goes & then, WAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Mr Medicinal (Grandad Smokes WEED)

Ayo! Let's talk a lil about gettin HIGH today! The ONLY THING that WE should be usin to do that that I know of is that LEAF, that SENSIMILIA, that PIFF, that LOUD, that STICKY ICKY, that HERB, that MEAN GREEN, that LA, that REEFER & so many TREES WE can't even count 'em. I wrote about all this in my book in Chapter 9, entitled Drugs & Alcohol though WE now know that MARYJANE as WE know it is NOT a DRUG in that, IT AIN'T SYNTHESIZED! It's a MEDICINAL HERB & the u.s is finally comin to grips with that FACT! As I was browsin the net this mornin, I found this news item I wasn't even lookin for: Hey, WE can approch this topic HUMOROUSLY & this is why I put the Boondocks as the example to glean from. Let's get into it a lil eh?

So......what about this WEED SHIT? Is it GOOD or BAD? Should WE be indulgin it? That's a GREAT Q & WE at b2a gotta whole lot to say about it as in, the more THEY, the less I trust 'em & here's why; 1. Why NOW? Did y'all know at 1 time, if ya had a farm in  the u.s, ya had to grow HEMP? It was used to make EVERYTHING & WE still usin it for HEALTH REASONS today but bcuz THEY employed a TRICK BAG for ya, WE now call it HEMP SEED OIL! Anyone who knows ANYTHING, knows that the DOCTORS always get the BEST & PUREST SHIT & BELIEVE US, THEY smokin it! I want Y'ALL to really LISTEN to that LAST SONG w/o bein HIGH & hear what my dude Pete Tosh was sayin as he wasn't BULLSHITTIN! The NATURAL ORDER means WE goin BLAK to NATURE or didn't ya know those 2 words were the SAME?

I ain't TRUSTIN these governement niKKKa's LEGALIZIN POT yo! As I said earlier, WHY NOW? Do THEY wanna come get US when WE in that IDGAF mood & say, "FUCK IT, take me where ya wanna bcuz I'm to CARE!" Are THEY sneakin in HARMFUL SHIT that will ACTIVATE when THEY press the button manchurian candidate style? The easy answer is that THEY need REVENUE & quiet as it's kept, MJ is the # 1 CASH CROP on the MARKET by FAR in the usa. WE live in a DRUG CULTURE which means that more than 20% of the peepo are either HIGH, DRUNK or BOTH at any given time. Ain't that some GOOD SHIT to know? This is TRUE of the janitor level to captain's of industry. Most wall street brokers are cocaine addicts & alkoholikks! This is why I don't TRUST 'EM bcuz if the purpose of all of this serves a DUAL PURPOSE (with an AGENDA WE know NOTHIN about), why are ya gettin high? What are ya doin while high? Is the WEED programmin YOU for a purpose? What are ya THINKIN? Regular readers of b2a know that ALL WE WANT is LIBERTY! What do YOU want?

So do GOOD in ya HOOD even though ya smoke LA as said by Q-Tip on

Where are OUR CHEMISTS? I ask this bcuz in years past, like all other CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES, THEY have stepped on what WE have used for OUR ENJOYMENT! Them niKKKa's fuck up WET DREAMS yo! Blak in the days, the ASSASSINS smoked HASHISH* & were told that to die for allah, THEY would get copious amounts of WEED & 54 virgins. The FEELIN from HASH alone is worth all that but just imagine......when ya on that HASH, forget EVERYTHING but what's in front NOW! Look it UP! Couple that HASH with a 22 oz cold 1 & enter CHEMICAL CITY! That alkohol & THC is a CHEMICAL WONDER yo! WE are the fathers of ALCHEMY in that it is named after KEMET! WE turned LEAD into GOLD & WATER into WINE & WE gonna CLEANSE the EARTH & smoke PURE as WE have for some time! Most of the stuff out there now is GARBAGE! Before WE do all that though, WE must cleanse OUR SOULS! You with that?

