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As these posts will all SHOW YA what the HELL is going on so that YOU can see for YOURSELF, have FUN reading & know that WE are the VICTORS!!!!

They wanna BLAME SHIT on the WEATHER now LOLLLLL?:

Here's something that very lil of y'all saw register in the mainstream press but do ya KNOW how STRATEGIC Egypt is in the WORLD?:

General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq was the President of Pakistan and the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) at the time of his death and died in a mysterious C-130 Hercules plane crash on 17 August 1988. Several conspiracy theories exist regarding this incident, as other high-profile civilian and military personnel also died................

When EVER …

R.I.P Chokwe Lumumba

August 2 1947 - February 25 2014

Any MAN who Attorney at War Alton Maddox bigged up gets my VOTE!!! May he R.I.P & as I think they KILLED him, always REMEMBER when OUR TIME comes.........

In Memoriam of Mayor Chokwe Lumumba © By Alton H. Maddox, Jr.
The announcement of the death of Mayor Chokwe Lumumba of Jackson, MS hit me like a ton of bricks.When the federal government stated, in 1981, that Chokwe Lumumba must be barred from all courtrooms, because he was a "terrorist", Black activists, without exception, ran for the tall grass.Since Lumumba was a Michigan attorney, he sought admission pro hac vice to New York.This would eventually become a landmark decision for activist lawyers.He would represent Fulani Sunni-Ali.
There had been a bank robbery in Rockland County, NY.Some of the suspects were members of the Black Liberation Army.Law enforcement agents had conducted a pre-dawn raid in Mississippi.Fulani Sunni-Ali was a target of the raid.Law enforcement agents were killed…

YOU will be FREE*

I was gonna start the excerpts for my new book today but this is WAY MORE IMPORTANT as it affects US ALL!!!! Maybe all the delays are bcuz it's supposed to come out AFTER ya read this!!!! WE are HERE!!!!! I didn't write this & a big SHOUT again to John Hutchins!!!!!

(Just wait til the SUN turns this ya RESEARCH!!!!)

Dear Friends, it is I, St. Germain, and I come to tell you we are planning great things here in the HeavenlyRealm. The reason we are free to plan these wonderful things is because we are finished with the hard work which led up to the RV. It is now up to the very competent crew on the ground to make the final announcements to begin trading and we are on to the next phase – Announcements and Disclosure.

There are so many changes coming in such a short time period that you are going to be amazed, astonished, and you, Beloved Lightworkers will be joyfully fulfilled. You will feel that your cup runneth over; you will be gratified by the sudden blossom…

French Media says President Obama & Beyonce are Having an Affai... ain't Me saying it!!!!

Ghetto Jam & a few OTHERS!!!!

The excerpts will probably be ready tomorrow as far as Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die are concerned. This book will Expose the Entertainment Industry with a focus on Hip Hop. As I don't like to keep y'all waiting for the next blog, go BLAK a lil & listen to a HOT SONG by a dude named Domino. As a matter of fact, check this 1 as well: These joints are from WAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

49 YEARS AGO today............

This won't be a long article but have to give it up to the MAN who LOVED US so MUCH that he DIED for US!!! That BIATCH whose name will NEVER get a mention here tried to DISS him with that stupid ass move she made but too many of y'all give faraKKKoon a pass for openly saying that he was the 1 to foster the environment for this Blak God's ASSASSINATIONOI to take place & that there wasn't NO TYPO! As WE at b2a look forward, I picked this pic bcuz of the quote as WE are now sitting on the precipice of the NEW ERA that started in earnest on 12/21/12 but you don't hear Me though! A lotta peepo unfriended Me after that date but can ya say that SHIT is the SAME as before then til now? Just for today, do a Sankofah & walk forward while looking BLACK WARDS!!!! To all of my BP, I LUV US & see y'all on the OTHER SIDE!

How 2 tell that TIME is on OUR SIDE!!!

WE gonna go somewhere a lil different with today's article. I see too many of US out there predicting DOOM & GLOOM but somehow, I can't shake the feeling that all is gonna be more than AIIGHT for those looking forward to an OPTIMISTIC FUTURE! Like Maxwell says, "keep hanging just a lil while longer BABY" bcuz WE here! In a few articles, what I'm gonna do is put the most telling paragraphs to whet ya appetite so that HOPEFULLY ya see it as well. Don't get all upset if ya don't like what ya see here bcuz I ain't write none of these articles! As well, the songs will reflect that so check 'em out & if ya like what ya see, pass the word on to those ya feel who need it. Support the Blak Smith at this site as what WE doing is for US ALL.......let's get into it y'all!!!!
Back in the days of Ancient Greece, if you were in love you were thought to have a…



It was tomorrow.....or was it yesterday? Well, anyhoo the time isn't/wasn't important as it will happen! Yea the blaKKK select had been summoned to a secluded location in the northern european tundra for what would be the FINAL TAKEOVER of all PEEPO! The BOSSES were tired of PRETENSES & just wanted to outright rule bcuz they knew that their time was near. Kinda reminds US of Pinky & the Brain eh? All of our best minds were represented & it was time for the MEETING to start. Some dude named STANny Glover banged the gavel 3 times in order to get order. It was time for this MEETING to commence.

