Monday, July 26, 2010

HipHop has gone Wild Part VI

Yes yes yes, HipHop has gone wild & on an errant path. Today, before we get into it, I got a lil something that I gotta get offa my chest. Lately, after introducing myself as the Blak Smith, I get, what's ya real name? Let me tell y'all that if ya are a serious reader & been followin this blog a while, you should already know why I am OFFICIALLY named the Blaksmith! When I nearly died of malaria in Ghana, I said that I'll be Blaskmith with my PEEPO & ROTGUT SWAMPWATER to slave owners & those who think like 'em. Stop it with this immature shit of needin to know my REAL name & then usin it as a way to annoy my last fuckin nerve as it ain't funny. We all are guilty of a flaw & when I catch myself not likin something about somebody, I apologize as it ain't all about me. If you have a reason to know because you've shown yaself to be a true frend, then I'll tell you why I use MY name for me that I named for ME. Get busy or get lost as if you really concerned with BLAK peepo, you got WAY more shit to do than wonder about my birth given name. That's comin straight from the BLAKSMITH! Now let's get into why HipHop has Gone WILD Part VI!

Ok, we left off at Ms Donda West's death. This was the mom of everyman MC, Kanye West who died on the surgery table in CA on Nov 2 2007. This was a tragic loss for the young man & as his Graduation album was well, let me see......coincidentally released on September 11th, 2007, Mr West must have been ridin high with his third # 1 album after goin on a head to head release battle with the newest jay-z, 50cent. Kanye was now on top of the game with his revelant "Diamonds are Forever." You see, even though jay is recognized as the greatest NOW, Kanye can claim more as he rhymes & produces & had his own #1 hits with jay on 'em. But let's go back a little: As I said in Part V, it was made to look like jigga agreed & backed Mr West on his statement about george bush NOT likin Blak Peepo. Goin into the future, we have to look at the policies that barry sortero has either kept OR increased that came from the administration before him. I BELIEVE as I cannot PROVE it, but like any group that is fightin for LIBERTY, that kanye had to make the ultimate sacrifice by bein FORCED into all o this BS & this is where the wildcards that I spoke of earlier come in.

As I said previously in this series, the 1st person that I saw tackle this dynamic of the evils of the recordin industry was the Concious Rasta in his GREAT book, Rap HipHop & the New World Order at That book was written soon after another BS died as in Biggie Smalls who I already covered extensively. Check out all of the ill shit that happened to those involved in & around all of the mentioned peeps.

diddy - became THE PHENOMENA after killin the careers of almost everyone on his label whether it was by the NWO as in Clive Davis (his boss from Arista) or on his own.

Lance UN Rivera - talked about makin BIG moves in the industry after BIG died & basically disappeared.

the Lox - broke diddy's power base as they had a management deal OUTSIDE of diddy's in Ruff Ryder. Ironic how they were unable to unLOX the secret without losin they careers or RESPECT. I luv those dudes!

Lil Shawn - disappeared

Craig Mac - made BadBoy what it was & found GOD. Never was the same after BadBoy.

DMX - no proof but believe that he was offered all that evil shit & kept finding God & drugs but not neccessarilly in that order. He is way past his prime, doesn't have a core audience & is now more known for his brushes with the law. If he can get it together, he can still have an actin career but that would put him back where he started with the evil forces he is trying to combat. They tried to Michael VIC him in AZ with the DOGS.

Mason Bethea - had to leave NYC as he was about to get killed for playin his peepo in the music industry & soonafter found God. He then moved to the ATL & was mentored by his fellow MASON INITIATE, creflo dollar. These Preacher Nigga's is in this shit too as they HAD to make some RICH NIGGA'S possible to set y'all up for the comin of ya great SAVIOR, Barry Sortero. The FBI (Faith Based Initiatives) is a MF! Does anyone pay attention to his name?

Mary J Blige - was there & knows all of this shit & has been in the rooms as B.I.G was on her Real Luv Rmx before Uptown broke up. diddy represented a changin of the guard & was PUNCHED in the face by Grand Puba when this shit started becomin prevalent in the game. If y'all remember, MJB was a lil hoodrat from Schlobom Projects in Yonkers NY whose OTHER claim to fame was a near fight that she ALMOST had with Veronica Webb. She then represented misery & growth for a generation of women like Pac represented for young Blak youth in the hood. Her career goes on unabated.

Lil Kim - made a few albums, started doin the plastic surgery thing & was the only 1 lookin devestated at B.I.G's funeral. She too drank the Kool-Aid but I luv Lil Kim bcuz when a shootout happened at Hot97, she didn't rat on nobody tho it was all caught on film. She's confused, played out & Niki Minaj has now taken her spot as the #1 sexy BLAK it girl.

Jr Mafia - disappeared as they were really B.I.G's peepo but were largely seen as untalented. Pretty much, they all shitted on Kim durin the Hot 97 shootout trial & are estranged from her.

