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My Mama Manuela Lambert June 17th 1939/September 28th 2015

Standby because YOU are not ready for this 1 today. That up there was the BEST MAMA EVER. As this is Part X and you already know that tN is a BLOOD SUCKING VAMPIRE then WE can get into it and in this 1, tN was in Honduras with Ma and Tito. If you say that you really LOVED my Mom and you still love tN, get ready for a whole new way of looking at him because he is as dirty as a PIG STY. Remember that I already told yall that tN just loves to kick people when they are DOWN and he did the SAME SHIT to my Mom when she started falling ill. Again...........if you love tN, get ready to dry some tears and feel a new way. I swear that what I say is TRUE and with that, here WE go.

JULY 4th 1996 in Harlem NYC 

I was feeling good about LIFE because after living in a SHELTER, I finally had my own place and was working and making good money. tN was in NYC because he was having complications from prostate CANCER and had to stay in NY for awhile. After his surgery and after he was a little better of on the above date, tN called Me and started complaining about how MY LFE was going and what I could do different etc etc. As that day is INDEPENDENCE DAY in the u.s, I told him for the 1st time ever that He did NOT need to INSTRUCT Me on LIFE ANYMORE because I did NOT LIVE in HIS HOUSE ANYMORE.  I do not remember what he said to make Me react that way but I was tired of his BULLSHIT and was not having it anymore. I saw him a few days later and when I greeted him, his FAKE ASS said NOTHING. I was like WHATEVER. Not Gonna Change by Swing Out Sister

After he saw that he could not WIN that conversation and after he went and came back with my Mom, he started acting real nice and even LIED his ASS off telling Me that my Mom missed US and that he was getting old and did not carry on SCREAMING and YELLING as he did when I was younger. Like a NAIVE DUMB ASS, I beLIEved him and after being in Honduras for about a month in the year 2000, tN was back to his old ways. I told him that AIDS is a HOAX, that MARIJUANA is MEDICINE and that almost all of the masonic groups were DEMONIC including his beloved rosicrucians but in REALITY, he is as well. He used to hang out with a dude half my age at that time that he would PAY to get INFORMATION on Me from and others so I would NOT DESTROY myself because he did not beLIEve ANYTHING I had to say. IMAGINE THAT. Could you IMAGINE how it would be to live with your parents as a grown person?

What exactly is the Hegelian Dialectic? Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was a 19th century German philosopher who devised a particular dialectic, or, method of argument for resolving disagreements. His method of arriving at the truth by the exchange of logical arguments is a system of thought proce......more at

For literally ANYTHING, tN would start a SITUATION to cause TENSION in his HOUSE. I call this SET UP ARGUMENTATION as he would start an argument and then bring up  SOMETHING ELSE or what the white man has been using FOREVER also known as the hegelian dialectic or as I have stated here numerous times, he would then PUT PRESSURE on my Mom and as my Mom was a GEMINI, was NATURALLY 2 FACED. Whenever tN was around, my Mom could not be herself because if he thought DIFFERENT................WATCH OUT. The straw that broke the camels back to Me was the day I came home and my Mom was in obvious pain. It was a really hot day and so I asked her what was wrong. She said that her legs were hurting due to POOR BLOOD CIRCULATION. I then told her that you live in a NATURAL ENVIORNMENT and that the SOLUTION was to walk on the BEACH and get that FRESH OCEAN BREEZE. She quickly told Me that she COULD NOT because your father would not like it. I told her that if you STAY HERE and ALLOW IT, WHO are YOU BLAMING for YOUR AILMENT and she was UPSET with Me for a few WEEKS but I did not care because I knew better. Can You Stand the Rain by New Edition

Let US go back a little GRANDMOTHER did not like tN and told Mom NOT to MARRY HIM but as Mom was in the u.s at that point, she went ahead and did it anyway. Was that the ANCESTRAL CURSE? Mom was the YOUNGEST SISTER and the ONLY WOMAN on her side of the FAMILY to be OUTLIVED by her HUSBAND and the only exception was KILLED.  My Mom was EDUCATED and after she went and pursued her EDUCATION, tN DID NOT ALLOW HER to WORK in her DISCIPLINE because he did not want Mom making more MONEY than him. When I was born, Mom was about to leave him but never did and when I look back, it may have been because like US, he would THREATEN to KILL her. You must remember, tN loved to get DRUNK to come home and beat up his OWN FAMILY. What a LIFE. 



I just got off of the plane and took the hour long drive from the airport. I slept most of the way as it was an early morning flight. I came with my UNCLE who had TERMINAL CANCER and an AUNT with a PACEMAKER. Needless to say I rested little but I did it and.......dropped my UNCLE off, turned around and went back another hour near the airport to VISIT my AILING MOM in the HOSPITAL. The place was named Catarino. I was floored as the HOSPITAL had her in the CORRIDOR since YESTERDAY. I was not ready and cried on the SPOT. She got out and it amazed Me how CASUAL tN acted in the impending DEATH of his WIFE of ALMOST 55 years but remember, WE talking about NIGGERS. WE got her home and that is when the REAL FUN began. 


