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Your Life's Higher Purpose by Djehuty Ma'at Ra

Hey y'all, decided 2 take da day off & give U som spiritual food. Don't we all need dat at least som of da time? Read & enjoy!

Your Life's Higher Purpose
by Djehuty Ma'at-Ra

I have come to discover over the past years that the majority of people in the United States are not living their life purpose and it's simply due to them not knowing what their life's purpose is in all honesty.

But there is a reason for this. We neglect the occult, arcane, esoteric, and metaphysical sciences in this country. Many of us are afraid of these subjects. Can you believe that certain people are actually afraid of subjects? A subject! They fear a subject!

We are spoon fed religion from day one and the truth of the matter is that religion, the majority of them, is anti the occult, the Arcane, the esoteric, and metaphysical.

Religion teaches us that these sciences are dark and evil and of the Devil, and the sad thing is, what most people are really desiring in many facets of life are to be found in these so-called dark sciences.

Religion cannot help you find your life's purpose and that's because your life purpose is not revealed or recorded in religion, but in the Wheel (astrological natal chart) and your name (numerology). Religion does not deal with the core or essential YOU! You have to study YOURSELF to discover the core and essential "you." Like the ancient Kemetics said, "Man, know thyself." You have to study self in order to know self. Just like you study a scriptural text or book, you have to study yourself - your natal chart, your name (full name at birth), and your palms. You have lines in your palms for a very good reason and you do know God made your hands and not the so-called Devil, right?

Your body can be studied. Your eyes (iridology), hair, face, hands, feet, frame, etc. can all be studied as they all reveal pertinent information about yourself. Even your aura can be studied (thanks to Kirlian technology).

It is not evil or bad to study and read yourself.

Religion is man-made so you can't discover anything subjective about yourself and life purpose in what man has made. Everything about you that you need to know is recorded in YOURSELF and in the Universe.

"As above, so below; so within, so without!"

Religion takes you outside of Self and have you focusing on someone else. All of your attention goes on someone else - a Jesus, a Muhammad, a Moses, a Buddha, etc. You can learn many wonderful and valuable principles of life, especially to live by, in studying these characters, but these characters can never teach you about YOURSELF, the wonderfully unique and distinct person that you are.

You are insignificant, on the subjective realm, as far as religion is concerned. Religion teaches you to be a follower, not a leader (a leader for yourself).

"But Djehuty, all I need is Jesus! Jesus is the Way, the Light, and the Truth!" Okay, fine! I have nothing against Jesus and Jesus being the Way for you as an individual but I do have an issue with how you represent this Jesus.

If Jesus is the Way as you say, how come you"re lost? Perhaps you weigh 300 pounds which is very unhealthy so how come Jesus hasn't shown you the way to release unhealthy and life threatening weight, or better yet, prevented you from gaining it in the first place?

Perhaps he did and you just didn't listen. Either he did or he didn't. If he did but you didn't listen or haven't, you are a poor example of someone who believes in Jesus' every word. You make people believe that Jesus' words aren't powerful enough to impact folks.

Jesus is not the problem. YOU are!

Religion leads you outside of Self, but what you desire to know about yourself, why you are here (on Earth), and what you are supposed to be doing while you are here, is hidden within Self, but also revealed within Self, so you have to learn to go more within Self, to place Self first, to revere Self more than any other person, including a so-called prophet, savior, messiah or messianic figure, etc. All focus must go on Self! You must learn to become authentically and quintessentially selfish. Religion teaches you and conditions you to sacrifice yourself, to be a martyr but you don't have to be a martyr and sacrifice yourself for another person or persons. Why should you? After all, everybody has a brain, and it is not your fault if other people don't use their brain.

The truth of the matter is: you got yourself into a world of trouble. YOU DID! Nobody else! So the truth of the matter is: YOU will have to save yourself. If Jesus or anyone else saves you, they deprive you of learning valuable life lessons. You save yourself when you become conscious and learn the lesson(s) of a challenge, problem, disease, trial, or tribulation.

I know many people who believed in God and they were saved and yet died from disease, diseases like cancer and heart failure. God has no law of disease because disease is the result from living contrary to God - God's laws (Natural law). This is the truth!

Another big reason why we don't know our life's purpose is because we are conditioned (brainwashed) in schools - conditioned to get a 'good job' which usually translates into getting a job that pays you good money. But hell, life is more than a good job! That good job may not have anything to do with your life's higher purpose.

If you get a good job or good-paying job while you remain a fool (unenlightened, unconscious), all you will do with all that good money is finance your foolishness as most people do and get yourself trapped in this Matrix.

So you may have a good job and perhaps a lot of money but you may be miserable as hell within. You may be depressed, lonely, frustrated (due to your past and/or present relationship situation(s)), suffer from a load of adverse health problems and afflictions, feel confused about life because you don't know what spiritual direction you're headed in, your love and sex life may suck!

Money and/or a good job doesn't guarantee personal happiness, a loving marriage and mate, successful relationships, good health, peace of mind, security and comfort in life, knowledge of spiritual purpose in life, a qualitative sex life, etc.

And just because you may have a so-called 'good job', are you a free and independent thinker? Are you cosmically conscious? Do you even think on your own at all? Do you think outside the box?

"No one can be a free and great thinker who does not recognize that his or her first duty as a free and great thinker is to follow their own intellect to whatever conclusion it may lead to."

You are not told that a job is only to satisfy the mundane aspect of your existence here in the Matrix. You work a job for money, for an earthly existence.

Money will buy your material goods for your material existence. But money can't and won't satisfy the cravings and desires of the soul and spirit, well, unless you know what to spend that money on (i.e. spiritual tools) and most people clearly don't and that's why we suffer as a nation collectively from spiritual darkness and disease today. We BS our lives off on a daily basis and then go to church, the synagogue, or mosque as though that will undo what we're doing the other 6 days and 20-22 hours of the week.

There is a big difference in "making a living" and "living your making."

Most people, unfortunately, are making a living. They work to make money to survive. They don't really enjoy their work but that's what they choose to do to make ends meet. Most have made the choice to forego their life's purpose so as to have a job so as to make a living so as to just get by. But this will not satisfy the lingering of the soul and the human spirit. This will not satisfy your desire to be free to create, to do all the things that you really want and desire to do. It just won't!

Most people are suppressing their creativity, especially their higher creativity. I tell folks all the time that the more you express your creativity, the freer you become and the more you tap into your life's higher purpose, because that higher life purpose has to do with you creating, creating from within, creating from your heart, creating from your very essence, creating from your higher chakras, and that creativity may be expressed in singing, dancing, writing, painting, serving other people, helping people and animals to heal, writing stories, the spoken word, or creating and perfecting certain healing modalities to name a few things.

The above is what most people want to be doing with most of their time but because they can't see themselves making enough money to take care of their earthly and worldly needs, most simply cling to a job to make sure their worldly and earthly needs are provided for. Your life's higher purpose has a lot to do with the things you love to do, or dream to do, and could do every single day and for free of charge.

If you love to do a thing and could do it for free (because the money doesn't matter and you don't do it for the money, but for the love and how you feel), then this is what you are supposed to be doing (or should be doing), or a big part of what you are supposed to be doing, and also getting paid for it simultaneously.

You see, most people forfeit their higher life's purpose because they don't believe that they can sustain themselves on it, that they won't be able to make enough money "living their making", so folks just choose to be slaves to some job for a false sense of security and comfort, but this just creates more misery, anger, frustration and sense of being 'stuck in life' because all you're doing is suffocating and suppressing the human spirit which desires to thrive, to be free, to express itself.

Is fear involved? You bet it is! Is confusion involved? You bet it is!

Many folks want a guarantee that if they take that big leap of faith into following and living their heart's desire that they will be taken care of and everything will work out successfully, but there are no guarantees before taking the first step. It's all risk, reasonable risk, and risk is where the excitement comes in.

Risk is exciting! Risk gives us a mystery. But risk is only one half of the equation. Faith is the other half of the equation. You must have faith that you will succeed. You must have faith that you will be provided for by the Universe (or God or if it makes you feel better, Jesus, Allah, Yahweh, etc.)

You have to take the risk and have faith. In fact, the faith comes before the risk. You first develop the faith and then you take the risk and then you go back to faith after the risk has been taken. So it's faith, risk, and faith!

And the more you gain knowledge while on the path, the more enhanced and magnified your faith.

You have a higher purpose of life and you know it! You can feel it! You may really appreciate your job and even enjoy it but you know you are here on Earth for something bigger, something more rewarding and satisfying to your soul, something that really makes you feel good for doing, something that allows you to make a positive change and impact in and on the world! Something that allows you to touch and motivate people, to genuinely help people!

Did you incarnate on planet Earth just to be a cop for 30 years and then retire?

Did you incarnate on planet Earth just to be a receptionist at some firm?

Did you incarnate on planet Earth just to be a computer technician?

Did you incorporate on planet Earth just to be a member of the U.S. military?

Did you incarnate on planet Earth just to wait tables or to bar tend?

Did you incarnate on planet Earth just to swing around poles and dance naked or half-naked for horny men (and/or women) at a strip club?

Did you incarnate on planet earth just to be a rapper?

Did you incarnate on planet Earth just to be a sales rep or a customer service rep?

Are you working a job just to retire at age 65 and receive retirement benefits, a pension, 401k funds, and/or Social Security benefits?

I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad in what they may be doing occupation or work-wise, on the mundane level, especially to earn money so as to make a living, but my goal and my intention is to stimulate you into thought pertaining to your life's higher purpose. These mundane tasks and jobs above are all okay for purposes of making a living to support yourself and your family, but they can't replace your life's higher purpose.

Are you really here on Earth just for these things named above? Just to help corporations make money and become more powerful than they already are?

"The basis of your life is absolute freedom, the goal is joy, and the result of that perfect combination is motion forward, or growth." - Esther and Jerry Hicks

Society as a whole will never foster the feelings and desires you have to be creative and to do all that you desire to do. It can't! Society (Matrix) is designed to only get productivity out of you so as to serve its best interests.

However, there would always be a balance because everybody is not going to want to be free. Many people will only want to work a job and have the illusion of fun on the weekends and on vacation. This works for many people! However, it may not work for you. You may have a spiritual bone! You may want more out of life. You may be aware (conscious)!

