Thursday, June 28, 2012


Watup? 175 days to go & though it was cool for the last 5 days, WE like most of y'all is about to HEATUP like that team from south fl. WE got lot's to talk about today & though soetero care was passed, WE don't give a fuKKK! With this HEAT, the distraKKKtions will be ramped up so just be on the look out. I told y'all a few weeks ago that that Blak Zombie Shit WE was hearin about wasn't BATH SALTS & in case ya didn't read it, here it is at the end of the article: Check this story that won't get much play at In a lot of my late articles, I've been tellin y'all about the COSMOS & how silly some of y'all get when I make mention of it. For those who wish to clown, I ask, "why are WE constantly seein these type of articles & rehashin the old?: On the Afrikan front, did y'all know that though the Sudan has been officially seperated into 2, IT'S ABOUT to GO DOWN! Y'all havin FUN yet?

ROUGH cause I'm a MAN!/ No matter what the name/ THEY all the SAME/ pieces in 1 big chess game
Yeahh/ the VOICE of POWER/ is in the HOUSE/ go take a shower BOY!
Those are the words of Chuck D of Public Enemy & as an ICONACLAST & elder in REVOLUTIONARY Hip Hop, I just had to put his pic here. He perhaps is the embodiment of a BM in Hip Hop that I can take SIRIUS enough to do this for. Listenin to old PE music still gets me in the mood to do whatever REVOLUTIONARY stuff that WE do here at b2a. Unfortunately though, WE won't be armin OURSELVES, trainin, excercisin & all that stuff as it won't be that type of PARTY though ya should be readyin for the Cosmic Party. Just TAKE OFF of WORK when it get's really HOT & watch these DEVILS EXPLODE & if ya think I'm kiddin,:,0,1480833.story. Especially if ya WORK outside (ups, fedex, movin company, mail delivery), take off a few days & watch them KraKKas get skin cancer in DAYS! By the time ya get BLAK to work, them NIGGAS is gonna be lookin like BOILED LOBSTERS! Please allow me to get y'all READY onna MENtal level as to how WE BM can be REAL BM SOON!

Ok, I'm the Blak Smith & WE ain't goin into this future with this rampant gay shit. OUR BW need US! As WE speak today with 175 days left, there are not ENOUGH BM for the BW & if any of Y'ALL BW wanna argue that point onna STATISTICAL LEVEL, do so by submittin it to me in my fb inbox without EMOTION!* Now that WE'VE gone past that, for an example of what the BM should be has already been done. WE have had great examples in OUR antiquity, our distant past, our recent past & as hard as it may to believe, NOW! When I say the word great, the BM that I speak of don't have to be rich or famous as these 2 things takes 1 away from the frequency of common Blak Folk. Don't WE have enough of that already?

I always speak of the concept of the 85, 10 & the 5% but for those of y'all unfamiliar, lemme holla at y'all for a minute. What the 85% represent are the MASSES who are deaf, dumb & blind as they are FOLLOWERS like SHEEP to a FLOCK. Then ya have the 10% who are the LEADERS of that 85% who TRICK & DECEIVE the 85% aka POVERTY PIMPS/POLITICIANS & PREACHERS. Then WE have the 5% who have eyes that SEE, ears that HEAR & tell it LIKE it IS! Which 1 are YOU?

So BLAK to Blak Manhood & what it means to me.........hmmmm. A TRUE BM cannot be a homosexual as YA won't CREATE & if the BM is GOD, how can ya PROCREATE? A TRUE BM must be willin to die for his FAMILY without hesitation. The FAMILY is to go FOWARD! A TRUE BM can't be LAZY! A TRUE BM should DO for SELF & if he can't, he needs to ALWAYS be STRIVIN for that. A TRUE BM has the utmost INTEGRITY & doesn't needlessy lie about small shit! A TRUE BM knows that he needs feminine qualities bcuz in this day & age, too many cannot get money legally & MAY have to tend to CHILDREN with a tender hand: HOUSEWORK is WORK! A TRUE BM should be in shape & know how to cook wholesome & nutritious meals. He shouldn't be ARROGANT & listen to his BW always maintainin RESPECT even when she gets a lil EMOTIONAL. A stern look should be enough to put her back on track. A TRUE BM is RESPONSIBLE & ACCOUNTABLE to a higher authority. Natural Law should be his limitation.

