Thursday, February 27, 2014


As these posts will all SHOW YA what the HELL is going on so that YOU can see for YOURSELF, have FUN reading & know that WE are the VICTORS!!!!

They wanna BLAME SHIT on the WEATHER now LOLLLLL?:

Here's something that very lil of y'all saw register in the mainstream press but do ya KNOW how STRATEGIC Egypt is in the WORLD?:

General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq was the President of Pakistan and the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) at the time of his death and died in a mysterious C-130 Hercules plane crash on 17 August 1988. Several conspiracy theories exist regarding this incident, as other high-profile civilian and military personnel also died................

When EVER in LIFE has the pentagon EVER reduce troop levels?

Scientists announce the discovery of hundreds of previously UNKNOWN ALIEN WORLDS outside of our solar system.

Rains bring relief to drought-dried California but worries to wildfire-scarred regions.....

Gov’t officials ‘very possibly’ know Fukushima is a worldwide disaster and just not revealing it....

Uganda donors cut aid after president passes anti-gay law

Finally & last but not least, the GREAT SHINING PRINCE says.......................The white man is by nature a devil and must be destroyed. The black man will inherit the earth; he will resume control, taking back the position he held centuries ago when the white devil was crawling around the caves of Europe on his all fours –and who knows, it might make God decide to give the white devil a few more years.

CONNECT the DOTS Y'ALL!!!! Here's a HISTORY REPORT on WAX for ya at

The BOOK is DONE & so........get at Me at & on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

R.I.P Chokwe Lumumba

August 2 1947 - February 25 2014

Any MAN who Attorney at War Alton Maddox bigged up gets my VOTE!!! May he R.I.P & as I think they KILLED him, always REMEMBER when OUR TIME comes.........

In Memoriam of Mayor Chokwe Lumumba ©
By Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

            The announcement of the death of Mayor Chokwe Lumumba of Jackson, MS hit me like a ton of bricks. When the federal government stated, in 1981,  that Chokwe Lumumba must be barred from all courtrooms, because he was a "terrorist", Black activists, without exception, ran for the tall grass.  Since Lumumba was a Michigan attorney, he sought admission pro hac vice to New York.  This would eventually become a landmark decision for activist lawyers. He would represent Fulani Sunni-Ali.

            There had been a bank robbery in Rockland County, NY.  Some of the suspects were members of the Black Liberation Army. Law enforcement agents had conducted a pre-dawn raid in Mississippi.  Fulani Sunni-Ali was a target of the raid. Law enforcement agents were killed during the New York bank robbery.

            Inside the meeting at the NYCLU, white attorneys were giving conditions for their representation of Chokwe. This sounded like a prelude to the "new Don King". Patriotism should have its limits. I knew that I was better in the courtroom than any white attorney in New York and in the room. Thus, I told Chokwe to saddle up and ride with me and Warren. This started a relationship between Chokwe, Michael Warren and myself. Warren had already been associated with me at NCBL Juvenile Defense Project.

            Chokwe and I stayed close until his death. He had enjoyed legal success in New York. I went to his wife's funeral in Detroit. When Chokwe was having problems with a disciplinary committee in Mississippi, I made a trip to Mississippi to support him. Chokwe was supporting the Scott sisters. I was at a well-planned rally for them. I also returned to Mississippi on his election as mayor of Jackson, MS.

            Chokwe is survived by two fine children. His wife knew from heaven, that Chokwe had done an excellent job in raising them. I would have been in better financial shape to go to Mississippi if members of the Freedom Party had not engaged in a costly and systematic foot-dragging campaign. Black people can ill-afford to play "games".  When a comrade dies, no funds exist to show your respect. The "games" consumed the funds.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

YOU will be FREE*

I was gonna start the excerpts for my new book today but this is WAY MORE IMPORTANT as it affects US ALL!!!! Maybe all the delays are bcuz it's supposed to come out AFTER ya read this!!!! WE are HERE!!!!! I didn't write this & a big SHOUT again to John Hutchins!!!!!

(Just wait til the SUN turns this ya RESEARCH!!!!)

Dear Friends, it is I, St. Germain, and I come to tell you we are planning great things here in the Heavenly Realm. The reason we are free to plan these wonderful things is because we are finished with the hard work which led up to the RV. It is now up to the very competent crew on the ground to make the final announcements to begin trading and we are on to the next phase – Announcements and Disclosure.

There are so many changes coming in such a short time period that you are going to be amazed, astonished, and you, Beloved Lightworkers will be joyfully fulfilled. You will feel that your cup runneth over; you will be gratified by the sudden blossoming of evidence everywhere of what has been growing behind the scenes for years.

Once the RV trading is underway, which we expect immediately, we will be on to even better and more dramatic changes. The arrests of the criminals who have enslaved the planet for their own profit will be coming forth in great numbers – so many you will not believe your eyes when you see dozens who were honored as captains of industry and finance being walked off in handcuffs. All will be given a chance to redeem themselves, for we are a merciful community here in the higher dimensions but it will not be done at the cost of holding up the march of real progress for all.

We have worked so long for this Beloved Ones. You and I have seen the bright future for Planet Earth and have moved always in the direction of Light. Our rewards will be abundant, glorious, and ongoing. Yes, there is much to look forward to after the RV. It is just the introduction to a complete Shift in the way business is done on Planet Earth. By this, I do not mean only commerce. Education, social traditions, political activities, governance – all will be different.

Now, we wish to prepare you for the necessary upheaval which will inevitably result when the financial systems are in the process of changing over. There will be a short period in which the banking system may shut down in order to institute the new, fair and free economic standards which are to be put into place. No more will every transaction, every trade, every loan be tailored to enrich the cabal which grew fat while the rest of the world was starving.

No more will hardworking people be forced into homelessness; no more will employment or education be akin to slavery. The human condition is about to change globally and we are asking you to help usher in this glorious New Golden Age. You who are reading this are the Lightworkers who felt the rising vibrations and were inspired to invest in the possibility of using your own resources for the good of all. You will be rewarded tenfold with the pleasure of giving what you have to support and nurture others who are in need.