The LAST THING I wanna talk about as far as WEED is this; STOP SMOKIN that CHEMICALIZED PAPER aka BLUNTS! If ya buyin it at corner CONVENIENCE STORE, it's CHEMICALIZED & therefore BONDIN with ya MELANIN & as Llaila Afrika said in his CLASSIC book, Nutricide, MELANIN is the ONLY SCIENCE! Buy ya REAL TOBACCO LEAVES at fine SMOKE SHOPS! If ya don't like usin PAPER as in e-z wider, topps or bambu, use NATURE & learn how to roll grape skins or banana leafs especially if ya in the tropics. As well, niKKKa's is steppin in yo SHIT so get ya STUFF from FRIENDS ya TRUST & NEVER use MJ as a crutch to lean on as it shouldn't be used that way! 1 should use it to MEDITATE & attain HIGHER STATES of CONCIOUSNESS so as to CREATE LIFE! If ya UPSET at SOMETHIN or SOMEONE, it's only serves to HEIGHTEN that MOOD & so.............


With that, the Blak Smith does NOT ADVOCATE that YOU smoke WEED but if ya do, WE LUV Y'ALL & want to get with it with ya! As A PROFESSIONAL, the only thing HARMFUL about SMOKIN is the SMOKE! Other than that, if ya stuff is PURE, it's SAFE & please DON'T stay HIGH for the sake of it. Anyway, live long & take some of the examples given here as what ya should & shouldn't do. WE gotta lot to do so STAY ALIVE & be part of theVANGUARD to this NEW AGE wherein the KraKKa's time is up. To all of my NY peepo, don't be goin out to protest Kimani Gray's LIFE as YOU are NO GOOD to US with bandaged HEADS! SACRIFICES will be MADE & if ya know that, give ya LIFE UP BANGIN on that BEAST instead of these PLAYED OUT PROTESTS! My book is COMIN SOON & to those of ya wantin an autographed copy, hit me up at or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Get HEALTHY with Dr Blak Smith & his MASTER TEACHERS

WE BLAK in effect! Hey b2a & how the HELL are WE? I hope WE good & just to remind US, WE gonna get a lil healthy here & why not? While browsin the web, I found this INFO as provided by the recently deceased Dr Andoh of Ghana. In keepin with tellin Y'ALL that WE gonna be speakin on Afrikan issues, I found this & found it appropriate to tell US ALL as well. WE don't want ya gettin to the Cosmic Party all worn out & stuff. WE HOPE that by now that ya ain't eatin BEEF, PORK, SOY or any of that anymore. WE hope that ya drinkin plenty of kangen water. WE hope that ya eatin more VEGGIES that ya grew yaself as WE shouldn't even be trustin stores like whole foods & the like. WE hope that ya eatin as HEALTHY as POSSIBLE! WE hope that ya not drinkin WHOLE COW MILK ( or eatin ANY WHITE FOODS such as white rice, white bread or white sugar which is an outright CANCER FEEDER!: Sugar CANE & co -CANE are pretty much the same SHIT! C'mon SUN!

Did ya see the movie LIMITLESS? If ya didn't, here's the trailer: In it, the main character becomes this GENIUS after years of tryin to write a BOOK & bein a FAILURE at it. He runs into his former brother in law, takes the DRUG & becomes a smart dude able to do ANYTHING! As it was all an EXPEREMINT, trouble comes & won't give away the rest so as not to spoil it for those of ya who NEVA saw it. Anyhoo, WE now have here, Dr. Andoh with some info that's been known OVER THERE but not here til him & others started checkin it out. See what it do & if it FITS, GET it IN!

In the Creation, God made some very unique and mysterious plants that have recently been introduced to western society because these plants are revered by the people of indigenous cultures throughout the world. Very powerful in their effect on the mind and central nervous system, these plants are employed in religious ceremonies, serving as a link between God and mankind.