Okrah Windbag was to HOST but got frightened by the all blaKKK constituency. Messy SaXXXon approached the podium but before he could utter a word, belted out a tear for his imprisoned son. It was up to Al SharptonE but some hood dude got killed by a white supremacist & he went on to chase theAMBULANCE & all of the money that th…

Get 2 know Dr. Phil - a TRIP thru DNA

Here WE go with another R.O.B.O.T.S who needs NO DEFENDING like my articles of last week & in case you weren't made aware of 'em, just check last week with Dr. Umar Johnson & Africa Bambaataa as the headline pics in OUR II Part Series. Plenty of FAKE SNOW videos popping up all over the place but just know that the KraKKa is SALTING the EARTH (thru CHEM TRAILS & such) before his INEVITABLE DEPARTURE & apologies to those who see it bcuz most of y'all just don't, won't or can't & gonna get caught with that "OH SHIT" bag in ya hand! Don't look for Me then bcuz I'll be somewhere DELEGATING RESPONSIBILITIES with some REAL LEADERS!!! The qualification as far as I can see is by spreading TRUTH regardless of who don't like it! Ya see, I learned from Public Enemy years ago that when WOMEN didn't like their music, that the DUDES would absolutely go GAGA for it! Using that logic..................again, just bcuz I post it does…

Che Guevara & Cuba Revolution

Yea, YOU can take a LOOK at this & JUDGE for SELF! This is the type of SPIRIT US as BP gotta get on yo! Y'all don't see it but THEY going OUTTA here! The queen BIATCH has gotten konvikkted in the u.k., billery may or may not have brain cancer, the fukishima shit is MESSING up the OCEAN & all the BIG BANKERS are being SUICIDED! Just when ya thought that WE got over a pope who resigned just a YEAR AGO, check this at Time is MOVING ON so KEEP on LIVING! Til then, enjoy the REALEST MOVIE ya seen in a while!

This is NOT about POLYGAMY - IAM!!!!!!!!!

Image the title said, this won't be about THAT but WE already know that the FELLA's just LOVE it & that WOMEN HATE IT but........let's get into some story telling from the OLD DAYS! Can ya IMAGINE doing like a Sankofa & LOOKING BACK while all the while GOING FORWARD? Just what is LIBERTY/PEACE etc etc? When ya ask Blak Peepo that question, they usually look off into the great ether but don't ANSWER bcuz most of y'all can't & can't even IMAGINE! At the end of 2011, I said that I was gonna stop talking about the 5th word in the title & for the most part I've kept to that but.........what the hell was I saying now? Oh yea; WE gotta STORY to TELL & those of ya who don't get or like it..........hey, it's just a lil story. Can ya get with it? Well READ ON!!!!! (CHILDREN's STORY by Slick Rick)

For this 1, I HOPE that YOU can get RID of ALL PRECONCEIVED NOTIONS! Ya gonna have to go …

Defending R.O.B.O.T.S - Part II

(Man.......I hope that this is PHOTO-SHOPPED but........!!!*)

I was gonna go in on something terribly DIFFERENT but decided to stay with the theme of Defending R.O.B.O.T.S a lil more since it pissed off some of y'all who NEED to HEAR what the fuKKK I gotta say! As predicted, I knew that I would get HATE MAIL & as that is NOTHING NEW, it kinda feels like
my Malcolm faraKKKoon, BM BW, dark skinned light skinned rich poor & whatever OPPOSITE ARGUMENTS that go NOWHERE that ya boy willy lynch spoke of in making a slave! Read that SHIT AGAIN yo! As I've never been a slave, I ain't NEVA been PUSSY WHIPPED & I ain't letting NOBODY tell Me that I shouldn't write how I feel & why I REFUSE to get advertising so that I can keep TRUE to what it is I do whether ya LIKE it or NOT! This goes out ESPECIALLY to Y'ALL who wanna just SPEW so much BS about someone who is DOING his PART & if he pissed ya off so what? I'm here  to let ya know that YOU HAVE AD…

Defending R.O.B.O.T.S*


I'm gonna START this article the same way I FINISH it stating that HURT PEEPO HURT PEEPO! Oh......I'm about to piss a lotta Y'ALL off today & if ya HEART can't take it, oh well! A big shout out to the  Seahawks who won the SB yesterday & to those who gave props to that actor dude who died.....who the fuKKK was he? SB ritual anyone?'s article is inspired by Paul Shard who posed a rather interesting question a few days ago & being that the post on fb got outta hand, he took it down but the question was basically, "WHY are so many peepo DUMPING on Dr Umar Johnson? Well, as Mr Shard is very OUTSPOKEN, when I saw the post, most who chimed in said that Doc was ARROGANT & no 1 was disrespectful about it but I guess after it got "outta hand", it occurred that I've been asking of that for awhile & I usually get HEARSAY from those who differ with how he do! Now before y'…