Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goin OUT with a BANG while EXPOSIN YOU!

Ok, this is the last day of the year & it seems like WE gonna have to go out with a BANG! To all of OUR SUPPORTERS, WE wish y'all the BEST & as WE now have 356 SYMBOLIC DAYS left, 2011 has been quite a year hasn't it? This year, I've found out so much more about the so called music industry, the reptilian agenda, covert pedophile rings goin up above & beyond high govt & corporate circles & the fact that I am a FORCE in the cyber community as far as keepin US in the know, where most others won't go. This is WHY I need Y'ALL to help SUPPORT me bcuz if I accept ADVERTISIN, my msg would be WATERED down by corporate interests. Y'all need that RAW SHIT & today will be no exception! In the last 24 hours, I've been FLAGGED by FaceBook bcuz of certain individuals & I'm almost sure that it was king noble though I've never said anything about his now EXPOSED ASS! Most of you out there have heard about his CULT FOLLOWIN &by now know that he has been basically PIMPIN OUR women usin such PSEUDONYMS as blaKKK supremacy, nu edutainment, militant hippies, ra intwy & who knows how many other names? For the 1st time ever, FaceBook just sent me a notice of caution statin that I was solicitin peepo that I don't know as if that was a stretch. Instead of TRASHIN a supposed BM, let me COPY & PASTE inbox emails that this dude sent me & let y'all be the judge.

  • Nu Edutainment
    • Do you have detailed information on that ugly cop SuperNat Turner? I wanna expose her. And I want to get all of her pictures cuz she deleted me. Can you send them?

  • Thursday
    Blak Smith
    • Hey NE, I do not engage in internet beefin. WE are not even friends so why would U ask me that? Good day.
  • Nu Edutainment
    Nu Edutainment
    • Shut the ffucc up hypocrite... I just asked you a question. Who cares what you think...
    • Your the one calling people cops and threating the girl fool.
    • Scared fatherfukkker!

Needless to say, after that I bloKKKed him & I knew that BS was comin but hey, that's my INITIALS & doesn't life get a lil boring without adversity? I actually LOL'ed that he would call me a  - well, the last line of his msg. After all of the controversy surroundin OUR Jamaikan BROTHA of a few weeks ago, this provoKKKateur NIGGA been on the offensive when all I did was call him out to give him a chance to come CLEAN & of he course he didn't bcuz he has now been EXPOSED! For those of you who don't know what I'm talkin about, this dude is ALLEGEDLY usin cult tactics to take women away from their homes for psychosexual rituals or somethin like it. I knew about those accusations levelled at him long ago & if ya want the REAL SKINNY, let my peepo tell ya what it is!

                               Let me start this whole conversation piece off with a warm and loving “Wadada” to my brothas and sistahs and announce to everyone that any form of white supremacy or chocolate coated white supremacy must be destroyed. Lately, on the social network that many know as “Facebook”, I have noticed a disturbing trend….an epidemic of effeminized African males and Fag Hags on an all out attack with their targets trained on the women and the elders in the conscious community, causing a disruption in the nation building and forgiveness process while implementing a Service-to-Self Attitude that benefits no one but the provocateurs narcissist appetite.These African males and Fag Hags are a problem and a hindrance to building productive dialogue between our men and women and allowing these types of actions have to cease in order for us to promote and build a village that will be safe and secure for our future generations.
     In the African Tribes of old, it was important to overstand that our people did not exist by a patriarchal, nor a matriarchal system…they ruled together, two equal chiefs, each sticking to their own roles, jobs and responsibilities in order for the whole village to run like a well oiled machine.  The women ran the home, and the men ran the land.  It is important to also overstand that it was the women who were the land owners, because mitochondrial DNA (which only women have), can be traced back to Eve, but male DNA can only go back 4 generations or so.  I say this for the purposes of pointing out that males and females are equally good at what they do, but they each have their place and roles, and when you start to blur the lines, you can’t help but end up with animosity between the male and the female with each overstepping the others boundaries.
     I, being a strong willed woman have found myself on the receiving end amongst others of these attacks that I am speaking of. I have my standards and opinions just like anyone else and when I see someone with questionable motives that may affect the healing process of our people… immediately question the intent. One such attacker is a well known individual on the social network (I will only use his initials) named KN.  Now, this brother promotes Black Supremacy, but all I have been able to see are white supremacy tactics…actually, the same mind control tactics that were used to get our ancestors on the slave ship “JESUS”.  This brother, “KN”, has not only attacked me under about 8 different pseudo-profiles but various other females as well. One of KN’s Pseudo names is Nu Edutainment, amongst others and so if you have this person in your social network, be wary of his intentions because under these pseudo names, he is a provocateur. 
     If a person does not promote healthy debate and dialogue among our people, this indicates that they are not “FOR” our people….they are basically “WHITE SUPREMISTS COATED IN CHOCOLATE”, and you cannot be for our people if you just sit back and allow the misconduct to continue in silence.  It takes a village my people, and these people will do whatever is in their power to keep a true village from initially forming in order to create our Nation.  It’s time to stand and be the true Kings and Queens you truly are and fight for ourselves and our children’s children. Abibifahodie.