There are two types of people in this scenario: those that desire to be free so as to create and express themselves, and those that desire to be slaves and help others express their creativity and remain free.

It's always polarity or opposites. There are leaders, and then there are followers! There are those who do, and then there are those who don't do! There are achievers, and then there are underachievers. And it's all choice. People choose their fate and destiny in life whether they know it or not. People who believe that have no control over their destiny and fate create their destiny and fate by way of default or omission, thinking they have no control and thus allowing circumstances to control them and their fate and destiny.

If you just live and stand by idle while life passes you by, this is your destiny and fate that you have created, created by default.

Destiny and fate are created by thoughts and actions, and it doesn't matter how ignorant you are of this. Ignorance of law is no excuse.

Get busy on creating by consciously thinking and acting on those conscious thoughts.

You have a higher life's purpose. GO FOR IT!

Thank you for reading!

This article is compliments of and Djehuty Ma'at-Ra.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Where From?

Ok, I'm on some Ghana stuff 2day. Ayo, U kno who it is, its da Blaksmith here 2day 2 put a little fire in da hole. 2day, we talkin about this "Where From?" Biz in Ghana. Ok, I kno, y'all from da Snakkkes don't kno what it means but y'all from Ghana or Ghanian Parentage can relate. Where From means when some1 young comes up & wants 2 really do something DIFFERENT in da country & da elder will say, "Ah, where from?" What dat means is who is this young person tryin 2 come up on me & take over what I've been doin in this biz/life 4 years & years. In da Snakkkes, we would prolly say, "Who da hell are U?" U see, da reason why da Krakkker can always win over us is bcuz WE(most of y'all) will sell each other out in no time. Erykah Badu would say, "U don't show no luv." We give each other no respect 2 much of da time, it's bcuz it's not expedient. We have 2 LOVE each other & dat's da only way. This "where from" biz is a ting dat will soon run out as food will soon be a COMMODITY & not an organism, genetically modified by da UN & soon comin 2 Ghana so don't be sighin no breath of relief. What y'all talkin bout? I'm goin 2 take a 1liner from my man Poppi Props now & say dat, 80% of da population is tryin 2 kill me but why? Bcuz I spitfire TRUTH & da Peepo wished 2 be PACIFIED wit dem belly full. @ all my Ghanians & those in da kno, know dat in da next realm, disrespect & outrite, calculated & purposeful deceit will have it's end as da Cosmos will demand it 2 be so. I fear not so keep plottin & schemin. I absolutely LOVE da Youth of 2DAY & as U corrupt 'em, I try 2 wash dat stuff offa 'em knowing dat 1 day, we all make dat CHOICE 2 be this or not. If this is all U see, dats all 1 can be. So where from huh? I'll tell ya - Where from makes da youth upset 2 be accused or abused 4 somthing unfairly & when da truth comes out, da accuser is just as arrogant as if he/she was rite about dat situation bcuz they are OLDER. This is BULLSHIT & a non-born Afrikan is sayin it as most of da younger guys I kno, get bullied into this & become passive 2 it. Then, U get so used 2 it, if U never leave da country, U start doin it 2! U see, this is another reason why alotta y'all still tunin in 2 see what da BS will write about next & don't like about me. I ain't changin 4 bullshit! Get at me correctly & get at me wit 2 much RESPECT. I'm OLDER dan MOSTA Y'ALL & I DEMAND RESPECT! INCORRECTNESS begets more. Where From? Da youth here are strangled by this culture (negative & positive) & some of 'em want change. They want 2 be paid 4 a day's work. They wish 2 be respectful & be respected. They wish 2 bring Ghana 2 a status unmatched in Afrika but can't bcuz of this system. If U really want change, what are U doin about it? This shouldn't even be an excuse as most of these Ministers & such are schoolin abroad & kno better. Da way I see it, if U not gonna close da sewers, then don't even build 'em. Peepo who think I wish 2 get into politix is krazy. I would never enter into Afrikan Politix but I can HELP plan a city. What's so hard 2 develop in an underdeveloped place. Da mind! I say with LOVE dat da MIND of ALL AFRIKAN'S better get ready 2 change & take at least OUR part of Afrika BLAK & F U 4 tunin in & HATIN MY MSG AGAIN! When U feel personally anyway different, kno dat I'm talkin 2 U! HA, U jus luv how I sneak 'em in huh? I can't help it, I'm an adult! Only those who do DIFFERENT SHIT are recorded in HISTORY! Tupac, Dr Nkrumah & Patrice Lumumba. DA YOUTH GOTTA TAKE OVER! Some of us older dudes in Afrika get used 2 things but remeber, da White Man came in & strategized every move he made in order 2 subjugate us. Please refer 2 Things Fall Apart. This Where From Policy is oppression & needs 2 stop & this is why Peepo can't stand me bcuz I tell da TRUTH! We use outdated POLICIES & never strategies. Afrikan Govt's love 2 beg da West & when U beg, U at da mercy of dat donor. Who can say dat I'm lying?
OK, won't take 2 long 2day. Remember, I jus write, I don't make it up. Da solution most peepo envision is one of rudeness, shouting & yelling. FYI, I'm 42 years old which makes me a GROWN ASS MAN. If U 43, U can't talk 2 me with nothin but RESPECT & I don't care who U are. I RESPECT EVERY1 & so should U. Da generals should be 60+, da lieutenants & captains 35-50 & da Foot Soldiers are any1 35 & under unless they show exemplary skills in soul jah ing, U get me? U think 65+ year old men got time 2 be runnin in da jungle? WTF? I ain't talkin about no written law dat changes things into PERFECTION tho dat would be a nice goal. I'm simply sayin, LUV & RESPECT EACH OTHER, ALLA DA TIME. 2 my young 1's, if U are where frommed, ask dat person 2 please speak respectfully as dat is what da world needs now. It takes immense courage 2 do so & it's time 4 MEN 2 be MEN. We gonna soon need it as EVERY BLAK MAN gonna soon have 2 look at his neighbor as his own Flesh & Blood Brother. Anything less would be UNCIVIL. So da next time y'all ask me where I'm from, I'mma tell U da Bronx, da birthplace of HipHop & dat I AM HIPHOP! Then I'mma ask U, "Where U from nig..........HOLLA BLAK!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Da Luv Zone

Da luv is BLAK after da U kno what. Blak Peepo, despite what U think, I LUV US & I refuse 2 lose. I had 2 take a small break 2 let y'all kno & I din't want 2 do dat but imagine actively goin thru what I've already BEEN thru by myself. Alotta y'all who really care about me advised me 2 stop but I had 2 finish 'em off 2 let 'em kno what time it is. 4 those who really wanna kno what it is, tell those H-word peepo dat anytime they wanna take this public, we can debate inna neutral zone & make 'em expose me face 2 face as I have no fear of da shennanigans. Nuff said on dat!
Now 4 da good part. I'm still in Ghana, still alive & never felt betta. It's about 95degrees & da sun is blazin hot! As ususal, peepo are evrywhere & da vibe overall is good. About 2 go see my man, Jahwi perform 2nite at Alliance France in da Airport Section of Accra not far from where I used 2 live. Been layin low lately as I was thinkin overtime with all dat has transpired in da last few weeks. Nov 5th will make 1 year since I been here & even I can't believe it. Da Luv in my heart cannot be matched & da outpourin here 4 my peepo is 1 of seriousness. I wanna think dat I always mean well but U kno. Some other things have occured since I've been here but as stated previously, 2day will be about da Luv Zone. Who do we find in da luv zone? Well, music is my luv & let's see who we got in my Bag of Tricks.
First up is my gal, Adrianna Evans & I'm givin y'all these names alphabetically so dat U can look 'em up. In da B's we got Bilal. I'm also gonna go between sexes 2 balance it all out. At C we have my lady, Chrissette Michelle & is she BAD! At D, we have D'angelo & I hope he makes anotha album soon. Y'all think we need him? At E, we have Esthero & she's da complete package. At F, it's all about Fourplay & they do they thing-thing on da Jazz tip. At G, we got my gal, Goapelle outta da Bay. At H, U'll want dat Old thing back wit H-Town. I is 4 India Aire & she's so wonderful wouldn't y'all agree? J is 4 da Jackson 5 who eventually became da Jacksons & we already kno. Who's luvin U? At K, if U don't kno, Kindred da Family Soul. L is 4 da Blaksmith as we are in da Luv Zone! HAHA, made U look! M is 4 Maxwell! N is 4 Nas. O is 4 da OJ's & P is 4Public Enemy. Q, hmmmm, Quincy Jones & alla his productions includin da theme song 2 Sanford & Son. R has 2 go 2 Rakim who will soon be producin an album. Hope its good. S can go 4 Santana & alla his music. T is gonna go 2 Toni Tony Tone & boy were they HOT 2gether. As she puts da U in Ursula Rucker, U need 2 check her out. V 4 Vivian Green & her most memorable album wit Emotional Rollercoaster. Bet y'all 4got about dat 1. W will get it wit da Wu-Tang Clan so protect those necks. X is 4 Xzibit, 1 of my all time-faves b4 he started actin. Y is 4 Yolanda Adams & Z is ZAP MAMA, my fellow Afrikan.
We in da Luv Zone & me thinx dat these artists are worth checkin 4 as I have all of 'em in my music libraries & wish 2 EXPOSE y'all 2 som old, new & possible unheard of shit 4 dat ass. So go shake what ya momma gave ya & check da 1's dat U don't kno out or get a BLAST FROM da PAST wit som Old Skool Oldies. This has been da Blaskmith & I'm BLAK in da LuvZone. Request lines are now OPEN! HOLLA LUV & HOLLA BLAK!!!!1

Monday, October 19, 2009

Almost Blak (da Luv Era)

