Sunday, November 30, 2014

Rev Phil Valentine - Deconstructing the Illusion of Life LIFE really an ILLUSION? To my Elder, Baba Valentine, it seems so & with that, WE must pay OUR RASPECT & at least look at it all from his perspective. He goes into ALL of it so give it a BIG LISTEN! I won't have much to say today but will be coming back with more articles on how it's just a matter of time before ALL that I say MAN I FESTS! Til then BP, stay RIGHTEOUS & do what must be done. RACIST WHITE SUPREMACY will soon be DESTROYED & ALL will be FREE!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


So.........ya think bcuz Kkkilson got off that WE as a BP are still LOSING eh? Contraire Mon Freir & let's just give a PROPER SEND OFF to 1 of OUR BEST who EVER did it & that's former Mayor & ACTIVIST, Marion Barry! Unfortunately, when he got busted for smoking in that hotel room with that so called BITCH, I was too young to had realized that he was active before I was born & his subsequent re-elections after serving his sentence was perfeKt testimony to such! In fact, the reason they went after him was bcuz he was doing US RIGHT! If ya think not, check the record at With that being said, again, early this week, there were plenty of distraKKKtions & the reason why b2a exists is to show US just how they do it! Let's get into it & see what it do!
So by now, WE all know that ferguson is on FIYAH & that the peepo there need to EXPRESS themselves after YET AGAIN, Blak Peepo THINKING that the piKKK was supposed to get indicted & at least see his day in court! To add injury to insult, that niKKKa went on national TV & lied about how it all went down & all y'all got emotional as if devils have a conscience! But.............what else happened that day? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! There was once upon a time when the media always spoke of how many J.O.B.S there were, how many were lost & other LYING STATISTICS but now, you'd be pressed to see the numbers. The only reason why there has SUPPOSEDLY been an upsurge in employment recently is bcuz low paid SEASONAL WORKERS were hired for the hellidays! Ok..........the ECONOMY will soon IMPLODE! The person most responsible for the INTERNAL SECURITY of this country was FIRED on the same day that the verdiKKKt was announced & not by sheer coincidence, both major newspapers in NY covered this on page 12. As well, soetero did a press conference about the Brown case & didn't even mention this! Who fires their Secretary of Defense when an UPRISING is occuring? His top attorney did same a few months ago! What do they know about what they ain't saying? WTF?

Please STUDY the HEGELIAN DIALECTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

His name is chuck hagel & all the news coming from mainstream sources seem to agree that he was LAME but really, what do WE really know about this dude? Did y'all know that just next door in Mexico that 1MILLION peepo showed up to protest the disappearence of 43 student activists? Now that kim splattered her ASSetts all over & the Cosby RUMORS have traction, time for something new & this dude getting FIRED or RESIGNING was way bigger news than another Blak dude shot dead by police in the usKKKa.* But check out what I got while going thru the fb pages of a great dude named Joseph Ben Isra-El;

So my BEAUTIFUL BLAK PEEPO, IDK what ya BELIEVING in nowadays but, the devil is & know that once he's GONE, will not be coming BLAK! This goes out to y'all blaKKK devils as well! They got some of US fooled bcuz WE can't see it but again, THINK ABOUT IT.........................the man most responsible for the country's safety getting fired on the same day as that announcement & it ain't even a story anymore. Not more than 3 months ago, holder the top AG did same & this all means that though WE can't see it, THEM N.W.O/ILLUMINATI niKKKa's WON'T be able to get it together bcuz they're INFIGHTING! Perhaps they are DUMBER & DUMBER or better yet, they just may need to UNMASK from the SUN exposing that REPTILE inside of 'em! As well, across the pond check out what they got going on with;
Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die
Aid the cause of the Blak Smith in exposing these sick BASTARDS by supporting my books which will make GREAT INEXPENSIVE KWANZA GIFTS! My LIFE MISSION is to INFORM US on what WE need to know in order to go forward in the AGE of INFORMATION! To get ya books directly, go here; If ya want an autographed copy, get at US at or at FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Hang on as tricks will be played but the inevitable will happen. As usual, WAAAAARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!
Was I 2 years too early? WE are still in the FREQUENCY DAYS of the Mayan Calendar & I used to always say that to the Cosmos, 50,000 years is like a finger snap in OUR LIFETIME! Everything is happening in REAL TIME & a big shout out to my cousin Eddie Martinez who passed away yesterday! As I don't have details, I will just shout him out now & get back here & speak on that a lil more later on. LIFE must go on & also know that LIFE as WE know it will SOON CEASE to EXIST! For some, that will be GREAT & for others........who gives a fuKKK? Keep on living & let's get there my PEEPO! I love YOU BP & see Y'ALL soon in
* Do not EVER in yo LIFE think that I'm making light of those of US killed by the STATE but it ain't gonna stop until WE show 'em that WE MEAN BUSINESS!!!!
** taken from his FB page 11/24

