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Watup? 175 days to go & though it was cool for the last 5 days, WE like most of y'all is about to HEATUP like that team from south fl. WE got lot's to talk about today & though soetero care was passed, WE don't give a fuKKK! With this HEAT, the distraKKKtions will be ramped up so just be on the look out. I told y'all a few weeks ago that that Blak Zombie Shit WE was hearin about wasn't BATH SALTS & in case ya didn't read it, here it is at the end of the article: Check this story that won't get much play at In a lot of my late articles, I've been tellin y'all about the COSMOS & how silly some of y'all get when I make mention of it. For those who wish to clown, I ask, "why are WE constantly seein these type of articles & rehashin the old…

the Spirit told me that........

I should say watup & how you doin? Man, them SPIRITS, the ANCESTORS & those FORCES that WE can't see in other dimensions is talkin & THEY talkin LOUD! Do ya hear 'em? Oh, I forgot that the spirit told me that you are what ya eat so are YOU this?: Oh, some of Y'ALL hear these words & start thinkin RELIGION & all that but the Blak Smith is constantly tellin Y'ALL that RELIGIONS SUCK! I let Ray Hagins tell Y'ALL that in the last video I posted & some of Y'ALL is gonna be prayin on ya KNEES when the RAPture comes. I'll be with that EMPRESS who deserves ME after the Cosmic (After) Party makin sure that she gets those NUCLEAR SEXUAL EXPLOSIONS & she ain't gonna have SHIT to say about her SISTA WIVES bcuz ain't gonna be many of US left ANYWAY! As far as that goes, ain't WE already at that point? Time to repopulate the EARTH with right thinkin!

The spirit has told…

Ray Hagins: Breaking the LAST BOND of SLAVERY

This is my kinda SERMON! To those of YOU who have the same message, direct ya peepo HERE for the TRUTH!

ASSorted fuKKKery Part III

What up my peepo? The Blak Dude is BLAK on the scene & if ya live in the northeast section of the usa, ya sweatin it out up here! It's been in the high 90's with very high humidity so stay hydrated & indoors if humanly possible. This song comes to mind: I ain't gonna say too much though I will admit that the takeoff of FEMININE ENERGY lately has been really HEAVY. Since May 20th as previously mentioned, a lot has changed & liken COSMIC change in TIME as a process. WE now have 182 days & COUNTIN! I used to bring BLAK the Final Countdown 2012 but I now incorporate those messages piecemeal into my articles so as not to hit Y'ALL too hard over the head. Hope that b2a is keepin Y'ALL coo!

So sit down, relax & go get a coo drink! Today, I'm just writin on some freestyle mess. It just may be too hot to THINK but you are always THINKIN. The heat just causes ya to think differently & so........ what…

Fela Kuti - Music is the Weapon/1 of the GREATEST AFRIKANS EVER!!

Yea, today with 184 days left, b2a goes BLAK 2 AFRIKA! WE got the main man Fela Kuti here & that BM can't die as he has DEATH in his POUCH! Too many of US don't know that this GREAT Afrikan WARRIOR went thru so much & til his dyin days REFUSED to be quiet about the atrocities that STILL go on in his native Nigeria. Afrika will RISE UP & will do so with the help of US all so just stay tuned yo! Big Ups to my dude ETNYC aka Trey Max aka Eric who guarentees that this site will continue as it ain't FREE. I ask that those of you who can, DONATE & help US as helpin Y'ALL with masterful research is what FULFILLS US & that ya SUPPORT is needed. Everything is INTERESTIN & as the summa starts, it's HOT like a MOFO! I suggest that all MELINATED PEEPO take off they jobs & lets those with none work & see how THEY fare. You can then take ya time, stay in ya undies & smoke a blunt while listenin to Fela, Marley, Tosh, Gaye, Wonder & Mayfiel…

ASSorted fuKKKery part II

Yea MAN.......a lot is goin on! I told Y'ALL that this fuKKKery WE are now seein as common erryday would get here. There's news of the WEIRD happenin all the time now & all WE do here at b2a is report it with a lil bit of investigatin. How y'all doin out there with 185 days to go. That KraKKa is now in a coma as his days are numbered so expect the unexpected. Look at how much he lies yo: Ya know his days are numbered  as ANYTHING with a FALSE FOUNDATION cannot last long & it's TIME that the RIGHTEOUS inherit the EARTH! The very foundation of the usa was that cristobal colon discovered it & in this day & age with all that WE say WE know, how could that be TRUE? Like the logo uptop, IT'S ALL BULLSHIT!

If ya can't bring it to me FACTUALLY or SCIENTIFICALLY, don't bring it to me! That includes any RELIGION, IDEAOLOGY, CUSTOMS or TRADITIONS if it ain't from OUR CULTURAL VIEW! The MATRIARCH …

2pac- No More Pain/ 187 days left!!!!!!!

Could U believe that he would have been 41 years today? WE got 187 on an undercover cop & days left! What irony yo!

ASSorted fuKKKery!!!

