Wednesday, October 30, 2013

BODY PARTS with MELANIN are..........................

(a perfeKtly sculpted BLAK physique) Watch this 12:10 piece before ya read article.

Yes yes yes.........the BM & his BODY! This article here is LIVICATED to all of my REAL BM & if ya need to ask yaself if ya that, ya probably NOT! Now when I typed that, it wasn't to exclude the BW but as BM, sometimes WE gotta air it out & say some things that will make US uncomfortable which ain't necessarily a bad thing. Just think, if you were to lay in SHIT & PISS comfortably, what would make ya get up? WE are the most hunted. most wanted & for different reasons, most LOVED & most HATED! Where have ya heard that WOMEN want a MAN who is tall, DARK & handsome? A man with a tan soon loses it but WE were born with it so ya can't PUFF or SNIFF it! I ain't got MILK but I sure got Me some MELANIN! What about YOU? What's gonna protect ya from that SUN that's gotten HOTTER & HOTTER as the year ends? Did y'all notice that the WEATHER is primarily affecting them though they don't even make 10% of the worlds population? EARTH MAMA knows what she's doing so let her do her thing! Today though, let's speak on them taking out OUR BODY PARTS to revitalize them niKKKa's WE call devils!!!

Ya see, WE can start way BLAK in the late 1800's with a lady named Sara Baartman or perhaps unfortunately, better known as the Venus Hottentot. This BW was from south Afrika & was imprisoned as a zoo exhibit in London. Bcuz of the build of her peepo (the Khoisan), she was seen as a FREAK of NATURE & became depressed as a coerced captive! After the novelty of her being in london wore off, she was SOLD off to a frenchman & when being there became passe, she started to drink & soon passed. Ya see, they are FASCINATED & REPULSED at the same time over the BLACK BODY! Y'all can say what ya wanna but the most POPULAR PORN on the NET today is a BIG BLAK DICK in a BLONDE BUSTY DEVIL REPTILIAN! Before I became a SEMEN, I thought that the BM the world over were reviled but when I got to those overseas ports..............but hehe........I rersisted the TEMPTATIONS if ya buy what I'm selling. THEY had not yet become SCIENTIFICALLY ADEPT but that was soon to come. Let's go there now.

La Belle Hottentot.jpg

Next WE go to a lady that has been in OUR HEADS for some time & by now, most of US have heard of her & her name is Henrietta Lacks formerly, Loretta. As I didn't know much about her before I typed these words, I did a cursory research & found this; The cells from Henrietta's tumor were given to researcher George Gey, who "discovered that [Henrietta's] cells did something they'd never seen before: They could be kept alive and grow." Before this, cells cultured from other cells would only survive for a few days. Scientists spent more time trying to keep the cells alive than performing actual research on the cells, but some cells from Lacks's tumor sample behaved differently from others. George Gey was able to isolate one specific cell, multiply it, and start a cell line. Gey named the sample HeLa, after the initial letters of Henrietta Lacks' name. As the first human cells grown in a lab that were "immortal" (they do not die after a few cell divisions), they could be used for conducting many experiments. This represented an enormous boon to medical and biological research.*

As I know NOTHING, ain't that SOMETHING? Note that it said that these doctors found cells doing something NEVER SEEN before but didn't the DEVIL claim EVERYTHING he DISCOVERED even though he was the last niKKKa on earth? This article doesn't say that Mrs Lacks was treated with kindness & RESPECT & as far as I know, the FAMILY hasn't captilized as much as they should have. So much for the RESPECT but yet again, they are FASCINATED with what WE got bcuz WE got it ALL yo! The article states a lil further on that "Scientists have grown some 20 tons of her cells, and there are almost 11,000 patents involving HeLa cells."* So much has been said about this BW but what else have they done that WE don't know about? These numbers could be gross understatements. THEY still are taking ADVANTAGE of US!

Ok, they had SLAVE FARMS & those of US who were used as DOLLS like the pretty chick admiring Django in Candie's crib. Then OUR YOUNG CHILDREN were used as GATOR BAIT & let's not forget Ota Benga who was an exhibit in my hometown, the Bronx zoo. Now why are peepo trying to deny that PARTS HARVESTING is new? Ya see, the ONLY VALUE the BLAK BODY has is the value attached to it by those who THINK of US as their PROPERTY! Some would say that this is a marxist ideology. A few weeks ago I told Y'ALL that judge taney said that whites are not bound to RESPECT LAWS protecting BLAKS! Now that WE'VE covered all that, what makes the 1st link in this article so hard to believe? As I posted in, the khazars in palestine was doing same, got caught & ADMITTED that they were doing all this & to keep it REAL, this is NOTHING NEW! It has been said for the longest that in the LAST DAYS that ALL will be REVEALED aka the REVELATION!

Just imagine.......ya walking down the block in ya hood & as far as ya know, ya ain't got enemies. A car filled with ragged GANG MEMBERS roll up & proceed to shoot in your direction. They empty clips but MIRACULOUSLY, ya get 2 flesh wounds, go to the hospital & when ya get there, ya peepo arrive soon after. In the city of Chicago, this plays out on the daily but wait........what happens when ya peepo don't arrive? Let's just say that this person arrives at the hospital ALIVE with no chance of death & gets SEDATED. While under, they remove ya MELINATED PARTS, fill ya back up, sew ya up & dress the parts not visibly seen by ya next of kin who are under terrible emotional distress who then miss those SCARS that they dismiss as REAL BULLET WOUNDS! This person didn't die in the street, THEY died in the HOSPITAL bcuz WE don't know that WHAT WE GOT is keeping 'em ALIVE & if WE do, WE would rather BELIEVE that they would NEVER be that DASTARDLY! I can't PROVE none of this SHIT but try & DISPROVE it if ya wish! The BM & BW must BE CAREFUL bcuz as quiet as kept, they NEED US but if they ADMITTED such, it would totally blow the GAME outta the WATER! So....are WE NEEDED or are WE USELESS EATERS? WE close so stay VIGILANT! WAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!


Monday, October 28, 2013


Hey b2a.........since the last entry on LANGUAGE; was so successful & since MANY of Y'ALL KNOW that I'm crazy, I figured, why not make a BLAK of NUMBERS like the B.I.B.L.E? As not much has happened in a big way lately, I figured I'd give y'all a break & ENTERTAIN & since y'all don't BELIEVE that Michael is.....................ya see, why y'all trying to get Me to go BLAK there? Nah, really, what I wanna do today is take some songs that have a number in 'em with a message that WE can get with to activate US! The only thing messing with my mind the last few days was jay-z's peepo NOT being able to buy items at barney's in ny.........just wanna see who's payin attention as IDGAF about that. What's really paining me is OUR BOYS getting their PARTS HARVESTED which means that they are TAKING MELANIN out of OUR bodies & using it in their OLD PEEPO so that they can live a few weeks more! To make OUR point, WE gonna cover all BLAK MUSIC. Remember, they have NO MELANIN & so.........if ya think that I'm all fun & games; After that, check this; They are both & short & sweet.

