Wednesday, July 31, 2013


To all of my REAL PEEPO I apologize in ADVANCE bcuz I'm about to give it to a whole bunch of DUMMIES out there but before I do so, just wanna thank those of Y'ALL who OVERSTAND where I'm trying to go even if WE don't always see EYE to EYE. This is gonna be a lil Part II to Mao's Revolution & how to BUILD a NATION. Y'all peepo maaaaannnnnnnn! Well, it's finally HOT in HOTLANTA & WE still here doing what WE do despite the CHANGES that I've recently had to make. As ALWAYS, I get thru & though some of y'all know what I speak of, I'm gonna be ALRIGHT as YOU are! Ya fretting for me is noble but I've learned that no 1 but SELF knows ALL about the SELF & at this point, not many gonna know where I'm gonna take it. Well enough of that for now.......let's get into what WE came for & BUILD a NATION!

This is for those whose EARS HEAR & who's EYES SEES! What I'm gonna do here is BREAK DOWN what my last LINK was about for those of Y'ALL who THINK that ya know ALL & couldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight: Boy, the more educated the more SILLY some of y'all are. I started the article with a wiki quote speaking on the Boxer Rebellion. In that fiasco, Mao got rid of 60 MILLION PEEPO & most of 'em were OPIUM HEADS! That pandemic almost DESTROYED that country & the peepo loved him bcuz he made WISE CHOICES! When WE adopt that way of thinking, WE on the WAY! Then I put his Lil Red Book pic in to show what he was doing & you can get the inside info online. This is what was going down in pre-communistic China at the time.

So ya think that ya heard it all before eh? Can Y'ALL BELIEVE that some peepo out there got that I want US to be Communists? WE ALREADY are that but not in the politicized way that the devil defines it as. All Communist means is that the COMMUNITY BENEFITS but some of US know that THEY play with WORDS to confuse US. Mao freed his fellow peasant peepo from FOREIGNERS & converts to a FOREIGN RELIGION bcuz for the most part, those MISSIONARIES are reconnaissance SOLDIERS sent to soften the natives for the kill! Too many of US who think that this is SPIRITUAL miss the ball til someone in their circle get's it really bad. In doing this, there will be FAILURES but if SHIT ain't pinpoint perfeKt, niKKKa's is the 1st to jump ship like rats! Professor Griff always says that REVOLUTION is not an EVENT but a PROCESS! How in the world do ya think that a leader of a country in turmoil with at that time over 500 MILLION peepo ain't gonna make mistakes?  In every WAR, there are CASUALTIES as some peepo gotta DIE just to be FREE!!!!

Just how REAL are WE? Where are the FATHERS who ain't gay/in prison/addicts/alcoholics or just LAME? Where are those crazy ass women that other women don't diss as THEY get SUPPORT & don't allow the Father to see the children? I ask this bcuz for the most part, when 1 of US gets a BAD DEAL from THEM, it's the MOTHERS who are VOCAL with very lil support allowing sharptone & jaXXXon to step in leading us AGAIN, NOWHERE & WE continue this SHIT! Didn't Afrika have WARS where the NORTH was Islamicized & the South made to be x-stains? Didn't FOREIGNERS do this? Aren't THEY still there & if not, THEY left the peepo on autopilot which is WORSE bcuz now, THEY wanna be THEM more than THEM already is?

Ya need my books! Get with US at & on fb, I am Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WELCOME to the COLORED SECTION:

This ain't gonna be long bcuz the TRUTH defends ITSELF! My intent in writing that article wasn't to convert anybody into anything but to LEARN from the LESSONS as to how WE as Afrikan peepo can COME UP & be the VANGUARD for the coming NEW DISPENSATION of TIME that WE are about to enter. WE are a COMMUNITY of POOR PEEPO from the RICHEST piece of EARTH & if ya don't have a problem with that, I do! WTF I look like converting peepo when I'm anti-RELIGION & all PRO BLAK? WE need to learn from the MISTAKES LEADERS made & avoid 'em & the ONLY WAY to do that is to KNOW 'EM so as NOT to REPEAT 'EM! A few weeks ago, I asked that other than BLOWING off STEAM, what has protesting/picketing/boycotting/petitioning done for US as a peepo? Doc Clark used to ALWAYS say that WE should NEVER allow a STRATEGY become a LIFESTYLE & WE go into autopilot doing the SAME SHIT instead of CHANGING the GAME & I I ain't having it no mo! If ya ain't trying to do something NEW & DIFFERENT, GTFOH!

So it may be that the time of the west has come, as it does for every civilization, that the death of the West is ordained and that there is no sense prescribing new drugs or recommending new painful treatments, for the patient is dying & nothing can be done. Absent a revival of faith or a great awakening, Western men & women may simply live out their lives until they are so few they do not matter.*

So if ya don't wanna believe what I'm saying, take it from 1 of their best spoke person's! Too many of US is gonna wanna save 'em but NOT I! When that SOON TIME comes, where ya gonna be at? You'll probably be at the NEXT GUY'S FUNERAL flappin ya yap again robert deniro playing scarface, I want 'em ALL DEAD & not a minute too soon yo! Do I have to go in on YOU TOO? Damnnnn, I thought that WE was FOLK?????????

* taken from Death of the West as written by Patrick Buchanan, page 266 2nd paragraph......a must read book.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mao's China - One Man's Revolution & how to BUILD a NATION!

In January 1900, with a majority of conservatives in the Imperial Court, the Empress Dowager changed her long policy of suppressing Boxers, and issued edicts in their defense, causing protests from foreign powers. In Spring 1900, the Boxer movement spread rapidly north from Shandong into the countryside near Beijing. Boxers burned Christian churches, killed Chinese Christians, and intimidated Chinese officials who stood in their way. American Minister Edwin H. Conger cabled Washington, “the whole country is swarming with hungry, discontented, hopeless idlers.” On 30 May the diplomats, led by British Minister Claude Maxwell MacDonald, requested that foreign soldiers come to Beijing to defend the legations. The Chinese government reluctantly acquiesced, and the next day more than 400 soldiers from eight countries disembarked from warships and traveled by train to Beijing from Tianjin. They set up defensive perimeters around their respective missions.
On 5 June, the railroad line to Tianjin was cut by Boxers in the countryside and Beijing was isolated. On 13 June, a Japanese diplomat was murdered by the soldiers of General Dong Fuxiang and that same day the first Boxer, dressed in his finery, was seen in the Legation Quarter. The German Minister, Clemens von Ketteler, and German soldiers captured a Boxer boy and inexplicably executed him. In response, thousands of Boxers burst into the walled city of Beijing that afternoon and burned many of the Christian churches and cathedrals in the city. American and British missionaries had taken refuge in the Methodist Mission and an attack there was repulsed by American Marines. The soldiers at the British Embassy and German Legations shot and killed several Boxers, alienating the Chinese population of the city and nudging the Qing government toward support of the Boxers. The Muslim Kansu braves and Boxers, along with other Chinese then attacked and killed Chinese Christians around the legations in revenge for foreign attacks on Chinese.*

Hey to all of my b2a peepo! How y'all? This won't be long but ever since the VERDICT, I'm on some new shit ya know? WE gotta keep moving FORWARD knowing that the SACRIFICES just won't stop & in fact, it will never stop until WE start takin THEM out as well! It could be ANYWHERE & no one has to know who did what! Anyhoo, what this 20 minute vid is about is how Mao freed the peepo even though he FAILED at certain things that he tried to implement. He came from the peasant class & killed a lotta peepo but he got the FOREIGNERS & those CONVERTED NATIVE CHRISTIANS out in what was considered a GREAT PURGE! 