Hey y'all, it's been a few dayz & I haven't been at it bcuz my keyboard was SMOKIN more than me! Anyhow, I'm OK after goin thru a move & I'm still Blak in Afrika. I'll be comin wit new suject matta & won't mind 'em ever strategizin H-WORD peepo as I've relieved myself. How y'all doin? A message of LUV 2 all my REAL PEEPO & thank U 4 hangin wit me but have no fear as a most RIGHTEOUS spirit can be soiled but will clean itself as would a cat licking its paws. I walk in da spirit of Ptah & if U don't kno who he is, U betta look him up. I luv all my peepo & jus as those who use they ways against me kno who they are, those who LUV me BLAK know who they are as well. I try 2 always show LUV & if I ain't feelin that 4 U, I jus don't show anything. So 2 y'all BEAUTIFUL peepo, holla at ya boi as I OVERSTAND da importance of this emotion & wish 2 teach or be taught into action wit y'all assistance. We switchin dat H-word 2 da L-word & I ain't talkin about da TV Show. Leave me comments & let me kno what y'all wanna kno & if I don't kno da answer, make I go & check 4 U. Da time nears & all shall be revealed anyway, so let's go into da next phase 2gether in LUV!!!!HOLLA BLAK if U feelin me! I'mma see y'all inna few days. BLAK2LUV IS IN DA BUILDING!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Is Blaksmith a Spy or Not? (Part9 of the Series, the Conclusion)

Let's shake tings up a bit 2nite & start this session witta definition from & not jus my krazy ass thought patterns. spy - a person employed by a government to obtain secret information or intelligence about another, usually hostile country, espy with reference to military or naval affairs. 2. a person who keeps close and secret watch on the actions and words of another or others. 3. a person who seeks to obtain confidential information about the activities, plans, methods etc of an organization or person, esp one who is employed for this purpose by a competitor; an industrial spy. 4. the act of spying. -verb(used without object) 5. to observe secretively or furtively with hostile intent(often fol. by on or upon). 6. to act as a spy; engage in espionage. 7. to be on the lookout; keep watch 8. to search for or examine something closely or carefully. -verb(used with object) 9. to catch sight of suddenly; espy; descry; to spy a rare bird overhead. 10. to discover or find by observation or scrutinty(often fol. by out) 11. to observe ( a person, place, enemy, etc.) secretively or furtively with hostile intent. 12. to inspect or examine or to search or look for closely or carefully.(end) So when U break it down, spy is actually a very BIG word. The word dat most matters 2 me is dat HOSTILE word. We could define dat word wit another & dat word would be violent. Jus think of 2 HOSTILE FACTIONS in close proximity like da North Korean & South Korean communities. Here as AA's, we are da minority 4 lack of a betta term. We jus as fragmented as we are in da HOODS of da USG or Europe. Oh Europe gotta heroine problem 2 & it ain't majority Blak & dat's y U don't hear of it much. I've also told y'all dat anybody can b anything & dat bcuz of this distrust gene, we can't UNITE! But hold on, bcuz I digress.
OK, is Blaksmith a spy or not? I aint even tell da whole story here cuz if I did maaannnn listen.....Ayo, 2nite, I'mma drop da heaviest BOMBS & I'm slo dancin ya into it. Squish som tomatoes put 'em inna bottle & Ketchup. U kno, my 2 biggest Pals in this ting here been Dr. Moringa & Mr Roarke, co-starring Tattoo rite? Well then, in dat we all from da Snakkkes, we all can kinda dig into each others minds & look openly at each other, rite? We goin 2 da top wit this 1 here! What I think is dat alot of AA's here were SENT as da US & its officials planned this Economic Crunch 2 cause worldwide upheaval 2 get da NWO poppin off. THEY even tryin 2 give an AA Woman in da SnaKKKes, fifteen years in prison 4 jumpin the line at Wal-Mart. In Ghana, dat is da way. Being dat these AA's MAY have been sent here 2 teach well meaning but very naive Ghanians da way 2 go & also, these NIGGAS have been thru VARIOUS VISIBLE TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS thereby gaining the TRUST of this great host nation, 2 da point dat, alotta da very same peepo labelling me & peepo like me are in fact dat EXACT LABEL THEMSELVES. Som of these tactics are used by organizations like the ACLU & any Western Intelligence Agency wherever they may be. Da so-called Zionists label U an Anti-Semite when U even whisper anything anti-Israel like Farrakoon used 2 when U critcized da NOI. It's a tired tactic & it won't go well into 2010. Moringa is from Chicago(Obama Nation) & Hatira says dat he's from Denver(US HQ 4 NWO). Check this shit out online as I spit FIREY TRUTH. Jus think, b4 U met these HATERS, did U kno 'em? Does any1 U kno kno where they went 2 skool or lived at b4 4 sure? Did U meet any1 in they family? I say all this 2 say dat da West is over & U betta rejoice bcuz Afrika can be free but not wit these HATERS doin this shit! Shit, they may be workin 4 da Chinese 4 all we kno! I'm here 2 spy on U cuz U doin it 2 me & God willin, I'm puttin dat 2 a halt! Stop doin this chicken shit! U see, without tryin 2 boast, I am A Messiah & no, not no prophet wit magical skills & som supernatural msg. Most prophets are not recognized in they time & I'm makin history exposin these traitors 4 who they are. Wow, traitor rhymes wit HATER! I din't com here 2 do this but as my man always says, God laffs at ya plans! I'm 1 of da chosen ones & it is in my honest & humblest opinion dat da agents, provacateurs & saboteurs have been activated 2 totally be in discordance wit those of us who wish 2 teach about this Paradigm Endgame supposedly comin in 2012. They breakin me by givin me time 2 think. Seen it all b4 & it ain't dat sophisticated. Others dat I feel are righteous are havin they difficulties as well. Moringa acts like he teaches every1 everything. I din't graduate from no university & I've travelled da world. I'm SELF EDUCATED like Dr John Henrik Clarke! Gay Edgar Hoover said dat a Messiah should not rise from their ranks & EVERWHERE I go, I get shutdown by HATERS & they lackey's who are already established where I am/go. Readin reports on me & shit! FUKK da status quo! So my point is not 2 prove who I am, its 2 sho U y I am da way I am, after so MUCH HATE in my life b4 I even came 2 Ghana. Who amongst y'all readin this has my best intentions at heart? My life somtimes feels like the Truman Show & dats a heavy movie U need 2 see. Y'all watchin me & I'm watchin U 2! Why???? Cuz I'm super talented & writin is jus 1 of my skills tho EDUCATED PEEPO HATE it. I don't care. Da subject matter may not appeal 2 U anyway but 1 must learn dat this is more 4 da youth, who OVERSTAND everything dat I'm sayin here whether they agree with it or not. So yeah, it's really ez 2 label som1 here as a spy if U jus wanna ruin him bcuz peepo here have known U longer & kno dat U got game 4 days as AA's got diff game from Ghanians in ACCRA 4 da most part. I say 4 da most part bcuz I've been around Ghana a lil & Accra is da BIG CITY, but outside, it's a lot slower & laid BLAK. Most peepo outside of Accra are honest enuff. Lying here in Accra is part of da culture. Y'all HATE me cuz I tell da TRUTH & who HATES da TRUTH? Liars HATE da TRUTH! I compare it 2 NYC & White Plains but let's get BLAK 2 AFRIKA! Some of these very same saboteurs are waitin 4 da REALNESS 2 monitor us & keep them AFRIKAN NIGGERS(me)in check. I'm talkin on som Deep Level - Deep Cover, Larry Fishburne type shit here. These Nigga's is Operatives & ya claims are as suspect as mine, if U wanna take it there. Because my peepo are Garifunas from Honduras & never enslaved, I feel it when I see ANY AFRIKAN ANYWHERE, disrespected. Do ya MF history & yeah I sed it 2 da WORLD NIGGA's, WHAT????!!! I'm willin 2 fite 4 U & alla y'all shittin on me. Y'all did da same 2 Kwame Nkrumah & now most a y'all cryin 4 another 2 only kill again! These operatives would work 4 da CIA or NSA like Farrakoon & y'all betta remember, Ghana & all of Afrika has pretty much ALL of da resources needed in life. We can see dat VISION but are U with us? I am my brothers keeper but we ain't all thinkin like dat & thus da HATE! When I came 2 where I now live, I was advised dat da US Embassy was a fortress & bcuz I said dat I work 4 da Government, peepo here equate dat wit SPYING! Da # 1 employer of BLAX in da Snakkkes is da US Govt! Peepo actually tellin me I'm a spy despite my disagreein. Show da evidence or SHUT DA FUCK UP bcuz anybody can be anything, even Ghanian Niggas who never left Ghana. What da FUKK y'all thinkin dat U ain't in this NWO shit either? 2 many of y'all will do anything 4 money & can be thusly paid outta pocket! Ghana is a very geo-politically strategic place & liquid gold is about 2 soon start pumpin somethin serious! Even these AA's who been here 4 a while get in where they fit in & talk shit about Ghaniians when it proves convenient 2 do so. My reality is all here & if U ain't feedin me, so what? I don't hold my tongue when I write da TRUTH! I say what I mean & I mean what I say. If U HATE dat, U a HATER! So now, I'm makin U look at som of these Niggas sideways & ....But wait, Ghanians are da sort of peepo who don't OVERstand dat a spy is not 2 be trusted 4 no reason, whatsoever. Y'all not READY! Da jury is out & Ghana is 4 sale as most foreigners live here in luxury & most Natives are broke. U blamin me 4 dat? When U see a spy, kill him or marginalize him like most here have done me. Y'all take White Pedophiles 2 jail & persecute ya own Bro who can't prove my point but what U seein from me dat shows dat I'm sellin U out? Y'all luv Obama & he gonna CHOP YA MONEY!! U don't even kno dat NIGGA! Case in point; da typical answer 2 are U a spy is, "well if U are a spy, I/we/he/she will still do business with U or So what U are a spy! Huh? A lady I kno worked herself into a frenzy upon hearin about my so-called occupation & sed dat she wished she were a spy & I told her da only requirement is dat U whore out ya body & do drugs intelligently. It's all about INFORMATION PEEPO & if U wilin 2 do dat, I ain't messin with U either!! All U gotta do is read Destruction of Black Civilization by Chancellor Williams 2 see dat most Afrikan Govt's are practically GIVING AWAY AFRIKA again & it's all comin 2 a head. AFRIKA is da richest continent wit da poorest peepo & I gotta waste my fukkin time writin about stupid ass HATERS dat still don't get da big picture! Is y'all talkin bout dat? Hatira got alla these books & contradicts his self every time he opens his mouth, except when he on da radio. Moringa with his actions is in da same boat & 4 da most part, they are actively bein marginalized in da greater AA community. I heard shit about 'em from peepo who dealt wit 'em long ago & almost all of it was bad. Ya program ain't workin Homies so get another plan. Maybe Ashton Kutcher would say dat Y'all been punked by a seemingly punk dude. Jay-Z would say, "We don't believe U, U need mo peepo!" My Peepo in da Snakkes think I'm in danger here but these cowards are here doin they dirty works in da shadows & actin all friendly when they see me & I'm observin 'em like "yeah I got U." U see da job is 2 string U along 2 a road 2 nowhere, tell every1 U ran outta money(like me) & talk about U after U gone & say wicked shit but this expose can reach anywhere in da WORLD! Tell ya folx but warn 'em 1st dat I'm up IN THERE, cursin away & all. Let Big Mama tell U she grown! U gotta get it in 'em 2 get it outta 'em! Who readin this is lookin at anythang official dat says I'm what I'm accused of being? These peepo are so SPECIAL like Sybil!
Wow, almost at da end of da HATER Chronicles & y'all jus gotta kno dat it feels GREAT 2 write without thinkin much bcuz alla this shit HAPPENED! What I alledged earlier of these Peepo, I can't prove, don't care & finally, don't got time 2 waste thinkin about 'em unless..... I honestly never OVERSTOOD how peepo could be jealous of som1 else & use it agaisnt 'em while claimin 2 be kool with dat person. If I don't like som1, I leave 'em da fuck alone & peepo percieve dat as a sign of weakness. I gave 'em all enuff time & they kept pilin shit up as they thought they had me knocked outta da box. Ask 'em when was da last time I called 'em or looked 4'em. I don't gossip & DO U if u do! Jump BLAK & really examine ya FAKE ASS! U see bcuz if they are not what I alledeged, then they jus bumbling Idiot Genius Savants who need a lil attention from whatever they runnin from & won't admit. 1 recent AA asked me if I was a pedophile & another 1 sed bcuz I'm outta money dat it's my fault bcuz I put myself in dat position. I refer these peepo 2 my site so dat they can read about theyself & get som mental health. I could be broke as hell & there's somethings I will NEVER do. HATERS! Gotta HATE 'em, Gotta HATE 'em. No real AFRIKAN is a white sex offender or indulges in purposeful self-sabotage. I wanna stay in Ghana bcuz when disaster strikes there in da west, it won't be nice. I tell my yunguns 2 hold on & see it happen as this is da time 4 da FAITHFUL & again, I am not talkin religion. We now pose da question of, R U a spy or is da Blaksmith a spy? As 9is da # of completion, I will cease writin overtly about HATERS as it's time 2 LUV & inform da peepo I so luv. If U are a REAL AFRIKAN, stand up, be counted & do what needs 2 be dun & dats 4 U 2 define 4 self. Luv & above all, RESPECT each other. When A HATER is in ya midst, erradicate 'em even if they family members. So, da last question is da title, Is this sarcastic ass Afrikan a damn spy, HHHHEEEEEEEEHHHHHH? Well, given alla da info dat I dished out, I'll let U decide. Alotta peepo is now leery of me as I write these words as it resonates wit they inner TRUTH or so I hope. Or U might say, "I ain't convinced yet Blaksmith!" It's not my job 2 determine dat as I merely present da facts M'aam, jus da facts. Imagine 'em bein grilled by NYC DT's 4 days on end. Thats detective 4 those not familiar wit da term. Ever heard of sleep deprivation? I always say dat anyone can be anything. I will maintain what I jus sed til I die & da only ting I have 2 add is dat, nothin dat I sed here 2nite is new. Hey, this has been da Blaksmith & it's been nice sharin my time with y'all. This concludes our series of da HATER Chronicles & if they mess with US again, well we gonna ki...................................OUT! AFRIKA UNITE!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Is Blaksmith a Spy or Not? (Part8 of the Series)

