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CLASSIC ALBUMof the WEEK # 4! Damian Marley - Welcome to Jamrock

To catch up on OUR LAST GREAT ARTICLE, go here;

Yes mi yout, the definitive Reggae/Hip-Hop with a lickle bit of every other Blak MUSIC in a dance hall. For this 1, WE must speak a lickle patois or the Blak english that JAMaicans speak. When this 1 came out, I was sailing pon the 7 seas & it brought Me thru some trying times ya know. Mon, to give y'all this 1 is b2a's way of saying WELCOME to the JAM whether it be a Jamaica W.I, Jamaica Queens or Jamaica Plain. Get with this 1 & learn what it really means to be Rasta from some of the greatest to ever do it seen! Here at b2a, WE embrace everything BLAK & hope that ya do as well. 1 LUV!

This 1 is for my REAL RIDERS -

Monday, December 28, 2015

Looking toward 2016!


So y'all THINK that all this SHIT I write about ain't gonna happen eh? Y'all are looking for that BIG ANNOUNCEMENT that ya FREE but nah, it ain't gonna happen like that & that is why lately, I'm just posting other articles so that ya can see it for self or SO WE HOPE. WE are so close & know that 2016 or 2 + 1 + 6 = 9 ETHER aka the number of COMPLETION in NUMEROLOGY. 2015 was the year of the TRIUMPH of the MELANIN that Tariq Nashid spoke of in the Hidden Colors movies. WE gotta make it all count & so don't think he would be RANDOM in naming a flick like that in this day & age!

Alrite enuff talkin Blak Smith! What am I trying to say here? What I'm saying is get ready for things ya never ever seen bcuz LIFE as WE KNOW it will SOON CEASE to EXIST! Let's get into some recent articles that I've found & get what ya want outta it but................

As was just stated, it is obviously “fraught with cryptic meaning and cabalistic symbolism” which requires further contemplation and anal........more at - Get High Tonight by Busta Rhymes

 It is legal to purchase marijuana in four states — Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington — as well as in the District of Colu ....more at


When DSK SUPPOSEDLY RAPED that AFRIKAN CHICK in a NY hotel a few years ago, I immediately smelled a FAT RAT! Check out what I had to say soon after it happened way BLAK when; Ok, what of my dude Dominique Strauss - Khan, the head man at the imf who wanted to see Third World Nations aka US, come up from POVERTY & told these nations how not to sign bad loans. Every other day now, they twistin this story into somethin else & now THEY are sayin that he is tryin to bribe the FAMILY. The ny post even had the accuser's FAMILY on the front page to elicit sympathy from those of you too STUPID to believe that this is true. Check the link here at 

After you check that out, check this here at The last IMF head, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was arrested on trumped up rape charges and dismissed from office when he tried to push the SDR as a US dollar replacement. The CIA was behind that operation, according to CIA sour.......more at

As of the 2010 U.S. Census, Connecticut's race and ethnic percentages were:

Connecticut was among 7 states to LOSE POPULATION in the last fiscal year, census figures show. Former Maine state ECONOMIST Charles Colgan, now at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterrey California says low population growth or the loss of residents as a PROBLEM across NEW ENGLAND. * - Black & White by Three Dog Night

White Women leaving White Men in record Numbers! What`s going on with the WHITE MALE AND FEMALE?;

Yea......WE hear the ECHOES out there & ya still not convinced?; 

The European Union's "dream" of integration is falling apart and member states face economic decline, a senior official has admitt..........more at 

Had enuff yet?; f cabal rule ends, then a jubilee (a one-time write off of all debts public and private), asset redistribution and a massive push to save the planet will make 2015, the year of the sheep in the Chinese Zodi.........more at

So there WE have it & hope that ya getting it! Instead of anti-Kkkhrists & all of this crazy ass warm weather WE been getting in the Northeast & storms all over the West & whatever else is happening, ya gonna wake up soon & everything will have changed! The queer ass so called queen & pope already told y'all that this was the last xmas EVER but did y'all peep that? This is the purpose of all these FALSE FLAGS & I bet most of y'all already forgot about that shit in vegas 2 weeks ago! If I say get on that list will ya look it up? "What LIST BS?" IDK but I want RESEARCHERS & not just passive readers. Here's to you & see y'all in 16! Oh & it's still WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* all BOLDS are mine. 