In my eyes, this was for the GREATER GOOD of the PEEPO & too many of Blak Peepo/niKKKa's/negroes & whatever else ain't real eyesing this & it's really keepin US BACK. If ya ain't yet made up ya mind as to what side ya on, then WE ENEMIES as the PEEPO will continue. This dude indirectly made 60 million disappear whether they were killed/chased out of the country or faked their i.d but LEADERS have to make HARSH DECISIONS & WE now see how China came up to be what it is now though it won't last much longer bcuz the CHOSEN PEEPO are US! Check it, learn & HOLLA BLAK but WE gon' WIN!

Get my first book & the link is here: For ya personally signed copy, contact US at or get with US on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). My new 1, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die on DECK so check for it ya HEAAAAAAARRRRRDDDDDDD!

So while WE at it, let me just say it 1 more time; WE shall be VICTORIOUS but WE gotta go thru whatever to get to that point. The DEVIL now has it that it's OPEN SEASON & that THEY can do WHATEVER THEY want to US but I ask each of US are WE really having it? To be afraid to die is to be a COWARD so a lot of US better be ready to GIVE or TAKE LIFE at a moments notice bcuz it ain't gonna stop! KILLING is part of yo life & if ya don't believe that, ask that chiKKKen that ya ate a few hours ago. If ya FAM don't OVERSTAND, get AWAY from 'em bcuz THEY'LL get you if YOU hesitate for a moment. FUCK yo RELIGION & for that matter, ya ideaology if ya don't OVERSTAND NATURAL LAW where the 1st LAW is SELF PRESERVATION! WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Learn how to CHESS BOX!

Do ya know how to CHESS BOX? I doubt it but that's what's needed in these LAST DAYS & TIMES! Can ya play CHESS in a FULL COURT PRESS? I play 3 way CHESS with FOREIGNERS in languages I can't even speak! Did ya get that? Can ya feel it my peepo? Are ya DEPRESSED like me & when I say this, it doesn't mean that I'm down & out so HELL NAW! Nah, what I mean is that I'm disappointed in MYSELF for THINKING that WE were finally READY to know that it can't be BUSINESS as USUAL! I'm still waiting for US to STRIKE en masse & make a big difference in how this devil runs his ECONOMY! Wow..............I'm now imagining ALL of US in a field where everything is ORGANIC & ain't none of US sayin SHIT but WE all concentratin on eradicating THEM from OUR midst once & for all. Let Me have my MOMENT yo............ok, I'm over it! Let's get into it!

WE should all learn how to play CHESS as it is a GREAT GAME that teaches 1 to THINK on all kinds of different levels. If ya don't know how to play but wish to learn, you can do so by going into ya start menu on any windows based computer & click on games. When the menu comes up, pick the chess titans & start the game at level 1. Now that I got ya started, once ya get there, experiment with picking ya pieces as the game lights up on the only possible moves that you can make. As ya start learning the game & winning, you should continuously up the level. As of this moment, I'm on level 5 & though I win, it is now RARE! It ain't an easy game yo but you now have the start that ya need.

If ya just luv how WE do, SUPPORT US by copping the book at If ya want a personally signed copy, HOLLA BLAK at US at or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WE appreciate & look out for Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die.

Now......why would I want US to know this game? As said before, when ya know how to play, it allows US to know the moves that the devil MAY or MAY NOT make in the near future. If WE are gonna be NATION BUILDERS, WE need to know that WE are gonna to have constantly STRATEGIZE as that devil has a plan for ALMOST EVERYTHING with a TRAP set up & thinking that YOU are gonna OUTSMART him by yourself is outright FOOLISH! Some of OUR BEST are in PRISON & George Jackson was just 1 big example. How about all of OUR SOULJAHS locked down forever or pretty much that long? WE got CHILDREN to raise & just like after Troy Davis was assassinated, I DON"T WANNA hear NOBODY sayin SHIT after the next unnecessary death. This in my opinion is the least that WE can do!

To my avid players, this is what I have to say; are you a PAWN STAR? Is yo game WICKED? Why not get a ROOKie, preferably a young'un & teach him/her the game? Wouldn't that just be rewarding for you & them as it is EDUCATIVE & keeps the BRAIN THINKING? Remember that movie that Martin Lawrence made a few years back? The name of it was the Blak KNIGHT & though it wasn't all that, it made good enough for Me to write this article. Yea y'all, if ya go to church, ya may be tight with the deacon but in this game, ya wanna hold onto that BISHOP unless his name is eddie long. It's been long enough & just like eddie murphy in coming to ameriKKKa, who's that QUEEN who will finally make me that KING? Ya see, she has to SUBMIT just like I do & when WE do that together, WE can yell CHECK MATE from the highest mountain!

P.S - listen to this type of music while learning to further stimulate ya brain waves:

Monday, July 22, 2013


Hey b2a peepo & how in the HEAVENS are WE? I hope y'all out there are ok & DRY as the southeast is having perhaps the wettest july EVER! Kinda reminds me of my NY summer 2011. As it's rainin cars & trucks, be aware that despite what's happening, that the WEATHER is the #1 story of the year AGAIN! WE know that the devil's time is up & just bcuz it's gradually happening, know that no 1 can stop it! About a month ago, it was in the 90's in alaska & now this: There were FLASH FLOODS in phoenix in that DRY ASS DESERT! It's been in the 90's as well in the cold ass uk & them devil's be always talkin about, "the SUN NEVA sets on the british empire!" SUN BURN them MOFO's yo! Hip motherfuKKKin Hop HOORAY, them BITCHES be gone as they get their WISHES! THEY can't stop IT YO & with that, allow US to PLAY WE should be SUNBATHING as much as possible bcuz that devil is HIDING OUR HERO so that he can stay just a lil longer but just like niKKKa's, it won't WORK! I'm so happy!

