Tuesday, June 30, 2015


In order to make SENSE outta this article, ya gotta LISTEN to this SONG especially between 1:20 - 3:20. http://black2afrika.blogspot.com/2011/04/nature-of-threat.html (Nature of the Threat by Ras Kass)

So.....what I will do today is bring US up to snuff as to where WE at in OUR STORY in TIME & SPACE. WE MUST pre-empt the 2Pac series bcuz so much is going on & I haven't covered ANY of it yet! As I don't need to type much, away WE go.................................

I hope that ya listened to that HISTORY LESSON above as it goes in something HARD BODY! The FREEKS have been credited with beginning WESTERN CIVILIZATION but in fact, WE here at b2a call it DEVILIZATION! Check out how they TELL on themselves by attributing PEDERASTY to ancient Egypt below..................

The main form of this was pederasty, a custom that seems to have been practiced mostly among the upper classes, in which an older man (the erastest) would make a young free boy (the eromenos) his sex partner, and become his mentor. This was regulated by the State as an institution. However, this practice was usually a supplement to marriage,[23] and thus is seen as being done by bisexuals. The practice of pederasty is mentioned in Homer's Illiad, and is evidenced to have existed at least 4500 years ago in ancient Egypt.............more at http://www.conservapedia.com/History_of_homosexuality#Homosexuality_in_Greece.

I went way back to bring US to the present & what's been happening in just the last few weeks. It's been quite a ride eh? Well, did y'all notice how the SC 9 went from the deceased to the ROOF that's on FIYAH to the confederate flag to talks of gun control to how the families were fast tracked $3.2 million to soetero singing amazing grace? Why were the 9 shot? I believe that this is a great big hegelian dialectic mind fukkk FALSE FLAG that serves 3 purposes. I believe that

1. Senator Pinckney was the TARGET for getting the cops outfitted with body cams

2. it distraKKKted the BLAK's who will WIN in the end from realizing that WE are THERE at the doorstep of victory as it will all END where it all BEGAN in greece &

3. allowed the TPP aka the trans pacific partnership to PASS while those Victors mourned & gave up that ENERGY while soetero SERENADED 'em while their fellow deceased congregants lay with their bodies still WARM! Did ya see this fleshy news item?; http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2015/06/charleston-shooter-is-actor-us-marine-crisis-actor-as-jade-helm-stipulates-video-3174050.html

By now ya probably asking, "what the hell does GREECE have to do with all of this?" Hang on & let Me WORK!

The last great distraKKKtion in the media was the federalized gay marriage law that passed just a few days ago. Do ya still beLIEve in coinkydinks? This law passed in order to coincide with gay pride in the crown jewel of gay cities, nyc where pride weekend just finished & this all put the icing on the cake &...............................the u.s has just sealed her fate! Did y'all hear about this?; http://www.naturalnews.com/050232_gay_pride_Taiwan_burned_alive.html. Note that the Blak Smith is NOT anti - homosexual but doesn't like homosexuality 1 bit! The reason why I don't like homosexuality is bcuz it doesn't produce LIFE! Let's round this out now!

When ya think of greece, what do ya think of? I would dare say that 90% of y'all who read my articles religiously KNOW that most of the his story of greece was faked! Reading the book, Stolen Legacy by George GM James will get ya straight & as I've written that here before, if ya haven't read it yet, ya LATE! greece is supposedly the birthplace of civilization but if so like above, then why refer to stuff that happened 4500 years PRIOR? To get to the point, let Me just state it plainly! The FREEKS owe so much to the euro zone but CAN'T PAY & thus..........."Meanwhile, there is a growing consensus the Greek crisis is coming to a head soon and massive withdrawals of Euros from Greek banks show that at the street level people know a Greek default is inevitable. However, a formal Greek default would start a domino effect that would topple Germany, France and the rest of the Euro zone before eventually reaching the United States. For that reason the Greek government knows that the EU central bank, the IMF and their Fed bosses will not pull the plug on them but will instead buy time with various accounting tricks. That is why Greece’s Economy Minister made confident predictions about the Greek debt crisis in Moscow last week after meeting with Russian officials."

Despite all the fudged numbers and smoke and mirrors coming out of Western governments, the Western financial system (the Federal Reserve Board) is already bankrupt. The Fed’s corporate subsidiary, the United States of America Corporation headed by “acting president” Barack Obama has been issuing fake financial data for years now to create the appearance all is wel.....more at http://hipknowsys.blogspot.com/2015/06/benjamin-fulford-june-22-2015-bush.html.

Image result for pic of gold is money everything else is credit

So, if ya OVERSTAND where WE came from, then ya KNOW that this BULLSHIT started with the 1st officialy DEVILIZED PEEPO aka the FREEKS who learned EVERYTHING from US & then CONQUERED their way up. Like what happened in 2007-08 with the subprime loans in the u.s, these same freeks will DEFAULT on their loans that they could NEVA afford which means that ALL other countries will DEFAULT as well & that this will cause a FINANCIAL WORLD COLLAPSE! Where is the CENTER of  WORLD TRADE & what happened to it not so long ago? Ya need to check what's happening BEHIND the SCENES or get LEFT BEHIND bcuz there's supposed to be a METEORITE HIT about the time the POPE comes to nyc. This is all supposed to culminate with the last BLOOD MOON which signifies the END of ZIONISM in the PROPHECIES! To finish off, DON'T beLIEve SHIT I said & see if my INFO is VERIFIABLE by doing some of ya own RESEARCH! Check out what Jade Helm 15 is! Check out a dude named M1. Check out who the WORLD COURT JUDGE, Doctor Hendo Henderson is & the new & coming 501C4. With that, I'm out!