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BODY PARTS with MELANIN are..........................

(a perfeKtly sculpted BLAK physique) Watch this 12:10 piece before ya read article.

Yes yes yes.........the BM & his BODY! This article here is LIVICATED to all of my REAL BM & if ya need to ask yaself if ya that, ya probably NOT! Now when I typed that, it wasn't to exclude the BW but as BM, sometimes WE gotta air it out & say some things that will make US uncomfortable which ain't necessarily a bad thing. Just think, if you were to lay in SHIT & PISS comfortably, what would make ya get up? WE are the most hunted. most wanted & for different reasons, most LOVED & most HATED! Where have ya heard that WOMEN want a MAN who is tall, DARK & handsome? A man with a tan soon loses it but WE were born with it so ya can't PUFF or SNIFF it! I ain't got MILK but I sure got Me some MELANIN! What about YOU? What's gonna protect ya from that SUN that's gotten HOTTER & HOTTER as the year ends? Did y…


Hey b2a.........since the last entry on LANGUAGE; was so successful & since MANY of Y'ALL KNOW that I'm crazy, I figured, why not make a BLAK of NUMBERS like the B.I.B.L.E? As not much has happened in a big way lately, I figured I'd give y'all a break & ENTERTAIN & since y'all don't BELIEVE that Michael is.....................ya see, why y'all trying to get Me to go BLAK there? Nah, really, what I wanna do today is take some songs that have a number in 'em with a message that WE can get with to activate US! The only thing messing with my mind the last few days was jay-z's peepo NOT being able to buy items at barney's in ny.........just wanna see who's payin attention as IDGAF about that. What's really paining me is OUR BOYS getting their PARTS HARVESTED which means that they are TAKING MELANIN out of OUR bodies & using it in their OLD PEEPO so that they


(Do ya like how I TALK?)

Hey b2a & how are WE today? I hope that ALL in yo world is fine when ya read this but it seems like the october surprise this month so far has been Boy was that a HOT 1 & WE still up here doing this! It seems now that just about EVERYBODY is in some sort of HOLDING PATTERN as WE wait for that next big thing! What WE should be waiting for is the ECONOMY COLLAPSING as the govt. has been BROKE for quite some time now! The ETHERS will allow US to get thru this all so no need to sweat fretting away as if it's over. It is now yo time to do what must be done my peepo & WE can't do it all by playing it straight or crooked - nah, WE gotta toe that fine line like a trapeze artist would. After all, by now don't WE all know that It's If ya believe that last comment, the question I got for ya tho…

The Blak Smith will MAKE Y'ALL Love Me On The One/////// the SOUL II SOUL MIX TAPE!

(Get ready to hear some GREAT MUSIC ya may have NEVER HEARD before!)

Just wanted to send a short out to all of my peepo out there in the WORLD who know that there is still GREAT MUSIC being made & have NO NEED to complain about how music just ain't what it USED to BE! Those of you who are YOUNGER than 30 NEED to HEAR this & if ya got younguns under ya, EXPOSE 'em to this!!!!! Today, instead of boring Y'ALL with a whole bunch of NOISE going on in my head, I decided to drop y'all off with a bit of BEAUTIFUL MUSIC spanning the years so that Y'ALL can HEAR just how I keep CALM when this world is so turbulent! I DARE any Blak Person to listen to ANY of these songs & tell Me that WE ain't still got it starting with my gal, Adriana Evans up above! If any of ya got ready access to her, tell her I absolutely luv her & would take her name in marriage! Til then my favorite peepo on earth, listen, ENJOY & let's LOVE each other on the 1 with the Bla…


As Y'ALL were DISMAYED the VOTE was taken BLACK from YOU but............

Yea, they probably used the same pen to sign the voters rights act that they used to take it back from ya! WE MUST remember that judge taney said that whites were not bound to RESPECT any LAWS made to protect US! Hold yo horses dude bcuz this was in 1857! You thinking that WE ever had RIGHTS is a fallacy that ya need to get over lest yo offspring catch it the same way Emmit Till got it almost 100 years later & more recently, all those who didn't deserve to get it like that! As WE broke down the dynamics of the 9 Peepo Activities to show just how SHIT is PLAYED OUT, today, WE break it down on stuff I be thinking. Get with Me & see how I do with stuff WE needn't be doing anymore. Y'all ready?