Old Dirty Bastard - the WILDEST card of 'em all & as said on the Wu-Tang's album, this was a man who had a style that could not be FATHERED. Though this has been told to me by an anonymous industry insider & I cannot verify it, some of the members of the Wu are also initiated in this shit. ODB was the kinda guy that one would never know if he was gonna show up & I've even seen him act up at parties while with 50 nigga's. I din't know the man personally but alot of peepo that I know that knew him used to tell me that when not drunk or high that he was a real coo dude. He prolly din't wanna get too involved with the same peepo who made Mariah Carey appear to be fuckin crazy & who diddy worked for after his biggest collabo, Fantasy. He said so himself at that bush was tryin to kill him & that he had to shake him. Check it out & see for yaself.

Michael Jackson - tho MJ doesn't figure in on all of this, MJ DOES figure in on all of this. It is now arguable that there is no contemporary artist ALIVE in their PRIME that is bigger than jay with the exception of the then MJ. Remember, MJ was on the warpath with the recording industry even calling another nwo member of the industry, tommy motolla, a DEVIL at sell-out, al sharpton's, national action network. Check that shit out at as one in the know could write VOLUMES of BOOKS on that shit! That FUCKIN sell out ass al had the nerve to defend that devilish pig, tommy!!! WTF??? He's a snitch too! These very same peepo killed just about everyone who died quite UNNATURALLY since the Jimi Hendrix & janis joplin days. When 1 gets hip to the game & starts makin too much noise, they get ya!!!

So now that we went BLAK a lil, we can now open our minds to see where we at today. Because of a certain level of influence, they no longer kill the individual, they kill the FAMILY MEMBERS! I BELIEVE as I have no proof that the Kanye who said that bush don't care about BLAK peepo was compromised as they are limited to just HOW THEY kill you. r kelly's mom died early soonafter he hit big with Public Announcement. Nas's mom was dyin when jay snuck attacked him & jay took credit in resurrectin his career. Kanye's mom died after he din't suffer a sophomore jinx as Late Registration showed you that Diamonds are Forever. THEY HATE women & so aaliyah had to die. Are y'all gettin the picture here yet? This blood sacrifice shit is REAL MAN!

Now it's time for some real serious questions. Why does it seem that when BLAK males from the hood make it BIG in the music industry, they mama's die? In the case of r, his mom died soonafter his first group, Public Announcement came out with they first album, Born into the 90's. Can my Chi-Town peepo give me the lowdown on that? In Nas's case, jay chose to sneak attack him when his mom was dyin of cancer, the same thing that r's mom died from. Kanye gets an asterisk as he didn't come thru the usual channels & snuck in as a producer for the roc but nevertheless, she died much too early, somewhat like how MJ died with a BLAK doctor to conveniently blame & prosecute. Tho she is a yung female, jennifer hudson had to get her fam sacrificed too & what got my heart the most was when THEY found her young nephew decomposin in the car on that fateful Chicago day. We never heard a word from the supposed boyfrend & her sista, mother of the boy just wanted to move on, days after his burial. That shit is TOTALLY forgotten like magic johnson havin that AIDS (is a hoax) shit. As I've previously told y'all, when you get put on properlike, somone in ya fam gotta die if you gettin it in like that. Witness mike jordan & Bill Cosby's father & son's deaths almost the SAME WAY!! Poor mike wanted to retire from the NBA & Bill kept tryin to buy NBC. Them three letter entities is killa's yo!!! There are no coincidences. Witness how THEY FUCKED WITH Mike Jackson before THEY killed him! Witness what has become of Mike Tyson with his daughter dyin & them finally gettin oj pimpson. When Johnnie Cochrane was ready to do some REAL SHIT for BLAK peepo, THEY slow poisoned him with cancer & y'all can check the record on that. I hate when peepo ACT like BLAK peepo don't want better & when a job is announced for 25 peepo, 250 peepo show up & then THEY say that WE don't wanna work. SMMFH!!!!!!!!!

So when we here at black2afrika tell y'all shit like these guys are FORCED in against they will, we don't mean that they get a visit from known mob members threatenin 'em with eminent death. No, what we mean is that before you get too big for your britches & start feelin yourself, they start sendin messages. Remember, these peepo are all HANDLED as in, tourin, eatin food that they don't cook, given lotions, drugs are easily attainable & tainted & they can make you seem crazy if you don't drink the Kool Aid as in DMX, Lauryn Hill, Chris Brown, Dave Chappelle, Common & Andre 3000. They even gettin CERTAIN concious rappers/artists in there so watch who you followin my dude! Watch for glarin CONTRADICTIONS! They also keep a few nigga's onna radical fringe so as to get those easily duped, into formin coalitions so as to spy on these fringe groups from the inside. This is all too HEGELIAN! The media can make or break you & if you start, they gonna CATCH you fuckin up like they got eddie murphy with that dude/chick in his car who soonafter died of some mysterious causes. Most of us are guilty of something that we don't want the world to know about. Now that y'all know this, the next time one of us starts actin weird as in martin lawrence buggin out screamin about "they tryin to get me!" or Gary Coleman & we didn't protect him, it might cause you to think differently. We ain't quite finished with the very interesting Mr West just yet so hold on as things get more interesting in Part VII. Y'all know why. Well if you don't know, it's bcuz HipHop has gone WILD!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

