Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wu-Revolution - Wu-Tang Clan


As jootube takes 'em down, I put 'em BLAK UP! Use this link when ya need the song:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nature of the threat

The afterMATH!

Whatup y'all? This year has already been a wild one with all the going ons. How are y'all doin? I see that y'all are still with me. As it has been hard for me to focus lately, my writin style will reflect that & I'm gonna write from the mind as I think about things. If I come off as upset today, don't take it personal but I hadda death in my family, Blaque Indigo died & the body of Phylicia Barnes was found out in MD. I'm feelin a lil somber as all of the peepo were young women of child bearin age! Everyday new war fronts are started & it seems like Syria may be the next PLACE. Haiti is still a mess & I don't know how that cholera thing turned out but I ain't heard nothin lately. How bout you? gucci mane was arrested AGAIN for pushin a chik outta a movin car. DJ Mr Cee was ALLEDGEDLY caught inna car witta TRASVESTITE.News of that to come. The NATO's are poundin the shit outta Ghadaffi but he gonna be alrite. Just like my Blak Folk will be which doesn't include y'all NIGGAS & I hope that I ain't just preachin to the choir here. Like a pawn, a NIGGA can become a KING on that chessboard & as of now, y'all got 602 days to do it in. Don't blame me & peepo like me when the Final Countdown 2012 is over! So for those of y'all thinkin I'm some Funny Guy entertainin y'all, have ya fun & laugh now! Right now, I'm gettin my Noah on & buildin my ark so that I'm ready for a new dispensation of time when justice won't just be about JUST US. All will be BETTER as WE get it TOGETHER & the SEPERATION of LABOR again takes it rightful place. REVELATIONS are ALMOST done. I think I'll call that time, the afterMATH! Let's go BLAK to the FUTURE & see what those of US in the COLLECTIVE CONCIOUSNESS think.

In the afterMATH, only peepo who really care about each other will matter. Everyone will work for the benefit of all in a TRUE COMMUNISTIC/SOCIALIST way as defined by those who OVERSTAND. School will be at home & those witta predisposition to learn can teach. Corporal punishment will be for those VERY EXTREME cases of disobedience & those who are overly rebellious will be watched. Alotta y'all should read a book named ISLAND written by aldous huxley to get my drift. Sex will not be seen as dirty & any inklin of pedophelia gets ya gone! WE takin it BLAK to the EARTH & MAAT so forget about the 10 commandments. Forget about ya religion & if ya insist on it, a one time rule of I DON"T WANNA HEAR THAT SHIT will be in effect. The only rule will be that all will respect all regardless of age, sex, creed or size. willy lynchism will be erradicated & as WE are BLAK PEEPO, dark skinnedness will be an attribute as the 2 suns blaze us like blunts. The need for things that WE now take for granted such as fossil fuels for cars will be erradicated as them KraKKa's will be long gone due to the UV rays that will deliver 'em to THEY final destination. We'll use that japanese technology that was about to be released around the time of the tsunami there not long ago. PAPER MONEY will cease to exist & WAMPUM or COWRIE SHELLS will suffice. With alla the rays gone, WE can again communicate TELEPATHICALLY! All BLAKS can live in the tropics but if ya choose not to, you can travel there from the harsh winters & eat ya food fresh & in SEASON. No stepped on GMO, bioengineered, cloned, irridated, packaged, processed or frozen foods anymore. No more oil spills! No more nuclear energy! Pigs will again be used to eat up the WHITE MEAT left on this earth. Doesn't COPS & ROBBERS have a ring to it? How about PIGS & KraKKa's? Prison populations will dwindle & eventually erradicate & rape will virtually DISAPPEAR.

Music will go back to a live forum & analog will again breathe the proper frequency that digital recordins somehow just can't capture. Television will carry the greatest classics ever made as WE have to now look at it to tell the young of a peepo who are no longer. WE can remake BIRTH of a NATION. For those who manage to escape our clutches, WE can make up a Du Dux DONE! If WE get 'em, THEY done! Sex can go BLAK to bein somethin wholesome & those who have practiced due diligence & RASPECT can now have as many wives as they can have. Boy that's a HEAVY RESPONSIBILITY but SOMEBODIES gotta do it! The only mind changin substances that will be allowed will be gunja & wine. Drunkeness will be a CRIME so not too much yo! Those with different traits like homosexuality will have their OWN neighborhood & CANNOT promote that practice outside of such neighborhood but THEY shall be respected as peepo. Older peepo will NOT blame younger peepo for the ills of society & most will know how to heal THYSELF! Trade will be fair, balanced & militaries can go BLAK to bein WARRIORS & fightin for HONOR as opposed to GREED.