Sagging Pants is PLAYED OUT yo! Tattoos on ya face. Skinny jeans gotta the hell can yo dick breathe? Remember, that thing has a mouth! Fathering…


(protests are SO PLAYED OUT)

Hey b2a peepo! How y'all doing? Are WE finally READY for our BIRTHRIGHT & INHERITANCE? The time is nigh for the devil to be a mere afterthought & as for Me, he already is! I'm ready to NATION BUILD! To all doubters who by NOT knowing this is gonna happen, what will ya do when ya see it all in actuality? By then, all of this convo will have ceased & it will be time to LOVE on US! If ya can't do that, ya gonna have to go with them wherever they go & with the QUICKNESS! Ya see, too many of y'all have solutions but with solutions like the above pic, what have WE gained? If ya ask me, protesting bcuz a politriXXXian said so is TOO PLAYED OUT & with all of the info WE have today, outright STUPID & this ain't the 1st time that I've said it! None of these negroes look OUTRAGED! There is ample info out there to show US that OUR APPOINTED LEADERS have been COMPROMISED beyond a shadow of a doubt which also means that t…



Who remembers these SHITS above? Come on now, if ya only 25 or less, ya remember OF 'em but if I gave ya 1 right now, you'd look at Me like,"Get yaself a cellphone dude!" After a crazy week of HARD to BELIEVE CRAZY SHIT, WE gonna get BLAK at ya with the PLAYED OUT SHIT peepo still doing but before WE go in..........thanks to ALL of MY peepo who still believe that the soetero's or ANY 1st family gives a flying fuck about ya! What more must they do to show ya different? I would just luv to see if ANY of Y'ALL RESEARCHED ANY of the ASSERTIONS put forth in the Obama BABY DRAMA articles without EMOTIONALIZING & bellyaching about something that I didn't write & said was ENTERTAINING whether TRUE or NOT! I can FEEL you screwing ya face but so what..............before WE move on to the NEXT, check this here at Doesn't that child look kinda like.......…

that Obama BABY MAMA DRAMA - an Analysis


So I've heard that the Blak Smith has MOVED UP in what WE call the WORLD of BLOGGING with a re-posted article on so much INFO about POTUS & FLOTUS. It's been quite a year during these 7 years of REVELATIONS eh? Ain't it crazy how peepo who have NEVA met them, Me or most peepo that they know from the MEDIA seem to KNOW so much about peepo that they've NEVER met & how VEHEMENT they get about 'em as if they have a stake in the grand chessboard? Every so often I have to remind y'all that 1st & foremost, I write for ME & in doing that, if ya don't like what I put out, stop reading bcuz I ain't gonna stop writing &..............anyhoo, what got so many riled up was that I posted an article explaining what happened to Miriam Carey who was killed in DC last week under some starnge circumstances. I didn't put any commentary in that article other than to introduce it so as to not have to answer to…


Image Lil' Nigga Ain't Mine

A slight pause for the cause from PLAYED OUT SHIT is in order! I had heard about all this from Super Nat Turner but I then got the full skinny from Dr. Phil Valentine's fb page last nite & yelled to myself, "STOP the PRESSES!" When ya read this!!!! Note, I did NOT research any of this & the site it was taken from was referenced so don't be looking for no Blak Smith to get at if this gets debunked or if ya just 1 of those SOETERO lovers that just ain't having it! Take this in, think about it & just know that 

WE are LIVING in the DAYS of REVELATIONS where ALL shall be REVEALED
A new report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) claims that the unarmed 34-year-old woman named Miriam Carey who was gunned down last Thursday (3 October) in Washington D.C. was, in fact, “deliberately targeted” by an elite hit-squad und…


I let my TAPE rock til my TAPE popped - the Notorious B.I.G - from Juicy

That up there is Radio Raheem as played by great actor, Bill Nunn in a spike lee joint named Do the right thing! How my b2a peepo & what the HEAVEN is up witcha? As time rolls on, WE here to bring that VANGUARD INFO to ya chest plate & as they are doing their level best to keep US trapped off in that FEAR FREQUENCY, it's up to me to guide ya outta that! As far as I'm concerned, right now WE in that time where their TIME is UP but some things still must play out sorta like the transition when presidents change office between election & inauguration day. There was a time when recorded music went on RECORDS & then to 8 track to cassette to cd's & now DIGITAL which is absolutely FREE! Boom boxes are pretty obsolete today. How about 3 & 4 finger rings like the pic above? Well.........let's take the 9 peepo activities & show y'all who still DOUBT that his time is up! WE …

The WORLD is BLAK .......Keep Watching!!!

Hey b2a peepo & how are WE today in this crazy ass 2013? Didn't I tell US that this would be an interesting year? RATCHET ASS WEATHER is still the story as the u.s had the weirdest summer ever & now that WE in fall/autumn, the weather has been EXEMPLARY! Today though, what I wanna do is explain mine & a lot of peepo's lives thru some songs that I grew up listening to that have stayed with me as I/WE have grown to get to this point. As of this point, the u.s govt is still SHUT DOWN & THEY gonna use that SHIT to distraKKKt from the FACT that SHIT is OVER for THEM! This is not about bi-partisan politriKKKs or any of that so get that outta ya conversational lexicon! Too many of y'all is still pumping that hey-zeus, mohammad & abraham SHIT & quite frankly, ya BORING ME with it! This is the time of the FAITHFUL & so please listen to these songs to see what WE mean. Don't be afraid of these ever increasing mass shootings as if ya DIVINELY PROTECTE…