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Sign ya NAME over to d'EVIL!!!!! - Part IV

One of hip hop’s most important roles was examining the effects of oppression on the lives of black people and discussing ways to combat and overcome oppression. Like spirituals and jazz music, hip hop wasn’t just a form of music or entertainment, but a strategy blacks developed to survive in a world that was continually impeding their survival. Sometimes the talk of oppression was overt, sometimes it was subtle, but it was always there.

But art will always serve the aims of the people who control it. And as control of hip hop culture and rap music shifted from the black community to white corporate executives, consumers and journalists, the aims and purposes of hip hop and rap shifted from black self-expression, empowerment and activism to the protection of white wealth, power and privilege through the spread of negative black stereotypes.

In this way, mainstream rap is sort of like winning the white profit-power-privilege lottery.*

WE still defending HIP HOP but with so much going on, gotta keep US INFORMED with what's going on in the world! Too many of US REAL 1's have died in the last few weeks & in earnest, these deaths started early this year with Chokwe Lumumba but since........WE'VE had DJ EZ Rock, Sam Greenlee, Elombe Brath, DJ Father Shaheed of the Poor Righteous Teachers & now...........maya angelou. Who's next? I hope that it ain't YOU but........I didn't really take to maya bcuz in the 60's, she was SUPPOSEDLY REAL but..........she married devils! I absolutely believe that there are peepo like her who are CONFUSED by MK-ULTRA to be totally CONTRADICTORY so as to further CONFUSE the BLAK MASSES! Peepo like tiger woods & tragiKKK johnson come to mind! Prince signing with the w.b again after his infamous battle with 'em comes to mind as well as arsenio, who was booted off for allowing farahKKKoon to run his show are now back in bcuz remember, once an OATH TAKER, ALWAYS, an OATH TAKER! So as WE look, this all goes hand in hand & WE need look no further when ya see SHIT like THIS happening; Note that tthe date he returns is 6/18 or 18 divided by 3 = 6 6 6! (Katt Williams with LIKELY EXCUSES to his BAD BOY BEHAVIOR on new go to guy, Arsenio.




to make sense of all this, read the 1st 3 parts! Part III is here at

When WE last left off, WE had went in on Phenom & how his memory was coming back to him! Ya see, not everyone attains the heights like Phenom did but it now looks like the bloom has fell from his rose & now, Old Head is garnering some inDUSTtry attention. In fact, the last time WE looked, Phenom was behind in his taXXXes & child support from his groupies that so LOVED him when the cake was good but have now, all turned rogue........well except 1 bcuz she still believes that Phenom has it but he is thinking on some Cool C & Steady B shit! Will he take a dive for that $250K & do (insert what ya think is NASTY & double it) or will he be in that cell block next to Slick Rick & Beanie Siegel? Who knows?

Meanwhile, not far from Phenom's bottle strewn & rat infested apartment, Old Head is mulling over some ideas. Since the Phenom fiasco, he has learned that if ya gonna put stuff out, to at least have something on the table for PROTECTION's SAKE! Though he hooked up with another young dude named Favor Most who isn't as talented as Phenom, he's HUNGRY & as far as Old Head could see, ETHICAL! His latest song, Pressure is blazing the HOOD out & had 23K hits on youtube just last week. Some khazars from downtown came to the hood looking for Favor & when he got found, he immediately put 'em in touch with Old Head who called for a meeting with Favor, their OATH TAKING lawyer & those interested khazars who couldn't hide their enthusiasm for this cash cow.......oops meant M.C.

So........Old Head knows enough about business to know what sounds GOOD to what really is all that GREAT! The meeting seems somewhat successful & there will be a TALENT SHOW where all involved can determine if Favor has what it takes to rock a crowd. As he has already done so plenty of times, he has extreme confidence in his skills, he does exactly that & now the khazars wanna talk MONEY! Ya see, Favor needs the money as he owes 17K in college loans & like B.I.G said not long ago, Favors Ma has come down with breast cancer. Old Head sits in in the meeting but isn't getting a good feeling bcuz he had read up on SHIT & is now 33 & not easily impressed. After the meeting, he tells the khazars that he has to THINK it over but Favor hastily says that he's ready to go NOW!!!!! Can ya blame this 21 year old up & coming dude who has nothing but the WORLD in front of him?  (mind you, this was before the internet & p.c's in the home)

So just like Kay Slay & Papoose didn't go for that major label deal, upon examination from an even older PAL, Old Head declines & warns Favor about what he's about to get into & uses Phenom as the example to do so but.................WE'VE all been 21 at 1 time in OUR LIFE eh? Though Old Head isn't in, he SECURES the rights to the already produced 5 tracks that will go on Favors album & they remain friendly. Old Head now has a name with a reputation but has no desire to be what most would call a STAR! Favor is now UPTOWN & has new MANAGEment that Old Head sees ain't gonna work bcuz Favor is a slow deliberate dude in an ever changing fast paced GAME & plus............that CONTRACT he signed sucks BEANS!!!!!!!! Old Head tried to warn Favor & even bought him this but with his career, Mom, new baby on the way & touring, will he even have time to peep it?