The GREAT THING about all of this is...............................I'm already there. Alotta y'all are still worried about MONEY, BILLS & the old way of doin things that will SOON play out at any time. Why do you think that THEY want you to buy gold & a few months ago, there were stockpiles of it found to really be TUNGSTEN? If you could afford a shitload of GOLD or PRECIOUS METALS & you can't carry it, how you gonna cut & transport it safely? How do you know that you are gonna stay where you are? Are you buyin canned foods & six months of water? Can you carry such a supply load in an emergency? Will you trust an alien? If you really wanna know whats goin on, check this footage here the hell out & don't think that it's so easy for me to believe everything either. Some of y'all NIGGAS who don't believe in religion don't believe in 2012 or anything that close to it but do you honestly think that the EARTH is the only game in town? Come on man! Whether you luv or hate me, the Galaxy is composed of so much but so is the earth bcuz most of US don't look at DIMENSIONS. Most of y'all is LOCKED into this frequency & this frequency only BUT it's on its LAST LEGS! Don't blame me for bein WAY ahead of my TIME but LIFE AS WE ALL KNOW IT WILL SOON CEASE! I am PRE ORDAINED & PROTECTED by what YOU can't see, hear, sniff or touch but I KNOW THIS MAN! I AM the CULMINATION of the BEST of US while encompassin some of the WORST too. Whoever killed my lil SISTA/DAUGHTER Phylicia Barnes & other innocents won't die fast if I get 'em. WE would make you wanna be dead while WE torture you EVERYDAY & nurse ya back to perfect health ONLY to restart that process onna regular schedule. Have FAITH as this is the time & make plans to make moves at any time y'all. A special shout out goes to the Tank Man (he knows who he is) who has special permission to clown me if I'm wrong but WE are watchin the dismantlazation of an EVIL EMPIRE. With 602 days to go, WATCH YO NUGGETS my G! May WE live in INTERESTIN TIMES! I'm already in the afterMATH as I have done the math! Peace after REVOLUTION!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Canibus - Channel Zero

JooToob took it down so press here as I stay LOOKIN 2 keep US UPDATED!: or this 1 here: ENJOY!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

There's Something on my Mind

Hotep to all my Peepo! By the way y'all, did I mention that I luv my BLAK PEEPO? Y'all are MINE & I'm YOURS whether ya luv ME or not! Man these times WE livin in now is crazy. There were big storms movin thru the ameriKKKan south with tornados & all. Those waters offa japan are now radioactive wastelands somewhat like the gulf of mexico as the so called power elite salts the earth. Check this link here to see what WE mean. WE don't even hear about hungary anymore but that's how them europeans do. What ever happened to that phosgene that was pumped into the arkansas grounds that started those earthquakes inna non quake zone? Haiti anyone? Chile? Battle LA? NYC? Your place? My place? The earth? These 611 days left? Do WE even have that many left yo? I don't know. Shit........right now, I'm even wonderin if the ny knicks is gonna make it outta the 1st round of the nba playoffs. william & kate gettin married.......FUKKK 'EM! The summer is almost here & y'all just look out for how many periodicals come out with WARNINS for KraKKa's & the UV rays that's gonna take 'em out from the SUN! Hip hip hooray for the 2 suns comin soon! WE gotta Final Countdown goin on & Lauryn Hill sang about the Final Hour. WE all countin down like europe & if ya don't know, youtube it! Get a load of this one; STOP COMPLAININ about not bein able to find a job as mcdonalds from Fast Food Info fame is now HIRIN yo! The RECESSION/DEPRESSION is now OFFICIALLY OVER & they payin ABOVE the minimum wage at $8 an hour. Ya see, WE do come with GOOD NEWS at times. Man there is just so much goin on & I don't want any of y'all AFRAID. The frequency WE livin in is called FEAR & FEAR tends to PARALYZE so don't say that I'm tellin y'all what to do. Fear paralyzes so be READY for ANYTHING & then make ya moves. The only thing I can say is to have the WILL to SURVIVE whatever you must & to do what you can to further OUR LIFE. That is the purpose of  life - nothin more or nothin less. A think tank keeps on THINKIN no matter what. I don't know what's gonna happen BUT when LIFE AS WE KNOW IT CEASES TO EXIST & you can't get EXPERT ADVICE from ME & peepo concerned about ya well bein, what are ya gonna do? Ya gotta KEEP ON LIVIN REGARDLESS of WHATEVER! 611 left & I gotta lotta SHIT on my mind. Let's go in.