Monday, November 24, 2014


 (George Stinney)

Emmett Till

 (Emmitt Till)

 (Elanor Bumpurs)


 (Anthony Baez)

(Tawana Brawley)
(Tyisha Miller)
 (Amadou Diallo)
 (Fermin Arzu)
(Oscar Grant)
(Renisha Mcbride)
(Akai Gurley)
(Who's NEXT?)
Ok Blak need for any messages today! If ya don't know who these above peepo are, 'em! Do what ya must & be SWIFT about it! There is NO TIME to be EMOTIONAL as WE'VE been here before! PERPETUAL WAAAARRRR!!!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

BLAK FRIDAY - DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!

fuKKK the POLICE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok Blak Peepo, are WE yet ready to FIGHT? Last week they distraKKKted US with kim's ass & this week, cosby is a serial RAPIST of more than 40 years but......see, the word is loaded & when WE think of fighting, WE think of fists, feet, knees, elbows, guns, knives & clubs with nails in 'em but this is a WAR that WE MUST WIN without fighting as said by the genius of the genre, Sun Tzu! As Professor Griff would put it, "Revolution Is Not An Event It's A Process!" Fighting is just a part of REAL REVOLUTION & as a whole, Y'ALL still not ready! The fight is on & this is for all of the chips that ya just gotta be alive for so that you can once & for all, cash in! As a matter of fact, let's look the word up
Fight - noun

1. a battle or combat.
2. any contest or struggle:
a fight for recovery from an illness.*
3. an angry argument or disagreement:
Whenever we discuss politics, we end up in a fight.*
4. Boxing. a bout or contest.
5. a game or diversion in which the participants hit or pelt each other with something harmless:
a pillow fight; a water fight.
6. ability, will, or inclination to fight:
There was no fight left in him.
FIGHT til the DEATH however YOU do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
verb (used without object), fought, fighting.
7. to engage in battle or in single combat; attempt to defend oneself against or to subdue, defeat, or destroy an adversary.
8. to contend in any manner; strive vigorously for or against something:
He fought bravely against despair.
verb (used with object), fought, fighting.
9. to contend with in battle or combat; war against:
England fought Germany.
10. to contend with or against in any manner:
to fight despair; to fight the passage of a bill.
11. to carry on (a battle, duel, etc.).
12. to maintain (a cause, quarrel, etc.) by fighting or contending.
13. to make (one's way) by fighting or striving.
14. to cause or set (a boxer, animal, etc.) to fight.
15. to manage or maneuver (troops, ships, guns, planes, etc.) in battle.
16. fight it out, to fight until a decision is reached:
Let them fight it out among themselves.
17. fight shy of. shy1(def 12).
18. fight with windmills. tilt1(def 17).


With all of these recent BULLSHIT DISTRACTIONS, the QUESTION to ask is WHY NOW?


Though VALID, it's all a BIG DISTRACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So many definitions & so now WE see that the word means so much! 1 can ARGUE, THROW PUNCHES or have ARMED CONFLICT & it could all be considered fighting but in this case, WE MUST be CAREFUL bcuz I don't wanna lose any more of US anytime soon! Be STRATEGIC berfore engaging ya enemy, approach him/her in a NON-EMOTIONAL STATE & study MILITARY SCIENCE! With that I won't make this long but what I will say is NOW is the TIME for US to SHUT it ALL DOWN once & for all! For years I've been telling y'all that WE NEED to BLAK (out) FRIDAY aka STOP CELEBRATING XMAS & all I gotta use is this short clip from my FAVORITE TV SHOW of ALL TIME here at; Now what?