So........what of all these clauses in these CONTRACTS? What of just 2 of these type clauses like & What about these contracts worded in nothing but legalese that OUR YOUNG hear of & only hear the amounts that they will get as a LOAN? Where are OUR ELDER STATESMEN who have gone thru all of this standing? Are OUR YOUTH rejecting 'em? Are OLD HEADS rejecting the YOUTH? Has racist white supremacy caused a generation gap that BLAK GROWN MEN & YOUTH can't fix? WE gonna conclude this all in Part V as the Blak Smith has to offer up some SOLUTIONS so that BP once & for all stop asking, "why can't (insert name) help US with all of their millions?" As well, my book

 Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die goes in EXTENSIVELY on all that I'm writing about & then some so please assist US by purchasing ya personally autographed copy. I expose the Entertainment Industry while focusing on Hip Hop! For yours, go to OUR paypal account at or on facebook, reach US at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). For those of ya who want the book with no fuss or muss, go here; WE at b2a thank you for ya SUPPORT & look forward to gracing ya stage with lectures & workshops doing Rites of Passages Programs using Hip Hop! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

* as written by Lauren Carter.

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Sign ya NAME over to the d'evil - Part III

Ya dude is BLAK in effect after a few days & WE still holding on, managing & getting it done DESPITE what their media says! BLAK PEEPO gotta stand up & be READY for the TAKEOVER but YOU don't hear Me though! In covering the 9 Peepo Activities, WE are constantly talking about what WE absolutely NEED to be a PEEPO & that's ECONOMICS, EDUCATION, ENTERTAINMENT, LABOR, LAW, POLITICS, RELIGION, SEX & WAR! The other 3 are provided by NATURE or what some may call GOD & that's FOOD, CLOTHING & SHELTER. What more is there? So when the VICTORY is announced, what will be the songs of TRIUMPHANT FREEDOM? Will it be some hot boy from texarkana tx or some up & coming Phenom from philly? Let's talk about that Phenom from OUR last article in this series;
So.........when WE last left off of this BAT STATION, Phenom was back at home & ran into his biggest SUPPORTER, Old Head. Phenom by now was a star & as Old Head was OLDER, settled & highly SPIRITUAL, he held no grudge against his young student for lack of acknowledgement of his 1st days as an M.C/rapper. So Phenom gets on stage & does ok but yo, this is Phenom & I paid $50 apiece for these tickets! Phenom too wondered why he broke from his Tutor who made him all that he came to be with GOOD SPIRITS & for NO MONEY! Oh what a feeling!
Phenom started to remember his late teens & the GRIND that it really used to be to get "that deal!" Now all they got is those 360 deals!!!! WE'VE all heard this from those who are in, "what do ya really know about the BIZNESS?" Phenom remembers the MANDATORY DRUG TAKING..........the endless COCAINE & HARD LIQUOR & the haze started of Old Head in his mind at that moment when their words & music syned like hands in gloves. The Sex Parties & waking up with a wider butt crack. The signing of the contract & the NEVER HAPPENED PARTIES! The same SHIT that Katt Williams couldn't & wouldn't stop talking & rhyming about. The drinking of BLOOD! WOW, the industry & knowing that I partied with Whitney's body laying a few yards this what the INDUSTRY is really all about? Who AM I? What have I become to be worth pieces of silver?
Phenom's career start's to lag & when that happens, the peepo ya did BIZ with suddenly don't seem as FRIENDLY anymore. Ya find out that the YOU OWE the label $5M. Those dimes that ya used to hit on the road stop returning ya phone calls after ya WIFE divorces ya & takes what lil ya got with ya 5 lil 1's & then.............the i.r.s hit's ya with unpaid taxes.........this is the dividing line between dudes like dre, jay-z, 50, birdman & master p as they are worth more ALIVE than DEAD bcuz of their influence. C'mon Son, them dudes gotta do what they told in order to keep what they got! Them niKKKa's meet with BILLIONAIRES!!! In my book, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die, I go in about tavistock institute which determines POLICY in all of the english commonwealth countries. That place has plenty of tentacles all over here in the u.s. Ya need to cop that like REAL INTELLIGENT peepo are doing!