In August of 2016, 1 of my COUSINS died. In early September of 2016, another COUSIN and the SAME UNCLE that I brought down from NY died on the 2nd and 3rd respectively. I need to mention that my COUSIN who died in August was FATHERED by the Uncle I just spoke of. On the 11th of September, another UNCLE died and to finsih out the month, my MOM on the 28th but let Me give some DETAILS about tNs behavior. I told him when I got there that he needed to LOVE and HUG my MOM more because I have taken CARE of OTHERS and the people were THANKFUL. He had a BITCH taking care of my Mom who was always on the PHONE and EVERYBODY knew it. All was cool until  1 day, tN told Me that "I was not going to watch TELEVISION ALL DAY like I did YESTERDAY. I said nothing and a few days later when I got in, my Mom was sitting in her WHEELCHAIR, tN sitting next to her listening to LOUD MUSIC and that BITCH watching television without a CARE in the WORLD. I coud not take it anymore, BLEW UP and told tN that I was TIRED of this SHIT because I was FRUSTRATED. Mom was making a small RECOVERY but because tN beLIEves in just MAINTENANCE, no 1 can get better because all he beLIEves CARE is is FOOD, CLOTHING and SHELTER. In late November of 2016, I lost another Aunt that I grew up knowing. Do you HONESTLY THINK that I have time to just GOSSIP and FUCK with you? No Love by Erykah Badu A Broken Heart can Mend by Alexander Oneal

My Mom died from TOXEMIA and NO LOVE. While I was there, tN would host mini parties where all would be laughing and joking while I was holding court with Mom. This would be all day on the porch and he would have Mom sleeping most of the day so as NOT TO DEAL with HER. He kicked her out of his room after Mom would NOT SIGN her HOUSE over to him because she wanted US to have it. tN TRIED to start JOKING with Me about my past but I put that to an end quick. I was in WAR MODE to get MOM back healthy and even the trip to Dr Sebi was a little to late.It took him 2 weeks to COMMITT to that TRIP because he is CHEAP and DOES NOT LIKE to spend MONEY unless he BENEFITS. Look at Titos shoes and how he needs a HAIRCUT. tN actually KILLED Mom whether doing it INTENTIONALLY or thru sheer NEGLECT. Even though the BITCH worked for HIM, he would yell at Me and talk RESPECTFULLY to HER. I was in CHARGE. I was the REASON why Mom went to Dr Sebi as tN did not want to spend REAL MONEY to SAVE Mom. That nigger only wanted to spend 500 Lempiras which is about 25 dollars but when I got there, he had to stop being CHEAP and he RESENTED IT. He goes around telling people that I am a DRUG ADDICT even though I stopped smoking weed. I cannot CONFIRM IT but I heard from various sources that my Mom could have been POISONED so that he could get Me out of the way. I know that tN has SPIES he PAYS but I have the ADVANTAGE as I have NOTHING to HIDE. 

When I am at WAR, I do not give a FUCK as a WARRIOR FIGHTS for a CAUSE. I fight the GOOD FIGHT and worry about CONSEQUENCES later. The reason why Tito MUST be FREED is because before he reaches his 60s, he MUST EXPERIENCE just SOME of what LIFE has to OFFER. I know that some of you label Me as CRAZY but if you REALLY read this and THINK, you must be CONVINCED that I AM. So FUCKING WHAT. If I wind up DEAD in Honduras, tN did it. He was the 1st person to EVER THREATEN my LIFE. He is still that same ADOLESCENT KID who NEVER GREW UP and thinks that things are as they WERE in the 50s and 60s. I say BIG SHAME to those of you who say DIFFERENT but.........I come from the u.s and there are not many who think like Me there so do not think that getting what I do will be easy. I will be the SACRIFICIAL LAMB who gets Tito out of this JAM. If you love what I do, my FB Page is Blak Smith Blak Smiff. Leave Me a message as I am in a jam in Honduras and need yall help. Until its PEACE, its WAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 


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Go here for Part IIX at War by Bob Marley

Hey y'all, I've OFFICIALLY declared WAR on anyone who doesn't yet get the FACT that Tito MUST be FREED. As I've already told y'all, I don't give a FUDGE how y'all feel about the FACTS that I've put down here. It is what it is. In this 1 here, what I will do is put exactly how tN declared WAR on his own FAMILY and when I say FAMILY I also mean my recently dearly departed Mother, MANUELA LAMBERT. If you thought that I've been DEEP with what I've told already well get ready to see some REAL SHIT up in this 1 here. Some of y'all are not going to LIKE ME after this 1 but the TRUTH MUST be TOLD. This is an OFFICIAL DECLARATION of WAR so take it PERSONAL. Exodus by Bob Marley

I declare WAR on tN because ever since I could remember, he's always been a COWARD. He allowed Tito to get BRAIN DAMAGED and did NOTHING in the way of SUING the doctor who did it but as a young 1, let Me come in HIS HOUSE 10 minutes late thru no fault of my own. WE grew up in the South Bronx when it was CRAZY and when BULLIES picked on US, tN would always say some stupid shit like "YOU SHOULDN'T have been out there messing with THEM." I went to a catholic school in another neighborhood & did not know anyone in my neighborhood until I just started leaving the house on my own. I remember one time my Bro Javier busted his knees up real bad. He was playing, fell and tN was smacking him because he had to take him to the HOSPITAL and so tN couldn't get DRUNK in Crotona Park that day. That is some real PUNK SHIT! I declare WAR on you for also beating Javiers ass for saying TAKES it EASY while crossing the street when WE was YOUNG! What should have been a TEACHING MOMENT turned into a SMACK OFF! tn is TERRIBLE! War Greatest Hits

Ya see, tN is a very CRUEL type of guy! Ever since I could remember, he would come home DRUNK & pick FIGHTS with my Mother for stuff that WE did. My Mother stopped telling him stuff because tN would start a WAR with all in the house but I NEVER saw tN raise his voice outside of the house when something that could be BLAMED on someone else happened! When something happened that could not be blamed on US, tN would come home & start YELLING & had a way of making it feel as if it was your fault & if WE told him something he did not want to hear, it was HELL on EARTH! I declare WAR on tN for RIPPING my BROTHER Manny away from the u.s when he was just 14 years old & sending him to Belize when he was about to start HIGH SCHOOL. Ya see, tN only sees LIFE from his own perspective & does not have 1 FUCK to give when it comes to how the FAMILY he CREATED FEELS about what he takes upon HIMSELF to do! He has gotten away with it for too long & now that I aint living with him, he can hear exactly how I say it without a filter! Tito has to be FREED NIGGER! That INVESTIGATION I spoke of is going foreward!

