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Marvin Gaye, Born Marvin Pentz Gay Jr

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Marvin Pentz Gay, Jr. was born on April 2, 1939 in Washington D.C. to Marvin Gay, Sr., a preacher, and Alberta Gay, a housewife and school teacher. Gaye was the second eldest of Gay Sr.'s children and the third overall of six. He had two sisters: Jeanne and Zeola, and three brothers: Michael Cooper, Frankie Gaye, and Antwaun Gay. Michael Cooper was from his mother's previous relationship while Antwaun was born as a result of his father's extramarital affairs. Marvin Gaye’s childhood can be characterized by developing an early love of music in the face of an abusive relationship with his father. Marvin Gaye’s introduction to music began by singing in his father’s church choir when he was only three years old. He expanded his musical abilities by learning how to play the piano and drums.
Gaye was encouraged to pursue a professional music career after a performance at a school play at age 11, sin…

b2aRadio presents classic house music - mixtape number 1

this 1 aint gonna be for everybody but............if ya from Washington DC on up to NY or from Detroit/Chicago & ya over the age of 35, ya might just wanna give this 1 a listen! Its ya FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD HOUSE DJ Blak and this shout out goes to those who remember the Paradise Garage, the Reny, the Warehouse, the Loft & Broadway International. Those clubs were HOT in the late 80s early 90s in the NYC Club Scene back then. Man........I remember back in the day when going to those clubs NIGGAS thought ya had to be GAY but some just went for the MUSIC! Remember that Frankie Knuckles started it & for his stuff WE got that as well at (Frankie Knuckles Beyond the Mix). No need to talk so just go in & ENJOY! HOUSE MUSIC ALL NITE LONG! 

Look at what TRUMP is DOING!

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Ayo......F what ya heard! This dude has already been making a lotta NOISE & to those of ya who need CONVINCING, lets take a look at what this dude has already done & will be doing in the near future. Hey, give the dude a chance & as I have been saying for a while now, WHETHER ya like him or not, like B.I.G said, SHIT done CHANGED! 

In my view, there’s only one way Trump could fight the global elites and their SDR plan: return the dollar to some sort of gold backing. Trump has said favorable things about gold in the past. So have some of his advis.......more at
Or how about this 1? one of Trump's lawyers, Sheri Dillon, a tax attorney at Morgan Lewis, said that the president-elect would give the profits his hotels generate from foreign governments to the Treasury........more at…