0. The ONLY TRUE NON NUMBER! Okay Y'ALL, let's go to 12 & see the BLAK of NUMBERS. I'm still not over that Dick Gregory piece just above so let's START off HEAVY with 0 which is NECESSARY as 0 is really a PLACE HOLDER to represent what once was! By now I hope that WE all know that ya can't get SOMETHING from NOTHING & with that  (song is INSIDE link)

1. If WE are truly FAMILY, then WE gotta OVERTSAND that it's about;

2. Yea, like henry hill & Kanye would say, "FUCK YOU PAY ME & with that, catch

3. On this 1, some of these DIRTY BIRDS sang to the peepo to be FREE. When they sit on ya doorstep, sing along with 'em with;

4. It's been too long since this SONG BIRD left US but before she left, she sent US this. Too bad I was never able to respond but;

5. Let's take 5 & listen to this 1 from those FREAKS who can teach the NEW SCHOOL a thing or 2 with;

6. Excuse me ________________, ya got 6 minutes to get ON...........:

7. Damn, HE done up & WENT & left her but LUV would have bought his ASS home last nite:

8. Somewhere in the WORLD, somebody has to WAKE UP with

9. Now this DUDE is from the BPOHH & spit that HOT FIRE so that he can GIVE Y'ALL what WE WANT;

10. Even though I could have picked the 10 KraKK Commandments, I picked this 1 instead: (song is INSIDE link)

11. For them niKKKa's who call US niKKKa's, this is how much TIME they got left;

12. This is 1 by an artist that ya NEVA heard of unless.............ya tuned into 1 orf my most successful musical posts of last week where she HEADLINED with; She is the 1 but in this case, WE wait til to make OUR point!

I hope that WE getting something outta these songs. As there are so many songs with numbers in 'em, I also wish to convey the messages conveyed within each song. As a peepo, WE ALL NEED to be FREE! In the last song though, it doesn't say much about the # 12, though it is at midnight & is therefore, IMPLIED. I had a countdown til december 21st of last year & can't wait til that devils time is officially up. As the 2nd picture says, WE going from 93 til INFINITY so let none of what they do affect you! Til the NEXT TIME, keep on breathing good air, eating good food & drinking good water. This has been the Blak of Numbers. Enjoy & HOLLA BLAK!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013


(Do ya like how I TALK?)

Hey b2a & how are WE today? I hope that ALL in yo world is fine when ya read this but it seems like the october surprise this month so far has been Boy was that a HOT 1 & WE still up here doing this! It seems now that just about EVERYBODY is in some sort of HOLDING PATTERN as WE wait for that next big thing! What WE should be waiting for is the ECONOMY COLLAPSING as the govt. has been BROKE for quite some time now! The ETHERS will allow US to get thru this all so no need to sweat fretting away as if it's over. It is now yo time to do what must be done my peepo & WE can't do it all by playing it straight or crooked - nah, WE gotta toe that fine line like a trapeze artist would. After all, by now don't WE all know that It's If ya believe that last comment, the question I got for ya though is, "on which side does ya bread get buttered?' Are ya in 1 of those professions that uses CODED LANGUAGE to get over on US? Well, let's get into it a lil bit & see what WE come up with.

Have ya ever heard of habeus corpus? How about carpe diem or better yet, My Cherie Amor? All of those terms come from the language (lengua = tongue) of a dead ROM(e)ANCE language named LATIN! Lawyers & doctors kill US with it ALL fuKKKin day! Going back, this was the MOTHER TONGUE of the LEARNED CLASS in europe from what is now modern day ROME which today would be in italy. The VULGAR version of this now dead language spawned modern day spanish, portugese, italian, french & romanian though they they are all spoken worldwide bcuz of western european conquests. Most peepo think that english came from this same base but it came from an old germanic language named anglais aka olde english & now just plain old english. Those languages came from sanskrit which came from Indian ARYAN peepo but long ago, I read a book that said that Twi (spoken by the Akan formerly of Kemet) was OFFICIALY, the 1st LANGUAGE ever spoken. Do clicks by the San Peepo of Kenya count?

"So Blak, what's the whole point of this article?", I hear ya asking in yo mind. The point is that the english language is NOT OURS but for MOST of US, it's the ONLY 1 most of US know due to them! Almost every Afrikan wherever he may be, speaks at least 1 of his languages & in Afrika, 2 or 3. Language is IMPORTANT in that it determines CULTURE which in turn spawns the 9 Peepo Activities which I always speak of. Language means something other than a form of communication bcuz communication is ALL! Who was the 1st to name that popular fruit a MANGO? Why did she name it that or was it just universally OVERSTOOD to be that? Are babies predisposed to knowing languages? Can 1 be FREED by knowing another language? Shouldn't WE all know different languages? Are ya proud of the languages ya speak or are they for work? Can ya imagine what it would be like to know LIFE as a totally SELF DETERMINED person? What is that LANGUAGE? What is the most SPOKEN LANGUAGE on earth? (answer at the bottom of article)

So why do WE say what WE say in this english language of OURS since MOST of US couldn't or even WOULDN'T trace what OUR ORIGINAL was? Why do WE TAKE a shit instead of leaving it in the toilet? What is a BLOOD BATH? Have you OVERSTOOD this article yet? Why does english have so many different meanings for so very few words? Malcolm X used to always say that this english that I'm writing in now is a language for LIARS! Why not study etymology? I heard 'em all say that in the BEGINNING, there was the WORD & that the WORD was GOD! Is GOD the 1st language? Is God RELIGION? Does he LOVE the DEVIL? Where did he come from? Should WE develop another language to replace these devils who will soon go? I already told Y'ALL that I'm gonna STOP calling 'em KraKKa's bcuz it's an insult to those lil salty biscuts right? When it comes to the word & word play, who can top the Blak Smith? Will ya get UPSET at Me for Too many of Y'ALL did after I POSTED the 1st link in the article & so what if OBAMA is a baby maker..........? He's just showin his niKKKa side to US! I gotta whole bunch of WORDS coming at ya soon with the release of my newest book named Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die which will be a scintillating EXPOSE of the entertainment industry with a FOCUS on Hip Hop. Ayo, before I finish this article, how many of YOU are gonna give Me ya WORD that ya gonna buy ya autographed copy?

(body language)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Blak Smith will MAKE Y'ALL Love Me On The One/////// the SOUL II SOUL MIX TAPE!

(Get ready to hear some GREAT MUSIC ya may have NEVER HEARD before!)

Just wanted to send a short out to all of my peepo out there in the WORLD who know that there is still GREAT MUSIC being made & have NO NEED to complain about how music just ain't what it USED to BE! Those of you who are YOUNGER than 30 NEED to HEAR this & if ya got younguns under ya, EXPOSE 'em to this!!!!! Today, instead of boring Y'ALL with a whole bunch of NOISE going on in my head, I decided to drop y'all off with a bit of BEAUTIFUL MUSIC spanning the years so that Y'ALL can HEAR just how I keep CALM when this world is so turbulent! I DARE any Blak Person to listen to ANY of these songs & tell Me that WE ain't still got it starting with my gal, Adriana Evans up above! If any of ya got ready access to her, tell her I absolutely luv her & would take her name in marriage! Til then my favorite peepo on earth, listen, ENJOY & let's LOVE each other on the 1 with the Blak Smith Soul II Soul Digital Mix of October 2013. Get ready for Blak Solidarity Day & NEVER EVER forget ALL of OUR FALLEN SOULJAHS! 1 LOVE & HOLLA BLAK!!!!