But back to the topic of CONSCIOUSNESS & what it means to US as individuals, groups & all of US worldwide. So that ya know from this point on, I don't give a flying fuKKK about any of ya writing in differing with my OPINIONS if ya come off DISRESPECTFULLY! If ya write me disagreeing, ya better watch the tone of HOW ya say it & with that, I'm gonna now supply US with the definition of what this word means from the devils own mouth;

World English Dictionary
conscious (ˈkɒnʃəs)
1.a. alert and awake; not sleeping or comatose
b. aware of one's surroundings, one's own thoughts and motivations, etc
2.a. aware of and giving value or emphasis to a particular fact or phenomenon: I am conscious of your great
kindness to me
b. ( in combination ): clothes-conscious
3.done with full awareness; deliberate: a conscious effort ; conscious rudeness
4.a. denoting or relating to a part of the human mind that is aware of a person's self, environment, and mental
activity and that to a certain extent determines his choices of action
b. ( as noun ): the conscious is only a small part of the mind.

So that HATERS don't try & HATE, I have to say that I'm talking about definition #4 so that when I define it for SELF, WE can agree or not as this is subjective info of the MIND! Where you at? First, I'm gonna tell US what it ain't & with that, let's go in!

Consciousness is NOT reading books by Dr Claude Anderson, Dr Ben, Dr Clarke & Dr Diop & acting like a RATCHET PERSON! It does not mean being DISAGREEABLE in simple CONVO! It's not about trying to be MANIPULATIVE! It's not about giving to get! It's not about wearing Afrikan garb even in the cold winters. It's not about going to live in Afrika & being ABUSIVE to the peepo from there or having them be that with you. It's not about LYING. It's not about being JEALOUS. Some conscious peepo use the word nigger. It ain't about knowing Afrikan geography & languages. It ain't about being rich! It ain't about trivia. It ain't about saying, "I'm MORE Afrikan than YOU!" It ain't about how many children ya have especially if ya ain't taking care of 'em! Proper Consciousness ain't all PEACE & LUV! It's not about using peepo! So if it ain't none of that my beautiful Blak Peepo, what are WE here talking about? Let's find out.

As an OURSTORIAN & RESEARCHER, I'm constantly asked questions as to the Blak Human Condition. Some of the stuff that I find would confound even some of the most profound minds but the show must go on! "So just what is CONSCIOUSNESS Blak Smith?" I hope that y'all can get with my answers & so here goes; it's about the APPLICATION of that consciousness ESPECIALLY if ya reading those type of books mentioned above. If not, it's like learning a sport from reading! Ya GOTTA play the GAME yo! Ya can't be manipulative bcuz that would mean that ya still got work to do. One must learn to give UNCONDITIONALLY & that's very hard to do as WE ALL feel that fair exchange is no robbery UNLESS an agreement was already in place! If that agreement was breached, then recompense is in order! me, wearing Afrikan garb is so wack IF it ain't practical to how ya live ya LIFE! Everything in it's place! After living in Ghana & going thru the BULLSHIT the way I did, I've learned that I will live where I'm ACCEPTED & LOVED for who & what I am! Why should WE be abusive to those who have NEVER OFFENDED US? Only a BEAST does that unless ya MANIPULATIVE! One should only be JEALOUS if GAME is involved but how can 1 be that if TRUTH is ALWAYS told? Well......LIE to the police, the courts & RATCHET PEEPO to get 'em off of ya! But then again, I don't think that Men & Women experience this in the same way? Nigger should be used when APPROPRIATE ok niggers? As Afrikans, Blaks or whatever ya callin ya self today, 1 SHOULD go to Afrika if possible but being a GREAT person is always better. It's always GREAT to know as many languages as 1 can! It is about being rich but WHO & what are ya rich for? If the peepo can't share, it ain't alright. Trivia is trivia.

So who's more Afrikan than anybody else? In my OPINION, those who stick as close to the WORD as possible & I ain't talking about no holy books! It's surely about taking CARE of the children BORNE out of ya & those WE come across. Any adult should have MORAL AUTHORITY over any child as children need LEADERSHIP & in fact, they want that but it must be RIGHT & there are those of US out here trying to COACH US into right action! Consciousness can be very VIOLENT (like the above pic)as some things require RIGHTEOUS RAGE & RETRIBUTION or what I like to call OUR 3 R's! Have ya ever seen any ANIMAL protect it's YOUNG with it's LIFE? Haven't WE had enough of BEGGING these devils for a PEACE that THEY don't seem to know? What's wrong with US yo? Why do WE keep

seeing this saying & keep doing the SAME SHIT? DAMNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!

Get those books I mentioned above MAN & WOMAN! My semi-autobiography, I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me can be ordered at or on fb, I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die has been delayed but WE gettin it done!

So to end it all, in the Blak Smith's perview, what CONSCIOUSNESS is RIGHTEOUSNESS, APPROPRIATENESS, CLASS, EXCELLENCE & RECIPROCITY! Remember, FAIR EXCHANGE is no ROBBERY! What this all means is is that WE gotta get OUR SHIT TOGETHER as no one else is gonna do it. Like RELIGION, most of US are running around here FAKING CONSCIOUSNESS for the purpose of EXPEDIENCY & soon, your day will come. All I owe all of YOU is RESPECT & the TRUTH & after that, it's on YOU bcuz I know that, to the BEST of ME that I'm doing ME for YOU! Consciousness is BALANCE & BALANCE is MA'AT & MA'AT is MELANIN & they fuckin with the WEATHER so that WE don't get there but it won't be FOREVER! That time is around the corner yo! Get READY for that REAL HEAT ya ain't seen yet yo! Shit......I wish that I was CONSCIOUS & with that...............WAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR & HOLLA BLAK!


Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Blak Smith is DEPRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm kinda feelin like this dude right about now! Y'ALL WON'T LISTEN & so I'm gonna keep this BRIEF so that WE can just get on with it. I see all of these peepo goin to RALLIES & PROTESTING the Trayvon Martin SITUATION! I'm depressed bcuz by doin this, Y'ALL are STILL FEEDIN the SYSTEM that ABUSES US by PAYING into it. Ya see to get there, ya gotta GAS up ya CAR or pay to get on PUBLIC TRANSPO! As it's SUMMER, after all of that YELLIN & expense of ya ENERGY, ya get HUNGRY, THIRSTY & go to a RESTERAUNT & spend ya hard earned MONEY more than likely with KraKKa's who OWN that establishment! ! Some of y'all gotta pay TOLLS! The POLICE are gettin OVERTIME & BELIEVE that zeroman was JUSTIFIED to do all of that. I am so DEPRESSED!

