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HAARP Engineering 'FRANKENSTORM' Hurricane Sandy - CAUGHT on SATELLITE a...

I ain't got SHIT to say on this. THINK for SELF & I'll get BLAK to Y'ALL!


Hey! The weather is dreary all over the east coast bcuz of Hurricane Sandy. Another FREAK STORM exactly a year from the day of a FREAK STORM last year. Anyhoo, this here is a great movie so check it as I don't have much to say. After ya get the point of it all, leave a message knowin that WE have 54 days left. WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, found the HD version after I had posted the above. Check this 1 out here:


As THEY say, CONFESSION is good for the SOUL. I wonder if a SOULless person 1st said this. Do ya know who said this 1st & why? I bet the police made that up.....oh, didn't see ya there! What up to all of my b2a peepo out there? It's the Blak Smith & I'm here as the creator sent me to get at Y'ALL! Before WE go in though, I gotta lil concern here. What should WE make of all this?: If y'all didn't already know, check this out: This SHIT was almost a year to the day so what gives? Ya mean to tell me that this is all COINCIDENCE? That Planetary Alignment is almost here & ME thinks that 10/29 must be a important date in the time/space continuum for it to be inclement weather on the same date 2 years in a row. Maybe a portal is openin up somewhere. What do YOU know about it? If …

56 days left!


Was integration REALLY good for black/white people? feat. Blak Smiff 10/23 by GSRT Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Was integration REALLY good for black/white people? feat. Blak Smiff 10/23 by GSRT Radio | Blog Talk Radio

This is 2 hours & so if ya like my voice, enjoy! If not, pass the word as WE conclude OUR FUN RAISER. Thanks for all of ya contributions. WARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christian Bitchez In The ATL Get On My Goddamn Nerves!

Hey Y'ALL! I ain't say none of this here but I let peepo speak for SELF! This here concludes the series of the MATRIARCH & as well, the b2a FUN RAISER. If ya didn't get yo pledge in, don't  worry as I'll soon be in Ghana & them motherfuKKKers at western union maintain offices there as well. So Y'ALL don't think that I'm BIASED to 1 way of thought or another, I'm gonna let the SIS speak for herSELF & leave it at that. The Blak Smith & the rest of this gang who don't know SHIT just absolutely LOVE'S Y'ALL with just 57 days left. WAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

You Going Back Into Slavery, Dummy! (The Prophet! John Henrik Clarke)

Now ya wanna talk about a I hope before I go, that I can do just a quarter of what the GREAT Dr. John Henrike Clark did. Ya see, to me, this dude was the #1 TEACHER of US & though he didn't get too far along in school, he became the GREATEST. His UNDYING  LOVE & THIRST to know who WE are was what WE needed to get US where WE are & along with Dr Ben, Dr. Chiek Anti Diop & Dr Ivan Van Sertima, formed & taught, just some of the BEST AFRIKAN MINDS that ever existed.

This won't be long as I have to allow the GOD to get at y'all but ya must know that Dr Clark was born on the very 1st day of the year & I'm 2 days after. I hope to be doin what he was doin & this GOD doesn't waste a single word. Like me, he wasn't religious but he spoke the GOSPEL TRUTH to the NTH! Too many of y'all out there want yo seeds to be like mike but when I get THERE, this is who …


Let's get BLAK into it! What up & how you? I hope that y'all out there been listenin bcuz WE gettin there for sure. As of today, there are 63 days left as our FUN RAISER continues. Don't ya feel all PRICKLY when ya read this? Can't ya FEEL it comin? I know ya do! Those of you who read me on a regular basis know what's been goin on with me lately. WE doin this FUN RAISER & while at it, my dearly departed cousin, George Martinez passed on in nc a week ago. Damn, he was a big part of my life & he lives on thru US. As it goes, I've been put on to some revisionist stuff & been readin Nutricide by Llaila Afrika & MAN....ya need to check it & it's so GANGSTA, I'll provide the link bcuz it's a must read: You should now be RUSHING out to go get that!

