Monday, March 22, 2010

Nobodies Talkin & I wonder why.

As usual, BIG UP 2 all my Haitian Peepo wherever they may be in life. As the rains pour down all over there, the peepo, ONCE AGAIN are goin thru it only like THEY can & we have 2 know that it is because THEY kicked ass & din't ask questions. The soil is soaked with French Blood & 4 a long time, also with our sistern & brethern but what's new? Please remember them with every breath U take & as Clinton & Bush ravage their population, take solace that it aint happen 2 U YET. 2day's article will feature idle rants & hope U can do like Hines & KETCH UP. Lets go!
Where all my catholics at? Put another way, where alla those peepo who defend those that they don't even know? The very Pope himself is COMPLICIT in young boys bein molested as if this is new or surprising. Ayo, we talkin the POPE, the supposed leader of all religious deities in the world! I myself went 2 catholic school & a nun there tried 2 get at me but I wasn't havin that shit. I must admit tho, I was scared but I wasn't into that. Maybe I feel free sayin it now tho bcuz everything is out in the open. Do U hear that demon frequency in the On 2 the Next song? Better yet, have U seen the video? The ObamaCare Bill just passed & this shit is gonna cause major problems as the red in the Necker Party rears they head making this a racial issue. The bill is like when Reagan supposedly REFORMED the tax laws & in fact, he confused the hell outta errybody until....the next crisis. By the way, where all y'all don't criticize ObamaNations at now? My president is WHITE! Where's Kanye West at? I told y'all months ago that his takin over the stage from that Swift Chick was a front 4 him 2 be seen in the public eye as a fool so that he could go get his GRADUATE 3rd degree Mason status. Lil Wayne is in prison in NY. There was a 4.4 earthquake in LA 3 weeks ago. Chicago been havin 'em. NY, scheduled 4 September 2010. I saw Avatar & it was alrite. Some grown folk in Brooklyn cut up 2 young girls over beef. The Hood better be upset about it. If U eatin hydrogenalized oils, aspartame, monosodium glutamate(MSG) or Hi-Fructose Corn Syrup, U's a fool & U won't live past 55. If U 55 & still eatin it, I feel sorry 4 U. Cow's food is milk & milk is liquid meat. Anybody seen Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan or Tara Reid lately? Just wanted 2 see if y'all was awake as I don't give a flyin fish about 'em since Reggie broke up with the KK(k). Mayweather or Mosely? Coke or Pepsi? Coke or Heroine? Coke or a smile? Did y'all know that Wacka Flocka Flame is actually from NY? 2Pac is the voice of this generation & Chuck D was for the last(40 & over). Rakim is the God, KRS-1 is the don & Nas is the Bridge! Did y'all know that the US Military is now in Somalia? I wonder what resource is there? Anyone know where Africom gonna be? If U don't OVERstand me, U got 2 much time on ya hands & U need 2 get into YOURSELF! 2 my family & close friends, if U sick, I'm not gonna babysit U in the hospital & boohoo U. I'm gonna make U walk outta there well....if U listening. The way around that NOW tho is thru PREVENTION & if U ain't preventin it, don't complain later! If the ECONOMY collapses, what advice are U takin? When Marijuana becomes legal, will they outlaw alcohol? Make sure ya mj is organic & high grade. Do U luv sticky icky? Anyone famous that don't wanna be in this Satanic Shit is either made 2 look crazy like Lauryn Hill & Dave Chappelle, has a fam member killed like Bill Cosby & Michael Jordan or is killed for fightin it like Michael Jackson & 2Pac. Look at Jennifer Hudson now. Coldest winter in a long time & peepo still believe in Global Warming, SMH. Have U ever been a welfare recipient? Did y'all know that BLAK is the new BLAK? Why was James brown & why does Stevie wonder? Why do peepo keep askin me 2 stop usin slang & cursin? I don't FUCKING know!! Do y'all notice that radio absolutely sucks? Maybe it's because we lost our soul. What ever happened 2 the STOP SNITCHING campaign? The original Jews are from Ethiopia. The so called Jew is from a place called Khazaria. They are KHAZARS! There are jews & then there are ZIONISTS. Work or unemployment? Why are we here? When the Natural Order of Things go BLAK in place, will U be ready or is it him again talkin that BLAK SHIT? Can U honestly say U luv yaself? What's ya credit score? At what age did U finally mature? Do U care more about ya spirit or money? Why is Lupe Fiasco not as well recognized as Snoop? Where U at? Who U with? As 2012 nears, CA will plunge into the ocean & Austr.......U know this rite? Why is U puttin alla ya biz on Facebook? I called U & why din't U HOLLA BLAK? Why do I keep finding peepo's cell phones? I also found $1 a few days ago & boy was I happy! I luv Jill Scott & Erykah Badu so much, I'm gonna actually BUY they albums. Do y'all real eyes that U can know almost ANYTHING with all of the search engines available? Are baggy jeans even in anymore? When U see a dude 35+ saggin his pants, what do U think of him? How old is old? Free Mumia! How come a rapper NEVER came outta Portland OR? Does the rain put out house fires? Do U look behind U after a dump? Which hand do U use 2 wipe? I use toilet paper when available. Are U gonna look 4 a mate on the other side of the trax if U can't find 1 where U at? U can hate me NOW! Nobodies talkin & I wonder why.