HipHop has gone WILD part V

Yeah, we in here & lately, I the BS don't have much time for BS if ya smell what I'm cookin. All of you who hate on me know that the lite shines THRU me, illuminatin me as I stay on this quest to live to be 100 tho I luv DEATH! Above death, I luv my peepo so all of y'all concerned about my health & well bein need not be overly concerned. In all ways possible, I know that the DEVIL is tryin to shut me down & I've been accused of everything such as bein a spy & all that there & ya need to check my archives to see wat I mean BUT THEY won't stop me from tellin the TRUTH. Life is too important to me to lie to y'all & instead of gettin all emotional about wat I write, ask yaself, "what am I goin to do about it?" There is so much to do & not all requires money though that helps. If ya see me in the streets, holla at me & give me some dough, DISCREETLY. I won't refuse it but I ain't askin either! We still livin in a 3D world where all is material but get ready to ELEVATE ya SOUL. We speakin to you & when I say we, I got my ANCESTORS with me & so if ya send me to another realm, I'll still be there CHILLIN, watchin you! Let's get it in now!

Kanye West, producer/rhymer/actor/fashion plate/character extraordinaire outta Chicago. Kanye in Swahili means the ONLY ONE & I was quite surprised to learn that he was born in Atlanta GA on June 8th 1977. Tho his PARENTS divorced while he was very young, he moved on with his mom to Chicago & spent the summers with his dad. His parents were very well respected peepo who gave the young Kanye a sense of worth as his mom was an English professor & his dad was a church counselor. Unlike most rappers who make it, he did not have a street pedigree & therefor as I've stated several times, peepo in the industry didn't want to give him a shot. He pretty much covered that whole time in his song, "Last Call." But the Kanye that I grew to luv came about in the early days when he was speedin up samples as in H to the Izzo. We were all hearin the name tossed around in regards to his production skills BUT who was this upstart from the CHI puttin in mad work with the Roc Family? We soon found out when he had that accident after a studio session in CA. Soonafter, he made, "Thru the Wire" & the rest as they say was HISTORY. His College Dropout album was leaked (probably by Kanye himself) & he retooled it, remastered it, releasin it in February 2004 on the roc-a-fella records. Slow Jamz was the REAL JUMPOFF as everyone could relate & All Falls Down which shoulda had Lauren Hill on it was the third single but label politics prevented that. But JESUS WALKS???? OMG, that rite there was the JAM & I had just came BLAK from Afrika after my near death experience with malaria in Ghana. Just comin outta that INSPIRED the FUCK outta me & when I heard it, I knew that this dude was here to stay. WOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

This is who I WANT to think Kanye is! This was the first mainstream major label album from an MC in a long time that impressed me. Man, this dude had songs about drivin slow & gettin 'em high that could go anywhere AND an assortment of MC's from BOTH sides of the game. Everybody was FEELIN this dude & the ROC Fam actually had someone who was JUST as COMMERCIALLY VIABLE as the jiggaman whom as I mentioned earlier, don't like competition. Amerikans luv rags to riches stories & Kanye had the perfect story without havin been shot or jailed. He was in a near death accident & I believe this PROPELLED his story to the forefront as well as his previous production on jigga's tracks & then......the College Dropout dropped. Arguably speakin, the wackest song on the album is Never Let me Down features the jigga man probably because he thought the album wouldn't pop off. Ayo fuck wat ya heard but that album was one of the best of the 00's at least in my humbe opinion. Before y'all start thinkin that I hate jigga, in my OPINION, he is a very good rapper but Kanye was hittin dimensions akin to the Native Tongues & groups from that bygone era. Those Native Tongues were started off by the Jungle Brothers who not only STARTED the CONCIOUS ERA in HipHop but spawned plenty of like acts, the most popular bein a Tribe called Quest. I was feelin All Falls Down & Jesus Walks because Kanye was speakin about BOTH sides of bein Blak & I BELIEVE because he came from a BALANCED BLAKground that he was what HipHop needed & that jay had other plans in store. Remember now, we talkin about someone from the Chi & how instrumental that year was for that city. A pretty much unheard of dude by the name of Obama had his keynote speech there that year that PROPELLED him into the national public eye & who is his favorite rapper?

"George Bush doesn't care about Black People!" Those words were first heard on 9/2/2005 in reference to Hurricane Fema that pretty much destroyed the US Gulf Coast. Fema didn't do shit to New Orleans - the failed levees did that! That was the quote heard around the world & personally, I BELIEVE that 98% of THEM can't stand US anyway.`Look up a DEVIL named gunnar myrdal for confirmation of this but just to give you a lil something, he was quoted as saying that the "negro problem is the white mans problem." Boy, here go Kanye again with that Blak Shit & even jigga was heard to have supported him but.......did he really? We already have been versed in that jigga is a snitch/informant. I already told y'all that all drug dealers are INFORMANTS. To do something immediately would mean that eyes were watchin like CBS. To not support his producer/artist would look like not bein non-loyalty unlike Memphis Bleek who will always be a millionaire as long as jay is alive. But if you believe that jigga is part of the nwo/illuminati or whatever, who is he really loyal to?

