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Rev Phil Valentine - Deconstructing the Illusion of Life

Image LIFE really an ILLUSION? To my Elder, Baba Valentine, it seems so & with that, WE must pay OUR RASPECT & at least look at it all from his perspective. He goes into ALL of it so give it a BIG LISTEN! I won't have much to say today but will be coming back with more articles on how it's just a matter of time before ALL that I say MAN I FESTS! Til then BP, stay RIGHTEOUS & do what must be done. RACIST WHITE SUPREMACY will soon be DESTROYED & ALL will be FREE!


Image (the Mask by the Fugees) So.........ya think bcuz Kkkilson got off that WE as a BP are still LOSING eh? Contraire Mon Freir & let's just give a PROPER SEND OFF to 1 of OUR BEST who EVER did it & that's former Mayor & ACTIVIST, Marion Barry! Unfortunately, when he got busted for smoking in that hotel room with that so called BITCH, I was too young to had realized that he was active before I was born & his subsequent re-elections after serving his sentence was perfeKt testimony to such! In fact, the reason they went after him was bcuz he was doing US RIGHT! If ya think not, check the record at With that being said, again, early this week, there were plenty of distraKKKtions & the reason why b2a exists is to show US just how they do it! Let's get into it & see what it do! So by now, WE all know that ferguson is on FIYAH & that the p…


(George Stinney)

 (Emmitt Till)

 (Elanor Bumpurs)

 (Anthony Baez)

(Tawana Brawley) (Tyisha Miller)  (Amadou Diallo)  (Fermin Arzu) (Oscar Grant) (Renisha Mcbride) (Akai Gurley) (Who's NEXT?) Ok Blak need for any messages today! If ya don't know who these above peepo are, 'em! Do what ya must & be SWIFT about it! There is NO TIME to be EMOTIONAL as WE'VE been here before! PERPETUAL WAAAARRRR!!!!!!

BLAK FRIDAY - DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!

Image fuKKK the POLICE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok Blak Peepo, are WE yet ready to FIGHT? Last week they distraKKKted US with kim's ass & this week, cosby is a serial RAPIST of more than 40 years but......see, the word is loaded & when WE think of fighting, WE think of fists, feet, knees, elbows, guns, knives & clubs with nails in 'em but this is a WAR that WE MUST WIN without fighting as said by the genius of the genre, Sun Tzu! As Professor Griff would put it, "Revolution Is Not An Event It's A Process!" Fighting is just a part of REAL REVOLUTION & as a whole, Y'ALL still not ready! The fight is on & this is for all of the chips that ya just gotta be alive for so that you can once & for all, cash in! As a matter of fact, let's look the word up Fight - noun

1.abattleorcombat. 2.anycontestorstruggle:
afightforrecoveryfromanillness.* 3.anangry…


the DIRECT LINK is at

Get that HOT expose on the entertainment biz available at the above site. To get ya book(s) autographed, get at US for ya xmas/kwanzagifts at or at FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). So that ya know it ain't a GAME, WE got excerpts from earlier this year at All in all, there are 7 parts as WE cover the gamut of MAJOR FIGURES in the BIZ such as Old Dirty Bastard, the Guru, Public Enemy, NWA, Katt Williams, Issac Hayes, Lauryn Hill, Jay-Z, Dave Chapelle, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston & so much many more! WE go in extra HARD BODY & show ya what it is!!!!!

As well, WE have the premier lecture on the above book done at the WORLD FAMOUS, United African Movement in Brooklyn NY in late August 2014. If I do say so myself, the lecture is unmatched & gives ya just a glimpse into what the b…


WARNING, if ya don't watch the LINKS, don't bother to read!  De Blasio was a vocal supporter of that law — which made it easier to sue the NYPD.

As I I've been saying for years now, ALL Is DistraKKKtion Suckers & if ya don't know by now, YOU's a FOOL who don't know how to look at shit! I had to come out the gate with that that way bcuz so much SHIT happened last week & that pic above was HEADLINE NEWS for days on end leading Me to know that SHIT as WE KNOW IT will SOON CEASE to EXIST! All over my fb newsfeed, I saw this pic as if WE haven't already seen Mrs West sucking & fucking gay-j off! Who remembers that? Who remembers that I said years ago that kanye has been FORCED to marry this SLUT as PUNISHMENT for calling bush(it) out? Who remembers that they are making him seem CRAZY with all of those crazy antics he's done? That was all distraKKKtion as well! Why is that distraKKKtion meter on so high now? Let's get into some of what happen…

the FUTURE has been DECIDED!!!!!!!!!!!