Friday, March 19, 2010

2 All My Peepo!

This 1 is a LIVICATION 2 alla my peepo who have been there with me thru thick & thin! The peepo who know me & my spirit & would help instead of criticizing. For anybody readin this, I aint no 9-5, bread & butter type;I'm a different type & U LOSE when U try & figure me out. Those who have the visison of a Malcom, of a Martin or Dr Ivan Van Sertima, OVERSTAND me & accept me as I am & I know I ain't perfect. As I don't write for beginners, I hope if this info gets inside U, U doin the knowledge aka researching 2 know 4 self exactly what I speak of & I sincerely mean this MAN!
This shout out goes out 2 my Baba out in Ghana, my man Daudi. When I was there & most turned they back on me, he encouraged me & never lost faith in me. I need 2 shout out my gal Rybble as she was there 2. Shout out goes 2Lisa out in PA whom I still keep in touch with. Luvin the vibe yo. A BIG shout goes out 2One Africa & Mama Ima & Crew. Uncle Bill, U da man & hope ya Dad makes it out there! A very big shout out 2 my dude, Daniel, a Ghanian whose heart I believe was in the right place but b4 I left, I didn't get wit U & thats my bad. It was crazy man! Big shout 2 Daoma & I know how 2 find U when I touch back down there. My girl Tauri, much luv & keep on makin sweet music. As well, 2 Jahwi, Delassi & Blak Rasta who I heard on the radio telling Ghanians 2 stop getting over on Diasporans in Ghana, we HEAR U loud & clear & if I gotta say it onna blog, glad if someone there says I'm biggin U up from the United SnaKKKes. Ayo Mindy, do that edumacation stuff & holla when U need a break from the norm as I am not normal. I want 2 send a big shout out 2 all at Alliance France for having the best venue 2 do shows in all of Accra in a natural enviorment without charging an arm & a leg. Big shout 2 Afua Angel & Angel who is still there now out in Cape Coast doing her Doctor thang. I would also like 2 thank, everyone at Kotoko Airport who treated me so lovely when I was leaving.....So many wives 2 marry. Big shout out 2 Bro Andrew & Sista Ayenzu & as a matter of fact, big shout 2 everyone on the Africa for the Africans Tour. We keepin it tight here & makin sure them nuts & bolts got grease on 'em. Toward the end of it all, y'all made it possible for me 2 be there with y'all & I will always remeber that. Big up 2 my surrogate family, the Weathers Clan for putting up with me for so long & a special shout 2 Marcus, both of y'all & y'all know who y'all are. How about my buddy Wise? Next drink is on me! 2 Shan Money, keep them pics going on FB. 2 my ThugMade Peepo, do that STUFF! 2 alla my fam who stuck behind me no matter what as I'm not only a Blaksmith, but the BlakSheep, thanks & y'all get special mention here. TSteezie, Deidre Martinez, Larry, Marva, Elda, Anna & much 2 many 2 remember now. I don't forget who show's ABSOLUTE LUV. Don't think because I don't really keep in touch that I ain't thinkin about y'all! Finally, 2 George, Paul & Carmen, thanx & the plans are coming slowly but surely. Can't forget my dude Eric in NYC, a fellow music man & great resource of information. We run the streets of NYC & this ain't no drug talk neither! What, y'all thought this blog was always gonna be about gloom & doom? Finally, we get 2 Mugabe, Mahdi & Bomani. Ayo, those dudes rite there.....Nothin but 100% pure luv as the song goes. I most luv straight up peepo & them dudes....what can I say. Bomani got 6 jobs & never ever stops movin. Shit, I be tired when he moves. U know he a Jamaican with about 6 or 7 or.....20 jobs & can do anything. Yo Rell, I hope U readin this cuz I ain't forget U neither. 2 alla y'all, I gotta give it up 2 my just gone homie, Jus Luv who passed away almost 2 years ago but will remain in my heart forever with his crazy ass. Ayo, if U know me & U wanna beef about why I ain't include U, get at me & blast me as I am a GLOBAL citizen having had travelled all over the world. Yeah, things could be better or they could be worse but Africa for the Africans is going going, back back to Ghana Ghana! We going black2Afrika so watch out for us & we comin strong, ya HEAAAARRRDDDDDDD??????? Peace 2 ALLA MY PEEPO, 1MILLION LUV!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm just Sayin Tho......