I remember when I had SURGERY in 1990. I was feeling really bad & went to the doctor for an appointment. He was not even supposed to do the surgery that day but had a cancellation & said lets do the surgery NOW because he did not know if he was able to get to me anytime soonafter. I agreed. After the surgery, I was placed in the INTENSIVE CARE UNIT & made to rest. When I arose, they asked Me how was I going home & I said driving. They said that I could not because the medicine could make Me drowsy & that they had called tN. I told them that I would call someone else but they already had called tN & when he came, he was highly UPSET because he had to miss 1 HOUR of work at a job he was almost retiring from! I was so happy that it was only a 15 minute ride because tN was talking to Me like he just came to pick Me up from PRISON for RAPE & ROBBERY! Before that day, I had never HATED tN but that day...........I was not even out of surgery for more than an hour & for him to kick Me when I was DOWN & SICK..............he did the same to my so called SISTER when she asked him to take her to the hospital when she was DYING! He told her to get 1 of her BABY FATHERs to take her just like that! He NEVER sees his OWN FAULTS & that is why today, he cannot see! Fake by Alexander O'neal

Look, I could go on for DAYS about how tN is & some of you would just say he is your father! Well, I am like Malcolm X & no WRONG can be RIGHT no matter who is doing it ! I come from a school of RIGHTEOUSNESS & declare WAR on ALL WRONGS just as the statute of limitiations say that a MURDERER can be tried for his CRIME 100 years later! As I said, I had forgave tN for my past & had forgiven MYSELF but when someone FAKES an apology & continues the SAME BEHAVIOR, who is the IDIOT? I declare WAR on tN for telling Me out of his own mouth that he did not allow Me to go to a FREE PRIVATE SCHOOL in NY because he did not want Me to THINK that I was SMARTER than HIM! He also did not allow Me to get skipped to the 2nd grade as I was READING & WRITING in KINDERARTEN! As well, I was a NATURAL when it came to playing BASEBALL & instead of RECOGNIZING that & ALLOWING my game to develop, tN DID NOT ALLOW it because he wanted me to be STUDIOUS! tN never gave Me $1 for HIGHER EDUCATION! He did not leave US a HOUSE in the u.s even though he had a good job. He used to FORCE US to go to school when WE were SICK & when the TEACHERS would tell US to tell OUR PARENTS stuff he did not want to hear, would say that WE made it up! Tito MUST be FREED! tN is a FUCKING LUNATIC! Jealousy by Timex Social Club

The way it looks to Me, tN was JEALOUS of US because deep down inside, he really HATES HIMSELF & therefore, cannot LOVE ANYONE! He hated my Mother & the only time he spoke of LOVING ANYONE was when he was DRUNK! Most of those times, I doubt he even remembered saying it! He is nothing but an egoist & in fact, most Garifuna Men are like him because they REFUSE to CHANGE! You got all that MACHISMO SHIT from the SPANISH & cannot make WAR on YOURSELF to benefit your OWN FAMILY! Raising a FAMILY in Honduras is not the same as being raised in NY & instead of making the neccessary ADJUSTMENTS, you just DRANK on your spare time & did NOTHING MORE than tried to be a DISCIPLARIAN! Different places require different ways of THINKING and until this day, you have not dropped the COCONUT! Though it is sad to see Garifuna Women WHORING AROUND, I am happy to see that they are not gonna let a NIGGER like tN ruin their lives anymore! The niggers he FAVORS over US are also COWARDS. That nigger did not leave US a HOUSE but that roof on his rosicrucin temple is already back up. FEEDING and CLOTHING is not enough. In Part X, I am going to close this series out & tell you all about how abusive tN was to my Mom til her DEATH! Get your handkerchiefs out because you may CRY but know that I am crying because Tito MUST be FREED! As long as I can help it, tN will NOT KILL Tito as WELL! 

Amnesty International supporters wearing orange boiler suits hold a night long vigil in a cage outside of the US embassy on January 10, 2008 in London, England. Amnesty International marks the six-year anniversary of the first prisoners being transported to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. The human rights organisation installs its 'Guantanamo Cell' built to the exact dimensions of a cell at Guantanamo. Locked Up by Akon

WAR has been DECLARED on all of the UNRIGHTEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tito will be FREED.


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OPERATION SAVE TITO Part VIII SEX & WE getting RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dancing Shoes by the Mighty Sparrow

Those TORN UP DUSTY SKIPPY SHOES above ON DUSTY ROADS are the SHOES that my BROTHER Tito is currently wearing NOW! What kind of person allows this & that NIGGER named alex or hondo is on his FINAL WARNING because the Blak Smith is about to TURN UP! Before WE do that though, WE must keep the FOCUS on why & what WE doing as Garifuna People & what kind of  SEX WE are having. Before any of you THINK that I am pointing fingers at any individual person, always know that the reason as to why WE are fucked up as a people is because WHITE SUPREMACY made it that way! Most Garifuna´s who never left central america won´t understand & that´s why I´m EDUCATE!