I say all of what I just said knowin that this izza REMINDER to activate that DNA of yours as most of US already know this. As the PATRIARCH is now done & WE are in the MATRIARCH, that FEMININE ENERGY now rules & OVERSTAND that how WE use the word rule & how THEY use it is totally DIFFERENT! This isn't about RUDE RULERSHIP or any of that. What it means is that when those LADIES have that NUCLEAR SEXUAL EXPLOSION aka & ya weren't AWARE of it, ya gonna be ASSED OUT my G! The BW is startin to recognize the REAL & there ain't MANY REAL BM & this run on sentence is basically sayin that I can't have all of 'em to myself. My goal was to have 4 wives & if ya ain't for polygyny, KEEP it to SELF but FELLAS, where the fuKKK y'all at? Very FEW of US will have the REALEST BW. All of US ain't gonna ASCEND. No REAL BM does DRUGS! No REAL BM should ever hit a BW first! All REAL BM OVERSTAND the concept of EACH 1 TEACH 1. A REAL BM has HONOR & is never SERVILE in SERVICE as WE are SERVANTS. All REAL BM have a Blak MAMA! All REAL BM want for THEMSELF what they want for ME for I am YOU! All REAL BM will pass this on bcuz it resonated in 'em. I LUV all REAL BM & Blak Peepo & demonstrate it as much as possible! All Real BM will donate to keep this site goin as my purpose in LIFE is to serve ME/YOU/US! Peace to all BM! To the other side........WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

* the expressed intent of this article is NOT ABOUT polygamy, polygyny or any system of multiple marriage.

Are you a REAL BM showin MANHOOD? My LIFE was my RITES of PASSAGE & y'all can read all about it when ya cop my book, My 2nd book, Hip Hop, from then til NWO (NOW) will soon be completed so look out for that as well. I speak for post 175 days & with that, STAY ALIVE & together, LET'S BUILD a NATION. Stay in touch by suscribin here on blogger, via email, I'm at & on FB, I'm at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). As WE HEAT UP the SKY, the KraKKa dies!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the Spirit told me that........

I should say watup & how you doin? Man, them SPIRITS, the ANCESTORS & those FORCES that WE can't see in other dimensions is talkin & THEY talkin LOUD! Do ya hear 'em? Oh, I forgot that the spirit told me that you are what ya eat so are YOU this?: Oh, some of Y'ALL hear these words & start thinkin RELIGION & all that but the Blak Smith is constantly tellin Y'ALL that RELIGIONS SUCK! I let Ray Hagins tell Y'ALL that in the last video I posted & some of Y'ALL is gonna be prayin on ya KNEES when the RAPture comes. I'll be with that EMPRESS who deserves ME after the Cosmic (After) Party makin sure that she gets those NUCLEAR SEXUAL EXPLOSIONS & she ain't gonna have SHIT to say about her SISTA WIVES bcuz ain't gonna be many of US left ANYWAY! As far as that goes, ain't WE already at that point? Time to repopulate the EARTH with right thinkin!

The spirit has told me to WARN Y'ALL do-gooders? In this case, who are the do-gooders? They are those of US who call themselves RELIGIOUS PEEPO who wanna get in the way of what will SOON HAPPEN! Ya know, the 1's like in Kemet who kept allowin them KraKKa's to co-exist around US in the late dynastiKKK periods & before ya know it...........THEY stole OUR LEGACY! I didn't even know where I was gonna take this article today but as I write, it told me to tell Y'ALL that the middle east (Alekbulan) is in Afrika & that these half breeds all RAPED THEY way in bcuz ya kept lettin 'em BLAK in EVERY TIME WE had 'em on the ropes & if ya readin this, DISREGARD that PEACE & LUV SHIT to all MANKIND at the expense of US! It took over 50,000 YEARS for US to be here & WE'VE been in abject slavery for about 500 years now & that NIGGA's time is up! Will the next big war of any consequence be between those of Y'ALL who wanna keep 'em ALIVE?

