Thursday, November 29, 2012

Livin' Large

Is this US in this day & age? As WE only got 20 days left, ya BETTA THINK about IT! Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Guess What - I DON'T CARE!

This article here piggy backs off of my last 1 named COGNITIVE DISSONANCE! Did y'all check it out with a KraKKa chiKKK with strange marks on her face in a straight jacket? If not, go to the HOME PAGE & scroll down at this site I've nicknamed b2a. Where will YOU be in 21 days?

Yea, that CD stuff is deep. It puts 1 in a state of DENIAL but I don't care about ya as YOU are NOT more important than the WHOLE of US! When I say US, if ya don't know what I mean, ya shouldn't be readin this as it wouldn't mean YOU! I'm just sittin back now waitin for time to MAKE ya CHANGE & if ya not feelin that, what are ya feelin? I wake up HAPPY knowin that with each day, WE reachin HIS END & there ain't NOTHIN he can do about it. Too many of y'all be feelin GOOD bcuz ya got pieces of silver while I'm countin this bronze but when WE put 'em together, WE eatin GOOD yo! That in & of itself is a TRICK BAG bcuz WE ain't supposed to be puttin nothin together but PEEPO in order to get that food outta the GARDEN & the NATURAL ORDER will make that so! Do YOU care now?


I don't care about MONEY bcuz ya can't EAT it! In the next dispensation of time, it won't be necessary bcuz it will be for THINGS ya WANT & not NEED! I don't care about COSMETICS bcuz it ain't NATURAL! I don't care for PLASTIC bcuz it clogs the EARTH from followin its right path. Imagine fillin yaself up with PACKAGING instead of what's in it like so many animals CHOKE on. All OTHERS can step to the REAR bcuz to ME, my PEEPO come first! If ya THINK that that's messed up, who do ya see doin otherwise as a peepo? I don't care for CRIMINALS of any stripe as THEY will kill the SPIRIT of the community THEY come from! Though I don't care for RELIGION, I don't disrespect yours anymore bcuz that what may just keep yo silly ass in line. Ask me if I care now?


Just a few thoughts; r.i.p alicia keys as she is WAY on that OTHER SIDE now. Her music used to be soulful but's just straight up WACK as she has a song featurin niKKKi minaj & Maxwell but neither hit the mark. The above song is written well but THEY are always allowed to make somethin REAL so that ya don't get too suspicious. I've been talkin about the libor scandal & since I wrote Just 30 days LEFT, look what I found: This here is a great MIND fuKKK but y'all don't hear me though. Then right after, the BIATCH ex-wife was in a perhaps, a STAGED ACCIDENT. Ya dude, jesse jaXXXon is makin deals & may not even get prison time. WE LIVIN in the TIMES of REVELATIONS & most of y'all still walkin around with a thumb in ya ASS so that you could put it in ya MOUTH & ain't got shit to say anyway! I was on a post on fb today & peepo who have neer been NOWHERE talkin about OLDER MEN & YOUNGER WOMEN & labelled any man over 21 sexxin a younger as PEDOPHILES. WTF? Ya need to TRAVEL & see LIFE for what it REALLY is as OUR PERCEPTION has been shaped by the euro way of thinkin & THEY TIME is UP in 21 days yo! SIRUSLY yo;

I started this article in the afternoon & it's after midnite now. The reason why I didn't finish was bcuz my HOMIE, Muzabe called & said let's get a drink. WE did that & he asked me, "what's the purpose of life?" Ya see, my dude is usually a super health nut & for that matter still is but what he means is, "are WE livin just for the sake of livin?" If ya takin life too SIRIUS, are WE really havin fun? What is this SHIT really all about yo? WE on just 21 days left & most peepo that I know ain't worried about 12/21/12 & I ain't either. If ya thinkin doomsday, that's what ya gonna see. Look at what sandy did to ny & nj & for the most part, OUR PEEPO were UNAFFECTED! As I've been sayin for the longest, keep yo mind right, ya spirit clean & do the BEST that ya can for ya PEEPO whenever YOU can wherever YOU at! If ya wanna be a DEVIL, I don't care bcuz to ME, ya don't EXIST! I got some livin to do & so, HOLLA BLAK! Do YOU care?


Yea WE still here after 3 years plus. Do ya want my book?: The Blak Smith can be found at, on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) or in the hood lurkin about lookin like he about to take BLAK the night. 21 days to go & with that, WE at b2a declare, WAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 26, 2012


Ayo, what up? First of all, that terminology is kinda HEAVY & so let's define what it means before WE get int today's article & so here WE go.

Cognitive dissonance is the term used in modern psychology to describe the feeling of discomfort when holding two or more conflicting cognitions (e.g., ideas, beliefs, values, emotional reactions) simultaneously. In a state of dissonance, people may sometimes feel surprise, dread, guilt, anger, or embarrassment.[1] The theory of cognitive dissonance in social psychology proposes that people have a motivational drive to reduce dissonance by altering existing cognitions, adding new ones to create a consistent belief system, or alternatively by reducing the importance of any one of the dissonant elements.[1] It is the distressing mental state that people feel when they "find themselves doing things that don't fit with what they know, or having opinions that do not fit with other opinions they hold." [2] A key assumption is that people want their expectations to meet reality, creating a sense of equilibrium. [3]


A classic illustration of cognitive dissonance is expressed in the fable The Fox and the Grapes by Aesop (ca. 620–564 BCE). In the story, a fox sees some high-hanging grapes and wishes to eat them. When the fox is unable to think of a way to reach them, he decides that the grapes are probably not worth eating, with the justification the grapes probably are not ripe or that they are sour (hence the common phrase "sour grapes"). This example follows a pattern: one desires something, finds it unattainable, and reduces one's dissonance by criticizing it.Jon Elster calls this pattern "adaptive preference formation".[18]

So basically that's the definition so that all y'all know where I'm comin from. If ya wanna pick at the reason as to why I'm talkin about this now is bcuz so many of US are TIRED & don't know what to do & therefore, LASH OUT at OUR LOVED 1's not knowin why & this is absolutely KILLIN US! WE at a very CRUCIAL POINT & all of US ain't gonna make it so GET YO MIND RIGHT! As this 1 is very personal, PAY CLOSE ATTENTION & see if any of this is you!


