Monday, November 29, 2010

WWW III - Is it on deck? Part II

What up SUPER BLAK PEEPO? It's just lil young me checkin in witcha, lettin ya know the paint is still wet! Storm season ends today & no major one hit land though the bp spill did more damage in a much larger area & as quiet as it's kept, peepo down there are dyin. The elections in Haiti went down yesterday & all of the poliTRICKal parties are cryin FRAUD! Aristedes old party can't even run! As things develop, Haiti is a POWDER KEG about to explode AGAIN but as the peepo have been RAVAGED by the quake, hurricanes & now this cholera shit, whho is gonna fight? The peepo are livin in the street in tents drinkin water from who knows where? The livin are weak as they take that fightin rebellious spirit away from 'em slowly but surely. They did it before, they'll do it again! They gonna have to work that juju my peepo! Anyhoo, we gotta go in on the POSSIBLE WWW III scene & see if it's on deck. Inquirin minds want to know.

Ok, in Part I, I left off in August 2010. The Sortero Admin was lookin to block funds goin in to the elite in NK & subsequently, the North threw bombs near the borders as a show of force. We'll take it from there.

August 16th 2010 - the US & SK begin a training named "Ulchi Freedom" in Seoul. These excercises included the 28K US soldiers & 56K South soldiers totallin 84K troops yo! Despite all the warnins the North was sendin, they went ahead & still did these games, an obvious provocation near their sovereign turf.

August 20th 2010 - China, AGAIN warns the US & SK that THEY are playing dangerous games in their neck of the woods, too close to their respective territories. As we all know, the US don't listen to anybody & went ahead with their plan & on the 29th, the Chinese follow suit & begin their own War Games in the same waters. I found a report at the site dated Sept 1 statin that these drills would involve the "Behai Fleet of the navy of the Peoples Liberation Army, conductin a live ammunition drill." This drill went on for four days amid the SK's & US forces nearby but no agressive provocation was reported on either parties part.

September 7th 2010 - in a way underreported story, the North release 4 SK & 3 Chinese fishermen who breached a sea border a month prior. A week prior to this, the North's leader, Kim Jong il had paid a visit to their ONLY ALLY in China, to announce the successor to the throne, il's younget son, Kim Jong un. Not much is known about Un as he now assumes the mantle & is supposed to be a mirror image of his father.

November 10th 2010 - After the Democrats get they ASSES kicked all over the place by the Pubicans, Sortero (obama) arrives in Seoul for the G20 Summit with egg all over his face. He looks gaunt, weak & does not represent strong leadership & how could he? He shoulda sent his dog(hilary) but she's white & she prolly told that nigga that he need to clean up her SHIT! In Seoul he worked onna free trade pact with the SK's. He then asked the Chinese to allow the yuan(Chinese currency) to float & they won't do it bcuz that would save the dollar for about 10 minutes while at the same time, hurtin theirs. Ya see as a livin & breathin apparatus, the Chinese government of all nations, owns most of the US government debt & will not let their money get destroyed just like what happened durin the Boxer Rebellion about 175 years ago. That is a history that y'all need to check out as it is deep. I wrote about it in my new book soon comin out but had to reference it bcuz history is repeatin itself right in our faces.

As these stories are not the type usually covered inna blog such as this, I don't wanna make these articles too long. As we speak, occurences are happenin & don't be surprised if ya wake up & the US is involved with an incident over in the Yellow Sea any day now. The ENDGAME is to destroy what's left of GAIA (the earth) & as these next 752 days go by, take some time to think deep about what I write here for YOURSELF. I don't mean to sound negative or down but I just want y'all to know that things are crazy & ya gotta at least have a PLAN just in case. We haven't yet gotten to the fun part of this all so strap up & get ready for these rides yo! I don't want these things to happen but let this be HIS STORY & not OURS! I LUV MY PEEPO!

Oh, it ain't over yet - to be continued -

Sunday, November 28, 2010

WWW III - Is it on deck? Part I

Ayo peepo, how y'all doin out there? Once again, the Blaksmith is BLAK, live & in livin color. Just saw a report that estaimates that 500K will die of cholera in Haiti. This link was sent to me by Isa I who is a very informative bro that I keep in touch with. Ayo, y'all may be thinkin that THEY gonna do some bioweapon shit like anthrax but THEY are now findin ingeneous ways of all sorts as TIME SPEEDS UP & THEY cannot hide EVERYTHING anymore. Remember, Global 2000, Agenda 21, Rex 84 aka the King Alfred Plan are just that, PLANS. They are constantly retoolin, reworkin & fine tunin THEY plans & just as THEY have a THINK TANK, we have OURS as well! Just bcuz SOME of Y'ALL is older don't make you an elder. An elder doesn't have to raise their voice much bcuz their demeanor COMMANDS RESPECT! True elders also know when to apologize as NONE of US knows everything. As TIME moves on, I will get HATERS throwin subliminal shots at me but I will continue as my MANDATE comes from ME & the GOD of my OVERstandin so hate on, FUKK y'all(you know who you are as you read this hatin me more) & stop tryin to recruit me as you use cult-like methods which are so obvious to anyone who studies 'em. There is too much goin on for me to be goin BLAK & forth with you about an ideaologcal GOD when the true & livin is in your presence givin you what lil knowledge I have for FREE. Cholera is a bioweapon & real peepo are dyin. A real jeffrey amherst gave the Native Amerikans smallpox. That toxic sludge spill in Hungary is real. Them riots happenin all over europe is real. Blak Peepo sufferin at the hands of racist white supremacy is real. The palestinians barely survivin is real. The DEMONIKKK money shystem about to collapse is real. I told y'all on the Final Countdown 2012 that I HEARD allotta shit is about to go down so don't go sayin I TOLD y'all what was gonna happen. Study the events & CONNECT the DOTS! The way WE feel here is, WE would rather you be prepared for the worst as opposed to thinkin that NOTHIN is gonna happen with all of this REAL SHIT happenin NOW! Y'all think all these recent developments is coincidences? They shuttin down EVERYTHING & Y'ALL AINT SEEN NOTHIN YET AS LIFE AS WE KNOW WILL SOON CEASE TO EXIST whether you care about it or not. I'm done with my lil rant BUT........let's get into it for real now cause I luv y'all so much & MOST of y'all don't know what GEOPOLITICS is. That shit affects YOU whether you know it or not.

