Friday, January 31, 2014

What U know about GENOCIDE in West Papua New Guinea?

locator map of Papua New Guinea


This ain't gonna be no long article today but before I got this doc, I knew very little of what was happening in Papua New Guinea & as this didn't just start yesterday, it just proves what Dr John Henrik Clarke used to say that, "no 1 is the friend of the Afrikan!" This more than PROVES that when he said that, that he wasn't just talking about that euro-devil; nah........he meant that for a whole bunch of peepo as hardly any peepo RESPECT US as I've seen plenty of Ghanians absolutely DISSED when I lived there & I ALWAYS defended 'em bcuz I don't let that happen around Me! This is not to malign all non-Blak peepo but as Kwame Nkrumah said, "OUR INDEPENDENCE IS MEANINGLESS UNLESS IT IS LINKED UP WITH THE TOTAL LIBERATION OF AFRICA." To Me, this means that just bcuz PNG is in Asia, doesn't mean a THING as the beginning of this pic makes it MORE than OBVIOUS that these are OUR PEEPO!

Look, most of US are wallowing under the debt crush this world economy has caused! As there is not much that I can do, what I will ask is that ya put forth a SINCERE EFFORT in SPREADING the WORD about the PLIGHT of those SUFFERING under the indonesians & WE NEVER HEAR SHIT ABOUT IT! Big shout out to my main dude Anton Nawipa who made Me AWARE of such goings on & another BIG SHOUT to my SIS, Ashira Amenet who is pushing this CAUSE forward as well! As far as this article is concerned, I want my peepo INFORMED so that they can be FOREWARNED! As Dead Prez would say, "LET'S get FREE" but WE MUST do it TOGETHER! Blak Peepo, please & the ONLY WAY WE doing this is style. Til it's PEACE, it's WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014



So.......where are all of my OBAMAnations at? Y'all been kinda QUIET lately & after that PERFORMANCE at the (enemy of the) state of the onion, where the HELL y'all at? Where are all of ya who ARGUED Me to DEATH that this would be US winning? Come out from under that rock & read what the FINAL SOLUTION is for once & for all! WE here at b2a is gonna break it down in sections first though so ya know.........but before WE do so, WE must first determine for what side are ya playing on. From the authors purview, WE see it as 4 distinct categories of BP & SO HOPEFULLY you WILL FIND self  in here so that you can get to work! Go in as WE have so much to say!!! (Everyday Peepo by Sly & the Family Stone)

As WE are gonna build from the bottom up, WE start with the niKKKa's but from a different perspective. WE saw the example of Richard Sherman just a few days ago & though this SHIT was totally BLOWN outta PROPORTION, the media is still talking about him though WE know why.......bcuz he DARED show EMOTION in the presence of their BIATCH, something a BM is never supposed to do unless it's NEGATIVE or at US! But that is the last thing that dude is! What about these dudes ACTING like LEADERS & just getting MONEY? Some of y'all is thinking about sell-out RAPPERS & ATHLETES now but as it is more than OBVIOUS as to who they are, I'm talking about ya sharptones, jaXXXon's, faraKKKoons, dices-son's & professor KKKorny west not to be confused with Kanye. Ya see, they have been appointed as OUR LEADERS but was that granted by an election, selection or thru EXPOSURE thru their media? Why come devils don't have LEADERS? Think about that! These are Our Heroes aka Kkkon Piknikk by Nas)

And now WE get to niggers aka nigga's as defined by the DICTIONARY & WE can no longer CRY RACISM when it's used that way even by them! As it's all so ridiculous, to Me, common everyday nigga's are those in the hood  or who get money & pre-Malcolm X & those like him come to mind. These are those blaKKKS that say SHIT like "there go that nigga that always be talking that BLAK SHIT!" Ya know 'em as they exist in yo family, neighborhood, jobs etc. Common niggas are still blaKKK ya see & so usually excel at something from drug dealing to PREACHING & if ya got offended by that, look at all of the scandals that PREACHERS get into especially DRUGS & HOMOSEXUALITY! Y'all got it TWISTED that nigga's don't wear suit & ties & just would NEVA hear some of 'em use the WORD nigga! In fact, they HATE for ya to use the word but look at what they do! Before I move on from this section, apologies go to those over the age of 55 who know the STING of what that word is after being called that by devils who would kill as soon as look at ya. If ya a NIGGA, my apology doesn't apply at any age! (Be a NIGGA too by Nas)