Besides lettin off steam, may I ask US just WTF has BOYCOTTIN, PROTESTIN, PETITIONIN, signin for changin of LAWS, appealin to the DOJ, the (p)resident or any of that other JAZZ helped US? The ONLY BM who I know FOR SURE who EVER got ANY JUST US for US is a man named Attorney at Law, Alton Madoxx of UAM FAME in nyc. His commentary on a wide array of topics have proven SUCCESSFUL many times but THEIR MEDIA has much too many of US stuck on sharptone & jaXXXon & to that I say, what a SHAME! So bein that y'all said FUCK IT & will continue to FEED the SYSTEM that EATS OUR YOUNG, I'm gonna go straight RAW & LAUGH with my dude Eddie Griffin. I won't be speakin on Trayvon anymore from this point on! May zeroman die of CONCENTRATED DIRECTED EVIL THOUGHT! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

 (Eddie Griffin Last Stand): 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

1 2 many QUESTIONS

So.......just like Common has just 1 TOO MANY niKKKa's on his, the Blak Smith has 1 TOO MANY QUESTIONS to ask such much are you WORTH? Can you be bought? If so, what is ya price? Where my OBAMANITES at? Every time I ask that question for some reason I NEVA get a RESPONSE! Can any of ya tell me why? How old is too old & how young is too young? What's the frequency Kenneth? Let's see who gets that 1! Who's messin with the WEATHER? Why haven't Y'ALL noticed yet that the CLOUDS up there are FAKE? What are WE THINKING? Why are WE thinking it? If what WE doing ain't gettin US where WE want to in LIFE, why are WE still doing it?

Can YOU CHANGE? If ya can't change, do ya have the ability to ADJUST & TWEAK? Why does the Blak Smith ask these questions? Do ya KNOW it ALL? Do ya need some STFU in ya LIFE? Is a LIFE of WORK an ADDICTION? Why do WE continue to feed the SHYSTEM that continues to eat US? Do you question the FUNDAMENTAL way that WE live? If not for RWS, who would you be? What would ya be? Where would you go? How do ya handle ADVERSITY? How are Blak Peepo gonna get outta this SHIT BAG WE are ALL in together? Is HAPPINESS & the pursuit of such things attainable under the present conditions? Just what the HELL are WE doing to each other? How do WE balance what WE SAY LOVE & HATE is? I need some ANSWERS yo!

 So........could it be? If it could be, WHAT would it be? How would it be? Are WE down FOR the CAUSE or just BECAUSE? What will be ya LEGACY? Will ya buy MY BOOK?: As this was a recent q directed at me, I have to ASK US & as I haven't yet answered it, can SOMEBODY help me? What is LOVE? I hear too many talkin about HATE but HATE ain't TALKING - HATE is ACTION! The ENERGY of HATE is only harmful to the HATER until the HATED TARGET is eradicated. If ya feel that zero-man is GUILTY, why TALK about someone outside yaself killin him? Why don't WE put PSYCHIC ENERGY to use & all simultaneously WISH him DEAD at that designated time? As I luv US so much, why are WE still DEMOSNTRATING & PROTESTING? Why is this article resonating in ya SOUL?

A few more & so, Ok.......are you Trayvon Martin? Are you Troy Davis? Are you Shaka Sankofa? Are you Tyisha Miller? Are you Nathaniel Gaines? Are yo Fermin Arzu? Oscar Grant? Sean Bell? Elinor Bumpurs? Abner Louima? Patrick Dorismond? Kimani Gray? Ramarley Graham? Timothy Stansbury? Gavin Cato? How about this young dude?:

WHAT are WE gonna do NOW?:


Keep in touch as WE have SO MUCH on DECK! WE at & on fb, WE Blak Smith (Blak Smiff).  

Monday, July 15, 2013

ANGER Marvin Gaye

No need for a message but FEEL this & CHANNEL it PROPERLY! WAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013


The purpose of Me puttin down this wikipedia reference is NOT for Y'ALL to READ but for Y'ALL to know why a khazar KraKKa will NEVER be found GUILTY when it comes to killin 1 of US! They will put a khazar such as what bernie MADE OFF with in PRISON for MONEY but a YOUNG MAN of OURS......? As well, I've been puttin this link down for the past 2 weeks: BUT those of US who still feel that WE can sit at the table of BROTHERHOOD won't acknowledge it & choose to get at me on fb as if what I'm puttin down ain't TRUE! Y'all are too FUNNY as ya ATTACK Me for how I WRITE in SLANG as if IGAF! You cannot respond to something that ya don't OVERSTAND! I'm writin for my peepo & so if ya don't OVERSTAND then why are YOU RESPONDING! Instead of boring Y'ALL with WORDS, what I will ASK is that 1MILLION of US do A BLACK OUT & not go to WORK or SCHOOL tomorrow on July 15th 2013. Read this to know what it really is: While ya do that, SPEAK with ya peepo & come up with some SOLUTIONS as to how WE gonna get outta this MESS that WE are in. That answer is a convo away.

In the meantime, see what this KOL NIDRE shit is all about.

Just SKIM the INFO & GUARENTEED that YOU will read the whole thing. It's best that WE know that ya need to LOVE ya KNOWLEDGE but RESPECT yo IGNORANCE!

The MAN/WOMAN who knows something knows that he knows NOTHING at all

Kol Nidre (also known as Kol Nidrei and Kal Nidre and Col Nidre[1]) (Aramaicכָּל נִדְרֵי) is an Aramaic declaration recited in the synagogue before the beginning of the evening service on every Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Though not a prayer, this dry legal formula and its ceremonial accompaniment have been charged with emotional undertones since the medieval period, creating a dramatic introduction to Yom Kippur on what is often dubbed "Kol Nidrei night".[2] It is written in Aramaic, not Hebrew. Its name is taken from the opening words, meaning all vows.

Kol Nidrei has had an eventful history, both in itself and in its influence on the legal status of the Jews. Introduced into the liturgydespite the opposition of some rabbinic authorities, it was attacked in the course of time by some rabbis and in the 19th century expunged from the prayer book by many communities of western Europe.[3]
The term Kol Nidrei refers not only to the actual declaration, but is also popularly used as a name for the entire Yom Kippur evening service.[4]

Form of the chant[edit]

Kol Nidre from a 19th-century machzor
Before sunset on the eve of Yom Kippur ("Day of Atonement"), the congregation gathers in the synagogue. The Ark is opened and two people take from it two Torah scrolls. Then they take their places, one on each side of the cantor, and the three (symbolizing a Beth Din or rabbinical court) recite:
"By the authority of the Court on High and by authority of the court down here, by the permission of One Who Is Everywhere and by the permission of this congregation, we hold it lawful to pray with sinners."
This invitation to outcasts is not specifically for Kol Nidrei but for the whole of the Day of Atonement, it being obvious that when even sinners join in repenting, the occasion is worthy of Divine clemency. This announcement was introduced by Rabbi Meir of Rothenburg (late 13th century), and endorsed by the Maharil (Rabbi Yaakov ben Moshe Levi Moelin, early 15th century).[5]
The cantor then chants the passage beginning with the words Kol Nidrei with its touching melodic phrases, and, in varying intensities from pianissimo (quiet) to fortissimo (loud), repeats twice (for a total of three iterations) (lest a latecomer not hear them) the following words (Nusach Ashkenaz):
"All [personal] vows we are likely to make, all [personal] oaths and pledges we are likely to take between this Yom Kippur and the next Yom Kippur, we publicly renounce. Let them all be relinquished and abandoned, null and void, neither firm nor established. Let our [personal] vows, pledges and oaths be considered neither vows nor pledges nor oaths."[6][7]
The leader and the congregation then say together three times, "May all the people of Israel be forgiven, including all the strangers who live in their midst, for all the people are in fault." (quoting Numbers 15:26.) The leader then says: "O pardon the iniquities of this people, according to Thy abundant mercy, just as Thou forgave this people ever since they left Egypt." And then the leader and congregation say together three times, "The Lord said, 'I pardon them according to your words.'" (quoting Numbers 14:20). The Torah scrolls are then replaced, and the customary evening service begins.