Chile, Haiti, Turkey, Chicago, Japan? Natural Disasters is da way 2 go huh? I wonder where next. Natural Disaster after disaster. Cold ass weather & we supposed 2 be in da last days of Global Warming with glaciers da size of states supposedly meltin. HOAX! Yeah, 2day's article will jus be random rants & ramblings from somebody who jus has 2 hit U with imagery & wordplay bcuz as 1 of da greatest ever said, "God gave us music so we play with our words!" (Talib Kweli on the Manifesto) Wat words will we play with 2day? OK, got some. Yesterday while at a gathering of Blak Peepo, a brother I just met a lil while ago found it appopriate 2 jack a discusssion about music. I was makin a point of sayin IN MY OPINION dat Biggie & the Game are 2 of da greatest LYRICISTS 2 ever do da HARDCORE GANGSTA rap on a PURELY SONIC LEVEL! All SONIC means is sound as in voice, pitch, delivery, cadence & wordplay. His contention was dat 2PAC was da greatest & then he proceeded 2 finish da convo 2 himself & a few years ago, he prolly would have baited me 2 argue BLAK but 2day & 2morrow is a new day. As a music man from da BRONX, da birthplace of HipHop, I am an expert on da genre & was there from Day1. Mind U dat doesn't mean I kno everything about da artform & neither am I da best at wat I do(MC DJ & teach) but I kno 2 myself dat I'm GREAT at wat I do. Bein dat he JACKED da whole convo, I let him talk til he started singin off-key 4 attention. Anotha discussion I had with some other Brothers was resolved bcuz they thought dat we were apologists 4 KraKKers bcuz we blamed all of our very REAL problems on them. When we clarified dat complaining while doin nothing about it is da REAL problem, a consensus was reached & no need 4 chest beating. U see, we now live in da days of SELF-GRATIFICATION & dat's why 2 many young dudes be killin each other. U will find, if 2 opposing forces negotiate long enuff, they will come 2 an agreement of some sort. With guns & other weaponry so readily available, fights dat used 2 result in just fights now come 2 ya mornin paper with 2 dead, 4 injured & 3 more in prison 4 life & more. Who invented instant death? Yeah man, we gotta alotta shit with us & a long way 2 go. My outlook in life is very interesting as I look at peepo 4 who they are silently & go from there. This let's me know tho dat we are in da rite frame of mind bcuz any BLAK MAN in da US who ain't mad is Krazy. When it come down 2 it tho, who U mad at? U know, I'm just sayin tho.....I tell peepo when they say dat, they about 2 say some BULLSHIT!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Divine Intervention or.....

Just a shout out 2 alla y'all & don't 4get about our Haitian brothers & sisters. Keep them in ya prayers, meditations, thoughts & somewhere in da front of ya minds. I told y'all after dat disaster dat there would be more coming & if ya din't kno, there was 1 in Turkey jus last week. I told y'all 2 not send money 4 relief bcuz out of $250Million USD, THEY SAY dat only 80Million reached those in need & who do U personally know there dats countin dat money? I told y'all dat acts of GOD or natural disasters would increase so as 2 seemingly send aid & yipppeeee......invade away. Those of U faithful enuff 2 follow me onna regular basis kno da drill aleady & shit gonna keep on happnin. As da sayin goes, when white peepo catch a cold, we get da flu. Hey, I'm just sayin tho......