March 28th 2010 - A South Korean navy ship was sunk yesterday in what was FEARED(caps mine) to have been a torpedo attack by a North Korean submarine. Feared was the instrumental word in that sentence. In this attack, it was reported that 46 South K's were killed. This was the first sentence in the Daily Mail online newspaper dated 3/29/10 written by David Williams & Paul Bentley. The title of the article is Korea tensions over CLAIMS(caps mine) that warship was sunk by torpedo.* As things developed, the US along with the South did an investigation & concluded that the North did it though the North has always maintained that they didn't. Hmmm, that's never happened before. Now, if you study incidences like the Gulf of Tonkin & the bombin of the USS Cole in Yemen, you would THINK, "what did the North gain from this?" The US wants to go into the North so bad to remove the NUKES & maintains a troop level at 28,500 just in the Demilitarized Zone aka the DMZ. As a PEACE TREATY was never signed, THESE NIGGA'S stay beefin! Again, what did the North have to gain from this?

July 20 & 21st 2010 - the US State Dept pays a lil visit in tribute to those 46 soldiers who were nothin more than sacrificial lambs. Defense Sec Gates & ya first blak presidents wife paid a lip service visit to the DMZ tryin to get the North to give they nukes up but WE in the know know that that ain't happennin. Wow, I don't think that I've ever used two words twice inna row in one sentence before. I'm a writin motherfucker but anyhoo.....they been tryin to get the North to concede for some years now but why would they do that after the US LIED about Iraq & Afghanistan? THEY still there in the middle east & it's been almost 10 YEARS. Sadaam got killed LONG AGO. While these defense peepo got there, the uss george washinton also arrived & the gw is defined as an AMERICAN POWERED SUPER CARRIER with NUCLEAR CAPABILITIES. Their purpose there is WAR GAMES to antagonize the North into submission as they PLAY near the heavily fortified borders. Can y'all say Cuban Missile Crisis boys & girls? WOW!!!

July 22nd 2010 - Beijing China, protests these GAMES so near to their TERRITORIAL WATERS as China is now an OFFICIAL SUPERPOWER! Of course the US denies issues with China & tensions flare but THEY stayed & played THEY games. Ayo, THEY named these WAR GAMES, Invincible Spirit & Indomitable Will. As quite as it's kept, we now have have Chinese & Russian subs off of the US coasts. This is why I keep tellin y'all to stop doubtin me & check references as times are sirius yo. These ain't no scare tactics, this is REAL TALK my NIGGAS & if you get turned off by words, GROW THE FUCK UP. I write what I wanna on MY BLOG with license! Get the message & read on!

August 2010 - the US, gettin frustrated as THEY cannot break the stranglehold of Kim Jong il, tries to block any money goin to the few elite there. As we already know, that ain't workin. On August 9th, the North said fuck alla this & fired 110 missiles to let the US & the South know that WE AIN'T PLAYIN EITHER. The South talked shit via loudspeakers but the North didn't respond. Y'all know how it go.

Things are developin so fast & as this is just brewin, stay tuned to black2afrika & WE will try & update the goin ons as much as possible. With these kinds of situations, things happen fast. If this goes too far, it can get nuclear as NK hasn't much to lose.


- to be continued -

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Scanner Scammers

Wow, 759 days to go. That's my sendoff but it can also be used as a greeting. How y'all doin out there in readin world? I'm chillin & thinkin about my peepo in the Gulf States that went through that devestatin storm named FEMA(katrina). I hope y'all aiight. I gotta give it up to my Haitians too who are hangin tough but it's so tragic that alotta 'em gonna die & not make it past these next 759 days. They spirits is gonna give THEM hell! If y'all remember correctly, it was recently revealed that Haiti & Cuba got plenty OIL & look who runnin the show down there. The peepo not acceptin a US Puppet named wyclef enabled all types of MAYHEM to ensue in these & more to come crisises in Haiti but these are the TOUGHEST PEEPO on earth as they have been forced to be. Bless up! Who is this obama guy peepo keep speakin of? Where he at? I hear that THEY talkin about another missile defense shield. HAAAAA!! All of europe is in trouble as ireland is tryin to get bailed outta debt but these stimulus packages are about to go bust like unemplyment checks not bein extended in the US for almost 3 MILLION PEEPO right before the hellidays. I see a RISE in CRIME! Can you spell chaos boys & girls? The only peepo who still argue with me about who GOD are those who don't read this site. Did y'all know that kanye is gonna revolutionize the game by sellin his new downloadable album for only $3.99? I've never seen an album released onna Monday & if you don't believe me, look for one out there. Yesterday's release date was a 36 or a three 6's date. There are no COINCIDENCES! Too much goin on....the pope said that it was ok for male prostitutes to use condoms....too easy.... did y'all see that pastor in NJ who tried to shun his church officers from usin FB & he himself got exposed in a sexxx scandal involvin him, another man & his wife? And y'all niggers want me in church/synagogue/mosque.....I don't give a FUGG about no so called royals marryin. In a story labelled NEWS SERVICES, a shipment of arms & 286 pounds of heroine were found in Nigeria supposedly comin from Iran. They will do anything to start that war but as everyone is watchin THEM NIGGAS already, THEY gotta play it coo! Note the name of the story is Heroin shipment linked to Iran. LINKED was the INSTRUMENTAL word in that title. Do y'all know anything about this new bill they tryin to pass named S.510, which basically makes it illegal to grow, sell, trade or SHARE vegetables grown in ya own yard? Don't trust me, CHECK IT OUT YO!! Everything is goin to HELLo, y'all still with me? We about to go in on what we do here. Before we do though, we got to SCAN your mind for SCAMS. Lets check the Scanner Scammers.