The vows and pledges being annulled by this ceremony are of a limited category. As the ArtScroll Mahzor explains it: "There is a dangerous and erroneous misconception among some people that the Kol Nidrei nullification of vows—whether past or future—... gives people the right to break their word or to make insincere promises that will have no legal force. This is not the case. The Kol Nidrei declaration can invalidate only vows that one undertakes on his own volition. It has no effect on vows or oath imposed by someone else, a court, or a gentile. Also, the invalidation of future vows takes effect only if someone makes the vow without having in mind his previous Kol Nidrei declaration. But if he makes the vow withKol Nidrei in mind—thus being openly insincere in his vow—the vow is in full force."[8] Moreover, as Rabbi Yechiel of Paris explained in a Disputation that took place before the King and Queen of France in 1240, "Only the erroneously broken vows are annulled, that nobody might commit the sin of intentionally breaking vows."[9]
Philip Birnbaum, in his classic edition of the Mahzor (High holy day prayer book) comments on this passage: "It refers to vows assumed by an individual for himself alone, where no other persons or interests are involved. Though the context makes it perfectly obvious that no vows or obligations towards others are implied, there have been many who were misled into believing that by means of this formula all their vows and oaths are annulled. In the 11th century Rabbi Meir ben Samuel (Rashi's son-in-law) changed the original wording of Kol Nidre so as to make the Nusach Ashkenaz version apply to the future instead of the past; that is, to vows that one might not be able to fulfill during the next year." The Nusach Sefard version still refers to the past year.
Kol Nidrei is not a prayer, it makes no requests and is not addressed to God, rather, it is a juristic declaration before the Yom Kippur prayers begin. It follows the juridical practice of requiring three men as a tribunal, the procedure beginning before sundown, and of the proclamation being announced three times.[10]


The date of the composition of the declaration and its author are alike unknown; but it was in existence at the Geonic period (589–1038 CE).[11]

Kol nidre in the machzor of Worms.jpg
The tendency to make vows to God was strong in ancient Israel; the Torah found it necessary to caution against the promiscuous making of vows: "When you make a vow [neder] to the LORD your God, do not put off fulfilling it, for the LORD your God will require it of you, and you will have incurred guilt; whereas you incur no guilt if you refrain from vowing. You must fulfill what has crossed your lips and perform what you have voluntarily vowed to the LORD your God, having made the promise with your own mouth." (Deuteronomy 23:22–24, Jewish Publ'n Soc. 1999 translation).

Jews Praying in the Synagogue on Yom Kippur
As one commentary puts it, "it is considered a fearsome sin for one to violate his vows and oaths and the Sages regard it as an extremely serious matter for one to approach the Days of Judgment [meaning the High Holy Days] with such violation in hand."[12] Rash vows to God that for whatever reason were not fulfilled created painful religious and ethical difficulties for those who had made them; this led to an earnest desire for dispensation from them. Therefore, halakha allowed for the absolution from a vow ('hattarat nedarim'), which might be performed only by a scholar, or an expert on the one hand, or by a board of three Jewish laymen on the other.[13]
This rite declared that the petitioners, who were seeking reconciliation with God, solemnly retracted their vows and oaths they had made to God during the period intervening between the previous Day of Atonement and the present one; this rite made them null and void from the beginning, entreating in their stead pardon and forgiveness from God. This is in accordance with the older text of the formula as it is preserved in the Siddur of Amram Gaon.[14]

Adoption into the prayer services[edit]

The readiness with which vows were made and the facility with which they were annulled by the scribes gave the Karaites an opportunity to attack rabbinic Jews. This may have encouraged the geonim (leaders of early medieval Babylonian Jewry) to minimize the power of dispensation. Rabbi Yehudai Gaon of Sura (760 CE), author of the Halakot Pesukot, forbade the study of the Nedarim, the Talmudic treatise on oaths. Thus the Kol Nidre was discredited in both of the Babylonian academies and was not accepted by them.[15]
Amram Gaon in his edition of the Siddur calls the custom of reciting the Kol Nidre a foolish one ("minhag shetut"). According to others however, it was customary to recite the formula in various lands of the Jewish dispersion, and it is clear likewise from Amram's Siddur that the usage was widespread as early as his time in Spain. But the geonic practice of not reciting the Kol Nidre was long prevalent; it has never been adopted in the Catalonian or in the Algerian ritual.[16]
Together with the Kol Nidre another custom was developed, which is traced to Meir of Rothenburg (d. 1293). This is the recital before theKol Nidre of the formula mentioned beginning "Bi-yeshivah shel ma'alah", which has been translated above, and which gives permission to transgressors of the Law or to those under a ban "to pray with the congregation", or, according to another version, to the congregation "to pray with the transgressors of the Law." This addition was subsequently endorsed by the Rabbi of Mainz, Jacob ben Moses Moelin, "the Maharil" (died 1427). From Germany this custom spread to southern France, Spain, Greece, and probably to northern France, and was in time generally adopted.[17]
At one time it was believed that the Kol Nidre was composed by Spanish "Marranos", Jews who were forced to convert to Christianity, yet who secretly maintained their original faith. This idea has been shown to be incorrect, as the prayer pre-dates this era by many centuries. However, this prayer was indeed used by the Marranos.[18]

Adoption into Yom Kippur services

Originally, the annulment of vows was performed on Rosh Hashana, the New Year, ten days before Yom Kippur. The Talmud (Nedarim 23b) says, "Who wished to cancel his vows of a whole year should arise on Rosh Hashanah and announce, 'All vows that I will pledge in the coming year shall be annulled.'" There is, in fact, a ritual for this that is supposed to take place the day before Rosh Hashana (because one does not do such chores on a holy day), known as Hatarat Nedarim (Cancelling of Vows), wherein the individual presents himself before a tribunal of three and recites a Hebrew formula, very different from that of Kol Nidrei, asking for annulment of every vow or pledge or prohibition that he swore "while I was awake or dreaming", "whether they were matters relating to money, or to the body, or to the soul".... And the tribunal responds by reciting three times, "May everything be permitted you, may everything be forgiven you, may everything be allowed you. There does not exist any vow, oath, ... or curse. But there does exist pardon, forgiveness, and atonement." And the individual then concludes with a brief statement that "I cancel from this time onward all vows and all oaths ... that I will accept upon myself, whether while awake or in a dream .... from this moment I preemptively regret them and declare of all of them they shall be utterly null and void...."[19]