You will also find the way open for you when you take action to build, create, form networks and organizations to benefit all. It will feel as though a weight has been lifted and the wind is always at your back. Doors will open for you as if by magic because the old resistance which was built into the system has evaporated.

Life was intended to be beautiful on Mother Earth’s surface, but it has not been for many centuries. The abundance that was to be shared by all was co-opted by the few, bringing terrible pollution and degradation to her and causing disease and ill health to become the norm. You saw the effect of the chemtrails in recent weeks – aberrant weather patterns, devastating drought and crippling snowstorms, all caused by the arrogant manipulation of the natural world.

This reckless poisoning of Earth and all her creatures will never be permitted to occur again. Your Galactic Brothers and Sisters are neutralizing the effects of this weather manipulation which was intended to create profit from engineered illness and famine by creating such environmental disaster that the entire globe would be brought to its knees. An entire population which suffers from hunger and disease is at the mercy of those in power when those in power are ruthless and feel entitled to their privilege.

You will be astonished by the revelations which will be coming hour by hour over the newly freed media. The Rockefeller/Rothschild/Murdock cartel will be removed from operations of all the television, radio and print news production and the world will gain a true source of communication. It will then be used to honestly inform the population of what has gone before and what wonderful opportunities lay ahead for all of you.

We have met today with Mother/Father God, Prime Creator and all the Company of Heaven to discuss how we might bring the information to forewarn those of you who are not given to hysteria or paranoia of the coming difficulties you may encounter during the enormous Shift. We are concerned that many who are completely unaware of the coming disruptions may become panicky or even violent when the resources they are used to having are limited for a short time.

You have all seen the extreme reaction when people are told there is a large snowfall coming. Many stock up on enormous amounts of food, water and emergency supplies at the thought of being snowed in for a day. These are the ones we are concerned about reaching with the message that all is well, all is being managed and overseen from On High and there is nothing to fear. Just the opposite – this is the sign that progress has been made already and that the new way of life will be brought forth from the rubble of the old, toxic and debilitating conditions.

Here is the concern for the coming weeks: There may be a period lasting from a few days to a week or two during which the banks will be closed. Depending on the reaction of the populace, this will have a greater or lesser effect on all other elements of life like food distribution, the transport and delivery of needed medical supplies and even the ongoing stability of power, water and transportation. We hope to avoid any hysteria or panic by preparing everyone in advance to expect a certain amount of disruption and to prepare for it as much as possible.

Ultimately, your own good humor and generosity will provide the needed bridge to help carry others to the other side, to reassure and prepare them for a joyful completion of the process of change for the better. As long as people remain calm and friendly, resourcefulness and creativity will carry the day and all will come out of this Shift in high hopes with their Vision of a new and more humane world alive in their consciousness.

I want to reassure you, Dear Ones, that we have left no stone unturned, no idea left on the table without consideration and we are resolved that this entire process – even in its enormity – will be accomplished with Grace. It cannot be done without a certain amount of chaos but it can be completed without great loss or upheaval.

Consider how much fun you have had on a camping trip when you left behind the comforts of home in favor of living in the natural world, with the pleasures of life in a forest or at a seashore all around you. Think of the coming transition as something like this – the opportunity to get closer to Nature and to those you love while relying on your own and others’ resourcefulness.

You may have a day or two without your iphone, ipad or computer. You may experience a disruption in your cell phone reception or your TV programming. When all services resume, you will be ready for the massive changes that have been planned for you. Free energy technology is just around the corner, a gift from your Star Brothers and Sisters. Opportunities to stretch your mind, offer your hidden skills, and celebrate with everyone around you will present themselves as you discover new pleasures, new friendships and astonishing news about yourselves, your unique identities and your true path in life.

Yes, it will be a grand adventure if that is the way you approach it. Of course, there will be some who become angry and upset if their daily routine should change even slightly, if they are inconvenienced in some small way because their grasp on stability and happiness is defined in terms of “safety” – meaning that they cannot tolerate change in any form, even for the better.

This is where you come in. You will be called upon to reassure, to comfort and to teach. You have been reading these messages, finding your way to deeper Heart communication, deeper self-acceptance and Love. Many around you have not had the benefit of such reassurance, and such training in patience and Faith as you have had. They will be blindsided by the knowledge that all is not what it seemed and that it did indeed need to be changed and now.

Like the cabal, many of Earth’s sleeping inhabitants had found a way to remain unconscious of the massive suffering by blaming the victims or by developing some philosophical or religious explanation for how suffering is inevitable or even preferable. We are here to show the way to a new outlook Beloveds. We will work together with you to maintain stability even as the familiar ground is shifting under our feet. We will sustain our Vision of Peace, Joy and Justice for all, and so it shall be done.

* article renamed from

Monday, February 24, 2014

French Media says President Obama & Beyonce are Having an Affai... ain't Me saying it!!!!

Ghetto Jam & a few OTHERS!!!!

The excerpts will probably be ready tomorrow as far as Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die are concerned. This book will Expose the Entertainment Industry with a focus on Hip Hop. As I don't like to keep y'all waiting for the next blog, go BLAK a lil & listen to a HOT SONG by a dude named Domino. As a matter of fact, check this 1 as well: These joints are from WAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

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49 YEARS AGO today............

This won't be a long article but have to give it up to the MAN who LOVED US so MUCH that he DIED for US!!! That BIATCH whose name will NEVER get a mention here tried to DISS him with that stupid ass move she made but too many of y'all give faraKKKoon a pass for openly saying that he was the 1 to foster the environment for this Blak God's ASSASSINATIONOI to take place & that there wasn't NO TYPO! As WE at b2a look forward, I picked this pic bcuz of the quote as WE are now sitting on the precipice of the NEW ERA that started in earnest on 12/21/12 but you don't hear Me though! A lotta peepo unfriended Me after that date but can ya say that SHIT is the SAME as before then til now? Just for today, do a Sankofah & walk forward while looking BLACK WARDS!!!! To all of my BP, I LUV US & see y'all on the OTHER SIDE! 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

How 2 tell that TIME is on OUR SIDE!!! 

