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Y'all got time? Is Haiti fixed yet? Is Chile on the map? Is the Gulf of Mexico gonna survive? Does anyone give a fax about Israel genocidin the Palestinians? Will the US have another war front between the Koreas, north & south? Will you be eatin bottom feeding shell fish that you Bible Thumpers so love, but as it clearly states in that Bible not to eat. Are you still a Christian? A Muslim? A Jew? Do you still believe that to some, GOD is a DEVIL? That the DEVIL is GOD? If they remixin humans, don't you think the food we eatin is CLONED too? What are they teaching us or better yet, what are you learnin from what THEY teachin us? If I asked your 30 year old body how old it was, what would it say? Where is your radio dial at? Do people still listen to the radio? Why are you obese & you smoke crack? Where is the love as HATE is everywhere? Do y'all even know what love is? I wanna know what love is.......I want you to show me. How mad are you since lil Aiyana got killed…

Double Exposure

Yeah, I'm BLAK again to let y'all know what it is. How all of my Haitians doing? How all of my Afrikans doing wherever, y'all may be? How are all of my people doing, whoever or wherever you be? I hope y'all doing well & thinking about our people in the Caribbean & guess what? Storm season is upon us & with H.A.A.R.P, anything goes. That oil spill in the Gulf is..........something! Y'all best be ready when it comes to a theater near you! We gettin it in & are you ready?

Today, I'm going to expose some people who you may revere because they have been appointed BUT maybe you shouldn't as there are so many. Too many of y'all is dealin with the physical & thinking that sayin the truth about someone is HATING but not when that person is LEADING you FALSELY. Y'all have allowed the media to TELL you who your leaders are without question. Y'all adults though so deal with what you read here & decide for yourself. This will tell you …