Hello & welcome 2 da latest edition of da HATER Chronicles. I am ya host, da Blaksmith & 2day we start Chapter 8, wherein we get it in on da tie in of Hateration of my 2 favorite peepo, Dr. Moringa & Mr Roarke aka Hater A. Oh da stares I'm gettin lately & I wonder if they kno dat I got other skillz dat I can use 2 destroy or at least, make peepo look at 'em sideways, like really soon. Enuff about dat tho as it's time 2 make y'all beleievers as I don't think y'all convinced yet. Lets get it poppin!
Ok, we takin it blak 2 Nov2008 & I been here ever since. Let me jus add dat I seen some of these HATERS as recently as yesterday & they lookin scared of lil ole me. I don't kno y as I'm ususally by myself. They place of work even chatted wit me on FB yesterday & they prolly answerin me personally. If U deletin my posts, I still luv ya but enuff of dat aside. Ok, I get 2 Ghana in Nov & as stated, I was hangin wit Tattoo & Mr Roarke. Da various shit dat happened was goin on but remember Jus Luv figured heavily in my life. Moringa was some1 I was weighing in on as we already had problems & I was waitin on how 2 see him again after da loss of my bro. I din't call him until prolly early January of 2009 bcuz I knew dat I would be here awhile & din't want 2 rush anything. When we finally hooked up, da 1st thing he said was dat I was SUPPOSED 2 contact him upon reachin Ghana! I swear this man thinx he da chief AA here & we HAVE 2 do as he says. Megalomania! 2 many Afrikan Chiefs is sellin lands 2 anybody buyin & mostly messin up they own peepo in da process, so y should I respect 'em? In my last post, I told y'all 2 look up Entitlement Syndrome & in case U haven't already, I provide a link 4 U at Y'all think I'm jus writin stuff but alot of research goes into what I'm doin here. I owe dat 2 y'all. At any rate, he started off wit dat shit & like I said b4, I buy experiences as 1 needs 2 kno who 1 is dealin with. He acted like he din't kno I was here but dat NIGGA was lyin bcuz everybody in da AA community knowz when 1 of us is here unless they creep in & leave fast. I din't mind it as I had dealt wit da man previously & I alrdy kno dat he has a flair 4 da dramatic & I'm here jus tryin 2 further my bro's work. I also had 2 fill him in on what transpired on Jus Luv & da developments dat had occurred stateside b4 his most untimely death. Upon callin him, this dickrider wanted 2 meet dat very same day as he smelled money like a shark in blood infested waters. I was taken aback but agreed 2 meet him & as usual, he always LATE & always wit som lame ass Ghanian excuses dat every1 knows him 4! I became da fool bcuz everybody gotta play da fool, sometimes. At this 1st meeting, we spoke about my bro & got 2 Afrikan Revolution & alla dat. He produces som paper wit figures on how he tryin 2 get da land BLAK in Fihankra, a land given 2 AA's 2 develop sometime in da early 1990's. This property is an hour outside of Accra & is very beautiful & scenic. Most of da AA's here want a piece up there but 4 whatever reason, won't go in on it. I went there 4 da 1st time in 2007 during da tour where I met Jus Luv. Oh Chali, this place is beautiful as it is a valley wit a river runnin thru it. Since da guy runnin da place has passed, it has been 1 quagmire after another but dat's another saga 4 another day. This dude gives me a sheet with all kinda expenses wherein, he expected me 2 give him 500 Gh Cedis a month 2 go BLAK & 4th & 2 see da new chief, pay tributes & alla dat assorted stuff. When he gave me da paper we was mad coo. He even told me dat I would be blessed & alla dat if I would be rite wit myself & come clean about my status(read as R U a spy?) & I knew he still din't trust me & so how could I trust him? We met a whole bunch a times in da Accra Mall & he was always LATE! I was givin him about 75 Gh Cedis a week & he was callin me his student & all but I ain't ya student bcuz there was no TRUST between us & I would ask him about various folx & he most of da time would have something very NEGATIVE 2 say about most of 'em! When Hater A used 2 talk shit about Dr Moringa, he would always tell me dat I would eventually have a Falling Out wit this idiot & I knew dat it would happen & so what.....I'mma Pan Afrikanist with work 2 do! These meetings were weekly & eventually, this dude dat I'm givin money 2, comes late 1 2 many times & I decided 2 cut his ass off! When I gave him his final money at Pizza Inn, he took it & when I offered him some Pizza, he said dat I could afford Pizza & dat this money 4 this Pizza should go 2 him, visibly upset! I'm lookin at him & sayin 2 myself, this NIGGA is crazy. But wait, I din't cut him off completely. He jus found other ways 2 get money outta me & I played along bcuz I alrdy stated how I do my shit. I pay 4 experiences! Dat money ain't shit 2 me but da last straw was this; He was takin a collection at his class & I pledged 5 Gh Cedis but I only hadda 10 on me. When I try 2 get my change, he only gave me BLAK 2.50 & said som BS I can't even remember now. Callin me all da time sayin he need this & dat. Always excuses. Now remember, he attached a Ghanian HATER 2 me who had an idea I had in 2004, 2 bring HipHop concerts here. This guy is a character & so I adopted him as 1 would a pet & let him SPY on me as we were 2gether all day 4 MONTHS, tryin 2 get sponsorship 2 no avail. I would say certain shit 2 him so dat I could hear it BLAK da way I said it 2 him & lo & behold, it would com BLAK EXACTLY like how I said it 2 him. He used 2 HATE when I told him dat I hope Moringa dies wit a comin dick in his throat, chokin him. He also told me dat I'm prolly a spy & dat I prolly don't kno dat I'mma spy after I told him I wouldn't let him listen 2 music on my I-Pod. Read about dat Entitlement Syndrome shit yo! He still callin me & whatever....Oh, I can be nasty O! Eventually, Moringa's peepo who shall remain nameless bcuz they still go 2 da Dubios Center 4 his teachings, started tellin me dat he was sayin these things. A whole buncha peepo told me this b4 & on this go round in 2008/2009. I ain't da 1st person he done this & I won't be da last! I alrdy knew this as it was par 4 da course & I jus stopped goin 2 his class. Soonafter, I had an unrelated prob with some1 in dat group & they asked me 2 meet them there at da Dubios Center & I obliged dat person. At this point, I hadn't been 2 da Dubios Center 4 a lil while & when this NIGGA from Chicago coms lat again, he coms 2 shake my hand, askin me how I'm still here & how can I afford 2 be livin here & who's payin me type shit, out in da open. He thinks peepo in da Snakkes is makin $5 an hour. I gave him som off answer & b4 his lecture, he went in sayin shit about THOSE in da audience who are workin 4 US Intelligence & we kno who U r yakkety yak blah blah blah. I jus waited 4 da Guest Speaker & he blew up da spot. Da guest speaker addressed alla dat & even defended me inadvertantly & told us dat som of us can hide in these orgs & kno what THEY do & how THEY do. Basically, he was sayin, I don't kno who he is but I'm not gonna throw anybody under a bus bcuz in all reality, I don't know who he is. I would say anybody can be anything! Som seemingly Revolutionaries are phonies & som phonies are Revolutionaries. I din't go blak 2 da meetings anymo & I wrote this dude a nice email & told him dat he was a coward & a fool & dat if U are doin this work, U must kno dat 2 be a true leader, U must be FEARLESS! Look at how som our best died! If U afraid 2 die, stop doin this MAN!! Malcolm died bcuz he was gonna take da US Govt 2 da UN World Court 4 violatin our collective HUMAN RIGHTS!! If U scared, say U scared. Alotta ruined realationships ensued from this idiot & this is what I mean when I say these AA Niggas is so divisive & jealous. How U supposed 2 unite peepo usin COINTELPRO type tactics? Peepo have even told me dat if U don't look like U strugglin, they just jealous & HATIN. I worked 4 every penny I got & in Ghana, I may be somewhat rich but in da Snakkkes, I'mma regular Hood Nigga!Whatever!
Da tie in: Da last time dat I met wit Hamburger in da mall, Hater A walks by us in da Foodcourt 2 buy Pizza. Anotha AA dude whose name I don't kno was sittin there with us talkin about flyin kites & it seemingly upset Moringa who wanted 2 talk about gettin BLAK dat land & givin me a whole buncha acres as if I trusted him. He countin his eggs b4 they hatch cuz if he do get it, it's gonna be a long time! He was tryin 2 use me 4 money & this was his HOOK! Anyhoo, Hater A gets his pizza & comes BLAK 2 our table & this other dude was talkin about kites so much, Moringa wanted 2 change our seating so as 2 keep da convo we had, going. We got up from these 2 & went elsewhere 2 finish what we started. In retrospect, they were identifying me & seein what they could get, while assessing all. I honestly BELIEVE dat they are all workin in cahoots 2 see who & what is goin on in dat land situation, so as 2 see who they can compromise & use 2 get it from som other AA's already there. When they saw dat I wasn't tryin 2 live up there, they tried 2 chop my money & when I closed da bank on 'em, they started shittin on my name, ruining my rep & hindering my 4ward progress in Ghana using outrite slander & chicanery. If u don't kno what I mean, look it up! They also have da upper hand in dat they are on da ground & have da ears of Ghanians wide open. They wield their "SENIORITY" over da heads of wide eyed AA newcomers who don't kno much about da place 2 dupe U & by da time U find out dat U was used, these bloodsuckers is off 2 da nex victim. NOT ANYMORE IF I CAN HELP IT!! Jus think, those who are supposed 2 offer alms are comin wit swords behind they backs, like da AmeriKKKans who resettled in Liberia did not so long ago. Do U think by now dat they met they match?(to be continued)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Is Blaksmith a Spy or Not? (Part7 of the Series)

