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There’s a Seal On The Soul

Image - Water Falls by TLC   . . . . that cannot be removed

As this article is kinda long & too many of y'all have the attention spans of 2 year olds, I ain't gonna say much but those of ya still into this RELIGIOUS this point, if ya BELIEF ain't from ya OWN CULTURE & ain't doing NOTHING for ya...................GIVE it UP & while at it................Mannnnnnnnn, just get into this & learn something. I am the Blak Smith & I approve this message.

Julian Rose
Contributor, None of us who were raised in the orthodox Christian Tradition are likely to remember the moment when the priest placed his index finger on our foreheads and moved it so as to record the shape of the cross on our tiny brows.
Yet this moment becomes a symbolic and strategic ‘freeze frame’ within the wider context of our initiation into the control system called ‘society’. Some at the receiving end of this ritua…


Image - Seventh Heaven by Gwen Guthrie

So, it's almost a QUARTER past the YEAR & WE still in the PROCESS of this WAITING GAME eh? It seems like the Kkkabal is gonna go down SWINGING on all cylinders just as a JEALOUS HUSBAND would after his wife has finally left for good! As Nas would say, this change is NOT on SCHEDULE yet it's ON TIME! With that I have a very interesting QUESTION for Y'ALL out there? If everything happens in TIME, what came before it? No need to answer here bcuz as WE see, NATURE is a BEAST! Let's show some of the ways that this is TRUE!

I like to call this 1 EVEN the ANIMALS have SENSE in the LAST DAYS!;

Did another METEORITE strike India? According to this report.............

Hey, ever heard that 1 about a CITY suing a so called FOOD CORP? BTW, they are the 6th to do so at…

CLASSIC ALBUM of the WEEK 12 Nuyorican Soul by MASTERS at WORK

Before ya actually get into this 1 have a lil PRACTICE       Black Gold of the Sun REMIX by Masters at Work

This 1 will take ya to a place where HIP HOP and LATINO CULTURE intersect from a lil ole place named the Bronx in NYC! Yáll know that SALSA ORIGINATED in the Boogie Down as well eh.........I don´t ever let peepo forget where it all started and that´s not to be HATING or DISSING those from other places in and near NYC, just stating faKKKts! As WE go in gotta let yáll know that today is 2-22 and the BS continues with more FALSE FLAGS as their time runs out! Ya better get into that book I keep talking about and this goes out to those very few who really KNOW what I´m talking about!

Anyhoo...........what´s happening was WRITTEN and so keep on going! As much as possible listen to whatever pleasures ya mental and do the best that ya can. Get ready for things to get really REAL and love and RAspect ya FAM so as to band together during these…

CLASSIC ALBUM of the WEEK # 11 -Donnie The Colored Section

Just perhaps, the GREATEST ALBUM ya never ever heard of but I DARE ya to not like it! I get so intense with my music that I forgot to greet y'all so how the hell are ya? Anyhoo................yea, this album is 1 of my all time GREATEST up there with Marvin & Stevie & if ya never heard of dude, go & get ya some right here & right now! - Wildlife by Donnie*

Before ya get into this MASTERPIECE, I gotta let y'all know that when I was in Atlanta, I happened to have met this MASTER on the MARTA aka Moving Afrikans Round Town Atlanta & immediately went in on him as if he was the 2nd coming of Donnie Hathaway which to Me he is! I had to slow my roll when he seemed embarrassed by all of the attention as this alum was already old at that point but I didn't care........I had to let him know bcuz how often does 1 meet someone who gave them VICARIOUS JOY? At that point, if I had ever made a singing album, it would sound …

She was a BEY ONCE!

Image - Beyonce by MadTv

First of all WHY NOW? A few years ago, a friend of mine told Me that Bey Once was being CONTROLLED by her HANDLER, jay-z & that her sista, solange was the WITCH! Witness that she beat up jay in that infamous ELEVATOR-GATE & soon after, did same to rick ross ( A great big LOL on that 1 but after I saw this, I was CONVINCED of solange's guilt ( Remember, they have been using the hegelian dialectic of change since at least the 1700's & in life, when something AIN'T BROKE, AIN'T NO NEED to FIX IT! This article will not be about how the industry is controlled but will be based more on how it CONTROLS what YOU THINK! Let's get into it! - Case of the Fake People

How soon WE'VE forgotten that the not so super bowl is a RITUAL & how Whitney died just a few sho…

Get INDEXED!!!!!!

Image  - What Can I do by Ice Cube

Hey there & how have y'all been? It's the Blak Smith & just gotta lil message so help Me Rhonda help help Me Rhonda! Yea...........took a lil trip to the new capital of what is now known as the u.s.KKK.a & was it GREAT! While there, I met a lotta peepo that I knew from other places who were there to get INDEXED as well & WE did it in GRAND STYLE! Some say that I was the MAN but I would defer that title to the JUDGE who presided over everything in that URBAN environment. Man, JEWELS were being dropped as well as GREAT FOOD up in 135 ya heard & LEGALIZATION was not NECESSARY as YOU had my BLAK & I had YOURS! I felt like a KING around QUEENS! Even though there were BEAUTIFUL SISTARS everywhere (including the HUNTS), much RASPECT was given............MAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!*…

CLASSIC ALBUM of the WEEK Part X - Earth Wind & Fire - Ballads Collection


WE just lost another BIG 1 in Natalie Cole ( & now OUR GUY, Maurice White who was the spiritual & actual LEADER of arguably, the BEST R&B ENSEMBLE ever, Earth Wind & Fire aka EWF as they will be called from this point on! And just think that this all happened on the heels of, perhaps, 1 of the BEST THINGS that EVER HAPPENED to Me! When I had heard of what happened, I immediately felt saddened & what a SHAME especially after just losing the great & revered Dr Delbert Blair. To boot, White, Blair & Dr Frances Cress Welsing all hailed from the Chi City aka Chicago! What's in the WATER there? 

Yes, Mr Maurice was the MAN & he lives on thru his MUSIC! When I started this series, I never knew that I would be writing articles of this magnitude & this album is a BEAUTIFUL REFLECTION of that.The album covers more than enough & speaks to the core mentality …

from A to ziKKKA!

Zika virus (ATCC® VR-84™) The Zika virus was patented in 1947 by the Rockefeller
Name of DepositorJ. Casals, Rockefeller Foundation SourceBlood from experimental forest sentinel rhesus monkey, Uganda, 1947Year of Origin1947References Dick GW. Trans. R. Soc. Trop. Med. Hyg. 46: 509, 1952.

The other thing that is clearly failing is their ability to create mass panic, fear and loathing, their traditional control tools. Their latest attempt, upgrading a relatively minor illness known as Zika virus into a baby head-shrinking pandemic is so totally fake, with nothing but computer graphics of small headed babies as evide*

This 1 ain't gonna be long bcuz there's no need for it! Most of y'all reading this remember a time when A.I.D.S was supposed to be that disease that was gonna wipe out those WHO were UNWANTED but they set US up with Herpes first. Who remembers Toxic Shock Syndrome? Hantavirus? Wasn't EBOLA supposed to wipe …

CLASSIC ALBUM of the WEEK # 9 - Ghetto Cyrano by Christion

The Ghetto (do what ya gotta do)

2. Full of Smoke -

3. Pull It -

4. Where I'm From (interlude) -

5. Where I'm From -

6. Midnite X-T-C -

7. Anything Goes -

8. I wanna get next to you -

9.  Bring back your Love -

10. Face like yours -

11. Come to Me -

12. Soon -

13. Tonite -

14. Aftermath -…