So, from a time before the composition of Kol Nidrei there was a corresponding ritual intended for Rosh Hashana. It is believed that Kol Nidrei was added to the liturgy of Yom Kippur, ten days after Rosh Hashana, because that service is much more solemn, because the Day of atonement is entirely attuned to the theme of repentance and remorse, and because (despite the great importance of Rosh Hashana) Yom Kippur services are better attended, and perhaps because Yom Kippur itself is once referred to as Rosh Hashana in Scripture (Ezekiel 40:1). Such reasons were enumerated by, among others, Asher ben Jehiel (early 14th century).[20] There may be an additional reason—perhaps the annulment of vows was moved to, or repeated at, the commencement of the Day of Atonement in order to minimize the risk that new vows would be made in the short interval between the repudiation of vows in Kol Nidre and the service of Atonement.

Change of tense from past to future[edit]

An important alteration in the wording of the Kol Nidre was made by Rashi's son-in-law, Rabbi Meir ben Samuel (early 12th century), who changed the original phrase "from the last Day of Atonement until this one" to "from this Day of Atonement until the next". Thus the dispensation was not a posteriori, and concerned with unfulfilled obligations of the past year, but a priori and having reference to vows one might not be able to fulfill or might forget to observe during the ensuing year. Meir ben Samuel likewise added the words "we do repent of them all", since real repentance is a condition of dispensation. The reasons assigned for this change were that an "ex post facto" annulment of a vow was meaningless, and that, furthermore, no one might grant to himself a dispensation, which might be given only by a board of three laymen or by a competent judge. Additionally, the Talmudic discussion of annulment of vows spoke of negating vows to be made in the future.[21] Additionally, there was the distinct probability that a person would die with unfulfilled vows having been made since the previous Day of Atonement, so annulling these vows in advance might diminish the weight such unkept vows imposed on him at his death.
It was Rabbenu Tam, however, who accounted for the alteration made by his father as already stated, and who also tried to change the perfects of the text, "which we have vowed", "have sworn", etc., to imperfects. Whether the old text was already too deeply rooted, or whether Rabbenu Tam did not correct these verbal forms consistently and grammatically, the old perfects are still retained at the beginning of the formula, although a future meaning is given to them.[22]
The alteration made by Meïr ben Samuel, which agreed with Isaac ibn Ghayyat's view was accepted in the German, northern French, and Polish rituals and in those dependent on them, but not in the Spanish, Roman, and Provençal rituals. The old version is, therefore, usually called the "Sephardic". The old and the new versions are sometimes found side by side.[23] Because it is traditional to recite Kol Nidrei three times, some Sephardic communities, and even some Ashkenazic communities (especially in Israel) make a point of reciting both versions (usually referring to the previous Yom Kippur in the first two iterations and the next Yom Kippur in the third).[24]


In the Siddur of Amram (9th century; printed 1865, Warsaw, p. 47) and in the Roman Mahzor (ca. 1486; printed 1541 folio 232b, p. 63) the Kol Nidrei is written in Hebrew, and therefore begins Kol Nedarim. Both Hebrew versions refer to vows of the year just concluded, rather than vows made in the coming year. The two Hebrew versions are slightly different from each other. The Amram's version was apparently written unpointed but a pointed version of Amram's Hebrew version is given in Birnbaum.[25] Amram's Hebrew version is the one used in Balkin (Romanian) and Italian liturgy [26] Otherwise, Ashkenaz and Sefardic liturgy has adopted Tam's Aramaic text. The words "as it is written in the teachings of Moses, thy servant", which were said in the old form before the quotation of Numbers 15:26, were canceled by Meir of Rothenburg.[27]

Method of recitation

As to the manner in which the hazzan (cantor) is to recite the Kol Nidrei, the Mahzor Vitry gives the following directions: "The first time he must utter it very softly like one who hesitates to enter the palace of the king to ask a gift of him whom he fears to approach; the second time he may speak somewhat louder; and the third time more loudly still, as one who is accustomed to dwell at court and to approach his sovereign as a friend."

The number of Torah-scrolls taken out for the Kol Nidrei varied according to different customs. In some places it was one; in others, two, three, seven, or even all. The first Torah-scroll taken out is called the Sefer Kol Nidrei.[28]
Although Kol Nidrei is printed in every prayerbook for Yom Kippur, and it is commonly thought of as being the beginning of Yom Kippur, technically speaking it must be performedbefore the commencement of Yom Kippur, since such juridical business cannot take place on a holy day. Kol Nidrei should be recited before sunset, since dispensation from a vow may not be granted on the Sabbath or on a feast-day, unless the vow refers to one of these days.[29] The men of the congregation wear their prayer shawls, one of the few times in the year that these are worn in the evening..[30]


The following provides the traditional Aramaic text, which (except for the one line connecting one Day of Atonement to another, as noted) is nearly identical in both Ashkenaz and Sefardic liturgies, with an English gloss.
Aramaic TextEnglish Gloss
כָּל נִדְרֵי, וֶאֱסָרֵי, וּשְבוּעֵי, וַחֲרָמֵי, וְקוֹנָמֵי, וְקוּנָסֵי, וְכִנוּיֵי, דְאִנְַרְנָא, וּדְאִשְתַּבַּעְנָא, וּדְאַחֲרִמְנָא עַל נַפְשָׁתָנָא. •מִיוֹם כִּפּוּרִים שֶׁעָבַר עַד יוֹם כִּפּוּרִים זֶה, וּ־־• ♦מִיוֹם כִּפּוּרִם זֶה עַד יוֹם כִּפּוּרִים הַבָּא עָלֵינוּ לְטוֹבָה.♦ בְּכֻלְהוֹן אִחֲרַטְנָא בְהוֹן. כֻּלְהוֹן יְהוֹן שָׁרָן, שְׁבִיקין, שְׁבִיתִין, בְּטֵלִן וּמְבֻטָלִין, לָא שְׁרִירִין, וְלָא קַיָמִין. נִדְרָנָא לָא נִדְרֵי, וֶאֱסָרָנָא לָא אֱסָרֵי, וּשְׁבוּעָתָנָא לָא שְׁבוּעוֹת.All vows, and prohibitions, and oaths, and consecrations, and konams and konasi and any synonymous terms, that we may vow, or swear, or consecrate, or prohibit upon ourselves, •from the previous Day of Atonement until this Day of Atonement and ...• ♦from this Day of Atonement until the Day of Atonement that will come for our benefit.♦ Regarding all of them, we repudiate them. All of them are undone, abandoned, cancelled, null and void, not in force, and not in effect. Our vows are no longer vows, and our prohibitions are no longer prohibitions, and our oaths are no longer oaths.