From this point forward, I will not address or refer to that NIGGER in any way other than that NIGGER or tN! Look above & tell Me what you see! What´s the problem tN? tN thinks that telling Tito not to talk to Me is going to work but it won´t! Right now he´s digging his heels into the ground out of complete STUBBORNESS but nothing lasts forever so keep holding on! I´m going to finish you off once & for all so keep on having someone read this to you.

Hot Black Girls (45 pics) Sexy MF by Prince

Ok, SEX! First of all, AIDS is a HOAX just like ebola & zika which have patent numbers from u.s laborotries! There are people who know this but those who shout & scream are way more louder than those who say as I do:

Manuela Lambert aka MOM!

Tito has been held HOSTAGE by tN for too long now & by looking at his SHOES, 1 can tell that he´s at worst being NEGLECTED! What is tN doing with all of that money that my Moms ESTATE had other than paying his FLUNKIES who will not CHALLENGE him? As well, Tito needs a HAIRCUT as the pic below shows. Who´s actually looking at him & telling tN anything? And what do you have to say for yourself other than that Ben sure is CRAZY! I dare any of you to take Me on in a court of LAW & when I say this, I´m including yáll POLITICIAN NIGGERS as well. My MOTHER does not like what yáll are doing & I don´t either! 

tN NEVER talked to US (his FAMILY) about SEX but since my ADULT LIFE sure has had a lot to say about it. I have a friend that always says that people from Honduras who move to the states refuse to drop the COCONUT! This means that these niggers think that they don´t have to CHANGE despite living in another environment FORERIGN to what they know & when their children ADAPT to their neighborhoods, get UPSET, YELL & SCREAM because that is what WE had to do! He doesn´t allow Tito to go out but when he was younger, he was WHORING his LIFE away & I have BROTHERS he will never speak of & a lot of people know my BROTHERS not from my MOM! I went to TX in search of my BROTHER & was told by another person that he was tested & tN isn´t his SON but everybody says that he looks like my TWIN! Maybe he HATES tN so much & probably thinks that WE are like him! tN is a FAILURE as a HUSBAND & FATHER & the reason why he only has BOYS is because he doesn´t know how to FUCK! When you have sex for a LONG TIME, it produces GIRLS & short time, BOYS! If he had GIRLS, he would have drove them crazy anyway! 


Look at that BEAUTIFUL & INNOCENT FACE! It gets Me sick to my stomach that tN can treat him the way he has for so long & get away with it. If I´m seeing my BROTHER this way in this short amount of time then what´s been happening in my absence? Will Tito father any children because on a NEUROLIGICAL LEVEL, there is NOTHING wrong with him. Why can´t he enjoy 1 of the only PLEASURES that was given to US by GOD? When will tN start thinking of what´s BEST for anyone outside of just himself? 


Ok........this is the deal because 2 people having CONSENSUAL SEX  without hurting children or animals is your BUSINESS & that is just an OPINION! Whoever communicates what I write here about tN, tell him this! I don´t have much time but if you don´t VOLUNTARILY give Tito up you have forced my hand! I am going to charge you with NEGLECT because taking care of someone like Tito requires a COMPASSION you never had for your very own FAMILY! tN thinks of almost EVERYTHING in TERMS of MONEY, WINS & LOSSES. Did yáll know that to Me,  tN refers to my MOTHERS FAMILY as YOUR FAMILY? Would that include your own SONS? I will soon make this a u.s GOVERNEMENT ISSUE with the charge being NEGLECT or that you are LOSING your MIND! Get ready to answer some HARD QUESTIONS & YOU CANNOT LIE under OATH! I now have enough evidence of all of your  LYING & THIEVERY which is soon coming to an END! All of your CRUELTIES will be EXPOSED & you will be held ACCOUNTABLE! Yes, like a little INVESTIGATION! Do you like my writing style YET? Come on, you know it is GOOD! I hope that people out there would get SERIOUS about finding out how to be SOVEREIGN! If you know what that is about well then you are ALL RIGHT with Me! And if you alright with Me well then you know that Tito MUST be FREE to just BE!

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OPERATION SAVE TITO Part VII the GLOVES are OFF!!!!! We´re Gonna Make It byDamian Marley

Today I´m going straight in..............WE are going to talk about RELIGION & how it FUCKED US ALL UP & a lot of it you won´t beLIEve but that´s OK becauise your class is in session! The 1st thing that I will TEACH today is that the vatican is run by the so called JEW or that eastern european impersonating US after they stole OUR LEGACY! Through that, they control the very MONEY that you spend but as it is PAPER, it is WORTHLESS! Let´s get into it!