Thursday, November 20, 2014


Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

the DIRECT LINK is at

Get that HOT expose on the entertainment biz available at the above site. To get ya book(s) autographed, get at US for ya xmas/kwanza gifts at or at FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). So that ya know it ain't a GAME, WE got excerpts from earlier this year at All in all, there are 7 parts as WE cover the gamut of MAJOR FIGURES in the BIZ such as Old Dirty Bastard, the Guru, Public Enemy, NWA, Katt Williams, Issac Hayes, Lauryn Hill, Jay-Z, Dave Chapelle, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston & so much many more! WE go in extra HARD BODY & show ya what it is!!!!!

As well, WE have the premier lecture on the above book done at the WORLD FAMOUS, United African Movement in Brooklyn NY in late August 2014. If I do say so myself, the lecture is unmatched & gives ya just a glimpse into what the book & MORE is really all about including POLICE KILLINGS & BRUTALITY! You can get Part I here at & Part II here at

Watch each video in parts as the 1st part (with Me in it) starts in earnest at about 44 minutes but know that I was honored to share the stage with Ramsey Orta & his wife, Chrissy. For the shirts ya see above, check this link at Blak Smith is also available for workshops, Rites of Passages Mentoring using MUSIC, lectures & so much more. Thanks for ya SUPPORT & know that WE LUV US & making purchases from US is BUYING BLAK as WE should be doing! See ya soon & don't forget to HOLLA BLAK with WAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR on the HORIZON! Ferguson hold tight & let's see what happens with them palestinians over there after..............WHATEVA!

Monday, November 17, 2014



WARNING, if ya don't watch the LINKS, don't bother to read!

 De Blasio was a vocal supporter of that law — which made it easier to sue the NYPD.

Kim Kardashian

As I I've been saying for years now, ALL Is DistraKKKtion Suckers & if ya don't know by now, YOU's a FOOL who don't know how to look at shit! I had to come out the gate with that that way bcuz so much SHIT happened last week & that pic above was HEADLINE NEWS for days on end leading Me to know that SHIT as WE KNOW IT will SOON CEASE to EXIST! All over my fb newsfeed, I saw this pic as if WE haven't already seen Mrs West sucking & fucking gay-j off! Who remembers that? Who remembers that I said years ago that kanye has been FORCED to marry this SLUT as PUNISHMENT for calling bush(it) out? Who remembers that they are making him seem CRAZY with all of those crazy antics he's done? That was all distraKKKtion as well! Why is that distraKKKtion meter on so high now? Let's get into some of what happened last week & examine.
Last week in the news, supposedly a space probe named philae landed on a comet but I find that very hard to believe when those comets fly at 18 miles per second!* Though this was covered by the msm, I don't think that they did an adequate j.o.b & in fact, check this short link out in reference to it all; Note that the name of the ship is the ROSETTA MISSION & that's a whole nother BOOK to explain all that! Come on yo, that ship supposedly flew 300,000,000 fucking miles away! After ya check all that out, check this article out;  
Ok, BLAK to the local scene here in NY! In 1 of my own articles,(, I told Y'ALL "WHEN in the HELL has nyc EVER SOFTENED LAWS to FAVOR US? It seems like de blasio with his BLAK WIFE was hand picked to give NY BLAK to it's rightful OWNERS aka the Wappinger Confederacy." After I wrote all that, these REVELATIONS came down the pike as in the nyc police having to advise those that they stop & frisk actually have to right to NOT CONSENT to a SEARCH which is totally laughable to those in the HOOD & it wouldn't be taken SIRIUS if the MAYOR & POLICE COMMISSIONER wasn't at odds about it especially after the 2 top cops were pushed out & retired! I wrote about that too. For ny, this is BIG NEWS & my Q is WHY NOW? What are they preparing for? Check for yaself here at
At the end of the day, it all boils down to the MONEY! Instead of putting the link & you not reading it, I'm gonna just post it on my page bcuz it ain't that long. I really HOPE that it happens the way it says so that WE can finally all be FREE! Remember, if it doesn't happen, I DIDN'T WRITE it so don't get at Me................well, here goes!