Remember the days when you could go visit ya Grandma & take anything that could fit into your pocket onna plane without worry? Drugs, guns, beer & liquor? That now seems so long ago but was it? Man, the tsa(tits sex & ass) is goin krazy these days as they have a mandate to make you go through the XXX-Ray machines OR get PATTED down & they ain't just pattin you. These NIGGAS is outright rapin you & this was spoken of in the protocols of the learned elders of zion or zionists. I'm glad that I'm doin this today as I had to research this document & like the willy lynch letter, it's disputed whether it was written or a hoax. Again like the lynch letter, whether or not it's a hoax, what is transpirin is very REAL & let me quote some of it so that you can make up ya own mind. In protocol #10, under the subject, We shall destroy in section 19, it states that "but you yourselves perfectly well know that to produce the possibility of the expression of such wishes by all the nations it is indispensible to trouble in all countries the peoples relations with their governments so as to utterly exhaust humanity with dissensions, hatred, struggle, envy & even by the use of torture, by starvation, by the innoculation of diseases, by want so that the goyim* see no other issue than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money & in all else." It states in section 20 that "but if we give the nations of the world a breathing space the moment we long for is hardly likely ever to arrive."

These Scannin Scammers is all a part of HOW THINGS REALLY WORK & before I go way in on the topic, ALL SERIOUS READERS should read these protocols bcuz we livin in these times right NOW! This body of work is in the GREAT BOOK that predicted these times named Behold a Pale Horse by a GREAT WHITE MAN, William Cooper OR at this link for y'all cheapo's (like me)at

THEY comin for all of us now & as quiet as it's kept, alotta MOTHERFUKKKERS is leavin the country & before THEY are able to stop you with ya nervous ass, they wish to frighten you from travellin!!!! Blak in them days, right off the ship, they would feel ya privates & then check ya mouth without washin they hands. I swear THEM niggas is walkin diseases! The majority of peepo leavin this country is WHITE & they takin ALL of they money with them. They don't give a FUCK about 7 OZ's of cum in ya bottle & all that - THIS IS A TEST OF the PEEPO'S WILL YO! This was all written about in the protocols & whatever ya wanna call it, this is the ENDGAME & all the chips are about to get cashed so FUCK YA if ya readin this & sayin I'mma DOOMSDAY PREDICTOR! What you seein? You seein that krakka just rollin over & givin you back the key to our heaven here on earth? I already told y'all to EMBRACE DEATH as it is inevitable! This is revelations! This is hell! This is the tribulation & any name you can think of & if ya think this is the very end, you ain't get my last joint, the Final Countdown 2012. EVERY END IS A NEW BEGINNIN & THEY TIME IS UP!!All THEY can keep doin is injectin fear in you usin the most travelled time of the year to do it & have that NIGGA (p)RESIDENT of yours refer to a crotch bomber from I HATE FUCKIN XXX-MAS from last year! Alotta NIGGAS at these airports is gettin the FUKKK outta dodge & this is why they checkin everybody out so thoroughly so as to get all in ya bizness. They gotta replace all that TAX BASE money leavin & this is why THEY STAR WHACKIN motherfukkkers left & right. It's also a good way of takin the FAILIN ECONOMY off of the front page.

Racism is still alive, they just be concealin it - kanye west from never let me down, the College Dropout Album

Ok, so now we know that if Blak Peepo(who hardly travel internationally) are gonna travel, they gonna get extra searched right? What to do? I would do like my homegirl told me recently & have fun with it. Here's what you could do. Blak Peepo are ALL lactose intolerant after the age of two as MILK is baby food. Cow MILK is calf food & when 99.9% of us drink it RAW, we get gassy & fart alot. If you must travel by air, drink plenty of milk, eat plenty of cheese & ice cream at least an hour before your departure & fart to your hearts content. Do NOT go thru those XXX-Ray machines as they used them in the 50's until the screeners ALL started gettin CANCER in the 60's yo! By the time you get to them, you'll be so bloated with all that dairy, you'll stink to high heaven & releasin so much bad air, they won't touch ya stinkin ass! If they still search ya, SHIT on yaself & say that you was scared shitLESS!! Trust me, even the cops won't ARREST YA at that point. This is the ultimate WEAPON OF MASS DISTRACTION - SHIT!!!! A scam is defined as beatin somebody at THEY own game! If THEY insist on searchin you in private, make a claim that you don't trust 'em & STRIP in front of EVERYBODY! You know you was at the club last week shakin that thing in a short dress with no panties. Show 'em how the Blak Man is GOD in more ways than one. Beat ya shit off if the screener doesn't look like a homo. BS=Blak SUPREMACY! Ladies, keep a blood soaked rag up front & make sure it's super wet with paint if the waters ain't muddy. Fuck that, this is the REALEST SHIT I ever wrote. Get where ya gotta get my peepo! What's my (sites) name? What we tryin to do here? Scam them Scanners! I turn myself on!!! HOLLA BLAK TSA=those skammin amerikkkans

*goyim are sheep people or dummies who follow the herd with no thought

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Final Countdown 2012

Ayo, I might start writin y'all peepo erryday! It's the BlakSmith checkin in askin what it do to you & ya crew? As things develop, I get more SIRIUS & I'm havin alotta peepo askin me about this 2012 shit. They askin me stuff like what's gonna happen? What date should we be lookin at? Where should we be? Who will benefit? What of Planet X? Is the Mother Ship gonna get here & alla that stuff. Well I tell folks, to be honest I don't know & bein that I thought that Y2K was gonna cause MAJOR PROBLEMS & I was WRONG, I don't make such predictions anymore. What I do KNOW is that everyone knows that the planets will be in an alignment that is ADVANTAGEOUS for US but that doesn't mean that WE can relax just yet. In this case here, I hope that I am NOT speakin to the choir bcuz MOST of y'all know that somethin BIG is comin whether you believe in this or not. I call it waitin for the other shoe to drop. However, what I will do in this article is tell y'all WHY I THINK that 2012 is not just rumors but a new day.