Ok, so my …

Dr Frances Cress Welsing & Dr Delbert Blair on the Dino Dean Show

And WE'RE back after our lil hiatus. Sorry for the delay but WE at b2a just had death in the FAMILY & as ya already know, FAMILY comes 1st! Hope you & yours out there is doin y'all thang & to the GARIFUNA FAMILY, hold it down bcuz WE gonna do that for the next 67 days. Blips will happen while WE get there but by gum, WE gonna get there in high fashion. I gotta be the DJ at the Cosmic Party so STAY ALIVE as ALL things will most definitley TURN AROUND!:

Yea, WE gettin back to the MATRIARCH & the link that I'm puttin up today will feature 1 of OUR GREATEST in Dr. Frances Cress Welsing & Dr Delbert Blair who drop, yet again, some SIRIUS SCIENCE! Those 3 days of darkness that I spoke of happenin last September is goin down with the planetary alignment comin on 12/22/2012 & so get ready. As said previously, there will be no electricity & if ya up north, ya better have heat & enough food & clean wate…

George Martinez, my CUZZO R.I.P


 My dude! Literally my brotha from anotha mother. He crazy! He was cool. He was a joker who was born not a whole 3 weeks after me in the birthplace of Hip Hop, the Boogie Down Bronx. Man, those were the days of long ago. WE came up together in them crazy days when Hip Hop was startin & as the gangs decreased. Then krakk came along but as long as WE had each others back, WE was all good bcuz WE wasn't messin with none of that! Man, all those nites bein up ALL NITE & lookin out the window real- eyes ing that Oh Shit, WE broke day again! Those were the KRAZY days of NYC in the Bronx in the late 80's - early 90's but somehow, WE made it out unscathed. How in the HELL WE do that?

I remember the good along with the bad so I don't want y'all to start sayin that my dude was perfeKt & didn't deserve what happened. To be perfeKtly honest with y'all, I don't know what happen…


(joo-tube takes 'em down & WE just reengage ya with
There is NO WAY in the WORLD that U should consider SELF a SIRIUS Hip Hop Head if ya don't know this song & that's whether YOU are an MC, rapper or a FAN which WE all need. Check this song out as it's the very 1st song I ever heard Talib Kweli spit on & let US know what ya think. WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

Yurugu - Dr Marimba Ani.

WOW! Just 17 days left in OUR FUN RAISER & the MATRIARCH is in full swing at b2a! How y'all doin out there? I'm hopin that all of ya are doin y'all thing & preparin in the next 75 days without FEAR & trepidation. WE raised up about anotha $200 bringin our total to $500 & the pledges are comin & though some ain't delivered on they word, I'm still gonna do what I do while I allow my SISTA, Marimba Ani to do same. Let's talk about it for a sec.

When I got back from Ghana with a sirius bout of malaria in 2004, I borrowed this book from a pal of mine & I thought that I wasn't gonna get thru it bcuz it's written by a Doctor with a lot of clinical terminology. I'm glad that I stuck with it though bcuz it was well worth it & I was BLOWN AWAY! The SISTA get's into it somethin fierce like & tells US on a spiritual/mental & psychologically why krakka's act the way they do. As a matter of fact, the book had went outt…

Dr Joy Leary Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

Watup b2a? Seems like WE now have 78 days & where ya been at? WE keepin it up with the FUN RAISER & so far, WE are on schedule to make OUR goal of $2500. Did ya send ya pledge in yet? Did ya make a purchase of my book available at this link?: If not, ya really should get it bcuz WE talk about the 9 peepo activities as seen thru Hip Hop lenses. WE critically analyze what's up with the minds of the youth & all that & hope that ya get with US bcuz WE need to know what's up with the next generation. Teach 'em well & let THEM LEAD the WAY! As well, y'all would be contributin to a worthy cause. Here at b2a, WE about supplyin INFO so that when it's that time, y'all can say that ya heard some of what WE covered so that y'all can have a game plan. Get with US as WE count 'em down.

Now WE get to the good part & that's this lectu…

Dr. Jewel Pookrum - 7 Circuits Of The Brain/the FUN RAISER

Now, this is a SISTA that WE can get with! I've been thinkin that bcuz WE are now in the MATRIARCH meanin that FEMALE ENERGY must be REGARDED, I have to start puttin OUR FINEST on here before these next 81 days. My most revered SISTA here was 1 of the SISTA's in my infancy learnin days in the mid to late 1990's in Harlem NYC. Lately, REGENERATION has been the word & with that;

This is the SISTA that taught me that fake hair gives SISTA's FIBROIDS. This SISTA also taught me that the concept of TIME was developed by the railroads in the u.s. She has so much to say in this video & allow me to let her do her thing. From this point on, the Blak Smith will showcase more SISTA's in light of the fact that THEY have a whole 'nother perspective on the BEAUTIFUL STRUGGLE. Listen & listen good to OUR MASTER TEACHER, Dr Jewel Pookrum.

In keepin with OUR FUN RAISER, please contact the Blak Smith at…