WE gonna go somewhere a lil different with today's article. I see too many of US out there predicting DOOM & GLOOM but somehow, I can't shake the feeling that all is gonna be more than AIIGHT for those looking forward to an OPTIMISTIC FUTURE! Like Maxwell says, "keep hanging just a lil while longer BABY" bcuz WE here! In a few articles, what I'm gonna do is put the most telling paragraphs to whet ya appetite so that HOPEFULLY ya see it as well. Don't get all upset if ya don't like what ya see here bcuz I ain't write none of these articles! As well, the songs will reflect that so check 'em out & if ya like what ya see, pass the word on to those ya feel who need it. Support the Blak Smith at this site as what WE doing is for US ALL.......let's get into it y'all!!!!

Back in the days of Ancient Greece, if you were in love you were thought to have a sickness. Getting married was so that you could start a family, not so you could live happily ever after with the one that you love the most. Marriage was also a way to bring families together, such as two royal families. Arranged marriages were an everyday occurrence. Evergreen State College professor Stephanie Coontz wrote a book about the history of marriage and how love has taken over as the main focus in modern days.

Physical attraction has always been a part of marriages but it is expressed in different ways. There are some cultures (in Tibet) where the women will get pregnant by other men and then have their families help raise the children. There are no active father figures in these cultures.

Other cultures will take on multiple spouses at once, which is called polygamy. University of Utah professor Don Herrin says that polygamy is really the most enduring form of marriage that there is. Could this be because everyone knows that there are others involved in the marriage and the person that marries multiple people is getting everything that he or she wants in a marriage without having to find one perfect person?*

The fact is that we are seeing a clean-up where JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank seems to appear at the epicenter of it all. In January, JP Morgan admitted facilitating the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme by turning its head to his activities. Despite this admission, the U.S. Department of Justice under Eric Holder declined to send anyone to jail under a deferred prosecution agreement. Yet this is only the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

In March, 2013, the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations released a heavily redacted 307-page report detailing the financial irregularities surrounding the actions of JP Morgan and the deliberate withholding of critical financial information by JP Morgan. Prominent in the mix are the actions of Bruno Iksil, who earned the nickname the “London Whale,” for his “casino bets” of others money that caused billions of dollars in losses. Yet, no cooperation was provided by Dimon’s foot soldiers as they failed to testify or otherwise cooperate with Senate investigators.**

A vicious worldwide information war is now happening with the major fascist media newspapers such as the New York Times, Washington Post, London Times, London Guardian, BBC, Associated Press & too many many others deliberately suppressing any alien information.

Yet the alternative counter culture and New Age media has countless newspapers, magazines, zines, journals, websites, pirate radio stations and internet TV stations, churning out the truth. Thus, an information war unseen in the history the planet is now taking place.

As the crazy fascist control systems such as the western allied governments and especially the American Government continue to work closely with the American Illuminati billionaire families that control most financial infrastructures around the world, a plea from the Galactic Federation has been made for the Chinese and Indian governments to immediately intervene.

The Chinese Government now clearly realizes it is in control of this planet with its military might and the biggest army on the planet..

The Chinese could destroy America in one week in a land war and the Americans would be utterly helpless to use nuclear weapons because the friendly aliens surrounding this planet would stop them. Thus, Beijing is currently the de-facto world capital and President Hu Jing Tao is the most powerful man in the world.***

Any day now, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die will be perfeKtly completed & ready for your reading consumption! Pre-orders can be made at or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) INBOX ONLY!!!

This is a 7 minute video of a Woman in New Zealand who got info from an ex-military man who told her very lil but ENOUGH INFO on how they change OUR DNA & so........when ya see too many GAYS, SELL OUTS, NERDS & ill peepo, know that all of 'em ain't at fault! The DEVILS TIME is UP yo!!!! Get used to it!!! 

* taken from

** taken from


Sunday, February 16, 2014


It was tomorrow.....or was it yesterday? Well, anyhoo the time isn't/wasn't important as it will happen! Yea the blaKKK select had been summoned to a secluded location in the northern european tundra for what would be the FINAL TAKEOVER of all PEEPO! The BOSSES were tired of PRETENSES & just wanted to outright rule bcuz they knew that their time was near. Kinda reminds US of Pinky & the Brain eh? All of our best minds were represented & it was time for the MEETING to start. Some dude named STANny Glover banged the gavel 3 times in order to get order. It was time for this MEETING to commence.

Okrah Windbag was to HOST but got frightened by the all blaKKK constituency. Messy SaXXXon approached the podium but before he could utter a word, belted out a tear for his imprisoned son. It was up to Al SharptonE but some hood dude got killed by a white supremacist & he went on to chase the AMBULANCE & all of the money that this would bring in. So..........Travis Smelly held court & instructed the ghost of Michael Dark Duncan to make sure that no one like Dr. Khalid Muhammad could enter. The only no-shows were Cheetah Woods & Aruba Gooding Jr. As a resolution was raised, CondomSleeza Race wanted to put everything to a vote but this was all shot down by honorary niKKKa, ill KKKlinton. Play J (Candy's brother) had what looked like cocaine & santa MoniKKKa asked if it was the same strain that put Whitty Hutton outta her misery? Assured that it wasn't, MoniKKKa seemed a lil disappointed. The sirocks was provided by fibby & even Freedman Morgan had a sip with his stepdaughter/wife. So far, this meeting was the BOMB!!!!

After a great meal of chicken fried SHIT SAMMICHES with MAYO, the meeting was to start in all earnestness. The UNINITIATED bought out an orphaned white baby who was to be SEXUALLY SAVAGED & killed but as it was a devil, who cared but those few blaKKK women especially Okrah? This was to SWEAR ALL in attendance to SECRECY! Spic Lee did all of the filming but this was no act! The TRUE & LIVING DEVIL SALIVATED thru their 1 way windows as they ENJOYED the DEBAUCHERY of the ready & willing newly initiated. As all were now sworn in, they emerged from their coffins PUDGY, NAKED & OLD with VIAGRA on the BREATH ready to eviscerate any of the many ASSHOLES they wanted! Being that Professor Obie was already outed, he stepped up first with Gamey Fuxx a close second. Dogg Williams laughed in a corner but knew that he had to remain SILENT or........?