That my peepo was a real piece written by the GREAT Super Nat Turner & WE ain't SCARED! She spoke on this dynamiKKK that Bro Umar Johnson hits on the HEAD yo: (check at 7:05). I hope by now, that y'all see how SIRIUS WE are in the struggle for Blak Peepo. Instead of talkin about this SHIT, I should be informin y'all that Dr Ben is still in the nursin home & WE all hope that he sees 2012. WE wish all of you a HNY knowin that the year really starts with REJUVANATION when it SPRINGS eternal! No.....WE must be VIGILANT & deal with SIDESHOW NIGGADOM tactics which means that WE are EFFECTIVE in rootin out how really twisted some individuals are in this so called STRUGGLE. It's 2012 but in the TRUE EGYPTIAN CALENDAR, WE on the brink of 6252! That dude KING NOBLE is a FAN, a PHONY, a FAKE, a PUSSY, a STAN & if I can talk SHIT about the so called elite, then WHO the fuKKK are you? You leadin peepo to perdition. If ya workin for them alphabet boys, THEY fuKKKin you anyway & if not, you's a siKKK, twisted & perverted dude! Poof as you are jay-z & I'm Nas as in Yeah NIGGA, you have been EXPOSED & given that you was given an ample chance to respond & didn't, don't HOLLA BLAK! He even tryin to hack into my account as I had to change the password but that's OK. Keep tryin BOY! The more you try to make US look BAD, the more peepo you gonna send OUR way. You lost 3000 peepo when you first took on SuperNat & ya only gonna lose more! All you get left is SABOTAGE! All y'all PSEUDONYM NIGGAS is FINISHED!!!! To all the rest of y'all who LUV what WE do, WE LUV you & will go HARD for US for these next 356 days. Stay UP, stay TUNED & most of all stay BLAK!

Get at me y'all! I'm at & on Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Peace.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Let's start this off right y'all: As well, my mood fits the day, foggy, rainy & just plain ole damp! Yeah, that's about how I'm feelin but don't mean to get YOU there! It's so SAD to real eyes that so many of US are at different levels of CONSCIENCENESS & therefore will evolve on OUR own BUT..........what's sadder to me is that MOST of US ain't even remotely ready. That last statement includes those of US who have so much POTENTIAL! We'll get BLAK to all that inna moment but first, gotta give y'all a lil news first as I've been combin the newspapers which will soon be outta biz. Let me tell y'all what I saw that ya might have missed.

In the usa today dated 12/20 on page 3A was a story entitled Native American to be declared a Catholic Saint. Just think; of all things an ORIGINAL AMERIcAN to be sainted after these euros all but killed just about all of 'em. And y'all still wanna believe in this RELIGION SHIT! Just to let y'all know, ANY & I mean ANY religious order with an OFFICIAL CHARTER that is recognized azza religion MUST get their charter from the roman KatholiKK church aka the vatiKKKan! The name of the Indigenous lady was Tekakwitha & supposedly, she performed 2 miracles. Ain't it crazy how her & white jesus can do miracles but like superheroes somehow managed to get foiled by their arch-nemesises? To me, this is nothin more than gettin some of the Indegenous on the side of the KraKKa so that THEY don't go out alone somewhat like the baptists have done with Blak Folk especially in the south. Damn.

Also, did y'all know that especially in the south, that states loosened the law on carryin concealed weapons? While I lived in florida, they did this & those without felonies drive around with a gun in their lap or nearby. Of course as this is the usa, all of the laws are NOT the same everywhere so check ya local laws before you think that you can just carry any & everywhere. With all of the stupidity surroundin the Kkkristmas shoppin frenzy, I'm so glad that it's all over. Now WE got new years on deck & I need to remind y'all to be extra careful as every amateur drunk in the world wants to drink everything in site & will be out there ready to talk too much while sayin nothin. This is the time to be wary as any slip can land ya in waters ya don't wanna be in. Last Kkkristmas was the LAST Kkkrismas. sotero's 2008 election was the last election. LIFE as WE KNOW is CEASIN to EXIST! It's an ongoin process so get used to it BUDDIES.

Ok........I'm pissed! Earlier this year, I wrote these articles: As there are 2 of 'em, please check both of 'em out. I wrote 'em bcuz, out of 5 funerals that I attended this year, 4 of the 5 PEEPO were under the age of 50! This is UTTERLY INSANE & I'm PISSED OFF like a MOTHERFUKKKA bcuz y'all not listenin. EVERYTHING that U ingest affects YOU & if YOU wanna eat GREASE all fuKKKin day & nite & continue brushin off what I say, don't expect me to SYMPATHIZE with yo ass when ya 47 & can barely walk, dyin inna hospital somewhere. Some of y'all DYIN SLOW, PAINFULLY SLOW & VOLUNTARILY REFUSE to CHANGE when I already asked y'all: This goes out to my FAMILY especially as THEY ain't hearin me & as I have no money to offer, I can GIVE YOU my research & knowledge so that WE can live longer & see these HARD TIMES thru. Too many of my cousins are bein buried by my aunts & uncles yo & it's gotta stop bcuz WE supposed to take care of our parents when they get old, the TRUE meanin of SOCIAL SECURITY. As I've been sayin all of this, I'm basically repeatin myself. What it is?