ONCE & FOR ALL, I WANT BLAK PEEPO to OVERSTAND this SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phenom no longer wants the life he's living but................he signed a contract that WE'LL never see or have access to in BLOOD! He start's complaining about SHADY BIZ & days later, catches a smoking weed in the car charge.......2 days later, he get's sideswiped in a hit & run. Peepo hear that Phenom is broke & everybody wants their money NOW!!!!! Damnnnnnn, my car is getting repoed &...............BACK to the TRAP!!!
Ya see, the CONTRACT that was signed in blood said that Phenom had to cut off all ties with anyone doing music & that ya can't tell bcuz at that point, THEY OWN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They don't care if ya broke in the HOOD bcuz they know that paying off anyone with a contract already existing will jump at $20,000 & there it is, the TRAP aka the MONEY! The artist has to pay that money back! Try telling a young dude from the HOOD who wanna get his Mama out of there, not to take $50,000 which ain't NOTHING but a LOAN that ya MUST RECOUP aka PAY it BACK ASAP!!! This dude never ever even seen $1,000 & now want's that chain, car & some new gear................NO FINANCIAL SAVVY at all.........these are the dudes who FALL BACK unless.........hey, can ya blame him?
Ya have a GREAT AGENT/LAWYER/MANAGER all of the above or not any! But.....the manager knows the affairs & how many are really honest? Phenom got swept up in the SWIRL with bad DRUNK & HOT GIRLS that he couldn't remember if she had his remember, WE spoke on CONTRACT LAW in Part II & what's in some of those clauses.........a lot of the rest is IMPLIED or UNWRITTEN & in fact, what ain't written is MORE DANGEROUS that what's on the paper! Now Phenom is looking for a way out but WE should remember that diddy made an album named after the N.W.O or*
So it's now 2 years after Phenom was a BIG STAR & things have quieted down. Bcuz he never revealed anything too real, he gets sentenced to 8 months in a fed penn just like Fat Joe & Lauren Hill did for neglecting taxes. Bcuz he saw certain hand gestures from the judge, he wouldn't even have to do the full 8 & has 6 months suspended but Phenom is now wiser, wants to live & all is forgiven minus ya money. Who knows, maybe like Prince & Arsenio, he'll come BLAK even WISER, make deals & be QUIET about 'em! He get's some money from the label, stays quiet & is now left alone by the in DUST TREE types but.........Old Head just produced a big hit & has the IN DUST TREE knocking on his door for that pay day.........Phenom hears the rumors & wants to step to him to WARN him but is conflicted.........what is Phenom to do.......................................?
Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die
Get ya autographed copy yo!!!!! Hit US at OUR paypal account at or on fb, WE are the Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). To get the book directly, get at & allow 2 -3 weeks for delivery. Together, WE can save Hip Hop from those who just see it as money.
More to come so stay tuned as WE continue going in on just how the entertainment industry really works here at b2a. In OUR next installment, WE gonna talk about specific clauses in these contracts that doesn't allow for these peepo to help US & why WE need to stop bellyaching about it! Thanks for ya SUPPORT & HOLLA BLAK while supporting the Blak Smith! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!
* I used the song for the title & not the TALENT.

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Sign ya name over to the d'EVIL - Part II

For Part I of this series, go here to


[n., adj., and usually for v. 15–17, 21, 22 kon-trakt; otherwise v. kuhn-trakt] Show IPA
an agreement between two or more parties for the doing or not doing of something specified.
an agreement enforceable by law.
the written form of such an agreement.
the division of law dealing with contracts.
Also called contract bridge. a variety of bridge in which the side that wins the bid can earn toward game only that number of tricks named in the contract, additional points being credited above the line. Compare auction bridge.*
So..........WE at Part II & Y'ALL still don't hear Me! You a young, engaging & very intelligent PHENOM with Lyrics to Go & is gonna figure outta way to TRICK them d'evilz & live to tell the story. The contracts are signed, smiles are exchanged & PROMISES are made of SONG, WOMEN, WINE & the pursuit of HAPPINESS & RICHES! Against all odds, YOU are gonna be the 1 to get a mainstream deal & NOT SELL OUT!!!! Where they do that at? Check the last link in this article yo!!!!!!!!! Has it ever been done? These are some very interesting questions that I'm asking & in fact, WE gonna examine just how this GAME really works. Let's get into it but before WE go there; And yesterday, another GIANT passed on & check that here at What also irks Me to no end is that 1 of OUR BEST & BRAVEST cannot enter the u.s for reasons unknown & this is why WE need FEARLESS LEADERSHIP!!!!!!! Who's gonna step up for DAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!
(Sam Greenlee, maker of the Spook who sat by the Door - BIG RESPECT!!!!!!!)
And now WE are BLAK to OUR young PHENOM named..........well, names ain't important now. As a matter of fact, his name is Phenom & he's taking audiences by storm! Phenom can rhyme on most subjects in different styles on most topics. His flow & freestyle is sick! So, he meets an Old Head & now has free studio time so as to CREATE a demo. Old Head is a lab rat & therefore has beats for days & gives 'em freely to Phenom & Phenom is most appreciative. Old Head has a job though & doesn't see that Phenom has a buzz. Though he knows that Phenom has a street buzz, he doesn't know that this young dude is about to BLOW UPtiate! It's on!