A new world monetary system is being set up right now which will completely kill the US dollar, which is the world’s reserve currency.
23 countries (60% of the world’s GDP) are setting up swap lines which bypass the dollar and SWIFT, which is the dollar-based worldwide financial transaction system.

These countries include Russia, China, India, and even Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.
Once the new system is in place, our dollar won’t be needed in these countries and a new reserve currency will come into being. All those dollars in foreign accounts will come home, which will annihilate our monetary system.

Also, China just announced that it will stop purchasing our debt (holding dollars in reserve). This will force The Federal Reserve to print even more dollars than the $85 billion it’s currently printing.
World reserve currencies have always had a limited life span and ours is up.
Reserve Currency Status
Historically, new world reserve currencies are backed by gold.
Prices just dropped on gold and silver. NOW it the time to buy! Protect your wealth my friends.
For several years, financial analysts, primarily those outside the mainstream of academia, have been warning that any day could be the black swan event that collapses the dollar, and ends U.S. hegemony as caretaker of the world’s reserve currency. That day has finally arrived as on Nov. 18, a former head trader for a major financial institution issued a harbinger and stated that 23 countries, and 60% of the world’s GDP, are right now setting up new swap lines which bypass the dollar, SWIFT, and the BIS, and will usher in a new global currency system which will kill the dollar.
The thoughts that are put into the minds of men that are aware of what is occurring on trading floors all over the world is when? When is also the question that I get asked about quite often by thousands of people. So what is the “when”? The “when” is what is the sure sign that this fraudulent sham that we call an economy is over? Folks the biggest sign is when those that trade in the dollar to acquire goods, no longer want the worthless paper because of US “bully” policies or they have totally lost faith in the US as a responsible steward of it’s currency and economy. That day has arrived.
All over the world economies that have not totally shot themselves in the foot by gambling in the Anglo-American casino are now moving to set up various currency exchanges by passing the dollar. – Rogue Money via Steve Quayle Q Alerts
The list of the 23 countries which are creating new swap lines outside of the dollar include China, Russia, India, and surprisingly, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. This means that the Eurozone itself is abandoning the dollar, and preparing for transition to a new central banking system.
To facilitate the transfer of currencies and swap lines, there needs to be a bank of sufficient size and stature to aid in handling of this monumental task. One year ago, China, along with the BRICs nations of Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa, loaned money to a new financial institution they established and labeled the BRICs bank. This bank was created with the intention of bypassing the dollar, and allowing free trade to occur between nations without the need to trade for dollars first, as is currently the format under the petrodollar system. In fact, the new BRICs bank will function both as a bank of international settlement, as well as a lender of last resort, eliminating the need for the BIS and IMF, which currently reside under dollar dominion.

The only thing that stands in the way of the world’s final rejection of the dollar is the wavering trust that Saudi Arabia and OPEC have with the U.S. in assuring oil transactions remain denominated in dollars under the 1970′s Petrodollar agreement. But as the world has seen recently, even the Saudi kingdom is hedging towards a new global system, and has publicly stated that their ties to the U.S. are open for re-negotiation.
What started in September of last year, when an agreement between China and Russia ended the dollar’s stranglehold over oil and how it was purchased, the past 14 months have seen a momentous rush towards setting up the infrastructure to replace the dollar completely in global transactions. And with 23 countries, including those from the BRICs nations and the Eurozone, preparing for new swap lines outside of dollar hegemony, the fuse has been lit on the dollar’s death rattle, and the when has changed into the now.**

I ain’t perfekt, but take it from Me
Ya already know that I write BOOKS & make T-SHIRTS & those can be found at To get at US, email US at or get US on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). To get OUR BOOKS directly, go here at HOLLA BLAK!!!!
So there ya have it.........with all of what I INFORMED ya of, WHY are they giving US this BS NEWS? For years, white women wanted to look rail thin & now outta the blue, they wanna have that FAT ASS to appeal to whom..............hmmmmmmm! Why are 40 year old RAPE ALLEGATIONS of bill cosby coming out yet again? Ya see, they have to distraKKKt US & this is how they do it using their 4th ESTATE aka the MEDIA! Watch 'em as WE should now be the SHARKS smelling that BLOOD in the water from many MILES AWAY, READY to ATTACK! Please don't BELIEVE in Me & just RESEARCH the links & remember that I get the info & EDITORIALIZE it to make it all digestible to ya! What I do KNOW & can't tell many is that WE soon won't be living this LIFE of SLAVERY & know that those who are already READY will be the NEW LEADERSHIP! Thanks for tuning in & see ya when WE get there! Just know that All Is DistraKKKtion Suckers! Stop getting A.I.D.S & pay ATTENTION! 