Well alritey then! We gettin it in huh? Ayo, in case y'all 4got, I'm da Blaksmith & this is Part 7 of my expose, exposin HATERS, aka da HATER Chronicles. U kno, as a Pan-Afrikanist(whether U believe dat or not), I never thought dat I would have 2 resort 2 shit like this but.......Yanko cuz this here is Ghanian Hater Nite. Ok b4 we get into my favorite Ghanian HATER, hapPY, let me hiP Y'all 2 som small fry HATERS who never really registered on my radar as I dismissed 'em outta hand early. These HATERS will kno who they are & mayb U will 2. Obviously STAGED PHONE CALLS! Plenty of 'em but 1 sticks out. Here we go wit 1 of my earliest HATERS. This dude could be considered 1 of da Fathers of this new music here in GH. Anyhoo, he calls me 2 tell me 2 call a producer whom I never met b4 as he wanted da producer 2 call this superstar BLAK as this celebrity dude couldn't reach da producer by phone or so he said. I told him no, bcuz NY dudes don't call perfect strangers 4 some1 else, something peepo do here regularly & stop doin dat SHIT! Anyhoo, I kno dat this was staged as it caused a rift between myself & this producer & I din't give a flyin shit anyway cuz I alrdy told everybody here dat I'm da best MC here in Accra in Pure English & if U don't like dat, get at me, rite Hatira? U listenin Hater A? Movin on, som lil dude @ XYZ Radio offered me a job so dat he could spy on me as he thought I was taken in by his YOUTH. I humored him until it wasn't funny anymo. He's a future leader & jus as corrupt as all of em, includin ME! He used 2 be askin me about som lame chik dat Hatira tried 2 have string me along & havin HOES he tryin 2 hook me up with callin me while I'm with da same lame chik he seemingly, INADVERTANTLY hooked me up with as well. Various HATER chix put in front of me 2 tanatalize & some I hit & some I din't but MOST OF EM is still callin me way after I did or din't use 'em. Some a y'all might even call em HOES. How about Mr Mega TV Show Host whom I asked 2 help me & he never holla'd blak. He be shittin on peepo 2 & he hangs out at HomeTaste in Dworzlu. I see alla these ninjas onna regular basis. I din't name names in this segment bcuz I kno dat most of these HATERS had they wells poisoned by HATER A & so they still have time 2 repent. Alla y'all frontin, lyin, dishonest, cheatin & deceivin types who don't do anything rite & then expect ya BS 2 be tolerated. STOP COMIN 2 HOURS LATE 4 a meeting! When I air U out, U get scared & wanna beg me 2 4give y'all. 4 dudes, if U dishin it, I'm with it. I don't play wit peepo's money or none of dat shit. 2 many peepo here don't get they ass kicked bcuz most a y'all is 2 nice onna PASSIVE AGGRESIVE LEVEL & so I'm adoptin da same policy 2 deal wit yo ASSES, but with a twist. Ayo, if we had a problem, don't come up 2 me smilin no more cuz U won't get 1 BLAK in return. WHAT??????????????
Ok, we now get 2 hapPY. As far as it goes, Ghanians can be really very coo, Beautiful Peepo until it comes 2 money. Pray tell, most peepo in Ghana get along as long as they don't have 2 pay U but....U gotta see it 2 believe. Most HUSTLERS who come here think its easy & when the reality hits.....Anyhoo, hapPY is PromotionallY Your PartY PromotYr who is now known as a Smooth Talkin Berry Gordy startin MOTOWN up BLAK in da days & 2 anyone here interested in music, U need 2 look up this HISTORY as this is where Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder & Da Jacksons got they start. Yeah, Micheal Jackson's 1st group wit his brothers. Ayo, I once had his place which we will call PaSS the Phone rockin on da last Thurs in THEY rented spot in Osu. 4 now we'll call da place, Club Blaze. They should be tryin 2 get they own spot but when U gotta do REAL BIZ, U gotta be REAL. This dude is a Class-A CREEP & is not 2 be trusted. I only did it on da strength of a Sista askin me 2 do so as she never heard me rock b-4! I knew this dudes rep & I alrdy did a FEW freebies 4 this hapPY dude. I was flattered 2 do it & did a great job 2 da point, I had about 5 or 6 phone calls early da nex AM sayin da same. He din't pay me much but he paid me & I was satisfied wit it. 4 all U young dudes, I ain't no small boy tryin 2 make it in da Music Industry. I did big shit in NY alrdy & I wanna do music & make MONEY jus like U as only 1 stream of possible income. Soonafter, hapPY asks me 2 RENT him my mixer & laptop 2 do a show in a place in Accra. I told him it would be 150 Gh Cedis & b4 things left my crib, we discussed dat "At da end of da day, I would be paid this amount 4 TAKIN MY SHIT OUTTA DA HOUSE" & he agreed. Nevertheless, da DJ playin dat nite din't need my mixer & hapPY informed me dat bcuz of dat, he would only give me taxifare. It was coo tho bcuz I expected it & it again, allowed me 2 kno how peepo here do thangs. I like 2 call it PAYIN dues. This be da kicker tho, peep game; 1 day I saw this dude movin furniture, around da time of Panafest(just as it reads, a Pan Afrikan Festival) & I asked him y he din't he put any of his acts on da music bill there. He started tellin me dat da Chief of dat area was a Fugged up dude dat din't pay & he was always bullshittin & alla dat & came 2 a COMPLETE stop when he realized who da hell he was talkin 2. He was talkin about himself inside himself & lost it 4 a minute. I jus scratched my head & was dyin laffin inside 2 hear this & I think he caught it but it was so funny. That alone was worth ALL of it & I kno when he reads this, he will feel embarrassed 4 HIMSELF. After speakin wit numerous peepo, I found out dat this is his usual style. Ask most peepo who realy started PaSS the Phone & they will tell U some other dude named Jah Weedy. This dude is even jackin companies. Ayo hapPY & U kno I'm talkin 2 U, would U like 2 debate this issue as this is da fair way 2 do things? I may interview this JW guy here so let me kno if y'all want dat as this site is 4 righteous AFRIKANS & those who luv us. I'm givin y'all a chance 2 repent & I ain't talkin no religious shit! He could give U da whole lowdown as I wasn't here 2 PERSONALLY WITNESS that HISTORY myself & I don't write about what I din't witness 1st or 2nd hand. I have my integrity 2 protect, U kno. Ayo, alotta Ghanians is runnin around with Entitlement Syndrome & if ya concerned, U need 2 check out jus what this means. Dudes wanna eat everything on da plate & don't wanna invite anyone 2 join. This is why I tell those who wish 2 see Afrika rise, 2 stop complainin about da so called leadership bcuz most a y'all is JUST LIKE 'EM without da authority 2 make Governmental deals & sign BIG MONEY CONTRACTS. Jus imagine some of these dudes as Ministers! Ya motto is FTW & figure it out if U don't already kno what it means. What's so hard 2 figure out about dat? Those who keep things da same don't change & those who do, die early & if U need proof check Marcus Garvey, El Haj Malik Shabbaz, Martin Luther King & Kwame Nkrumah. South AfriKKKa had 27 years 2 mess up Mandela's brain, so let's not go there. THEY takin money dat I rightfully earned & bullshittin with it & da only reason I don't flip is bcuz it ain't enuff money 2 go krazy 4. They messin with my way 2 make money but there are so many alternatives 2 choose from now. Ghana dey 4 we! We gonna make another avenue soon & see where it goes from there. They MAKIN me MAN! So lately, I been on some NY Straight Talk Shit & if U don't kno, get at me! Yeah, I'm outta money & I'm talkin 2 U & I ain't goin nowhere! I'm glad I'm broke bcuz it's makin me HUNGRY & I eat well & will continue 2 do so despite da HATERS. I hope U learn 2 stop HATIN. Nuff said on dat!
I kno dat I gotta stamp on my head bcuz any Afrikan Amerikan comin here is on a list & if U din't kno, U din't kno & now U do. U see as da US Government sees it, Afrikans is supposed 2 luv livin in misery in what is supposed 2 be da BEST COUNTRY in da WORLD. When I talk 2 alot of y'all about this, y'all think dat I'm tryin 2 keep U from goin there. Nothin could be further from da truth as all I wish 2 do is give U both sides of da coin. Livin here in Ghana can be a blessin minus all da HATE but life is luv & luv is life & we got 2 live it. HATE & LUV is da same pole on opposite ends & read my achives 4 dat balance. Bcuz I've been here twice b4 & keep comin BLAK, I have an affinity 4 Ghana. Alot of these dudes prey on new comers & I'm jus tryin 2 warn y'all as 2 da ways they do they thang. If U must deal wit Ghanians, make sure U hold 'em 2 a contract & b4 y'all start wit da Blaksmith hates Ghanians bullshit, I'm from da birthplace of HipHop & Ghana HQ in da US. Most of da Ghanians I kno in NY & FL, warned me about da peepo here & I luv challenges! Besides, most Afrikan AmeriKKKans are more sophisticated wit HATIN as we learned how 2 HATE from da Ultimate HATER in life, da Devil himself. If U must deal wit these dudes, get PAID UPFRONT 2 avoid da hassles in da long run, like Kubola 1luv did recently. I'm like Bonecrusher ninja, "I aint never scared!" Y'all better start doin Juju & shit bcuz I ain't scared of none of dat shit either! Why y'all use it 2 harm Afrikans while these KraKKers take alla da resources from ya lands & treat U like shit & bcuz U believe he God, U treat him better than me. Who da fugg U think is corruptin U & ya leaders? Another learnin experience 4 me & I ain't namin names here bcuz dat NIGGA poisoned da well b4 I could get started but this hapPY dude is direct so I can fully go in on him. How Afrika gonna appeal 2 dat side of da world & be dubiously devilish at da same time? Oh, there are so many more HATERS but these are da 1's dat most stick out in my mind & da common denominator in this equation is dat HOMO TRANSVESTITE GUY! This is jus what I can connect & so HATERS ask yaself, if U wanted 2 mess with me & he whispered something in ya ears, what do U think of what I'm sayin 2 da world? If we not coo, DON'T ASK ME SHIT as I will direct U 2 this site. This is ya chance as I am known WORLDWIDE & can influence peepo 2 make or break deals with U if U comin up. Nah, da Hater Chronicles ain't over yet. We goin BLAK 2 da most interesting dude of 'em all, Hamburger Moringa & his connection 2 alla this! Could U say dat name 3 times fast? He's always good 4 mo info 4 our kinfolk, Afrikan or from da Diaspora! Chapter 8 will be great!!! I'm Blak in Afrika, so HOLLA BLAK!!!!!!!(to be continued)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Is Blaksmith a Spy or Not? (Part6 of the Series)