2. (Someday We'll all be FREE by Donny Hathaway)

3. (You Send Me by Roy Ayers)

4. (Inside my Love by Minnie Riperton)

5. (Givin' it up is Givin' Up by Patrice Rushen)

6. (Share my Love by L.T.D)

7. (Star of the Story by Heatwave)

8. (People make the World go Round by the Stylistics)

9. (Papillon aka Hot Butterfly by Chaka Khan)

10. (Dream Merchant by New Birth)

11. (All for Love by Bilal)

12. (Memories by Joi)

13. (Find your Way by Dionne Farris)

14. (Soul on Ice by Meshell Ndegeocello)

15. (Epitome by Gwenn Bunn)

16. (Blue Skies Butterflies by Ambersunshower)

17. (Brother Sister by the Brand New Heavies)

18. (Didja Know by Groove Theory)

19. (Something in the Way by the Jazzyfatnastees)

20. (Old Man by N'dea Davenport)

21. (Fela Kuti - Water No Get Enemy - Tribute by Red Hot + Riot)

22. (by Eryka Badu)

23. (One Shine by the Roots)

24. (Black Maybe by Common)

25. (My Umi Says by Mos Def)

Y'all gotta let me know how I did! HOLLA BLAK at ya HOLLA BLAK WARRRRRRRRR Dude!

Monday, October 21, 2013


As Y'ALL were DISMAYED the VOTE was taken BLACK from YOU but............

Yea, they probably used the same pen to sign the voters rights act that they used to take it back from ya! WE MUST remember that judge taney said that whites were not bound to RESPECT any LAWS made to protect US! Hold yo horses dude bcuz this was in 1857! You thinking that WE ever had RIGHTS is a fallacy that ya need to get over lest yo offspring catch it the same way Emmit Till got it almost 100 years later & more recently, all those who didn't deserve to get it like that! As WE broke down the dynamics of the 9 Peepo Activities to show just how SHIT is PLAYED OUT, today, WE break it down on stuff I be thinking. Get with Me & see how I do with stuff WE needn't be doing anymore. Y'all ready?

Sagging Pants is PLAYED OUT yo! Tattoos on ya face. Skinny jeans gotta the hell can yo dick breathe? Remember, that thing has a mouth! Fathering children & not contacting 'em bcuz ya HATE the Mom has to stop! Let's hope that peepo can at least get along for the sake of those children. By now, WE all know that eating of the HOG in the least is NOT HEALTHY so why are too many of US still doing this? Shiiiit.......eating an ACIDIC DIET at this point in the game is CRAZY! Add more ALKALINE foods to ya LIFE & see the quality of such change radically! Citing "WE ALWAYS did it THIS WAY" is not gonna get it! Denouncing others ways of thinking when ya don't agree with that person is not very intelligent! How do ya learn when ya MIND is in active disagreement? Most of US don't even hear the other person when this occurs. Peepo ARGUING over shit that they ain't sure about is a no-no. More LOVE & less HATE!

Now that the STAIN of the Woman's Liberation Movement has been exposed, I think that the next generation of BW who are now under 23 have seen how they have been mis-educated on matters of the heart. We are now 2 generations removed from perhaps, 1 of the deadliest tactics concocted by the DEVIL that wreaked HOLY HAVOC on Blak Relationships: Too many BP today seem to THINK that when their COMPLEMENT is laid back that this is a tacit basis to be ABUSIVE toward their mate & that way needs to STOP ASAP!

I've previously said that the above book, Island by aldous huxley gave US the guide that any peepo can use to guide US thru the WILDERNESS! Some of the info in there could guide AGGRESSION as some of US are more AGGRESSIVE than others & how to raise US up using GENERAL CONCEPTS in the book. Anybody who is SIRIUS about NATION BUILDING needs to at least have it in their collection. WE can NATION BUILD all WE want but without the HEALING of the NATION, WE'LL just create MONSTERS! As of 2012, ever fully Blak Child born has PLAYED OUT the old & are now CRYSTAL CHILDREN who came out KNOWING so don't confine 'em to pre-2011 expectations! The previous generation from the 1990's were TAMPERED with & as the MEDIA became UNAVOIDABLE, tainted to the point of IDK what but that's ok; ya gotta get to ya LOWEST to SPRING BLACK up like a phoenix!

Ok......back to why WE came here! The day & age of straight up & down COONING is DONE! Living in the south was good for me in my latter years as over & over, I see remnants of what used to be & there are too many peepo who grew up in the 60's-70's who would take US back there if they could but WE ain't NEVER going back there! DEATH is better than that but I'm speaking from the future! Being what is called CONSCIENCE to the point of STUPIDITY is outta here! Do what is PRACTICAL for YOU & damn the rest! Drink in MODERATION if ya feel to! Smoke clean GANJA that ya grow yaself or get it from 1's ya TRUST! While FIAT CASH is still present, get what ya can & LIQUIDATE it into FOOD, CLOTHING & SHELTER which comes from LAND wherever it is ya wanna be! As much as possible, get ALL HATERS outta yo MIX! Clothes made of man made fabrics are out! Just like WE supposed to be reading ingredients on what WE EAT, WE should also do that with whatever WE INGEST such as makeup, toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, lotions etc etc. Too many of US are ASSUMING that "they wouldn't do that" but haven't WE had enough yet? That way of thinking is PLAYED OUT YO!

WE at b2a REALLY APPRECIATE Y'ALL who stuck around til the very end of this article! The sign above says that WE going BLAK to the FUTURE & that future includes YOU in it! Fuck what ya heard lately but as I ALWAYS say, the purpose of b2a is to prepare the new VANGUARD for the TAKEOVER! The FUTURE means WE goin back to the EARTH, MA'AT & all that's covered inside that aka the NATURAL ORDER! Outta K.O.S comes peace & all K.O.S means is KNOWLEDGE of SELF which 1 can only achieve thru ADVERSITY which makes 1 attain MASTERY! Shaka Zulu wouldn't have been who he was had he not gone thru the REJECTION of his own peepo. Going back means going forward at the same time like the starting point of a circle but EVERYTHING has a starting point or.............does it? You reading this will be FREE! You will MANIFEST DESTINUS! You will know the true meaning of LIFE & that it's strictly for the living! You will know JOY! You will see that MOST of what the devil gave US was his FEAR FREQUENCY, FALSE & PLAYED OUT SHIT! HOLLA BLAK & WAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 18, 2013



Protests, Rallies and Marching, as a tactic for political change, DO NOT WORK. 

Anyone in this day in age still advocating these tired and played out tactics are politically uneducated and immature at best and disingenuous energy and movement killers at worst.