Friday, December 25, 2015

CLASSIC ALBUM of the WEEK! Part III - The Brand New Heavies - Brother Sister - Stay this way Forever

So..........this is where the SOUL went when it kinda disappeared after BEAT MACHINES took over here in the u.s eh? Who said that Blak's CLASSIC ALBUMS had to be popular, GREAT or FAMOUS? This group here along with the voice of N'dea Davenport ( more than fulfilled my SOUL & R&B jones when WE lost it here thru them jaKKKing OUR heads off along with other shit. Get into this here classic from the uKKK & just know that OUR SISTA is from LA or louisiana for y'all colored folks from down there! Peace & to all y'all that wish to be FREE, inbox Me as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) on fb. Til then, dream on DREAMER!!!!!!!!!! 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

101 WAYS to SEE how the DEVIL LOSES

DON'T BE TEMPTED TO LOSE HEART - Never give the enemy a place in your life through unrighteous thoughts, words, or deeds. That is the only way he can win. The blood of the Lamb and your testimony made you an overcomer. You have all the authority you need to stand and resist the enemy. So, do not be tempted to lose heart. Keep pressing forward. Keep believing. THIS JOURNEY MAY NOT BE EASY, BUT IT WILL BE WORTH EVERY STEP YOU TAKE: Wont, Faith, Jesus, Truth, Wisdom, Inspirational Quotes, Don T, Devil

Hey y'all, hope ya good since OUR last entry which was the sexy sultry Anita Baker gracing US with her sounds or COMPOSITIONS & in case ya missed it, here goes; WE hope that ya listen to that while reading this message that will go in on a lotta stuff that's been happening in local areas & internationally. It's been a minute since I last graced these pages so sit BLAK bcuz this 1 here will TRY & COVER ALL that I've missed since WE last went in. WE hope that y'all stay along for the ride bcuz this promises to be good as a lotta this stuff will be my OPINIONS & so if ya differ, be RESPECTFUL in doing so! Let's go!

Just the latest FALSE FLAG........... Female Killer In Las Vegas Shouted 'Allahu Akbar' As She Ran Over 40 Innocent People Last Night

What really happened with that downed Russian jet a few weeks ago? Well, supposedly turkey downed it bcuz it supposedly was in it's airspace but putin heavily disputes that & is imposing lotsa sanctions against 'em now. BTW, didja hear about this?; I betcha ya didn't bcuz them niKKKa's is doing what WE call SELECTIVE NEWSCASTING. That's pretty big news when a SUPER POWER fires on another & then sends a ship to protect those waters!

Did y'all hear about soetero signing the omnibus spending bill into effect just last week? This averts yet another governmental shutdown & that's at

In Argentina the other day, 43 POLICE OFFICERS died in a crash on a bridge & when I saw the story, I was immediately alarmed bcuz for that many to die is not a small feat. When I further read into the story, I found that they were really BORDER PATROL TYPES & check the last comment in the story; Border security has become a hot issue in Argentina as the country has emerged as a part of a route used for smuggling Andean cocaine to Europe & for human traffickers sending SYRIAN REFUGEES thru the Western Hemisphere.* 

Meanwhile, nyc is going thru another HOMELESS CRISIS & the mayor, de blasio had to cut the dude running it but keeps him on as an adviser.......smh & these lame ass tactics but if they would REGULATE RENTS so that beKKKy & kyle from iowa could pay the same rent..........

Stop-and-frisk is at a record low – and New York City is the safest it has been in years.............more at

The state is loosening rules for welfare recipients, making it easier for people to skip work ­requirements and still collect benefits. Gov. Cuomo signed a bill Friday that eliminates the automatic suspension of benefits when recipients don’t meet work require......more at

Paris was attacked by a false flag in mid November. There was a so called climate summit on Nov 30th & in it, they declared that they would cease using fossil fuels by 2030 but WE here at b2a have been reporting that it's OVER bcuz of Tesla's FREE ENERGY but check this out;

As if WE didn't have tuskegee, Henrietta Lacks & so many examples but..............

About 2 weeks ago, a whole bunch of asian ny police officers were BUSTED on corruption charges a year after the false flag of 2 KKKops getting killed. The question I have is why all of a sudden?