Oh yo, former nba star Mac Jordon was made to eat SHIT for taking so long in having lil mulattos. They made Jennifer Houston eat Tricky Minaj out at the BLOODIEST point of her period! ARYANa was made to upchuck on 'em while they came in each other's mouth while the devils jacked off on a slew of rappers. Lil Wine & Babel........DAMNNNNN!!!! Ayo.....those DEVILS made Dr Dre(ad) bang 50centavos while he banged Ice Cuba while he banged Scoop Hound while he banged Bow WOWZER while a holograph pic of Tupac & Nate Dogg looked on looking quite disappointed. And then all of a sudden...........they all stopped, drank GIN & JUICE & came to the DEVILS & said, "WE now have the Final Solution once & for all for all who are not down with US. This will all be for YOU MASTER!"

So.......Shacky, Charles Berkley, Mike Strangehand, Lateetha & ill Smith (no relation) got up, approached the devils & the signal was given. All of the blakkks mentioned above started CHOKING the LIVING SHIT out of the top DEVILS & the rest ran to kill the DEVILS SECURITY lurking about after pulling out handguns & donning gas masks. It seemed that barry & gay-z had a real FERVOR killing the DEVILS as if it was PERSONAL! They used gas bombs for expediency & shot any remaining devils while Alice Keys & Bouncy made the telephone calls to repeat this process in cities where tri-adderal condition & council of fuKKKing retarded offices were. The best makeup artists were made to fake the pics of the blaKKK pope aka (dis)cunt hans kolvenbiaaaatch who then gave the order that Blak Peepo were the REAL TRUE & LIVING GOD's of the EARTH to all of his minionsJust like that, it was over! The peepo that WE were  supposed to HATE really had OUR BLACK afterall! The rally cry aka the shot heard around the world was sounded. All non-BLAKS now had reason to FEAR!!! Those blaKKKs still in cahoots with the DEVILS days were numbered!


Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die is DONE! Still gotta get some irons out of the fire but that doesn't mean ya can't pre-order before the link goes up & if ya get it from Me, you can save a few bucks. Contact US at or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). You ain't gonna get it much better than ya do here & so HOLLA BLAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!

Two days later, all was well......Michael Obama came & told US that she's really a MAN!!! Who didn't know that? All of the world's intelligence agencies were dismantled. As the aliens had already knocked out nuclear arms, the BALANCE of POWER shifted to the great country of where all things white were BANNED! And this is why I keep telling US to cease operating in this 3 DIMENSIONAL PARADIGM bcuz those peepo WE think are going to harm US further ar.........."yo Blak, yo Blak....WAKE yo ASS up........yo WAKE having that FANTASY DREAM again about those boule niKKKa's freeing US again........& go take a bath, this 1 was WET!!!!!!"


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Get 2 know Dr. Phil - a TRIP thru DNA

Here WE go with another R.O.B.O.T.S who needs NO DEFENDING like my articles of last week & in case you weren't made aware of 'em, just check last week with Dr. Umar Johnson & Africa Bambaataa as the headline pics in OUR II Part Series. Plenty of FAKE SNOW videos popping up all over the place but just know that the KraKKa is SALTING the EARTH (thru CHEM TRAILS & such) before his INEVITABLE DEPARTURE & apologies to those who see it bcuz most of y'all just don't, won't or can't & gonna get caught with that "OH SHIT" bag in ya hand! Don't look for Me then bcuz I'll be somewhere DELEGATING RESPONSIBILITIES with some REAL LEADERS!!! The qualification as far as I can see is by spreading TRUTH regardless of who don't like it! Ya see, I learned from Public Enemy years ago that when WOMEN didn't like their music, that the DUDES would absolutely go GAGA for it! Using that logic..................again, just bcuz I post it doesn't mean that I agree with all of it!

I ain't gonna go in too hard today as I believe Doc Phil doesn't need it & says so all of the time! The above link from my blog was on Doc's fb page & though he didn't write it, I was VILIFIED by too many WOMEN for taking it from him & posting it on the blog. I felt that it was right but y'all know.......hey LADIES, 1 thing I gotta tell y'all is that EMOTIONS CHANGE EVERYDAY ALL the TIME & WE ain't going for it bcuz until the DEVIL took over, the BW NEVER needed to refer to that as a FACTOR in HERSTORY as y'all allow the dudes ya most love to HATE as in Nasheed & Sotomayor to EXIST with ya REACTIONARY VITRIOL!!! An old Afrikan proverb says that even a broken clock tells the TRUTH twice a day! Would ya be willing to agree with that or do ya just disagree for disagreements sake? Man..........I hate to sound like I'm with this B.O.T.S* shit but y'all gotta know!!!!

In the RACE against TIME, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die should be out before the end of the month. Pre-orders are coming in every day & so I expect to hear from all of my SUPPORTERS posthaste! To get in contact with US, the e-mail is & on fb, WE at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). HOLLA BLAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!

So to my SISTA's who don't like Phil but wanna go back to OUR GLORY, how do WE do it? By dismissing the BM who is just as much as viKKKtims albeit in a DIFFERENT WAY than you? If ya don't like FOREIGNERS, ya stuck with US & when are ya gonna start placing the 1st BLAME where it belongs? What are ya gonna say when FAMILY DECISIONS get decided by the ELDERS some of y'all claim y'all LOVE? If ya wanna be FREE & about MA'AT, can WE have RECIPROCITY? Can I talk? If ya over 30 & don't know what I mean then I can't help ya but tell ya what......regardless of how ya feel about Doc, listen without prejudice & learn something!