And now, WE get to niggers aka, the ORIGINS of what it is to be that! Hmmmmmm......what is a nigger? Well to Me, a NIGGER is a word that devils came up with bcuz of their IGNORANCE in reducing a Blak Person to NOTHING Nas said above, ANYBODY could be 1! Ya see, just about EVERYTHING that devil calls US is really REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY as he calls US MONKEY's but in fact, he is 98% rh+ & as that's too long to explain here, look that up! He reverted to PRIMACY during his DARK AGES & the MOORS re-CIVILIZED 'em! Then after the half breeds were created, they came into Afrika & defeated the MATRIARCHAL TYPES who were enslaved by the modern day arabs & later, his half brother, the european & here WE are the JUNGLES of ameriKKKa aka the new world! They created these niggers who do actually exist & for that, they get 100% BLAME! WE'VE been changed so much til WE BLAME each other for what essentially is his fault! Only a nigger can create a niKKKa, nigga, nigger but there is such a thing as REDEMPTION as WE will soon see. (People Person by Donnie)

(by Akil) NEVER be a NEGRO!!!!!!! this 1, WE gonna go from projects to PYRAMIDS or......from niggas to GODZ aka NAGA's, something that whichever ya see yaself  in in this article is what ya striving to be! I always go with the concept as stated by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad about the 85%, the 10% & the 5% but in the Blak Smith's updated version, there is such a thing as the 1% & those in there include Nat Turner, the Honorable Marcus Garvey, Dr John Henrik Clarke, Malcolm X,  Dr Ben, Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba, Kwame Toure, Steve Cokely, Khalid Muhammad, Brother Dawud & in fact, most of 'em are UNKNOWN! Those are my NAGA's & why the only thing I don't let anyone call Me is a negro who is nothing more than a black boy working for them! Today, none of those peepo could be described as LEADERS bcuz they were teaching US how to LIBERATE OURSELVES from those who think that they can rule forever but his TIME is UP!!! This is why y'all don't see Me endorsing many out there bcuz MOST of US got OUR SHIT about US & ain't too many willing to die bcuz WE have been made COWARDS bcuz WE too afraid to die! The role of a MESSIAH is FEARLESSNESS!!! I ride with Dr. Clarke though who always maintained that to have ya LIFE taken for STUPIDITY is just as stupid as rws is! The FINAL SOLUTION is to LUV & RESPECT each other to LIFE!!!!! (My Melody by Rakim)

WE still coming thru with Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die & taking orders before the link goes up. As always stated, you can get at Me at or on fb INBOX ONLY as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). 

So......."WTF Blak Smith, ya made Me read this long ass article & didn't say SHIT as to how WE gonna get outta being victims of that devil & his deviousness....what gives yo?" The answer depends on who ya are in relation to the cosmos! As you are composed of TRILLIONS of cells, you can TRANSCEND TIME & SPACE & ascend to the dimension ya lowest/highest POTENTIAL has. All of yo cells are PLANETS on ya own personal COSMOS!!! The songs say all that need to be said as 1 can go from being a low life thug to being a NAGA like Malcolm so who am I to count anyone out? I always used to say that the separation has been made but it ain't Me that's doing that, it's yo SPIRIT! Having a spirit means that you are a NATURAL DARK BEING & as NATURE takes care of herself, those who defile her shall be dealt with! Ya MELANIN is changing & when that switch turns, those without it will PERISH as if they NEVA existed! Take care of yaself, keep yo spirit as CLEAN as possible & determine that no matter what, you will be here when it's OFFICIAL! This has been a presentation from b2a & as WE love y'all, please support OUR endeavors as WE are that MAGICK & that FINAL SOLUTION!!! Y'all can now call Me, NAGADOCIOUS!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