There are big charges of corruption and bribery against two NYPD officers at the 109th precinct.
They are accused of protecting drug activities at karaoke social clubs instead of clamping down on illeg.......more at

There was a katholikk priest who had a boyfriend that was extorting him for loot but priests ain't supposed to have sex &.............the Kkkardinal of the archdiosis of ny knew & plead ignorance when it all came out. Everything is going down yo!;

In entertainment news, this little reported story made me CRINGE.  "Kanye doesn't want North or the new baby to be on the show anymore," the source explains. "He is really mad that Kim and Khloe and their mom exploit Lam......more at - All FALLS Down by Kanye West

In keeping up with that last situation;

The TITLE says it all as in U.S. sells weapons to Taiwan, angering China.........more at How about the usKKKa provoking China in their territory?;

the Federal Reserve embarks on a new chapter in monetary policy, having raised rates on Dec. 16 for the first time in nearly a decade, policy makers are acutely aware of the risks pos.........more at

If you are in the nyc area at the beginning of the 2016, check this out as it looks to be VERY INTERESTING..........more at

There will be no prescription needed for HEROIN OVERDOSES bcuz on the low, most addicts today are KraKKa's;

I know y'all heard about that Kkkop who raped BW but what about this whistle blowing dude?;

Y'all do know that some TOP ny politicos are doing FOOTBALL NUMBERS in PRISON eh?;

This may be the very 1st movie I may go see as it talks about all of wall street's ILLEGALITIES;

What the HELL is going on?;

the PRIDE AGENDA is COMPLETE!; My question is, when did it start?

nyc area reports say that manhattan is too expensive making peepo consider moving to of all places, Jamaica Queens which is far from manhattan & possibly, the only fully BLAK NABE left in nyc or;

At the last meeting between john Kkkerry & putin, them ruskies told the u.skkka that REGIME CHANGE for assad aint gonna happen as I told yáll that the ruskies are now running shit! If ya dont beLIEve Me;

Why has it been so warm in the northeast lately? After a cold weekend, it has warmed up unseasonable yet again!

Did yáll hear that Iran test fired missiles in October & that the usKKKa is sanctioning ém again?;

Yáll do know that the pope has asked for YOU to PRAY for him bcuz hes just as GUILTY as the rest of ém eh? Yáll do know that he has already declared a JUBILEE eh? Their day of reconciliation was last Monday the 14th.

They still messing with dominique strauss khan or the dude who supposedly raped an Afrikan chick in a ny hotel room a few years ago but..............what's so creepy about this?; They trying to do this dude like they doing cosby!

By now most of know that a.i.d.s izza HOAX but what about this dude?;


Back then it was considered a mark of society to have a wet nurse so that your wife didn't have to do the breast feeding. Some women were ill after child birth. Forrest bought the only slave he personally owned partly because she had a little baby and his wife had just had one and was sic.......more at

And in other distraKKKtionary entertainment news; Wasn't she with james harden a minute ago?

Just like Blaks who came from the south & went back, REVERSE MIGRATION izza.........more at

And in more Mexican news.......................Mexico’s Supreme Court rules that smoking pot is a fundamental human right........... - Sunshower by Dr Buzzards Savannah Band

The WAVE of the FUTURE is here with this;

the u.s official said the u.s was CERTAIN that the latest delivery reached the intended individuals...........more at

New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer today released a detailed analysis of the City’s proposed rezoning plan for East New York, finding that the ‘affordable’ housing created by the plan would be too expensive for 55 percent of neighborhood residents, and that the new market rate units would be beyond the reach of 84% - See more at: 

Even though I don't like that he's gay, why did the judge let them go?;

Let's end all this on a good note; - Someday We'll All be Free by Donny Hathaway (Live Versio*

WE get BLAK to Y'ALL inna few days with Part III of Classic Album of the Week so look out for that. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR & HOLLA BLAK! 