There will be NO ANTI-CHRIST so get outta here with that! Did y'all know that soetero is in China & that Russia & China are clearing the way for OTHER CURRENCIES to once & for all TAKE OVER from yo BELOVED DOLLAR? Check out what Ben Fulford had to say in just a piece of his article;

The most obvious sign is the APEC meeting winding up today in China. There three of the world’s largest oil producers, Canada, Russia and Qatar signed new deals to trade oil in Yuan. This makes it a mathematical certainty the petrodollar is finished. Russia also announced it wasde-pegging the Ruble from the petrodollar.*

This is an ATROCITY & NOTE how the pba of nyc doesn't even say that those BOYS were RAILROADED as if they gave a fuKKK! Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn;**

Ya see, WE don't care what peepo say bcuz WE stay on OUR GRIND finding out what's going on out there & if ya don't BELIEVE, then WHY is soetero out there? The msm is…

10 YEARS AGO, a FRIEND of MINE........ODB - Dirty Thoughts (Documentary)

The ORIGINAL time I put this out can be found here from 2 years ago; Can WE BELIEVE that ODB died 10 years ago today? This dude was CRAZY but WE loved him like WE luv Flavor Flave & Biz Mark. WE who investigate this stuff KNOW that ODB was KILLED & if ya don't BELIEVE ME, check here at this 7 minute clip; ODB is a story within himself so won't BORE ya much so here goes on the 10 year anniversary of ODB's death & 1 mo' thang............he would have been 46 years old on the 15th of November. Peace to ya soul & if ya wanna see the REASONS as to WHY I THINK ODB was SACRIFICED, cop my book, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die! Go to this link or get at US at or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff).

Cocoa Puffs - Ari Lennox

2day, NO NEWS but a GREAT SONG that makes ME just LUV US all over again.......give this song a minute & if ya don't ABSOLUTELY LUV IT, I don't know SHIT! It's now time for JOY so enJOY & HOLLA BLAK, LA LA LA!

Ari Lennox



I ain't got much to say but...................I talk about this ALL the TIME! I say it by saying that a HUSTLER NEVER CHANGES his HUSTLE but..............that he CHANGES WHAT he/her HUSTLES! There are way too many faKKKe niKKKa's out there & they need to be EXPOSED! As well, what is sharptone's opinion on rubenstein RAPING 1 of his assistants?

To get the books directly, go here; To get at all of OUR products & services, go here; or get with US at or on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff).

Please know that in what is known as the u.s.KKK.a, that NO DEVIL has EVER been KONVIKKTED of RAPING a BW! As WE are living thru the TRIBULATIONS & REVELATIONS, know…

This is a BIG FAILURE - Part II locally in NY!

To make sense of it all, read Part I at

Can ya see it all FALLING APART? Though I may not be under the best of circumstances, I'm SMILING all of the TIME now bcuz I know that they time is up & today, I'm gonna show ya exactly how. Right now, I don't have time for HATERATION & if ya disagree with Me, be CONSTRUCTIVE with ya CRITICISMS & SPECIFIC! I will give any of ya the space to rebut what I say here so save all that SHIT for ya very own unedited article here if ya coming from another perspective! With that said, lemme show ya what 1 of the PIIGS countries is doing to keep their cake up & then come BLAK HOME & that's here; Keep in mind that the CITY of london controls the MONEY, rome aka the vatiKKKan controls the RELIGIONS/SPIRITUALITY some of y'all refuse to give up & …

This is a BIG FAILURE!

WE at b2a call it all GENOCIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!

FOLLOW the PATTERN as they ain't doing NOTHING NEW!

So.....WE see that they have FAILED or have ya seen that yet? For years now they have been trying to get africom in Afrika & have utterly failed! There is nothing new about the tactics they have been using & in this article, I'll show what I mean. Those who know the deal will be very aware of what WE speak of.

Who remembers when President Sirleaf Johnson was the DARLING of the MEDIA as the very 1st Woman (p)resident in Liberia in modern day Afrika? Do they even speak about her any more? Well........who remembers this?;
"We are looking forward to this," Johnson-Sirleaf said. "I hope we can really build the relationship and point to something that … we can say came out of this partnership.".....more at

From there, WE go & trot out yet another BOGEY MAN &…