Hey b2a! Sorry that I took so long gettin BLAK to ya! I've been BUSIER than EVER lately & apologize for leavin y'all without somethin to watch, read or hear. In such a case, this song comes to mind: Today, I ain't got no main message but will speak on things heard in the news & what I'm gettin from my peepo out there in b2a WORLD but before I get into that, I need 10 of Y'ALL to send me $13 so that I can pay the host of the site to keep this goin &I ain't gonna ask anyone individually which means that I'm talkin to YOU! Or if not, 5 of you could buy my book, I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me. Y'all know the drill as my best seller goes on. Get with US as WE got so much to say. Hope that y'all is cool & with me. Let's get into it!

The DistraKKKtions continue. As I watched the news last nite, I saw that chris (breezy) brown & drake drake2    /dre…™k/ Show Spelled[dreyk] Show IPA

EDDIE GRIFFIN Dysfunctional Family

This dude speaks for HIMSELF & so without further BLAK with an article next time.

Panther (1995)

When THEY take 'em down, I put 'em BLAK up when I fine 'em:

Was talkin to some of my peeps just yesterday while at Medu Bookstore in the ATL about my available book: & struck up a GREAT CONVO on the Blak Panthers & what THEY did durin the late 60's. Note that THEY weren't perfeKt but vey EFFECTIVE in that THEY provoked CHANGE after the death El Haj Malik Shabbaz. As the KraKKa basically okayed this flick, it's FLAWED but what I want for US to know is that, ya should watch it to get the OVERALL MESSAGE & FEEL of the time in what was goin on in the us ghettoes (usg). WE got 194 days so get yo MIND RIGHT & HOLLA BLAK at yo PEEPO my PEEPO! WAR is on the HORIZON!!!!!!

Can U Medu?

To all my ATL PEEPO! I, the Blak Smith will be at Medu Bookstore in the ATL on Saturday June 9th. This FAMILY OWNED biz which has been there for over 20 years will have ME come in doin what I do: Note that this article is from last year & my peepo are still there doin THEY thing! I'll be there talkin about my book which YOU need like ASAP as in NOW! WE got 197 days left & those SHIFTS WE have been speakin about are in the HERE & NOW! The patriarch is DEAD & so MA, TAKE OVER & leave those who don't OVERSTAND to the garbage dump! I always tell Y'ALL that my book is about Hip - Hop but it's about so much more like culture, psychology, spirituality & my take on what MAY be happenin in the next few months. Do not for 1 moment think that bcuz WE come HUMOROUS that WE are to be taken as JOKES. In fact, I am not so …

ENEMY OF THE STATE (1998) Special Edition


The best will smith movie EVER! When this 1 came out, I had a room in Harlem & wasn't into watchin movies bcuz of a WARPED REPRESENTATION but this 1 actually showed US how SHIT REALLY works! WE know today that the deaths of Jimi Hendrix, ODB, Isaac Hayes, Mike Jackson,  Don Cornelius & Whitney Houston were at the hands of that CARTEL whether ya call 'em, the illuminatti, the nwo, the fortune 500, the secret government or whatever is the 1's behind it all. This movie showed US how THEY can jack ya up SPIRITUALLY (belief), FINANCIALLY (audit from irs or bankin irregularities), MENTALLY (psychotropics) & PHYSICALLY (police brutality & hospitals)! I've been lookin for this 1 for a good LONG MINUTE & I've finally found it in 1 piece in it's full entirety as I don't put movies on here in parts. As it is a movie, it had to have it's sensationalistic parts but what I want Y'ALL to get is that …

The Ascencion has STARTED!!

Yo b2a peepo, what it do? How are y'all? Yea, my book, I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me is still on & poppin as the book tour continues. I may soon be in a city near you so STAY in TOUCH & lemme know if I can be of service wherever YOU at! That song uptop is what got US knowin who Maxwell is & I'm glad that FAME didn't consume him. The point of it all is that WE will ascend & some of US are doin just that but not everybody is gonna make it. My research has allowed me to find out what's really happenin as opposed to these NIGGAS sayin that BATH SALTS is makin some of US act all weird & crazy. Ya see everything has a BASIS in EXISTENCE & WE MUST be VIGILANT & look out for each other. When I say that, I ain't talkin about those who won't listen as THEY will be lookin around wonderin why ya ain't on ya knees prayin as the COWS jump over the M…

GraveDiggaz - Nowhere To Run

Yea, WE are now in 2012 & TRUE as LIFE is, WE had some of OUR Hip Hop Brethern WARNIN US about these LAST DAYS YEARS AGO! Like a northern NJ area code, WE are now at 201 days & FINAL COUNTIN 'em down! These KraKKa's is LOSIN the RACE against TIME & stop that DOOMSDAY SHIT bcuz KRS-1 told Y'ALL a long TIME ago that WE will be here FOREVER!!! A few days ago, I posted a Nas song named Blak Zombie bcuz all of a sudden, NIGGAS is eatin NIGGAS & WE ain't talkin about consensual oral SEX! What gives yo? To those of Y'ALL who was dissin mc's/rappers for bein nasty, violent etc, what say ya now? All of those years I was goin to Afrika made me REALEYES that I was runnin from ME but as the title of this songs says..............Enjoy & for all y'all sicKKK MOTHAFUXXXA's...........if ya need to eat anybody, season 'em & cook 'em 1st! Before ya do that though, buy my book at…

Nas - Black Zombie/ He PREDICTED the FUTURE!!