November 10 2007, Donda West, Kanye's mom dies due to complications from cosmetic surgery. This was totally out of the blue & this where things get really MURKY & muddled. As I see it, this is where the unravelling of Mr Kanye West begins. Y'all gotta stay tuned as there is much more to come.

                      -More of HipHop has gone WILD(Part VI) comin soon-

Monday, July 19, 2010

HipHop has Gone Wild Part IV

What a response this series is gettin! We coverin it all here with HipHop has gone WILD & I'm gettin requests to write a book. What do y'all think about that? Well, I'm still here & still wondering how my peepo who just don't have it are farin? Walkin the streets of Atlanta GA can be very depressin & I'm sure when one is in the US of SnaKKKes, walkin in any CHOCLATE CITY can be depressin. I see my BROTHERS & I don't play that NORTH/SOUTH/willylynch shit. Big Up 2 my homegirl Janna, who broke down how Blak Men in Amerikkka are bein marginalized as the SISTARS got all the jobs & the brothers are walkin around searchin for a clue. She knows that this SHYSTEM got it in for us BUT, the Blaksmith says, ya gotta HOLD ON! Trust me, it's gonna get better. Let's show 'em what we got!

Ok, I done covered the Jay & Nas beef. The Big & Pac beef. To a greater or lesser degree though I hate to call it that, the East/West Coast beef & the deaths of some very prominent peepo BUT......we comin closer to home today. Yeah, these days we gonna be talkin about are in the 2000's. We gonna talk about today's heavyweights as in r kelly being indicted for RAPE in June 2002. As in beatin those charges YEARS later & the Boondocks takin a stab at him & puttin it down the way it was supposed to go down. As in these 2 HEAVYWEIGHTS doin a concert to support their "2004 Unfinished Business" album & r gettin maced on stage by jay's crew & bein unable to finish while jay had "SPECIAL GUESTS", mary j blige, usher & ja rule(all already initiated in the baphomet) lined up to take r's place. Y'all still believin in coincidences? We're gonna start OURSTORY here as the changin of the guard OFFICIALLY happened that nite rite on your nose & you still never saw it. Let's go BLAK a lil bit in time & see just wat it do to ya. I'll even provide dates. Remember, with me, you must think outside the box.

Oct 26, 2004- jay & r release their newest album, 2004, "Unfinished Business." As I say in my FB Profile Page, the Blaksmith is a HipHop Historian & not just an Afrikan Historian. I prefer the term Ourstorian but to not lose you, we'll stick to the former. It serves that I read numerous reviews on this album & as I remember, for these 2 to be releasin a momentous album, it shoulda been MOMENTOUS! Every review I read said that it SUCKED BALLS BIGTIME. Now, as someone who has been in the music biz though never makin it big in the public eye, allow me to give you my perspective on why it went down this way.

Oct 29, 2004- the album already out & the reviews in, the show to showcase it all is at Madison Square Garden. Though most were not familiar with the album yet, the air in NYC is electric with these 2 doin it together since their mediocre first album, the, "Best of Both Worlds." Fiesta was the big hit on that one. The sophomore jinx was upon them. This may not mean shit to you but jay is a sagitarius & r is a capricorn. Generally speakin, these 2 signs don't get along after long exposure to each other. Imagine these two bein together nite after nite for months on end, gettin high, drinkin & eating fast foods. I am also a Cap but don't read it as me not liking any other sign - just take it for what it is for now. r opens up the show as jay RUNS THIS TOWN & he should bcuz r's not in his hometown. r comes out & the crowd goes crazy & if y'all know anything about a crowd in NYC, you would know that WE GIVE IT UP! The crowd was crazy & always remember, though HipHop rules, the grooves, basslines, guitar riffs & structural patterns comes from the era before they came from, as in, these guys were in their mid 30's at the time. The essence of HipHop comes from the BLUES aka, old soul, jazz, r&b & even rock & roll. jay wasn't havin that r in r&b shit with r rockin 'em like he was & as they BOTH have big ego's, who's gonna win when the crowd is the decision maker? jay is home but r is older. r sings & jay rhymes. jay is east coast & r is from the mid-west. jay is lightskinned & r is dark. They are almost exact opposites AND......jay can rock the party BUT MOST women want a man to sing LOVE SONGS when it comes to gettin it in if you know what I mean & so it would seem that alot of grown women would have left by the time jay came out & so......As I said before, while in the studio, I'm more than sure that plenty of tense moments came about & jay sat back formentin a plan to PLAY r the FUCK OUT & take the position of KING OF ALL CONTEMPORARY BLAK MUSIC. jay by now had laid plans to get Nas on Def Jam(the old he beat me so now he HAS to join me Syndrome) & at the time, r was still goin thru the indictment for the rape we spoke of earlier. As the old guard of Michael Jackson, Prince & Lionel Richie left their legacy for the next generation of singers, jay now could become big, pac & berry gordy all in ONE NIGHT! Yeah that's right, he is now the KING OF ALL BLACK MUSIC!!!!!! Real singers need time to warm up & those SPECIAL GUESTS that he had were already primed for the pump during what was SUPPOSEDLY a spontaneous event. Members of jay's crew flashed guns at r & when he left the stage area to report this, an employee named Ty Ty, maced him & his security squad. Soonafter, r sued jay for not allowing him to continue the tour & as of this writing to my knowledge, no settlement, has been reached. These so called SPECIAL GUESTS provided the NECCESSARY DISTRACTION with ursh providing the R&B, Mary the FEMALE ENERGY FACTOR & jah, the SWAG that made jay the MAN as he had plotted this already! The place to do it was NYC, where HipHop started, where the MEDIA is king, where the NYPD was warned & where r would get the least sympathy after already bein accused of the crimes mentioned earlier. What started in the gutters of the Bronx NY my hometown, was now front page news for the world to see for this cat from Brooknam. r wasn't comin BLAK after jay threw that coup d' etat at him & became the reignin champ of music with the best chick in the game wearin his roc chain. WOW!!!!