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CLASSIC ALBUM of the WEEK #2 Anita Baker Compositions

Yea, this is for the TRULY GROWN & SEXY & like WE already told y'all, these classic albums will come in all shapes & sizes. I remember when this 1 came out & this will tame the savage BEAST in most. Listen to this 1 when having intellectual convo while sipping a cold Chablis. As this classic is not even an hour long, let Me get y'all to listening but since OUR last missive, so much more has happened & WE wanna put ya up on game. Get BLAK with US ASAP as WE cover that & MORE here at ya fave BLAK SITE, www.black2afr..............yea, YOU already know the rest! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, December 11, 2015

Dismantle a NATION - Part II  - Don't BeLIEve the HYPE by Public Enemy

WE gotta post the TRUTH bcuz them niKKKA'S is LYING every single time their lips are moving! If ya need to know of what WE speak of, check out Part I so that it makes sense; Things are getting quite interesting for those of US who really STUDY things like GEOPOLITICS & OURSTORY as WE blend, mix, chop & come out with conclusions. After all, what good is ANALysis if ya can't overstand it? Part I of OUR series, I posted an article which basically said that the imf ACCEPTED the Chinese Yuan into it's basket of currencies. Just to make it clear, check this comment from that very same article that I copied & pasted; The IMF decision reflects the declining influence of Europe in world financial markets. Or how about; In the new IMF designation, the IMF will give more weight to China’s currency than to either the yen or the pound.This currency, also known as the REMBINI is doing just like putin in russia which has SUPPLANTED the u.sKKKa in Syria. Can ya see yet what's going on as these articles need not be long? Bcuz of the importance of all this, I will repost the article so that yo denying ass could see it for yaself;

So, WE are now at 2 & what I was trying to glean to Y'ALL was what turkey got itself into by bombing that russian jet a few weeks ago. WE don't care what Y'ALL think bcuz WE KNOW that the usKKKa tricked 'em into doing it. The u.s is WEAK & cannot fight russia or china separately or together with all of their nato allies bcuz all parties have DEALS on the TABLE! The BRICS NATIONS have 68% of the world's population & WITH THAT.................? As I got that 1 from Ben Fulford & it goes any & everywhere saying so much so go check that & learn a whole bunch more & that's at

In the third segment was a crazy article on who they really are! Ya say ya already know about adam & eve & the curse of Ham blah blah blah but what ya know about WHAT & HOW he EVOLVED FROM? Ya ever seen these pics? Don't they always say that WE came from MONKEYS but pray tell, why have ya NEVER EVER heard of 1 of 'em tell ya WHAT & WHERE they EVOLVED FROM? Anyhoo, the article gets into the varied BLOOD TYPES & how the pool of it all got all mixed up. My head was spinning on that 1..............whewwwwwww! Anyhoo, as my REAL RESEARCHERS NEED OUR DOPE, here's the link at Tear it Down by Blue Magik

Now WE get into something that affects nearly every breathing body on earth & that's the price of oil. It has been said that the dinosaurs never existed & that these so called fossil fuels aka oil is actually the EARTH's BLOOD! I already told y'all short attention span MOTHER FLOCKERS that this was gonna be short but WE gotta make OUR POINT! Check this 4 minute video on what I just said; As well, whatever oil is, it's soon going out bcuz that FREE ENERGY that TESLA tried to get to the PEEPO WORLDWIDE can no longer be suppressed; Anyhoo, the posted article spoke on how oil going under $38 is gonna cause major major problems but all of the big boys already DIVESTED their MONEY while Y'ALL ate turkey & cake during last years xmas season! Anyhoo, check for yaself;

this 50 second video is SELF EXPLANATORY;

Finally, WE get to OUR LAST segment & the infamous AIIB or the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank or the VEHICLE that will once & for all utterly DESTROY the DOLLAR which is already on it's DEATH BED but bcuz ya thinking about xmas & bonuses, ya can't see it! Well, what can ya see?  Mr President - Janelle Monae

The universe conspires to help US but not in ways that are obvious to the naked eye. Are ya even up on this stuff bcuz ya gonna gonna need to know this stuff soon. To round this all out, the rothschild family is the ruling family on earth as WE speak. Their HQ is in london uk ( making the uk the EVIL EMPIRE that dictates where the CENTER of WORLD TRADE aka the WORLD TRADE CENTER was located until.............ok, the dough comes into nyc & then spread to the other centers as in the nikkei & the nasdaq etc etc, hope ya getting it. - Rage against the Machine Greatest Hits Full

That money then goes to the rogue pentagon which the zios hijacked like they did in Germany during wwII. By the way, angela merkel won time mag person of the year but who cares? The u.s took charge after all of those cold war nazi's (short for ashkeNAZI jews) came over & bought the shit that they was doing there thru george sherff aka SON of a BUSH & it's been on & popping since! Did ya know that the supposed royal fam mixed with 'em? Check this here at After ya check that out, check the reposted article at