I'm still pissed. Azza still young dude, I got problems that maybe 98.5% of y'all won't ever get. I'm sendin this 1 out to alot of peepo who are constantly around me so take heed. I am a Hi-skool grad who has no felonies, no prison time, no loony bin time & no rehab. I lived in atlanta for over a year & never found a job other than odd jobs here & there. When I had worked before, I sustained injuries & can no longer do heavy laborious work which was all I was gettin when I got BLAK to ny earlier this year makin no money an hour. It ain't that I won't work BUT....... after lookin for work for almost 2 years now & provin unsuccessful, stop tryin to ADVISE me to work for peanuts if YOU gotta job & didn't buy my book! I can parlay that money into work for YOU!  Stop tryin to tell me how I should go about LIFE when you ain't got shit either! Stop tellin me that you need permission from the KraKKa when learnin a skill & barterin is where you can HUSTLE to make ends meet especially when you got HUSTLIN in ya BLOOD like I do. Stop thinkin that all HUSTLES are ILLEGAL! I've told y'all before that MONEY is for THINGS that you DON'T NEED as the KraKKa devised a SYSTEM to keep you chasin that carrot onna stick. Everything YOU need is on the earth provided by GOD/NATURE! He pays you just enuff to drink, smoke & maybe take some jumpoff chikk out on the weekend so that you broke by tuesday. He's payin these SISTAS who make more than US & still are women who wanna be ROMANTICIZED but most BM ain't gonna do it bcuz WE AIN'T got it & if WE did, WE ain't ROMANS! He squeezin every penny from you thru ya SORROW TEARS & BLOOD yo & you goin for it!

I couldn't finish this without a solution so let's get into that! Let's do some biz HOMIES! Let's get together & get sirius about what WE can do bcuz while y'all talk about how Afrikans from the continent don't like US, some of 'em get here, figure out what they CAN do, get with they peepo & just do it like nike! If dudes from half way from around the world, some of 'em who barely know english can do it, why can't WE? By not doin it, you either don't trust OR you think you need that KraKKa to employ you as if you can't do that! As quiet as it's kept, THERE is NOTHIN in the social contract of the usa promisin you a job so why can't ya hurt ya brain & at least do ya own shit & if ya fail, dust self off & try again? The WORLD as WE KNOW it will SOON CEASE to EXIST & if y'all ain't in the vanguard of what's to be, WTF are y'all gonna follow? What's ya plan man as I have ideas for days! So what's it gonna be?

Too often at first, genius goes undetected, good ideas are laughed at & original insights are dismissed as absurd. In such situations, the inventor - or the artist or scientists - needs to be dedicated to what he is doing, dedicated enough to persevere against the odds & the CONVENTIONAL WISDOM. His creation or discovery, rather than public acclaim, might well have to be its own reward for a long time* (capitals mine)

To close this out, YOU CANNOT do the SAME THING OVER & OVER & EXPECT DIFFERENT RESULTS! That is the very definition of INSANITY & this KraKKa taught Y'ALL that the way I live is INSANE! As I don't have much, I have my mind without stress allowin me to at least THINK! I don't wany anyone here thinkin that I'm sayin that ALL of US should stop workin bcuz that's not what I'm sayin but I'm a DREAMER & don't stand for injustice & disrespect. Think til you HURT but get outta these dead end jobs & have a tangible skill to BUILD NATIONS for the near future bcuz as I always say, I'm READY for WHATEVER THEY MAY do. Money is NECESSARY bcuz he made it that way but I ain't sellin my soul NO MO! If ya say you so SMART & WE can't build, get the fuKKK out my FACE! Take that trash talk to the basketball court!

* usa today article name: Is narcissism killing innovation in america? written bt Katrina Trinko, 12/21/11 on page 9A

Yeah......blew off a lil steam with that 1 but I'm still so mad that............I'm gonna come to your city, steal ya credit cards & order as many of my books possible & do like a mall santa. Yeah, I'm so mad, I'mma make fun of ya mama........yeah, I'm, just get at me for the info! WE at or on Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). 359 to go so let's GET IT!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry FUKKKIN X-Mas & yeah, WHATEVER!

Yeah, 2011 is almost over & how y'all doin? This goes out to my Blak Peepo & just know that if (for the most part) ya don't involve yaself in the BULLSHIT, you will still be here to see the Cosmic Party. As of today, there are 361 days LEFT! Shit is just krazy right now it that EVERYTHING is now NEWS bcuz ANYBODY witta camera/phone can WORLDSTARHIPHOP or YOUTUBE yo ASS if ya get caught slippin! There are hardly any secrets left & all of y'all SIMPS still believin in RELIGION never fail to AMAZE me. What do YOU believe in?

So I see most of US are concerned with the jordan shoe fiasco & though it is newsworthy, it's EASY to FOCUS on keepin US DISTRACTED while sotero & his CRONIES pass LAWS that further suppress yours & my LIFE. I posted this on my page but Y'ALL really need to see it to know how SIRIUS I am: While y'all allowin these KraKKa's to show predictable NIGGADOM behavior & then REACT, THEY continuin doin what THEY do! What y'all choose to react to is ya choice & what's more, what do y'all expect outta NIGGAS besides NIGGA SHIT?

All of US ain't gonna make it & just bcuz YOU consider yaself, CONSCIENCE, in the STRUGGLE, AWARE, AWAKE or whatever THEY call that stuff doesn't guarantee that you will either & this is why I EMBRACE DEATH & think that you should too. Give yaself ya own gifts as NATURE only owes you the cycle of LIFE! Nobody Ever Really Dies like pharrel's group so JUMP BLAK & get yo act together: Though I haven't given up on all of US & use Malcolm X  as a GREAT EXAMPLE of what ANY of US can be, I've stopped wastin my time with CERTIFIED NIGGAS! If that's what you are, that's what I'm gonna call you. Not to worry though as you too can go from Niggas to Godz. That's the name of a great book by a dude named Akil & I think that y'all should read it.