The fix was in. jay became bigger than life! after this, he was to be rewarded time after time, as the
nwo powers gave him armadale vodka, rocawear, beyonce, the 40/40 franchise, grammys & all of the niceties that fame & fortune could provide. He beat out the other top dog in music but had really started this before that on a much smaller scale. If y'all remember, in September 2003, he barred his then girlfriend from performing Baby Boy at the VMA's with rudeboy Sean Paul tho that was the hottest song at the time. Because of his strict loyalty to these d'EVIL POWERS, I believe that he wanted to harness the energies of a young man named Chris Brown who would not drink the Kool- Aid by that robotic non-human BITCH named Rihanna, who EGGED him on until he couldn't take it no more & beat the shit outta her. The media rigged for the CEO of BLAK MUSIC, sicced the machine on him & left Chris wavin in the wind but somehow, he still hangin on. He prolly don't know but he saved himself & I hope that he resigns himself to singin without takin those oaths. Ayo Chris, you could be the next Mike Jack & so you better be careful not to get too big. You see what happened to Mike right? jay's already got ursh & ursh can't shine as bright as the media ALWAYS has to get US fightin to create CONTROVERSY bcuz hardly anyone is buyin music anymore! Interest however contrived SELLS & they advertise they products on the links you VOLUNTARILY go into while online to make up for non-sales of music while they try to figure out the next move!!! This is about MONEY & y'all the cashcows! BEEF is the new entertainment!!!!! For a lil while, everybody was goin after jigga & the GAME woulda ate him alive BUT jigga never went after him in rhyme. The powers annointed him & they don't give a FUCK about anything else! jay was the one watchin & learnin & HE decided to be the one to do all of the watchin of all of the industry cats. They qualifyin just about everybody comin up thru him. He is the new watchman ceo as the the last was, Hustle Simmons with his super gay ass. To boot, he's got the BADDEST CHICK, the 2nd BADDEST CHICK & quite possibly, the best producer/rapper since Dre in Kanye West but before his meteoric steps, Kanye was already there watchin him & hey, ain't Kanye from Chicago???? How interesting................
What an interesting read right....Stay tuned for Part V

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

HipHop has Gone Wild Part III

Hey y'all! The Blaksmith is BLAK to attack the wack & even tho this happened a few months ago, I just gotta put y'all on to something horrid. BUT before we get into all that, hows my Haitian Peeps? How are all of my SoulJAH's hangin on? Where my Garifuna Peepo & when y'all gonna see our connection to the MOTHERLAND? Where my SISTAR's at? Teach ya children the TRUTH whatever ya perception of TRUTH is & stop believin. Knowin is much better & I mean that in EVERY aspect of life. I luv y'all & I would be doin a disservice if I din't tell y'all the uncut, uncooked, RAW deal. Big up to all Afrikan Massive wherever you be at! Big up to NYC, NJ the ATL, my LA Peepo (Louisiana & Los
Angeles), my FL Peepo, my VA Peepo & my TX Peepo. Let's go in now!

You may have already heard but I recently got wind that in May of 2010, a bunch of white sorrytitty BITCHES from Miami University of Ohio, TRASHED the Underground Railroad Freedom Center Museum in Cincinatti. Now when I say TRASHED, I'm not sayin that they broke doors & lamps but were pissing & vomiting all over the joint & even having sex in there! WTF? So to all of y'all who luv these peepo, today I finally say FUKKK YOU & eat they vomit & drink they piss. What's gonna make you REAL-EYES who they really are? Anything that is ours & honors our ancestors should be cherished as SACRED. All that happened from this was PROBATION for these guilty ass NIGGAS. This type shit boils my blood to no end. Mike Vick went to jail for over a year & PETA is still tryin to shut him down. What the fuck we gotta do to for them to even scold BP for killin a whole ocean? Our former Detroit mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick is gonna do a 2-5 year bid for PROBATION violations but do you honestly think any of 'em at BP is gonna do ANY jail time? Keep on luvvin THOSE peepo & be with that one on the day of reckoning. I gotta tell my peepo how ironic it is for me to have named this series after them crazy ass white girl videos where they go in on each other BUT, I gotta speak to y'all TOO, about how we goin in on each other usin my beloved HipHop as a cover. On to the story.