Tabernanthe iboga, a plant native to the forests of Gabon, in West Central Africa, is one such plant. It holds great mystery and promise for western medicine. Commonly called iboga, this plant is a member of the family Apocynaceae. This is a very important family of plants of the tropics and sub-tropics. It is comprised of approximately 180 genera with about 1,400 species. Only a few genera penetrate into the temperate zones of the world. Most members of the family are poisonous, as the common name for the entire family, Dogbane, indicates.

The chemical alkaloid contained in the roots and stems of various family members, such as the Rauwolfia species, have in recent years come into prominence chiefly because of their effectiveness in reducing blood pressure and their us as tranquilizers.

The Madagascar periwinkle has proven effective in treating a particular childhood leukemia. Species of Strophanthus are known mostly as deadly arrow poisons. Acokanthera abyssinia and related species yield the dreaded “Yaboyo” poison of Somalia. Another interesting member of this family of plants is called Aspidosperma quebracho-blanco, an enormous tree from Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. It yields the “quebracho bark”, which contains a mixture of alkaloids and is used for treating emphysema, bronchitis and asthma. All family members exude a milky latex. The flowers are hermaphrodite and regular, that is, the male and female flowers are borne on the same plant.

Tabernanthe iboga is a shrub to small tree attaining up to two meters in height. It is widely cultivated in Gabon by the Bwiti and Mbiri people for its root bark. This bark is ingested in a ceremonial ritual whereby the participants travel on the astral plane to meet with their ancestors. There is singing, dancing and drumming until a high state of excitement is reached under the influence of the plant. The believers then sit quietly in front of a mirror, gazing at their image until they see visions of their ancestors.

The effect of the treatment of one dose of ibogaine usually lasts for up to six months. There appears to be no side effects from the use of the substance. It has demonstrated substantial reductions in withdrawal symptoms from addicts; i.e., chills and fevers, delirium tremors, severe stomach pains, and has a remarkable effect in removing the desire for the addictive drug. The synthetic ibogaine, however, is still inferior to the authentic natural plant root product, Tabernanthe iboga.

The United States Food and Drug Administration has not yet approved the use of ibogaine in the treatment of drug addiction. However, clinical trials have been conducted in the USA, Europe and Africa. This could be one of the most important developments in modern medicine, to treat the continuing social disease of drug addiction in the United States and Europe. No other product has shown so much promise.

In its native habitat Tabernanthe iboga has been over-exploited and is now threatened with extinction in several districts of Gabon. For this reason, it should be cultivated in all areas of Africa where it can adapt to the environment, the tropical forests and especially the rain forests. It holds promise as an important cash crop for the African people.

The North Scale Institute of College Park, Georgia, has initiated an ongoing research into all aspects of cultural practices related to the successful propagation and cultivation of the plant. The pilot program has been initiated in the botanical gardens of the North Scale Institute in Ghana, where many of these plants are under cultivation. Normal methods of propagation of Tabernanthe iboga is by seed or vegetative means, using semi-mature wood cuttings. Air-layering methods of propagation have also been successful. Studies are underway to determine the chemical potency of the indole alkaloids in the plants cultivated outside of its natural habitat.*

* taken from March 13th 2013

The WEED PLANT up top was to let ya know that WE ADVOCATE for that w/o throwin it in yo face. LET's HEAL the NATION but in MODERATION! Thanks for checkin & to those of ya who didn't know, this man was a Doctor who lived in Atlanta for a long time & lived for his PEEPO. Some AFRIKANS luvs AFRIKANS! Could THEY have been talkin about this WONDERFUL THING & like krakka's, once again, FUCKED THEYSELVES OUT? Check it out & see for ya selves what ya get out of it. GUESS WHAT though; today, 3/13/13, the Blak Smith picked up the proof of I aint perfeKt but take it from Me. In the proof, I make SURE that all in the book is FINE & can then tell the printer to print 'em & I got 'em! As they will be here SOON, I urge those of ya who want a signed & autographed copies to get with US at or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Peace & WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