I need y'all help! Now that my book is out & I've vowed to not seek any J.O.B (just over broke), I am actively seekin a publisher so that I can get 'em in stores. If anyone out there knows any reputable Blak Publishers, please get at me at my contact info provided below. Just to let y'all know, my book is not just about Hip - Hop, but about the good, bad & in between includin the 9 Peepo Activities as stated by Frantz Fanon & Dr Frances Cress Welsing. I just recommended a book & at the same time, I'm also gonna recommend mine. I need y'all help so COP MY SHIT!

Last year, I wrote a series entitled  It's a 10 Part Series so check it when you have time. As I was in the process of learnin about how that SHIT really works, I'm just NOW real eyesing how nefarious that industry is! In Are WE there yet, I showed y'all how DEMONIKKK THEY are in the last 7 minute video. In this segment, I'm gonna show how some former insiders are fightin BLAK. Gone are the days where WE refused to SELL OUT with no recourse. Please check it out & see what ya get outta it: On the last note, WE at b2a gave king noble a chance to answer the accusations levelled against him 2 weeks ago & never heard BLAK from him. If any of you out there know him & believe that he has a right to speak his piece, ask him to contact US to explain himself by writin, youtube or whatever. Personally, I don't think he will answer as he has been exposed but.......................................Merry FUKKKIN Xmas! HOLLA BLAK!

Y'all know what it is. You want that book, get at me! If I piss you off, get at me! If I make yo ass LOL, get at me. If you luv me sayin HOLLA BLAK, get at me. You can contact me at or on Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). In order to review 2011, I'm gonna put the best post of the month out for the first 12  days of january. Y'all stay tuned as WE goin into 2012. Are y'all ready?

Friday, December 23, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

1 YEAR LEFT!/ 2012 Predictions!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey my BEAUTIFUL BLAK PEEPO! How y'all doin? Officially speakin, as of TODAY there is WAY LESS than 1 year left! This column today is gonna kinda be like the Final Countdown 2012. Now before y'all start with the eye rollin again & sayin, "what's wrong with this dude", I'm gonna tell y'all again that the date of 12/21/12 to me is SYMBOLIC as WE don't know what TIME it is! Whether ya into this stuff or not or whether ya even care, at this point in where WE at, y'all cannot deny that LIFE as WE KNOW IT will SOON CEASE to EXIST & ya need to check this video as an EXAMPLE: I've said this here before, that you can look around for SIGNS & 1 of my biggest signs is that the SQUIRRELS are still runnin around at least in my hood. How about yours?

Okay, let's get into it; some of the news that happened in 2011 has been mind bogglin but upon further examination, it's kinda not bcuz these KraKKas are now NAKED. In clinical studies, whites see THEIR LIVES slippin & a great measure of that is when ya see 'em STREAKIN like THEY did in the early 70's when SHIT really started changin. Here WE are now in 2012 & WE gotta blaKKK (p)resident. Did WE ask why given the political climate?

europes markets are inna SHAMBLES with no lookin back! It's only a matter of time before SOMETHING BIG happens in the us & when it does, who will be in the position of leadership in OUR COMMUNITY when so many of US just wanna party like a rocKKK star? Ready y'allselves by readin the Art of Leadership, a book written by Baba Oba T'shaka. Are any of y'all even watchin survivalist videos on youtube? Believe me, when that BIG SOMETHING happens, whether it be natural or manmade, ya better be ready for the sake of bein READY! Some of y'all still denyin the existence of haarp & I would put up a reference but there's so much info on it that I don't need to. They tryin to kill US with EVERYTHING THEY got by puttin it in EVERYTHING WE NEED such as 1. puttin CHEMTRAILS in the AIR 2. puttin FLOURIDE in the WATER 3. puttin phthalates in just about all TOILETRIES 4. puttin ARSENIC in CHICKEN 5. puttin our YOUTH in PRISONS by 6. puttin POISONS (especially DRUGS & ALCOHOL) in the HOOD next to 7. puttin RELIGION in the PEEPO 8. thereby puttin PEEPO in CHURCH 9. which puts PEEPO in DEBT (payin tithes) & 10. puttin OUR PEEPO in FUNERALS too damn PREMATURELY. This has to STOP!

This izza shout out to all of y'all (supposed) CONCIOUS PEEPO out there. Bein that this is my blog I ain't gonna give a fuKKK about any of y'all feelins right now & if ya guilty of this, you can kiss my BIG BLAK ASS. I don't respect RELIGION but I RESPECT RELIGIOUS individuals who are doin the work for the COMMUNITY WE supposed to be servin. What I mean is, you can be ANYTHING ya wanna be but if you bickerin, fightin, arguin about whos GODS's dick is bigger, blah blah yakketty yak & so on, you ain't shit to me bcuz all that ain't gonna matter when the time comes! Get y'all act together & know that there are MANY ROADS to 1 DESTINY! Also, I don't wish to bash the LADIES but lately, I've been seein TOO MUCH of what my brother is sayin on this link here (check between 4:35 - 6:37) His take on Hip - Hop however is of COMMERCIALIZED Blak culture & not REAL Hip - Hop emenatin from the soul. If it don't apply,let it fly! Remember, there's only 1 YEAR LEFT!

This izza not a DOOMSDAY REPORT aka y'all NIGGAS GAVE UP! This here is to continue INSPIRING my BEAUTIFUL BLAK PEEPO into READINESS MODE as WE don't know what WE lookin for but it's comin. If I'm every Blak Man then I am Malcolm who went from NIGGA to GOD! Who brings a knife to a gun fight? The one who gets the drop FIRST bcuz he knew how to get to the enemy before THEY draw THEY weapon! You fight FIRE with WATER! Those without BRAVERY or COURAGE need not apply! You gotta go into this thang with the mentality to EMBRACE DEATH especially if ya life is to be given up for the YOUNG! Survival of the fittest ONLY the STRONG SURVIVE yo! Will you?