I've been made aware that a SISTAR named Blaque Indigo, a SISTAR who was on FB last year & who was inna porn movie has died. I don't know the details of her death but if I'm wrong please don't blast me. From what I've ascertained thus far, she was in distress in the ameriKKKan south & was outta money. She resorted to porn, was discovered & soonafter, lambasted all over FB & possibly in her circle of peepo who are SUPPOSED to be concious. I must also say that though I was never a personal friend of hers or to my knowledge had any dealins with her, that she's still my SISTAR! If she felt she had to do somethin so HORRID, she's still my SISTAR! To me, the equivalent of a woman starrin in porn films for a BLAK MALE is far worse & that is dealin what Nas labelled as POISON on the Stillmatic album. Too boot, when WE Blak Males HUSTLE, WE kill thousand & millions if ya believe that EVERY LIFE affects 4 others. How many millions have ya killed off even if ya don't do that anymo? How many FAMILIES did ya destroy as Mama became a DOPE FIEND? How many young gals with no choice bcome whores bcuz Mama came up short on the eats yet again? How many of our intelligent young men bcame like you bcuz of your tutelage of GETTIN MONEY? I don't know who killed this SISTAR or why & I will hopefully get more clarity & report BLAK here. When I do, she'll still be OUR SISTAR! For the most part, what I say here goes out to the BLAK MALES judgin her & don't take this azza I THINK WE FREE & SHOULD DO DAMN WELL AS WE PLEASE kinda WAY! What OUR SISTAR did was reprehensible but SHE was STILL OUR SISTAR! All of US, myself included have done something that WE would NOW be ashamed to admit but hers was recorded & diseminated as if it could NEVER be FORGIVEN. It ain't easy but SHE'S still our SISTAR! Would WE forgive you if WE found out your TRANSGRESSIONS? Is this a let the 1st without SIN cast the 1st stone scenario? To me, as so called CONCIOUS PEEPO, WE have to HATE the SIN but LUV the SINNER. Y'all know I HATE bible quotes but in this case, it's too appropriate. Until this changes in my humble opinion, the only thing that should never be forgiven is TREASON against US. I luv US & part of that luv is to FORGIVE while lettin ya luvved one know how disappointed you are in them & still LUVVIN 'EM. If that was ya Ma/Sis/Grandma/Niece/Wife or lifelong neighbor & ya knew that someone was attemptin to kill her, would ya let it happen? Only you know that answer. Come on y'all........WE gotta get it right & always remember - SHE WAS OUR SISTAR! 611 to go!

Ok, we know about the FOOD as I covered the Fast Food Industry recently with Fast Food Info in our archives. Remember, you should also be GREATFUL for $8 an hour. I told y'all about all of the poisonous ingredients in these foods & if ya really wanna get crazy, look up what THEY doin with MEAT GLUE. WE talked about the cosmetics, toothpatstes, lotions & makeups with pthlatates, frangrances, glycol, propolene & alla that harmful stuff. One thing though that I don't see most of US concerned with BLAK FOLK talkin about is CHEMTRAILS & this affects ALL OF US, regardless of race! Some of y'all may ask watta chemtrail is. Lemme tell ya: chemtrails are those WHITE LINES(COCAINE?) that ya see in the air sprayed from airplanes that fly over highly populated areas. Not SKYWRITERS y'all - they just fly with no destiny spreadin an acidic mix of PATHOGEN SOUP of micro plasmas: Barium, Aluminum & Polymer Fibers which the EPA REFUSES to analyze. As said a few months ago in Fast Food Info, y'all could be gettin unexplained illnesses from this & blamin it on other unrelated things. Ya don't know yo! Please y'all, eat better & BOLSTER ya IMMUNE SYSTEM bcuz ANYTHING that suppresses ya system is AIDS! These peepo don't give a FUKKK about y'all & WE must see that other side. I even provided the link as to where I got the ingredients & y'all can check As it is short & sweet, tell 'em the Blak Smith sent ya!