Hello, wow da response dat I've been gettin has been crazy. Some peepo I kno have even told me 2 tone things down but a big "Hell No" is what I say. Why U may ask? Bcuz if U comin here from da United Snakkkes, U may get sucked in by some of these various Chalitans who like 2 prey on Fresh Meat like when U 1st get in jail or prison. If U don't like da subject matter, come blak in about a week as I've been chosen 2 deliver a msg 2 ALL of our peeps in da Diaspora. We comin here lookin 4 BROTHER & SISTA's & we gettin some of our kind(Afrikan AmeriKKKan's) actin a fool but I now digress. Those of U who kno me never hear me gossip so decide 4 yaself if what I say is valid. It's TRUTHFUL food 4 thought. I coud never make shit like this up & wit dat, let's get into Part 6 of da Hater Chronicles. OK, I am now Blak 2 where we left off at. This is kinda weird so I hope dat I can make it clear 2 all. As stated previously, Hatira, I meant Hater A & Hater B(Mr Roarke & Tatto 4 those who just walked in) are now workin at da Radio Station, XYZ FM. As stated b4 as well, they were busy & I used 2 go down there wit 'em 2 da station. Well around Feb or March of this year, I ask if I can go down wit 'em as I had plenty of times b4. I called Mr Roarke in the morn & asked if we could split a cab there & he said 2 come by his place at about 6P so dat we could be there by 7P. I said coo & got 2 they place about 610P. When I arrived, they were inside preparing. One of their houseladies was outside da gate & I din't want 'em 2 be late as I arrived a lil late. I was gonna call 'em when I realized dat I left my phone at home. I asked da houselady 2 tell 'em dat I 4got my phone & could she tell 'em I was going BLAK home 2 get it. Mind U, I lived about 2 minutes away by car. She said she would & stays inside 4 a while & I don't wanna leave until she comes BLAK wit acknowledgement of what was said. She comes out about 7-8 minutes later & I ask her did she tell 'em what I said & she says no, dat she told 'em dat I was waitin & nothin more. About a minute later, out comes Tattoo & she sits in da taxi. I greet her & advise her dat I 4got my phone & dat she should call her husband & advise him dat we were goin 2 get it & come rite BLAK & go. She starts tellin me dat her husband aint gonna like it & dat he will be upset & it's not on da way & all this nonsense. I had already waited about 15 minutes. At this point, its almost 630 & 2 hear this now, WTF? I then tell her 2 get out as I waited 4 y'all this long & it would only take 5 minutes 2 get BLAK & y'all had me waitin & I never complained. So she gets out & I notice dat she left Mr Roarkes laptop in da car. I took it out of da taxi when I went 4 my phone, got da phone & on da way BLAK 2 they crib, they call me & say dat they takin another taxi. I reply "fine I'll meet y'all there." They call BLAK a minute later & ask 4 they laptop. I am now stressed & tell'em dat da Taxi Driver took off with it & Mr Roarke says dat I must replace it. I tell him dat I will & then he hangs up on me. He calls BLAK again & asks where I'm at & I tell him dat I'm on da way 2 da station & he's not far & dat we should take da same taxi. I find 'em & we on da way. It's now about 635p & he needs 2 be at da station by 7p. Somehow, da driver maneuvered his way around as it was peak rush hour & we get 2 da station by 650p. I paid da taxi as some of da confusion was caused by my phone fiasco. Tattoo is not talkin me & Mr Roarke is actin funny style. Thats ok tho bcuz I was doin other things at da station. Anyway, after we leave da air was funny but I had 2 test him soonafter. Ok, test time. At da time, I was workin at a Club DJing & promotin. At da time, this Roarke dude was doin promo 4 his station & I had a sitdown with him as I told him 2 cut his BS. I then advised him dat I needed his help & he said dat he would help me. I asked him 2 help me promote da club & he basically hustled me. I asked him 2 come 2 Tema & he said he would. When I set it up 4 him 2 come out there, he was MIA. I called him twice knowing dat he wouldn't pick da call & kept it movin. He called me later dat nite & told me dat da guy we were supposed 2 meet should come 2 Accra & meet him & I had alla da PROOF I now needed 2 kno dat I gave him da benefit of da doubt & it was time 2 move on. Then he starts sendin me all kinda Katt Williams e-mails about HATERS, implying dat I'mma HATER & peepo dat he knows in Dworzlu are tellin me lil slick shit he be sayin about me 2 see if they can get a rise out of me. I din't kno at da time dat this would be fuel 4 my fire 2 be writin this hot shit rite here. He don't even kno dat I find his behavior so PREDICTABLE. That's what makes U a PHD=Playa Hata Degree or a Petty Hatin Dick, smh. Needless 2 say at this point, I have very lil 2 say 2 these peepo & I ain't never air 'em out bcuz they nobodies & they got kids & I ain't gonna do nothin but EXOSE THEY ASSES & now if U wanna mess with 'em, U kno who they are. 4 Alla da Afrikan Amerikans dat come here, they use they house as a hook 2 TRAP U & then they start wih they DEVILTRY! HTG is a HOMO THUG GANGSTA & world beware of 'em as my homegal, Tauri recently found out. When I asked this HATER if she was kicked out or left on her own, he lied 2 me & said that her husband was comin BLAK in her life. I've heard rumors that he may be gay. I've gotten from relaible sources dat he may even be a wife abuser. Is this how we want 2 represent ourselves in Afrika after comin from da Belly of da Beast? I don't care what peepo think of me after exposin they asses. I don't want any1 else goin thru this & if U gotta problem, get at me! Hold dat!!!! Moving along, we don't fear anything. Everything dat happened was supposed 2 happen 4 me 2 see them 4 who they really are & this is y it's so important 4 me 2 tell my story. As a peepo haven't we been thru enuff? I have missions 2 complete & alotta HATERS are standing in da way & wherever I go, there's always a HATER around. THEY have been followin me around & ruin everything I do & now I'm exposin all they asses. Moringa even assigned 1 to me & I played da game 4 awhile & got rid of him. Oh, I ain't finished with him yet but U kno, da HATE gotta spread like Peanut Butta. His lackey even stayed at my house a few times & I have 2 wonder if this is da best Ghana has & if so, boy she is in trouble. Y'all Niggas is special boy!!! Whoa, I'm almost feelin sorry 4 y'all. Maybe in Lucky #7 in this series, I'll give da HATERS a break but.................I'm just kiddin. We goin in on another Ghanian Hater dat I met thru Mr Roarke & his name happens 2 be hapPY, an equal oppurtunity HATER. Haters boy, gotta luv 'em! 2 alla y'all who say I'm talkin bout peepo, U are wrong but I sure do write about 'em! I'm INTERNATIONALLY exposin y'all HATERS! Like OC rapped, Times Up 4 alotta y'all! How ya like me now?!!!(to be continued)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Is Blaksmith a Spy or Not? (Part5 of the Series)