It's ADVERSE WEATHER whether ya LIKE it or NOT! Today on the SHORTEST day of the YEAR in the NYC area, it's about 50 degrees & very HUMID makin it feel more like 60! WE haven't had a cold spell yet & WE are OFFICIALLY in WINTER. I'll celebrate the New Year with y'all knowin that it truly starts with LIFE which SPRINGS forth in late march/early april. The poles have shifted. Some of US are shiftin into higher dimensional beings & some of US are still stuck on this earthly plane. lindsey lohan will die of a cocaine induced OD while lickin reptilian pussy. amy KraKKhouse will reemerge with elvis & make the comeback album of the ages. However Gaia (the earth) is gonna cleanse herself will occur. There will be NO NUCLEAR BOMB attacks. Peepo will stop BELIEVIN & will start KNOWIN that the Indigo, Crystal & Golden CHILDREN bein born are REAL! I should know bcuz I'm 1 of 'em. Y'all should know also that WE NEED the TRUTH in order to HEAL! The TRUTH is that the Blak Smith is the MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There's ONLY 1 YEAR LEFT & if it don't happen naturally, THEY GONNA MAKE it HAPPPEN! What are YOU gonna do about it?

That was just a lil piece of the pie. As I always state, my book is available at & the name is I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me. Stick with US & let's see things thru. To stay in touch, holla at me at my e-mail, or on FaceBook as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). It's all about Blak Peepo so support ya BROTHA! Peace y'all

Monday, December 19, 2011

Are WE there yet?

The Blak Smith is BLAK at it again & NO WE ain't there yet but alot is goin on. How y'all doin out there? Can y'all believe that it's been 2 years since I left Ghana, 2 years since Teddy Pendergrass died & 2 years since that massive HAARP induced earthquake in Haiti? There have been too many deaths & peepo just keep doin dumb shit but WE should expect that especially about this time of the year. You may ask why I say that & I'll get into that inna minute but.............WE ain't quite there yet. Supposedly yesterday, kim jong il died in north korea & though that doesn't have anything to directly with US, ramifications will be seen in the west & it is now SO ON to control the vast pacific rim. I've been writin about all of that recently & those who tune in already know that. What will the Blak Smith write about today? Stick around & see. Why?: because WE at the point of me tellin y'all what ya need to be hearin & goin thru. Let's get into it.

Okay........peepo doin dumb shit! What does this mean? By now, most of y'all readin this have heard of that dude from brooklyn who doused an old lady with fire bcuz she owed him money. Though I don't know the story behind the story, WE may ASSUME that the dude who did this needed  money to BUY christmas gifts for his peepo & this is where the dumb shit comes in. Whether or not that was the purpose of this FIASCO, hardly any of y'all got any substantial momey to spend on RENT much less buyin trinkets for a faked HELLIDAY. Rather than give y'all AMPLE FACTS as to what this SHITMAS really stands for, allow me to delve into y'all PSYCHOLOGY for a minute. Think BLAK to when you was 7, poor & in the hood. If dad was around, he was usually drunk, high or detached. Coulda been all 3. If he was workin, he probably din't make enough to buy what ya wanted & if he could, he probably didn't celebrate christmas bcuz of reasons ya then young mind couldn't OVERSTAND. Ya go to school & see all of ya friends who got nice stuff while ya wearin hand me downs from ya older brothers & cousins & next thing ya know, ya 18 with a job. Ya get fired from that job right before shitmas but you just gotta get that gift for ya girlfriend bcuz ya promised & now ya lookin for the Bad Boys to do stick up & wind up DEAD. How sad!

Ya see, it's not the day or the gifts, it's ya PSYCHOLOGY! Unfortunately, when ya luv someone & have felt the pain of LACK, WE PROJECT that feelin unto others til WE start thinkin that WE are that person & do DESPERATE SHIT in order to relieve OURSELVES of that thinkin that THEY feel the same way. Especially growin up in the hood & alot of unnecessary stuff goes on around this time of the year. Sensitivity heightens durin this time so those who are secretly jealous lurk about waitin for y'all to slip so that THEY can get what YOU GOT: Too many of US is worryin about 12/21/12 instead of worryin about right now with this about to collapse economy & peepo goin MAD. This is why some of y'all always see me rantin & ravin about fuKKK these lame ass, fake ass HELLIDAYS all the time! This is gonna be the last shitmas anyway.......I don't need to get into the actual history of it so if ya still gonna celebrate that..................DON'T HOLLA BLAK & know that WE have 367 days left.

As reported, kim jong il died yesterday with some sayin that he been dead. As it doesn't really matter to US, it does in that moves will be made in the comin weeks that may affect friends & family who serve in the military so let's touch on this just a lil. I admire that man as he maintained his country doin shit the way he wanted it done since those wars over 50 years ago without COMPROMISE! I've written extensively about North Korea & if ya wanna go BLAK, check them here: That pacific rim is on FIRE & WE must also OVERSTAND that it is the most seismically active area on earth. This KraKKa knows that his time is UP & I NEVER have a problem sayin it as WE don't know HOW his day will end but end it will. Like the bible says, his days will end as he spreads his military too thinly thinkin that DRONES are gonna solve his problems. Of course china is proppin them up as North Korea, Taiwan & even to a lesser degree, Japan are what the us needs to hold on to to keep influence over there but the grasp is quickly slippin. As I see it, LIFE as WE KNOW it will SOON CEASE to EXIST! Enjoy the ride as that means victory for US.