I don´t care what ANYONE says but most of OUR LIVES are a JOKE! WE THINK that WE are LIVING but in reality, all around US are ILLUSIONS! The vatican is a MUNICIPALITY separate from the country of Italy in the city of rome! I´ve previously stated that ANY ORGANIZATION without a CHARTER from the vatican cannot be labelled a RELIGION & therefor could be labelled a CULT or a GANG! In our last article at, I spoke a little about the rosicrucians & how certain niggers in the game was messing things up! Well in this 1, I´m here to tell you that the ORIGINAL CATHOLICS were from Ethiopia & based all of their STUDIES on the MYSTERIES of the CAT & hence the word CAT but when the european came, he did something that was MEAN & CRUEL..........he said that the DOG chased the CAT & produced a new thing called DOGMA to replace this new thing called RELIGION. Things have not been the same since! Atomic Dog by George Clinton

Being that Tito MUST be Freed, let´s get into that for just a moment..............I saw my beloved BROTHER the other day & I asked him where does want to live & he said the United States! He then tried to leave Me & I asked how was hondo & he told Me that hondo said NOT to TALK to YOU! hondo is the MAIN REASON as to why Me & brothers don´t have good relationships. hondo has no LEADERSHIP SKILLS! Tito is walking around in skippies that are RIPPED with his TOES sticking out on hot rocky roads while hondo further ENSLAVES him! When I was here last year, Me & hondo got into it over buying Tito SUBSTANDARD BOOTS while hondo has timberlands he doesn´t even use anymore. How is it that YOU have the BEST & your AUTISTIC SON, who WORKS his ASS OFF serving you is wearing some off brand that´s FALLING APART & when the Blak Smith told you...............nothing but more STUPID WORD GAME ARGUMENT FUCKERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the Questions by Common

Now, I have a few questions for you hondo flunkies here in Honduras; what are YOU doing for Tito? What has hondo said to you lately that makes you KNOW that he´s LOSING it? I´ve heard of things hondo has done & he´s almost 80 years old. If you are so concerned with MY FAMILY, how come none of you call Tito´s BROTHERS with any CONCERNS? Why be so SECRETIVE? Remember, WE are talking about Tito & if you think that I´m just talking nonsense,I haven´t STARTED YET! Being that hondo is BLIND, what are you telling him about Tito´s CONDITION? When was the last time Tito went to the DENTIST? When does he ENJOY himself? When are you going to make sure that Tito get some PUSSY? (ALL MEN DESERVE RESPECT). When will Tito be able to secure his SSI entitlements? Now that all of this is being adrressed, WHEN are you going to answer these QUESTIONS hondo? Ayo hondo, when are you going to stop being a PURE ASSHOLE? Remember, I am a SERIOUS WRITER & can say ANYTHING! In case yáll forgot, I don´t give 1 FUCK until Tito is FREED! Basic Instructions before Leaving Earth I´m a Free Man by the South Shore Commission


Let´s get back into RELIGION............I don´t RESPECT any unless it came from the  CULTURE that celebrates it! The very 1st church in the world is in Lalabella Ethiopia as the very 1st BIBLE was written in Aramic, a language that still exists until this day! Most who know the bible don´t know SHIT about the bible which really means Basic Instructions before Leaving Earth. Check out who the P2 Lodge is & their RELATION to the BANKS of LONDON & the PENTAGON! I could get into all of it but also check out how your BIRTH CERTIFICATE & SOCIAL SECURITY are tied to an account that you can look up by going on to see how much YOU are WORTH under the 501c3 & how you can get off of that system & be SOVEREIGN like Me under the new 501c4! To finish this all, those of you who are GREEDY & want it all for self........your time is UP! That TWSTER that tore up Travesia specifically targetted hondo´s land! Too many of the Garifuna who have MONEY, got it by being like BARONS & PIRATES! Big apologies must be paid as I haven´t posted a CLASSIC ALBUM of the WEEK or anything dealing with the recent deaths of Prince, Percy Sledge, Billy Paul, Afeni Shakur or the HOMOSEXUALIZATION of Afrika Bambatta & the Zulu Nation. All of that & more will soon be addressed but as MY BROTHER TITO MUST be FREED.....................have patience as things are happening! hondo absolutely SUCKS yo! FREE TITO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Saturday, May 7, 2016


For Part V, go here at For Parts I - IV, press this link & scroll down at I got the POWER by Chill Rob G

So things here in Honduras are really HEATING UP nicely & by that, I´m not just talking this HOT ASS WEATHER.......nah I´m still on that OPERATION SAVE TITO & how my BROTHER needs someone to speak up for him because he can´t do it for himself! hondo says different come those who have a HAND in all of this never have ANYTHING to say when they see Me on the street? Are they COWARDS at heart? Who knows but I said previously, this will NOT STOP until WE get some SATISFACTION! hondo can continue to ACT like this ain´t effecting him but today, WE are going BACK in TIME to check on exactly WHO the GARIFUNA really are & how WE can get OUR POLITICS in ORDER! To my loyal readers I apologize but the Blak Smith has to break vicious cycles & smash ém into tiny little pieces because what I want most for my people is FREEDOM! Let´s do this!

jacques de molay or christian rosenkrutz

Okay so on early Thursday morning May 5th 2016, a very short TWISTER aka TORNADO hit the greater Puerto Cortes area & downed power lines & the usual when such things happen. No 1 died but check this out............hondo is a rosicrucian & he started building a temple before I left here in 2000. Well when I passed thru Travesia yesterday afternoon, I saw that the ROOF of that temple was in the yard across the street! This is very symbolic because ever since I could remember, he´s always been into what he THINKS is the TRUTH but anyone who knows anything about SECRET SOCIETIES knows that all of them are based on MASONRY & that MOST MASONS who achieve status are SATANISTS or DEVIL WORSHIPPERS! Now I won´t say that hondo is a SATANIST but remember that Tito was made the way he is by another OATH TAKING DOCTOR so what I´m saying here is LEGITIMATE. Was that connection more than doctor & patient? Are the Garifuna real? Marcus Garvey by Burning Spear

I read a book some years ago named They came before columbus written by Ivan van Sertima & what a book it the book it said that the base of the Garifuna are from Mali West Afrika. Upon doing my research, most sources say that WE come from various Western Afrikan nations & upon arriving in St Vincent, wrecked a ship & became one with the Arawaks & here WE are..............mind you that the Arawaks were very DARK PEOPLE & WE all are who WE are now but what I want to know is when & where did this rosicrucian INFLUENCE come from? Most who are in these SECRET SOCIETIES pledge their LOYALTY to their organizations FIRST & to boot, the 2 biggest HELPERS of hondo´s BULLSHIT are rosicrucians also! Whatever!