(protests are SO PLAYED OUT)

Hey b2a peepo! How y'all doing? Are WE finally READY for our BIRTHRIGHT & INHERITANCE? The time is nigh for the devil to be a mere afterthought & as for Me, he already is! I'm ready to NATION BUILD! To all doubters who by NOT knowing this is gonna happen, what will ya do when ya see it all in actuality? By then, all of this convo will have ceased & it will be time to LOVE on US! If ya can't do that, ya gonna have to go with them wherever they go & with the QUICKNESS! Ya see, too many of y'all have solutions but with solutions like the above pic, what have WE gained? If ya ask me, protesting bcuz a politriXXXian said so is TOO PLAYED OUT & with all of the info WE have today, outright STUPID & this ain't the 1st time that I've said it! None of these negroes look OUTRAGED! There is ample info out there to show US that OUR APPOINTED LEADERS have been COMPROMISED beyond a shadow of a doubt which also means that they CAN'T be TRUSTED! In keeping with the 9 peepo activities, today WE will cover the last 3 which comprise of OUR favorites, RELIGION, SEX & WAR! Can y'all dig it? Will WE get where WE need to? I will but will you?

I THINK that my readers are Super SOPHISTICATED & so WE don't mean to OFFEND but in living LIFE, WE are ALL gonna step on TOES every so often. In that, WE start with

RELIGION -  also known as the opiate for the masses! If ya know Me, like dvs alias khrist, I say FUCK yo RELIGION but as I AM MA'AT, I am the very FOUNDATION of what yo religion is supposed to be! I AM that I AM! It's so hard to believe that in 2013, peepo are still believing in it or just maybe.......they got stuck in that book that says that WE came to BE about 6000 years ago! What is you talkin bout willis? Nah yo, these so called religions are nothing but SHAM ORGANIZATIONS of peepo running around judging those around 'em while SECRETLY doing the same shit they tell ya not to do. Have ya ever heard of a BRIS? Look at the SCANDAL of KatholiKK priests fucking ya lil boys in the church! Do ya even know what the word means? To satisfy ya SOUL, LOOK it UP here at learn that MOST words the europeans use have many meanings! Dr. Amos Wilson said in a lecture years ago that the dope boys, whores, criminals & those in the UNDERWORLD are there merely as SYMPTOMS of the ills that they've put before US but...........that RELIGIOUS PEEPO who FOLLOW the RULES they make are OUR BIGGEST PROBLEM & after much introspection, I agree 100%! Look at the 2 HNIC's in jaXXXon & sharptone with farahKKKoon as the X-FACTOR & the sway that they hold! Would that hold be the same if they weren't religious figures? I highly doubt it! They KNOW that OUR SPIRITUAL WELL needs a CHARISMATIC LEADER but the GOSPEL (god's SPELL) will soon be BROKEN! I could tell y'all that MA'AT could fill that void ya FEEL ya NEED for ya SPIRIT but most of y'all still ain't ready! Most of y'all hold soetero up as OUR LORD & SAVIOR but that niKKKa is having children outta wedlock with sky sperm & offing the chicks like a BLACK WIDOWER SPIDER! Don't worry as y'all will soon see the vatiKKKan & anything related go down like a house of cards! Religion not based in ya CULTURE is some PLAYED OUT SHIT & I'm talking about 98% of y'all so don't say that I said ALL! (Best book to read on this topic is the Historical Origin of Christianity by Walter Williams)

SEX - perhaps the GREATEST INVENTION ever & something that is very necessary for OUR COLLECTIVE SURVIVAL! As I define self as a NATION BUILDER, I only want Blak Peepo capable of having plenty of INDIGO & CRYSTAL CHILDREN around Me! It's such a SHAME that the devil has made it such that peepo are AFRAID to have US anymore but as THINGS CHANGE, this will cease to exist & seeing families of 14 will be common again! Dr Ben always says that HEAVEN is between the legs of a BW but WE must remember that Doc comes from another country & time! So do ya see it yet? When I speak of being those GODS & GODDESSES, I'm speaking on US being FREE & WORKING for US so that no 1 who is RIGHTEOUS is HUNGRY or HOMELESS! When the BW finally breathes again & doesn't have to WORRY about "how am I gonna house & feed my family?", she will have that NUCLEAR SEXUAL EXPLOSION bcuz the EARTH is ABUNDANT! Birthing will be LESS PAINFUL bcuz ya won't have hospital bills! There will be MIDWIVES everywhere who ya know personally! Like in Afrika, girls will be taught to be WIVES & MOTHERS & boys, to be HUSBANDS & FATHERS! Touching a youngster who has yet to go thru the proper Rites of Passages will bring severe punishment! Polygamy will be needed to get OUR NUMBERS back up to where they supposed to be! IDGAF who don't like it but HOMOSEXUALITY is WHACK! Again, MA'AT or the Natural Order will reign SUPREME! Rape will CEASE! Ayo.........going back to the EARTH aka the BW is a MUST! Illegitimate SEX is some PLAYED OUT SHIT yo! As Marvin said, let's get it ON & by that, WE think he meant; (Best book to read on this is the Sexual Imperative by Mwalimu Baruti).

WAR - something foreign to US until the DEVIL came around & at 1 time, I too thought that WE ALWAYS fought but there was a time way back wherein Blak Peepo all over the known world were in PEACE! Feel Me my peepo, they are left brain thinkers & only have 2 strand dna meaning that WE shouldn't be having SEX with 'em bcuz in Military Science, this means that ya keepin 'em ALIVE & the purpose of any WAR is to ELIMINATE the ENEMY so that THEY NEVER become a threat again! This was why I wrote perhaps the most controversial series ever with: Ya see in the Art of War, Sun Tzu continuously said that to WIN it is to NOT get into it at all bcuz ya KNOW ya gonna LOSE thru KNOWLEDGE of ya opponent! Only engage when VICTORY is CERTAIN & for US, that it is it! Look at any book of PROPHECY.......Blak Peepo as a whole are still at a disadvantage bcuz WE PROJECT how WE FEEL onto OUR OPPRESSOR thinking that he FEELS about US how WE FEEL about him! WE are the NA'VI of the avatars! Look at coach sandusky in State Penn who was RAPING OUR boys for YEARS! They show US every day that WE at WAR & niKKKa's still wanna talk that jesus shit! Trayvon's Mom was pissing Me off during that TRIAL! What about all of the WARS in foreign countries for resources? Almost all of 'em started in quantico aka the c.i.a h.q as they pressure the government & when that doesn't work, they fund the opposition aka rebels & if that doesn't work, they concoct a STORY to justify sending in troops & if ya think that I'm joking, this SHIT just happened in Syria with Assad! What can't ya see yo? (Best book to read on this is Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins)

                                                      - to be continued -

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Who remembers these SHITS above? Come on now, if ya only 25 or less, ya remember OF 'em but if I gave ya 1 right now, you'd look at Me like,"Get yaself a cellphone dude!" After a crazy week of HARD to BELIEVE CRAZY SHIT, WE gonna get BLAK at ya with the PLAYED OUT SHIT peepo still doing but before WE go in..........thanks to ALL of MY peepo who still believe that the soetero's or ANY 1st family gives a flying fuck about ya! What more must they do to show ya different? I would just luv to see if ANY of Y'ALL RESEARCHED ANY of the ASSERTIONS put forth in the Obama BABY DRAMA articles without EMOTIONALIZING & bellyaching about something that I didn't write & said was ENTERTAINING whether TRUE or NOT! I can FEEL you screwing ya face but so what..............before WE move on to the NEXT, check this here at Doesn't that child look kinda like.......