Friday, November 14, 2014

the FUTURE has been DECIDED!!!!!!!!!!!

There will be NO ANTI-CHRIST so get outta here with that! Did y'all know that soetero is in China & that Russia & China are clearing the way for OTHER CURRENCIES to once & for all TAKE OVER from yo BELOVED DOLLAR? Check out what Ben Fulford had to say in just a piece of his article;

The most obvious sign is the APEC meeting winding up today in China. There three of the world’s largest oil producers, Canada, Russia and Qatar signed new deals to trade oil in Yuan. This makes it a mathematical certainty the petrodollar is finished. Russia also announced it was de-pegging the Ruble from the petrodollar.*

This is an ATROCITY & NOTE how the pba of nyc doesn't even say that those BOYS were RAILROADED as if they gave a fuKKK! Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn;**

Ya see, WE don't care what peepo say bcuz WE stay on OUR GRIND finding out what's going on out there & if ya don't BELIEVE, then WHY is soetero out there? The msm is saying that the u.s & China have signed a CLIMATE DEAL while NOT speaking on the petrodollar! Have ya even been hearing from him lately? How many of ya know that ECONOMICS is NOT based on MONEY? What are ya following? Did ya know that WAR is a RACKET? Are ya yet in a position to now think that something OTHER WORLDLY OUT THERE MAY just be in CHARGE? Do ya think that NUKES still exist? Did ya know that as a last ditch effort that japanese pension funds were looted by the same niKKKa's that BROKE US with the housing crunch & DEPRESSION?; 

For those of ya who don't know, LIFE as WE know it will SOON CEASE to EXIST! Ya may be FEELING THINGS & NOT KNOW WHY ya feeling it but if ya so affected, I THINK ya know what I mean! Ya may soon WAKE UP & have a whole new way of living that won't involve all of the BS WE think of as REAL LIFE to contend with. Can ya actually that? Waking up & turning over & all that ya gotta do when ya can't sleep no more is play with ya CHILDREN without the worry of paying for anything bcuz TRUE LIFE = ABUNDANCE! Really & truly, this is how LIFE is supposed to be lived with YOU & YOUR PEERS being the DETERMINING FACTOR in how ALL PLAYS OUT! What say you?

Last but not least in OUR ongoing quest of how I know this SHIT is almost OVER.............all over the news a few days ago in NY, the laws are being RELAXED so that WE can SMOKE WEED & BREATHE EASY! Simple POSSESSION of less than 25 grams will not get ya in the pokey & that broken windows police bratboy is talking about is BULLSHIT yo! It's still STOP & FRISK with a MASK but they've ran outta time!

Photo: Doobie brothers.

   But now is not the time to get STUPID or in other words, keep PLAYING til the END! Do not get caught smoking in the streets bcuz ya will be PENALIZED for making peepo SMELL that SMELL GOOD! The point of Me bringing all this up is WHEN in the HELL has nyc EVER SOFTENED LAWS to FAVOR US? It seems like de blasio with his BLAK WIFE was hand picked to give NY BLAK to it's rightful OWNERS aka the Wappinger Confederacy. Last but not least.......when was the last ya heard of ebo-LIE?  As stewie from family guy always says, VICTORY is MINE! HOLLA BLAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is now time to BUILD a NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

10 YEARS AGO, a FRIEND of MINE........ODB - Dirty Thoughts (Documentary)

The ORIGINAL time I put this out can be found here from 2 years ago; Can WE BELIEVE that ODB died 10 years ago today? This dude was CRAZY but WE loved him like WE luv Flavor Flave & Biz Mark. WE who investigate this stuff KNOW that ODB was KILLED & if ya don't BELIEVE ME, check here at this 7 minute clip; ODB is a story within himself so won't BORE ya much so here goes on the 10 year anniversary of ODB's death & 1 mo' thang............he would have been 46 years old on the 15th of November. Peace to ya soul & if ya wanna see the REASONS as to WHY I THINK ODB was SACRIFICED, cop my book, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die! Go to this link or get at US at or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff).