Tryin to infect & inject my nation with needless vaccinations
Even Bill Gates is part of gettin rid of populations
TSA now stands for Tits & Ass and in that class
Teachin US how they get that cash
BACK! Started a big disease with a lil name
Known dudes like Rock Hudson died to give it claim & fame
Liberace was white & Len Bias BLACK
Both died when they gotta hold of some BAD CRACK
Global 2000 like seasons like snake bites do lesions
They said the EARTH was a warmin still my butt be freezin
No job I rob those with jobs - my job
Y'all SPOILED the child when ya spared the ROD
No family values Big Batty Gal you
Nicki menage a trois with Lil Kim all up on tattos
I gat you y'all stand stiff like statues
The on deck gatter with a bat to bat you
Ya see it's all Immoral Beef make you extinct like coral reefs
Platinum like a rapper rhymin from his oral TEETH
Nonsense no conscience the content no context
Y'all be diggin these angles & make me the convex
The timin they usin ya thinskinned ya bruisin
Ya homo ya cruisin I'm straight & I'm not losin
Ayo isn't it evident or do you need evidence?
He wasn't on his p's & so they made him a resident
Let's eat on this reuben but make sure it's vegan
765 days so let the games BEGIN!

Look at europe right about now. Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, England & Ireland have marches, demonstrations & all kinda shit happenin there all the time that turn into full scale riots with the PARAMILITARY MOTHERFUKKKERS bein backed down by young men with sticks & rocks! They gonna do it to THEMSELVES & when THAT comes to the US, get the FUKKK out the way & let these armed militias do they frends & cousins in. This country is a TICKIN TIME BOMB & when that detonator hits......AY CARAMBA!!!Do y'all remember Seatlle a few years back? The more you pent up the more you RELEASE!! These verses above was just a lil ditty for y'all loyal to us here at black2afrika. I really don't know what will happen BUT I can't feel nothin but joy as I know it will be ok but as I have said in previous posts, one MUST learn to EMBRACE DEATH to know what REAL LIFE is. Life is really ALL we got but it don't belong to you; it belongs to NATURE! There are NO COINCIDENCES & everything happenin now was set in motions decades ago. Any INSIDER from long ago could have written Hip Hop & HollyWEIRD has gone WILD! in their time as these stories are the same & all that changes are the names, faces, dates & places. As of yesterday, a so called jewish HollyWEIRD publicist, ronni chasen who was a baller, was shot & killed. Could she know somethin about those STAR WHACKERS spoken of in HollyWEIRD has gone WILD? Maybe she had vital info. Who knows?.....there will be cowards who live & brave ones who will perish. Which one are you?

Ok, what I've heard is the earth will stop spinnin. I've heard also that the poles will shift 15 degrees. I've heard that SOME of US will ascend from this present 3 dimensiaonal world into a 9th dimensional beings. I've heard that there are BEINGS livin INSIDE the earth who only speak to a Blak Woman as they hate whites for what they have done to the planet. I've heard that the earth will cleanse herself. I've heard that you can save 15% on car insurance by switchin to geico....I've heard that the earth is now surrounded by aliens & that nukes have been rendered moot as these aliens will not allow the ultimate destruction that these whites wish to bestow on our Mother Earth as they know that WE are the GODS spoken of for so long who have fallen from grace through THEY machinations. I've heard that jehova(god) was an albino back office clerk from the orion belt who tricked us into worshippin some non-existent god to create FEAR so as to seek SALVATION after death instead of in the right here & now. I've heard that this trick was written & thus became the holy books of yesterday & today. I've heard that most of us is still fallin for that shit today & from what I've heard, that shit will soon end. I've heard that the queen of england is the queen of all reptilian shape shifters & that this war between US & them was started on another planet millions of years ago. I KNOW that I got most of this info from Morse Donaldson & you can find him at Mo Sirius Films on youtube. What else have I heard........? I heard y'all luv my shit!

So there it is y'all! The Final Countdown is upon us but Nas told y'all this on What Goes Around. He also said it on Heaven & you just have to decide that you gonna hold on bcuz it's really up to you. KRS told you to stay alive all things will change around on Ah Yeah. Some think & some KNOW. I know that HEAVEN is a half mile away & we got 765 days to get there as of this date 11/17/2010. I hope that y'all get there with me Peepos! PEACE!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Economy(short & sweet)

I'm gonna finish this article just like I started it & ya won't realeyes I did til the end! Whatup my glorious BLAK PEEPO? I luv y'all too much & that Haiti Cholera situation is off the meter right now! As I checked, the (official) death toll nears 1000 with no forseeable end in sight. Any BLAK nation that can afford it, MUST start takin peepo from there out like President Wade of Senegal did a few months ago. Pan-Afrikanim is not for the weak or meek of heart. Since times are so SIRIUS, today no long preamble about this & that. We jumpin right on in on the Economy.

By now, most of y'all have heard of credit default swaps, derivatives, the real estate bubble, subprime loans, stimuluses & the grandaddy of 'em all, quantitative easing. I say that you heard of 'em but do y'all know what these terms mean? To be honest with y'all, I didn't either til I started doin a lil research & boy are WE in for it. As it's ALREADY TOO LATE to do anything about how this ECONOMY is about to go BUST, let me explain it to y'all this way. LIFE AS WE KNEW IT WILL SOON CEASE TO EXIST! These ways to make money were based on fractional reserve banking which means that when you borrow money from a bank, that bank BOOKS that money includin interest as if the loan was paid off. In other words, ya borrow 10K & the term of the loan nets the bank 15k, they BOOK it as if you paid them back in full. But not just bank loans. A credit card is a loan. Equity in houses are loans. Car notes are loans. Are you gettin this?