The weather is made by the COSMOS! The weather has been pretty UNPREDICTIBLE as last week this time it was ABSOLUTELY BLAZIN & today, it's UTTERLY PLEASANT with nice breezes & low humidity. Somethin like Do y'all remember that WE had a snowstorm before haloween last year? WE had more snow in that 1 day than the whole winter of 2011 - 2012 which is consistent with GLOBAL WARMING somethin that was supposedly dispelled azza HOAX a few years ago. As the weather does what it does, WE must allow it to do it's WORK. In this article, though I may be phrasin it differently, I will say that WE have OUR SCHOLARS who always say that as THEY are an ABBERATION of NATURE, that NATURE has a way of SELECTING what STAYS or GOES or what is called NATURAL SELECTION. In other words, 99% of the UNIVERSE has MELANIN aka ME aka BLAK! In the recent protestin STUPIDITY, who REALLY represented the 99%? WE TWISTED! In my book that MOST of Y'ALL haven't copped yet,, I talk about how WE would rather take care of OTHERS before SELF & how that's not right! Ain't NOBODY more important to me than YOU & for any KraKKa's readin this here, feel that TWINGE as I say a BIG fuKKK you while I spit SNAKE VENOM in ya eye! Y'all know ya TIME is UP & so Y'ALL tryin to KILL 50cent &
His recent profile was lifted as he was on oprah & THEY wanna throw US into a FRENZY as they did when THEY killed Whitney just 4 months ago. I already told Y'ALL that distraKKKtion is on & poppin! Before y'all think that I bumped my head, I could care less about half-a-dolla but what will ya children think when 1 of their (anti)-heroes dies? He's like Pac lately, TALKIN TOO MUCH about record label politriKKKs & DEATH. If he does a song/movie with out!

The SPIRIT told me to stop bein SCARED! It told me to stop grinnin in KraKKa's faces. It also told me for y'all to It told me to tell y'all that if ya keep ya HEART PURE that ya gonna be alrite! Y'all know that I revere Dr Clarke & all that but now I tell peepo to have RESPONSIBLE SEX, SMOKE a lil WEED, don't LIE to those you LUV & TRAVEL when YOU can. Go to Afrika & hang out with me. I was supposed to go next month but as of now, it looks like october. Check

Nothin I said here today is new. I ain't with that preserve this shit til the wheels fall off. I want CHANGE tonite so that NONE of US have to go to a JOB like me. I WORK for you to INSPIRE HOPE & for US to be READY for that time that's SOON COMIN. When the tide shifts, so many of Y'ALL ain't gonna know what to do. When the economy collapses, YOU'LL still have to EAT right? Y'all are gonna have to BUILD a NATION azza WORKER whether in the fields, construction or admin. Educate SELF on SELF & know ya GENIUS. This either means ALL or NOTHIN to ya & with that, know that WE now have 177 days left. Is YOU feelin me? Don't front, I know I got ya OPEN. You may ask, "how did ya know that Blak Smith?" My reply is, "the Spirit told me!" WAR & special shout out to Marcus Gomez & Brother Elijah.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ray Hagins: Breaking the LAST BOND of SLAVERY

This is my kinda SERMON! To those of YOU who have the same message, direct ya peepo HERE for the TRUTH! 

Friday, June 22, 2012

ASSorted fuKKKery Part III


What up my peepo? The Blak Dude is BLAK on the scene & if ya live in the northeast section of the usa, ya sweatin it out up here! It's been in the high 90's with very high humidity so stay hydrated & indoors if humanly possible. This song comes to mind: I ain't gonna say too much though I will admit that the takeoff of FEMININE ENERGY lately has been really HEAVY. Since May 20th as previously mentioned, a lot has changed & liken COSMIC change in TIME as a process. WE now have 182 days & COUNTIN! I used to bring BLAK the Final Countdown 2012 but I now incorporate those messages piecemeal into my articles so as not to hit Y'ALL too hard over the head. Hope that b2a is keepin Y'ALL coo!

So sit down, relax & go get a coo drink! Today, I'm just writin on some freestyle mess. It just may be too hot to THINK but you are always THINKIN. The heat just causes ya to think differently & so........ what's goin on with y'all? Hmmmm, I haven't had a guest writer on inna while & I know some of y'all with a message got so much to say. Where y'all at? Now before some of y'all get the notion, I ain't tryin to hear about soetero/romney & all that; I wanna hear about who's ready to start the next dispensation of time ANEW & be in the vanguard of leadership. Ya see, WE here at b2a are makin OURSTORY so that when WE look BLAK in time & wonder what WE were doin, WE can say that WE'VE been givin out INFO to get US READY for that so near time. What were you doin?