Yea, so THEY still got plenty of COCAINE on sale so go on & keep sniffin it. That SHIT is 30% coke, 35% procaine & 35% GARBAGE & by the way, I BELIEVE that 95% of my readers DON"T use that & so if ya suffer from that above diagnosis, ya probably not as BAD as those with issues who do get down with that POISONOUS white BITCH! That's always been a stickin point with me but DRUGS contribute to CD & in a bad way. It makes 1 tenative & excitable all at the same time & it seems when ya do get sure, that ya make a BAD DECISION but hey.......don't WE all got shit to go thru? I wonder who made up the expression of payin thru the NOSE!

Yea, so I hear that THEY still sell 40 oz's at the liquor store & that SATAN IDES is now crooked eye. Man, them 40 oz days any of y'all remember the days of the 64 oz's? WOW, how the hell am I still here? Imagine bein HUNG OVER with CD yo? Just think; somebody yellin at ya while ya still sleepin about some STUPID SHIT ya did the night before that ya can't even remember. When bits & pieces do start comin back, it's HAZY & not accurate as ya can't believe what ya very own peepo are sayin about ya! Oh SHIT, throwin up a lung again as the other one is gone from bronchial pneumonia. Damn as I swear to myself, I'm gonna STOP DRINKIN & when next weekend hits, ya say the same thing over & over again. That damn CD strikes again & all of that excessive drinkin don't help any either!

Marijuana_leaf : Rasta background with marijuana leaf Stock Photo

So....certain states are LEGALIZIN that green leaf & now that THEY are doin it, can WE TRUST it? Too bad that WE know that THEY are sprayin it with & as well, if ya not growin ya own or gettin it from peepo concerned withcha, ya really DON'T KNOW what the fuKKK ya SMOKIN! Nigga's is puttin all type of shit in it to make it more potent & so on a BIOLOGICAL LEVEL, knowin that THEY wish to SALT the EARTH, what else are THEY puttin in it? WE already know that THEY puttin COCAINE in it! Yea yea, I know, ya can quit anytime but I just see ya goin harder & harder & it's turnin a REVOLTIONARY into a REACTIONARY! Left alone & unadulterated, that leaf is the BOMB but when THEY addin shit in..........DAMN! I say all of this to say what? What I'm sayin is that mercury just came outta retrograde. A lotta stuck energy will soon be clearin up. A lot of peepo who have been together will soon not be together. If ya energy field is CORRECT, you will soon be vibratin away from & to those that ya supposed to be around. Peepo are gonna start dyin in record numbers & food is gonna taste different. The actions that ya take will be BOOMERANGING or put in other terms, WE will be reapin what WE sow, GOOD or BAD, a lot more faster! The only thing that I KNOW is that the PLANETARY ALIGNMENT will be happenin in just 24 days! THEY say that half of solvin any problem is in knowin what the problem is. It seems like! Are ya gettin If so & ya suffer from CD, how are ya VIBRATIN?

[2] Spencer, David G. Myers, Steven (2006). Social psychology (3rd Canadian ed. ed.). Toronto: McGraw-Hill Ryerson. ISBN 0-07-095202-7.
[3] Michael Ryan, ed. (2010). Introducing Communication Theory: Analysis and Application. Boston: McGraw-Hill. pp. 113-116. ISBN 978-0-07

[18] Elster, Jon. Sour Grapes: Studies in the Subversion of Rationality. Cambridge 1983, p. 123ff.

All references from

The Blak Smith can be reached at & on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff).

Saturday, November 24, 2012

I can see THRU ya BULLSHIT!!!!


Yea peepo, how do Y'ALL do? I just luv the above pic bcuz as the days go, I'm seein peepo get antsy & some of US ain't gonna make it with just 26 days left but WE gonna be here still talkin that REAL SHIT! Who knows what the hell is gonna happen in these next few days? Hey, just today, WE had Macho Camacho from east Harlem NY & larry hagman who was famed from i dream of jeannnie & dallas die & look out for another celebrity to kick the bucket by tuesday as DEATH comes in 3's! What y'all up to lately?


So......a lotta shit that I spoke of happened from Just 30 days left & part of that included messy jesse jaXXXon finally admittin that he was waitin for the (s)election SHAM to be over so that he could finally say  that he was under INDICTMENT! In that story, I should have included that since barry left & rahm took over, that the city of chi is OFF the fuKKKin hook with IMPUNITY! Everybody that I know from up there says same & bcuz detroit is slowly bein SHUT DOWN, WE don't hear about it as bad but as THEY say, it's the same SHIT, different day! I'm glad that WE only have 26 days to go bcuz if this SHIT don't change soon, ya gonna see a lot worse than what WE'VE been seein. How do you see it?


