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To all of my REAL PEEPO I apologize in ADVANCE bcuz I'm about to give it to a whole bunch of DUMMIES out there but before I do so, just wanna thank those of Y'ALL who OVERSTAND where I'm trying to go even if WE don't always see EYE to EYE. This is gonna be a lil Part II to Mao's Revolution & how to BUILD a NATION. Y'all peepo maaaaannnnnnnn! Well, it's finally HOT in HOTLANTA & WE still here doing what WE do despite the CHANGES that I've recently had to make. As ALWAYS, I get thru & though some of y'all know what I speak of, I'm gonna be ALRIGHT as YOU are! Ya fretting for me is noble but I've learned that no 1 but SELF knows ALL about the SELF & at this point, not many gonna know where I'm gonna take it. Well enough of that for now.......let's get into what WE came for & BUILD a NATION!

This is for those whose EARS HEAR & who's EYES SEES! What I'm gonna do he…

Mao's China - One Man's Revolution & how to BUILD a NATION!

In January 1900, with a majority of conservatives in the Imperial Court, the Empress Dowager changed her long policy of suppressing Boxers, and issued edicts in their defense, causing protests from foreign powers. In Spring 1900, the Boxer movement spread rapidly north from Shandong into the countryside near Beijing. Boxers burned Christian churches, killed Chinese Christians, and intimidated Chinese officials who stood in their way. American Minister Edwin H. Conger cabled Washington, “the whole country is swarming with hungry, discontented, hopeless idlers.” On 30 May the diplomats, led by British Minister Claude Maxwell MacDonald, requested that foreign soldiers come to Beijing to defend the legations. The Chinese government reluctantly acquiesced, and the next day more than 400 soldiers from eight countries disembarked from warships and traveled by train to Beijing from Tianjin. They set up defensive perimeters around their respective missions. On 5 June, the railroad line to Tian…

Learn how to CHESS BOX!


Do ya know how to CHESS BOX? I doubt it but that's what's needed in these LAST DAYS & TIMES! Can ya play CHESS in a FULL COURT PRESS? I play 3 way CHESS with FOREIGNERS in languages I can't even speak! Did ya get that? Can ya feel it my peepo? Are ya DEPRESSED like me & when I say this, it doesn't mean that I'm down & out so HELL NAW! Nah, what I mean is that I'm disappointed in MYSELF for THINKING that WE were finally READY to know that it can't be BUSINESS as USUAL! I'm still waiting for US to STRIKE en masse & make a big difference in how this devil runs his ECONOMY! Wow..............I'm now imagining ALL of US in a field where everything is ORGANIC & ain't none of US sayin SHIT but WE all concentratin on eradicating THEM from OUR midst once & for all. Let Me have my MOMENT yo............ok, I'm over it! Let's get into it!

WE should all learn how to play CHESS as it i…



Hey b2a peepo & how in the HEAVENS are WE? I hope y'all out there are ok & DRY as the southeast is having perhaps the wettest july EVER! Kinda reminds me of my NY summer 2011. As it's rainin cars & trucks, be aware that despite what's happening, that the WEATHER is the #1 story of the year AGAIN! WE know that the devil's time is up & just bcuz it's gradually happening, know that no 1 can stop it! About a month ago, it was in the 90's in alaska & now this: There were FLASH FLOODS in phoenix in that DRY ASS DESERT! It's been in the 90's as well in the cold ass uk & them devil's be always talkin about, "the SUN NEVA sets on the british empire!" SUN BURN them MOFO's yo! Hip motherfuKKKin Hop HOORAY, them BITCHES be gone as they get their WISHES! THEY can't stop IT YO & with that, allow US to PLAY…

The Blak Smith is DEPRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm kinda feelin like this dude right about now! Y'ALL WON'T LISTEN & so I'm gonna keep this BRIEF so that WE can just get on with it. I see all of these peepo goin to RALLIES & PROTESTING the Trayvon Martin SITUATION! I'm depressed bcuz by doin this, Y'ALL are STILL FEEDIN the SYSTEM that ABUSES US by PAYING into it. Ya see to get there, ya gotta GAS up ya CAR or pay to get on PUBLIC TRANSPO! As it's SUMMER, after all of that YELLIN & expense of ya ENERGY, ya get HUNGRY, THIRSTY & go to a RESTERAUNT & spend ya hard earned MONEY more than likely with KraKKa's who OWN that establishment! ! Some of y'all gotta pay TOLLS! The POLICE are gettin OVERTIME & BELIEVE that zeroman was JUSTIFIED to do all of that. I am so DEPRESSED!

Besides lettin off steam, may I ask US just WTF has BOYCOTTIN, PROTESTIN, PETITIONIN, signin for changin of LAWS, appealin to the DOJ, the (p)resident or any of that other JAZZ helped US? The ONLY BM who …

1 2 many QUESTIONS


So.......just like Common has just 1 TOO MANY niKKKa's on his, the Blak Smith has 1 TOO MANY QUESTIONS to ask such much are you WORTH? Can you be bought? If so, what is ya price? Where my OBAMANITES at? Every time I ask that question for some reason I NEVA get a RESPONSE! Can any of ya tell me why? How old is too old & how young is too young? What's the frequency Kenneth? Let's see who gets that 1! Who's messin with the WEATHER? Why haven't Y'ALL noticed yet that the CLOUDS up there are FAKE? What are WE THINKING? Why are WE thinking it? If what WE doing ain't gettin US where WE want to in LIFE, why are WE still doing it?

Can YOU CHANGE? If ya can't change, do ya have the ability to ADJUST & TWEAK? Why does the Blak Smith ask these questions? Do ya KNOW it ALL? Do ya need some STFU in ya LIFE? Is a LIFE of WORK an ADDICTION? Why do WE continue to fe…

ANGER Marvin Gaye

No need for a message but FEEL this & CHANNEL it PROPERLY! WAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The purpose of Me puttin down this wikipedia reference is NOT for Y'ALL to READ but for Y'ALL to know why a khazar KraKKa will NEVER be found GUILTY when it comes to killin 1 of US! They will put a khazar such as what bernie MADE OFF with in PRISON for MONEY but a YOUNG MAN of OURS......? As well, I've been puttin this link down for the past 2 weeks: BUT those of US who still feel that WE can sit at the table of BROTHERHOOD won't acknowledge it & choose to get at me on fb as if what I'm puttin down ain't TRUE! Y'all are too FUNNY as ya ATTACK Me for how I WRITE in SLANG as if IGAF! You cannot respond to something that ya don't OVERSTAND! I'm writin for my peepo & so if ya don't OVERSTAND then why are YOU RESPONDING! Instead of boring Y'ALL with WORDS, what I will ASK is that 1MILLION of US do A BLACK OUT & not go to WORK or SCHOOL tomorrow on July 15th 2013. R…