Mali is where the DOGON are from & I´ve been told by a dude from there that my FAMILY are all there. What I want to get into now is how POLITICS are formed because the POLITICS of a PEOPLE must be sustained in order for them to continue to PROSPER. Who are the DOGON? Lets look into them a little more at

Now that you have looked & think that I´m CRAZY for beLIEving in what was shown just above, know that I don´t give a FUCK about what you THINK about Me! I hope that you beLIEve NOTHING I put in here & do your own RESEARCH! When I lived in Ghana, I used to always say that WE should take the BEST of who WE are & MIX that to get the BEST RESULTS. That means what that means to you so don´t ask Me what I mean! Of course if you want the best for US, it means that WE can WORK together. Now that all that has been said let´s check out who & what the Arawaks were before WE became one at

For a brief Garifuna History, go here; Dimanche a Bamako by Amadou & Mariam

WE are going to finish this off with where I think Garifuna Politics should go. When RESPECT & INTEGRITY is paramount, ANYTHING can be DONE!!!!! If you do your PROPER RESEARCH, you could find out how to GOVERN as OUR VILLAGES are SOVEREIGN but note that there are still LAWS that must be followed! Taking the 9 People Activities into account, allow Me to indulge yáll.

1. ECONOMICALLY, the Garifuna have a GOLD MINE with all that BEACHSIDE PROPERTY that must be DEVELOPED so that people can get JOBS & stop running to the u.s to live in substandard housing so that they can work for 40 years & build a house back in their home & not GIVE BACK to the people that they came from! Those who receive any entitlement money can ASSIST & stop being SELFISH! Work with those you TRUST! You can´t take it with you to the GRAVE!

2. The EDUCATION for the people must CHANGE & to begin that process, WE start with the YOUTH because their minds are still flexible! For Me, TRAVEL was my EDUCATION along with the 100's of BOOKS that I've read. In order for a proper EDUCATION to be had, there must be RESPECT on the side of both parties! This is why Garifuna University will be a School of Life. The people will define the CURRICULUM. 

3. As far as ENTERTAINMENT in Honduras is concerned, like other Afrikan People, WE are IT! Anyone vaguely familiar knows that the people dance to Punta Music which is known all over the Caribean as Of course along with that comes the CLOTHES, FOOD, DRINK (Gifity) & what WE know as LANGUAGE! How shameful that most of the youngsters in Travesia are not speaking this LANGUAGE. WE will TEACH it ALL!

4. Everything WE are trying to do will include the LABOR to build a NATION & so everyone will have their FUNCTION! As well & what WE NEED, WE are a SOVEREIGN PEOPLE but you give that up when you go work for a gringo or indio! When WE BUILD, WE build for the Garifuna Community first! 

5. The LAWS of NATURE shall be taught as WE live them every day! As the Garifuna are a SPECIAL CLASS of people, WE can make OUR OWN LAWS, COURTS, POLICIES as close as possible to what WE come from! Whatever sustained US as a people can be done again as FREEDOM is around the corner & those who are best prepared to TAKE OVER should be REWARDED. When everybody has what they NEED, most things will take care of themselves! Only those who have been found to be JUST will LEAD!

6. Again, a PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENT made up of Garifuna must be made & therefor, an ENFORCEMENT AGENCY! Where there are people there is CONFLICT so the POLITICS of the PEOPLE must prevail. Things like this ensures that ALL EDUCATION is FREE & all that the people NEED because ALL in LIFE is ABUNDANT! WE need to know how the original Garifunas from Mali & the Arawaks RULED! WE could get back to that & of course UPDATE what once was.

With a POLITICAL BODY in place WE could PREVENT things like this below...........

Several years before Hurricane Mitch hit the Honduran North Coast in 1998, Lethal Yellowing coconut disease began affecting Honduran coconut palms, first in the Bay Islands. Just before Hurricane Mitch it had begun doing serious damage of the coconut trees on Honduras’s North Coast, first in the area of the Garifunas and then in the Honduran Mosquitia. Hurricane Mitch made the problem worse on the coast and carrying the disease into Ol*

With a POLITICAL BODY in place, WE could PREVENT things like this as the europeans tried to TAKE the BEACHSIDE away from the Garifuna already! I told hondo in 2000 that I knew a CHEMIST who could FIND OUT why the coconuts were dying if he & other Garifuna who could AFFORD it would all CONTRIBUTE to hire him & he dismissed it as if I was telling him to smoke Marijuana which is really MEDICINE!


7. I always say that RELIGION is the biggest DISTRACTION ever put in front of US as a people. Instead of telling what WE could do, what WE need to know is what the Malian & Arawaks did to praise GOD! So many of my elders are always talking about WE are CATHOLICS but none of you even know that the very first Catholics were from Ethiopia. What RELIGION does hondo & those who FOLLOW him beLIEve? As far as I´m concened, I am my OWN GOD!