Too many of y'all nigga's is funny! I guess bcuz of the INTENSITY of the times, that SWEATIN me & what I do equates to gettin yo SHIT off but SHIT to me is like water off of a ducks back! Y'all better talk to them aflack dudes before ya step to me. Anyhoo, in the last few weeks, a whole slew of peeps came out of THEY woodwork only to say, "ain't nothin gonna happen!" If ya really believe that, then why in the hell ya respondin to some KOOK ass nigga spewin a whole bunch of nigga shit? If ya life is that borin, don't ya see tsunami's, earthquakes & other WEIRD PHENOMENA that rarely happens, now happenin FREQUENTLY? As I've already written on all this already, why are ya so afraid?


Just if 10% of what MAY HAPPEN happened? Yea, peepo think that what I'm sayin is that on Dec 22nd, that the birds will chirp, the sun will shine & that every evil soul includin Blak Devils will perish & ALL of OUR PROBLEMS will disappear & that ain't none of my thoughts! I'm talkin about shit that deals with SCIENTISTS & ACTUAL FACTS such as WEATHER, SOLAR FLARES, POLE SHIFTS, EARTHQUAKES, HURRICANES, SINKHOLES, LANDSLIDES, TSUNAMI'S, THUNDER & LIGHTNING, TORNADO'S & VOLCANOES ERUPTING! How come some of Y'ALL can't conceive of ALIENS when in the last 20 years, just about EVERY MOVIE that comes out depicts 'em as EVIL & how THEY wanna eat US? Why all of the u.f.o sightings? Why all of these so called phenomena out of the blue all of a sudden? Shit, if ya believe in HOLY BOOKS, why is it so hard to believe in REVELATIONS? Ain't WE in that day?


So in the end, what I do works bcuz if ya get upset enough at me to write & say how full of SHIT I am, that means that I've done my job & done it well! The true mark of a great person is not to coddle yo soft ass but to make ya MOVE so as to INSPIRE ya into good & right ACTION! Anything less is just pandering to ya emotions as ya make another million & wonder why everybody else is so fuKKKed up! Besides, if YOU's a BM & ya ain't upset with the SHYTEM, then somethin is wrong with ya & WE can even take slavery outta that equation. Ya think the japanese became PACIFISTS bcuz they just wanted to? In my estimation, GOD = the SUN/MAN = NATURE & NATURE is against 'em any way ya look at it & if ya mad at that & can't come with a REASON as to why ya differ with my take, then FUCK OFF & if ya on my fb page & don't want me postin in ya group, just remove me! By the way, for those of you who at least RESPECT what I do & therefore had to read this, I apologize & leave y'all with this song to show my gratitude & appreciation. As I will be djaying at the Cosmic Party, look forward to these songs & then some. Yea YOU, WE got 26 days to go & I'm stickin with my story.


So......WE ALL WE GOT! That up above is just how the Blak Smith sees it & every once in a while when I speak directly to the HATERS, THEY never respond bcuz most of Y'ALL can't do SHIT but bellyache. I could be a 98 pound weakling & if ya get upset, ya CAN'T DO SHIT to ME as anybody can say anything online. Are ya here to HATE? Perhaps it's deep seated JEALOUSY which y'all mama's should have taught y'all is a VICE like gossip & greed! Some of y'all niggas is gonna be fuKKKed up when NOTHIN & EVERYTHING happens & ya don't know what to do bcuz ya dismiss POSSIBILITIES! Bcuz of a KraKKa that I really respected in William Cooper, I was not in ny bcuz he said that somethin big was gonna go down soon after the year 2000 & I thought it would be y2k. When I was proved WRONG, I still knew somethin was comin & BANG - 9-1-1 & I was vindicated! All of my HATERS had to SHUT the fuKKK up! What's next for nyc? Ayo, to my knowledge, the only Babylon that I know of is in NY on long island yo! WE write without & if ya don't, WE don't hold it against ya! If ya don't have it in ya WILL that these KraKKa's don't get taken outta here by the Supreme GOD = the Prime Creatress, then WAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! Can ya see thru my BULLSHIT yet?

the Blak Smith ain't got time to waste & so I'm at or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Just 30 Days LEFT!

This aerial photo shows the two homes that were leveled and the numerous neighboring homes that were damaged from a massive explosion that sparked a huge fire and killed two people, Sunday, Nov. 11, 2012, in Indianapolis. Nearly three dozen homes were damaged or destroyed, and seven people were taken to a hospital with injuries, authorities said Sunday. The powerful nighttime blast shattered windows, crumpled walls and could be felt at least three miles away. (AP Photo/The Indianapolis Star, Matt Kryger) NO SALES



That WARNING above ain't for no BULLSHIT y'all! The SHIT has intensified to the point that I gotta talk the way I do & so if ya don't like HARSH LANGUAGE, get the fuKKK outta here now. WE gotta lot to cover & if ya don't like long articles, either read this in pieces or don't read it at all but if ya read books, how ya gonna complain about these articles are too long? In this 1 with just 30 days left now, WE gonna cover everything from the mundane to the international & so strap on ya boots & hold on bcuz it's gonna be a rough ride! I warn ya again before ya go in & are ya ready? You've been warned!