And now to somethin ya won't see me spoutin off on much, BUT it must be talked about as WE try to cover all; WE talkin bout that DOG & PONY Show, aka the federal budget that sotero is havin a problem passin. It seems like whenever there is an impasse, it's over ENTITLEMENT MONEY & the reason why I don't speak on it much is bcuz the WORLD AS YOU KNOW IT WILL SOON CEASE TO EXIST. They control BOTH SIDES from the MIDDLE while most of Y'ALL on one side or another! DemoCATS & REPULSicans my ass.........besides, it's all REALLY 1 party anyway & this izza FARCE to keep Y'ALL distracted from the REALITIES of it all. Social Security will be ya children takin care of YOU instead of WAITIN for a check to spend it ALL atta supermarket. Doctors will once again make housecalls & most peepo will die around their loved ones instead of some sterile hopital that recognizes you azza CUSTOMER onna treadmill & a revolvin door when you reach the end. Our MOTHERS will go in the bush & deliver her children with midwives consistin of her sistars & aunties. The food won't be stepped on & no one will pay RENT as FOOD, CLOTHIN & SHELTER are the only ABSOLUTE NECESSETIES in LIFE, provided by NATURE. You won't have to work for anyone bcuz that's SLAVERY. You'll work for the benefit of the whole COMMUNITY aka COMMUNISM from a BLAK WHOLISTIC PERSPECTIVE. A SEPERATION of LABOR will take place as men once again, HUNT & GATHER while the women stay back, do the gardenin & tend to the BABIES, feedin 'em BREAST MILK aka BABY FOOD. Too many of US have bcome ameriKKKanized to the point of paralysis, thinkin of our own PERSONAL SECURITY without a COLLECTIVE CONCIOUS overstandin & WE might as well say this is a CORRUPTED SOUL. Most of US, myself included don't know what the TRUE meanin of LOVE really is bcuz WE don't luv OURSELVES 1st! How can YOU luv anyone outside you more than SELF? If that person/persons decided to leave you as peepo do, what would ya do? When ya want for others what ya want for yaself, then ya just MIGHT have a clue. Get ya mind right cause these 611 gonna go FAST yo!

This goes out to ALLA Y'ALL! Thank y'all for SUPPORTIN ME as supportin me supports yaself! Last week after I released the Final Countdown 2012 - Revisited, I received messages from peepo who previously had no problems gettin onto this site. One of my good FB frends even sent the transmission as proof. Another frend had said that on the network he used frequently, that my site had been BLAKLISTED. Is that good or bad? Where I come from, that's a.............................................GREAT THING as I could look at that inna positive way as peepo are readin & censorin me like the internet MIGHT be one day........or.......SHUT DOWN. What would ya do? If THEY don't persecute you, you ain't doin nothin! I think that some of that was bcuz of my take on May 11th. I can't find anything on that date on though I've seen others mention it on FB & in lectures & if it goes down......? I wanna say just to be on the LOOKOUT on that date & take off of work if ya can without alarmin the bejesus outta ya. Come on y'all just get with me.........what if LIFE CEASED TO EXIST AS YOU KNOW IT right now & ya couldn't rely on electricity & the modern conviencences that WE now take for granted? WE are already in SURVIVAL MODE but are ya ready for REAL SURVIVAL? By the way, I neglected to credit my dude Mo from Mo Sirius Pictures with alotta that info -especially about that date which MAY prove to be just THAT DAY in OUR STORY. If those SOLAR FLARES aka SUN SPOTS aka SUN BURSTS really go in.............................................alotta peepo are gonna be affected & like I said, the earth already experienced a lil 1 in china in february. Check it here at You can go to that link & see what it's all about for alla y'all DOUBTIN THOMASES & THOMASINAS. As of now, all I know is NONE of Y'ALL is gonna make me late to the Cosmic Party. My destiny is PRE-ORDAINED to meet with the MASTERS & I ain't talkin about charlie sheen or tiger hoods! I'm gonna burn this Final Countdown Shit into ya memory bank til y'all can't stand me. I know some of y'all already can't but YA STILL TALKIN ABOUT ME! Like diddy, YOU CAN HATE ME................................................................NOW! Let the dead bury the dead!

While y'all HATE on the Blak Smith, he wishes that Y'ALL keep on LIVIN! Whatever! Anyhoo, we gettin things geared up as WE speak & still acceptin DONATIONS to keep things goin. You can send as lil as $5 OR a $20 will get ya my book, I ain't perfect but take it from Me. WE luv US & WE do it for YOU! For those sirius, ya can get me at or on FaceBook at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WE luv y'all & IMPLORE y'all to keep on READIN & LIVIN! Go HARD & go in. PEACE!