8. SEX.........what more can I say? WE are going to keep this brief but in all of the 3rd world, ALMOST all of the WOMEN are becoming PROSTITUTES because the MEN aren´t supporting them because they CANNOT! As I´ve been saying, the PEOPLE of TODAY are DIFFERENT & will no longer TOLERATE the BULLSHIT as WE did! Way too many of OUR people are becoming HOMOSEXUAL because they were RAPED & when the children tell, get BLAMED for it happening. WE need to LEARN to UNLEARN & RELEARN almost all that WE know! 

9. It seems like the Garifuna are at WAR with OURSELVES! When I say FREE TITO, you feeling either like he´s doing the right thing or I HATE BLAK SMITH! It´s ok with Me though because I LOVE MYSELF ENOUGH for all of you HATERS! I already made WAR on MYSELF to FIGHT for what I beLIEve in & that will not stop! If you don´t agree with Me, I´ve DECLARED WAR on YOU! NATURE has DECLARED WAR on YOU because EVERYTHING NATURAL will always FIGHT to be FREE! hondo now keeps a loose dog in his yard because he thinks that I´m going to SNATCH Tito away like a kidnapper. Nah are going to hand him to Me with his passport & belongings as WE are CIVIL PEOPLE conducting BUSINESS! I have no interest whatsoever in harming anyone as I am protected by GOD (ME)!!!!!!!!!!

Okay.......I think that I´ve covered enough POLITICS today & still, Tito MUST be FREED! By freeing him I free SELF! What I want most in the WORLD is the FREEDOM of ALL PEOPLE to be what they are supposed to be. If you don´t like that well FUCK YOU! This is why my HEROES are those who fought for US like Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X & Kwame Nkrumah. When one FOLLOWS francis bacon, max heindel & harvey spencer lewis, you SERVE caucasians while secretly despising the people you come from! Have you ever researched HOW they FEEL about YOU? I´m here seeking Marcus Garvey in that WHIRLWIND he spoke of before he passed on. I accept your applause because you read this whole article & LEARNED SOMETHING today! FOH! 

In Part VII, WE get more into the 9 People Activities with Religion, Sex & War

* taken from                                                                                   

Monday, May 2, 2016


For Part IV, go here Murphy´s Law by Cheri

Today WE talk about the LAW & in this 1, WE ain´t gonna be talking about Tito, hondo or my PERSONAL ISSUES so much because my purpose in LIFE is for the progress of US GARIFUNA as a people! If hondo wants to expose Me as a BUM ASS NIGGER well then let Me EXPOSE his ASS to the WORLD too! All WE really want to do is present the BEST INFORMATION because beLIEve it or not, this is the year of JUBILEE & whether you agree or not, YOU will be FREE & someone has to lead you! What WE are going to do today is get into what the LAW is & what it means to US! Hold on to your hats as WE go because it promises to be HOT! Let´s go! Survival by Grand Master Flash & the Furious 5

The LAW...........there are so many LAWS in LIFE but the ones WE seem to BREAK all of the time are the ones that come from NATURE or what some would call NATURAL LAW & in a lot of cases, the cause is RELIGION which is possibly the biggest cause of CONFUSION & DISTRACTION to BLACK PEOPLE. According to the LAW, are GARIFUNA´s BLACK or HISPANIC? Blah blah jesus, blah blah mohammed & abraHAM......whatever! I used to HATE LAW until I found out that like most words, the LAW is NEUTRAL. Usually how 1 lives their LIFE will determine how MANS LAWS will treat YOU but I can dispel that quickly. The way you answer this question will determine where you are MENTALLY in LIFE. What becomes of a person who sniffs COCAINE, drinks LIQUOR all night & DRIVES in such a condition? Hold on to that answer & check at the end of this article.* As well, my Brother Javier Lambert will soon write an article here because some of yáll don´t beLIEve Me & say that I need more people. I have more than him but y´all know how that goes! WE gotta Free Tito! I saw him yesterday & he´s GOOD!

Listen, it´s like this; if you are seeking SOLUTIONS to this DILEMMA then WE can talk but if your take on this is to automatically take hondo´s side without even hearing Me well then.........I have to spank YOU because like hondo, I will not allow ANYONE OUTSIDE of my NUCLEAR FAMILY to have any say in what WE dealing with because I´m not going to do it to you & being that this all started so long ago, it has NOTHING to do with hondo being BLIND! Again, I don´t write for the EMOTIONAL as what I write here is FACT & since I issued a challenge for anyone to dispute these FACTS I haven´t heard SHIT! In fact I see some of you accusing Me of things that WE haven´t even spoken of & when you do see Me you act like you didn´t. As this place is small & I´m not avoiding any of you, how are you doing?