Explanation of terms and variants[edit]

The many different terms for vows and pledges used in Kol Nidrei can be confusing, especially because the English language is poor in short equivalent terms that express the same nuances. These terms are almost exclusively religious pledges of various kinds: That something will be done (or not done) or given in exchange for a prayer being answered, that something will be done (or not done) for religious purposes or to show religious devotion, that a thing will be used only for religious purposes (e.g., as a tool used for building or repairing the Temple) and never for mundane purposes, that a thing will be given to the Temple or treated as if it were already given to the Temple, and so forth; and to make this declaration all the more clear, every possible synonym for such pledging and for nullification or cancellation of such pledges is used.
Such vows, it is obvious, are sometimes made impulsively or in moments of panic, desperation or some other strong emotion, and would be impossible, impractical, or ruinous to fulfill (e.g. the impetuous "vow" — נדר neder [using the first word in the Kol Nidrei list] — made by Jephthah, in Judges 11:30, to sacrifice his daughter in return for victory in battle; the regretted "oath" — שׁבע shava [using the third word in the Kol Nidrei list] — made at Mizpah to cause the tribe of Benjamin to dwindle to extinction, Judges 21:7; a similar shavamade by Saul, which would have resulted in his son's execution but for the acclamation of the entire army, First Samuel, chapt. 14, etc.). Though these promises to God may have been ill-considered, the failure to keep them is a recurring offense — and acting as if promises made to God were so trifling that they could be thoughtlessly forgotten is a further offense;[31] the only remedy is, first, to admit that these promises will never be fulfilled, by formally cancelling them, and then to atone for them, and that is one of the purposes of the Kol Nidrei. It has even been suggested that Kol Nidrei includes vows that had been fulfilled, because the Torah forbids the making of vows, so that even those which were kept required atonement. There is also a kabbalistic or spiritual purpose to Kol Nidrei: God has vowed, in Scripture, to punish Jewry for its sins; by demonstrating that we cancel our own vows, we hope to induce God to cancel his own dire decrees.[32]
Kol Nidrei also admits our moral inconstancy. We made promises and pledges to God, often at a peak feeling of devotion or gratitude—or of desperation, but our good intentions are short-lived, and we allowed the promises to slip from our attention.[33]
The text presented here is taken from the ArtScroll Mahzor for Yom Kippur (Ashkenaz ed.),[34] which uses the formula "from this Day of Atonement to the next" in its main text but allows the alternative ("from the last Day of Atonement to this Day") as a parenthetical option. The Hebrew version of Kol Nidrei set out in the Siddur of Rav Amram Gaon (ca. 870) uses the formula "from the last ... to this ...",[35] and similarly De Sola Pool.[36] Wolf von Heidenheim's mahzor uses "from this Day ... to the next ...",[37] and similarly Adler,[38] and Birnbaum.[39] The Rinat Yisroel combines both, "from the last ... to this..., and from this....",[40] and similarly the Syrian and other Sefardic or Mizrahi traditions set forth in the Orot mahzor[41] and the Bagdadi version.[42]
The Sefardic and Mizrahi traditions add one or two more synonyms for pledges (such as harem).[41] Some Ashkenaz and Sefardic editions omit "and any synonymous terms" — וכנויי — that appears here in the first sentence.[43]

Use by non-Jews

The Kol Nidrei prayer has been used by non-Jews as a basis for asserting that an oath taken by a Jew may not be trusted.[44] Historically, this accusation was leveled so often and so persistently that many non-Jewish legislators considered it necessary to have a special form of oath administered to Jews ("Oath More Judaico"), and many judges refused to allow them to take a supplementary oath, basing their objections chiefly on this prayer. As early as 1240 in the Disputation of Paris, Yechiel of Paris was obliged to defend Kol Nidrei against these charges. The Russian government, in 1857, decreed that the prayerbooks must include, as an introduction to Kol Nidrei, a Hebrew explanation to the readers of the limited nature of the vows that could be released by this ceremony.[45]


Rabbis have always pointed out that the dispensation from vows in Kol Nidrei refers only to those an individual voluntarily assumes for himself alone and no other persons or their interests are involved in. The first verse ends with a qualifier for all the forms of pledges and vows being annulled—עַל נַפְשָׁתָֽנָא—"regarding ourselves"—by which this formula is limited to annulling only those vows that would affect only ourselves but not vows that would affect any other person.[46] The formula is restricted to those vows between man and God alone; they have no effect on vows made between one man and another. No vow, promise, or oath that concerns another person, a court of justice, or a community is implied in Kol Nidrei. It does not matter if a vow was made to one or more non-Jews, such a vow cannot be annulled.[47] According to Jewish doctrine, the sole purpose of this prayer is to give protection from divine punishment in case of violation of the vow.[48]
With reference to the annulment of vows described in Numbers chapter 30, as well as to Kol Nidre, the then Chief Rabbi of the British Empire, Joseph H. Hertz wrote: [49]
... Not all vows or oaths could be absolved. A vow or oath that was made to another person, even be that person a child or a heathen, could not be annulled except in the presence of that person and with his consent; while an oath which a man had taken in a court of justice could not be absolved by any other authority in the world.
Five geonim (rabbinic leaders of medieval Babylonian Jewry) were against while only one was in favor of reciting the prayer. Even so early an authority as Saadia Gaon wished to restrict it to those vows extorted from the congregation in the synagogue in times of persecution ("Kol Bo"), and he declared explicitly that the "Kol Nidre" gave no absolution from oaths an individual took during the year.[48]
Judah ben Barzillai, a Spanish author of the 12th century, in his work on Jewish law "Sefer ha-'Ittim", declares that the custom of reciting the Kol Nidre was unjustifiable and misleading, since many ignorant persons believe that all their vows and oaths are annulled through this formula, and consequently they take such obligations on themselves carelessly.[48]
As pointed out above, many rabbis state that the vows referred to are applicable only to the individual, and not interpersonally. It refers only to vows between the person making them and God, such as "If I pass this test, I'll pray every day for the next 6 months!"
Because this prayer has often been held up by anti-Semites as proof that Jews are untrustworthy, the Reform movement removed it from the liturgy for a while. In fact, the reverse is true: Jews make this prayer because they take vows so seriously that they consider themselves bound even if they make the vows under duress or in times of stress when not thinking straight. This prayer gave comfort to those who were forcibly converted to Christianity, yet felt unable to break their vow to follow Christianity. In recognition of that history, the Reform movement restored this prayer to its liturgy.[50]

Jewish opposition[edit]

For the same reason Rabbenu Yerucham, who lived in Provence about the middle of the 14th century, inveighed against those, who, trusting to the "Kol Nidrei", made vows recklessly, and he declared them incapable of giving testimony.[51] The Karaite Judah Hadassi, who wrote the "Eshkol ha-Kofer" at Constantinople in 1148 (see Nos. 139, 140 of that work), likewise protested against the Kol Nidrei. Among other opponents of it in the Middle Ages were the Ritva Yom Tov Asevilli (ca. 1330) in his "Ḥiddushim"; Isaac ben Sheshet, rabbi in Saragossa (d. 1406), Responsa, No. 394 (where is also a reference to the preceding); the author of the "Kol Bo" (15th century); and Leon of Modena (d. 1648 [seeN. S. LibowitzLeon Modena, p. 33, New York, 1901]). In addition, nearly all printed maḥzorim contain expositions and explanations of the "Kol Nidre" in the restricted sense mentioned above.