Monday, April 11, 2011

the Final Countdown 2012 - Revisited

Whatup peepo? Before I rant, a BIG SHOUT to Jendayi Nanyamka who makes my day, everyday. Also, gotta shout out Linda Rochon Bey, the inspiration for this piece, who said that I should REVISIT this particular column as it's the proper time for it. I hope that y'all OK like the beginnin, middle & end of a lil john song. WE still livin despite the fact that Y'ALL forgot that the us so called power elite is still at WAR with iraq & afghanistan. Actually, about now, EVERYWHERE is a HOTSPOT, kinda like foxy brown. These WARS are nothin more than POPULATION CONTROL WARS as everything THEY import/export is HARMFUL to ya & if ya don't think so, examine DRUGS, FOSSIL FUELS, NUCLEAR POWER, STEPPED ON FOODs & a lil somethin resource rich countries refer to as the RESOURCE CURSE. Do Y'ALL believe that THEY wish to get rid of MOST of US? Haiti knows a lil somethin about that & its proximity to the us makes it a perenial target for us interests. Not to mention that it was the first pseudo independent nation in the western hemisphere. Damn they need to be FREE! Where are alla my AFRIKAN PEEPO on these issues? WE are seein the EARTH CEASIN TO EXIST AS WE KNOW IT & some NIGGAS is still OBLIVIOUS! I want SHIT to change & this is why I had to REVISIT the Final Countdown 2012 bcuz peepo is too complacent lately. What moves are ya makin now? Some peepo talkin about growin old & bein SECURE in that pension & social security way! Well, there's a few words that start with an S & end with an E that I would rather use such as SURVIVE & be SAFE in these last 620 days. If ya under 60, you ain't never gonna see any of that old skool money but it's ok - we'll be in a whole nother dispensation of time & space. The COLLECTIVE CONCIOUSNESS is gonna take care of ya if ya even know what that is. Too many of Y'ALL is still believin in Super Sky Sperm Guy as if he gonna come out the sky to save us all.........I'm still waitin.......duh! Why do y'all think that you can rant & rave about your lord & savior but I can't have my thoughts on aliens & shit like that? Why can a man who lived at one time have more validity than the TRUE & LIVIN GOD who communes witcha onna regular basis? What's more important to a roach that needs a mate; you or its possible mate? The THEORY of RELATIVITY states that WE are not RELATIVES bcuz I'm DIFFERENT. How DIFFERENT? Well, let me show ya how!

I've HEARD that the earth may stop spinnin......that should knock ya socks off. The poles are supposed to shift 15 degrees & from what I OVERSTAND, that shift done been started. I've HEARD that alotta peepo who write on the right of the screen of my page HATE the fact that I write the way that I write. If ya don't OVERSTAND it, IT AIN'T FOR YA & I say that with all due respect. Thanks for the critique tho & I welcome it. The stages or degrees of spiritual acension go from the 3rd dimension which is material or matter which is just surface BULLSHIT. The next is the 4th, which MOST of these KraKKa's can't pass bcuz they have no SOULS, just spirits which can be good or bad. You know what MOST of them are! The 5th dimension is where ya wanna be now as that's where peace & luv start. The 6th doubles up the 3rd & is a higher plane than 5. 7 is aptly titled 7th HEAVEN & that is HEAVEN on EARTH but you can go on to the SQUARE ROOT of 69 which is 8 somethin.........I'm checkin on y'all to see if y'all woke. The 9th dimension or 9 ether is the etherical level ya may wanna raise up to to enjoy life in a spiritual body at all times after these 620 days. DO THE MATH if ya don't know & stop askin me when! This is the CHRISTLIKE state that only those heavily (HEVENLY) melinated can reach & this is why WE here say that the Blak Man is God & for alla y'all sayin that it is the Woman, I say, that the BLAK FAMILY is at our ACME. For me, there's no US without our COMPLEMENTS. I always tell Y'ALL that none of US is goin ANYWHERE without the other & I don't indulge Battle of the Sexes convos. Let's get it right!