Ok, let's get into it with PLAYED OUT SHIT like BEEPERS! In using the 9 Peepo Activities, WE next cover

LABOR -  As stated by Che Guevera, "All wealth comes from LABOR!" Exactly what is this labor though? Labor is WORK & a few years ago, I went in on what that really means! Hardly any of US wanna work & the proof is that MOST of US absolutely HATE OUR j.o.b.s but have so ADAPTED to this SYSTEM, that WE'VE lost the ability to question. Check this short link that proved to be 1 of my favorites & see what I mean without having to say it myself at As I've said plenty of times, the ONLY NECESSITIES in LIFE are FOOD, CLOTHING & SHELTER in that (divine) order but the NATURAL ORDER is outta whack & as WE have ADAPTED to it, WE make sense outta it! WE make more sense outta what WE feel is universal but when WE move to another state, for the most part, WE find the LAWS really weird but WE just hadn't adapted to 'em yet! Who made up the saying, "Ya don't work ya don't eat?" Who calls ya a USELESS EATER? Nah, the shutdown of the food stamp system on Saturday 10/12/13 was a SHOCK on the SYSTEM & no, not everyone depending on the system is a degenerate! WE all have a BIRTHRIGHT & that's SELF DETERMINATION to BUILD NATIONS for KITH & KIN! That there is a FULL TIME JOB yo! If ya over 35 years old & still just wanna j.o.b working for someone else & ya got children, I ain't feelin ya yo! A j.o.b without a PLAN is so lame & some real PLAYED OUT SHIT! Yea! (Best book covering this topic is Black LABOR White Wealth written by Claude Anderson)

pay phones are so PLAYED OUT yo!

LAW -  It's for JUST US & ya know what I mean! JUST US NO PEACE! From Emmett Till to Kendrick Johnson to much too many to mention! Ayo, if ya still thinking that I'm writing to purely ENETERTAIN yo ass, that last dudes body was exhumed & the 2nd autopsy found him gutted WITHOUT his INTERNAL ORGANS!: They filled his body with NEWSPAPER yo! Or how about De'Marquise Elkins getting convicted despite this; The point here is that especially OUR YOUTH are not getting a fair shot & WE are still relying on them to do right despite the fact that in the Dred Scott case, judge taney said that "It is difficult at this day to realize the state of public opinion in regard to that unfortunate race which prevailed in the civilized and enlightened portions of the world at the time of the Declaration of Independence, and when the Constitution of the United States was framed and adopted; but the public history of every European nation displays it in a manner too plain to be mistaken. They had for more than a century before been regarded as beings of an inferior order, and altogether unfit to associate with the white race, either in social or political relations, and so far unfit that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect."* Ain't WE still 3/5th's of MAN aka 60% of the DEVIL? Please don't BELIEVE Me when I say that & check ya constitution ya 14th amendment & GOOD niKKKa! Wasn't it dickens who said that "the law is a ASS, a IDIOT? As this law ain't for US, it's PLAYED OUT SHIT & look out for TRUE JUSTICE in the near future! (Best book covering this is Black Robes White Justice by Judge Bruce Wright)

(rotary phone from back in the days)

the Blak Smith is just that much closer to the completion of Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die! For ya pre-orders of the HOTTEST EXPOSE of the entertainment industry with a FOCUS on Hip Hop, HOLLA BLAK to or INBOX ONLY to Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) on facebook. WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

POLITICS -  Isn't it IRONIC that politriKKKs is #6 of OUR ARTICLE bcuz 6 really means SEX in numerology! Anyhoo, WE can take the recent u.s govt. SHUTDOWN which ain't nothing but a SMOKESCREEN so that they can RESTRUCTURE the more than broken ECONOMY that they've utterly DESTROYED with FIAT aka FAKE MONEY made of paper! Also, this move was made to keep US outta WORK again with no money! On the low, the biggest employer of BLACKS in the u.s is the FEDERAL GOVT located in the chocolate city of the distriict of columbia! ( In fact there is NO LIFE without politics as every environment has its own sets of policies, ways & means. WE tend to think of politics as elected officials but where ya work, play & live have shared policies for all who converge there. If WE take this WORLDWIDE, the #1 reason why WE are FAILING as a peepo is bcuz WE have ADAPTED the ways of the DEVILS & are currently using his politriKKKs to govern OURSELVES when this is the LAST THING WE NEED! The more Blak politicos WE get, the WORSE shit gets & YOU know it! OUR politicos used to ENACT LAWS & this is why Adam Clayton Powell, Maynard Jackson, Alton Maddox & Cynthia McKinney get nothing but LUV from the peepo that borned 'em! Most of these sellout NEGROES of today ain't nothing but MOUTHPIECES for the 1% but as I always tell US, their TIME is UP! For OUR coming NEW AGE, M'AAT will be the STANDARD WE use to judge those who have transgressed! To all of you studying shit like political science or city planning using TOXIC CHEMICALS, just know that you are anti - NATION BUILDERS as WE are going BLAK to the EARTH aka the NATURAL ORDER! WE need to employ HEMP into the system! Modern day DEVIL poltriKKKs is so PLAYED OUT & so...................HOLLA BLAK!

                                                                 - to be continued -

  1. Jump up to:a b c Scott v. Sanford, 60 U.S. (19 How.) 393 (1857).

Friday, October 11, 2013

that Obama BABY MAMA DRAMA - an Analysis

So I've heard that the Blak Smith has MOVED UP in what WE call the WORLD of BLOGGING with a re-posted article on so much INFO about POTUS & FLOTUS. It's been quite a year during these 7 years of REVELATIONS eh? Ain't it crazy how peepo who have NEVA met them, Me or most peepo that they know from the MEDIA seem to KNOW so much about peepo that they've NEVER met & how VEHEMENT they get about 'em as if they have a stake in the grand chessboard? Every so often I have to remind y'all that 1st & foremost, I write for ME & in doing that, if ya don't like what I put out, stop reading bcuz I ain't gonna stop writing &..............anyhoo, what got so many riled up was that I posted an article explaining what happened to Miriam Carey who was killed in DC last week under some starnge circumstances. I didn't put any commentary in that article other than to introduce it so as to not have to answer to the FLAK that I knew would come as REVELATIONS happen in front of yo face! I have no interest in proving or disproving that artcile bcuz whether ya BELIEVE it or not, like Me, ya still getting fucked but don't like to hear about it bcuz it takes ya out of that COMFORT ZONE ya adapted to. Even if the story is false, there's plenty that I've learned & if ya remain patient you just might too. Let's get into it now.

If ya wanna critique what I post ont this blog, ya gonna learn a lil bit. The article I speak of is posted here so that ya LAZY ASS can go directly to it: As I posted this from Dr Phil Valentine's page just know that he got it from here: RESEARCHING that site & finding that they are REPUTABLE, I felt safe using INFO many of Y'ALL refuse to BELIEVE but...........even if the story is false, ain't the TIMING interesting all in the middle of the financial RESTRUCTURING of the ECONOMY of the WORLD & the CENTER of ALL THAT collapsed 12 years ago! I've stopped talking about that FIASCO for the longest time as it's all FALLING APART & as his TIME is UP, I've already warned y'all that SHIT would be HECTIC as WE get nearer to OUR MOTHER/FATHERS coming for his RIGHTEOUS ONES BANGING on the SYSTEM aka his R.O.B.O.T.S. What you talking about?