Reform in the 19th century[edit]

Yielding to the numerous accusations and complaints brought against "Kol Nidrei" in the course of centuries, the rabbinical conference held at Brunswick in 1844 decided unanimously that the formula was not essential, and that the members of the convention should exert their influence toward securing its speedy abolition.[52]
At other times and places during the 19th century emphasis was frequently laid upon the fact that "in the 'Kol Nidrei' only those vows and obligations are implied that are voluntarily assumed, and that are, so to speak, taken before God, thus being exclusively religious in content; but that those obligations are in no wise included that refer to other persons or to non-religious relations."[53]
The decision of the conference was accepted by many congregations of western Europe and in all the American Reform Judaism congregations, which while retaining the melody substituted for the formula a German hymn or a Hebrew psalm (particularly Psalm 130), or changed the old text to the words, "May all the vows arise to thee which the sons of Israel vow unto thee, O Lord, ... that they will return to thee with all their heart, and from this Day of Atonement until the next," etc. Naturally there were many Orthodox opponents of this innovation, among whom M. Lehmann, editor of the Israelit, was especially prominent.[54] In 1961, Kol Nidrei, in its full Aramaic text, was restored to the Reform liturgy, so strong was its sentimental appeal. Among Reconstructionist Jews, it was briefly omitted from the liturgy and then restored but with a slightly revised text that limited its application only to those vows that operated "to estrange ourselves from those who have offended us or to give pain to those who have angered us".[55]
In the opinion of some Jewish writers, the principal factor that preserved the religious authority of the Kol Nidrei is its plaintive melody.[56]

The Ashkenazi melody[edit]

Even more famous than the formula itself is the melody traditionally attached to its rendition in Ashkenazi congregations. This is so much prized that even where Reform Judaism has abolished the recital of the Aramaic text, the melody is often preserved, in association with some other passage.
And yet there are probably no two synagogues in which the melody is chanted note for note absolutely the same. So marked is the variation in the details of the melody that a critical examination of the variants shows an approach toward agreement in the essentials of the first strain only, with transformations of the greatest diversity in the remaining strains. These divergences, however, are not radical, and they are no more than are inherent in a composition not due to a single originator, but built up and elaborated by many in turn, and handed on by them in distinct lines of tradition, along all of which the rhapsodical method of the hazzanut has been followed.
The musical structure of the Ashkenazi Kol Nidrei is built upon a simple groundwork, the melody being an intermingling of simple cantillation with rich figuration. The opening of Kol Nidre is what the masters of the Catholic plain-song term a "pneuma", or soul breath. Instead of announcing the opening words in a monotone or in any of the familiar declamatory phrases, a hazzan of South Germany prefixed a long, sighing tone, falling to a lower note and rising again, as if only sighs and sobs could find utterance before the officiant could bring himself to inaugurate the Day of Atonement.

Similarities to Christian plainsong[edit]

Pianist Emil Breslauer of the 19th century was the first to draw attention to the similarity of these strains with the first five bars of the sixth movement of Beethoven's C sharp minor quartet, op. 131, "adagio quasi un poco andante".
An older coincidence shows the original element around which the whole of Kol Nidre has been built up. The pneuma given in the Sarum and Ratisbon antiphonaries (or Roman Catholic ritual music-books) as a typical passage in the first Gregorian mode (or the notes in the natural scale running from "d" to "d" ["re" to "re"]), almost exactly outlines the figure that prevails throughout the Hebrew air, in all its variants, and reproduces one favorite strain with still closer agreement.
The original pattern of these phrases seems to be the strain of melody so frequently repeated in the modern versions of Kol Nidre at the introduction of each clause. Such a pattern phrase, indeed, is, in the less elaborated Italian tradition, repeated in its simple form five times consecutively in the first sentence of the text, and a little more elaborately four times in succession from the words "nidrana lo nidre".
The northern traditions prefer at such points first to utilize its complement in the second ecclesiastical mode of the Church, which extends below as well as above the fundamental "re". The strain, in either form, must obviously date from the early medieval period, anterior to the 11th century, when the practice and theory of the singing-school at St. Gall, by which such typical passages were evolved, influenced all music in those French and German lands where the melody of Kol Nidre took shape.
Thus, then, a typical phrase in the most familiar Gregorian mode, such as was daily in the ears of the Rhenish Jews, in secular as well as in ecclesiastical music, was centuries ago deemed suitable for the recitation of the Absolution of Vows, and to it was afterward prefixed an introductory intonation dependent on the taste and capacity of the officiant. Many times repeated, the figure of this central phrase was sometimes sung on a higher degree of the scale, sometimes on a lower. Then these became associated; and so gradually the middle section of the melody developed into the modern forms.

Inspiration for other musical pieces[edit]

The prayer and its melody has been the basis of a number of pieces of classical music, including a setting of the prayer by Arnold Schoenberg, a piece for solo cello and orchestraby Max Bruch, a string quartet by John Zorn, and others.
The Electric Prunes album Release of An Oath, subtitled and commonly called The Kol Nidre after the title of its first and thematically most central track, is based on a combination of Christian and Jewish liturgy.

Popular culture[edit]

Comedian Lewis Black frequently references the Kol Nidre in some of his shows and his first book, Nothing's Sacred, referring to it as the spookiest piece of music ever written, claiming that it may have been the piece to inspire all of Alfred Hitchcock's musical scores.
Kol Nidre plays a climactic role in several film and TV adaptations of The Jazz Singer, originally a play by Samson Raphaelson. In the 1927 film version Kol Nidre is sung by notable Jewish entertainer Al Jolson. In a 1959 TV version it is sung by Jewish comedian Jerry Lewis. Jewish pop singer Neil Diamond performs the song in the 1980 film version.
Musician and filmmaker Nicolas Jolliet uses the sitar, surbahir, tabla, oud, dumbek and other exotic instruments in his "Kol Nidre Goes East", which was recorded on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia and evolves from traditional ragas into a seductive Reggae beat. It is housed in the Judaica Sound Archives at Florida Atlantic University.

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