Tabernanthe iboga Sacrament in the form of the sacred leaf with Spiritual Baths for Purification, Edible Rainforest Illuminator and a Meditation CD, along with instructions for making an Ancestral Altar is available from Dr. Andoh at the A A Healing Arts Society, P. O. Box EL 131, Elmina, Ghana WEST AFRICA. Those interested in further on-site study of this and other African Rainforest plants can contact Dr. A. Kweku Andoh: email address:

Monday, March 11, 2013

Ethiopia and the history not seen

File:COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM De slag bij Adua TMnr 5956-2.jpg

This my friends is a PIC based on the Battle of Adwa which happened in Ethiopia durin the late 1890's. This was the 1st time that them just joined up i-talians TRIED to take over STOLEN LEGACY style & like how the khazar is tryin to CONFUSE ya into thinkin that THEY are INDEGENOUS to palestine, the vatiKKKan tried to do same there so as to CLAIM that THEY originated kkkhristianity. At b2a, WE dispel all MYTHS! WE here at b2a have been remiss in reportin on the going on's in Afrika & as I just learned of this flick, I felt that I had to post it! Lately, it seems like jootube ain't allowin direct download links to go DIRECTLY to the movie & this is why ya gotta go into the link & then into the movie. THEY probably tryin to stop it bcuz of the studios BITCHIN but that don't stop US! Our mission statement at b2a is to give Y'ALL the best info out there as much as humanly possible. As things are happenin, let's talk about just some of 'em.

How many of Y'ALL remember this?:

How about this?: Will YOU get hit by a meteorite?

WE don't need this to get outta hand but this just in:  WE at b2a are tryin to make sure that this desn't happen to ANY Blak Peepo. To go with this 1 is:

Are y'all still eatin chinese food?: THEY dumpin them pigs UPSTREAM yo!

WAR, more WAR & RUMORS of more WARS!:

Y'all do know that TODAY is the 2nd anniversary right?:

And finally, did ANY of Y'ALL ever see this? I reorted it PLENTY of TIMES but as I don't think Y'ALL believe me:

The french are still in Mali. NiKKKa's be talkin about molly the drug. Whateva! That krakka has ALREADY CONCEDED! If ya don't like what I say, ya not usin ya INTUITIVENESS & that's coo but don't bother me with all of ya FACTS! I wish not to make BELIEVERS but LEADERS! As the great Llaila Afrika always says, the only SCIENCE is MELANIN & MELANIN will!

For now, enjoy ya movie & know that the Blak Smith emerges VICTORIOUS like the scarab beatle. WE take SHIT & make it WATER bcuz SUGAR is a cancer feeder & POISONOUS. Even bloomberg wants to ban it in nyc but that's so they can GAGUE ya COLECTIVE GROUP THINK! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yea, the Blak Smith is gettin things READY! My 1st book is available at that link if ya can't wait. My 2nd, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die is gettin prepared for Y'ALL. For ya pre -ordered signed copies, get at me here at or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH! 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Big SHIT goin ON & POPPIN!

Big SHIT always be GOIN ON! Where ya at in the grand equation of things? I think that TO MANY of US still don't BELIEVE that the krakka's TIME is UP! THEY makin all kinda confessions & it will continue. What I wanna do here is take note of just SOME of the SHIT that has POPPED OFF in the last few months of 2012 & til today on March 9th 2013. Look at the title pic & wonder if it's YOU makin that face. This is b2a & if ya BLAK & RIGHTEOUS, WE got yo BLAK!

SHITuation # 1 - george hw bush & bill gates SUPPOSEDLY get arrested as them n.w.o types  probably THINK that them bein NICE to Blak Peepo really matters & especially THOSE who have already showed US THEY ASS!: As I don't profess to know much about this so called arrest, what I will say was that there were PLENTY speakin & writin on it as in: The MAINSTREAM PRESS NEVER TOUCHED this STORY!  Wasn't daddy bush(it) ill around the new year around the same time REPTillary Kkklinton couldn't keep her supposed huMAN form? This would later lead to her resignin as secretary of FAKE makin way for