* B.O.T.S = Battle Of The Sexes

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Che Guevara & Cuba Revolution

Yea, YOU can take a LOOK at this & JUDGE for SELF! This is the type of SPIRIT US as BP gotta get on yo! Y'all don't see it but THEY going OUTTA here! The queen BIATCH has gotten konvikkted in the u.k., billery may or may not have brain cancer, the fukishima shit is MESSING up the OCEAN & all the BIG BANKERS are being SUICIDED! Just when ya thought that WE got over a pope who resigned just a YEAR AGO, check this at Time is MOVING ON so KEEP on LIVING! Til then, enjoy the REALEST MOVIE ya seen in a while!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

This is NOT about POLYGAMY - IAM!!!!!!!!! the title said, this won't be about THAT but WE already know that the FELLA's just LOVE it & that WOMEN HATE IT but........let's get into some story telling from the OLD DAYS! Can ya IMAGINE doing like a Sankofa & LOOKING BACK while all the while GOING FORWARD? Just what is LIBERTY/PEACE etc etc? When ya ask Blak Peepo that question, they usually look off into the great ether but don't ANSWER bcuz most of y'all can't & can't even IMAGINE! At the end of 2011, I said that I was gonna stop talking about the 5th word in the title & for the most part I've kept to that but.........what the hell was I saying now? Oh yea; WE gotta STORY to TELL & those of ya who don't get or like it..........hey, it's just a lil story. Can ya get with it? Well READ ON!!!!! (CHILDREN's STORY by Slick Rick)

For this 1, I HOPE that YOU can get RID of ALL PRECONCEIVED NOTIONS! Ya gonna have to go deep inside ya DNA to get this 1 bcuz this 1 is gonna TOUCH YOU in the SOUL CHAKRA! Ya may have to MEDITATE before & after but it's up to YOU! Picture 75,000 years ago, before the existence of any upright walking thing called a caucasoid. Picture living in what could only be described as Eden where there were no PESTICIDES, BIO-ENGINEERING of NATURE like h.a.a.r.p, no CHATTEL SLAVERY, no need for BIRTH CONTROL, no need for a FIAT CURRENCY, RENT, MORTGAGE PAYMENTS, no paying for FOOD & no POLLUTING of the precious WATER that WE NEED so much! Picture a land abundant with MONOATOMIC GOLD! Also, picture plenty of GARDENS, ANIMALS that weren't just used for FOOD, PEACE, CLOTHES & no such thing as HOMELESSNESS bcuz it took a whole VILLAGE to raise those children. Things weren't perfeKt though & as anywhere, SHIT happens......................but could ya imagine it? I hope ya can!!!

(pic of the SMOKE that THUNDERS in Zimbabwe)

Are ya there yet? As far as I know, my peepo have been where WE are now for at least 10,000 years & some of the elders say even longer but now, they say that the youth don't want this info anymore. In fact, there is now a faction who feel that with time, that things must change & they have been getting louder & louder about it. In fact, they wish to secede from US & the wise ELDERS are saying that things shall remain the SAME! I thought that this was all talk til 1 day, a great FIGHT occurred & I was APPALLED at what I saw.......3 LIFELESS BODIES & as this was all the ELDERS could take, they said that the offshoot faction had to go. They were chased off & as this group had 2 of my brothers, 2 cousins, 5 Uncles, 22 Aunties, 1 grand-uncle & so many other RELATIVES, WE will miss them! They are now considered OUTCASTS & I or no 1 who stays back CAN EVER SPEAK with any of them again. They are not all bad peepo but the FIGHTING has to stop bcuz the only DEATHS I've ever saw were of NATURAL CAUSES, ACCIDENTS & during daring Rites of Passages!!! Damn I already miss my BROTHER as he had so much more to TEACH ME!!!

File:Nas - I Am....jpg

I AM 1 of those who left & as I could not take the NON-GROWTH of my Peepo, it had to happen! Oh how I miss my BROTHER! Under the cover of NIGHT, WE left with some of US having ELDERS who could barely walk with BABIES born just days ago but WE couldn't take it anymore. As everyone is closely related & can't go back from whence WE came, WE MUST TRAVEL far away lest any of OUR SMALL NUMBERS get KILLED by those WE left behind! Akebulan  is a VAST LAND & walk WE must & WE must be sure to secure FOOD, CLOTHING & SHELTER along the way! Hopefully, WE don't encroach on the hunting lands, burial grounds or places of sacraments wherever WE go. When WE get there, WE have 70 young MEN ready for MARRIAGE but only 20 young LADIES to match & being that WE are ALL CLOSELY RELATED.........hopefully, where WE are going, the peepo WE find there will WELCOME US with open arms & ABUNDANCE so as to absorb US!!!! In turn, WE can SHARE with them what WE have to offer!!!

What is this? Hmmmmm, a peepo that I've never seen before......they look as if they've traveled since FOREVER & with a large contingent of ELDERS.......are they the remnants of some Peepo or have they been made OUTCASTS? I shall take OUR strongest men to them & hopefully, WE all speak a common language so that WE can GIVE THEM what they need. Shoot 10 years into the future & those new peepo got with the peepo who were already there & ALL was WELL! The new peepo LEARNED the language, ADAPTED to the CULTURE (while keeping the best parts of their own), MARRIED, planted seeds that their new PEEPO never saw before & after a fashion, became known as 1 PEEPO! Bcuz of an overabundance of MEN in these 2 new peepo's, POLYANDRY became the law of the LAND & the WOMEN could have more than 1 MAN so as to INCREASE the POPULATION aka BALANCE aka MA'AT! Shoot forward 70,000 years after the equation changed bcuz of OTHERS upsetting that delicate BALANCE!! 

T.I.N.A.P IAM!!!!!

Peepo have MIGRATED since the beginning of TIME!! In the past 10,000 years, OTHERS have came & some have stayed & some have moved on & for the most part, things have been peaceful. Lately though, there have been rumblings of OUR PEEPO way back from whence WE came who have been TAKEN AWAY on ships by peepo with WHITE SKIN! I hope to never see these types but who are they to take OUR PEEPO & even though WE don't agree with them or their ways, no 1 should be taken away from where they are from by FORCE! WE have heard from some that have passed thru that they put those peepo in a dark & dank storage facility with gruel to eat, unclean water to drink with OUR WOMEN having CHILDREN in an environment of RAPE (MEN & WOMEN), MENSTRUAL BLOOD, DEFECATION, URINE, VOMIT, RATS & not to mention, SAVAGE BEATINGS! WE hear that some have been made into SEX SLAVES!!! Who could do such a thing? And then, these DEVILS send OUR PEEPO away somewhere NEVER to be seen on this side of the WORLD ever again! Though WE can NEVER go back to OUR ORIGINS, if these WHITE DOGS (assuming that this is even TRUE) ever come here, WE will RESIST this with the BLOOD of the last of US!