Watup my Peepo? I'm BLAK again here exposin HATERS. Watitdo? Do y'all kno how long I been dealin with this HATIN? 2 long, dats how long! Overall, We callin this da Hater Chronicles but da title Is Blaksmith a Spy or Not is just a lil catchier. Where were we? Oh yeah, I kno-exposin haters. Let's get blak 2 Nov2008 here in Ghana. I arrived the 5th Nov & hit da ground runnin. Checked into a hotel in Dworzlu & wasn't really tired & Mr Roarke & Tattoo lived nearby. I was jus happy 2 be Blak in Afrika & I was primed & pumped. Went by da crib & saw my old friends from a year ago. Boy were things different. The dog dat they got a year b4 was huge. The daughter was a year more beautiful & another guy who worked there was added 2 da mix. Ra got kicked out or left vioently, dependin on who U believe & I wasn't even interested bcuz I knew dat din't have a long shelf life anyway. All in all tho, I was glad 2 see 'em & asked why they din't keep in touch. Mr Roarke gave me a dry answer & I moved on from dat as they were busy preparin 4 da coming launch of a new station. It was all luv & I started 2 notice dat this dude was helpin me. I went 2 most of da events & was meetin da rite peepo but somethin in da air wasn't rite. Maybe I din't get da hint early enuff dat they were workin & I was invadin by comin over. When I addressed it from dat angle, I was assured dat dat wasn't da case. As this was my 3rd time here, I now knew allotta peepo & I went 2 they crib most of da time only bcuz my Sim Card had expired & alla da numbers in dat phone vanished. In a sort of way, I was stuck until I got myself plugged blak into da peepo.
After alla dat, guess who walks in? Another supposed old friend who jus had a baby when I was last here in 2007. Outta respect 4 her children & fam, I won't say her name but she is quite a character. Now, I kno her & her man but, Mr Roarke, Tattoo & this chick is tryin 2 push a realationship my way. I like da chik but 4 real, she just aint my type. She ACTIN like she wanna give it up by sayin all da rite things but 4 some reason, she ain't givin it up & plus she bringin her kids & eatin up my food & basically doin what 3rd world peepo do. In Ghana, we call it, "Choppin ya money." In da states we say, "gettin money." Same shit, different toilet. Anyhoo after a while, w/o givin it up, she callin me & askin 4 money & hangin up on me & then tryin 2 act all like excuses 4 everything. I'm goin out wit em & havin 50Cedis & havin 2 go BLAK 2 da bank but I was cool bcuz I'm BLAK in AFRIKA. I did it in da beginning & observed it 4 what it was 2 learn them & I din't care bcuz I was happy. They learnin me & I'm learnin ya rite BLAK! U see, I buy experiences & watch U buy yaself! These niggas can be bought 4 CHEAP! Anyhow, after I got tired of livin in a hotel, I asked da Hater 2 get me an apartment. Where I now live is where he hooked me up wit & when he told me about it, he said that he used 2 do Real Estate but as da new station was taking all of his time dat he din't anymore. I advised him 2 give me a few days 2 think it over & when I saw what else was there, I told him 2 let me see da place. I took da place & after, he tried da old lets see if I can get him bit. He asked 4 $200 & I told him 2 GTFOH as when we went out, I paid 4 taxis, drinx & alla dat shit dat add up & as well, we din't do a deal. He made a phone call & dat was all. Handle dat wit da Landlady potna! I had reached my breaking point with him & told him so & then da HATE really began. Pretty soon, typical Ghanian ways of passive aggressiveness started. U kno, whisperin shit in peepo's ears & da like. This is where da Hater Ghanians come in as I know he was poisoning my realationships & he would deny it but shit creeps out slowly but surely when da peepo talk so much. 1 Guiness can get U far in Accra. A shot of Moringa & we off 2 da races. Cancellin appointments. Offendin peepo by placin em in Homosexual situations. Talkin about Whores & butt naked white girls. Bitch type shit like leavin me places dat we came 2gether 2. Actually, alla dat was way b4 da apartment fiasco. He even had White Peepo from da States livin there & from what I saw recently, Tattoo is even wearin fake braids in her hair & if U wanna kno what dats about, check out my Hair 2day, Gone 2morro column in da archives. The ultimate was da last straw but y'all gotta wait 4 dat 1. There's more Hatorade 2 drink so stay tuned. HOLLA!!(to be continued)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Is Blaksmith a Spy or Not? (Part4 of the Series)

Oh, it's U again. Are U here 4 da Hater Chronicles? Let's finish what we stareted & get y'all up 2 speed wit da Blaksmith & da HATER saga as it promises 2 entertain. Anyhoo, da Blaksmith leaves NYC or JFK 2 ACC. I gets here in Oct 2007 & promptly hit da ground runnin. The air was thick & I had just landed. Now remember, I had spoken of Mr Rourke previously & dat he was at the introduction dinner wit his wife, Tattoo. He had spoken 2 da these fresh new Afrikans & basically din't say much other than welcome at dat dinner. Not very impressive. I was 2 meet him later again, on da last nite of da tour, (not knowing who he was at da time) at Jazztones, a jazz club ran by another AA, named Toni who sings so beautifully. Dat nite da club got shut down but again, that's anotha story. Anyway, Mr Rourke walks up on me & b4 introducing himself, says dat I could stay in house as I was not leaving wit da tour da very next day. Ain't dat some spying shit? He seemed sincere but being dat I'm in my 40's, I listen 2 peepo more & mind U, I was here in 2004 & so I knew my way around. I was at da bar ready 2 buy a Guiness & invited him 2 join me which he did. He gave me da address & all & as planned, I came thru da next day. I went over & settled in & all was cool. Ok, I move in but I'm not there much. Myself & 3 others stayed behind after the tour in thier house in Dworzlu. I was there & we was all just chillin & 1 nite we all went 2 Rema's. I had danced with a pretty young lady & da next day, Mr Rourke was tellin me dat I was dancin wit da head of da CIA's wife & dat I better watch out bcuz they know who's who & dat I need 2 allow 'em 2 advise me & alla dat kinda tryin 2 hook me in bullshit. It wasn't what they said but how they were SAYIN IT as if I was kickin it wit this chick. WE JUST DANCED & I had no interest in her! I was basically hung over & as they beat up on me verbally, I knew there, dat I would never stay there again. Soonafter, they began mockin Moringa & his white race mixed with dog theory & I say theory bcuz I never seen da data 2 come 2 my own conclusions. I'm like are these guys Pan-Afrikanists? If U claim Blak Panther lineage Mr Rourke, do they act like U? They were basically sayin dat I was a fool 4 believin in Moringa's theory & continually mocked him & his theories & there was where I saw AA's still being AA's in Ghana. I din't dig it but I'm in another man's house so keep ya mouth shut Blaksmith. A few times, I even found Mr Rourke sleepin in da bed in da room he let me stay in. WTF kinda gay shit is dat? I kno me & when I get it in, watch out!!! Anyhoo as I said b4 I had been 2 Ghana b4, so I wasn't around da house much, as I had friends all over da city. I spent alot of time in Tema knowing dat I would watch this clown show from afar. Hey we in Afrika & I'm watchin y'all 2. What y'all thinkin, a dude come here & 4get about all his hood senses? They also had another much younger dude stayin there from TN named Ra. Me & Ra was mad cool & still mad cool, but bcuz he was livin in they house & workin 4 Tattoo & Mr Rourke, he was muzzled. Half da time dat we spoke, Mr Rourke would speak 4 him & I could tell dat Ra din't like it but.....Mr Rourke would do anything 2 argue with me & try 2 prove his degrees were well earned but maybe he underestimates a dude who has travelled da world & can do anythang. He even defended Oprah who at the time had built a skool in South Afrika & was going thru her difficulties. I let alotta shit slide & they were cool enuff & I left there BLAK 2 NY in Nov/07. Soonafter, I went south & then went Cali bound. This is when me & Jus Luv got closer & tho I tried 2 keep in touch with Tattoo & Mr Rourke, they ain't NEVER HOLLA BLAK, tho they said they would. I guess they was 2 busy drinkin they Hatorade. Whatever & I kept it movin. I saw just smatterings of HATE, but who amongst us doesn't have a lil of dat in us? So now we come blak 2 Nov 5th 2008 & soon da abject absolute HATRED started on a crazier level. This series of events would soon take a turn & whoa Blaksmith, pump dem brakes & make 'em wait 4 Part 5. The HATE continues! (to be continued)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Break from the Hate

Hello y'all! U kno I been on a roll w/o mayo or mustard lately & so now a lil break from all da kkkraziness. I have a bro who shall remain nameless at this point, who told me something ironic about other Afrikan Amerikkkans here in Ghana. Now this doesn't mean dat there are no problems with my Ghanians brothers but dat info will soon come. I should be writin about ALL of my experiences but this 1 about hating needs 2 be killed b4 I step 2 da next. What my bro said was dat, when he came 2 Afrika, he thought dat we would all be concious, humble & all but as we do thru da Willy Lynch doctrine, we hate & I gotta put a stop 2 da BS & get real about life. 1 can drop their guard in Ghana so why be suspicious of 1 new person more than another? I personally don't care why U here & if I need 2 know, we must be gettin married or sumthin. Anybody can be anything including learned peepo with a message, leadin U 2 a path of destruction based on TRUST. If U hatin & I let U kno 1 way or another dat I know, I stay away from U! How am I now spyin while U still sendin ya lackies 2 me? If everyone here is so concerned about what I do here, why do U feel dat way? What are U doing here? I din't even kno y'all & din't come here bcuz U sent me an invitation. When ya Haterade gets 2 be 2 much & I leave U alone, why do U still invite me places, offer 2 shake my hand or even attempt 2 speak wit me at all? I keep it real & if I don't like U, leave me alone & leave it at dat! I don't gotta actually see U hatin 2 kno U hatin & ask ANYONE here in Ghana if I've ever stolen somethin from 'em or did some subversive shit dat y'all did/do & will do if I keep messin with y'all corrupt asses. If U sayin somethin like move on bcuz its nothin, then U down wit da shit 2 & if U approach me on some dumb ass question shit, no breaks 4 U Chali! I fashion myself as a student of Garvey, Malik Shabazz, & Winnie Mandela! What I'm doin is excorsising U & y'all negative vibes & exposin y'all AGENT type behaviors. How do supposed non-spies expose supposed spies who's information is classified & held tight? U dealin witta Nigga Network & who knows ya true past? Who is ya reliable unnamed sources? U think bcuz U been here longer dat I'm gonna get scared & leave so U can win? Amos Wilson said continue doin ya work despite da infiltraors, saboteurs & all those who wish 2 see peepo like me fail. Chancellor Williams asked us 2 stop da infighting & 2 get 2 work. Those are da ANCSTORS dat I listen 2! Who U or as they say in Ghana, "Where from?"In order 4 me 2 excorcise da hate, I have 2 TELL THE WORLD who I am as it is better than tellin a few persons who suspicious of me already anyway. Jealous of what or who? I live in somebodies house. I'm a regular guy who's GOING 2 make it as I expose those who THINK that they are exposin me. So 4 y'all haters, step ya game up when U get asked those hard questions. I wonder what they got in store as I scratch my ass & flick 'em off like fleas. Hey, U gotta spy on someone 2 kno they a spy, right? Who U spyin 4? HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is Blaksmith a Spy or Not? (Part3 of the Series)