SHITUATION # 2 - as in the aurora shootin in colorado where SUPPOSEDLY 13 died & more than 50 were injured. This was a tragic thing & out of the BLUE, peepo were sayin all kinda DIFFERENT SHIT than what the media was sayin. Everybody in that theatre said that the gunman was MASKED & that a guy who LOOKED LIKE but most definitley WASN'T James was in the audience. Now remember, those 1st 2 rogues in #1 had supposedly been arrested for finaglin the WORLD CURRENCY. Then outta the BLAK, this holmes dude whose dad happens to be a BLUE BLOOD mayflower niKKKa was supposd to testify as to where all that DOUGH was goin as he was responsible for MAKIN that TECHNOLOGY! This would later be known as the LIBOR SCANDAL: Check ALL of YOUR BILLS before ya pay 'em!

SHITUATION # 3 - A hurricane named sandy hits nyc as the BEGINNIN of the fufillment of that WHIRLWIND that the most Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey had spoke of finally came thru. I had posted this news story a few days ago but I think WE need to revisit it for just a moment: Wall St was WALLED off bcuz the TRADIN of FLESH was a rather NASTY SPORT for that peKKKawood! That SHIT is PLEASURABLE for THEM! The HOODs of manhattan were down there in that area & as the boro grew, it went further & further UPTOWN & now rests in harlem. The financial district is now there & if sandy goin down wasn't enough, the INFRUSTRUCTURE was gettin TORE UP as WELL. THEY gonna have to scrap the area & sell it back to the Injuns for $24. Everything THEY gonna build there is gonna be left to US so don't ya worry. I got my good BROTHA Azariah that dropped it on that storm with some SHIT ya NEVA heard before:

Shituation # 4 - Again, this story started out with the aurora shootin. It actually starts with the shooting of gabrielle giffords but as that was also defined as a HOAX, at least check the info: After sandy hook, clips from that infamous movie aka batman showed a map of sandy hook in the movie as if to prediKt that a disaster was soon to come there. Peepo were infuriated at the town as ACTORS were EXPOSED as bein part of a grand HOAX. Too many inconsistencies were noted & til this day, WE still don't know what the hell happened! I BELIEVE that THEY like it like that so as to keep US CONFUSED & TIRED to look for the TRUTH! WE gonna do OUR BEST to keep US as BEST INFORMED as WE can be!

February was a mofo yo! WE had the St Chris Dorner SHITuation! WE had them homo dudes in the vatiKKKan resignin in DROVES as THEY still TRYIN to COVER UP but the plan from LONG AGO was to BREAK the CHURCH down so as to make those religious types ready & ripe for the pickin for that old time NWO RELIGION! While THEY DICKSTRACT ya with all of these HORRID & LURID details of pedophelia, WTF are THEY doin? Messy jesse jr & his wife were CONVICTED & it finally looks like the city of chi has done SOMETHIN to keep the peace somewhat: The city of detroit is pretty much done & so is too much of the u.s.a. It seems like a lot more cops are bein KILLED & for that, I couldn't be HAPPIER!

As I write this, the date is March 9th & to go BLAK a lot longer ago, today marks the 16th anniversary of the death of Christopher Wallace aka the Notorious B.I.G. At this moment, WE take the time to honor his LIFE & though he stood for everything that I was against, WE'LL commend him for HOW HE DID IT! In fact, this is my favorite BIG song as it explains that that WAY TOO MANY young BM go thru. As my last story was on the most Honorable Hugo Chavez, I won't say much but to those of Y'ALL concerned as to why I luv that dude, he treats his POOR PEEPO like PEEPO & ya need to see that doc if ya don't know any better. A good part of that country has a lotta BLAK PEEPO! Y'all better NOTICE that SHIT that NEVA happens is happenin ALL the TIME now. There are indictments on all of the criminals in higher offices ALL OVER the WORLD though for now, those niKKKa's are still UNTOUCHABLE. Get yo mind right while there's still time as THEY can't get it together & in fact, have already CONCEDED! Look at all of the ADVERSE WEATHER whether ya LIKE it or NOT! One moment, THEY sayin & then turn around & say: WE know that the Solar Flares are comin. Will the ALIENS come? When will the DOLLAR just COLLAPSE? Will the queer abdicate? WE don't know but WE sure liked hearin this: Rest assured, the Blak Smith KNOWS that WE gonna get outta this! Them niKKKa's is SWEATIN!