Ok, now dat we got those formalities outta da way, let's get into our article & talk about GOD! Lately, I be on FaceBook & YahooChat & all these interactive Networking Sites & peepo postin articles about shit whites do 2 Blaks dat ain't rite & I'm like.....SMH. Now 4 da uninitiated, this may be like, "wow, I din't know things were this bad but now dat I'm interactive & I like JimBob Lewy, damn, he always be postin some messed up shit THEY do 2 us at da same time blowin my high!" My point in sayin all this is dat da shit been happnin, is happin rite now somewhere & will continue 2 happen until U do somethin about it. 2 many peepo on these sites read up on shit like da Jena-6, da young lady in MO who almost got 15 years for skippin a line at Wal-Mart & GOD forbid if Monique don't win dat Oscar 4 her role in dat Precious movie. Now, in & of themselves, all these topix were newsworthy but WTF are U doin? Cases go 2 court with us obviously not deservin ANY prison time & we be thinkin dat GOD is gonna provide justice, blah blah, yakkety yak, yak yak yak. GOD this & GOD dat! Do U kno who U are? Da devil doin shit in real time as da Judge is da Father, da DA is da Son, da Sherrif is da Grandson & his lover is also screwin da wife in an incestuous family in law & they all Satan Worshiping Hatin Niggas. 2 many of us are REACTIONARIES & at this time in our lives at least 2 me, a REACTIONARY is a saboteur, whether it be purposeful or inadvertant. This is a time 2 recruit & not alienate those who may need more info. I have a sista who used 2 always tell me dat, we should have gatherings where no 1 talks or lectures. We should jus gather & MEDITATE as those who have been doin da knowledge kno wat must be done & jus do da work & keep it movin. Readin a book like Destruction of Blak Civilization or Blueprint for Black Power gives us all da ammo 2 do wat we should, but whom amongst us is really doin anything different? We & I include myself need 2 get offa dat I'm BLAKKER than U shit! Most of us still work 4 'em. Most of us still close our eyes & picture ya favorite dude, Jesus as white but notice how most peep's don't mention KKKlinton as da 1st Blak Prez anymore. Just about errytime I see KKKlinton nowadays, there's a bush nex 2 him & I ain't talkin about pussy. Y'all Talkin about GOD & if U ever stopped 2 think about who it is, U would slap yaself silly 4 allowin ya Mama 2 indoctrinate U without takin at least 2 or 3 looks elsewhere. U bought some BS hook line & sinker. I was once a vikkktim of shit 2 so don't sweat dat. Where U lookin now?
GOD! GOD! Oh GOD! Holy KKKrist! Oh Lord! Jesus, da notorious, Please us wi........don't front, U know I got ya open.....Blak 2 GOD. A few questions about GOD. Is God religion? If U say God is not known, how can U explain him/her? U say dat errything has a beginnin & end rite? If God was always there, where did he live as da bible says, in da beginnin, he created HEAVEN & EARTH. When did God name himself? Why would God create peepo & then make a copy of those peepo 4 US 2 be exploited by THOSE bastardzed sons of bitches? When & where did those Bastards appear & what is THEIR genesis? Wouldn't any peepo make religion stem from they culture? Why would peepo make a religion 4 da benefit of foreign cultures? If God is so GOOD, why are we not? Why doesn't his/her color matter? Why can't it be an androngynous God? Who is ya God? Ayo, U kno who my fave Wu-Tang Clan memba is? U-GOD
Stop worryin about defeatin THEM. We ain't gonna do shit but call on GOD when THEY come 4 us however THEY come & WHEN they come. Some will fight & live while others will cower & die & errything in da middle. Thru history, THEY are da only peepo who have sought 2 make weapons & da only thing THEY can do now is kill more of us faster & as quiet as kept, THEY just gonna take as many BELIEVERS with 'em as possible when they make they own abyss. We ain't gonna make nukes, create submarines or create Intelligence Agencies unless they fund it 4 us 2 snake each other out 4 pennies anyway. Stop talkin shit Blak Peepo! Those of U who KNOW in ya heart & mind dat we are ALL FAMILY & we MUST do 4 US, U already won & U don't yet know it. Da days quicken & evil lurks not 2 live much longer & U make dat decision between da red or blue pill. Stick it out, stay alive, luv ya peepo & do wat U can where U are as 2 da best of ya abilities. I can see clearly now da rain is GONE thru DIVINE INTERVENTION. DA BLAK MAN wit da highest morals & principals is GOD!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Old Skool HipHop