Thumbnail image for james holmes mug shot cropped.jpg

WE start y'all off with perhaps the BIGGEST STORY of the YEAR so far & that's the aurora theater shootin that happened in colorado just outside of denver on july 20th 2012. By the way, denver is the hq of the north ameriKKKan n.w.o. In that incident, supposedly 12 peepo were killed & 58 were injured & now, there's some dude named steven unruh sayin that he talked suspect, james holmes outta suicide in prison though authorities say that he didn't have that kinda access. Like the mainstream media does though, THEY spin the stories a million ways to distraKKKt ya away from somethin FACTUAL as that ain't really important. The deal is, is that james holmes dad, Robert was some big wig dude that was creatin computer programs that could track how these n.w.o types were purposely BREAKIN the financial system to finally implement their new world order once & for all. The media called it the LIBOR SCANDAL! This dude may be untouchable & killin him was probably impossible & so THEY placed his son at the scene & whether he actually did it or not doesn't matter at this point as he is the LONE SUSPECT. Like andrew breitbart died of a "heart attack" before he was supposed to be deliverin a SMOKIN GUN interview on barry soetero, Robert Holmes was supposed to testify about these high up NIGGAS stealin all of yo MONEY to the tune of 15 TRILLION DOLLARS & so this affects everybody worldwide! Ya need to know why that theater shootin jumped off yo. Check here:

Ok, a few days ago, I spoke of the title pic above & how that house that looks like it was nuked got like that. There was an unexplained explosion in indianapolis on 11/10/12 & in it, some dude named john dion longworth & his wife, jennifer, both perished in that BLAST however it happened. This blast was some OTHER SHIT but as I don't know, I won't speculate. When it first happened, the mainstream media was sayin that no one knew how it happened & then it could have been a gas explosion & though that was ruled out, THEY are still trottin up that path along with other outlandish shit includin blamin his neighbors. Now, this dude wasn't a big wig BUT he was the director of a exclusive department at a place called indy labs & possibly came up on some technology & had to be neutralized bcuz quite simply, he knew too much. Unlike Robert Holmes though, the longworth family didn't go back to the mayflower & therefore, he had to be killed like THEY do so many who can't be corrupted out of doin the right thing. As well, the media is now sendin casual readers on goose chases regardin what happened & in the end, nothin will happen after everybody forgets. Check this video & tell me what ya think after:

Where the fuKKK my chi-town peepo at? A lotta y'all who are more spiritual are gonna have to calm them young guns down thru meditation just like how the ancestors will it that Blak Peepo don't die in inclement weather UNLESS they around KraKKa's. Anyhoo, it seems like messy jesse jaXXXon jr has cooled his heels in rehab long enough & after it all came out in the rinse, has been cuttin a deal to serve his time in that fiasco of the senate seat left behind by barry. I BELIEVE that rahm emannuel, whose father was BOMBING british troops before israel became isnotreal was sent from washington to monitor that situation as the city of chi is too important to lose hold of.

What the fuKKK is up with this bitch, candy crowley? I ususally can find a lotta info on ANYBODY but check out what wiki.answers had to say about her: Though there is lots of information to be read about candy crowley's career, her accomplishments and her awards, little can be found about her personal life. It appears that she has chosen to keep her private life, including the name of her husband, private.

Now how the fuKKK has someone with that large of a profile manage to stay outta the radar of these shows that knows EVERYBODY'S BUSINESS? Can tmz do a story? Well, sources have said that she's top satanist, aleister crowley's SON & is as well, a SATANIST & that all of y'all votin fools who still BELIEVE in this SHIT & watched the debates were ritualized. That BIATCH is so ugly, I won't even post a pic & so enough on that!

Ok, movin right along & now that NOBODY is talkin about it anymore, I'm gonna talk about the UPPERCUT that happened in cleveland a few weeks ago. That was some funny SHIT & I'm more than sure that most of y'all seen it but for those who didn't, some young blaKKK BIATCH, choked, spit & insulted a bus driver & when he had enough, he knocked her right the fuKKK out with an upper cut. Unfortunately, my hero, Artis Hughes got fired & I hope he gets a FULL PENSION for his TROUBLES. For all of y'all BIATCHES who think shit is FUNNY & wanna get outta sorts, think of that when ya challenge a man next time & hold this song: After all that, go read, the Goddess Blackwoman by Akil.

This goes out to all of y'all peepo who keep tellin me that this racist white shit is based on CONSCIOUSNESS! I agree that it is that BUT I don't agree with it bein non-melinated consciousness yo! I always say that I don't want 'em around me after this shift & if ya do, get from round me. Instead of explainin all of this, read this short story to see what I mean:

Ok, WE gonna just touch on ADVERSE WEATHER whether ya like it or NOT just a lil bit in light of a really bad system that moved thru the pacific northwest just yesterday. There were 114 mph wind gusts & that ain't nothin to sneeze at. Anybody who reads this blog religiously knows that I put out a LOT of info about sandy & that storm that hit a week later that mainly affected the northeast & now, Y'ALL should be gettin ready for more UNPREDICTABLE CRAZY WEATHER all of the time! Those Solar Flares are chargin hard so changin ya dna is a MUST now! I've hardly seen anyone address the fact that the aliens are not bein spoken of but they blew the power at a 49'er game, MAY have blown out the underground bunkers the elite PLANNED on usin after it hits the fan & last but not least, blew the 14th St con edison substation in nyc durin sandy. In case ya don't know, con ed is nyc's energy provider. That shit looks eerie & I believe it was them bcuz ya can't find that news in the mainstream press. As I've posted on it before, here WE go again: (go inside story for link to nyc blast).

Did y'all know that Katt Williams was arrested AGAIN for some BS? Professor Griff has long spoke of THEM comin after him as he exposed peepo & what they do in this wicKKKed entertainment industry. Ya see, once THEY ruin ya rep in the media, it's easy for peepo to say that "he was on drugs anyway" & after ya get killed OR go to prison forever, it's like who cares? WE already have too many examples of this!  Here's the latest crime; & here's Griff speakin on that situation (go in at 6:20 - If a lot of US know what Katt is doin & that WE should protect him, do not say the standard statements & monitor this to keep him ALIVE! Expose THEM niggas like Randy Quaid did them star whackers & by spreadin this message.
This is how ya know that the KraKKa has conceded. When THEY feel threatened, THEY get NAKED aka STREAKIN to expose THEMSELVES as they are NAKED to the WORLD. Can't ya see THEIR veins? Also, THEY have conceded & this series showed it but as it's 20 shows at about 5 minutes each, take ya time, absorb & digest this: That cop should have TASED that Krakka!