9. under contract; governed or arranged by special contract: a contract carrier.
verb (used with object)
10. to draw together or into smaller compass; draw the parts of together: to contract a muscle.
11. to wrinkle: to contract the brows. 
12. to shorten (a word, phrase, etc.) by combining or omitting some of its elements: Contracting “do not” yields “don't.”
13. to get or acquire, as by exposure to something contagious: to contract a DISEASE. 
14. to incur, as a liability or OBLIGATION: to contract a DEBT

Old Head takes a few days off bcuz his life consists mainly of WORK, FATHERHOOD, HUSBAND & his LOVE, making MUSIC! On his 1st day off, he calls Phenom who for some reason, he hasn't heard from in days. While playing with his children at the local park, he runs into a mutual pal of theirs & this pal, says that he HEARD that Phenom inked a 360 type CONTRACT with FREEDOM Records for $250K. Old Head is upset bcuz he freely gave Phenom plenty of HOT ASS BEATS that Phenom ripped to shreds while PROMISING to look (wink-wink) out when that day came. Plus......the pal ain't a BULLSHITTER & Old Head goes home to verify this info & upon calling this time, gets a message that says "this phone number has been changed or disconnected! No further information is available." Needless to say, Old Head is pissed!

(Elombe Brath & wife)

Though Old Head is a grown man, he's upset but maintains as he OVESRTANDS that BUSINESS comes before FRIENDSHIP for MOST! Years pass & he never ever heard back from Phenom & as Phenom is now that NEXT THANG, Old Head is happy for him.........he even sees a flyer featuring Phenom as the TOP BILLING & though he knows thru HOOD LUV that he can get in for free, buys a ticket. Phenom is a HOOD DUDE & walks in the audience before he goes on stage & freezes when he sees Old Head like a deer in headlights. Old Head smiles, daps Phenom & congratulates him & as Phenom didn't expect that, reaches in his pocket & hands Old Head $1000 all the while apologizing & Old Head says, "keep that!" Go rock ya show & I'm rooting for ya! Phenom insists but Old Head says, "it's yo time to get on stage. Do ya thing playboy!" Phenom gets on stage but bcuz of those events, doesn't rock it, the crowd loses interest & even BOO's! Those who remain til the end wonder why he didn't rock it as usual. He just couldn't believe that Old Head didn't hold a grudge & doesn't sleep well racked with guilt.
 Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die
For ya personally autographed copy of my new book, contact the Blak Smith at or on FB INBOX ONLY as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). To get the book directly, go to OUR paypal account at Thank ya for ya SUPPORT & let's SAVE HIP HOP 1 person atta time! If ya want it SNAIL MAIL, look below.

The above story happens all of the time & peepo wonder why. Peepo also wonder why those who are MEGA RICH don't SUPPORT US! For a few years now, I've been telling Y'ALL that despite the vast amounts of money that OUR TALENTED CELEBS make, that they are still HIGH TECH SLAVES & in Part III I'm gonna show ya how. Note that these articles will be long & so peepo who wanna get shit FAST shouldn't ring in in Part III. Once & for all, the Blak Smith is gonna show US exactly how INTRICATE this thing works. I absolutey HATE when these peepo out here HATE on peepo they NEVA met & wanna act as if they are judge & jury with NO INVESTIGATION whatsoever! What do Y'ALL know about CONTRACT LAW? What do ya know about CLAUSES? What do ya know about SYMBOLISM? Dave Chapelle told US about that already on oKKKrah but y'all still FAIL to see it & so to y'all....................a lil teaser to prepare ya with: WAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

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SIGN yo NAME over to the d'EVIL!!!!!!!!!

So.........ya wanna be DOWN with the ENTERTAINMENT BIZ eh? What do ya really know about it? For a few years now, those such as Professor Griff, Black Dot, Dr. Umar Johnson, Phil Valentine & others have been telling US but being that TOO MANY of US just want that piece of the PIE & not LIBERTY, the BULLSHIT continues! The new campaign to save HIP HOP that the Blak Smith will make come to fruition stems from these 2 letters that I got from & from these, devising a PROGRAM with which I need those of US who truly luv HIP HOP to HELP with! If ya looking to PROFIT & not improve the craft, this AIN'T for ya mannnnnnnn!!!! As WE now see that the donald sterling's of that world continue to bash unwitting viKKKtim, tragic's JOHNSON, WE proceed knowing that this could all be a distraKKKtion of great proportion. The point in all of this is to NOT get overly CRAZY about what's going on out there! Go inside SELF!!! Let's do OUR BEST for OUR WORLDWIDE PHENOMENA...............her name is HIP HOP!!

Dear black artists,

We regret to inform you that the need for your services will soon come to an end as we enter a critical restructuring period. Fortunately, after having spent nearly a century meticulously studying your art, language, fashion, and lifestyle, we have learned enough to confidently move forward without your assistance. We thank you for your contributions but have decided to make some necessary changes as a result of your decreasing value. Focus groups show that consumers are looking for more relatable images. While 2013 marked the first time in Billboard’s 55 year history that there were no black artists on top of the Hot 100 chart, this was a great year for us with Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke, and Macklemore claiming the #1 spot on the R&B/Hip-Hop chart, proving that market demands are shifting. Consequently, in the next few months, we will be gradually phasing out your positions as we finalize this reorganization. In the meantime, we ask you to continue with business as usual, training your replacements Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber until instructed otherwise.

