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Sign ya NAME over to d'EVIL!!!!! - Part IV

One of hip hop’s most important roles was examining the effects of oppression on the lives of black people and discussing ways to combat and overcome oppression. Like spirituals and jazz music, hip hop wasn’t just a form of music or entertainment, but a strategy blacks developed to survive in a world that was continually impeding their survival. Sometimes the talk of oppression was overt, sometimes it was subtle, but it was always there.

But art will always serve the aims of the people who control it. And as control of hip hop culture and rap music shifted from the black community to white corporate executives, consumers and journalists, the aims and purposes of hip hop and rap shifted from black self-expression, empowerment and activism to the protection of white wealth, power and privilege through the spread of negative black stereotypes.

In this way, mainstream rap is sort of like winning the white profit-power-privilege lottery.*

WE still defending HIP HOP but with so…

Sign ya NAME over to the d'evil - Part III

Ya dude is BLAK in effect after a few days & WE still holding on, managing & getting it done DESPITE what their media says! BLAK PEEPO gotta stand up & be READY for the TAKEOVER but YOU don't hear Me though! In covering the 9 Peepo Activities, WE are constantly talking about what WE absolutely NEED to be a PEEPO & that's ECONOMICS, EDUCATION, ENTERTAINMENT, LABOR, LAW, POLITICS, RELIGION, SEX & WAR! The other 3 are provided by NATURE or what some may call GOD & that's FOOD, CLOTHING & SHELTER. What more is there? So when the VICTORY is announced, what will be the songs of TRIUMPHANT FREEDOM? Will it be some hot boy from texarkana tx or some up & coming Phenom from philly? Let's talk about that Phenom from OUR last article in this series; So.........when WE last left off of this BAT STATION, Phenom was back at home & ran into his biggest SUPPORTER, Old …

Sign ya name over to the d'EVIL - Part II


For Part I of this series, go here to
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anagreementbetweentwoormorepartiesforthedoingornotdoingofsomethingspecified. 2.
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Alsocalledcontractbridge.avarietyofbridgeinwhichthesidethatwinsthebidcanearntowardgameonlythatnumberoftricksnamedinthecontract,additionalpointsbeingcreditedabovetheline. Compareauction bridge.* So..........WE at Part II & Y'ALL still don't hear Me! You a young, engaging & very intelligent PHENOM with Lyrics to Go & is gonna figure outta way to TRICK them d'evilz & live to tell the story. The contracts are signed, smiles are exchanged & PR…

SIGN yo NAME over to the d'EVIL!!!!!!!!!


So.........ya wanna be DOWN with the ENTERTAINMENT BIZ eh? What do ya really know about it? For a few years now, those such as Professor Griff, Black Dot, Dr. Umar Johnson, Phil Valentine & others have been telling US but being that TOO MANY of US just want that piece of the PIE & not LIBERTY, the BULLSHIT continues! The new campaign to save HIP HOP that the Blak Smith will make come to fruition stems from these 2 letters that I got from & from these, devising a PROGRAM with which I need those of US who truly luv HIP HOP to HELP with! If ya looking to PROFIT & not improve the craft, this AIN'T for ya mannnnnnnn!!!! As WE now see that the donald sterling's of that world continue to bash unwitting viKKKtim, tragic's JOHNSON, WE proceed knowing that this could all be a distraKKKtion of great proportion. The point in all of this is to NOT get overly CRAZY about what's going on out there! Go inside…




This goes out to Kool Herc.............this goes out to the Cold Crush IV.....out to the Crash Crew, Sha-Rock, the 9 Crew, the Cassanova's & so many many more who were the ORIGINALS of what WE know what Hip Hop became but WE must also acknowledge that though Hip Hop is now credited with being started in the Bronx or more affectionately known to her natives as the BX, all of US MUST also acknowledge that Herc didn't create ANYTHING in particluar in the craft got honed & codified in the Bronx aka UPTOWN! This doc comes out with lil known FACTS about how a whole series of events occured for it to go down how it did. Why not learn a lil something while ya make money from it eh?

Ya DON'T have to be FAMOUS to QUALIFY!!!!!!!

So.............WHO KILLED IT? In all earnestness, racist white supremacy did and like WE'RE supposed to know by now, they USED US just like they did BLAK in the day when they dragged US from those tropical SHORES of …


(REALLY LOOK at this PIC!)

Being that it's the most TALKED of THANG right now, I must talk about it but...............WE don't know WTF happened & to all of y'all chiKKKs who like it, if his brother did that to his wife, should he have jumped in? If ya don't know what happened, WHY SPECULATE? I swear...........Y'ALL would rather FANTASIZE about WHY this happened instead of getting FREE but ya see, I already know that the CATACLYSM will have to happen to get US on 1 accord & so I don't bother with too many of Y'ALL & anyway.............MOVING ON!!!!!!!!

Ok, how y'all doing? It's been a minute & just wanna let anyone in the nyc area know that Dr Umar Johnson will be at UAM in Brooklyn NY on Wed, May 14th. If ya need the address, inbox Me on fb. This is a FREE EVENT & as seating will be limited, get at Me! From there, WE go to Nigeria & this FAKED or STAGED event with the bullSHIT HAREM aka boko haram which translates to west…