The Federal Reserve is responsible for all of this & it's all comin to an end. The risin not so MIDDLE CLASS is all but pretty much dead as alotta 'em have run off into the hills to become militia men. The rest are movin outta this country,(mainly whites as Blaks believe they have a stake here) after lootin they bank accounts & puttin they money in precious metals & agriculture(land) while Blak Peepo still worryin about dumb shit like jobs, college, gossipin & religiosity. Ayo, LIFE AS WE KNOW IT WILL SOON CEASE TO EXIST & note, I am not makin doomsday predictions. As in most things, change can be good & bad. Bob Marley told y'all that they've got to fulfill the book on Redemption Song & what did ya think he meant by that? They tellin y'all what's up with movies like 2012 & Avatar bcuz THEY TIME IS UP & it's OUR TIME. You think THEY gonna tell you that?

On a spiritual level, where you at? To answer that question, picture yaself at a spiritual bank with the loan officers as those who can look through a crystal ball & not see ya actions but ya DEEDS & INTENT. If you could draw currency from those two things, how much would you get? Ahhh....I'm makin you feel me right? In other words, do you have integrity? I heard it said that INTEGRITY is doin the right thing when no one is lookin. For me, that is an apt description. Alotta y'all think I'm talkin about drug dealin & murder & all of that but I'm talkin about stuff like standin peepo up, lyin about lil or next to nothin & just general not bein what you claim to be. The more connectivity, the less accountability. I see too many peepo, especially dudes, STILL RELYIN on these krakka's for jobs as they can't adjust to thinkin on they own for theyself. Don't NOBODY OWE YOU NOTHIN INCLUDIN A JOB! That doesn't mean that those who are under the employ of someone else don't have it right BUT ya gotta get ya hustle on. This is why THEY goin after EVERYBODY now as in TI, eddie long, Randy Quaid & anybody they can get at who gotta alotta money & ain't doin the deviltry as they want it. LIFE AS WE KNEW IT WILL SOON CEASE TO EXIST & they poisonin the water(bp, toxic sludge in Hungary) & it'll soon be every man for himself. What is ya moral ECONOMY? Most of us is BANKRUPT!

So, will you make it to the Cosmic Party? I often tell folks that some in the fire won't get burned & some who are 25 miles away will get hit with flashes & perish instantly. A nuclear explosion will be had & HA, gottcha! That nuclear explosion will be the release of the Blak Woman breathin easy again & able to concentrate on that sexual explosion bcuz she'll feel so secure. The ECONOMY was never based on MONEY & that's what Blak Peepo think economies are made of. ECONOMIES are based on TRADE!!! Only a Blak Man can do that nuclear explosion we are speakin of! We ain't tryin to hear about misceganation & alla that OTHER SHIT y'all talkin as it would be like datin a dyin person. They comin down with all of this SHIT NOW as THEY know THEY TIME IS UP. This is why LIFE AS WE KNOW IT WILL SOON CEASE TO EXIST!

So, I think the point is clear. Stay alive & stay outta jail. Laugh more in ya life! Eat good food & stop puttin ya money in gold as THEY even sellin fake gold & fillin it with TUNGSTEN. I don't hear my peepo talkin about any of this! Stop it with the BULLSHIT & know that if ya made it to this point, you already won. Think about how his grandpa treated yours. As all they got left is to kill you, EMBRACE DEATH! The true REV O LUTION started in Haiti & will finish there with OUR POWER & if ya don't know what I mean, look up what THEY did to break Napoleon & his military BLAK in them days! Now that's POWER!! So ya see, I finished this article just like I started it & ya won't realeyes what I did til you go BLAK to the BEGINNIN!!! PEACE

Saturday, November 13, 2010

HollyWEIRD has gone WILD! Part III

Watup MY PEEEEEPO? Blak is BLAK & back for all y'all. How y'all been? I hope that these 768 days we have left is doin you well & that you are more than confident that you will be ok. What's ya plan? That cholera OUTBREAK seems like it's gonna hit Port Au Prince pretty HARD! THEY TRYIN to FINISH that country but the more THEY do, the more will be done to them as in the law of KARMA! The economy is all but done as the G20 have been meetin & Obama can't get the chinese to float their economy. Ever heard of the word PROTECTIONISM? Economics is WAR! Did any of you hear that the poles are supposed to shift, the earth is gonna stop spinnin & that solar flares will knock the electrical grids OFF makin for no ELECTRICITY? Just askin. Did y'all see this stupidity of bernie maddof's stuff bein auctioned? I wonder if it totalled $50BILLION. I luv GABORE but that zsa zsz bitch keep goin to the hospital & gettin out. She's 93! She must be on that same shit that liz taylor got! Ayo, I always thought that soledad obrien was latino & just found out that she's halfcast. Ten years ago, THEY were the new BLAK!Halfcasts HATE for you tell them that they don't look.....though Suu Kyi isn't BLAK, she was released from prison in Myanmar & hope she doesn't end up like Benazir Bhutto. Looks like the sale of For Loko will cease in NY. First Misgivings & second X-mas & they both SUCK so stop celebratin & just enjoy ya time with ya peeps as these shall be the LAST as we know it! Can't ya just feel it in the air? Come out & don't be afraid as you are now SURROUNDED! Here WE go!!!

Ok, shit is really weird. We got barry outta the country for more than ten days & that's a bit unusual as the election was just last week & now son of a bush is all back in the news promotin his new book, decision points. This NIGGA bush(it) accepted an apology from kanye on the matt lauer show by callin him CONWAY! Didn't this NIGGA just finish sayin that mr west sayin that he was "RACIST" was the lowest point in his admin & doesn't even remember how to say his arch nemesis's NAME? Kanye's album, my dark & twisted fantasy is comin out on 11/22/2010 or 11+22+3=36 or 3 sixes (666), the devil's number!! That is not a COINCIDENCE as & this is why WE here at black2afrika must do the research to bring y'all up to what's really HOOD! What is kanye's dark & twisted fantasy? Why is it hidden or dark? What's so twisted about it? The album cover pic has been released already & if ya didn't know the title, the pic alone would have you askin, what the FUKKK is this guy really up to? Allow me to open up my mind & expand into the cosmos.