Monday, November 10, 2014

Cocoa Puffs - Ari Lennox

2day, NO NEWS but a GREAT SONG that makes ME just LUV US all over again.......give this song a minute & if ya don't ABSOLUTELY LUV IT, I don't know SHIT! It's now time for JOY so enJOY & HOLLA BLAK, LA LA LA!

Ari Lennox

Friday, November 7, 2014


I ain't got much to say but...................I talk about this ALL the TIME! I say it by saying that a HUSTLER NEVER CHANGES his HUSTLE but..............that he CHANGES WHAT he/her HUSTLES! There are way too many faKKKe niKKKa's out there & they need to be EXPOSED! As well, what is sharptone's opinion on rubenstein RAPING 1 of his assistants?

I aint perfekt but take it from ME

To get the books directly, go here; To get at all of OUR products & services, go here; or get with US at or on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff).

Please know that in what is known as the u.s.KKK.a, that NO DEVIL has EVER been KONVIKKTED of RAPING a BW! As WE are living thru the TRIBULATIONS & REVELATIONS, know that ALL WILL be REVEALED! For now though, get into what Doc Umar says about recent events & more. Peace to the REAL & WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR on all faKKKers!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

This is a BIG FAILURE - Part II locally in NY!

To make sense of it all, read Part I at

Can ya see it all FALLING APART? Though I may not be under the best of circumstances, I'm SMILING all of the TIME now bcuz I know that they time is up & today, I'm gonna show ya exactly how. Right now, I don't have time for HATERATION & if ya disagree with Me, be CONSTRUCTIVE with ya CRITICISMS & SPECIFIC! I will give any of ya the space to rebut what I say here so save all that SHIT for ya very own unedited article here if ya coming from another perspective! With that said, lemme show ya what 1 of the PIIGS countries is doing to keep their cake up & then come BLAK HOME & that's here; Keep in mind that the CITY of london controls the MONEY, rome aka the vatiKKKan controls the RELIGIONS/SPIRITUALITY some of y'all refuse to give up & that the district also known as dc controls the WAR APPARATUS thru the pentagon! WE gonna come with 3 different ways to show that nyc is now falling apart. Let's go in.


WE start off with the fact that yesterday was election day & in ny, no 1 is mentioning that ny governor, andrew cuomo is mired in sKKKandal up to his neck! What gets Me is that NOBODY is TALKING about this though it's been going on for some time! (only his opponent is talking about it but this is an election!) The basics of this investigation is that cuomo allowed an investigative board to check him out & then TAMPERED with it once it started & then SHUT it DOWN when those doing the checking objected to his tampering! Isn't it quite interesting that ny attorney general, eric schneiderman is also involved in all this as well? eric holder resigned for less........schneiderman is up for re-election as well but they can't even INDICT them pigs who killed Eric Garner...............them niKKKa's! Things are falling apart bcuz ya gotta remember, NY is the EMPIRE STATE! For more info on all this, check here;

sonic,games,GTA,fuck the police,mods,gif


Something that's been happening for some years now has finally culminated into a dynamic that will soon be over with. In nyc just a few days ago, the cardinal MERGED certain diosces in the city bcuz on the low, PEEPO no longer go to CHURCH & really, why should they? All the priests is doing is finding the WEAK lil BOYS & FUCKING 'em ANYWAY &.............yeah, that cardinal dolan is doing what he gotta do & ya gotta know that this was all a GRAND PLAN anyway bcuz they wanna put in a 1 WORLD RELIGION but it's TOO LATE! Note how these articles FAIL to speak on the numerous pedophelia other words, if ya used to go to church on 125th & 8th, ya may have to now go at 34th & 1st with peepo ya don't know & may not like. The very few times that I went to church in the last 5 years, I've noticed that the average age was in the 60's as the YOUTH so many of US talk about think of the B.I.B.L.E like harry potter & greek mythology aka FANTASY! GTFOH & just know that all of y'all including MUSLIMS are Kkatholik's bcuz if ya chosen BELIEF SYSTEM doesn't have a charter from the vatiKKKan, then it will be labeled a CULT, GANG or GROUP! As it's time to get REAL, see it all FALL APART slowly but surely!