That above is the former gaza wall. A lot of y'all is not gonna like what I'm about to say & if ya don't, that's cool bcuz tellin the unadulterated TRUTH can make ya lose peepo but I'm used to it. FuKKK 98% of them sand niggas bcuz THEY are not ORIGINAL! The khazars are the isrealnots! Do y'all know that the reason why israel took this land in particular was to STEAL the LEGACY of the original peepo, the Hebrew Israelites who were Blak Peepo? Did y'all know that the arabs were the 1st (& STILL DOIN IT) to enslave the Original Afrikans? Did y'all see how some of the libyans were treatin some of OUR Brotha's durin the ongoin WAR in that country? Don't ya'll remember a few months ago when the isrealnots were tellin Blaks to get out of THEIR HOMELAND or face prison?: As b2a has been statin for some time, GET the fuKKK outta the WAY of the KraKKa & let HIM & his BASTARD BROTHA's KILL each OTHER cain & abel style. All of y'all POLICE, MILITARY, POLITICIANS, PREACHERS & what is known as the TALENTED 10th niggas is gonna soon be comin outta the woodwork tryin to calm y'all down but when the time comes ya better show NO MERCY!  Remeber, in this song,, Bob said that THEY'VE gotta fulfill the BOOK! Is that yo book? Did YOU write it? Did ya ever read the original before it was stepped on, translated & fuKKKed over? Do ya even know the original language of the 1st bible? You are PATHETIC!

As I wrote this article, I gotta text from my main man Purnell wherein he told me that some naval ships at Norfolk were bein deployed to the Mediterranean like ASAP.:,0,6401943.story. That's some shit to come from out the blue & at a time most peepo were plannin on bein with THEIR LOVED 1's & as it comes as a shock............that's the ameriKKKan way! Where all my soetero lovers at before the west does a double cross on isnotreal? Though I don't like farrakhan bcuz I don't believe that he's the real 1, he did tell y'all at the million dollar march that the last days would play out in the middle east & it's all comin to pass now! Y'all keep thinkin this shit is all random & not thought out carefully. Things are INTENSIFYIN & WE livin in INTERESTING TIMES so buckle up Y'ALL!

What will befall YOU my PEEPO? I don't know about y'all but I'm just sittin BLAK & tryin as much as possible to remain whole, healthy & with I don't want ANYBODY gettin BLAK at me with questions bcuz I report researched material & base what I THINK MAY happen from past & current events. Shit is ON & POPPIN & expect the UNEXPECTED! Stop makin 3rd dimensional plans about ya FUTURE! You don't know what the fuKKK is gonna happen but I hope SHIT don't HIT the FAN bcuz then ya gonna have a stinkin ass if ya still can make it to the Cosmic Party! WE gonna get SHIT FACED at that Party so don't be bringin sand to the beach if ya know what I mean. Anyway, I am the Blak Smith & I approve this message & if ya don't like it, don't HOLLA BLAK! For the next 30 days, nothin but WAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

If I ask yo BROKE ass for money, ya say I'm beggin. Bein that it ain't gonna be worth shit soon  anyway, send me some & I guarentee that at least ya get an e-book outta it. If ya like my writin style that much, is that too much to ask for? Hit a BRO up at or at fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). I'm out like 2 year old bread.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Professor Griff talks with Wash Your Brain

Professor Griff says what needs to be said & as WE have 31 days left, I'll let him say it PLAIN. Comin BLAK tomorrow with MORE of what ya need with 3 days left. Get with US at or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Grayco Exclusive "The Cover up"

COVER ya EARS with this with 34 days left!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Animal (Full Movie) WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps 1 of the most CRAZIEST MOVIES EVER CREATED & with REAL OG's in it. 36 days to go!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Just Passin Thru

What Up peepo & welcome BLAK to another edition of b2a. I'm the host, the Blak Smith & luv it that Y'ALL here. As WE get ready for a NEW AGE, I'm just doin a quick drive thru to get all of US READY for it & if ya don't like it, well GTFOH as this is why I lived after contractin malaria & almost dyin in Ghana in 2004. There has been so many times that I've almost stopped writin this blog but somethin always pulls me BLAK in & more than 3 years later, here I still am. Glad that ya could stop by & I appreciate it. Let's just outline some basic points here.

1. the KraKKa's time is up!

2. What are WE gonna do to NATION BUILD? Sandy was wa BIG INDICATOR for things to come & that storm last week was the icin on the cake! Now for those of US who know nothin of winter in the north OR for those of US who have never lived in a place with 4 seasons, ya gotta know that both of those storms were in the FALL but yet, they were WINTER SYSTEMS! Basically speakin, a nor'easter is a WINTER HURRICANE but sandy defied all logic just like the definition of a virus keeps changin. WE know that winter proper starts in late december & with the WINTER SOLSTICE droppin on the day of 12/21/12, what are ya expectations if ya don't believe that SHIT done CHANGED already? Even the governor of ny said that storms that happen every so often are happenin more than often & that THEY need to be better prepared. Do ya want shit to stay the same? Anybody here who reads US already knows how WE feel.


