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CLASSIC ALBUMof the WEEK # 4! Damian Marley - Welcome to Jamrock

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Yes mi yout, the definitive Reggae/Hip-Hop with a lickle bit of every other Blak MUSIC in a dance hall. For this 1, WE must speak a lickle patois or the Blak english that JAMaicans speak. When this 1 came out, I was sailing pon the 7 seas & it brought Me thru some trying times ya know. Mon, to give y'all this 1 is b2a's way of saying WELCOME to the JAM whether it be a Jamaica W.I, Jamaica Queens or Jamaica Plain. Get with this 1 & learn what it really means to be Rasta from some of the greatest to ever do it seen! Here at b2a, WE embrace everything BLAK & hope that ya do as well. 1 LUV!

This 1 is for my REAL RIDERS -

Looking toward 2016!


So y'all THINK that all this SHIT I write about ain't gonna happen eh? Y'all are looking for that BIG ANNOUNCEMENT that ya FREE but nah, it ain't gonna happen like that & that is why lately, I'm just posting other articles so that ya can see it for self or SO WE HOPE. WE are so close & know that 2016 or 2 + 1 + 6 = 9 ETHER aka the number of COMPLETION in NUMEROLOGY. 2015 was the year of the TRIUMPH of the MELANIN that Tariq Nashid spoke of in the Hidden Colors movies. WE gotta make it all count & so don't think he would be RANDOM in naming a flick like that in this day & age!

Alrite enuff talkin Blak Smith! What am I trying to say here? What I'm saying is get ready for things ya never ever seen bcuz LIFE as WE KNOW it will SOON CEASE to EXIST! Let's get into some recent articles that I've found & get what ya want outta it but..............…

CLASSIC ALBUM of the WEEK! Part III - The Brand New Heavies - Brother Sister

Image - Stay this way Forever

So..........this is where the SOUL went when it kinda disappeared after BEAT MACHINES took over here in the u.s eh? Who said that Blak's CLASSIC ALBUMS had to be popular, GREAT or FAMOUS? This group here along with the voice of N'dea Davenport ( more than fulfilled my SOUL & R&B jones when WE lost it here thru them jaKKKing OUR heads off along with other shit. Get into this here classic from the uKKK & just know that OUR SISTA is from LA or louisiana for y'all colored folks from down there! Peace & to all y'all that wish to be FREE, inbox Me as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) on fb. Til then, dream on DREAMER!!!!!!!!!! 

101 WAYS to SEE how the DEVIL LOSES


Hey y'all, hope ya good since OUR last entry which was the sexy sultry Anita Baker gracing US with her sounds or COMPOSITIONS & in case ya missed it, here goes; WE hope that ya listen to that while reading this message that will go in on a lotta stuff that's been happening in local areas & internationally. It's been a minute since I last graced these pages so sit BLAK bcuz this 1 here will TRY & COVER ALL that I've missed since WE last went in. WE hope that y'all stay along for the ride bcuz this promises to be good as a lotta this stuff will be my OPINIONS & so if ya differ, be RESPECTFUL in doing so! Let's go!

Just the latest FALSE FLAG........... Female Killer In Las Vegas Shouted 'Allahu Akbar' As She Ran Over 40 Innocent People Last Night

What really happened with…

CLASSIC ALBUM of the WEEK #2 Anita Baker Compositions

Yea, this is for the TRULY GROWN & SEXY & like WE already told y'all, these classic albums will come in all shapes & sizes. I remember when this 1 came out & this will tame the savage BEAST in most. Listen to this 1 when having intellectual convo while sipping a cold Chablis. As this classic is not even an hour long, let Me get y'all to listening but since OUR last missive, so much more has happened & WE wanna put ya up on game. Get BLAK with US ASAP as WE cover that & MORE here at ya fave BLAK SITE, www.black2afr..............yea, YOU already know the rest! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dismantle a NATION - Part II

Image  - Don't BeLIEve the HYPE by Public Enemy

WE gotta post the TRUTH bcuz them niKKKA'S is LYING every single time their lips are moving! If ya need to know of what WE speak of, check out Part I so that it makes sense; Things are getting quite interesting for those of US who really STUDY things like GEOPOLITICS & OURSTORY as WE blend, mix, chop & come out with conclusions. After all, what good is ANALysis if ya can't overstand it? Part I of OUR series, I posted an article which basically said that the imf ACCEPTED the Chinese Yuan into it's basket of currencies. Just to make it clear, check this comment from that very same article that I copied & pasted; The IMFdecisionreflects the declininginfluence of Europe in worldfinancialmarkets. Or how about; In the newIMFdesignation, the IMF will givemoreweight to China’s currencythan to either the y…


Image - Shut 'em DOWN by Public Enemy

So here WE are in december of 2015 about to go into 2016 & y'all don't know how much I'm suffering! I wanted this SHIT ended years ago & even I get a lil peeved at the way things are currently going but I don't ever give up! What are these things happening that keep getting covered up by all of these FALSE FLAGS? Let's talk about 'em here & DISMANTLE a NATION! 

The InternationalMonetaryFund (IMF) added China’s yuan to its group of keyglobalcurrencies this week, a historicdevelopment that givesnewstatus to the world’s second-lar.........more at

We also now know from multiple, detailed reports, that the stolen oil is being laundered through Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. They countries are all ruled by Satan worshiping Khazarian mafia families pretending to be Muslim o…

CLASSIC ALBUM of the WEEK # 1 - Brand Nubian 1 for All

Well hello there & how are WE on this most glorious of days? As usual, this is the Blak Smith & going into 2016, WE gonna start something NEW with CLASSIC ALBUMS that are classic IMHO. Being that Blak Peepo are what WE DO, WE won't need to get into why WE differ bcuz the last time I checked, this is OUR BLOG & so get at Me with what ya wanna see or just contribute to the cause. There's still a lotta great music being made out there so turn off that radio if ya wanna hear the realest shit & tune into what WE got going on over here. Yea...................just like that!

Just bcuz my main music is HIP HOP won't mean that I'll only be putting that in here. Nah, yo.......I'll be featuring the best of Blak Music including ROCK & ROLL so watch out for that. My qualifications will be that it must be older than 10 years, changed the game in some way & still sounds good today. Go back & throw back to a time when I hope that life was better for ya…


Image - FEAR of a BLACK Planet by Public Enemy

In REALITY, this is all that they FEAR bcuz in their case, the FEAR is REAL as SCIENCE plays it all out! To be sure that a lotta what WE say is quite prophetic, this album came out in april of 90. I was catching the messages back then but now here WE are in almost 2016 & for now, WE hanging on. Just to remain current, supposed world leaders are meeting again in (gasp), paris of all places. They say that they are there for this climate shituation but those in the know say that they are talking about WHO gets WHAT in this grand chessboard & that's a book that I always talk about that ya need to check. Ok, WE don't need to get into it too deep bcuz this next link says it all & that's at Who are you to differ wi…