Shorty I can take U there.....Yeah, blak 2 da hood! Blak 2 1368 Webster in da 10456, da Original ZipHop Code. I'm talkin 1978 til about 86, blak in them days when power from da street lites made da place dark. Blak b4 cd's, digital anythang & if U wanted 2 hear dat raw in da park at nite jam, U had 2 carry a big boombox & mad tapes. Dudes even used 2 make pause tapes & if U don't kno wat dat is, dudes used 2 record from da radio usin da pause button on dat boombox which will soon be phased out. Yeah, HipHop in its rawest form was started out in da Bronx, in da park, despite wat MC Shan sed on da Bridge but dats 4another place & time. Y'all need 2 ask about PS 63, Echo Park & anyplace KRS1 spoke about. This entry here is gonna be 4 those old enuff 2rememebr da time & those who came from dat time but don't remember as they our children, nephews & in some cases, grandchilluns. Yeah, da days dat trees was sold as "loose joints." Da days when we drank Quartz of Ole E aka Old English. Yeah da days when we used Bambu Rollin Papers. Da days when Lee Jeans was king & even better if U had a permanent crease runnin thru 'em. Da days when Brooklyn was still playin disco music. Da days when U was chillin, U was FRESH! Da days when U could still have a fair fite as ya REP depended on it. Guns BLAK then was 4 real beefs & a fite was a fite. Da days when Cadillac was da car everybody wanted. Blak when there was a peckin order, meanin dat there was a place 4 da nerds, athletes, players, stick up kids, brainiacs & da ever existent coo guy dat could go into any of these groups & still be dat coo guy. NY was da only trendsettin city in da US at dat time & if U wanted 2 make it big, U went there or LA. Da days Break-Dancin was respected as much as da MC & da DJ was da feature. Da days da Transit System was a movin NYC museum. Da days when most 20 year olds would ask, "who dat is?", in reference 2 who was poppin then. I'm talkin about some of da greatest as in, DJ Kool Herc, Grand Master Caz from da Cold Crush 4, Waterbed Kevy Kev, Funky 4 + 1, Afrika Bambatta, Grandmaster Flash, Melle Mel, da Crash Crew, DJ Blackjack, Breakout, Baron & Charlie Chase. All of these groups are from Harlem(Uptown) & da Bronx & da reason why da Bronx gained it's name, da Boogie Down cause there was always something happnin there. Da drug of choice them days outside of chiba(weed) was Angel Dust aka PCP. Ole Skool HipHop used 2 use melodies of nursery rhymes, familiar advertisements & even songs dat were out at dat time as choruses. We used old disco, rock & funk songs 4 their powerful bass bottoms & bass lines layerin them with hot ass rhymess. Songs such as Big Beat, Good Times & Dance 2 da Drummers Beat come 2 mind. We walked miles 2 find dat jam as word spread thru da hood about dat jam here near or wherever. U had 2 be tuff or be frontin like U was cause U was in anotha hood & we know da hood rite? Some went & stood by da ropes checkin da DJ. Some kept they distance & listened 2 da words by da MC's. Some decided 2 make up dances wit they peepo's. Some gathered inspiration wit they paint game & sprayed wat they heard. A mishmosh of Blaks & Latino's was da South BX in them days & we was gettin it in & I seriously think dat none of us thought dat HipHop would become what it is now. Dat's how we as Blak Folk are as when I was in Ghana, peepo would tell me how they did things & I would be amazed & they would be all, doesn't every1 do it this way? Da average Afrikan speaks 4 languages. I sed Afrikan & I mean everywhere! So 2 my Any of y'all thinkin Eminem is da king is a Sucka! Peepo, kno dat da South Bx gave y'all HipHop & kno dat peepo got rich offa it & it belongs 2 da BlakWorld. Simply put, da game is eucked bcuz da Krakka incorporated it & sed, this is wat it is. It came by way of Afrika, thru Jamaica, 2 da Bronx & BLAK 2 DA WORLD! Dats my interpretation as 2 wat Old Skool HipHop is & just like Blak life is concerned, it's now time 2 return it 2 it's natural essence. Nas was 4 years early when he sed dat HipHop died. Like immature dummies who BRAG about doin jail time as if it's nothin, we now have figures who BRAG about not havin lyrics & PROUD of it. Y'all been dummed down & LUV IT! Nah Nas, HipHop ain't die, da commercial shit KILLED it as peepo blame da radio & not seekin wat would nourish 'em. Da underground is now where da soul is at. Support ya local underground stuff. HipHop lives & watch 4 how we comin wit it soon! We takin it BLAK!!!PEEEEAAAACCCCCCEEEEEEEEEE!!!