Yo.....Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die is still on deck but........every time progress wins, a slow down happens & as WE are now in RETROGRADE.....for ya soon coming advanced copies, get at US at & on facebook, hit US up at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

Anywhere in the u.s.a 2014 - These BITCHES out here ain't SHIT but HOES & TRICKS! All these niKKKa's out here just wanna be LAZY & all they wanna do is LAY UP under Me without WORKING!  IDGAF if he was good to Me before he lost his j.o.b but if he don't get something by April, he OUTTA here! Yo Sun, that BITCH gotta FAT ASS but she UGLY as FUCK! Yo BITCH, that niKKKa got good DICK but is DUMB as ROCKS! I'm gonna use him for his MONEY til he get TIRED of my SHIT!! Heyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Hey Ricky, this is Mike............heyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Yo Kisha, Tony got that good BLOW, I got the MOLLIES & he wanna see US EAT each OTHER OUT & then he gonna BLOW both OUR BACKS OUT!!! Ayo, did ya see what that niKKKa said about Me on facebook? Too many saying to self, "I'm gonna SPREAD RUMORS about him/her....................................................Let 'em eat CAKE as.........................
I AM = I AM MA'AT!!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Defending R.O.B.O.T.S - Part II

(Man.......I hope that this is PHOTO-SHOPPED but........!!!*)

I was gonna go in on something terribly DIFFERENT but decided to stay with the theme of Defending R.O.B.O.T.S a lil more since it pissed off some of y'all who NEED to HEAR what the fuKKK I gotta say! As predicted, I knew that I would get HATE MAIL & as that is NOTHING NEW, it kinda feels like
my Malcolm faraKKKoon, BM BW, dark skinned light skinned rich poor & whatever OPPOSITE ARGUMENTS that go NOWHERE that ya boy willy lynch spoke of in making a slave! Read that SHIT AGAIN yo! As I've never been a slave, I ain't NEVA been PUSSY WHIPPED & I ain't letting NOBODY tell Me that I shouldn't write how I feel & why I REFUSE to get advertising so that I can keep TRUE to what it is I do whether ya LIKE it or NOT! This goes out ESPECIALLY to Y'ALL who wanna just SPEW so much BS about someone who is DOING his PART & if he pissed ya off so what? I'm here  to let ya know that YOU HAVE ADAPTED to their WAYS & that YOU are being put on NOTICE!!! (Jealousy by Club Nouveau)

Before y'all get it TWISTED, again, I don't know any of the R.O.B.O.T.S that I defended so dash that NOTION that I'm on somebodies dick! just occurred to Me that maybe YOU are as WE are all GUILTY of PROJECTION some of the time.........why not get a HOOT &  look up what that means on a SCIENTIFIC LEVEL?

Instead of WASTING OUR NATION's TIME & calling ya out by NAME, I'm gonna talk about some WAY MORE IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENTS that are happening that would make anything I say DIRECTLY to & for YOU MOOT! In an article I posted last week, I put in that there were 3 deaths of BIG TIME DEVIL BANKERS but how about WE ADD in another 1! Ayo.....this dude worked for an outfit named russell investments or formerly known as the russell trust aka the motherfuKKKing origins of the skull & bones! If I need tell ya who they are, do ya OWN RESEARCH as I ain't speaking to BEGINNERS! Some of y'all got way too much time on ya hands & transfer that into USELESS GOSSIP! (That's a Lie by LL Cool J)

Some years ago, I was writing about ALIENS but I got so much FLAK, I backed up off of that! Y'all can't front no more though as so many so recently have seen so many u.f.o's & they USED to have those who OFFICIALLY DEBUNKED 'em but that can't happen no mo'! I've been telling Y'ALL about 12/21/12 & all that! I told y'all about the LIBOR SCANDAL! I've been telling y'all to as much as possible, KEEP ya HEART & SOUL as PURE as possible & all that but what are ya gonna say to this which came from MAINSTREAM SOURCES?; I said that the ALIENS destroyed the NUKES 3 years ago & if ya look, this article ain't from yesterday or even last week & so........? How about the u.s government shutdown that I said was a SMOKE SCREEN? If I have to spell it out for ya, what I mean is that WE are on the precipice of US being in OUR GLORY & that YOU are being judged & what ya say, what ya got & all else is being watched!!!!!! What are YOU gonna tell Me when ya money means absolutely NOTHING? I also told y'all about! The reason why ya still doing what ya do is bcuz ya THINK that SHIT is gonna stay this way & so fuck it bcuz THAT'S EXACTLY how ya FEEL INSIDE & remember..... I started Part I by stating that HURT PEEPO HURT PEEPO!! Ain't YOU MAD bcuz ya CAN'T HURT my FEELINGS? I'm BROKE bcuz before it's all said & done, I gotta see who's for REAL!!!! (You be Illin' by RunDmc)

So......if ya are being judged NOW why should those who are doing the REAL WORK include ya into OUR NATION BUILDING when ALL that YOU are showing US is DIVISINESS I can't speak for ANYONE but MYSELF as some doing the WORK have DUBIOUSNESS about 'em but don't WE ALL? This is gonna be the LAST TIME I say this but I in GOOD CONSCIOUS CANNOT ALLOW Y'ALL to SHIT on a BROTHA or SISTA that has HELPED SO MANY just bcuz YA DON'T LIKE HIM/HER! GTFOH with that YO! I'm about MA'AT & if anyone is VIOLATING that & I get wind of it, I'm calling YOU OUT & IDGAF who ya are!!! After all, I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me! I'll even allow ya to write on this very blog & I don't have to AGREE with ya but WE got BIGGER FISH to FRY than some loose GOSSIP for the hell of it! And GROW UP!!!

The above pic DISTURBINGLY SO was sent to Me by a BROTHA who put Me on that Bambaattaa  MAY have gone to the other side & if the picture is any indication............................