 I aint perfekt but take it from ME

Not trying to convince ya & so don't got much more to say. Please support US by sending DONATIONS or better yet, the Blak Smith has written 2 books. They make great Kwanzaa gifts or can serve as INSPIRATION to those who wanna know what to look out for. You can get at Me at the above link, at my email address as or as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) on fb. Stay tuned as things get really interesting. WWIII is already ON & POPPING! As well, see y'all with the next Classic Album of the Week. Til it's PEACE, it's WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

DISMANTLE a NATION - Shut 'em DOWN by Public Enemy

So here WE are in december of 2015 about to go into 2016 & y'all don't know how much I'm suffering! I wanted this SHIT ended years ago & even I get a lil peeved at the way things are currently going but I don't ever give up! What are these things happening that keep getting covered up by all of these FALSE FLAGS? Let's talk about 'em here & DISMANTLE a NATION! 

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) added China’s yuan to its group of key global currencies this week, a historic development that gives new status to the world’s second-lar.........more at

We also now know from multiple, detailed reports, that the stolen oil is being laundered through Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. They countries are all ruled by Satan worshiping Khazarian mafia families pretending to be Muslim or Jewi........more at

This is done through vaccine, GMO and other factors. The theory is copper depleted blood can allow pathogens in vaccine to eventually go live. There is a reason the royals drink from silver, it is 15% cop......more at - Silver Shadow by Atlantis Star

The slump in oil and iron ore has sent commodity companies, and by extension stock markets, sharply lower again. Even a revival in the oil price - Brent crude is currently down 0.9% at $40.34........more at

Fuck what ya heard in this 50 second video endorsed by the FORMER secretary of STATE;

The Treasury said that UK membership will build links between the UK and fast-growing Asian economies. Britain became the first major western economy and G7 member to announce its intention to join the AIIB in March, but has been followed by France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg an..............more at 

Note that I didn't write any of these articles so don't go saying that it's just my opinion. Do ya follow this stuff & if ya do, does it make sense? Unless y'all say different, in Part II of the series, what I will do is break down each article HOOD STYLE so that the big words don't get in the way. None of the above articles are long so please check 'em all out & know that ya LEGACY is just around the corner but the wait will be the BEAR! Despite the craziness, I'm doing my best to remain I see ya sneaking in x-mas gifts so put Me on that list as I need MONEY! Help Me. WAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR til ya HOLLA BLAK!!!!!!!

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CLASSIC ALBUM of the WEEK # 1 - Brand Nubian 1 for All

Well hello there & how are WE on this most glorious of days? As usual, this is the Blak Smith & going into 2016, WE gonna start something NEW with CLASSIC ALBUMS that are classic IMHO. Being that Blak Peepo are what WE DO, WE won't need to get into why WE differ bcuz the last time I checked, this is OUR BLOG & so get at Me with what ya wanna see or just contribute to the cause. There's still a lotta great music being made out there so turn off that radio if ya wanna hear the realest shit & tune into what WE got going on over here. Yea...................just like that!

Just bcuz my main music is HIP HOP won't mean that I'll only be putting that in here. Nah, yo.......I'll be featuring the best of Blak Music including ROCK & ROLL so watch out for that. My qualifications will be that it must be older than 10 years, changed the game in some way & still sounds good today. Go back & throw back to a time when I hope that life was better for ya & enjoy the sounds of those dudes from New Rock City who made a huge impact on the scene in the early 90's, my dudes the Bran Nubians. Let ya lil 1's listen. Smoke that L & ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. 1!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Public Enemy - Fear Of A Black Planet - LP - Temple of Deejays - FEAR of a BLACK Planet by Public Enemy

In REALITY, this is all that they FEAR bcuz in their case, the FEAR is REAL as SCIENCE plays it all out! To be sure that a lotta what WE say is quite prophetic, this album came out in april of 90. I was catching the messages back then but now here WE are in almost 2016 & for now, WE hanging on. Just to remain current, supposed world leaders are meeting again in (gasp), paris of all places. They say that they are there for this climate shituation but those in the know say that they are talking about WHO gets WHAT in this grand chessboard & that's a book that I always talk about that ya need to check. Ok, WE don't need to get into it too deep bcuz this next link says it all & that's at Who are you to differ with bloomberg? Anyhoo....................let's finish this series so that WE can get into it.