P.S......anything is POSSIBLE!!! (song is inside of link)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Hip Hop will NEVA die (the former Sugar Hill Gang doing Rappers Delight on Arsenio after the above clip)

Before I go in for REAL, WTF is a polar vortex? I swear them niKKKa's make SHIT up as they go! Yesterday the high was in the teens & as of 12 noon it's 50 degrees but's gonna go back to fuKKKing FREEZING!!! IDK if it's h.a.a.r.p or what but when have ya ever seen the WEATHER fluKKKuate such as this? Are the poles shifting? Has the fallout from the bp oil spill & Fukishima changed patterns? Is this the DEVIL salting GAIA bcuz he knows that his TIME is UP? Those of ya who watched the grammy's were GAY RITUALIZED & that's all on that! Just a few things to ponder before ya go in. (Think by Lynn Collins)

Finally...........a BIG SHOUT OUT goes out to Arsenio Hall who has finally been FORGIVEN by the jews but.......why? Methinks that as music is now FREE, they had to SPIN the WHEEL & start exposing what's OLD so that peepo who are used to buying music will start BUYING it again!!! As that AIN'T gonna happen, I'm glad to see that someone has taken the initiative to show that 1 can even be in their 60's & still appreciate my WIFEY, HIP HOP & REPRESENT the GROWTH she has undertaken!!!!! Just the other day, a BW who had to be in her late 40's - early 50's was on family feud & rapped a whole verse of rappers delight as the audience clapped. I say this to say that lately, a whole lotta peepo have been saying that if ya over 30, ya shouldn't rap but tell Mike Jordan that he SHOULD NEVA pick up a basketball again. Some of y'all idiots saying that DUMB SHIT also love jay-z & that niKKKa is in his mid - 40's. GTFOH!!!! (Over 30 by KRS 1)

What I think that most of y’all really mean is that a dude over 30 years old shouldn't be PURSUING a record deal but if ya know anything, the deals aren't the same anymo' & this is why nothing but HOT GARBAGE is coming out now! Like Chuck said, go online or to a show to see the REAL & RAW! Ya gotta be part of that CONTROLLED BAPHOMET in order to get down!!! Bcuz niKKKa's refuse to learn from the elders who can show guidance, like on tv sitcoms, it seems like if ya name ain't sharptone, jaXXXon or faraKKKoon, that OUR leaders are jay, bey & lil wayne while WE ignore a still living GOD like Dr. Ben who is currently in a NURSING HOME!!! How is it in Hip Hop Era that the YOUNG RULE? Do ya mean to tell Me that there is no 1 to take care of this GIANT of a MAN who has done so much for US? Too many of US learned what WE spoke about from him but......who wants to address that? Bcuz of the tone of my last article at, some got behind Me for that N-WORD but that there is NIGGA SHIT as a collection should be taken so as to at least let that GOD live in a HOUSE SETTING with US taking care of him! Ya see, the TRUE SKOOL of Hip Hoppa's are now in their 50's & if WE were concerned with freeing James Brown & Tupac while they were jailed & when Kool Herc needed surgery, I think same can be said for Doc Ben! What say US Hip Hop.........a BENEFIT CONCERT in his behalf? And this don't just go for Hip Hoppers either.........WE need dudes like Seti, Polight, Natural Tehuti as well as Runoko, Browder, Baruti & more building on this! I'm calling Y'ALL OUT outta LUV so if ya wanna get at Me, my contact is down below.

Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die orders are coming in & for the e-book, if ya engage Me directly, it's $5 but on the link which will soon be provided, it will be $10. Same deal for I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me. Paper books to come soon as well but YOU must fund it! Get with US at or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

So do ya see how the FREQUENCY of Hip Hop has permeated every level of US & for that matter, the WORLD? WE MUST do a SANKOFAH so that WE can look BLAK while going FORWARD!! WE must allow OUR WISE ELDERS to LEAD US!!!! Without OUR JUNGLE MUSIC, WE are NOTHING! Wherever & whoever YOU are, ya need to spread this message FAR & WIDE & let's get BLAK to being US bcuz WE here at OUR TIME!! Ain't NOBODY gonna do NOTHING for US but US & if ya don't share that SENTIMENT, you's a niKKKa & I don't want NOTHIN to do with ya! Before I go, gotta let WE know that RESPECT + RESPECT = MAAT = LOVE + MELANIN = US FOREVER as that's how long KRS1 ATTACKS the TRACK for the BLAK PEEPO!!!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014


See who the REAL MAN was at

This is what the fuKKK they do 2 OUTSPOKEN BM!!!!

I came to the computer today totally intending on making US laugh but fuKKK that as I'm pissed off & being that WE just came off a Brother Dawud post, I'm gonna continue in that vein so that ya know that WE ain't to be joked with! Ya see that dude up there? How many of ya knew who he was before ya read this?; ONLY those under 35 have an excuse as the GREATEST, who had a BORNDAY last week was SLOW POSIONED by the intelligence agencies soon after his boxing career was over. Who the fuKKK has a PROBLEM with Busta Rhymes, ahem..........I meant Richard Sherman? The ONLIEST reason why that there was an issue with his BEHAVIOR was bcuz that WHITE BIATCH interviewing him RECOILED as she wasn't ready for what was merely an EMOTIONAL OUTBURST as he was still pumped on ADRENALINE after making a game winning play to get into the fuKKKin SUPER BOWL! I HATE the fact that he APOLOGIZED & fuKKK ya if ya don't like Me for saying it! If that had been Jim Brown, it woulda been like the Boondocks, a NIGGA MOMENT & nothing mo'! Peace to that BROTHA & if you out there can't OVERSTAND my point......

Which brings Me to Ali! When are y'all NIGGA's gonna OVERSTAND that this SYSTEM of CONTROL didn't start with rap & Hip Hop? I would put that John Todd clip from youtube up here but if ya SIRIUS, I ain't making it easy for YOU anymore! Y'all sound like those peepo on social networking sites always WHINING about the opposite sex while totally IGNORING yo part in why ya relationships don't work! Siriusly, what part does RACIST WHITE supremacy play in ya relationships? If ya don't check the REFERENCES, don't walk away talking SHIT about those of US who are trying OUR HARDEST to educate YOU! Look at how Allen Iverson was unceremoniously DUMPED by the nba after he lost that step. Check how they left Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf out to dry when he wouldn't stand up for the pledge of allegiance some years ago. The name of the game is to MAKE MONEY off of ya until ya no longer MARKETABLE & then dump ya so that at ya next job ya asking, "do ya want fries with that?" NiKKKa's like 1/2 a dollar, gay-z, dr. dre & those who are successful don't need to tell US what they chose as they get REWARDED with RICHES beyond BELIEF while Most of US are barely making it! Compare those niKKKa's to Khalid Muhammad! But if ya think it's all a game, check this shit here;

So what was the GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN of last year all about? For a lil BLAKground, check this; Hold up & in fact, fuKKK that........what of the debt ceiling? The u.s government which does NOTHING for US will reconvene TALKS of that debt ceiling on feb 7 2014 but EVERYBODY is DUMPING the DOLLAR!!! I have HEARD that ALIENS are in the process of CHANGING how this SHIT works so that NO 1 who doesn't deserve SUFFERING should ANYMORE but bcuz TOO MANY of ya don't BELIEVE & would rather suck ya deity's dick, a big WATEVA MAN!!! Whether or not ya feeling this, if you are able to GO INSIDE of SELF, YOU know that EVERYTHING is outta WHACK & if it ain't in ya personal view, ya must be driving a benz & living in a beautiful house thinking that SHIT is SWEET!!!! If ya not striving for better, why the fuKKK do YOU care about a SHIT TALKING ATHLETE who got called all kinds of NIGGA's when he's already a NAGA as EVERY NAGA better have a NIGGA in HIM!!!!!! Ya gonna need him to get rid of these devils & so keep him's soon gonna be OPEN SEASON on him & so BE VIGILANT!!!!!!!!!!!