Sooooo.........WE now see that the heads of their respective admins in NY are CLASHING! And before some of y'all wanna pop off, the POLICE in the usKKKa have been paramilitarized & if ya think that's a joke, check the TANKS & ARMOR for PROTESTERS in FERGUSON MO & that's still going on! In news that barely registered on the radar & during hispanic heritage month, the top latino cop aka rafael pineiro RETIRED after being pushed out by bratton & de blasio for whatever reason. And then all of a sudden & outta the blue, the newly assigned top BLAK cop aka philip banks also RETIRED after 28 years as a cop. He was on the J.O.B for just 4 days & so WE know that there was TOP GRADE FUKKKERY there! Did banks wanna bring BAD COPS to JUSTICE? Are the things I've been saying happening & bratboy is fighting it? Have y'all noticed that sharptone has gone from SOCIAL PARIAH to HNIC in NY though WE already know NOT to TRUST him? When banks announced his retirement, the news said the 1st person de blasio called was sharptone. Notice how de blasio's wife is BLAK & how the nypd has been trying to fire the wife's aid? She supposedly told her husband not to TRUST bratboy & after that, issued a report saying otherwise but............WE here at b2a know the BW! The OLD GUARD is SERIOUSLY LOSING to the MATRIARCH & y'all don't know how to peep it but that's what I'm here for & so..................NOW ya KNOW!

 Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

The Blak Smith appreciates that ya love what WE do & with that, go to this link for ya instant downloadable classic just above here at For any of OUR products & services, go here to WE can get yo book from MANUSCRIPT to those shelves ya wanna be on. If ya so inclined, subscribe to US here or get at US at OUR email at & on facebook as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't say it so again, do not get at Me with OPINIONS about how ya see this SHIT! For whatever reason, the KraKKa is slowly DISMANTLING his APPARATUS! They always say that whatever ny does, the country follows...........whether true or not is of no moment bcuz most LEGALIZED MONEY moves thru WALL STREET. That's where EVERYTHING goes DOWN & when the system CRASHES it won't be as bad as ya think it will be bcuz there are things that 99.7% of y'all have NO AWARENESS of WHATSOEVER & if I speak on it, y'all will really be on Me & so GTFOH!!!!!!!!!! Whether ya feeling Me or not, strap up & GET READY to LIVE like ya NEVER LIVED BEFORE my G! The Blak Smith MORE than APPROVES this MESSAGE & is OUT!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

This is a BIG FAILURE!

WE at b2a call it all GENOCIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!

FOLLOW the PATTERN as they ain't doing NOTHING NEW!

So.....WE see that they have FAILED or have ya seen that yet? For years now they have been trying to get africom in Afrika & have utterly failed! There is nothing new about the tactics they have been using & in this article, I'll show what I mean. Those who know the deal will be very aware of what WE speak of.

Who remembers when President Sirleaf Johnson was the DARLING of the MEDIA as the very 1st Woman (p)resident in Liberia in modern day Afrika? Do they even speak about her any more? Well........who remembers this?;
"We are looking forward to this," Johnson-Sirleaf said. "I hope we can really build the relationship and point to something that … we can say came out of this partnership.".....more at

From there, WE go & trot out yet another BOGEY MAN & his name is/was joseph kony & that invisible children debacle of a few years ago..........ya can't say that ya don't remember unless ya brand new to the BULLSHIT or have been sleeping under a rock but at the point that flick came out, kony hadn't been seen in YEARS! Check this at

Get with the WINNING TEAM as WE have books, t-shirts with yo ANCESTORS on 'em & the way to get yo book from MANUSCRIPT to full on book.......I suggest ya do soon bcuz I've started my 3rd book & will not release details til I'm well into it. Get with US at OUR e-mail at or on facebook as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). To get the below pictured book or my 1st, go to & put my name in the search engine. Thanks for the love & support & see ya soon!

Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

Here in ameriKKKa, WE can point to the deaths of all of OUR BEST going from Baba Garvey to Baba Amos Wilson on down to Steve Cokely. Have y'all noticed that niKKKa's like the pope, the queen, the ex-presidents & so many more keep on living til damn near the HUNDREDS? By chance, wouldn't some of 'em have died of accidents by now? Look at this 200 year old REPTILIAN below & tell US why they still living yo?

That media is 1 slick ass APPARATUS! They gotcha thinking WE losing instead of winning but ya gotta know how to look at it! Those who have died as a result of police fuKKKery live on in US & never forget that! They are the neccessary BLOOD SACRIFICES that had to happen in order for rws to continue but they need that MELANIN &...........let's show ya all of the FAILURES from just this year alone starting in the spring!

Early this year, former contemporary of Attorney at War Alton Maddox & mayor of Jackson MS aka Chokwe Lumumba was MURDERED after just securing the reigns in that city. Soon after that, boko haram aka the afriKKKan al qaeda, HOAXED the disappearance of all of those young ladies in Nigeria. At about the same time, rumblings of ebo-LIE were coming outta west Afrika & though still making noise, it all seems to be going down. In the summer, ya boy soetero said that WE were going back into iraq & that a new niKKKa on the block named isis or isil was gonna get taken down in Syria but all of a sudden, WE ain't hearing SHIT about that & WE WONDER The top pic of that FIREBALL came from this lil talked about even that happened just a few days ago at As well & just YESTERDAY, this happened; I told y'all a while ago that all that they try & do will ultimately FAIL bcuz TIME is NOT on their side!

So now, they just wanna fly to outer space as TOURISTS & WE just supposed to BELIEVE 'em? Nah.......if they was really winning, why would they wanna leave? In the RACE AGAINST time, they've LOST! This is the losing period in the DAYS of REVELATIONS & ya only J.O.B now is to STAY ALIVE! I see all of these cops looking at US like "WE can't believe y'all still at it!" That's the RESILIENCE of US so get used to it! The case of Ramsey Orta has been adjourned again & if ya don't know who he is by now, ya need to GOOGLE him! He's standing his ground & good to see him looking a bit more CONFIDENT!

Aiight, that devil/KraKKa is over & I'm gonna show ya in 1 mo' way how that's gonna happen using TIME as the measurement! WE gonna go in 50 year increments & chime in if ya think that I'm FOS or need to add something as this is a community forum where anybody with anything to say can get it in with US! Let's go..............................

1865 - though it was for political reasons, the eMANcipation was proCLAIMED & we was pseudo-FREED! WE had a lil time to breathe during reconstruction which was soon turned into all of these laws basically re-enslaving US but ya know how it goes............

1915 - just like after 911, the devil/KraKKa had perhaps eased up just a lil bit as he was now at WAR with his own kkkin. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad had said that his time was up at that time but then check what Malcolm had to say; "he fell from power because of weakness; you hold further that the white man’s rule over the earth was scheduled to end in 1914, but that his end has been delayed because of the need to get the American Negro into the fold of the black brotherhood."*

1965 - the PEAK of the Civil Rights Era & though this proved to be STRATEGIC to them, WE now know that it was all a plan as legislation that can ENACTED can be RETRACTED! The Civil Rights Act banned discrimination & the following year, the Voting Rights Act came into effect but.........upon examination, like Biggie says, "IT WAS ALL A DREAM!" Under King, INTEGRATION was the word but Evers, X & MLK were all killed & WE got left holding the bag with their holdovers in jaXXXon & sharptone...................DAMNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!

2015 - the RACE is UP as like Tyriq Nasheed named his movie, the MELANIN is RISING! Last year ago, I wrote an article & for the REAL on that, check here; So while they got ya OVERDOSING on aids 2.0 & al qaeda REMXED, this is what WE focusing on! They are not gonna be able to withstand SUN & as far as I'm concerned, the SUN is GOD! WE coming & there is
NOTHING that is gonna STOP the SUN RUSH! As well, EVERYTHING that they try to do will NOT WORK as their TIME is UP & if ya still need proof, go find it! Ya FUTURE is BRIGHT if ya MAINTAINED RIGHTEOUSNESS but if not............................see Y'ALL soon with how WE gonna do this SHIT! HOLLA BLAK bcuz it's WAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!