WE got peepo livin inside the planet that know all & got these KraKKa's in check. Don't believe that THEY are as powerful as THEY say but always know that his very nature is from an EVIL SEED. The movie monster's ball was the concession to make some of y'all believe that some of them are good. Fukk that! The earth is gonna CLEANSE herself like when you get a stomach ache & ya either throw up what is bad in ya or ya get the runs. Upheaval MUST happen as the earth izza BODY inna UNIVERSE & at the present moment, she's sick & needs to THROWUP or SHIT those harmin HER. Her proper name is LADY GAIA! She feeds her CHILDREN from the FRUIT that she bears.What else have I HEARD? I HEARD that BLAK PEEPO are BEAUTIFUL & that y'all are gonna be kickin plenty of pink critters in the GUT when these 2 suns shine after the earth stops spinnin. THEY ain't got melanin & if WE have unlimited SUN that saps they energy for too long...........WOW!

I've HEARD that a so called dude named jehova izza back office clerk from the orion belt. He commissioned it so that these holy books were prostituted, bastardized & drug thru the mud so that WE could believe in 'em & carry on like the DUMMIES WE have for the most part bcome. I HEARD that alla this SHIT started in space EONS ago.The aliens already here (not all of 'em) have seen who WE are in relation to THEM & their superior FIREPOWER will soon be more than apparent. Check out a dude named george green on who speaks on alla this. I HEARD that y'all should have an alternate plan to all what I'm sayin as these KraKKa's look to salt the earth & all ya gotta see is alla these so called ACTS of GOD takin place that keep gettin bigger & bigger. I KNOW that the frequency surroundin the earth (FEAR) wil soon be done so that ALL PEEPO can be SELF DETERMINANT! At that time, all holy books will consist of SACRED MATHEMATICAL EQUATIONS! Worship of MEN not worthy of worship will cease. Shapeshifters aka REPTILIANS won't be able to take the SUN YO! I've also HEARD that the GODS will have plenty WOMEN as those who don't ASCEND will be stuck inna frequency that will make ya existence practically NON-EXISTENT. WE makin GODS & our women will have NUCLEAR EXPLOSIVE ORGASMS for bein freed by A-Alikes. Drug addicts, hotboys, pimps, pedophiles & con men NEED NOT APPLY as WE can determine what a FAMILY is. For you to be in the runnin, ya must RISE UP. When the choices are proper, why would ya want anything else? This goes for both sides of the coin. WE can show y'all that AIDS izza HOAX & ya won't HEAR it - you'll know that! Before I go, I HEARD that May 11th 2011 will have SOLAR FLARE ACTIVITY that MAY knock the electrical grids OFF & what are ya gonna do when it's time to eat? How ya gonna get ya nails did? Where's ya shower comin from? How am I gonna write an online column to ya? WE RAMPIN this SHIT UP! This is the Final Countdown 2011 & 2012 & alotta y'all gotta know that if ya with US, you will be the VANGUARD as you prepare for that time NOW. BUILD or get DETSROYED! I HEAR YA LUV b2a tho some of y'all silently is still hatin as WE go HARD! 620 days left! Where ya at? Don't say ya read it here though; say somethin like, I ain't perfect, but take it from Me. HOLLA BLAK!

The Blak Smith is at it again, takin this Final Countdown so SIRIUSLY. He is also takin his book & this site as siriusly & implores Y'ALL to help in this cause. WE ask that those of you who are able to, to DONATE if ya with us with a minimum of $5 & for any donation over $20, we send you our e-book, I ain't Perfect but take it from Me. You can reach US at or on FaceBook at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WE here at b2a thank you for alla ya luv & support. Stay tuned as we COUNT DOWN!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I'm DIFFERENT, so don't compare me to another, cuz THEY can't hang, yo WORD TO THE MOTHER - Big Daddy Kane from Ain't No Half Steppin.