Look. I constantly have to EXPLAIN to peepo that I rarely ever read for entertainment purpsoes; I read to RETAIN, ANALYZE, REVIEW, RETHINK & FORMULATE to a CONCLUSIVE OUTCOME using ALL of the INFORMATION at hand! So when I say something, I am not EMOTIONALIZING aka something that TOO MANY BW are doing bcuz in this WORLD of AUTOMATION, the fuKKKing DEVIL gave Y'ALL the JOBS & any WISE PERSON knows that 1 can NEVER LEAD with EMOTIONS!!! WE MUST 1st SUBMIT to OUR ROLES as BM & BW so as to TEACH the CHILDREN to SUBMIT to THEIRS!!! When MA'AT is restored, there will be no need to argue about SUBMITTING! (Poparatzi by Musiq Soul Child from Philly!!!!

Go get some wine & lite a FAT 1 now bcuz YOU REALLY about to get pissed off! WTF I look like
getting into this R.O.B.O.T.S SHIT at this stage of my life when WE about to be who WE came here to be? In the case of what I mean by that acronym at this time, it means Retardedly Onerously BATTLING Of The SEXES!!! If ya KNOW that WE are all viKKKtims of rws, why the fuKKK are YOU MAD at Umar bcuz of some SLIGHT? That last article wasn't about Umar ONLY & the ONLY POINT that I was trying to make was that TOO MANY BW are throwing too many BROTHA's under the BUS & TOO MANY of US don't know why!!! I said that WE need to BLAME RWS 1st for putting ALL of US in this POSITION yo! When asked, they've said, he's SUSPICIOUS, CONCEITED, ARROGANT & my favorite, a FRAUD as if these peepo making these accusations were never GUILTY of those flaws themselves!!!! YOU are DOING the DEVILS JOB bcuz the 1st THING THEY do when they want YA GONE is ASSASSINATE ya CHARACTER & if what ya saying is just IDLE GOSSIP.........YOU SETTING DUDE up like Malcolm & just bcuz YOU DON'T LIKE HIM? And bcuz I DEFENDED him, Madiba & Kanye, I became a dick hugger when some of y'all BW will get highly upset when a BROTHA talks GENERAL TRUTH about  BW who did him wrong!! Sotomayor & Nasheed say STUFF & I AIN'T co-signing 'em but do y'all say that they speak the UGLY TRUTH sometimes?  GTFOHwtBS as I ain't going for it.....when Y'ALL tell Me that YOU were TOTALLY INNOCENT of any wrong doing & somebody WRONGED ya, then GET at ME & I'll ALLOW you to EXPOSE 'EM on my blog or otherwise STFU! Y'all be coming up with VAGUE PERSONAL BS!!! This is why another 1 of ya BIG SISTA's in Shahrazad Ali said that SOME of Y'ALL need a SLAP once in a while! Oh SHIT, she just happens to be from Philly IRONIC!!!!!!

WARNING - DO NOT TURN this into a Blak Smith says SLAP an outta HAND BW Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Not Like Crazy by Jill Scott from..........)

Before I continue, those who are CELEBS as well as YOU are being judged & have a STORY to tell & as I don't believe Bam wanted to be a part of the baphomet, MUST ACCOUNT for this & SHIT like it! As well, WE must OVERSTAND that even some of these so called CONSCIOUS NIGGA's may be in it
bcuz like Hip Hop, RWS CREATED the need for CONSCIOUS niKKKa's & that most of US are
being played from the MIDDLE bcuz WE REFUSE to THINK in LAYERS!!!!! ANYBODY can be ANYBODY & I don't blame some of y'all for believing that I could be an AGENT & if so, so what? I ain't FORCING NOBODY to do NOTHING so if ya wanna throw that TERM around, go right ahead but I got a FUTURE to look forward to & a NATION to BUILD with OR without YOU!!! What's your mission.......lining up ya next gossip victim? 

Not everybody loved those who made a DIFFERENCE in OUR LIVES & for most reading this, Tupac was our latest EXAMPLE! Some of these conscious niKKKa's that ya LOVE are BOULE......but, if ya can't prove that & ya just throwing out accusations that can fit anybody........I can't fuck with you & if you feel that I'm outta pocket, DELETE Me outta ya LIFE & TRUST, ya won't be getting any transmissions asking why! If WE are putting OUT GOOD INFO that YOU can use & ain't VIOLATING GOD's LAWS (if ya believe in her), then STOP doing the DEVILS JOB! Otherwise to Me, y'all just modern day gay edgar hoovers so MISS ME with that SHIT!!!

Being that I'm keeping it 100%, if ya FEELING US, ya gotta SUPPORT US & I expect that in ya buying my books & sending in ya Donations. For more info, e-mail US at or friend US on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). 

WE gonna wind it down like this........those entertainers who were FORCED into accepting the DEVIL must be vetted from the 1's who ACCEPTED it WILLINGLY & use it to INFLUENCE OUR YOUTH! In the face of KNOWING that Doctor Ben is in a NURSING HOME, who the fuKKK got time for GOSSIP? What, ya heard Doc Ben was a POLYGAMIST.....did he CHEAT on his WIFE when he was 44? How the fuck do OUR BEST wind up in these SITUATIONS & WE got time to spew STUPID SHIT like WE hearing? Who ya WORKING for? Before ya THINK that I'm talking to YOU, a lotta peepo are saying this type of SHIT & if ya ain't got MUCH, keep that SHIT in ya CIRCLE that co-signs ya BULLSHIT!!! The stories told will FUEL US into RIGHT ACTION of UNITY!!! DistraKKKtions from VICTORY will not be TOLERATED!!!!!

So......just like YOU, I can spout my MOUTH OFF too & if ya feeling STUNG I'm TALKING to YOU niKKKa! I am not a HATER but a REGULATOR & I got ELDERS who check Me at times & when I don't agree with 'em, I tell 'em RESPECTFULLY!!! Just as YOU have the RIGHT to be EMOTIONAL, the BM has the RIGHT to be a POLYGAMIST & YOU SHOULD APPRECIATE the TRUTH when ya ENGAGE US in a RELATIONSHIP instead of trying to CHANGE US!!! Go ahead & GET UPSET but ya ain't gonna get around that & so.......CHALLENGE Me bcuz I'm READY yo!!! The ELEPHANT is in the ROOM yo!!! Any RESPONSES/REACTIONS coming BLAK my way BETTER be RESPECTFUL or............Again, big shout to my dude Paul Shard & those that keep it 100! I've had to defend Phil Valentine before too & just so ya know peepo........just bcuz I DEFEND those who got something to say doesn't mean that I agree with everything they say! Let the HATE BEGIN!!!!