How are LAWS created? They were created during a time when Caucasians were so LAWLESS that those who were strong & were called LAND LORDS (LORD = LAW) would create BORDERS around certain tracts of LAND & say that anyone not AUTHORIZED to be there could be ARRESTED or KILLED because the RULER did not know why they were there. This was when SOVEREIGNTY was taken from US & soon, to differentiate from them, they soon decided to grab US from Afrika & export US to be SLAVES but remember...........the GARIFUNAS were never ENSLAVED! So with that I ask, when will the GARIFUNA go back in TIME & find out what sustained US as a people because as a people, WE´VE been in existence about 200 years. How did WE decide verdicts way back then? WE need to form a NEW GOVERNMENT to decide OUR AFFAIRS!!!!!! Constables by OC

What is REAL JUSTICE? Why are so many of US statistics? How do WE rise above it all? Could I even begin to tell you how to be FREE? REAL TRUTH = JUSTICE which leads to UNITY! I see you making that ANGRY FACE because you got yours but WHAT are you doing for the PEOPLE? I may be CRAZY to want UNITY my very short life, I´ve seen too many GARIFUNA´s FIGHT over what gets left behind by those who have passed on. That nigger hondo fought with 1 of my cousins for what wasn´t his so again, these cycles keep repeating but WE are not having it! Ask him about Yolanda. When it comes to that, most of US who have lived in the u.s even if born in Honduras, will not come back to make a life & so tend not to overly concern self with what goes on here seems like too many elders want to INTIMIDATE those younger than them regardless of what the LAW says & then claim RESPECT which from my view means I´m older than you so shut up & listen or I´m going to beat you! What hondo got away with for years was beating our asses even though there were ABUSE LAWS on the books! What about kicking US out into the streets after a misunderstanding? That´s NEGLECT! In the u.s, that´s ILLEGAL for any child under 18. He usually did this when he was PISSY DRUNK! 


Yellow Brick Road to RICHES!!!!!!!!!

So to end this, as far as I´m concerned FUCK MANS LAWS because they don´t GOVERN Me. The Garifuna need to UNDERSTAND that WE need to form OUR OWN GOVERNMENT in PARTNERSHIP with the Honduran government so as to get these projects done but it must first start with the people. The people have the POWER but don´t excercise it properly & will continue saying that it´s the GOVERMENTS JOB but this is a WELFARE MENTALITY! The people can start small & pave at their front doors & slowly but surely get it done. When the GOVERNMENT sees the REVENUE coming in from all the BUSINESSES, it would FORCE a situation where TAXES could be imposed & after an IMPACT STUDY is done, could JUSTIFY the building of that BRIDGE connecting all of the Atlantic beachside villages from Masca to Trujillo. This would all have to be NEGOTIATED in the LAW as all RELATIONSHIPS are AGREEMENTS! 

I cannot leave yáll just like that so before WE FORGET, let Me leave yáll with what NATURAL LAW really is. There are MANY FORMS of  LAW such as the LAW of KARMA which states that WHAT COMES AROUND goes AROUND! That is not just for BAD but also for GOOD! Can you see what I´m saying here because I hope you do! 360 by Grand Puba


NATURAL LAW dictates that it´s OK to KILL in SELF DEFENSE!

PACIFISM is for LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 7 Natural Laws of the Universe 7 Whole Days by Toni Braxton

The Law of Attraction is just part of one of the 7 natural laws of the Universe: the Law of Vibration. Of the 7 Laws, it may be the most important in how our everyday lives play out, but all of the laws are in effect whether we are aware of them or not. Knowing what the 7 laws are and how they work can make a significant difference in applying them to create the life you truly desire.

The 7 natural laws are in no particular order, but since the Law of Attraction has been discussed so much in The Secret, we’ll start with it.
The Law of Vibration states that everything vibrates and nothing rests. Vibrations of the same frequency resonate with each other, so like attracts like energy. Everything is energy, including your thoughts. Consistently focusing on a particular thought or idea attracts its vibrational match. How to apply it: Focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want.

The Law of Relativity states that nothing is what it is until you relate it to something. Point of view is determined by what the observer is relating to. The nature, value, or quality of something can only be measured in relation to another object. How to apply it: Practice relating your situation to something worse than yours, and you will feel good about where you are.

The Law of Cause and Effect states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Every cause has an effect, and every effect has a cause. Be at cause for what you desire, and you will get the effect. All thought is creative, so be careful what you wish for… you will get it. How to apply it: Consistently think and act on what you desire to be effective at getting it.

The Law of Polarity states that everything has an opposite. Hot-Cold, Light-Dark, Up-Down, Good-Bad. In the absense of that which you are not, that which you are… is not. Polar opposites make existence possible. If what you are not didn’t coexist with what you are, then what you are could not be. Therefore, do not condemn or criticize what you are not or what you don’t want. How to apply it: Look for the good in people and situations. What you focus on, you make bigger in your life.

The Law of Rythym states that everything has a natural cycle. The tides go in and back out, night follows day, and life regenerates itself. We all have good times and bad times, but nothing stays the same. Change is constant. Knowing that “This too shall pass” is great wisdom about life’s ebb and flow. How to apply it: When you are on a down swing, know that things will get better. Think of the good times that are coming.

The Law of Gestation states that everything takes time to manifest. All things have a beginning and grow into form as more energy is added to it. Thoughts are like seeds planted in our fertile minds that bloom into our physical experience if we have nourished them. How to apply it: Stay focused and know that your goals will become reality when the time is right.

The Law of Transmutation states that energy moves in and out of physical form. Your thoughts are creative energy. The more you focus your thinking on what you desire, the more you harness your creative power to move that energy into results in your life. The Universe organizes itself according to your thoughts. How to apply it: Put your energy and effort, your thoughts and actions into attracting what you desire, and you will surely attract the physical manifestation of that energy.
The 7 Natural Laws of the Universe are working with you and for you. Take charge of your life by focusing on what you want, and by law, you will have it.

I concentrate on Freeing Tito & like the LAWS of NATURE so shall it be! How does my BROTHER feel since OUR MOTHER passed on? Can his DREAMS be FUFILLED? Next up are POLITICS & RELIGION. Tito must be FREED so FREE Tito! 

* taken from