Boom bye bye will be available as an e-book until I get this crowd funding business done. Sales are brisk & for ya copy, send Me an e-mail or send Me an FB INBOX ONLY at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff).

Just to let y'all know that this is being RIGHTED as WE speak, check this for ya own verification as they NEVA show this level of CONCERN in the LANGUAGE of getting US outta DEBT!!! (in other words, they ain't gonna do SHIT unless FORCED!!!!)

And finally, why did Ali's wife let that niKKKa in? Is there SECURITY around the GREATEST 24-7 or was this a photo-op to keep US knowing that Ali is still ALIVE but look at him yo!!!!! They paraded him around during the 96 olympiXXX & by now, that SHIT needs to stop as the Ali WE knew & loved would NEVER REPRESENT it that way!!! Will OUR BELOVED like Kanye look like that 30 years from now? HELL to the NAW bcuz by then, this SHIT will have been over! Look at how RADICALLY the WEATHER has been shifting! The most Honorable Marcus Garvey is IN that h.a.a.r.p WHIRLWIND so get READY!!! Lasy year about this time, there were reports that said Ali would soon be dead & the eventual FAMILY FEUD not starring steve harvey.  If Ali can communictae & didn't wanna see no DEVIL in his presence, may that she-bitch die 1000 deaths!!!!
 I WANT the DEVIL DEAD & I say this ALL with

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Brother Dawud adresses the 99%/ONLY 4 the REAL

As the BROTHA says it ALL, I ain't gonna say ANYTHING! If YOU are weak at HEART, do NOT go in!!! The REALEST PEEPO ONLY!!!!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Muhammad Ali in.....THE GREATEST

******************LINKED ARTICLE is a MUST READ*********************

I was gonna write an article on 1 of my FAVORITE PERSONS & the GREATEST EVER but in looking online, I found a GEM of an article from a dude named Kinshasha that BLOWS anything I would have said away. In the early 90's, I had heard that Ali was poisoned by the u.s intel agencies & if ya care about somebody like him, ya need to read the article to see beyond a shadow of a doubt what it is. Athletes who love their peepo like Craig Hodges, Allen Iverson & Gary Sheffield need be CAREFUL as they REVERE ya, wait for ya to get old & when ya no longer MARKETABLE, dump ya unceremoniously like WET FOOD STAMPS!!! For those of ya too young to know who Ali really was, check the Movie & just know that the MAN was OUR GOD & was GREAT FRIENDS with Malcolm X but had to leave that friendship due to n.o.i politriXXX! With that, know that the CHAMP is HERE & BUMAYE ALI, BUMAYE ALI, BUMAYE ALI, BUMAYE! Happy 72nd BORNDAY to the CHAMP & praise the END of the DEVIL!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fu-Schnickens - La Schmoove

Just good ole PURE HIP HOP before WE go in extra HARD BODY tomorrow with a FLICK Y'ALL just ain't READY for! As that is the case, allow US to get BLAK to finishing ya favorite expose on the entertainment in DUST TREE aka Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die! WAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck it, here's another 1 Y'ALL totally forgot about

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Afrika Bambaaataa The Early Years of Hip Hop-From Black Spades to Zulu N...