I swear you can't make shit like this up. There is this GRAND SCHEMER somewhere who cooked up the way to make kanye pay for his comments about the ex-resident. THEY killed his mama a few years back. They then forced him into appearin or actually bein gay thru appearance when before, kanye was pepperin his first two albums with conciousness. kanye doesn't even smile anymore. As stated in Hip Hop has gone WILD!, shit started changin with the clothes especially tight jeans & shit like that. Next up came his spazzin out on the paparazzi & his sex slave girlfrend, amber culminatin with snatchin the VMA award from traylor snift. For almost a year, kanye disappeared only to be seen with amber in all of these pics. If you weren't really lookin close, amber with her shaved head could look like a MAN & this is the gayification of kanye & everyone under his scope of INFLUENCE. Images are important in that it allows some sittin on the fence, JUSTIFICATION! After all of this, traylor comes out with an album that has sold the most copies in first week sales since 50's massacare album & kanye battled him at release time a few years ago as well. Now they all meet at this juncture in time, right before the hellidays(4th quarter), kiss, makeup & make a killin as bush & his peepo control the media & all of it's machinations. Meanwhile, war between alotta US enemies is cookin & don't forget about Iran. Iraq is still real, Pakistan, Yemen, North Korea, China &.....WTF? They distractin the hell outta us with these apologies while they doin they dirty work in the shadows.

As this is an ongoin thing, I'm gonna end with sayin that I'm gonna leave y'all onna cliffhanger. When kanye speaks now, there is no longer any wreckless abandon that he formerly spoke with. This could just mean maturity OR maybe he now knows that to speak out is to meet with others close to him bein killed. In case you think that I'm makin these things up, you now have Randy Quaid sayin basically the same things that I'm sayin
& he's a HollyWEIRD vet, white insider who has seen how they operate. Note that you have to SEARCH for info on him & his wife online bcuz to let the cat outta the bag would arouse suspicion around those who are perpetuatin RQ & his wife as crazy, drug addicted delusionals. THEY know THEY in THEY last days & so are desperate & when one gets desperate, one gets SLOPPY, leavin trails that are easy to trace. Think of most things that you have done in a desperate state & it's outcomes. Usually, not good! Remember, jigga has obama on the text before he moves to the next. bush has kanye as his worst moment in decision points. Come to think of it, this SHIT is even way beyond HollyWEIRD! We'll see what next transpires here on, wwww.black2afrika & kanye better watch out!

Monday, November 8, 2010

HollyWEIRD has gone WILD! Part II

I, the Blaksmith, LIVICATE this particular
post to Oscar Grant & his family who live
on forever through those who never forget the
struggle & how beautiful it really is

What up my Peepo? My beautiful shinin Blak Peepo? BLAK2AFRIKA is BLAK with another HOT MOTHERFORYA! Y'all know who I be & how be you? We LIVE & LIVIN IN LIVIN COLOR with so much goin on! Thank ME that the storm in Haiti didn't DEVESTATE the place again. As of the last report I saw, only four died & the mainstream press is ASKIN if the cholera outbreak was from the nepalese. The UN has 12,000 troops there along with the Haitian Mafia...oops, meant police abusin peeps for peaceful protestin. SMH!! THEM NIGGAS is siriusly TRYIN to finish OUR peeps off but WE shall survive! Who wanna burn those trees found in that Mexican tunnel? Ok, ya favorite krakka biAtch, taylor snift sold over 1 million albums in her first week accordin to As if ya didn't know already, the name of her lame ass album is speak now. As that biAtches pic is everywhere, we here wish she would just shut the duck up! Like alotta rappers, Farrakhan's ALMOST death a few times ago made him say that he was gonna retire & now all he does is tour talkin about WE are the TRUE children of Israel. What do y'all make of it? Wow, that pig who killed Oscar Grant got only two years with TIME SERVED. Alla y'all who still think that THEY have any REDEMPTION better kill yaselves NOW! Colin Ferguson is the MAN! The GREAT Hugo Chavez is privatizin EVERYTHING in his country as THEY got too much goin on & can't contol all. I luv him! XMAS SUCKS! Where are all these CHANGED NIGGAS? The peepo who use to big up barry sortero are quite quiet now. I think I heard that he was mixin hash in them cigarettes & blowin his wife shotguns as biden & kkklinton plot to take back the crack....damn I meant white house. As of this writin, 774 days to go! Accordin to the Final Call, dated Nov 2 2010, in an article written by Nisa Islam Muhammad, the Afrikan Amerikkkanization of menthol cigarettes may be coming to a halt as the FDA considers what, if anything, to do about menthol flavoring in efforts to reduce cigarette smoking. They made cigs minty so that YOU would smoke 'em. Do you still luv 'em?* Hey, one of the BEST dudes ever who happens to be a DOPE MC ya probably never heard of before as in Rhymefest from the Chi ran for alderman. He in the HOOD doin it! Two white dudes shoot five WILD horses dead on federal land & get 6 months each. In a blip on the radar, check this; Amway had to settle a class action lawsuit payin $34 million in cash & $22 million in product to settle with ex distributors who sued in 2007. This report gleaned from the cover of the Money Section from the USA Today dated Nov 5th also stated that 99% of those who sign up NEVER earn a profit. We are absolutely SHOCKED! Check out as we here are also ADVOCATES of JUSTICE. And while we at it, THEY say that 151,000 new jobs were just created but do you believe that? eddie long let his pen do the writin as he has tried to have that case DISMISSED but WE know that ain't gonna happen. As this case goes further & further, things are gettin krazy. In the Atlanta Voice newspaper, on page 18, dated Nov 5th-11th, it says that "Prophet H. Walker of True Light Pentecost Church in Spartanburg SC, teamed up with talk show host, Ruben Armstrong, Atlanta Minister, Adisa Franklin & other guests speakers to call for Long's resignation." A lil further on it states that, "More than 50 supporters attended the rally, most of whom were members of Walker's church & drove from SC." Now what made me suspicious of this REALLY humongous rally were these words as said by Franklin, "Why am I the only minister in the Atlanta area here speaking out? Where are the people who mached with (Long) at the anti-gay marriage rally? Where are they now?" He will have more rallies & if he couldn't get more than 50 people, then WHO THE FUCK IS REALLY BEHIND THIS???? The SOUTH has risen! On the Creative Loafing Newspaper cover dated nov 4th-10th, the cover says ATLWOOD as in HOLLYWOOD which I call HOLLYWEIRD in reference to the many films now bein filmed here. When the eddie long case is over & THEY make a movie about him, THEY can film it in.........ATLANTA!!! With that, we get into HOLLYWEIRD has gone WILD! Part II