Ok, 2Pac is dead, biggie is & aaliyah is too & before I get too far, it has been told to me that had they lived, they would have had the game on SMASH! In this whole equation, the jigga man name keeps comin up, HMMMMMMMM.....He could only rise as far as the Northeast Underground & tru HipHop Purists as he doesn't have a compelling look or any real level of charisma. Tho I NEVER bought a biggie or 2Pac album, they were very INTERESTING DUDES & could hold the attention spans of the peepo. Diddy, like jay, the same but that's a whole nother story. Everyone knows that beyonce could never outsing aaliyah & so she had to be sacrificed. Like Afrika & Europe, look at how both of these LESS talented NON charismatic types ascended to the stratosphere with arguably two of the best dead, gone & stinkin. The more Europe ascended, the more Afrika descended. To be totally honest with y'all, when Pac died, I was on a hung jury because I was goin thru my own set of dramas & din't have time to peruse what was goin on between these two MC's. In retrospect, songs like Who Shot Ya could have been made without the knowledge of what was to come, released to capitalize off of the hoopla all while the record companies make money, get rich as these two SUPPOSED warrin factions set off to shoot, maim & kill each other. I already told y'all that Jay is/was a snitch & from how the story is told, was very close with big. big supposedly looked up to jay since hi skool days & was probably tellin him about the various issues between himself, his then wife Faith, lil kim, the jr mafia, diddy, pac, his mom & by now y'all shoulda got my point. It should be obvious that he was tellin jay his business & they even made a song together, the classic, brooklyn's finest. One persons name you never hear about anymore who figured instrumental in all of this was Lance UN Rivera who was alledgedly stabbed by jay at a record release party & as Nas referred to on his classic, Ether, "ya man stabbed un & made you take the blame." As well, Pac said on the Against All Odds that, "listen while I take you back(say his name) and lace this rap about a real live snitch named Haitian jack. Now Haitian jack is from Albany Projects in Brooklyn not far from Marcy where jay is from. I tell y'all all the time that there are no coincidences but I don't know how these connection were made & so I won't go there. diddy is from Harlem/the Bronx & that connection could have been made thru the street where alot of these guys get they startup cash. ALL MAJOR HOOD DRUG DEALERS ARE INFORMANTS & if you don't learn anything, please know that. They shut you down when you get too cocky OR when you start killin too many peepo & wind up like Nino Brown. They watch the hood & these foot soldiers is food for the cops & the criminal justice system. If you got talent, you in & a great book to see that climb is in Rap, HipHop & the New World Order on, written by the Concious Rasta. On any level, if you wanna make some real cake, YOU HAVE TO DO THEY BIDDING! That's the only way to get it get it. There are so many players in these equations & alot of peepo seen alot of shit but can't talk as their careers flourished/floundered under diddy. Lil Shawn who most of y'all don't probably remember had a big hit with hickies on her neck, from a big sample from Party & Bullshit. Google it if ya so interested. Craig Mac, found GOD, never shitted on diddy & practically disappeared. ODB went thru his shit & was SUICIDED. DMX is in & out of jail/rehab. They were from that era & I believe resisted the KOOL-AID as wildcards. Pastor Mase found GOD & now is a PASTOR under creflo dollar, a charlatan if I ever saw one. Mary J kinda distanced herself from all of that & did her rehab thing & lil kim had her 4-5 year run where she was competin with Michael Jackson for most plastic surgeries in a year. He was SUICIDED & we'll get into him as well a lil later. These peepo are/were all wildcards in this equation & we gonna get BLAK into 'em in a lil while too, For now, what I'm tryin to do here is jog y'all memories so that I can really start hittin y'all with the big guns. In all of this, jigga keeps comin up. For all we know, Who Shot Ya could have been made way before the attempted murder of Pac at Time Square Studios. A third seemingly uninvolved party could have surveilled Pac & his movements thru big (who had a bone to pick) so as to set him up properly, so that King Tut, a known Brooklyn Gangster could meet Pac in the lobby, disgusie the attempetd murder as a robbery & make it seem like bad boy did it. You cant't discount this! Remember, when Malcom was at war with the Nation, he trained most of the Fruit of Islam & knew their capabilities. They knew his every movement with help from the FBI & the USAID. This is the same shit that happened between the Black Panthers & the US before they figured things out. This is why knowing OURSTORY is so important to avoid mistakes from the past. Are we learning yet?