My regular readers know that lately, I've been dealin with the COSMOS. I've lost readers bcuz some of Y'ALL wanna poke fun OR continue to acknowledge that the galaxies/universe is VAST & that there is other INTELLIGENT LIFE inside & out there! I'll give y'all time to go before I go in & so.............good, I'm now talkin to those who wanna know some shit. Ok, here WE go; I've been wonderin why no-talent peepo such as the kardashians are featured so prominently & always with BM. I did some  research & check out just some of what I found: I'm not sayin that this info is legit as I can't research EVERYTHING but look at how THEY throw YOU off so that Y'ALL wanna ridicule & shit: (especially look after 1:45)

I am not a sci-fi geek & so I was never interested in these movies. They mention HUMANS on EARTH as SEX SLAVES & makes me wonder if the kardashian family are high end handlers of BM sex slaves? The best way to get a somewhat CLEAN BM in trouble is to make him go thru a SEX SCANDAL! Remember, kim got ray j FAMOUS & it has been rumored that ray j had a hand in Whitney Houston's death. Then she was with reggie BUSH (is he related to that FAMILY) & then kris humphries ( Now she's with kanye & who knows who's next? lamar odom was doin great & then was inna car accident in ny & ain't been the same since. Was that death a blood sacrifice? Why did he melt down goin so far as gettin cut from the dallas mavs? What's up with all that? Why so much fuKKKery involvin that family?

Remember that I told Y'ALL before that the spellin of the name is of no moment when the VIBE of the name hasn't been compromised. I don't believe in COINCIDENCES & WE have to know that most FAMOUS PEEPO are nothin more than controlled MANchurian CANDIDATES & if ya took that movie azza joke, read this & watch it again. Also look at & get a fuKKKin clue! While ya gettin that clue, stay ya ass outta trouble & let the COSMIC PARTY begin! That's where all of the non-breathin BW can have they SEXUAL NUCLEAR EXPLOSION as ya won't have to WORRY about the necessities of LIFE! Let's GIT IT! WARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

* Note, if the links are not highlighted in ya computer, copy & paste it in ya browser as they are all good. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fela Kuti - Music is the Weapon/1 of the GREATEST AFRIKANS EVER!!

Yea, today with 184 days left, b2a goes BLAK 2 AFRIKA! WE got the main man Fela Kuti here & that BM can't die as he has DEATH in his POUCH! Too many of US don't know that this GREAT Afrikan WARRIOR went thru so much & til his dyin days REFUSED to be quiet about the atrocities that STILL go on in his native Nigeria. Afrika will RISE UP & will do so with the help of US all so just stay tuned yo! Big Ups to my dude ETNYC aka Trey Max aka Eric who guarentees that this site will continue as it ain't FREE. I ask that those of you who can, DONATE & help US as helpin Y'ALL with masterful research is what FULFILLS US & that ya SUPPORT is needed. Everything is INTERESTIN & as the summa starts, it's HOT like a MOFO! I suggest that all MELINATED PEEPO take off they jobs & lets those with none work & see how THEY fare. You can then take ya time, stay in ya undies & smoke a blunt while listenin to Fela, Marley, Tosh, Gaye, Wonder & Mayfield sing ya songs of FREEDOM. If not, watch this & let the REAL show ya how it's done. WARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

ASSorted fuKKKery part II

Yea MAN.......a lot is goin on! I told Y'ALL that this fuKKKery WE are now seein as common erryday would get here. There's news of the WEIRD happenin all the time now & all WE do here at b2a is report it with a lil bit of investigatin. How y'all doin out there with 185 days to go. That KraKKa is now in a coma as his days are numbered so expect the unexpected. Look at how much he lies yo: Ya know his days are numbered  as ANYTHING with a FALSE FOUNDATION cannot last long & it's TIME that the RIGHTEOUS inherit the EARTH! The very foundation of the usa was that cristobal colon discovered it & in this day & age with all that WE say WE know, how could that be TRUE? Like the logo uptop, IT'S ALL BULLSHIT!

If ya can't bring it to me FACTUALLY or SCIENTIFICALLY, don't bring it to me! That includes any RELIGION, IDEAOLOGY, CUSTOMS or TRADITIONS if it ain't from OUR CULTURAL VIEW! The MATRIARCH is here & the REAL BLAK PEEPO are emergin while those stuck on the lower vibrational wavelengths still concern themselves with 3rd dimensional lifestyles & ways. I still see that some of Y'ALL who have an AGENDA are still talkin about VOTIN & SHIT & while soetero paid LIP SERVICE to the death of Trayvon Martin, he had a beer with skip gates & the cop that arrested him. Ain't that some fuKKKery? Lovin soetero is like choosin to die by the KNIFE instead of the GUN! With that said, what is the purpose of this now?:

How come Y'ALL still think that bcuz someone makes a lot of money that THEY ain't controlled slaves? Why is kanye datin kim? Of all the years they've been together, why did gay-z & bouncy have they 1st child this year? Why is chris brown still RUMORED to be screwin rihanna as if I give a fox! I've recently been researchin NAMES & don't think that these peepo CHOSEN as TALENTED are picked bcuz THEY better than anyone else. These NIGGA's is makin DEALS with the DEVIL! Note how they slightly change somethin in the name but the way it's SAID gives it it's VIBRATION. Case in point, WE have ACON:

Order of St. Thomas of Acon

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Part of a series of articles on
Core articles
Freemasonry · Grand Lodge · Masonic Lodge · Masonic Lodge Officers · Grand Master · Prince Hall Freemasonry · Regular Masonic jurisdictions · Continental Freemasonry
History of Freemasonry · Liberté chérie · Masonic manuscripts
The Commemorative Order of St. Thomas of Acon is an independent British Christian masonic organisation. Membership is restricted to those who are subscribing members of a Preceptory (Commandery) in amity with the Great Priory of the United Religious, Military and Masonic Order of the Temple of England and Wales and Provinces Overseas (commonly referred to as the Knights Templar). Membership is by invitation only. The basic organisation of the Order is a ChapelFoundation

The Order of St. Thomas of Acon was established in 1974 as a result of twenty years' research in the Guildhall Library in London by John E. N. Walker, who for many years was the Secretary General of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia. The ancient records of the Order, written in medieval French and Latin, had been deposited in the Guildhall Library and escaped the Great Fire of 1666. The Order now operates under the official title of The Commemorative Order of St Thomas of Acon.
As of July 2007 there were eighty Chapels of the Order in England, Wales, Spain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States of America.

The regalia of the Order is similar to that of a Knight Templar, that is, a stone white tunic, on the front of which is a Latin Cross, Medici Crimson, four inches wide, the full length of the tunic, on which is superimposed a white Latin Cross one-third the width. The intersection of the Cross is charged with a Bronze Escallope Shell, four inches diameter. Over the tunic is worn a stone white mantle with hood; on the left breast, a Greek Cross of ten inches length, upon which is a smaller white cross, the intersection of which is charged with a Bronze Escallope Shell. Knights also wear a crimson velvet cap, the front of which is charged with a Bronze Escallope Shell. Knights, with the exception of the Prior and Almoner, wear a sword belt and sword with scabbard.
The banner of the Order depicts the Arms of the Order and comprises: Argent, a Cross Rouge extending to the edge of the Banner, upon which is superimposed a smaller Cross Argent. In the first quarter of the Banner is an Escallope Shell Or, fimbriated Rouge.

Akon was exposed as a FRAUD a few years back givin peepo the impression that he was a high end cart thief gang leader. That's why everything he does is under KONvict records. Why call him Akon when his full birthname is Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thia? Again, it's the VIBRATION peepo! Stop gettin twisted in the wind! There is no such a thing as COINCIDENCE! Look for more of this to go on before the RAPture which to US has NOTHIN to do with the bible: As far as the news is concerned, there was no foul play in Rodney King's death but as a BM, I have to question it. Why now? Bein that he drowned was it forced? Who inherits what he left behind? Was he & his lady about to break up? I don't care what ya think but King was the SYMBOLIC REPRESENTATION of POLICE BRUTALITY for BM in this country! Didn't Gary Coleman die like this though under different circumstances? If THOSE assholes didn't kill him, THEY ain't gonna prosecute his lady if she did it as the SYMBOL is GONE! Sorry I have to use tmz as a source but thus far, this is the BEST STORY I've found:

Did y'all know that At the same time, ny is raisin the age up of those who use tannin salons. As if the sun ain't already KILLIN 'em softly............this I believe is why THEY be haarpin the weather so that the uv rays don't come in full blast but THEY ain't got no control of the sun & NEXT YEAR, the SOLAR FLARE activity is gonna be WAY HEAVIER than now. That debt crisis in europe is gettin crazier & crazier & ya gotta know it! When are Y'ALL gonna real-eyes that schools of higher education are goin outta style especially for non-practical stuff? Ya better start learnin how to RESEARCH whatever it is ya need to do.