* taken from

Monday, February 3, 2014

Defending R.O.B.O.T.S*

I'm gonna START this article the same way I FINISH it stating that HURT PEEPO HURT PEEPO! Oh......I'm about to piss a lotta Y'ALL off today & if ya HEART can't take it, oh well! A big shout out to the  Seahawks who won the SB yesterday & to those who gave props to that actor dude who died.....who the fuKKK was he? SB ritual anyone?'s article is inspired by Paul Shard who posed a rather interesting question a few days ago & being that the post on fb got outta hand, he took it down but the question was basically, "WHY are so many peepo DUMPING on Dr Umar Johnson? Well, as Mr Shard is very OUTSPOKEN, when I saw the post, most who chimed in said that Doc was ARROGANT & no 1 was disrespectful about it but I guess after it got "outta hand", it occurred that I've been asking of that for awhile & I usually get HEARSAY from those who differ with how he do! Now before y'all start thinking that I'm on Docs' dick, I got my own but if TOO MANY of YA don't like him for what amounts to PERSONALITY FLAWS (which WE ALL have) & DON'T KNOW HIM PERSONALLY, well that's where I diverge from! As this is an OPINION PIECE, don't write Me back to congratulate or diss Me as I have my OWN LANE & don't give a fuKKK about much!

I swear that WE gotta be FREE soon bcuz SHIT is at a CRITICAL MASS as even MOST who say that they are CONSCIOUS suck ASS for REAL! A lotta y'all who HATE on Umar also HATED on Madiba, Kanye West & if jesus himself actually existed, would have HATED on him as well. Now............if ya know these peepo & had a BAD EXPERIENCE with 'em causing you to have an ax to grind with 'em, even if I thought it was SILLY, I can at least say that it was PERSONAL but if ya don't know 'em & ya getting 2nd hand info which amounts to GOSSIP, I ain't feeling that! WE all know that Doc U went thru it with his BABY MAMA but I've heard Doc say that he is a polygamist! Was she like TOO MANY WOMEN who THINK that they can "CHANGE HIM bcuz my PUSSY is the BOMB?" I've met Doc before but I don't know him & WE ALL KNOW that in this day & age, things can get really THORNY real fast when it comes to US & relationships but for the last fuKKKing time, BLAME RACIST WHITE SUPREMACY instead of each other! WE go around blaming each other for EVERYTHING when that DEVIL & way many of US who aid him (next article) in OUR DEMISE put US in the position for this SHIT to be happening.......that right there is all that needs to be said yo! Too many peepo hated on Madiba bcuz he divorced Winnie & don't ad on that he did 27 years! Peepo act like Kanye was always an ASSHOLE & don't remember that when he said what he said about bush(it), ya favorite in 50centavos & t.d snaKKKes stood up to bat for bush(it)! They OWN & CONTROL just about ALL but as KRS-1 said on Aww Yea, "the finish line is CONTROL of ya MIND!"

I betcha allot y'all already forgot that I said that unless ya personally KNOW these PEEPO that I ain't talking to you! If ya feeling that STING inside ya, then I'm talking to you & so let Me give y'all my standards as to what constitutes SINS against US.......yo, I've been ran thru the RUMOR MILL & accused of being a SPY & all kinda shit in the u.s & Afrika! Fuck ya STANDARDS as FEELINGS are meant to get HURT!
I'm down on my R.O.B.O.T.S if 1. he is HARMING CHILDREN in any way 2. SPYING & BETRAYING Blak Peepo 3. MANIPULATING the BW 4. LYING about being a POLYGAMIST 5. being PHYSICALLY ABUSIVE to those who don't deserve it 6. RAPE 7. MURDER 8. DIS-INFORMING US 9. SELLING OUT & 10. being a COMPLETE FRAUD! Look, I real-eyes that on the best day, not EVERYBODY is gonna feel ya! This ain't about Me trying to convince ya to like Doc or any of my other R.O.B.O.T.S in this article & there are plenty more to name. But...........if ya GOSSIPING about someone ya don't know outta DISLIKE & as far as I know, he's doing what 99.5% of US can't or won't...............NAH & GTFOHwtBS!!!!! Gossip KILLS yo!

I don't know why Doc is ARROGANT but 1 who isn't a CELEB, FAMOUS or well traveled has no reason to not like someone bcuz they're simply ARROGANT! That above there is Kanye West soon after the accident that inspired the song, 'Thru the Wire' & WE all know that he was told NO for so long that he became the BEST MUSIC PRODUCER in the 2000 -2010 era & that the SOUL of Hip Hop died with him bcuz of what they did! He speaks from a position of STRENGTH coming from perceived extreme weakness like how Richard Sherman shut crabtree up! This is OUR TIME yo so say it LOUD & fuck who don't like ya! How many times was Doc told that you ain't NOTHING & you'll NEVA amount to a hill of beans etc etc? I always say that peepo are usually ARROGANT thru KNOWLEDGE or IGNORANCE & I DARE any of ya to prove Me wrong! If them dudes wanna be who they are, have YOU gone thru what they have to get where they are? Would ya be willing to go thru what they went thru to get where they got? When ya get where ya wanna be, will you allow those same types that tried to stop ya before still use that body language when they disagree? Have ya walked a mile in their shoes? Is ya own personality STRONG enough to take what you dish out? And finally, if ya in the biz of BOOKING these dudes & find in the process that ya don't like 'em, JUST STOP FUCKING with 'em! Have y'all forgotten that OUR REAL ENEMY is the DEVIL? WE all meet peepo WE don't like but I could NEVA OVERSTAND how 1 would wanna do HARM to someone that NEVER did anything to ya! Take Me or leave Me & I MUST be CRAZY but as said in the beginning of this article.......I'm gonna FINISH this article the same way I STARTED it stating that HURT PEEPO HURT PEEPO!

* R.OB.O.T.S = Righteous Ones Bangin On The System