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Wu-Revolution - Wu-Tang Clan

As jootube takes 'em down, I put 'em BLAK UP! Use this link when ya need the song:

Nature of the threat


The afterMATH!

Whatup y'all? This year has already been a wild one with all the going ons. How are y'all doin? I see that y'all are still with me. As it has been hard for me to focus lately, my writin style will reflect that & I'm gonna write from the mind as I think about things. If I come off as upset today, don't take it personal but I hadda death in my family, Blaque Indigo died & the body of Phylicia Barnes was found out in MD. I'm feelin a lil somber as all of the peepo were young women of child bearin age! Everyday new war fronts are started & it seems like Syria may be the next PLACE. Haiti is still a mess & I don't know how that cholera thing turned out but I ain't heard nothin lately. How bout you? gucci mane was arrested AGAIN for pushin a chik outta a movin car. DJ Mr Cee was ALLEDGEDLY caught inna car witta TRASVESTITE.News of that to come. The NATO's are poundin the shit outta Ghadaffi but he gonna be alrite. Just like my Blak Folk wi…

Canibus - Channel Zero

JooToob took it down so press here as I stay LOOKIN 2 keep US UPDATED!: or this 1 here: ENJOY!

There's Something on my Mind

Hotep to all my Peepo! By the way y'all, did I mention that I luv my BLAK PEEPO? Y'all are MINE & I'm YOURS whether ya luv ME or not! Man these times WE livin in now is crazy. There were big storms movin thru the ameriKKKan south with tornados & all. Those waters offa japan are now radioactive wastelands somewhat like the gulf of mexico as the so called power elite salts the earth. Check this link here to see what WE mean. WE don't even hear about hungary anymore but that's how them europeans do. What ever happened to that phosgene that was pumped into the arkansas grounds that started those earthquakes inna non quake zone? Haiti anyone? Chile? Battle LA? NYC? Your place? My place? The earth? These 611 days left? Do WE even have that many left yo? I don't know. Shit........right now, I'm even wonderin if the ny knicks is gonna make it outta the 1st round of the nba playoffs. william & kate gettin marri…

the Final Countdown 2012 - Revisited

Whatup peepo? Before I rant, a BIG SHOUT to Jendayi Nanyamka who makes my day, everyday. Also, gotta shout out Linda Rochon Bey, the inspiration for this piece, who said that I should REVISIT this particular column as it's the proper time for it. I hope that y'all OK like the beginnin, middle & end of a lil john song. WE still livin despite the fact that Y'ALL forgot that the us so called power elite is still at WAR with iraq & afghanistan. Actually, about now, EVERYWHERE is a HOTSPOT, kinda like foxy brown. These WARS are nothin more than POPULATION CONTROL WARS as everything THEY import/export is HARMFUL to ya & if ya don't think so, examine DRUGS, FOSSIL FUELS, NUCLEAR POWER, STEPPED ON FOODs & a lil somethin resource rich countries refer to as the RESOURCE CURSE. Do Y'ALL believe that THEY wish to get rid of MOST of US? Haiti knows a lil somethin about that & its proximity to the us makes it a perenial target for us interests. Not to mention…


I'm DIFFERENT, so don't compare me to another, cuz THEY can't hang, yo WORD TO THE MOTHER - Big Daddy Kane from Ain't No Half Steppin.

Like Rakim, IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME but I shoulda left you. Those of you I speak to know EXACTLY what I mean. How y'all been? I hope that all is well in y'all life as it has been almost a month since I got attcha! I apologize but my life ain't so stable lately ya know? I'm ok but as life goes on, changes will & MUST be made. Since WE last spoke, Lybia is stiil goin, Ivory Coast biz has gone crazy with the un now in & ya fave KraKKa bitches, liz(ard) taylor & geraldine (the mob) ferraro have died. Haiti is kinda quiet since Aristide went BLAK but y'all can best be assured that SHIT is still happenin there. Wyclef got shot &....? Those reactors in Japan have practically blown & every time I hear the latest on the mainstream news, THEY KEEP DOWNPLAYIN THE SEVERITY OF IT ALL & FOR WHAT? The new…

Big Daddy Kane Ain't No Half Steppin