Picture goin to sleep when ya get sleepy. Imagine not havin to get up til ya body says, "ya got enough sleep." How about havin LEISURE TIME to visit relatives just BCUZ! Imagine bein able to have as many children without worryin how ya gonna pay to keep 'em. Imagine growin ya own food & cookin with no preservatives, additives or fertilizers. Imagine goin to any stream knowin that the water is not contaminated & bein able to drink without thinkin about it. Yeah......that's where I'm goin bcuz I know that this is just around the corner bcuz I know how to see it & this is b2a's purpose. With that said, as I said in my last article, I will work but I'm not doin no j.o.b & need ya SUPPORT! Get at me so that WE can continue to SORT out the fuKKKery! WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Blak Smith has ya book on DECK so what the HECK ya waitin for? WE at but if ya want an autographed copy, get at me at or on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Know that WE luv ya & it's time for the BEAUTIFUL Blak Woman to have her way. That Boogie Down Bronx Shit, WE ON IT!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

2pac- No More Pain/ 187 days left!!!!!!!

Could U believe that he would have been 41 years today? WE got 187 on an undercover cop & days left! What irony yo!

Friday, June 15, 2012

ASSorted fuKKKery!!!

Hey b2a! Sorry that I took so long gettin BLAK to ya! I've been BUSIER than EVER lately & apologize for leavin y'all without somethin to watch, read or hear. In such a case, this song comes to mind: Today, I ain't got no main message but will speak on things heard in the news & what I'm gettin from my peepo out there in b2a WORLD but before I get into that, I need 10 of Y'ALL to send me $13 so that I can pay the host of the site to keep this goin &I ain't gonna ask anyone individually which means that I'm talkin to YOU! Or if not, 5 of you could buy my book, I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me. Y'all know the drill as my best seller goes on. Get with US as WE got so much to say. Hope that y'all is cool & with me. Let's get into it!

The DistraKKKtions continue. As I watched the news last nite, I saw that chris (breezy) brown & drake drake2    /dreɪk/ Show Spelled[dreyk] Show IPA


1. a small cannon, used especially in the 17th and 18th centuries.

2. drake fly.

3. Archaic . a dragon.


before 900; Middle English; Old English draca < Latin dracō dragon*
got into a bar room brawl where bottles were bein thrown about like missiles. This was in downtown ny & as I believe that music isn't bein sold like before & that THEY have to distraKKKt US so that ya don't THINK that ya winnin, I'll just post the story IF ya interested:
drake 2 (dreɪk)

— n

1. angling an artificial fly resembling a mayfly

2. history a small cannon

3. an obsolete word for dragon

[Old English draca, ultimately from Latin dracō dragon ]

WE now look up the 2nd definition of drake & find that definition 1 says that HE is an ARTIFICIAL FLY! WTF? How long has that definition been in existence. There is NO such a thing as coincidence & look what I just ran up on FB while typin out this article: If ya know or even think about a.i.d.s bein a HOAX & knowin that a (false) POSITIVE result means NOTHIN, then ya know that if THEY put somethin in ya, THEY can put somethin in ya! What I'm here to tell y'all is that ya need NOT be AFRAID as the RAPTURE is for those of US who are pure of HEART so I ain't writin this for y'all to be scared. I'm writin to INFORM!

* taken from

                                                    Part II later this weekend

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

EDDIE GRIFFIN Dysfunctional Family

This dude speaks for HIMSELF & so without further BLAK with an article next time.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Panther (1995)

When THEY take 'em down, I put 'em BLAK up when I fine 'em:

Was talkin to some of my peeps just yesterday while at Medu Bookstore in the ATL about my available book: & struck up a GREAT CONVO on the Blak Panthers & what THEY did durin the late 60's. Note that THEY weren't perfeKt but vey EFFECTIVE in that THEY provoked CHANGE after the death El Haj Malik Shabbaz. As the KraKKa basically okayed this flick, it's FLAWED but what I want for US to know is that, ya should watch it to get the OVERALL MESSAGE & FEEL of the time in what was goin on in the us ghettoes (usg). WE got 194 days so get yo MIND RIGHT & HOLLA BLAK at yo PEEPO my PEEPO! WAR is on the HORIZON!!!!!! 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Can U Medu?