I don't listen to any new RAP MUSIC & I have noticed that as time goes, things get worse & worse. Can any of you listen to that discordant clap trap anymore? Check what I came upon on my daily browsing of the web & though I KINDA knew this, I didn't know this but figured that THEY were doin somethin like this. TRULY DEMONIC but y'all need to let me know what ya feel after watchin:

Okay, that's about it & just to let y'all know, after 2012, WE at blak2afrika will not post as many articles & may shut it down as the site is becomin too expensive to maintain. WE more than anyone understand that most of US don't have much to donate to this cause & besides, the time I need to research & study can go into my next book slated to come out by next spring. For now though, I hope that ya received ya copy of I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me & download my articles here to keep ya goin. For the book, you can get it on PAPERBACK, HARDCOVER or e-book at  If ya wanna stay in touch, please do so at or on FaceBook as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). The FUTURE is NOW & WE ALMOST THERE! Where you at? Peace & see y'all THERE!  

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Sirius Shout Out

This izza SIRIUS Shout Out to all of my peepo with 372 days left. WE all know that my LUV for my peepo is at LEAST on this blog for US & so WE gotta keep it REALLY REAL for ALL of US! I know that KraKKa readin this shit with all of his arrogance! This morning, a young haitian man near where I live was killed by the police & THEY already gotta cockamamie story about him bein ARMED though he was known to be harmless: Damn & this is why I be postin shit like & whoever don't like it can KISS my BLAK SLANG speakin ASS! While WE gettin killed in these streets, too many of Y'ALL wanna wine about how I write & shit but that just means ya don't get what the fuKKK is really goin on out there & this ain't for you! Why not KILL Y'ALLSELVES? Who out there readin this still has time to HATE on the Blak Man & Woman when THEY just don't give a flyin fuKKK & y'all wanna talk that, "oh, ya blog is in ebonics shit?" Record numbers of peepo are leavin this country so check this link: When are you gonna get it?

Did y'all hear about that record executive out in LA who got blasted & died last week? His name was john atterberry & he was a RAP mogul & this situation reminds me of a lil story I did last year Do y'all remember about the STAR WHACKER situation? With all of the info available today, how could any of US believe whatever the media says but as soon as I say somethin like AIDS izza HOAX or that POLYGYNY WILL happen, I get kicked outta groups & shunned by too many of y'all BITCH ASS sensitive types. WTF?  I now see why so many of THOSE who label SELF as concious now shun that title. Believe what ya believe but as much as ya cant prove CON, I can't prove PRO! Some of y'all believe in jesus but don't believe that 2Pac, Big Easy E & ODB were taken out by those very same MAGGOTS. This shit is pathetic & too many of y'all is scared to say the RIGHT SHIT. Well I ain't! This izza TEST of the EMERGENCY BLAK CASTIN SHYTSTEM! Fraidy cats STEP the fuKKK OFF!

Finally, this goes out to my dude King Noble. Most of y'all readin this are aware of who he is but for those of Y'ALL who don't - this dude is in chicago, ALLEGEDEDLY livin in a vermin infested abandoned buildin after takin BW away from their BM involvin children in this messy mix. Too be fair to that dude, I will reserve judgement but as a voice in this local/international & viral community, I would be remiss in not talkin about it as I'm tryin to UNITE ALL of US as Blak Peepo before WE are FORCED into it. Some of y'all gonna have to cooperate after KICKIN & SCREAMIN about dealin with this BLAK SHIT WE talk! Big shout out to Afrikan King for doin same & what I wanna do is allow for YOU King Noble, to get at me via email so that you can say what ya feel in regards to the allegations against you. Y'all seein inna published PUBLICATION that I will allow the man to have his say & WE hope that these shenanigans that you are accused of are FALSE. Whatever message you send (if you answer this) will not be altered & you can say WHATEVER you want! The ball is in your court yo.

WE gonna finish with this here. Racist White Supremacy shall be soon ERADICATED & many of US readin these very words that I just typed up want it really BAD but ain't doin NOTHIN to get there. Someone once said that YOU will NEVER POSSESS what you are UNWILLIN to PURSUE. What is ya purpose in life? Are you puttin ya life on the line to be FREE or are ya standin on the SIDELINES until it's CONVENIENT for ya to have that comin out party? Participate in the PROCESS & be that R.O.B.O.T.S aka Righteous Ones Bangin On The Systyem. Be that CHANGE that you wish to see. I gotta HOLLA at my peepo & that's what's been up lately. This has been a SIRIUS Shout Out. Peace.

Y'all already know what it is! Just sold 10 books today & y'all SIRIUSLY need to cop that I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me book. Some DUDE in Brazil died from spankin his monkey 42 TIMES yo! Take some of that time you would be havin sex & BUY my BOOK! If ya wanna get at me, check me at or on FaceBook as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). As this SHIT goes on, WE GOIN in HARDER! Peace Y'ALL!

Monday, December 12, 2011


Whatup my BEAUTIFUL BLAK PEEPO who don't even real eyes how BEAUTIFUL WE really are? white supremacy must be destroyed & only those BOLD ENUFF to express that should be rewarded in the end days, WAY LESS than 375 days away from the time that I'm writin this. Today, there won't be any main topic to this as I haven't been inspired to write but still litin the net up with hot videos from some good brothers adrressin the polygyny thing. I AM NOT MR POLYGYNY so don't paint me with that brush though I will participate in that dynamic when the times DEMAND it! Lets see what's happenin out there.