Big up to MLK who had a BORNDAY today. Peace to the just passed Amira Baraka. WE SOULJAH on! The GODFATHER of Hip Hop is TALKING that SAME SHIT I been saying & if ya THINK it's gonna stop, ya DEAD WRONG! As this Hip Hop INTERVIEW speaks for itself, know that Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die is in the process of being perfeKted! The FREQUENCY that WE going thru is gonna be Hip Hop as WE age into OUR 40's & 50's! The REAL SHIT will be represented & I'm here to say that 1 is NEVA too OLD to be a HIP HOPPA!! To all of my PEEPO, it's all about For the OTHER SIDE, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pinky & The Brain Episode 7 - TV or Not TV

While WE LAUGH, READ into their PSYCHOLOGY of HOW THEY do just what THEY do!!!! It ain't hard to tell & so while watching, THINK about how the STARS are FOLLOWED & about how WE get ENCHANTED by 'em! ameriKKKan IDOL anyone? I already told Y'ALL that They sending BRAIN WAVES thru the computer, the tv & even OUR PHONES & ain't nothing new about it!!! Not to worry though as their TIME is UP! If only y'all knew what the meantime, ENJOY & have a laugh with Jonathan & Jamal as WE & peepo like US TAKE OVER the MF WORLD!!! Now let Me get BLAK into perfeKting Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die or I'll come thru whatever electronic device ya using!!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lackawanna Blues

I dare YOU to go away from this FLICK the same before ya watched it! I ain't gonna put nothing on my blog that can't TEACH ya something whether it pisses ya off or if it makes ya cry!!! This movie here needs to be seen again & again as WE NEED to take it BLAK to the EARTH & FAMILY aka FOOD, CLOTHING & SHELTER & WE ain't gonna do that trying to REFORM this PRESENT SYSTEM but................I ain't gonna say much as I'm BUSY perfeKting my MAGNUS OPUS!!! Enjoy this movie & if ya ENJOYING what ya see here at b2a, SPREAD the WORD & put Me on ya FB pages, group pages & all of the social media sites ya on.......b2a is doing it big in 2014 & so help a CONSISTENT BROTHA dispensing that REAL to & for YA!!! Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die is what I'm working on & so................for ya advanced autographed copy, get at US at or on fb INBOX as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


(if ya don't watch the 10 minute youtube clip, don't even bother reading this as it will make no sense)

Ok......the KIDS GLOVES is coming off today! WE going straight to the JUGULAR in this 1 as WE straight HARD BODY putting it where it belongs. I remember a few years back in Palmdale CA when a school security guard broke a young Blak girl's arm for spilling a PIECE of CAKE on the floor & chasing her into the bathroom to HARASS her! Ok BM, what about this?:

joe rickey hundley

Or how about this SHIT & I ain't hear NOBODY talking about it.......................................

A 16-year-old black boy is raped, brutally beaten, and murdered by two grown white men and the title of the local news story is:
“Dayton Teen Beaten to Death Had Troubled Past”

 So again my peepo, especially YOU BLAK MAN.......where WE at? Why come WE can KILL each other so easily & yet when THEY come & do it, WE resort to the COURTS, POLICE & the COMPASSION that they NEVA had & NEVA will? As WE already know the questions, the Blak Smith with the help of my SISTA who loves US so deeply provided just 1 of the ANSWERS just like Dr Kamau Kambon said some years ago. My SIS is named Cheif-Lateva Mabilijengo & though MOST of Y'ALL may be AFRAID, I ain't & I'm reposting it bcuz Y'ALL gotta know that giving yo LIFE for ya PEEPO is a REAL THING! If I don't pass on the REALEST INFO, I ain't doing my JOB & fuck MONEY!!!! I wish that WE didn't need it so that some of YOU can stop asking ME to reform what needs to be torn the fuck down!!!