I ain’t perfekt, but take it from Me

To all my ATL PEEPO! I, the Blak Smith will be at Medu Bookstore in the ATL on Saturday June 9th. This FAMILY OWNED biz which has been there for over 20 years will have ME come in doin what I do: Note that this article is from last year & my peepo are still there doin THEY thing! I'll be there talkin about my book which YOU need like ASAP as in NOW! WE got 197 days left & those SHIFTS WE have been speakin about are in the HERE & NOW! The patriarch is DEAD & so MA, TAKE OVER & leave those who don't OVERSTAND to the garbage dump! I always tell Y'ALL that my book is about Hip - Hop but it's about so much more like culture, psychology, spirituality & my take on what MAY be happenin in the next few months. Do not for 1 moment think that bcuz WE come HUMOROUS that WE are to be taken as JOKES. In fact, I am not so worried about the FUTURE, that as I type, I'm sippin on Cisco, blunt in mouth with BATH SALTS, eatin pork chop sammiches! Anyhoo.....before I come to ya city/state/region of the country, get at me as my tour continues. If ya SIRIUS about bookin me for lectures, book signins, workshops for the children or anything you can think of, GET at ME at or on FB inbox as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WE ain't goin NOWHERE so BLAK PEEPO, HOLLA BLAK! WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ENEMY OF THE STATE (1998) Special Edition

The best will smith movie EVER! When this 1 came out, I had a room in Harlem & wasn't into watchin movies bcuz of a WARPED REPRESENTATION but this 1 actually showed US how SHIT REALLY works! WE know today that the deaths of Jimi Hendrix, ODB, Isaac Hayes, Mike Jackson,  Don Cornelius & Whitney Houston were at the hands of that CARTEL whether ya call 'em, the illuminatti, the nwo, the fortune 500, the secret government or whatever is the 1's behind it all. This movie showed US how THEY can jack ya up SPIRITUALLY (belief), FINANCIALLY (audit from irs or bankin irregularities), MENTALLY (psychotropics) & PHYSICALLY (police brutality & hospitals)! I've been lookin for this 1 for a good LONG MINUTE & I've finally found it in 1 piece in it's full entirety as I don't put movies on here in parts. As it is a movie, it had to have it's sensationalistic parts but what I want Y'ALL to get is that if a congressman could get killed & THEY made it look like an accident, WHY wouldn't ya believe that THEY couldn't/wouldn't kill those of US who WAKE UP & don't wanna play THEY game? WE got 198 days left & already, the ENERGY has shifted & ya BOY, zeroman is back in jail! At this point, he has 0% creditibility which is sinkin FASTER & FASTER by the minute. When a jewish KraKKa is jailed for killin a young Blak boy, YOU should know that THEY TIME is UP!! The Blak Smith is the crypt keeper so HOLLA BLAK!!! WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Ascencion has STARTED!!


Yo b2a peepo, what it do? How are y'all? Yea, my book, I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me is still on & poppin as the book tour continues. I may soon be in a city near you so STAY in TOUCH & lemme know if I can be of service wherever YOU at! That song uptop is what got US knowin who Maxwell is & I'm glad that FAME didn't consume him. The point of it all is that WE will ascend & some of US are doin just that but not everybody is gonna make it. My research has allowed me to find out what's really happenin as opposed to these NIGGAS sayin that BATH SALTS is makin some of US act all weird & crazy. Ya see everything has a BASIS in EXISTENCE & WE MUST be VIGILANT & look out for each other. When I say that, I ain't talkin about those who won't listen as THEY will be lookin around wonderin why ya ain't on ya knees prayin as the COWS jump over the MOON with SOLAR FLARES lightin BLUNTS & all of the BW havin NUCLEAR SEXUAL EXPLOSIONS. Do Y'ALL want that?

In case ya didn't know, WE had another LUNAR ECLIPSE this mornin & if ya get pissed when I mention COSMIC SHIT, get the YOU KNOW WHAT outta here now. If ya still readin just bcuz ya like to know what the YOU KNOW WHAT I say, then know that all of this COSMIC ACTIVITY means somethin! The HUMAN BODY is composed of all of the ELEMENTS known in EXISTENCE! There are 186 BILLION GALAXIES & supposedly only 7-8 Billion peepo on earth so how DARE WE think that talk of the COSMIC is BS? Some of Y'ALL is open minded to EVERYTHING but SPACE as most of US don't question & in turn SCORN those of US who do speak on it. As well, Venus will be in line with the Sun & that has it's own stuff. I hate this chik's voice but I found her info to be quite interestin so check it out if ya will: At times in LIFE, KNOWLEDGE is KNOWLEDGE & WE must learn that is what's MOST IMPORTANT after