There is a youtube video where Pac says that ya beloved Quincy Jones told Pac to fuck him in the butt. I honestly believe that whatever anyone says, that big wasn't down with the rituals & I'm more than sure Pac wasn't either but they found out when they were already in TOO DEEP. You must OVERSTAND that if you come into this game on a fluke & you somehow bust thru to the top, they comin for you & you ain't got no choice but to join 'em. This is why certain peepo gotta die - because you start seein shit & you can't tell nobody. big refused & Pac decided to KILL-uminati & had to pay the ultimate price-DEATH! So just because jay rose up after these two deaths, doesn't mean that he din't have anything to do with these deaths. By virtue of knowing big from hi-skool, knowin his business & seein what he's doin, we can see that he had the most to gain after diddy's fire blew out. He is now a Boule Member or an advisor to the KING & we know who the kings are as this man has access to barry sortero, kofi annan & even ya genocide man, bill gates. We still slow dancin our way there & I promise as we go along, you're goin to see premises you never thought of before regarding these characters. It promises to get interesting so stick around. When we come back, we gonna go BLAK to the future & get to the mid 2000's.
-stick around as

                                                    Part IV is coming soon-

Friday, July 9, 2010

HipHop has Gone Wild Part II

Ok, BLAK to part II of HipHop has gone wild BUT in this ever moving FAST world, we must report news of importance to the BLAK community. A few nites ago, the officer who shot Oscar Grant on the BART train station last year in Oakland CA was given an involuntary MANslaughter charge, which is basically a slap on the wrist. Rightfully so, riots ensued! On the other side of the ranch, Lebron announced that he would go to Miami to play with the Heat & if y'all know anything about us here at black2afrika, we smell a fix! There is no such a thing as a coincidence & upon lookin online for the announcement time of that James dude & the verdict, I saw a great article that said it all for me at Boy, y'all FANATIKKK'S is killin me, especially if y'all don't know who Mr Grant was but you gotta do ya own research if ya really don't know. I was in Ghana when my lil Bro got it & boy.......Hope my Haitians are all ok. Hope my New Orleans peeps is doin good as we can't forget 'em neither. Hope you doing you just bcuz you Blak & if you ain't......go & get you some SUN, SON! That there was for alla my A-Alikes & if you can relate, do so. If not, let me get BLAK into how HipHop has gone wild. So roll ya L's, grab a seat & take some notes.

Ok, I last left off with how damon dash of roc-a-Fella fame had our beloved aalliyah knocked off as a blood sacrifice after conspiring to make a distribution company with those other three characters. I also detailed how r kelly, the jigga man & dame used our not so innocent lil sista as a jumpoff. Even tho she was really young when she married r, at least he can have claimed to have loved her because he MARRIED her UNLESS that was some devil/nwo/illuminati SHIT too. They pairin these NIGGAS doin numerological & astorological charts! I can't cover it all here but by the time I finsih with this series, y'all all will be fiendin for me to write a book. Anyhoo, as we go along, we have to go BLAK in time. Now, y'all remember when r married aaliyah, a big controversy ensued. It was a big scandal & after that union was ANNULLED, neither of 'em ever spoke about it publicly, at least to my knowlwedge. Though she lied on the marriage certificate as it read that she was 18, one has to wonder, where her parent(s) fit into all of this as she was 12 when she began her album with r & slim, as most undeveloped pre-teens are. As said before, jay was RUMORED to be messin with her after r, & after that, she was in thick with damon. This is all happening & then aaliyah dies in that infamous plane crash rite before 911. It was RUMORED that the split between jay & damon started there. The Blak Nation who luvved our lil daughter was stunned & in shock for our QUEEN of the DAMNED! Then jigga comes out with the BLUEPRINT on 911/2001! Get the FUCK OUTTA my blog if you thinkin this all coincidence! Look shit up & stop callin me a conspiracy theorist as this is all true & I defy anyone to disprove me. That most infamous date set the BLUEPRINT for the way forward for more than just HipHop & is the day that papa bush used to implement a new world order in 1990, saying, "Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective - a new world order can emerge: a new era, freer from the threat of terror, stronger in the pursuit of justice and more secure in the quest for peace." He said that shit on Sept 11 1990 & I provide the link for all y'all disbeleievers who won't look it up & hate on me but anyway......( Still think that this is all happenstance?

Ok, New York & Chicago had these crazy connections as almost everybody mentioned here are from one or the other but aaliyah gets an asterik as she was born in Brooklyn but raised in the D aka  Detroit. She died, dame was in mourning & the rock-a-fella camp was now the #1 dudes in NY if they could just get past that dude somehow lingering in the BLAKground from Queens Bridge NY. You see, jigga wanted Nas & AZ on that fiery track, "Bring it On" & when neither showed, jay took it as a slight (rightfully so I might add) & the feud was on. They feuded but that ended two years later & Nas even signed up with Def Jam, now ran by jay in January 2006. He released his classis album, "HipHop is Dead" in December 2006 & had classic after classic on it. It was a great album but some took offense to the title as they thought they were being slighted but I love it. How about you?