Last week, Mumia Abu Jamal was taken off of death row & given life in prison. An OG from philly told me some years ago that he wasn't gonna get killed via execution bcuz he is an INTERNATIONAL FIGURE that lots of MONEY could be made from. He also told me somethin that I never heard again ; that WE shouldn't be wastin time rallyin & marchin unless WE was gonna break him outta prison. He told me this in the late 90's & now I see the wisdom of the elders. In BKNY today, a cop got shot in the face & so some of y'all don't think that I'm not fair, I provide y'all with a video of I luv that song & FTP!

Like I been tellin y'all for a while, this SEX SCANDAL shit been goin on as this is the KraKKa's way since THEY been here on this earth. They fuKKK babies, drink BLOOD & grind that meat in THEIR meat processin plants that ya eat for lunch as said by rabbi finklestein. With instant news in the AGE of INFORMATION, almost anyone can know anything anywhere they are in this great big world. I posted this a while ago but I don't know if y'all readin me bcuz ya might get flagged at the airport or won't get a job (like me) but WE SOULJAH on as the ANCESTORS taught US to do! This link should light a FIRE in all of y'all who still think that ya gotta FAIR CHANCE with these DEVILS & so Ayo, daddy george hw bush had a blak lover named brent! penn state izza KraKKa institution like yale & harvard. Every time WE turn around, joe paterno is sufferin somethin new & he fell a few days ago but why should I give a FUGG? Kinda reminds me of william casey who was the head of the cia durin the iran contra scandal who died right before he was to TESTIFY about that debacle. Ayo......them NIGGAS stage THEY DEATHS, get plastic surgery & still do DEVIL SHIT on some private land in air condition like hitler, jack ruby & jim jones. Believe it or not.

I don't know if y'all heard but as of late, Dr Ben has been ill. For those of y'all who don't know who he is, Dr Ben is perhaps OUR pre-eminent ANCIENT EGYPTIAN SCHOLAR who has written many books from OUR perspective debunkin alot of BULLSHIT by too many KraKKa's with agendas. First, he was in a hospital & now he's in a nursin home in the Bronx. He along with Dr John Henrik Clark defined what OURSTORIANS should be like & I wish to follow in their footsteps. To those of US especially in the NYC area, please visit & support this man as he gave his LIFE to US & the least WE can do is repay that with OUR presence of LOVE. Unfortunately, too many of US would rather give our money to drake or niki minaj as opposed to knowin who this man is. The days of OUR SCHOLARS dyin broke & alone has to stop & if WE were there for the likes of Betty Shabbaz, she would still be here. TAKE CARE of US!

Like I said in the beginnin of this article, I am not the POLYGYNY GUY though I will be when the times DEMAND it. Big shouts to my BROTHERS Tehuti Maat Ra & Hondo Solomon who give US much needed information that MOST SISTAS don't wanna deal with. Let me just say to Y'ALL SISTAS that if you against POLYGYNY, what are ya gonna do when every BM (ya FANTASY) marries & remains FAITHFUL & ya maternal instincts are hittin ya with no children & ya pushin 40? Examine & research! If any SISTA gotta answer for that, please base it in FACT & miss me with all that emotional shit. This thing was designed by WOMEN long ago as in a proper society, there will always be more women than men. india & especially china, there are more men bcuz they kill young gals which have led to a large IMBALANCE! Remeber, I said if ya must get at me, discuss how some of y'all POLYGYNY HATERS is gonna advise ya daughters of THEY options in this future that too many of US won't make it thru. That's all I gotta say on that for now.

wwIII already started as there are nato forces massing on the syrian border: Rememba where ya heard it first. China, along with the ussr have already pledged to defend iraq if nato goes in & the us has sent soldiers to australia where china wants to be the only muscle flexer in the pacific. Egypt is still a powder keg & things there won't be settled for some time & Afrika............still doesn't have Africom but is surrounded. But wait......y'all ain't seen nothin yet. Wait until these starvin, obese ass ameriKKKans can't eat a burger with fries. You think y'all seen some shit yet? Oh & before I go - FUKKK KKKristmas & save ya money that ain't worth shit! I don't even like Kwanza but damn, if ya gonna celebrate this time of the year, celebrate that! I'm now in FUNDRAISER MODE & so if ya need a gift, HOLLA BLAK to me & buy my book so that I can continue runnin this site. If ya financially able, while ya at it, help out with a donation & to do so, I'm at or on FaceBook as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). The link to my book is at & if ya want the e-book, holla at my contact info. I am the 5% of the 5%. I wish to build with y'all as that equals the 1%. I am the GLITCH in the MATRIX & hope that you are too! Join us! Peace.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I ain't perfekt but take it from Me Excerpts from Chapter IX - the Sex Chapter

What up & 379 days to go Y'ALL! I keep tellin Y'ALL that Don't really have much to say today as WE get into these here excerpts but that bernie fine (syracuse assistant basketball coach) shituation is KKKRAZY! Pedophelia on both ends as 1 of the young men had a sexual liasion with fine's WIFE yo. Are Y'ALL followin this? If not, check this & just look at the headline if ya feel lazy. It will tell ya all ya need to know. Check out some more KKKrazy SHIT from these KKKrazy ASS KraKKa's yo!: I CAN'T MAKE this SHIT UP! WE still averagin in the 50's & 60's in the northeast this far in december.......WOW! And for good measure, this is the BEST NEWS on this feed before WE go into these excerpts. Hold on as now, only the patient & humble will make it thru this time period. Please don't be this WE at b2a LUV Y'ALL to LIFE!

