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Livin' Large

Is this US in this day & age? As WE only got 20 days left, ya BETTA THINK about IT! Enjoy!

Guess What - I DON'T CARE!

This article here piggy backs off of my last 1 named COGNITIVE DISSONANCE! Did y'all check it out with a KraKKa chiKKK with strange marks on her face in a straight jacket? If not, go to the HOME PAGE & scroll down at this site I've nicknamed b2a. Where will YOU be in 21 days?

Yea, that CD stuff is deep. It puts 1 in a state of DENIAL but I don't care about ya as YOU are NOT more important than the WHOLE of US! When I say US, if ya don't know what I mean, ya shouldn't be readin this as it wouldn't mean YOU! I'm just sittin back now waitin for time to MAKE ya CHANGE & if ya not feelin that, what are ya feelin? I wake up HAPPY knowin that with each day, WE reachin HIS END & there ain't NOTHIN he can do about it. Too many of y'all be feelin GOOD bcuz ya got pieces of silver while I'm countin this bronze but when WE put 'em to…



Ayo, what up? First of all, that terminology is kinda HEAVY & so let's define what it means before WE get int today's article & so here WE go.

Cognitive dissonance is the term used in modern psychology to describe the feeling of discomfort when holding two or more conflicting cognitions (e.g., ideas, beliefs, values, emotional reactions) simultaneously. In a state of dissonance, people may sometimes feel surprise, dread, guilt, anger, or embarrassment.[1] The theory of cognitive dissonance in social psychology proposes that people have a motivational drive to reduce dissonance by altering existing cognitions, adding new ones to create a consistent belief system, or alternatively by reducing the importance of any one of the dissonant elements.[1] It is the distressing mental state that people feel when they "find themselves doing things that don't fi…

I can see THRU ya BULLSHIT!!!!


Yea peepo, how do Y'ALL do? I just luv the above pic bcuz as the days go, I'm seein peepo get antsy & some of US ain't gonna make it with just 26 days left but WE gonna be here still talkin that REAL SHIT! Who knows what the hell is gonna happen in these next few days? Hey, just today, WE had Macho Camacho from east Harlem NY & larry hagman who was famed from i dream of jeannnie & dallas die & look out for another celebrity to kick the bucket by tuesday as DEATH comes in 3's! What y'all up to lately?


So......a lotta shit that I spoke of happened from Just 30 days left & part of that included messy jesse jaXXXon finally admittin that he was waitin for the (s)election SHAM to be over so that he could finally say  that he was under INDICTMENT! In that story, I should have included that since barry …

Just 30 Days LEFT!



That WARNING above ain't for no BULLSHIT y'all! The SHIT has intensified to the point that I gotta talk the way I do & so if ya don't like HARSH LANGUAGE, get the fuKKK outta here now. WE gotta lot to cover & if ya don't like long articles, either read this in pieces or don't read it at all but if ya read books, how ya gonna complain about these articles are too long? In this 1 with just 30 days left now, WE gonna cover everything from the mundane to the international & so strap on ya boots & hold on bcuz it's gonna be a rough ride! I warn ya again before ya go in & are ya ready? You've been warned!

WE start y'all off with perhaps the BIGGEST STORY of the YEAR so far & that's the aurora theater shootin that happened in colorado just outside of denver on july 20th 2012. By the way, denver is…

Professor Griff talks with Wash Your Brain


Professor Griff says what needs to be said & as WE have 31 days left, I'll let him say it PLAIN. Comin BLAK tomorrow with MORE of what ya need with 3 days left. Get with US at or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grayco Exclusive "The Cover up"

COVER ya EARS with this with 34 days left!

Animal (Full Movie) WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps 1 of the most CRAZIEST MOVIES EVER CREATED & with REAL OG's in it. 36 days to go!

Just Passin Thru


What Up peepo & welcome BLAK to another edition of b2a. I'm the host, the Blak Smith & luv it that Y'ALL here. As WE get ready for a NEW AGE, I'm just doin a quick drive thru to get all of US READY for it & if ya don't like it, well GTFOH as this is why I lived after contractin malaria & almost dyin in Ghana in 2004. There has been so many times that I've almost stopped writin this blog but somethin always pulls me BLAK in & more than 3 years later, here I still am. Glad that ya could stop by & I appreciate it. Let's just outline some basic points here.

1. the KraKKa's time is up!

2. What are WE gonna do to NATION BUILD? Sandy was wa BIG INDICATOR for things to come & that storm last week was the icin on the cake! Now for those of US who know nothin of winter in the north OR for those of US who have never lived in a place with 4 seasons, ya got…

Boogiemonsters - Recognized Thresholds of Negative Stress/39 days left

Only the REALEST know what this song is even implyin at! No message & this 1 won't get many ringin in but if ya pressed the link ya might have to listen 2 or 3 times but when ya do...............HOLLA BLAK!

The KraKKa is.........Goin' Up In Smoke

This is where THEY goin. WE have exactly 40 days left but "everybody's havin TONS of FUN but who's gonna take the BLAME? Not I said the FLY! Listen to this & RISE like that PHOENIX! WAAAAAAARRRRRR!!!

Cedric The Entertainer-Taking You Higher Full Show

Hey y'all, WE are livin in some heavy times eh? Y'all know that WE get SIRIUS & at the same time, WE cannot lose OUR sense of humor. With that, let's get into our St. Lou dude, Cedric the Entertainer.