Your severance package includes a lifetime supply of Air Jordans, unlimited access to reruns of “Love and Hip Hop”, a new 30 piece Tom Ford wardrobe, and the latest iPhone. Your medical coverage will be provided through ObamaCare.
We want you to know that your termination is in no way a statement about the quality of your work with us. As such, we would like to acknowledge your outstanding contributions to the industry over the past decades.

In music, we’d like to thank Kendrick Lamar’s thought-provoking body of work which has opened the door for Macklemore, a shining example of what intelligent rap looks like.
In business, Jay Z’s partnership with Samsung was historical as the Korean mobile company paid the rapper a mere $5 million and his company Roc Nation, another $15 million, a bargain deal relative to their standard annual $4 billion marketing budget and $220 billion net worth.
In fashion, while Kanye West may be experiencing difficulties launching his own brand, his loyalty to European designers continues to add value to an already thriving industry that other entertainers like Migos seem to enjoy promoting for free.

In cinema, “The Butler” and “12 Years a Slave” were Oscar-worthy gems, showcasing the strength and pride of a resilient people. We understand that this year, you will continue this tradition of inspiring historical films with the May release of “Belle” and the History Channel’s forthcoming reboot of the groundbreaking 70′s televised series, “Roots”. Your work did not go unnoticed as it has inspired us to produce new historical movies of our own, depicting our rich cultural heritage. Upcoming releases include:

* “Son of God” produced by reality TV pioneer Mark Burnett and starring Diogo Morgado
* “Noah” starring Russell Crowe
* “Exodus” starring Christian Bale as Moses
* “Mary, Mother of Christ” starring 16 year old Odeya Rush

Just as your movies depict the struggles and achievements of your best and brightest, these powerful films are meant to inspire and remind us of our glorious past and divine lineage.
In an attempt to capitalize on the recent trend in movies that focus on triumphs of the African-American experience, we have recently begun developing films with similar themes. Channing Tatum has just been cast as the lead in the Nat Turner Story while Scarlett Johansson is reported to have accepted the role of Harriet Tubman in a forthcoming biopic. Like Quentin Tarentino’s “Django Unchained”, both movies promise to offer the perfect balance between shoot-em-up style action and social commentary while boasting two smash-hit soundtracks featuring Eminem, Katy Perry, and Ke$ha.

Again, none of this could have been accomplished without your unwavering commitment and dedication to our mission. We trust that your transition will be smooth and wish you continued success with your new journey into Electronic Dance Music.

The industry*
Warning: this is a satire. Now........for Part II, see below

Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

As ya see, WE have ANSWERS, SOLUTIONS or whatever ya wanna call that! The Blak Smith says that ya need this book if ya wanna DEMYSTIFY the Entertainment Industry especially if ya got young Blak Peepo who just see MONEY as a way out but in fact, MONEY is ENSLAVING US! When ya cop my book, YOU can learn just how they CONTROL US!!! Learn what WE mean when ya purchase ya personally autographed copy! OUR paypal account is at or better yet, hit US up on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Til ya HOLLA BLAK, it's WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Music Industry,

I read your “Notice to Black Artists” and I really appreciated it, but I’m a black artist and I still wanna plead my case. Hear me out!

You said I’m no longer needed, and I feel you, but I need YOU. I really wanna be famous, make money to support my family and be famous, with a lot of fans. I’m writing this letter to let you know that I’m willing to do whatever it takes and I’m a great fit for the job!
First, you said you want a relatable image. I’ll become that image. I’m Black, but I’m totally down to whitewash whatever I need to, so I can be more relatable. I love European culture.
To be honest, I don’t even wanna be Black. Your industry taught me that black is the worst thing I can be and I agree. But if you help me out, I’ll do whatever I need to be “relatable” and less Black. I’m down with techno and dance music. That’s not the music I started out making, but it doesn’t even matter. I can be the next Country Rapper if it’ll make you money. I just wanna be famous. I even saw an ad for some bleaching cream online, and I can start using that if you want me to.

I don’t have a real resume, but I can list some of my qualifications. I have experience in drug sales so I’d be really good at reminding people how a lot of people like me do drugs and sell drugs. But don’t worry; I only sold drugs to people in my own community. I know that’s what I’m supposed to do.
I’ve never killed anyone, but I’ll say that if you want. As a matter of fact, if you need me to kill someone, I will. I’ll do anything! I won’t talk about killing White people, though. I know I’m only supposed to talk about killing other black people. So, again, don’t worry. I’m your man! Those are more of my good qualities, I’m a quick learner and I’m loyal.

I never got caught selling drugs and I don’t have a criminal record. I really just sold a little weed to a couple of my friends, so if you don’t want anyone to think of me as a drug dealer, I can be a hipster or pretend to be from the suburbs or something – it’s all up to you. I’m flexible. I have a college degree, so I’m teachable. But if that doesn’t fit into my image, no worries. I can be like 2Chainz and have thug appeal. Or I can do like Nicki Minaj and be like a cross over. I think that’s what you guys call it. Whatever you want me to portray, I’m down.