Like Rakim, IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME but I shoulda left you. Those of you I speak to know EXACTLY what I mean. How y'all been? I hope that all is well in y'all life as it has been almost a month since I got attcha! I apologize but my life ain't so stable lately ya know? I'm ok but as life goes on, changes will & MUST be made. Since WE last spoke, Lybia is stiil goin, Ivory Coast biz has gone crazy with the un now in & ya fave KraKKa bitches, liz(ard) taylor & geraldine (the mob) ferraro have died. Haiti is kinda quiet since Aristide went BLAK but y'all can best be assured that SHIT is still happenin there. Wyclef got shot &....? Those reactors in Japan have practically blown & every time I hear the latest on the mainstream news, THEY KEEP DOWNPLAYIN THE SEVERITY OF IT ALL & FOR WHAT? The new thing is to now disregard the san adreas fault & focus on the cascadian which is in the pacific off the coast of british columbia canada down to northern ca. Did y'all know that a MAJOR FAULT LINE runs thru Mainstream Harlem in NYC on 125th St? Hey don't worry about it tho, ya boy, billy KKKlinton opened an office at the state buildin so not to worry like alfred e newman from mad magazine. But maybe y'all forgot that the Chi be gettin quakes too & that phosgene gas that pumped into the arkansas far over 500 quakes this year ALONE!!! Too many of y'all is gettin fatigued waitin for that next disaster but if you are a GLOBAL CITIZEN, you would know that Japan, Chile, new zealand & Haiti are US! Some of them NIGGAS on the other side say otherwise but you already knew that. I've realized that by talkin to my peeps who read US loyally that, my mission is to report the HERE & NOW so as to help ya avoid the KataKKlysm soon comin. With the 2 suns comin, the poles shiftin, the mass animal deaths, saltin of the earth aka fema(katrina), soetero, the bp oil spill, 911 & Killa KraKKa WHALES attackin KraKKa's, ya gotta stay away from them pink thangs. I know that some of y'all is ADDICTED to 'em a Busta Rhymes skit, there's only 624 days left! Let's go in!

Whenever I take up a DIFFERENT endeavor, I really real eyes how DIFFERENT I  am despite the notion that I look like what ya may consider NORMAL. Me normal........nah man. How so you may ask; I don't know but I will try to break that down in this piece here. As ya may already know, I grew up with the name ROTGUT SWAMPWATER & I luv to have some of Y'ALL criticize me for various stuff that I do & don't where do I start? By stickin to my government name of ROTGUT SWAMPWATER is how............ok, I know where....with your vanity. Get at me!

Ya see some of this stuff that I'm postin here has already been said in some shape, form or fashion. I know I'm DIFFERENT bcuz I prefer to STINK as opposed to puttin ALUMINUM under my arms. Any aluminum on the human body is POISONOUS & I think that most of y'all don't OVERSTAND how precious life really is until ya start LOSIN it. Resteraunts in this country MUST use STAINLESS STEEL pots to cook in bcuz aluminum is DEADLY! Sometimes I purposely stay ASHY bcuz I can't get my hands on queen of helene 100% cocoa butter. Those FRAGRANCES & PERFUMES is killin US! I try not to use regular toothpaste as the active ingredient in it is FLOURIDE which is the ONLY active ingredient in RAT POISON & was also used to supress the so called jew durin wwII. Look it up yo! I always post about PHTHALATES which are nothin but stablizin PLASTICS placed in most pharmaceutical products that WE use everyday. This stuff is in soaps, shampoos, makeups & deoderants. WE should at least minimize usage of a lotta this stuff. We know about FLAVORINS in foods after readin Fast Food Info, my just completed scathin hot 10 Part report. I'm DIFFERENT bcuz I read the ingredients on most food items that I buy includin ORGANICS bcuz THEY puttin alotta bullshit in those foods too. The main 4 food ingredients that ya shouldn't be eatin are PARTIALLY HYDROGENTAD OILS, ASPARTAME, HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP & MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE. These ingredients are almost totally impossible to erradicate if ya live in the west but in order to live long, YA MUST REDUCE CONSUMPTION of it. I luv women with GOOD HAIR aka what the fukk ya was born with in any form. That fake hair shit ain't go outta style yet? I also luv NATURAL FIBER CLOTHES aka cotton, the best that comes from my ancestral homeland, Mali. I wish to go there soon. So the next time ya see an ASHY, STINKY(she knows what I'm sayin!), YELLOW TOOTHED, FARTIN NATURAL FOOD DUDE comin ya way, know that I'm DIFFERENT! That's just me yo!