Now I have a few questions for y'all. What kind of cancer did Nas's Mom, Ann Jones have? Why did Nas decide to make up with his nemesis jiggaman? Why was jigga shaggin Nas's ex? I once read in a GREAT book named "HipHop Decoded" by the Black Dot the question, "did Jay-Z kill Biggie?" Why did jay SNITCH on his homies who wanted to do they own thing distributin BLAK music? Why was he rewarded with so much & now all of his former employees hate him as in Beanie Seagal & State Property? Why did jay SHIT on the first guy who got him started in all of this(the Jaz) when he needed some help? Read any interview by the Jaz & when jigga name come up .....WOW!!! What lay-heads mentored jay when he was a young dude comin in after supposedly witnessin all of these d'evils before he became who he is today? I could come up with question after question & I have more but you gotta wait for my next installment here at blak2afrika. I know I got ya open but Part III is comin attcha, so ya know I had to gat ya!!!!!!!!HOLLA BLAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

HipHop has Gone Wild Part I

I didn't think that I would still be writing about Haiti in July but y'all know....y'all forgot about my peepo there. It was about 6 months ago & we don't hear about 'em anymore. Well maybe, as an individual or if you personally are Haitian or have family members or anything near to what I just typed. Just remember that they are still sufeering & keep 'em in ya meditations. To all y'all readin this, wherever you may be from, stay up & do you! There's alot goin on & we on the Victory Road. I gotta lot to say today so stay with me!

I've been thinkin about some things & need to show y'all how this thing really works. For those of y'all readin me for the first time, my last few columns have dealt with the way this world has been run since the 1400's or thereabouts. Again, I speak of the Hegelian Dialectic or the way most are trapped by, situations + a cure equalling to an already planned solution by the individual/group or entity which planned the whole caper from the start. For those of you who like to dig a lil deeper, this phenomena was thought of by a German philosopher named georg wilhem freidrich hegel who was born in the 1830's. As he made up this dynamic, I suggest you do your research if you are so inclined as this is very important. In this one here, I'm gonna bring some HEAT & I don't know if y'all ready. What say we just get right the hell on into it? We gonna go back a lil bit for this one y'all & do some Hip Hop his-tory!

Ok, Jay-Z, Nas & a very interesting young man named Kanye West. If y'all old enuff to remember, Jay-Z & Nas weren't always biz partners. While Nas took a break to tend to his ailing with cancer mom, Jay threw Nas a Sneak Attack by callin Nas out at Hot 97's Summer Jam in 2001. Nas responded & the BATTLE of the 2000's was on & to be quite frank, in my humble opinion, that was the last great battle. The battle lasted a few years, Nas is now on Jay's label (Def Jam) & talks of a dual album was in the offing but that never came to fruition. I'm just givin a short overview so that I can soon get to my point & put it all in context. Now we move on to Jay & Kanye.

Kanye West, a very interesting young man in that, he isn't from NY or LA. The CEO of HipHop (Jay-Z), to paraphrase, used to always say that if ya rap wasn't from the streets (violent), then no one would buy it. Our young valiant Brother from Chicago proved 'em all WRONG as he came out with one of the HOTTEST album, the College Dropout & single ever in Jesus Walks in 2004, BUT it didn't start there as Mr West brought Jay to the stratosphere with H to the Izzo in 2001, around the time of the Jay-Nas feud. If you make music, then you can understand that if you hear a song on the radio today, it was probably recorded at least a year before & updated if need be. Kanye was there from the beginning of that Jay-Nas feud & was a member of the Roc-a-Fella Fam for the duration of that beef. I'm sure that he had his ideas & opinions of this beef but being new & in awe of his meteoric rise, he stayed out so as to RESPECT his REVERED ELDERS but now CONTEMPORARIES. That's quite alot for a young man to take in, in such a short time & in a new CITY of ALL CITIES, New York. This is where the story unfolds.

The situations witnessed by Nas & Kanye are quite similar when looked upon from afar. Peep game as I put you up on things. Jay chose to attack Nas while his Mom was dying & when that was looked upon as non-cypher, spoke on his Baby-Mama as a whore. Because of the nature of their realationships though, Kanye's story is different. It was said by Professor Griff that Damon Dash, Suge Knight, J Prince & Irv Gotti were to each put up $30Million to start up their own DISTRIBUTION COMPANY(where most of the residual money is before the era of downloading) & within ONE WEEK, all of them were RAIDED by the Feds. He went on further to say that ya boy, Yung Hov, SNITCHED on the fellas & soonafter, these Blak young men HAD to have someone close to themselves killed or as they say, BLOOD SACRIFICED! Damon Dash sacrificed Aaliyah, Suge has always been RUMORED to had killed 2pac, J Prince got Pimp-C who was really speakin out on what was goin on with these HOMO-THUGS who HAVE to be HOMO's to be in this NWO/Illumunati Shit & Irv was to supposed to have offed Ashanti who managed to get away before they got to her. Concidentally, ya boy Jay, used to mess with Aaliyah before Damon did & didn't Jay & R Kelly have a beef? I kinda remember R was married to her too or am I makin this up?

                                                                   Part II is coming soon!