Also, I know you mentioned you’re making movies to remind people of your divine lineage, and I think that’s great. But they had slaves in the bible too. I know there could be a role for me. I don’t mind playing a slave if that’s all you’ll hire me to play. Or I can play a drug dealer, or a crooked cop in the ghetto or a murderer/rapist or something. Whatever role you feel I’m most qualified for and whatever works for the image you want for me. Actually, I’d be really good at a slave role. I actually think that’s the best role I could play. Or, if you make other movies, like maybe an Industry version of 12 Years a Slave, you could cast me as a character like Samuel L. Jackson in Django. I know I’d do a really good job at that role too and I think if I had a job in the music industry first, it would help me get into character. I would get a lot of really good practice as a slave or a helper to a slave driver to help me prepare for a role like that in a movie.

Also, this letter is really just about me and I really want you to give me job, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes. But if it will make the deal easier, I could be a 2 for 1 package. I have a sister.  We talked and she’s totally down to do whatever it takes to be in the Industry too. She’s willing to be a hoe if you want. And she’s okay with me calling her a hoe and other rappers calling her a hoe in their music too. I do it already, so, again, I’ve had a lot of practice. If you want, I’ll even call my mother a hoe. My daughter too. I mean she’s gonna grow up and listen to rap music anyway, she might as well get used to it now. It’d be like I was helping her as a father and preparing her for the real world. Another one of my qualifications is there’s a lot of hoes in my community and I call them hoes all the time, so I’ve gotten a lot of practice and experience with that. I’ve even been thinking of a new slang term for hoes. Kinda like THOT, but better.

To conclude, I can be a huge asset to the Industry. If you direct and teach me, I’m willing to make music and movies and anything else that will help all the other black people learn and understand that we really are “decreased in value” like you said. I can help teach people how to kill other black people really good and sell and use drugs and, hopefully, go to jail. Oh, that’s another thing on my resumé. I’ve been to jail a lot to visit my dad and homies. But I got a lot of friends in there, so if I help my other homie's go to jail, that’s cool because they’ll have friends and family in there to chill with too. So it’s not even a problem. I’m telling you, I’m your man.

I won’t take up too much more of your time, but I just wanna end by saying that I’m willing to do whatever it takes! If you give me an opportunity, I promise you won’t regret it! I know you said my services are no longer needed, but if you hire just one last one of us, I would do whatever it takes to help you guys with your plan and make you money. I’ve been doing a lot of research, listening to a lot of mainstream rap music and watching films and television like Belly, Bamboozled and all the seasons of Love & Hip Hop and I know I’m finally prepared.
I hope to hear from you soon and I look forward to hopefully working together.
Best Regards,
Desperate Misled Artist

***This article is satire and parody.**

* As written by Sebastian Elkouby at 

** As written by Camille H at

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Thursday, May 15, 2014


This goes out to Kool Herc.............this goes out to the Cold Crush IV.....out to the Crash Crew, Sha-Rock, the 9 Crew, the Cassanova's & so many many more who were the ORIGINALS of what WE know what Hip Hop became but WE must also acknowledge that though Hip Hop is now credited with being started in the Bronx or more affectionately known to her natives as the BX, all of US MUST also acknowledge that Herc didn't create ANYTHING in particluar in the craft got honed & codified in the Bronx aka UPTOWN! This doc comes out with lil known FACTS about how a whole series of events occured for it to go down how it did. Why not learn a lil something while ya make money from it eh?

Ya DON'T have to be FAMOUS to QUALIFY!!!!!!!

So.............WHO KILLED IT? In all earnestness, racist white supremacy did and like WE'RE supposed to know by now, they USED US just like they did BLAK in the day when they dragged US from those tropical SHORES of Afrika! With that, WE have to refer to MA'AT and speak to those who were there in those beginning HIP HOP DAYS so as to design an alternative INDUSTRY as SOMEBODY has to DEFEND the LOVE of OUR LIVES! To those of ya who say "give it up"............I say a big NEVA!!!!!!!!!! Where were YOU the day HIP HOP DIED Jimmy Spicer/Donald D/DJ Charlie Chase/Kool Moe Dee/Busy B/Grandwizard Theodore/CrazyLegs/PeeWeeDance/Presweet/DJ Hollywood/Gramdmaster Caz/Rockmaster Scott/the Jaz and so many OTHERS?; are ya READY to DEFEND OUR BELOVED HIP HOP? Are WE READY to be FEARLESS in CHALLENGING rws for what is OUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY? OUR PEEPO? Aren't WE yet TIRED of being TIRED? Can't WE use this donald sterling SHIT as evidence that WE ARE THE determining factor in what happens to OUR SONS and YOUNG 1's? Have ya GIVEN UP? Can WE finally show OUR YOUTH that WE don't have to SELL OUR TALENTS to SUPREMACISTS and that WE can build 'em up slowly aka DEVELOPMENT? As this evil empire crumbles too slowly but surely, who's watching the BLAK DOOR?*

Again, a few weeks ago, the Blak Smith & this blog made an appeal to those of YOU out there to create another ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY wherein, WE base EVERYTHING on KULTURE all the while, making MONEY but not using the more established MUSIC INDUSTRY that ain't doing NOTHING but turning out mini-blaKKK devils! WE need some hiearchy from alums who got shitted out long ago & now wish to make up for it by teaching the YOUTH HUMBLE enough to OVERSTAND that this can be done. A few weeks ago, the Blak Smith posted a movie here that I HOPE showed that there still is an UNDERGROUND MOVEMENT still putting GREAT MUSIC out but so as not to intefere with ya watching this, the name of that movie is Hip Hop, White Supremacy & Capitalism posted on this very blog on April 4th of this year. I advise that ya see that AGAIN & if ya haven't yet watched, please do so!