Before I pick this article apart, let's talk about SOETERO & the FACT that NOBODY knows who the FUCK he is! His Mama worked for the c.i.a & if ya didn't know that, then the SHIT! Damn yo! Like jesus, who can prove his life for a number of years? When barry first came on the scene, I often wondered as to why they always showed him to be the IDEAL HUSBAND & now I know was to show the LOVE STARVED older BW who could RELATE to her what the ideal BM could be in a visible RELATIONSHIP! As BW are not FREE, for the most part, ya wanna FANTASIZE & when a real nigga like Me TOTALLY DISPELS who these virtual UNKNOWNS are, ya HATE Me as if I killed ya 1st born! Them niKKKa's set the BW up but too many of y'all are still in DENIAL & only TIME will TELL! IDGAF about the ELITE anyway!

flotus with masoniKKK hands set

To all of you out there, the RUMORS of flotus being a man are OLD! Psychology says that the mind doesn't retain what it hears unless it's PROVEN beyond a SHADOW of a DOUBT!!!!! The article doesn't PROVE anything as it makes "CLAIMS" in the 1st sentence. I NEVER TOLD ANYONE that I BELIVED the article so get that outta ya mouth! Before the story was blasted on tv news, it was said that a MAN was shooting a gun from a car in that area & then it turned out to be our VICTIM later on! This makes me BELIEVE that it was all STAGED!  Last year in this article,, I wrote about how conservative blogger, andrew breitbart dropped DEAD on his way to release smokin gun info in an interview on soetero. He was in his early 40's & dropped dead of a heart attack on that day? C'mon Son!  MAN, I keep telling Y'ALL that these highly PLACED politicians all have HIT SQUADS & if ya don't believe Me, watch the manchurian candidate, no way out aka the n.w.o & enemy of the state AGAIN! The easiest thing for me to BELIEVE is that the CHILD is HIS!! Look at how many children KKKlinton has outside of hilary yo!

WE don't need to cover the "CIRCUMSTANCES" behind how soetero met the chick as the SIMPLE QUESTION like arnold scwartz a NIGGA is, "is it yours?" Why did the s.s snatch the child & not give her back to Miriams family as on paper, they are RELIABE good peepo? Miriam REFUSED to kill her child citing RELIGIOUS REASONS & never had any violent episodes despite being from BrookNAM NY! Her boss is all tied up in the INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES & ran inteference for potus AFTER her ASSASSINATION! Would any of Y'ALL like to see her job reviews before she started saying that she was being STALKED by her  BABY DADDY? What do Y'ALL know about INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES like the nsa, the mossad & mi-6? Do ya even know those terminologies? GTFOH with what ya believe if ya still believe in those super niKKKa's named abraham, jesus or mohammed!

My book, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die is coming very soon. Pre-order ya autographed copy at or on fb INBOX only at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Thanks for ya support.

Critical to note, this report says, are that GRU signal intelligence analysts (SIGNIT) who were monitoring CIA-NSA-FBI encrypted electronic communication traffic in Washington D.C. on 3 October observed the exact same “encrypted electronic signature” used by the elite hit squad that attacked the US Navy Yard on 16 September, had assassinated the award winning American journalist Michael Hastings on 18 June, and on 25 June attacked the Los Angeles Police detectives investigation of Hastings assassination.

this report continues to suggest that she was “lured” to Washington D.C. under the pretext that Obama wanted to see for the first time, his new baby daughter. 

Obama’s concerns about Ms Carey, the GRU says, was related to her reporting to local Connecticut police authorities late last year her fears that she was being followed and secretly recorded by US intelligence agents and her belief that her life was in danger.

Upon Ms Carey arriving at the White House on 3 October this report says, she became “aware” of the trap she had driven into and in her attempting to flee to safety was viciously tracked by multiple US intelligence agencies and ultimately assassinated by a point-black gunshot to the left side of her head.

This all reminds me of a chick named Margie Schoedinger who was RAPED along with her HUSBAND by george W bush & cronies & SUICIDED after she had the nerve to SUE him in court. Y'all could find that info in my book bcuz I RESEARCH what I put out & if I didn't, I would say that! Going back to soetero, even MAINSTREAM MEDIA was saying that his certificate of live birth which isn't OFFICIAL was a BAD FAKE so WHO the FUCK are YOU to QUESTION Me when ya ain't did 1 lick of RESEARCH? That's ya PROBLEM right there BP........ya too REACTIONARY! Y'all niKKKa's REFUSE to study MILITARY SCIENCES! So if soetero's life is phony, why not his WIFE, who if a WOMAN is UGLY as a DUCKLING & IDGAF what ya think about that! Did ya at least look into it before ya didn't BELIEVE what I didn't write? How about this?: President Barack Obama looks amazingly like (Pharoah) Akhenaten the father of monotheism. Michelle Obama looks amazingly like Akhenaten's mother, Queen Tiye. Akhenaten had two daughters by Nefertiti They look amazingly like Malia and Sasha. The code names of Renegade, Renaissance, Radiance and Rosebud correlate well with the ancient depiction of the Royal Family.* Did ya check to see where & when the 2 lil girls were born? Do ya wanna believe it? Why not research & see who michelle's parents were? Why is chi-town on FIRE now? Maybe a lot of the peepo dying there KNEW SOMETHING about these peepo & needed to be quieted so that they could have ya thinking that soetero & now mayor emanuel HATED each other to cover their collective tracks! That reverend wright dude is in on it too as that was all staged to throw US OFF TRACK! I've already written all of that! Think PEEPO!

At the end of the day, IDGAF about soetero as I read in a Front Line magazine years ago that 1 of the top REPTILIANS of all times named zbignew brzenski was his BOSS & as I've written on him before, ya either wanna pass this off as idle gossip or this type of subject matter just ain't for ya & I totally OVERSTAND that but MISS ME with all of the BULLSHIT as I find this shit quite ENTERTAINING! If all of this is not true, ya still gonna get ya bubble burst or do ya want things to stay the way that they are? Are YOU STUPID? May OUR SISTA who bit off more than she could chew, R.I.P! WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Resultado de imagen para obama with baby pic Lil' Nigga Ain't Mine

A slight pause for the cause from PLAYED OUT SHIT is in order! I had heard about all this from Super Nat Turner but I then got the full skinny from Dr. Phil Valentine's fb page last nite & yelled to myself, "STOP the PRESSES!" When ya read this!!!! Note, I did NOT research any of this & the site it was taken from was referenced so don't be looking for no Blak Smith to get at if this gets debunked or if ya just 1 of those SOETERO lovers that just ain't having it! Take this in, think about it & just know that 

WE are LIVING in the DAYS of REVELATIONS where ALL shall be REVEALED

A new report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) claims that the unarmed 34-year-old woman named Miriam Carey who was gunned down last Thursday (3 October) in Washington D.C. was, in fact, “deliberately targeted” by an elite hit-squad under orders to assassinate what Russian intelligence officials say was the mother of President Barack Obama’s “love child.”