* page 5 in an article entitled The end of Killer Cool Flavoring

Ok, shit is krazy right now! As stated in the beginnin of this report, taylor snift is all over the news for her album sales. Get this, she is the first artist since 50cents Massacare, to sell a million in her first week. If you had read HHhgw!,you would have enuff of a background of her to know she ain't just some pasty white puff piece who came up lucky. Her pops is an oil man who already had plenty money! bush is all over the news talkin about how kanye callin him RACIST was the lowest point of his admin. First off, kanye didn't say that & I don't know....bush may be doin dope as if he don't remember a lil thing called 9FUCKIN11! How about the Iraqi Shoe Thrower? Anyhoo as THEY time is up, THEY JUST BLATANTLY RAW with THEY SHIT meanin that the NEXT BIG THING IS ON DECK! Look at what they doin & admittin to nowadays. bush talkin about it all & in the process is takin away all of the attention from barry like the FOREGONE CONCLUSION he always was. Ayo, I'm tired of tellin y'all & I ain't gonna say it no more but the POTUS is SELECTED & NOT ELECTED! Any argument comin after that is FUKKK U & get the SAME outta my face yo! AIDS is a HOAX & y'all holdin on to so many other fallacies as in ANY BELIEF but yo, we ain't got much time left & too many of y'all is still BULSHITTIN! Don't look for me when ya stuck like chuck! If ya have any opposition to what I say, UNLEARN, RELEARN & EARN! They tellin y'all what they doin without sayin what they do. What are you doin about that?

Damn, I'm gettin all kinda hyped typin this shit here but THEY playin us out yo. Check this shit out. bush talkin about he shoulda FIRED cheney. cheney was quoted as tellin peepo, "go fukkk yourself!" cheney shot his lawyer in the face. cheney's health was rumored to be failin & that motherfukkker ain't goin nowhere yet. This shit is all DISTRACTION as 1. bush is sellin a book & he's usin kanye as a hook to PROMOTE it. 2. As far as I can see, he COULD be talkin about him after investin krazy moolah in his label & as those who luv kanye sympathize with him, buy his newly demonic album, while all makin a killin like taylor snift did. bush luvvers will buy his book & snift (another kanye victim) sells more album as they push her product as an X-mas gift with her brand new single & 3. kanye sells to his sympathizers after so convieniently apologizin & even empathizin with bush & usin his sad situation with snift as it relates to his own racist behavior. Militant Mind Militia asked us Is Kanye West bein set up for assassination? Pac & Big got it & jigga is the man & is Kanye a threat to jigga like they were? This shit is so Hollyweird culminatin around ELECTION SEASON which like X-mas is on my FUCK THAT LIST! Did y'all see kanye's album cover yet? This is the last year for cd sales as they even shut down an old mainstay, LIMEWIRE last week. Did y'all see the power video by kanye? His shit is more demonic than jigga's shit & jigga is addressin that stuff denyin it & bcuz he say it, we believe it? Where they do that at? 99.5% of y'all don't even know these NIGGAS & act like apologists for them. Some of y'all don't even know when ya own blood family is lyin to ya. WTF?

I don't know what's gonna come from this but when they pulled that REPTILIAN out to start this 5 year drama all over again, Y'ALL better WATCH OUT!

Back to white peepo for a second now. Randy Quaid & his wife Evi get props over here for standin up to those that they call Star Whackers. Those who are feelin the wrath of these SW"s have labelled themselves as TI's or Targetted Individuals.(could rapper TI be one?) These peepo believe that they are targeted by organized crime & top government agencies with immunity & impunity. Now I could quote extensively from this article BUT as I had y'all so long already, I'll give the link & allow ya own curiousity to guide ya. You can find that info at To those of you who need a lil more convincin, this article is about other not so famous targeted individuals & some of the trials & tribulations they had to go through & still may be goin through. It speaks on tactics & some of this stuff is otherworldly but y'all need to spread the word. FUKKK ya belief system, this is REAL TALK In REAL TIME SHIT here y'all! They goin after ANYBODY who ain't havin the BULLSHIT & the Quaids protected themselves by EXPOSIN THEY tactics! It's a pretty long article with links so read it when ya have time. If the Quaids wind up DEAD now, there would be too much scrutiny & these REAL GANGSTA NIGGAS would have to scurry as they are all MERE COWARDS who like VAMPIRES, suck necks & dicks only under the cloak of DARKNESS. They wish to see me & you dead but we like FAME baby, we gonna live FOREVER!! As Public Enemy, Ice Cube & Big Daddy Kane once said, BURN HOLLYWOOD BURN!!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

HollyWEIRD has gone WILD!