So..........can ya please assist the Blak Smith? Especially to those of ya in the n.y.c area, can ya reach out to the PIONEERS who are now in their late 40's & 50's? Can ya tell 'em that WE will meet sometime in July & now that WE'VE reached the age of MATURITY, can WE BUILD TOGETHER so that ya avoid the pitfalls of those in the mainstream? BP, can WE do this as WE now have GENERATIONS of ELDERS who know what it takes to propel US forward? Whether WE win or lose (I WILL NOT LOSE), the music WE gonna ride to is gonna be Hip Hop so save that SHIT POP for the dumpster yo!! Before WE put this message out, know that this message is for those who wish to see US come up & if ya don't like the youth of today, do not RESPOND! Those of ya who wish to assist, there will be NO PAY other than to know that WE will continue to be EVERYTHING HIP HOP! My book is the ONLY THING I'm selling & as it is ALL THAT & ALL BLAK............................................................cop it.

Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die


* taken from!/2014/04/the-sophistication-of-negro-apologist_29.html

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


This Dog's Butthole Seriously Looks Like Jesus

(REALLY LOOK at this PIC!)

Being that it's the most TALKED of THANG right now, I must talk about it but...............WE don't know WTF happened & to all of y'all chiKKKs who like it, if his brother did that to his wife, should he have jumped in? If ya don't know what happened, WHY SPECULATE? I swear...........Y'ALL would rather FANTASIZE about WHY this happened instead of getting FREE but ya see, I already know that the CATACLYSM will have to happen to get US on 1 accord & so I don't bother with too many of Y'ALL & anyway.............MOVING ON!!!!!!!!

Ok, how y'all doing? It's been a minute & just wanna let anyone in the nyc area know that Dr Umar Johnson will be at UAM in Brooklyn NY on Wed, May 14th. If ya need the address, inbox Me on fb. This is a FREE EVENT & as seating will be limited, get at Me! From there, WE go to Nigeria & this FAKED or STAGED event with the bullSHIT HAREM aka boko haram which translates to western education is a sin which could also be translated into FUCK ALL Y'ALL NIKKKA's! Now, I won't say much but all WE need to know is that the crafty usKKKa has been trying to get africom going for some time but haven't been successful. I've always been told to follow the money when such events occur.

Who has the most to gain? A few years BLAK, I wrote a series entitled & if ya don't know what africom is, go there & learn a lil something. After this became an international story, the president of Nigeria, goodluck jonathan said that this GROUP has SUPERIOR WEAPONRY! 

"It’s snowballing. It’s getting more weapons, more recruits, their power is increasing every day." On February 12 dozens of fighters loyal to Boko Haram attacked a remote military outpost in the Gwoza hills. A security source with knowledge of the assault said they came in Hilux trucks with mounted machine guns and showered the camp with gunfire.*

My only question to goodluck is why isn't his military engaging them as he can call in OTHER AFRIKAN NATIONS to help him? As this group is linked to al qaeda which means the TOILET & now that WE SHOULD all know that the c.i.a created this group, there is no doubt in my mind that they were made to cause instability in Nigeria for the purpose of 1. getting at the plenty of resources in Nigeria 2. to set up africom once and for all & 3. to continue to be #1 in exploiting her resources as COMPETITION with China TIGHTENS! China is now the #1 WORLD ECONOMY!!!!! Azza result of all of the strife that the Biafran War caused, most Nigerians absolutely HATE devils & miss Me with that MORAL SHIT!

 So.........when the word comes out, remember that Nigeria is an english commonwealth country. Look for the british intelligence (mi-6), the c.i.a & the israeli's (the mossad) to have their hands all in it! But for now, let's take a look back.........that plane is still missing, al sharpton is still leading too many FOOLS, peepo are still stupidly religious, as a whole, BLAK PEEPO are still in a fuKKKed up position, homosexuality is at an all time high & HIP HOP needs DEFENDING! As stated a few weeks ago on this very blog, the Blak Smith wishes to spearhead a movement to get her back into the fold by making a group to differentiate that REAL SHIT from the FAKE! The next time ya see US grace ya computer screen, WE going in with a FLICK that's gonna make ya THINK! I need my PIONEERING OG's & so who's up to the task? Get with US & see where WE coming from & if ya can, ASSIST US in OUR ENDEAVORS.