4. Did Y'ALL hear about a house explodin in Indianapolis late saturday nite & as of yet, the authorities don't know what happened? Better yet, did Y'ALL hear about the 14 St. Con Edison substation in nyc explode durin sandy? Better yet, did Y'ALL hear that the earthquake last year that shook mineral va & trinidad co were blown up by the same ALIENS that are spontaneously blown up the underground bases in order to get rid of the stockpiles of nuclear arms stored there? Listen to #3 & hold onto this if ya think WE the only 1's sayin it: (in this link, copy & paste the video inside the text to the browser to see the con ed explosion) & of course, the fort worth explosions were to get rid of more of those nukes. Again, y'all don't even know that ya need not worry as this KraKKa cannot fight yo SPACE KIN or MOTHER NATURE as the UNIVERSE is composed of 99% DARK MATTER! THEY are the LIGHT that came from the DARK & WE know how that goes since THEY been here & if ya don't know what illuminati means, it means FALSE LIGHT! Why are ya still followin his SHIT?

5. So what are ya gonna do? If ya here readin this, ya here for a reason & that's either to further or hinder US! WE here at b2a hope that it's for the former but I got somethin to say. Let's just say that YOU are 1 of those peepo who think that the Blak Smith is full of shit. Now let's also say that YOU are just comin here bcuz ya like my writin style (which is the SHIT by the way) & I entertain you. just ask yaself IF & WHEN this finally changes over, HOW are YOU goin to REACT as YOU know YOU better than I can any day of the week? What's the thought process there? Maybe this can help ya out:

6. Now that ya pondered those thoughts for just a moment (hopefully), is this gonna prepare ya for anything future oriented? Man, if NOTHING happens which is impossible bcuz shit is happenin in yo face & most of it could be described as unanny, where will ya go? Even the KraKKa's in staten island & certain parts of dirty jersey see it for what it is in FREEZIN TEMPERATURES: Though when the KraKKa catches a COLD, BLAK Peepo get the FLU, ya gotta OVERSTAND that THEY don't give a fuKKK if ya ain't IN with the n.w.o! If WE still in early FALL, what's the real WINTER WEATHER gonna look like? Are the poles shiftin? Will the SOLAR FLARES affect US as they will get stronger & crazier next year? Will ya dna change to accomodate the NEXT AGE? Are you SPIRITUALLY in tune? Are ya ready for 3 days of no SUN, ELECTRICITY or ENERGY? Are you ready for the 5th Dimension? Think about that!

7. Ahhh, the lucky number. The KraKKa's time is up in 38 days. In the annals of  time, THEM niggas is JUST PASSIN THRU like a bad bowel movement after eatin too much fast food & drinkin cheap liquor! Count 'em down with me & hold this while ya at it:

Yea that's right, WE ain't worried about none of the doomsday predictions on 12/21/12 bcuz WE'VE done OUR due diligence to MAN US with the proper info. If ya need an invite to the Cosmic Party, send money to help OUR cause. To do just that, the e-mail is & on fb, it's Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Stay Alive as that KraKKa ain't SHIT & everytime I expose him, he get's a lil colder. WAAARRRRRRRRRRR with no MERCY!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Boogiemonsters - Recognized Thresholds of Negative Stress/39 days left

Only the REALEST know what this song is even implyin at! No message & this 1 won't get many ringin in but if ya pressed the link ya might have to listen 2 or 3 times but when ya do...............HOLLA BLAK!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The KraKKa is.........Goin' Up In Smoke

This is where THEY goin. WE have exactly 40 days left but "everybody's havin TONS of FUN but who's gonna take the BLAME? Not I said the FLY! Listen to this & RISE like that PHOENIX! WAAAAAAARRRRRR!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cedric The Entertainer-Taking You Higher Full Show

Hey y'all, WE are livin in some heavy times eh? Y'all know that WE get SIRIUS & at the same time, WE cannot lose OUR sense of humor. With that, let's get into our St. Lou dude, Cedric the Entertainer.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Bram Stoker's 165th Birthday

This is googles latest home page pic. WOW & 42 days left! That KraKKa has told BLAK Peepo for a few that he has conceded but can ya see it? SMH!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

KTL Radio "Hurricanes, Halloween & HAARP" ft Azzariah 10/30 by KNOW THE LEDGE RADIO | Blog Talk Radio

KTL Radio "Hurricanes, Halloween & HAARP" ft Azzariah 10/30 by KNOW THE LEDGE RADIO | Blog Talk Radio

If ya can't take a BOMB blowin up yo SPEAKERS do not listen to this as the INFO here is DEVESTATIN! If y'all think that I go in HARD, then ya need to hear this as my BROTHA gets it in. Man, this dude REVEALS SHIT that I never even heard of so that an 8 year old could process it. Too many peepo are down on blogtalkradio but I luv what THEY doin & so a BIG SHOUT OUT to Blue Pill/Red Pill & all of those out there doin it, puttin in WORK! As this interview is almost 4 hours long, I won't write much & once ya start listenin, ya gonna get HOOKED so check this when ya have time. Look out for tomorrows PERFECT STORM & know that at b2a, WE LUV US some US! 42 days left & with that my BROTHA'S, take it away!

Monday, November 5, 2012

A World of Imperative Change EXTREME WEATHER EVENTS OCTOBER 2012

Hey b2a peepo! Sorry to be such a BORE but it ain't just the northeast as this short video shows. If ya know so much, RESPECT what ya actually don't know & brace yaself for the next storm system comin thru on Wed, 11/7. Isn't it ironic that when ya add those 2 numbers ya get, 18 or 6 + 6 + 6? But WE ain't here for numerology lessons as that ain't gonna get the job done at this point. As I've been tellin y'all for the last few years, WE in that time when YOU are in the KraKKa's last days. His time is up & that's why 9-1-1 happened when it did. There ain't nothin HE can do against Metu Neter aka Mother Nature. Just like you tired of WORKIN for his ass everyday for peanuts, yo SPACE COUSINS is tired of him takin advantage of ya & is like the empire, STRIKIN BLAK! Get with it!