Man it's rainin hard out there on this early November mornin. It's supposed to do this.......oh, didn't see you there. How y'all doin? This is the Blak Smith & we comin like this rain is. I sure hope my Haitian Peeps can maintain as this is probably residual rain from Hurricane Tomas. I hope the casualty level is low. Parade Mag is at it again. As she sold a million in her 1st week out, the Oct 24th edition has the new (sh)it gal, taylor swift on the cover in a very seductive FACE shot accentin her recessive blue eyes. Fuck Votin! As I've been reportin in my archived articles, Hip Hop has gone WILD, again the pic of kanye takin her award at the VMA's was in there on page 30. They wish to BURN that into your memory bank FOREVER! In the same paper on the same day, bill gates who by the way, wishes to kill you with vaccines, is interviewed by paul tough on schoolin children. When asked how did he turn himself into a different kind of student, he said that "when I was in the 8th grade, I scored the best in the state on a math exam. After that, my math teacher let me go off & do independent study & computer stuff. I also became good at relating to adults. When I'd meet a teacher, I'd say, "hey, tell me your 10 favorite books. I'd read them & then I could talk to the teachers about something they knew alot about." He also later said that he home schooled his young children & recommended a website named Y'all need to at least think about what he sayin as he wields alotta power. Knowledge is knowledge wherever ya get it from & knowledge is POWER! Why is 88 year old former golden girl, betty white all of a sudden a big deal? Fuck X-mas! Big up to the SF Giants for winnin the world series. Another BROTHER, Danroy Henry was killed by NY Police & though this didn't happen in NYC, did y'all know that the NYC PD pays out almost $1 Billion in payouts for police wrongdoin? Morgan Freemans wife is set to get $400 Million of his money as he will marry his step grand daughter. The Woody Allen Skkkool is now open!!Cuomo won governor of NY & the Freedom Party for BLAK PEEPO is now in effect. Everybody is sayin barry is done & good riddance as he was a plant anyway. You don't hear too many Obamanations speakin too loud anymore eh? What ever happened with that toxic sludge spill in Hungary? Who likes to be ENTERTAINED? How do you like to be ENTERTAINED? Let's get into that now as HollyWEIRD, like Hip Hop, has gone WILD!

With Obama's 2008 election, overall the collective
is more intolerant. I have a feeling, there is more 15

Those words came from russel rush from the Rolling Out Magazine dated October 28th with his face on the cover. The interview was by Terry Shropshire & rr answered some basic questions. Now, that quote above was much longer but I stopped where I did to show y'all that rr is really a so-called jew! After the anti-Semitism comment, he went on & said anti-others but he's BLAK or is he? HE DEFENDED another peepo first &.........This article today is gonna be about actors in HollyWEIRD & I only took that quote to say that like Sammy Davis Jr, rr needs to convert full time to Judaism & get it over with. He's been doin this for years now. No, today we talkin about Dennis Quaid STANDIN UP & sayin what we here have been seein for years. What we speakin of is seein stars dyin of mysterious circumstances & then buried never to be heard of again unless by the AP, UPI or Reuters who are controlled by these vary same Zionists. These series of events run paralel to Hip Hop has gone WILD! bcuz I said some of the same things back then. If they can't cheat you, they ruin you. If they can't ruin you, they jail you. If they can't jail you, they KILL you & assassinate ya character while doin it, KILLIN YOU TWICE! I got this info from When I saw this I was floored as I knew that it wasn't just about color but wow........they been killin folk & I mentioned that this has been goin on for some time but it's new to rap as THEY had to get the formula down. In an improptu press conference, Mr Quaid even talks about how his brother & fellow actor, Randy is a part of all this but fails to mention if he's in it knowingly or not. The cabal of THUGS after him he refers to as Star Whackers. He posits that Heath Ledger, Chris Penn & David Carradine were all WHACKED by these degenerates & THEIR goons. This is crazy!
So, now that it is more than obvious that there is a FORCE of ZIONISTS in ENTERTAINMENT who's buisiness is to see those deemed NOT WORTHY of riches bend & scrape, I am now glad that I never made it to the so-called TOP. We now see that there is alot more than meets the eye! I used to read the Source & XXL & read month after month about the atrocities perpetuated against young dudes from the Hood gettin jerked yet again! I still know some young dudes wantin to sign deals thinkin that it wouldn't happen to them as they see riches like in the videos. I think of Clones by the Roots when I think ahead. So if they doin all this to an older established white respected actor, what of 2Pac, Big, ODB, Lauryn Hill, Snoop or Kanye? With they level of influence & money makin abilities, you gotta do the sacrifices & it ain't always the artist themself wantin they fam dead. Mr Quaid thinks that THEY are tryin to kill him & his wife. Some like Kanye came out rebellious/militant & were forced into it. bush(it) came out yesterday & said that Kanye callin him out durin Hurricane FEMA(katrina) was the lowest moment in his administration. Just think, still talkin about that over 5 years later. The jury is still out on Jeniffer Hudson so if ya don't know, don't say. As they say about consparicies, you can't say what it is if ya can't prove it. This Mr Quaid dude can't prove what's goin on around him but he's been actin for a long time & has had these business partners for over 2o years. I think that that's more than enough time to know somebody & have an idea.

As THEIR time expires, THEY are gettin more & more desperate. They ain't hidin shit no more & like with the case of Bernie Maddow, there are always plenty involved BUT if ya know how THEY work, they let 1 guy aka the PATSY get busted. If the patsy doesn't talk, they get a nice room & are released with new identities & a whole lotta money for pleasure. If they tell, THEY either isolate or KILL that individual to get rid of the lingerin side effects as in a hangover. These recent FAKED terror alerts are gonna get more frequent & y'all better be ready for anything as it can go LIVE at a moments notice! They got coffins under Denver Airport & if ya know anything about the NWO, that is THEY HQ in the US. They got cattle cars, trailers & stun guns. They got all kinda SHIT. All I got is you-GOD!!!! Always know that wherever GOD is, there is no FEAR!!! Stay up & get ready for the ride of ya LIFE!!! PEACE!!!