I aint perfekt but take it from ME

WE have the DEFINITIVE BOOKS on where & what WE want HIP HOP to be & go to. WE want OUR YOUTH to do better but what's gonna stop that PHENOM from signing into a life of HIGH TECH SLAVERY when all he/she is trying to do is get their Mama outta the HOOD like most of US? OLD & YOUNG.......get at US & let's create OUR OWN for US & BY US! For either of my books, hit the above link. For ya personally autographed copy, contact US at or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Regardless to what WE do or go thru, the Blak Smith KNOWS that WE will LIVE to see BRIGHTER DAYS! 



Thursday, May 8, 2014


 ALL SPACE NAGAS, get at ME!!!


The Burbs suck!!:

Let's get a guest columnist and GREAT FB FRIEND, Ashira Amenet who still got a whole lot to say about that donald sterling shit! As it was a long article, I took excerpts out so check this wealth of info:


Let us not rejoice that one bigot has been ceremoniously banned, while numerous others continue to recruit more Africans to help build and ensure wealth for their children’s children. We shall not continue to support groups such as the NAACP which accepts the advancement for the castration of African people versus fomenting tangible liberation of Africans.

On April 29, 2014, billionaire owner of the LA Clippers, Donald Sterling, was banned for life from the NBA (National Basketball Association) and fined $2.5 million after recordings of him making white supremacist comments were made public. As a result of players organizing to boycott games, the Clippers players reversing their team warm-up suits to not reflect the Clippers insignia, as well as other players from other teams standing in solidarity with the Clippers, NBA commissioner Adam Silver was forced to institute the ban and fine. The comments were disclosed from the phone conversation recordings between Sterling and his now former mistress V. Stiviano. During the conversation, V. Stiviano (who is African and Mexican) challenged Sterling’s philosophy and perception on Africans and Mexicans. 

 The comments were naturally displeasing to Hall of Famer Magic Johnson and even the “never to comment on social justice or racial issues”, legendary five time winner of the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award Michael Jordan was compelled to share his thoughts on Sterling’s white supremacist views. The LA Clippers team is primarily comprised of Africans, as are the majority of players of the NBA. Off the court, the main players of the NBA are the non- African billionaires who own the multimillion dollar earning players. This leads some people to refer to athletes of all sports as highly paid slaves of entertainment for wealthy Caucasians.  Ralph Ellison speaks of how enslaved Africans were forced to participate in what was known as “Battle Royals (a vicious killing sport of entertainment for  slave owners) ” in his book, “The Invisible Man”.  William C. Rhoden discusses this theory in his controversial book, “Forty Million Dollar Slaves: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of the Black Athlete”.

 In 1991, the Michigan Supreme Court removed Sterling from the bench, stating that as a judge, he systematically abused his power as a result of accepting money, jewelry, a handgun and other gifts in return for dismissing traffic tickets and other misdemeanors. Sterling was charged with extortion and racketeering conspiracy. Consequently, he was also banned from practicing law in Michigan and California.

In August 2006, the U.S. Department of Justice sued Sterling for housing discrimination in using race as a factor in filling some of his apartment buildings. Legendary Hall of Famer, former Laker’s player, and former general manager of the Clippers, Elgin Baylor, sued team owner Donald Sterling in 2009. In his suit, Baylor alleges he was wrongfully terminated and had his salary frozen at $350,000 a year in 2003 while the Caucasian head coach was given a four-year, $22-million contract. Moreover, Baylor declared in his original lawsuit that Sterling had a “vision of a Southern plantation-type structure” for the Clippers and accused the owner of a “pervasive and ongoing racist attitude”. 

Sterling showed his ubiquitous bigotry during contract negotiations with Danny Manning. According to Baylor’s lawsuit, Sterling told Manning's agent, “I’m offering you a lot of money for a poor black kid.” Moreover, Baylor also alleged Sterling said he wanted the Clippers to be “composed of poor black boys from the South and a white head coach.”
Apparently, at the time of the suit, a number of players did not support Baylor in his claims, and in light of the veil of racism/white supremacy being publicly removed once again, five-time NBA All-Star and  NBA Rookie of the Year, Chris Webber exclaimed on a Washington D.C. radio program that the basketball players owe Baylor an emphatic apology. *

 And in other blaKKK news that niKKKas are concerned with..........

And in the fuKKKery continues section:

Hope ya read this to the END bcuz Y'ALL gotta be READY to see that by now............if ya BLACK just how they CONTROL YA! If ya INSIST OTHERWISE...........  and..........................................

It is the Blak Smith's j.o.b to 1st INFORM and 2nd to ENTERTAIN! Every so often, WE gotta see what they want Y'ALL to see and critique it! I got the many reasons as to just why the ENTERTAINMENT GAME is fuKKKED up and how it got there...........go here:

Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

For ya personally autographed copy, get with the BSE aka Blak Smith Enterprises. WE at paypal with or get at this blog and on fb WE Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). As WE got the e-book, discounts are given. WE have workshops, seminars and build using Afrikan History combining that with Hip Hop! Get with that and let's make it happen!!!!!

WE GOT MO' SHIT coming so STAY ON POINT!!!!!!!

* the article is long and if ya want the full story, hit Me on facebook inbox or at