I'm DIFFERENT bcuz I THINK DIFFERENT! I can afford to think DIFFERENT bcuz I OWN a unique set of circumstances. Should WE await the next 911, Katrina, bp oil spill etc or not? Should we move? By askin these questions, it means that I can't do SHIT about it anyway so why not be prepared for such an event, even if it's only in the mind? If nukes hit, can you carry 6 months worth of water with canned foods? I say that without knowin what will hit next, how the hell are ya gonna prepare anyway? The ONLY WAY to be properly prepared is to be prepared for ANYTHIN! Now before you think that that is a crock of shit, try sayin that last sentence fast three times. Bet ya get tongue tied. Maybe I'm DIFFERENT bcuz I note how every new disaster is bein quoted as the BIGGEST such & such EVER. Come on now! What do you think? What's next? THEY been predictin lately that the BIG 1 is comin to the west coast via the Cascadian Fault Line & who knows when she blows? Ya see, I'm DIFFERENT & I was taught that WE don't know what TIME it is bcuz the GREGORIAN CALENDAR like ORIGINAL SIN done fucked it up for EVERYBODY! For all we know, we in 2334! Do you know what time it is now bcuz I don't! Does that make me DIFFERENT?

I'm DIFFERENT bcuz I care about what alotta y'all don't care about! I wish that alotta y'all knew what drugs was really about. There was a time when OPIUM was the #1 cash crop in the world. This was the very first drug that was TRADED by TRAITORS(research the history of these words) & ever since, most WARS have been caused by 'em. Check out the history of the BOXER REBELLION & what had to be done at that time in 17-1800 China. IT WAS LIKE THE KRAKK EPIDEMIC THAT HIT THE us IN THE 80'S. In case ya don't know, opium is the base words for opiates & opiates make legal drugs like codeine, oxycontin & street drugs like opium & heroin. I HATE cocaine bcuz when I was still a lad in skool, our teacher had us put our thumb & finger inna U shape, place it inside our nose & told us that space seperatin the nostrils ERODE after sniffin alotta DRUGS. Glad that I never touched the stuff. Before KraKK, we were kinda ok but that shit almost exclusively destroyed the HOOD & the concept behind it. Most of y'all who use or sell or BOTH don't care about that anyway as it feeds ya but ya time will soon be gone. In the next dispensation of TIME, there will be NO ROOM for those not tryin to get offa that SHIT! Ya see, I care about ya as you are a victim but when the whole truth can be told & ya have a choice, ya gonna have choices that ain't gonna include prison & rehab...........that choice will be life or death. Shit if ya usin, sellin or both, you already dyin a slow death. For now, stay on ya CONVEYOR BELT but.................know that I'm DIFFERENT.

Ayo, it's to a point where peepo don't even like to WALK anymore. Peepo be thinkin like they need to be all up inna gym gettin STRONG, liftin & doin strenuous aerobic workouts & shit like that.........wrong! What about our elderly? What about those disabled? What about the MENTALLY WEAK? What's their workout gonna be? Maybe, bcuz I'm different, I have a possible soultion. Our elderly should be doin stuff like tai chi! It excercises the BLOOD with minimal movement. jack lalane said that inactivity equals death & he lived to 96 but I'm goin to 110 with my BRAINS yo! The disabled can do yoga dependin on where & what their disability is. The mentally weak can continue comin here to learn how to eat better & readin what the Blak Smith has to say. What say I start an advice column? I'm DIFFERENT enuff. WE can erradicate most ailments with DIETARY CHANGES! It's for the most part, really that SIMPLE! WE can erradicate diabetes with MANGANESE! Ya see where I come from, most things are simple or is it that..................................I'm DIFFERENT?

I'm DIFFERENT bcuz I think that WE should ALL be free to do whatever WE were sent here to do. Ayo, WE got 624 days to go. I'm DIFFERENT bcuz I'm already THERE at the Cosmic Party witta seat reserved. I got plenty of peeps with seats too but there's still plenty of room. I want PERMACULTURE in my life. MINE EYES HAVE SEEN THE COMIN OF THE PROMISED LAND in my dreams every fuckin NITE yo! Damn, why that NIGGA gotta say NIGGA & curse? Yo................................I'm DIFFERENT!

I'm DIFFERENT & sorry that I took so long to get BLAK to alla y'all. The Blak Smith is still doin the blog thing & still acceptin DONATIONS for as little as $5 & any over $20, gets ya my book, I ain't Perfect but Take it from me. There, WE talk about me, Hip Hop, OURSTORY, YOURSTORY, the REALSTORY & a lil history like I do on the blog tip. As well, as the price of things go up & the Blak Man continues to be marginalized, I'm still workin, but for you so help a BRO out! I ain't tryin to work for KraKKa's NO MO & need y'all help with somethin for you in return! For those who wish to continue seein me do this here & can help, holla at me at or on FaceBook at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Peace, luv to you all & continue readin. Thanx.

Big Daddy Kane Ain't No Half Steppin