YOU MUST REGAIN YOUR AFRIKAN SPIRITUALITY! Almost every thing shown to you by the mainstream media teaches you away from who you really are. Balance out what you know so that you can teach what you know & you can earn so that you can teach what you have learned. Entertainment can be education & vice versa. Love your peepo. Matter of fakt, check out this little tidbit from Michael Bradley from his klassik, the Iceman Inheritance. It’s deep so watch out.

Love is the middle ground between aggression and the ability to
reproduce. Love is that place where we can feel unthreatened
sex and the place where we can have sex without directing
aggression toward our partner.                 From Page 130

On Page 132, Bradley further elaborates that
Perhaps we are now willing to grant that our curious western
concept of love and the MONOGAMY (caps mine) love
demands are ADAPTATIONS and behavior patters impeded
by our evolutionary experience. Our iceman maladapation.

Now that’s heavy & I suggest you read that book but finish this 1 first. It was written specifically for you! Let me drop a little more science on you from this book. Mr. Bradley goes on to further state that the Neanderthals (Devils) attacked the Albignesians, western Budhists who strove for peace, prosperity & respekt to one & all. These people settled in a Province named Languedoc. Women were a major part on the leadership councils & were called the Perfecti. The Barbarians wasn’t having this enlightenment of the masses, hence the Crusades that I spoke of earlier. This was called the heresy & they labelled it the catharism. Scholars who saw validity in this lifestyle wrote poems that captured hearts & souls. They named these poems, amour courtoise translated as gentle love. I’ll let Mr. Bradley explain more.

The Norman Barons of the North saw a rich & militarily weak
culture ripe for the picking. There the Church saw heresy.
The male-dominated Catholic Church saw the male and
female completed ones held in equal respect. Saw a way of life
so successful & brilliant without the benefit of male-dominated
judeo-christian dogma that it must be destroyed. More especially,
destruction of the Perfecti was necessary because the corrupted
clergy of the Church suffered by comparison with the undoubted
virtue, asceticism & integrity of the Albignesian teachers.
A Crusade, the 1st of many was initiated by Pope Alex-
ander II in 1163. It was the 1st time that the Western psycho-
sexual & religious intolerance was institutionalized as the proper
spiritual orientation of an entire continent. One historian, Marcie
Magre has declared that the Holy War against Albignesians was
the greatest single turning point in the religious history of MAN-

I’m sorry to say, but it doesn’t end there. Check out the madness

Terrible cruelty was unleashed against the REAL ENEMY of the
Church. . . .The free WOMEN PERFECTI. The psychosexual
nature of the conflict demanded that the women Perfecti DIE
at flaming stakes or in agony on the rack.

If you ain’t saying whoa to yourself by now, you already knew all of this or you just plain don’t give a damn. Note that this was 1163, way before Europeans left they own shores. But I checked out these people in the encyclopedia & here’s what I found. According to the World Book Encyclopedia of 1993, the Abilgenses were a “sect” of the Cathari who resided in what is now modern day France, Italy & Germany during the 11 & 1200’s. These folks believed that wordly things were evil & that only the human spirit was good. It also said that they opposed marriage, childbearing & eating from anything from an animal. They also advocated suicide through starvation. For some reason though, this group soon became popular & had to be put down by the Church. The crusade against them squashed their numbers & in about 1350 they were no longer in Western Europe though the entry doesn’t say that they were all killed or driven away. So we have fakts but as usual, the white man writes facts of OMISSION. Why would a group advokate opposing marriage & childbirth especially? It doesn’t make sense. If the group’s followers believed in suicide through starvation, why were they still around hundreds of years later? How do you sustain a population by advocating death policies? I believe that like the Native Amerikan, these people would rather die off instead of being subjugated. That’s why I say they report & omit & to those of you who don’t analyze past what you read in a “trusted publication”, like reading the DaVinci Code & knowing that though it is a supposed fictional tale, a lot of it is true indeed. Books have to be written to spur your imagination and make you seek the truth. So my people, you didn’t change your ways voluntarily, you were as you now see, ADAPTED to a system of laws that was already in place by the time it got to you. THAT KRAKKA DON’T CARE ABOUT NOTHING but riches because in Europe, all he had was ice & cold & raw animal flesh & when he saw how much resources we had in abundance, he went crazy. He was determined to take it from you for banishing him from the Garden with his sick albino skin. HE TELLS US THAT WE COME FROM MONKEYS & SOME OF Y’ALL BELIEVE IT. What do you know about that Rh Factor? He doesn’t come from US! He knows that as time is going that his n.w.o will not work though he will take a whole bunch of us with him. Knowing the fakts & omitting some out of your expedient convenience is the way that this devil operates but when you expose him & show him his white ass, you can shame him to the ends of the earth. He has now been EXPOSED!


That link is up Y'ALL! As a NY dude, I want shit fast & sure that you do too. If ya like the book & can't wait, HOLLA BLAK to my email; or at Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). I would appreciate ya DIRECT BIZ but this is the net so everybody is gun shy. If ya wanna PAPER BOOK, hit & go in the book section, put my name or name of book, I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me & hit GO. My next set of excerpts will be a video of my ugly face so STAY TUNED, Stay busy, stay vigilant, stay SAFE & most of all, STAY BLAK! Much Luv & PEACE!