So let's just say that everything that I'm sayin is BULLSHIT! Let's say ya don't like me. Let's say that ya smarter than me. SO WHAT? I want ALL of US to real-eyes OUR POTENTIAL. Don't get upset with me bcuz yo ass gotta go to work everyday. It's a struggle to keep ya head above water if ya make that concerted decision to NOT WORK atta JOB for THEY ASSES & do for SELF! IDK how WE gonna get outta this but it will happen by gum! At the moment, WE like that TOP spinnin & where WE land is still UNKNOWN! Hey.......... Big shout to Bobby Rodgers formerly of the Miracles: Also, big shout to Lou Myers who played Mr Gaines on a Different World who passed in late february. I also have to send a BIG SHOUT to my dude Roy Sturgis, a pal I knew personally & though ya gone, ya not forgotten! With that, GET READY bcuz WE at the precipe! The Blak Smith says HOLLA BLAK to WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WE did it AGAIN. The Blak Smith had to DROP IT! WE still got & I will have 'em in my possession. As well, WE have Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die come behind that & for ya personally signed copy, make ya pre-orders at or hit me on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smith).

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Revolution Hugo Chavez.(Documentary) the DOCUMENTARY & Failed Coup

So.........when will it ALL end? How long will THEY KILL OUR PROPHETS whle WE stand aside & look? Who knows? THEY, as in the n.w.o TOOK another 1 from US AGAIN & big PROPS out to the MAN who stood up to this BULLY, refusin to cave in to THEIR demands til his DEATH! He goes along a SHORT LINE of GREATS defeated but NEVA loss to 'em. If ya don't know who I'm speakin of, I'm talkin bout the GREAT Hugo Chavez, populist president of the oil rich Venezuela who didn't have 1 fuKKK to give when it came to the monroe doctrine influence of the usKKKa over the western hemisphere. That dude called george w bush the "DEVIL" & called soetero a PAYASO. As y'all don't know what that means, that is a spanish word so look it up.

Y'all need to check out some of my past articles. Last year in this article,, I wrote about how conservative blogger, andrew breitbart dropped DEAD on his way to release smokin gun info in an interview on soetero. He was in his early 40's & dropped dead of a heart attack on that day? C'mon Son! Then last july, in this article:, I wrote about how the former president of Ghana had died. His name was Atta Mills & he was loved there but........not long before he had passed, he had came to the us for medical treatment & succumbed not long after. WE now KNOW enough about LIFE to know that THEY will KILL YOU to keep that money machine rollin. Mills had REFUSED to ease homosexual laws in Ghana & WE can't forget that Chavez was down with Castro. Assassinations got played out by the early 1970's as they were too messy. Speak up, can't hear ya! the last year & a half, 2 DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED presidents died while in office in 2 very rich oil countries......why do I smell a rat? breitbart dyin. Cuba still under EMBARGO. THEY in Mali & stay fuckin with my MAIN MAN here: I'm glad that Zimbabwe doesn't have a lotta OIL or THEY would have found a way to get him OUT by now. Anyhoo, the point is that THEIR TIME is UP & it's TIME for the BM to take his stance. Check this documentary out & VIVA le RELEVUCION! Chavez LIVES in US! I send this out to ALL of YA who feel what I just typed:

The Blak Smith asks that ya get with US! There are a whole lotta US who are SUPPOSED to be doin SIRIUS BIZ! I'm callin on all ARTISTS who want to SHOWCASE their wares on here can get at me as this is a COMMUNITY BOARD for the FURTHERANCE of the PEEPO! Poets, MC's, DJ's, Writers, Dancers & more, get at me! I'm at & on fb, I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!