Some of Y'ALL don't quite OVERSTAND where I'm comin from but FEEL where it's comin from (85%). Some of Y'ALL FEEL it but DENY it bcuz ya just don't know how to FEEL yet. This group reminds me of those youngsta's who be on psychotropics & when THEY turn 15, the medics take 'em off & THEY don't feel NORMAL & seek TRANQUILITY inna BOTTLE (10%). Then ya got those like Garvey, Fela, Malcolm X, Kwame Nkrumah & a whole host of others who LUV THEY PEEPO so much that THEY willin to DIE in order to see US get it right. In case Y'ALL think I'm there.........I'm not.......YET!!!! Some of US CAN'T do anything else & HAVE TO bring ya that SHIT that makes ya UNCOMFORTABLE (5%). If ya layin on the sidewalk pissin & shittin on self & no one moves ya in ya comfort, why would ya move? Who the F wants to wake up to an alarm clock for the rest of THEY LIFE? Y'all don't WONDER bcuz that inner child in YOU is workin & too tired after 8 hours of LABORIN to make that KraKKa RICH! I keep tellin Y'ALL to ReTHINK what WORK is! GTFOH!!!

Ok, what's it gonna be? Ya gonna INVESTIGATE this COSMIC SHIT or continue doubtin? Are ya gonna MEDITATE & get all of that CLUTTER out ya head? You owe that to YOSELF! Anyhoo, did y'all hear about that SHITUATION in Houla?: Are y'all aware that us drones have killed again in pakistan?: This SHIT is so phony bcuz every time it happens, them paki's BITCH & MOAN as this has happened numerous times & vow the us is OUT & here WE go again with that! Did y'all know that the chinese is at it again?: For those of US who like them In Afrika, if THEY do this to they own peepo, what are THEY doin to some of US there?

Finally, these DISASTERS in Afrika got me all fuKKKed up. First, in Accra, an Allied Cargo plane missed the runway crashin into a bus killin all there though the plane crew survived. As if that wasn't bad enough, in the very same 24 hour period, a plane that left from Abuja to Lagos crashed into a densley POPULATED area in the most POPULATED country in all of Afrika.;_ylt=A2KLOzHyD81PiAkAm4fQtDMD. WE here at b2a are thinkin peepo & have to wonder how could 2 accidents happen so close to each other outta the blue like this. As I've lived in Ghana before, I would launch an INVESTIGATION & see who was on those planes, in that bus, in the affected neighborhood & ask who had what to gain & lose but........most Afrikans move on after death & usually have no idea of CONSPIRACIES like those I spoke of earlier. Whatever!

Again, fuKKK all y'all NIGGAS bcuz that's what y'all say to me with ya expression! Times are CHANGIN whether ya wanna acknowledge it as the RAPTURE, gettin HIGH, havin SEX, eatin good FOOD or drinkin til ya DRUNKER than a SKUNK! Some of y'all want this SHIT to stay the same bcuz ya live in a lil town in a big house with a nice car & know all the po po & so don't get stopped bcuz ya contribute to the pba. FuKKK that as WE move into the year with just 200 days left. I'm comin to yo city so get that word out & ya don't need be AFRAID bcuz this is why canabalism & zombieisms is happenin: Yo, be aware of the AIR ya BREATHIN & what ya EATIN! Start yo ASCENCION yo! See ya at the Cosmic Party!

Yeah, this b2a site is TEARIN up the NET! WE got more action on DECK & ask that ya contribute what ya may as WE have ReTHUNK what WORK is & now work for YOU! WE don't want y'all to contribute without RECIPRICATION & therefore ask that ya cop my book, I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me. For that autographed copy, holla at or on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Much Luv & know that WE are at WAR!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

GraveDiggaz - Nowhere To Run

Yea, WE are now in 2012 & TRUE as LIFE is, WE had some of OUR Hip Hop Brethern WARNIN US about these LAST DAYS YEARS AGO! Like a northern NJ area code, WE are now at 201 days & FINAL COUNTIN 'em down! These KraKKa's is LOSIN the RACE against TIME & stop that DOOMSDAY SHIT bcuz KRS-1 told Y'ALL a long TIME ago that WE will be here FOREVER!!! A few days ago, I posted a Nas song named Blak Zombie bcuz all of a sudden, NIGGAS is eatin NIGGAS & WE ain't talkin about consensual oral SEX! What gives yo? To those of Y'ALL who was dissin mc's/rappers for bein nasty, violent etc, what say ya now? All of those years I was goin to Afrika made me REALEYES that I was runnin from ME but as the title of this songs says..............Enjoy & for all y'all sicKKK MOTHAFUXXXA's...........if ya need to eat anybody, season 'em & cook 'em 1st! Before ya do that though, buy my book at The e-mail is & the FB contact is Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). GET at ME! WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!