According to this report, Obama first met Ms Carey on 18 May 2011 when he traveled to New London, Connecticut to address the graduating class of the US Coast Guard Academy.

The US press, at that time, blamed Obama’s “substantial delay” for making this address on bad weather, but according to GRU sources the American President was instead, having a “significant” problem after having lodged a portion of a pistachio nut (one of his favorite snack foods) shell into one of his back molars.

Prior to Air Force One arriving in Connecticut this report continues, Obama’s Secret Service (SS) detail contacted an “approved” local dentist to meet the President upon his planes landing for the purpose of alleviating his then present condition.

As Obama’s personal White House physician at the time was US Navy Captain Jeffrey Kuhlman, MD, this report says, the “approved” dentist selected was Dr. Brian Evans of Advanced Periodontics located in Hamden, Connecticut, whom Captain Kuhlman was long associated with through their shared US Navy service.

Dr. Evans had served on active duty in the United States Navy as a staff periodontist in Norfolk, Virginia. While in the Navy, Dr. Evans was, also, the periodontics mentor for the Navy’s Advanced Education for General Dentistry program and held top-secret security clearances. Dr. Evans was further awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal for meritorious service.

Dr. Evans’ licensed dental assistant while treating the President on Air Force One on 18 May 2011 was Ms Carey, whom GRU assets in this report state “struck up an almost immediate friendship with Obama.”

Important to note, this report says, is that after Ms Carey was assassinated, Dr. Evans was quoted in the US press as stating that she was fired from her job at his office about a year ago but wouldn't say why. Dr. Evans further stated that Ms Carey had been away from the job for a period after falling down a staircase and suffering a head injury and it was a few weeks after she returned to work that she was fired.

GRU analysts in this report however state that Ms Carey’s absence from work was “directly related” to an affair she had begun with Obama in 2011 and which culminated in a girl child being born in August 2012, and which it appears the President attempted to have her abort but which Ms Carey refused to do because of her Christian beliefs.

Critical to note, this report says, are that GRU signal intelligence analysts (SIGNIT) who were monitoring CIA-NSA-FBI encrypted electronic communication traffic in Washington D.C. on 3 October observed the exact same “encrypted electronic signature” used by the elite hit squad that attacked the US Navy Yard on 16 September, had assassinated the award winning American journalist Michael Hastings on 18 June, and on 25 June attacked the Los Angeles Police detectives investigation of Hastings assassination.

From the tracing of this unique “encrypted electronic signature” as it pertained to Ms Carey’s actions on 3 October this report continues suggests that she was “lured” to Washington D.C. under the pretext that Obama wanted to see for the first time, his new baby daughter. 

Obama’s concerns about Ms Carey, the GRU says, was related to her reporting to local Connecticut police authorities late last year her fears that she was being followed and secretly recorded by US intelligence agents and her belief that her life was in danger.

These same local police authorities, however, state that Ms Carey told them in December that she was a prophet, that Obama would place the city of Stamford under “lock down” and that he had her and her residence under electronic surveillance.

Upon Ms Carey arriving at the White House on 3 October this report says, she became “aware” of the trap she had driven into and in her attempting to flee to safety was viciously tracked by multiple US intelligence agencies and ultimately assassinated by a point-black gunshot to the left side of her head.

Even though Ms Carey’s sister Amy Carey-Jones said there were no indications that her sister was unstable and that her sister “seemed OK” the last time they spoke more than a week ago and a second sister, Valarie Carey, who is a retired New York City police officer said there was “no need for a gun to be used,” the propaganda US media continues to paint this young mother as nothing more than a lunatic.

The same however cannot be said of one of Obama’s longest mistresses, Vera Baker, who aside from raising millions for his Senate and Presidential campaigns, fled to the Caribbean island of Martinique when her affair with the American President was discovered and remains in hiding to this day.

As to why Obama would engage himself in dangerous affairs in the first place this report bizarrely concludes is the growing evidence that his wife and First Lady, Michelle Obama, was born Michael LaVaughn Robinson in Chicago, Illinois on 17 January 1964. He was the second son born to Fraser Robinson III, a well known cocaine dealer and union thug for Crime Lord-Mayor Richard J. Daley, and Marian Shields Robinson, a transient street prostitute who was diagnosed with the HIV virus in 1998.

After a successful sex-change surgery, this report says, Michelle met Obama, married and have since adopted two daughters, Malia and Sasha. And even though she is said to have a “watch list” of women that were to be kept away from her President husband, most unfortunately it did not include Miriam Carey.* 

from the Blak Smith - will be breaking this all down from my ANALYSIS SOON!

* as taken from

Monday, October 7, 2013


I let my TAPE rock til my TAPE popped - the Notorious B.I.G - from Juicy

That up there is Radio Raheem as played by great actor, Bill Nunn in a spike lee joint named Do the right thing! How my b2a peepo & what the HEAVEN is up witcha? As time rolls on, WE here to bring that VANGUARD INFO to ya chest plate & as they are doing their level best to keep US trapped off in that FEAR FREQUENCY, it's up to me to guide ya outta that! As far as I'm concerned, right now WE in that time where their TIME is UP but some things still must play out sorta like the transition when presidents change office between election & inauguration day. There was a time when recorded music went on RECORDS & then to 8 track to cassette to cd's & now DIGITAL which is absolutely FREE! Boom boxes are pretty obsolete today. How about 3 & 4 finger rings like the pic above? Well.........let's take the 9 peepo activities & show y'all who still DOUBT that his time is up! WE gonna do it alphabetically & with that, allow the Smith dude to show y'all how too much of the SHIT WE still doing is PLAYED OUT!

1. ECONOMICS - The supposed u.s government shutdown is a SHAM in that if mainly BLAK PEEPO are affected, then WE shouldn't be paying TAXES! Remember, when they EMANCIPATED YOU, you couldn't VOTE! As Ras Kass said, "You's a 14th amendment & a good nigger!" Though I've said this before, I'll say it again that ECONOMICS ain't about MONEY, it's about RESOURCES & WE all know that the most RESOURCES is wherever THEY ain't at! I talked about that in my 1st book; The way that WE use MONEY today is relatively new & it actually started with the feudal system when the word LAND LORD came into play! In a place where RESOURCES aka FOOD CLOTHING & SHELTER are ABUNDANT such as TODAY, there should be NO HUNGER or HOMELESSNESS but............ya favorite peepo devised a sytem where what ya get goes right back to HIM via bills, rent, & NECESSITIES! Nation builders such as Me & others like Me are making sure in that next era of time that this will all be eradicated! Economics based on FIAT is so PLAYED OUT!(Best book to read concerning all this is POWERNOMICS by Claude Anderson.)

