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Are You a Targeted Individual?

Welcome back to a real b2a article that aint gonna be about politrixxx, trump, the deep state and all that jazz! As I do not think that much will pop off in these wars, I found a way for THEM to wage low intesnity wars on US in the TRUTHER COMMUNITY  and in fact, it has been said that this was how OUR BELOVED Dr Frances Cress Welsing was KILLED! ya go in on this 1, know that this is a very long article but very informative and so......................go in CAUTIOUSLY. After ya complete it, I suggest a massage & a drink! Devils Gun by CJ and Co.

Some people suspect being a Targeted Individual (TI). Others know. Too many are unaware that they are. Too many are unware a loved one is. Most TIs’ family members and friends disbe…

b2a RADIO PRESENTS an Adriana Evans EVENT!!!!!!!

This BEAUTIFUL BW who SANGS her tail off is so impressive and if ya NEVER heard of her.........well what ya waiting for? Go in and ENJOY and DANCE a little while ya at it! Peace!