Patrons on foot carrying gas canisters line up for gasoline at a Hess station in the New Dorp section of the Staten Island borough of New York, Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012. Those on foot reported waits up to 40 minutes while motorists lined up for two hours as Staten Islanders fueled up to run their generators and automobiles in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. Photo: Eileen AJ Connelly / AP

This is a message to those KraKKa's who have access to this site. You now have 43 days to decide if ya gonna be NEUTRAL toward anyone outside of ya own FAMILY & just respect peepo on MERIT. As I know that ya can't do it, it is my sworn duty to stand aside as ya peepo get taken outta here like that Blak Ladies half breed children did in staten isalnd a few days ago. Sharmeka Moffit is still in the hospital & I don't know what happened to her. Trayvon & Troy died needlessly, Tawana Brawley never got justice & for that matter, neither did the Central Park 6, Emitt Till or Wayne Williams. I speak on behalf of all of those who SUFFERED their whole lives durin SLAVERY & in the PRISONS of the ameriKKKa's includin the modern day PLANTATION, the corporation. In speakin to that, I also swear upon SELF to make anyone who looks like me & violates that policy, my sworn enemy even if it's about savin THEY CHILDREN! If ya don't know what I'm talkin about, read Destruction of Black Civilization or watch the movie Mandingo.

I'm so glad that THEY love to live near the water. When it's calm, it looks so serene but when a storm of this proportion already know! To those who don't OVERSTAND where I'm comin from, get a CLUE as I ain't speakin to YOU! Regardless of how ya don't get it, I'm still gonna luv ya but I now have to leave y'all the fuKKK alone bcuz you serve as a DISTRAKKKTION that I can no longer tolerate as in (look especially at 56:20). Fuck all the FORMALITIES as at this point, it don't make no difference! WAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

The email is & I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) on FB.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dave Chappelle - For What It's Worth

Ok y'all, WE ain't gonna just make ya sad. black2afrika is a full site & if ANY of Y'ALL got somethin to say, WE got yo BLAK as long as it's BENEFICIAL for US to know. WE got a month & a half (exactly 45 days) left & with that, today, WE make you LAUGH! WAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Man Who Refused To Help Black Mom & Kids Speaks Out!

This is the FOLLOW UP to Part I. Just like me, every so often, ya gotta EXPLAIN to the DEAF, DUMB & the BLIND 85% FOLLOWERS!

Whites Refuse To Help Black Mother Whos Kids Drown Durning Hurricane Sandy

By the time the ramifications of sandy are counted, BILLIONS of dollars will have been lost. Bcuz a lot of y'all ASSUME too much, I'm not gonna write much about this story as the BROTHA said what needed to be said BUT I will address somethin too many of y'all BW don't wanna hear about that I said I wouldn't adress anymore & that's POLYGAMY!

Just like the BROTHA said, there is too much BASHING of the opposite sex goin on & I refuse to indulge anyone in that convo. I myself was once guilty of that dynamic but no longer do I address all BW as the same. Ya see, in OVERSTANDIN the GAME bein played, it would be remiss of me to say that BITCHES ain't SHIT & that NIGGA's is always right. That's some HOMO shit like the greeks who banned their women to the island of lesbos, hence the word LESBIAN! I'm a proud card carryin member but BLAK to the business at hand! Ahem......battle of the Sexes is so played out yo!! As I say this, before TOO MANY of Y'ALL start sayin what YOU will & will NOT do, remember that in the best of days that EVERYTHING wasn't for EVERYBODY & so if YOU know for a FACT that POLYGAMY ain't for ya, KEEP that SHIT to SELF cause I ain't tryin to hear it!

Do y'all see how the murder rate went down in ny after sandy? Lootin takes precedence in times like this & if ya think it's a game, hold this down for size: As well, this MAY happen so read these BUZZWORDS that I put in ALL CAPS when ya talk ya SHIT about how I talk my SHIT!: The khazar slayor of ny RELUCTANTLY cancelled the marathon while hundreds of thousands have no power or food & his #1 reason of course was the MONEY it would bring. Even the KraKKa's know better but when THEY get pissed is when ya gonna see who THEY ALL REALLY are & just sit back & watch it happen like a movie. Make popcorn on the GAS STOVE bcuz ain't gonna be no electricity. Them aliens gonna make sure of that!

In the initial pic of this SHITUATION, I thought the white guy was a cop sad for her loss. My SISTA's!!!! I appeal to y'all to stop messin with these 2 strand dna havin ass KraKKa's & be with a man who has proven CHARACTER & TRACK RECORD to keep OUR FAMILIES INTACT! WE are the only peepo with 12 strands of dna & if ya don't follow, go RESEARCH what I mean bcuz I can't tell all in a short article! I'm writin books y'all don't buy but "THEY DON'T HEAR ME THOUGH!" There are WAY MORE of Y'ALL & to those of YOU with a GREAT BM, consider the possibilities bcuz while ya SLEEP, SHIT will NEVER be the SAME AGAIN. THEY time is up & this was just a very small example of what's to come. I wonder if the husband knew those peepo his whole life or for a long time. What's the back story of all this? 47 days left!

Fuck what ya heard! This is who THEY are!:

By now, y'all know what I do & who I am! E-mail me at & on fb, I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smiff).

