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Goin OUT with a BANG while EXPOSIN YOU!

Ok, this is the last day of the year & it seems like WE gonna have to go out with a BANG! To all of OUR SUPPORTERS, WE wish y'all the BEST & as WE now have 356 SYMBOLIC DAYS left, 2011 has been quite a year hasn't it? This year, I've found out so much more about the so called music industry, the reptilian agenda, covert pedophile rings goin up above & beyond high govt & corporate circles & the fact that I am a FORCE in the cyber community as far as keepin US in the know, where most others won't go. This is WHY I need Y'ALL to help SUPPORT me bcuz if I accept ADVERTISIN, my msg would be WATERED down by corporate interests. Y'all need that RAW SHIT & today will be no exception! In the last 24 hours, I've been FLAGGED by FaceBook bcuz of certain individuals & I'm almost sure that it was king noble though I've never said anything about his now EXPOSED ASS! Most of you out there have heard about his CULT FOLLOWIN &by now k…

NAS- We Will Survive



Let's start this off right y'all: As well, my mood fits the day, foggy, rainy & just plain ole damp! Yeah, that's about how I'm feelin but don't mean to get YOU there! It's so SAD to real eyes that so many of US are at different levels of CONSCIENCENESS & therefore will evolve on OUR own BUT..........what's sadder to me is that MOST of US ain't even remotely ready. That last statement includes those of US who have so much POTENTIAL! We'll get BLAK to all that inna moment but first, gotta give y'all a lil news first as I've been combin the newspapers which will soon be outta biz. Let me tell y'all what I saw that ya might have missed.

In the usa today dated 12/20 on page 3A was a story entitled Native American to be declared a Catholic Saint. Just think; of all things an ORIGINAL AMERIcAN to be sainted after these euros all but killed just about all of 'em. And y'all still wanna…

Merry FUKKKIN X-Mas & yeah, WHATEVER!

Yeah, 2011 is almost over & how y'all doin? This goes out to my Blak Peepo & just know that if (for the most part) ya don't involve yaself in the BULLSHIT, you will still be here to see the Cosmic Party. As of today, there are 361 days LEFT! Shit is just krazy right now it that EVERYTHING is now NEWS bcuz ANYBODY witta camera/phone can WORLDSTARHIPHOP or YOUTUBE yo ASS if ya get caught slippin! There are hardly any secrets left & all of y'all SIMPS still believin in RELIGION never fail to AMAZE me. What do YOU believe in?

So I see most of US are concerned with the jordan shoe fiasco & though it is newsworthy, it's EASY to FOCUS on keepin US DISTRACTED while sotero & his CRONIES pass LAWS that further suppress yours & my LIFE. I posted this on my page but Y'ALL really need to see it to know how SIRIUS I am:…



1 YEAR LEFT!/ 2012 Predictions!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey my BEAUTIFUL BLAK PEEPO! How y'all doin? Officially speakin, as of TODAY there is WAY LESS than 1 year left! This column today is gonna kinda be like the Final Countdown 2012. Now before y'all start with the eye rollin again & sayin, "what's wrong with this dude", I'm gonna tell y'all again that the date of 12/21/12 to me is SYMBOLIC as WE don't know what TIME it is! Whether ya into this stuff or not or whether ya even care, at this point in where WE at, y'all cannot deny that LIFE as WE KNOW IT will SOON CEASE to EXIST & ya need to check this video as an EXAMPLE: I've said this here before, that you can look around for SIGNS & 1 of my biggest signs is that the SQUIRRELS are still runnin around at least in my hood. How about yours?

Okay, let's get into it; some of the news that happened in 2011 has been mind bogglin but upo…

Are WE there yet?

The Blak Smith is BLAK at it again & NO WE ain't there yet but alot is goin on. How y'all doin out there? Can y'all believe that it's been 2 years since I left Ghana, 2 years since Teddy Pendergrass died & 2 years since that massive HAARP induced earthquake in Haiti? There have been too many deaths & peepo just keep doin dumb shit but WE should expect that especially about this time of the year. You may ask why I say that & I'll get into that inna minute but.............WE ain't quite there yet. Supposedly yesterday, kim jong il died in north korea & though that doesn't have anything to directly with US, ramifications will be seen in the west & it is now SO ON to control the vast pacific rim. I've been writin about all of that recently & those who tune in already know that. What will the Blak Smith write about today? Stick around & see. Why?: because WE at the point of me tellin y'all what ya need to be hearin & g…

Curtis Mayfield - If There's a Heaven Above We're All Going to Go/ 370 to GO!


A Sirius Shout Out

This izza SIRIUS Shout Out to all of my peepo with 372 days left. WE all know that my LUV for my peepo is at LEAST on this blog for US & so WE gotta keep it REALLY REAL for ALL of US! I know that KraKKa readin this shit with all of his arrogance! This morning, a young haitian man near where I live was killed by the police & THEY already gotta cockamamie story about him bein ARMED though he was known to be harmless: Damn & this is why I be postin shit like & whoever don't like it can KISS my BLAK SLANG speakin ASS! While WE gettin killed in these streets, too many of Y'ALL wanna wine about how I write & shit but that just means ya don't get what the fuKKK is really goin on out there & this ain't for you! Why not KILL Y'ALLSELVES? Who out there readin this still has time to HATE on the …


Whatup my BEAUTIFUL BLAK PEEPO who don't even real eyes how BEAUTIFUL WE really are? white supremacy must be destroyed & only those BOLD ENUFF to express that should be rewarded in the end days, WAY LESS than 375 days away from the time that I'm writin this. Today, there won't be any main topic to this as I haven't been inspired to write but still litin the net up with hot videos from some good brothers adrressin the polygyny thing. I AM NOT MR POLYGYNY so don't paint me with that brush though I will participate in that dynamic when the times DEMAND it! Lets see what's happenin out there.

Last week, Mumia Abu Jamal was taken off of death row & given life in prison. An OG from philly told me some years ago that he wasn't gonna get killed via execution bcuz he is an INTERNATIONAL FIGURE that lots of MONEY could be made from. He also told me somethin that I never heard again ; that WE shouldn't be wastin time rallyin & marchin unless WE was g…

Polygyny & Finances 1


Polygyny: The New Pussy Hustle - PT. 1/ WE present ALL SIDES Pro & Con


I ain't perfekt but take it from Me Excerpts from Chapter IX - the Sex Chapter

What up & 379 days to go Y'ALL! I keep tellin Y'ALL that Don't really have much to say today as WE get into these here excerpts but that bernie fine (syracuse assistant basketball coach) shituation is KKKRAZY! Pedophelia on both ends as 1 of the young men had a sexual liasion with fine's WIFE yo. Are Y'ALL followin this? If not, check this & just look at the headline if ya feel lazy. It will tell ya all ya need to know. Check out some more KKKrazy SHIT from these KKKrazy ASS KraKKa's yo!: I CAN'T MAKE this SHIT UP! WE still averagin in the 50's & 60's in the northeast this far in december.......WOW! And for good measure, this is the BEST NEWS 

"Obama Is A Puppet" - Eddie Griffin Speaks Out/I call the puppet, SOTERO


African Dream-Talib Kweli/ Who's with US?