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My Mama Manuela Lambert June 17th 1939/September 28th 2015

Standby because YOU are not ready for this 1 today. That up there was the BEST MAMA EVER. As this is Part X and you already know that tN is a BLOOD SUCKING VAMPIRE then WE can get into it and in this 1, tN was in Honduras with Ma and Tito. If you say that you really LOVED my Mom and you still love tN, get ready for a whole new way of looking at him because he is as dirty as a PIG STY. Remember that I already told yall that tN just loves to kick people when they are DOWN and he did the SAME SHIT to my Mom when she started falling ill. Again...........if you love tN, get ready to dry some tears and feel a new way. I swear that what I say is TRUE and with that, here WE go.

JULY 4th 1996 in Harlem NYC  I was feeling good about LIFE because after living in a SHELTER, I finally had my own place and was working and making good money. tN was in NYC because he was having complicati…


Go here for Part IIX at War by Bob Marley

Hey y'all, I've OFFICIALLY declared WAR on anyone who doesn't yet get the FACT that Tito MUST be FREED. As I've already told y'all, I don't give a FUDGE how y'all feel about the FACTS that I've put down here. It is what it is. In this 1 here, what I will do is put exactly how tN declared WAR on his own FAMILY and when I say FAMILY I also mean my recently dearly departed Mother, MANUELA LAMBERT. If you thought that I've been DEEP with what I've told already well get ready to see some REAL SHIT up in this 1 here. Some of y'all are not going to LIKE ME after this 1 but the TRUTH MUST be TOLD. This is an OFFICIAL DECLARATION of WAR so take it PERSONAL. Exodus by Bob Marley

I declare WAR on tN because ever since I could remember, he…

OPERATION SAVE TITO Part VIII SEX & WE getting RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image Dancing Shoes by the Mighty Sparrow

Those TORN UP DUSTY SKIPPY SHOES above ON DUSTY ROADS are the SHOES that my BROTHER Tito is currently wearing NOW! What kind of person allows this & that NIGGER named alex or hondo is on his FINAL WARNING because the Blak Smith is about to TURN UP! Before WE do that though, WE must keep the FOCUS on why & what WE doing as Garifuna People & what kind of  SEX WE are having. Before any of you THINK that I am pointing fingers at any individual person, always know that the reason as to why WE are fucked up as a people is because WHITE SUPREMACY made it that way! Most Garifuna´s who never leftcentral america won´t understand & that´s why I´m EDUCATE!

From this point forward, I will not address or refer to that NIGGER in any way other than that NIGGER or tN! Look above & tell Me what you see! What´s the problem tN? tN…


Image We´re Gonna Make It byDamian Marley

Today I´m going straight in..............WE are going to talk about RELIGION & how it FUCKED US ALL UP & a lot of it you won´t beLIEve but that´s OK becauise your class is in session! The 1st thing that I will TEACH today is that the vatican is run by the so called JEW or that eastern european impersonating US after they stole OUR LEGACY! Through that, they control the very MONEY that you spend but as it is PAPER, it is WORTHLESS! Let´s get into it!

I don´t care what ANYONE says but most of OUR LIVES are a JOKE! WE THINK that WE are LIVING but in reality, all around US are ILLUSIONS! The vatican is a MUNICIPALITY separate from the country of Italy in the city of rome! I´ve previously stated that ANY ORGANIZATION without a CHARTER from the vatican cannot be labelled a RELIGION & therefor could be labelled a CULT or a GANG! In our last article at…


For Part V, go here at For Parts I - IV, press this link & scroll down at I got the POWER by Chill Rob G

So things here in Honduras are really HEATING UP nicely & by that, I´m not just talking this HOT ASS WEATHER.......nah I´m still on that OPERATION SAVE TITO & how my BROTHER needs someone to speak up for him because he can´t do it for himself! hondo says different come those who have a HAND in all of this never have ANYTHING to say when they see Me on the street? Are they COWARDS at heart? Who knows but I said previously, this will NOT STOP until WE get some SATISFACTION! can continue to ACT like this ain´t effecting him but today, WE are going BACK in TIME to check on exactly WHO the GARIFUNA really are & how WE can…


For Part IV, go here Murphy´s Law by Cheri

Today WE talk about the LAW & in this 1, WE ain´t gonna be talking about Tito, hondo or my PERSONAL ISSUES so much because my purpose in LIFE is for the progress of US GARIFUNA as a people! If hondo wants to expose Me as a BUM ASS NIGGER well then let Me EXPOSE his ASS to the WORLD too! All WE really want to do is present the BEST INFORMATION because beLIEve it or not, this is the year of JUBILEE & whether you agree or not, YOU will be FREE & someone has to lead you! What WE are going to do today is get into what the LAW is & what it means to US! Hold on to your hats as WE go because it promises to be HOT! Let´s go! Survival by Grand Master Flash & the Furious 5

The LAW...........there are so many LAWS in LIFE but the ones WE seem to BREAK all of the tim…