So let's see....HMMMMM!!! We left off at April 2008 when my Bro Jus Luv perished. I was devestated by  dat! At da time,I was waitin 4 a ship in San Diego CA when I got dat fateful call. 4 what it was worth, it felt great 2 b there & kno his fam. I got 2 kno more about him & his peepo. But da struggle must go on. We talkin bout Blak2Afrika! Jus Luv was buried in May & I kinda went da whole summer in a daze. I got on a ship & had 2 get blak 2 work which I did. U see Jus Luv, a dead man, figures heavily in this equation as he was da link dat Moringa needed 2 da outside world. Well lo & behold, who comes calling a few weeks later 4 financial assistance? U already kno da answer 2 dat question. I will now give U some choice words from dat e-mail transmission dat he sent askin me 4 $ but b4 dat, da man DISRESPECTS me callin me by my slave name, Brother Ben. Maybe Ghanians won't understand but when I met Moringa, I was 37 years & I never told him my Government name bcuz in da West, 1 calls U da name U told 'em upon introduction. It is considered DISRESPECTFUL 2 do otherwise. Hamburger Moringa is da name I knew him as & as far as I'm concerned, dats all I need 2 kno & if I was a spy, I would kno everything about him anyway. He later goes on & writes,  "Ben, I do need your help now cause I have a large Afrikan American tour group coming into Ghana 24th July - 1st August and I have been engaged to lecture to this group. However, I need some small money ASAP to begin preparations as far as DVD videos, Wall Hangings, and my books. As I proposed to you in my last mail, I have upgraded "The Global Afrikan & World Crisis", plus I'm ready to send you all together four of my mst powerful videos. Charley! The Global Afrikan & World Crisis is well edited & now a Power House." Now here goes da kicker as he finishes his PLEA. "Please let me hear from you ASAP on this matter and hurry and return to Ghana cause time is short where you are. My legal name is Hamet Maulana for Western Union or other transfer." This followed numerous phone calls from Ghana from this DICK RIDING PUNK & I don't give a FUCK about him bcuz 2 label some1 a spy is serious biz in da West. If U older or prudish & don't like my choice of words, just place yaself in my shoes. Ghanians are simply not ready as they will deal with spies bcuz they need money & this man has adopted some of Ghana's worst traits. U find a spy, U kill em or chase them away as 1 would do a snake or scorpion. If U don't believe dat, check da definition on So after my man Jus Luv died, this man needed another dick 2 ride & so he chose me. Aint dat some shit? Remember earlier dat I said dat I was in a daze & after this punk continuously kept callin me, I sent him $100 on da strength of Jus Luv as I knew he would have asked me 2 do dat as we BROTHERS even in DEATH!! Jus Luv was a musician, business man, family man & all dat & he was helpin Moringa further his mission, whatever dat may be. He's always talkin about releasin some HOT SHIT & when U ask him 2 produce it, there's always a problem or some lame ass excuse & I kno he is a CLASS A COWARD. I never publicly aired him out yet bcuz I was raised by my Father & Mother who are still alive & still 2gether. I respect elders but not COWARDS. So 2 finish, I was having job issues, I sent idiot(in retrospect I'm da idiot) his money & soonafter, I got on a ship. I told him not 2 send me anything as I would be on a ship & dat I would see him later in the year if he had anything 4 me. This is now July 2008 & I knew after this assignment that I would be coming black2afrika in Nov 2008. I went 2 work & couldn't wait 2 get black here. Da HATE would soon come extra hard but Blaksmiths are used 2 hard work as we hammer these words on da keyboard. So stay tuned as we live in these most interesting times. (To be continued)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Is Blaksmith a Spy or Not? (Part2 of the Series)

Guess who's BLAK!!! Yeah, letz get into it. Ok, I left off at October 2007. I had not been 2 Ghana since 2004 & I wanted 2 come over after workin 4 a year straight 4 da US Merchant Marine as a civilian employee workin 4 da Dept of Defense. Note dat Moringa already had his suspicions of me so da job dat I had when I got blak had nothin 2 do wit his said suspicions. I'm sure it fueled his suspicions & I'm very upfront about da fact dat I am still employed by this agency. Thoze Fed jobs pay well & tho itz blood money, it's what has allowed me 2 live good while makin no FUCKIN MONEY bcuz most peepo here are SHADY when it comes 2 dealin wit money!! A lil history on dat is I worked on US Navy ships dat send all kinda military provisions wherever it is needed in da world. I been all over da world as in Japan, S. Korea, Dubai, Bahrain, Scotland, Greece & Spain. I've been 2 other places as well but by now I think U get da picture. Anyway, I came blak 2 Ghana in late Oct 2007 with a tour group named Afrika 4 the Afrikans out of the Atlanta area. U see da guy runnin it is named Bomani & he & my very good friend, da Concious Rasta bring our peepo over 2 repatriate/invest or just plain old see Ghana & all of its potential. As I was in Spain when I found about da tour, I got blak 2 NY ASAP & signed on. I was da last 2 sign on & sent in my money & got 2 Ghana wit da tour. Upon arriving, we had a reception dinner in Aburi Ghana, a mountain community just outside of the capital city, Accra where I now reside . We were supposed 2 meet at Rita Marley's place but thru some difficulty dat din't happen & we moved on somewhere else. Who was I 2 meet but da infamous aforementioned, da so called Dr. Moringa. We had just travelled, placed our belongings down & basically got on da bus & went up there. When I saw him, I was conflicted as I now had 3 years 2 reflect on all dat had went on just 3 years prior. I try 2 be a straight dude & so I greeted him & asked him if he remembered me & he replied affirmitavely. He then went on after the dinner & gave a lecture & bcuz da man is a megalomaniac, they cut his mic off. He has a tendency 2 think dat bcuz he is a historian witta lotta knowledge dat he can just jack programs & everybody gonna go 4 it. In Modern Psychology, 1 would call dat, Childish Behavior. He is used 2 Afrikan culture wherein an older person can speak 2 U any kinda way & if U younger & U gotta eat dat. FUK DAT, we from da US don't get down like dat & be very respectful when U speakin 2 me whoever u are or get AIRED OUT!! The tour lasted about 2 weeks & b4 it ended, we had a summation meeting where he showed a movie of TERRIBLE quality yet packed witta lotta good info & I can't take dat from him but........b4 the nite ended, my man Jus Luv(R.I.P) asked me 2 help convene a meeting of peepo who wanted 2 start something in da vein of investing in Ghana which I quickly jumped on. We met in OUR hotel room as it wasn't 4 everybody & who was part of it? The said Dr Moringa! We had da meeting in da room & proceeded 2 da meetin 4 everybody in da Sun Lodge Hotel Conference Center in Tesano where Moringa showed da low quality movie. There, another AA Hater Extraordinaire dat has been here 4 some time also spoke on da dais. 4 now we'll call him & his spouse, Tattoo & Mr Rourke but more on them later. If U been here b4 or are goin blak & 4th, U kno who I'm talkin about! Anyway, after da meetins, da said Moringa was havin other programs & wanted those of us who stayed behind 2 participate. Bein dat Jus Luv had been here a few days b4 da tour & stayin wit Moringa, he had gotten close with him & asked me 2 come along. I advised him dat I had problems previously wit Moringa & din't tell him about him qerying me about my spying. He BEGGED me 2 come & said dat this appeal came from Moringa himself. I was aghast but Jus Luv can be very persistent & persuasive & in those 2 weeks we grew krazy close. Only bcuz of him, I agreed 2 do so & we even made a video featurin Moringa, myself & another homie who I knew from goin 2 da study group classes in 2004 named Musa who used 2 go with Moringa's daughter. Musa even recently told me dat when him & her were still 2gether, Moringa advised her 2 stay away from Musa bcuz me & him was tight. Moringa even asked me 2 send dat very same video 2 some1 in da US & I did as I am a Pan-Afrikanist. None of this spy shit came up until I got blak 2 da states when me & mybro Jus Luv were talkin on da phone 1 day & after hittin some brilliant ideas said dat b4 we could go 4ward dat he need 2 kno something. I told him 2 shoot & he put it 2 me dat he had heard dat I was a spy & I shut him down & said dat me & Moringa already had this discussion & he quickly told me dat it wasn't him, BUT he couldn't tell me who as he swore secrecy 2 dat person. Like any1 else who mite bleev this, I told him dat if he thought dat, he should question himself as 2 y he would let these talks get so far b4 dealing with his suspicions & further advised him dat if he din't call me anymore I would understand bcuz I would not be comfortable dealin with him under these circumstances. We got even closer as I met his 2 wives & children b4 his passing last April. I went 2 his funeral but dats another story. I was devestated by his death bcuz tho we ony knew each other 4 about 6 months, we spoke just about everyday. We basically crammed 6 years into 6 months. He came blak 2 Ghana in January got blak 2 LA in early Feb, was in da hosp all of March & died April 2008. May God rest his soul. Tho he never revealed 2 me who said dat, I knew who said it - Moringa! The 2 minute HATE would twist & turn & morph into a beast. Let the haters HATE! Thatz what they do.(To be continued)