Ok, if this is YOU, time to REEVALUATE but......I would be REMISS if WE didn't offer just a few SOLUTIONS! This II part series that I will continue til b.o.b K ain't a FACTOR NO MO' is inspired by the musings of 1 Minister Paul Scott. What I'm about to drop on US now is just 1 SOLUTION by my SUPER PAL, Super Nat Turner aka Tina Queen, copy & pasted from FB where she says;


Ok, that there is what WE at b2a call NATION BUILDING 101 at it's MF BEST & like Ms Lauryn Hill, I gotta put an F word in every so often so y'all MF's  hear Me! Before I go, a few GROUND RULES though; the # 1 thing that BP need to remember is to STOP being so EMOTIONALLY REACTIONARY! What I mean by that is if ya took the above vid to heart, stop BLABBING about how ya did so & so & what ya gonna do bcuz if they don't have ANY EVIDENCE on ya but ya been running ya mouth like O-Dog in Menace II Society, they GOTTCHA!!! Somebody out there always got it out for ya!!!! Keep ya circle tight & if ya planning, when communicating, use code words!!! Whisper when in the company of others & tell ONLY what is necessary so that if 1 is TORTURED, they can only say what THEY THINK & not what THEY KNOW! That EMOTION got US talking too much but all it is is REACTION to EMOTION instead of PRO-ACTION! 

A great friend of mine told Me years ago that niKKKa's is the biggest BITCHES & as ya see, the SISTA's is REPPIN where the Men ain't. Big up to the BROTHA with the NERVE to say what he said & his name is GenerealXJohnson. This goes for DEVILS & especially niKKKa's bcuz they done taught US to hate self & kind! From all of US at b2a & those who feel as I do, this has been my 2014 MESSAGE to the BLAK's now on Y'ALL & FUCK the POLICE as in

So it's now time to MAN the FUCK up bcuz if I know ya, this is how I'm judging ya!!! Ain't NOBODY supposed to be getting away with so much as even TOUCHING OUR BABIES!!! As I've been doing this for 5 years now, SUPPORT my soon coming CROWD FUNDING endeavors & my new book, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die! To get in on the ground floor aka, ya personally autographed copy, holla at Me at & on fb INBOX ONLY as Blak Smith. WAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR is PERPETUAL!!!

Saturday, January 4, 2014


(this clip for Me really starts at 1:30 but as it's just over 2 minutes, watch the WHOLE THING)

Ok y'all, Ive been given an IMPERATIVE & INSPIRATION to write this article by a GREAT FB DUDE named Minister Paul Scott . As this is my 1st article  in this FAKE ASS NEW YEARS, HAPPY FAKE ASS NEW YEARS b2a! 1 thing that WE gotta know is that B.O.B aka BLAK on BLAK crime was started by R.W.S aka racist white STUPIDITY & so stop HATING on dudes like Kanye West!!! Stop looking for OUR RICH CELEBS to get US outta this bcuz the ONLY REASON why they are RICH CELEBS is bcuz they had to SELL OUT!!!!!  If ya STILL don't BELIEVE that, go online & find them saying it THEMSELVES!!! Look at what has happened to a lotta them!!! So far this year at least for Me, has already proven as CLEANSING as I'm shedding unnecessary dead weight & the LIGHT SHINES like a Common song. WOW!!! Anyhoo.......the above short clip taken from that great movie Hidden Colors II as made by Tyriq Nasheed sheds light on why WE as Blak Folk suffer from this so called B.O.B aka BLAK on BLAK CRIME!!!!!!!

If ya haven't seen Hidden Colors I or II as of yet, KILL YOSELF!! Don't watch it for FREE online and BUY IT instead of buying the bootleg & SUPPORT US who wanna see CHANGE!! I usually don't cover this type of subject matter bcuz there are so many covering B.O.B BUT...........WE at b2a gotta serve the COMMUNITY in all ways!That includes YOU if ya got something to say that WE ain't covered yet!!! Get at US!!! Besides, YOU may know what to do to avoid the pitfalls of the STREETS & if so, put somebody up on game so that they know!!!! As WE soon gonna be FREE, continue to see the DEATHS pile up with Spike Lee's brother, James Avery & a former G-Unit alum, Mazaradi Fox all passing since the FAKE new year started. Stay ALIVE & see LIBERATION happen & to all you NON - BELIEVERS...................................................................................