2. EDUCATION - Did y'all know that the u.s public school system was created by ex-slaves who believed that education should be FREE? Being that WE didn't pay TAXES but in fact were the TAXABLE PROPERTY, who was to pay these school fees? Nah, all that was needed was the WILL to BUILD a place where WE could TEACH the TALENTED to bring out what was already NATURALLY in US, the TRUE MEANING of EDUCATION! If ya look up the DEFINITION of these words, you will be SHOCKED to see what ya find! Ya see, there are different types of INTELLIGENCE & to be labelled as this or that KILLS the WILL to LEARN & why so many of US show very lil interest in what WE know as school. This TALENT doesn't go anywhere & when coupled with what's new & exciting, turns into ADDICTION & THUGGERY which leads to DYSFUNCTION which lands US in REHABS, LOONY BINS, PRISON & EARLY DEATH! Hey, a street education is an education not to be underestimated yo! Teaching OUR CHILDREN to get J.O.B.S is SO PLAYED OUT! A degree without K.O.S is SO PLAYED OUT! Educate US to be FREE!!!!! (Best book to read about education is the Mis-education of the negro by Carter G Woodson).

3. ENTERTAINMENT -  Covers so much from sneakers to hats & then so much more! It entails anything that evokes emotions whether it means wins or losses, crying or laughing, high or low etc etc. The OVERALL PREVAILING form of ENTERTAINMENT today is HIP HOP & so many have misunderstood her for so long but y'all will soon be shown exactly what I just called it! The REAL HIP HOPPERS are now in their 40's & up & as this will be the GENERATION to see the NEXT ERA, many are now becoming very VOCAL about the HIJACKING that started with slim shady! Check this out here: Q-Tip told US that "Industry Rule 4080, RECORD COMPANY PEEPO are SHADYYYYYY!!!!" On a basic level, this is how it used to work; said talent would get heard whether it be a demo, at a show or bcuz somebody who already HIT recommended said act. The act would then be given a single deal & shows to showcase what they got. If crowds responded, the word would get out & the recording would be REQUESTED til the buzz reached the radio peepo.

The single blows up & next thing ya know, ya signed to an album deal & the LOAN comes, the cars, the bitches & that fast money. This is where the CONTROL MECHANISM comes in & ya don't wanna go back to apartment 23 right next to me & cee-lo & so ya............SELL OUT in order to give those out there the IMPRESSION that you are now a certified BALLER! Today, they make sure that ya come already vetted by having those already INITIATED INITIATE ya in so that if ya not with it, they don't have to waste time UNLEARNING ya what ya already saw. Along with that, the MUSIC is ENCODED with subliminal messages to keep that FEAR FREQUENCY up & this is why every other GROWN MC is still talkin about MOLLIES! WTF yo? Y'all need to know that if ya know they name that they are outright CONTROLLED & so stop asking what Kanye, Mike Jordan & Bill Cosby have in common. (if ya wanna know, email or fb inbox me). Stop asking why Donny Hathaway, Phyllis Hyman, Mike Jackson & Whitney Houston ain't no longer here! Trying to be a celebrity today is SO PLAYED OUT as the fans make STARS out of US! (Best book to read about this is Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die by the Blak Smith out soon)

Get at US via e-mail at or better yet, fb inbox US at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff).


                                                                  -to be continued-

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The WORLD is BLAK .......Keep Watching!!!

Hey b2a peepo & how are WE today in this crazy ass 2013? Didn't I tell US that this would be an interesting year? RATCHET ASS WEATHER is still the story as the u.s had the weirdest summer ever & now that WE in fall/autumn, the weather has been EXEMPLARY! Today though, what I wanna do is explain mine & a lot of peepo's lives thru some songs that I grew up listening to that have stayed with me as I/WE have grown to get to this point. As of this point, the u.s govt is still SHUT DOWN & THEY gonna use that SHIT to distraKKKt from the FACT that SHIT is OVER for THEM! This is not about bi-partisan politriKKKs or any of that so get that outta ya conversational lexicon! Too many of y'all is still pumping that hey-zeus, mohammad & abraham SHIT & quite frankly, ya BORING ME with it! This is the time of the FAITHFUL & so please listen to these songs to see what WE mean. Don't be afraid of these ever increasing mass shootings as if ya DIVINELY PROTECTED, they wont touch ya! Stay aware of ya surroundings & do YOU! This here will not affect US unless it's supposed to! Let's get into it Y'ALL!

Now this 1st song came out in the early 70's when I was just born. I never OVERSTOOD it until I became somewhat aware & it sounded good but then I saw a movie named Mandingo & WONDERED how so called HUMANS could treat other HUMANS that way. Like Hip Hop, I was still in my new years or what WE call the age of INNOCENCE! What's more important in the equation of WRITING, the INK (melanin) or the PAPER (non-melanin)? By now, haven't WE noticed that APPEALS for EQUALITY for the most part usually comes from the aggrieved parties? Today, dudes like bono from u2 speak on behalf of the u.n asking for funds for eradicate hunger but upon examination..........

So are ya not feeling CONFIDENT? Has racist white supremacy beat ya down? Is ya self esteem in the gutter? What I really wanna ask is are YOU a BLAK MAYBE? In my new way of thinking, I can't get with ya if ya are bcuz I already told US about the BASE RESONANT FREQUENCY which like Hidden Colors II means that the MELANIN is RISING! This is why I always talk about the WEATHER bcuz they hide the SUN with those FAKE ASS CLOUDS so that ya MELANIN doesn't get activated but they can only do that but for so long! I told y'all about this earlier this year: but not many got what I was sayin! I also had a series by tom hanks in here that got a lil buzz that was named,electric city that was described as a post-post apocalyptic tale where all the things we took for granted -- like, say, the Internet -- don’t exist anymore and electricity is the new God.* Bcuz it FAILED to garner much attention, yahoo screen screen took it off but those who did see it, saw the SYMBOLISM as to why WE KNOW that his TIME is UP! So whether ya believe or don't believe that ALIENS, jesus, TIME, UNDERGROUND CREATURES or WHATEVER is gonna make US WIN, WE ain't gonna be going thru this SHIT much longer! THEY restructuring the economy while distraKKKting US with all the SHIT going down! Do the RESEARCH!

Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die is coming & to get ya advanced copies, ya need to get at me like ASAP for ya pre-order! WE can be reached at & in the subject, place WANT BOOK! If ya prefer fb, there, I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) & I will let y'all know where to go from there. Til the next time WE meet & greet, HOLLA BLAK!

I WISH that ONLY Y'ALL read me but as this is the internet, this site is open to the WEB that SNARES ya like a spiders thread! Ayo, I'm! That's ALL that I AM & know & care to be! To those of ya spittin that it ain't about color it's about CONSCIENCE shit at me, this is for YOU; remember 1. the ABUSE 2. the BEATINGS, 3. those made into COONS 4. the unnecessary DEATHS 5. never allowing for EQUALITY 6. the fuKKKery 7. ya twisted GRANDPARENTS 8. rampant HOMOSEXUALITY 9. their foolish IDEOLOGY 10. no JUSTICE 11. all KILLINGS 12. their LAWS 13. the MAAFA 14. for creating niKKKas 15. OVERT OPPRESSION 16. no PEACE 17. a non QUALITY lifestyle 18. RAPING US 19. SLAVING US 20. TEACHING lie after lie 21. USING us 22. VANQUISHING us 23. WASTING our talent 24. having us doing XXX movies 25. YELLING & screaming at us & placing Ota Benga in the ZOO like an animal! Who in OUR midst can dare forgive any of that? WE consult the ancestors if ya dare disagree!