This is googles latest home page pic. WOW & 42 days left! That KraKKa has told BLAK Peepo for a few that he has conceded but can ya see it? SMH!

KTL Radio "Hurricanes, Halloween & HAARP" ft Azzariah 10/30 by KNOW THE LEDGE RADIO | Blog Talk Radio

KTL Radio "Hurricanes, Halloween & HAARP" ft Azzariah 10/30 by KNOW THE LEDGE RADIO | Blog Talk Radio

If ya can't take a BOMB blowin up yo SPEAKERS do not listen to this as the INFO here is DEVESTATIN! If y'all think that I go in HARD, then ya need to hear this as my BROTHA gets it in. Man, this dude REVEALS SHIT that I never even heard of so that an 8 year old could process it. Too many peepo are down on blogtalkradio but I luv what THEY doin & so a BIG SHOUT OUT to Blue Pill/Red Pill & all of those out there doin it, puttin in WORK! As this interview is almost 4 hours long, I won't write much & once ya start listenin, ya gonna get HOOKED so check this when ya have time. Look out for tomorrows PERFECT STORM & know that at b2a, WE LUV US some US! 42 days left & with that my BROTHA'S, take it away!

A World of Imperative Change EXTREME WEATHER EVENTS OCTOBER 2012

Hey b2a peepo! Sorry to be such a BORE but it ain't just the northeast as this short video shows. If ya know so much, RESPECT what ya actually don't know & brace yaself for the next storm system comin thru on Wed, 11/7. Isn't it ironic that when ya add those 2 numbers ya get, 18 or 6 + 6 + 6? But WE ain't here for numerology lessons as that ain't gonna get the job done at this point. As I've been tellin y'all for the last few years, WE in that time when YOU are in the KraKKa's last days. His time is up & that's why 9-1-1 happened when it did. There ain't nothin HE can do against Metu Neter aka Mother Nature. Just like you tired of WORKIN for his ass everyday for peanuts, yo SPACE COUSINS is tired of him takin advantage of ya & is like the empire, STRIKIN BLAK! Get with it!

This is a message to those KraKKa's who have access to this site. You now have 43 days to decide if ya gonna be NEUTRAL toward anyone outside of ya own FAMILY…

Dave Chappelle - For What It's Worth

Ok y'all, WE ain't gonna just make ya sad. black2afrika is a full site & if ANY of Y'ALL got somethin to say, WE got yo BLAK as long as it's BENEFICIAL for US to know. WE got a month & a half (exactly 45 days) left & with that, today, WE make you LAUGH! WAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!

Man Who Refused To Help Black Mom & Kids Speaks Out!

This is the FOLLOW UP to Part I. Just like me, every so often, ya gotta EXPLAIN to the DEAF, DUMB & the BLIND 85% FOLLOWERS!

Whites Refuse To Help Black Mother Whos Kids Drown Durning Hurricane Sandy

By the time the ramifications of sandy are counted, BILLIONS of dollars will have been lost. Bcuz a lot of y'all ASSUME too much, I'm not gonna write much about this story as the BROTHA said what needed to be said BUT I will address somethin too many of y'all BW don't wanna hear about that I said I wouldn't adress anymore & that's POLYGAMY!

Just like the BROTHA said, there is too much BASHING of the opposite sex goin on & I refuse to indulge anyone in that convo. I myself was once guilty of that dynamic but no longer do I address all BW as the same. Ya see, in OVERSTANDIN the GAME bein played, it would be remiss of me to say that BITCHES ain't SHIT & that NIGGA's is always right. That's some HOMO shit like the greeks who banned their women to the island of lesbos, hence the word LESBIAN! I'm a proud card carryin member but BLAK to the business at hand! Ahem......battle of the Sexes is so played out yo!! As I say this, before TOO MAN…

Uncle Murda - I Shot The Sheriff

Take this attitude with US in the next few days. Will there be an ICE AGE or extreme HEAT? Keep that HEAT UP yo! 46 days left & know that THEY don't give a fuKKK about ya!


That BIG EXPLOSION in nyc at the con ed plant were ALIENS destroyin the infrastructure. As jewtube doesn't want US to see that, I'll put this 1 first & include footage of that explosion underneath bcuz THEY probably gonna keep takin it down. Under 50 days left Y'ALL so HANG ON!

When ya look at this footage, look to the top left as it looks like somethin shot a beam & the explosion EXPLODED! 49 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MOTHER NATURE is now known as SANDY!

Every so often, I gotta do this!

I ain't got SHIT to say on this. THINK for SELF & I'll get BLAK to Y'ALL!

A few days ago, I posted a story on HAARP here at b2a & peepo who NEVER RESPOND 2 any of my posts came at me as if I said that I BELIEVED this video. Did Y'ALL who feel this way even read the above statement? As a PROVIDER of INFO, I put whatever I find INTERESTIN so that Y'ALL can THINK about the FACT that the KraKKa's TIME is UP & if ya don't agree with that, why not dispute that assertion? I HATE doin this as I don't usually explain shit but some of y'all got me TWISTED! Some of y'all out there are advanced but what about those who just got up on this type shit? WE need as many of US as possible at the COSMIC PARTY & so if ya gonna just criticize, save that shit 4 the next event. The point is, this weather system was ILL & THEY time is up. Now........who want it?

Ok, breathe Blak Smith....breathe slow & hold for …