Before WE start this segment, let's get ya up to snuff by posting Part III at The only way to make total sense of this is to read 'em continuously.

S - Oh yeS! Some regard the SUN as GOD but I'll leave that to ya to beLIEve or NOT! For years now, I've been speaking on this & as WE can see the SUN, WE know that it exists unlike that old white freraKKK. As well, stop saying Stupid Shit like, "I'm BLAK enuff & so I don't need mo' SUN." A lotta y'all have bcum lazy bcuz the SUN actually energizes US but after years of fans & air conditioning, they've even changed the way WE FEEL! In fact, it get's so heavy that right now in nyc, there's a theme of FEELINGS at a MUSEUM & that link is here at Another word for FEELINGS is SenSitivity. Do not allow SnaKKKeS in OUR midst. I'm SiriuS like B!

 I aint perfekt but take it from ME

T - so ya say ameriKKKa has TalenT? I would Tend to agree with that & not just in sporTs & enTerTainmenT but in so many other things as well. Who developed MA'AT? Who created MATH which is the basis for ALL? Technology is developed by the menTal thru the physical into an actual something. Them niKKKa's is johnny come lately's so don't let 'em Trick ya. WE created the cell phone, the lighT bulb & the Traffic light. WE would have helped Tesla had he lived long. Not to worry though as WE wait to Take over. Yea.

U - WE are the most UNIVERSAL PEEPO to have ever lived as WE can trace OUR illustrious past all the way back to the aforementioned SiriuS B but.................this can be bad or good depending on how & where ya fit into the equation. I wrote an article a few years back about OUR BODY PARTS & lo & behold, WE still seeing shit like this out there; WE are WORTH what they say WE are WORTH as OUR Melanin is WORTH way more than any precious metal. How much are you worth? As I said earlier, ALL WE got is US & if I can help it, it will stay that way. Like Sadat X said, WE take care of US before WE take care of others. Blak Peepo UNITE & let's all get down.


V - As a peepo, who has proVen to be more Virtuous than US? BP, stop playing Victim & die if ya got to! No need to be VILE & if ya don't know what it means, scramble the letters to come up with another word that means same. It's quite windy outside & that VANE is about to change directions. I know that ya want it tonite but WE must be VERY patient. At the end of the day, the spoils go to the Victors & that's YOU!

W - OUR WOMEN are OUR biggest ASSet & nothing changes that. For years now, I've been saying that if ya having relationship problems to stop BLAMING each other & put the focus on white supremacy which FORCES US to go outside of OUR NATURE to get the basic essentials that WE need in life. WE are that WAR within OURSELVES. WE got soul, class, respect & so much more so when are WE gonna learn to share that with each other? Our Wealth is in theWORLD so Wear it WEALTH. 


X - WE are the X-ray & the real thing while playing Xylophones with my dude Xavier. 1 of my favorite songs of all times is Leave our X's in the past bcuz they are passe.

Y - Yesssssssss! Y'all do know that they are dYing out right? Even though the birth rate for the Afrikan ameriKKKan has fallen to record lows, that's ok bcuz the average age of an Afrikan on the continent is about 23 which means that there will be more of US. The point is that Youth = Life & just like a beat, life goes on. As there is not much more to say to that, "why ask Y?" 

Z - so finally WE get to conclude OUR series & quite frankly, what a relief. Get that la-la together & on out. Wherever I go in life, I need my BW with Me. Any Zone or Zip Code from Zealand to WE also have great music from this dude ya prolly never heard of but ya should have; Do not stripe up like Zebra's! Now let's get this over with.

Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

This article will conclude the BBitB series & I hope that I've done the topic some well deserved justice. Just bcuz WE are at the bottom doesn't mean that WE can't soar to the top as at 1 time, WE had them where they have US now. They cannot fool Me as I've done all that's necessary to know who I am & that ya may know for SELF who ya are. Most of my articles may seem dark & dour but it's bcuz I get my info from their sources & if it always seems negative, please pardon Me but...........I wanna be FREE! Do you want that? If so can ya help US get there? What do WE do & how do WE get there? As I don't know all, let's get together & be allllllllright! Please cop 1 of my books & if ya want both, inbox Me as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) on facebook. WE can do this & to all of my peepo, WE from b2a luv US some US.