Friday, November 2, 2012

Uncle Murda - I Shot The Sheriff

Take this attitude with US in the next few days. Will there be an ICE AGE or extreme HEAT? Keep that HEAT UP yo! 46 days left & know that THEY don't give a fuKKK about ya!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


That BIG EXPLOSION in nyc at the con ed plant were ALIENS destroyin the infrastructure. As jewtube doesn't want US to see that, I'll put this 1 first & include footage of that explosion underneath bcuz THEY probably gonna keep takin it down. Under 50 days left Y'ALL so HANG ON!

When ya look at this footage, look to the top left as it looks like somethin shot a beam & the explosion EXPLODED! 49 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MOTHER NATURE is now known as SANDY!

Every so often, I gotta do this!

I ain't got SHIT to say on this. THINK for SELF & I'll get BLAK to Y'ALL!

A few days ago, I posted a story on HAARP here at b2a & peepo who NEVER RESPOND 2 any of my posts came at me as if I said that I BELIEVED this video. Did Y'ALL who feel this way even read the above statement? As a PROVIDER of INFO, I put whatever I find INTERESTIN so that Y'ALL can THINK about the FACT that the KraKKa's TIME is UP & if ya don't agree with that, why not dispute that assertion? I HATE doin this as I don't usually explain shit but some of y'all got me TWISTED! Some of y'all out there are advanced but what about those who just got up on this type shit? WE need as many of US as possible at the COSMIC PARTY & so if ya gonna just criticize, save that shit 4 the next event. The point is, this weather system was ILL & THEY time is up. Now........who want it?

Ok, breathe Blak Smith....breathe slow & hold for 10 seconds. Yea right there baby, my neck needs ya massage in the worst way. Hey, while ya at it........oh, didn't see ya peepin there. This is the Blak Smith & what ya saw up above was a lil message that I put out on face book yesterday in response to a post I put up several days ago durin perhaps the worst storm to ever hit nyc. Bcuz even some of OUR supposed best are still REACTIONARY (includin myself at times but I can admit it), WE FAILED to see the only words that I put in that message which is the very 2nd line in this article. I NEVER said that I agreed with the article but those words somehow got in peepo's minds but in order for some of US to get up to snuff, WE gotta learn that haarp & other DEVIL TECHNOLOGY is REAL! fema (katrina), the tsunami & the Haiti Earthquake were all haarp operations & though I'm NOW findin out that this 1 wasn't, I've been tellin y'all for a while to watch out for wacky weather & my all time favorite, ADVERSE WEATHER whether ya LIKE it or NOT! Now let's talk about them aliens.

I've had peepo defriend me for speakin on aliens & if ya don't believe in that, can you explain why a winter storm system struck the ny-nj area on the very same day 2 years in a row in the fall? I guess it's just another 1 of 'em COINKYDINKS again eh? Meanwhile, a lot of y'all out there who deny any OUTER LIFE despite the fact that there are 186 BILLION GALAXIES still BELIEVE in jesus, muhammad & abraham & even if these dudes actually lived, it was so long ago, what can THEY do about these weather systems now? The ALIENS made this storm happen as the ANCESTOR, the honorable Garvey told ya to look for him in the WHIRLWIND right? Go ahead & do ya 5 prayers a day when that ocean water washes over streets & avenues if ya want to. NOTHIN STOPS the FORCES of NATURE so what the fuck you on ya KNEES for? WTH ya doin in church, mosque or in the synagogues of SATAN? WTH?

Despite the fact that millions have been affected, the higher ups in nyc will have the marathon citing that it will BOOST the ECONOMY. Them NIGGAS is on a 1 way path to DESTRUCTION while Joe Blow gets a middle finger stuck in his ass so that he can EAT & this includes KraKKa's who didn't leave THEIR AREAS thinkin that "oh, it's not gonna be that bad!" These were the days that all prophets such as edgar cayce & Noble Drew Ali have been talkin about & if ya look BLAK in this very blog, I've been FINAL WARNIN y'all for YEARS to evacuate the right & left coast along with the mississippi valley but Y'ALL don't HEAR ME though! Damn, about a year & a half ago, when I wanted BIG NUMBERS, I would just trot this article out & just so ya know this ain't a joke, hold THIS: & while ya at it, THIS too: Do yaself a favor & review how WE do. Ya won't be disappointed!

So what happens when those 3 days with NO ELECTRICITY or daylight happens startin dec 22nd til ya x-mas? More than that, what happens to all of those peepo who can't work bcuz THEY can't possibly go 5 miles bcuz traffic is choked by MOTHER NATURE?: That water that closed these tunnels is SALT WATER which EATS everything in its path & it is not yet known what will happen until those tunnels are dry & parts tested. Without the subways, nyc is a replica of calcutta! The DESTRUCTION has started in earnest & WE don't care how many powerful armies THEY have, THEY can't do SHIT to MOTHER NATURE. The KraKKa has been tried, has been convicted & is now waitin for his sentence. He has been JUDGED & as his time is up in just 49 days, do ya best to stay outta his way! As I've said NOTHIN NEW here, allow this guy to tell ya same.


Don't concern SELF with gettin money & all the TRAPPINGS of LIFE as it soon won't matter. I've been tellin y'all for some time that all that is needed in LIFE is FOOD, CLOTHING & SHELTER & these time frames are showin US that! Devise a plan if need be to escape to as these ACTS of GOD aka those WHIRLWINDS will continue. Stay in touch via email at & on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Stay Alive & know that WE at b2a just LUV US some US & if YOU BLAK, YOU in. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!