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WE left off with this 1 at Beautiful Me by Donnie

I gotta LIL RANT & this 1 is to blow off steam bcuz aint SHIT changed since OPERATION SAVE TITO but still, VICTORIES have been had bcuz of some recent REVELATIONS aka the TIMES WE ALL LIVING in! Their days of INJUSTICE are over! MAAT shall be restored & once again, RESPECT will equal LOVE! Ya see, the MEEK or HUMBLE shall INHERIT the EARTH & how could WE not? LIFE now has a whole nother SHINE so lets see who gets INDICTED & ARRESTED tomorrow! I gotta whole GANG of niKKKas her who are HACKING & BLACKING names but my WRITING about it is my PROTECTION! I aint stupid enuff to think that EVERYBODY is against Me yet wise enuff to know that I cannot TRUST none of ya ANYMORE! Trust that WE are gonna see each other down the line & soon! Some of yall are gonna pay back in BLOOD & just know…

b2a presents the Roots ‎– Things Fall Apart Full Album

Image One Shine

This wont be long but..............say goodbye to LEGALIZED RACISM! Goodbye to MANdatory vaXXXinations! Get ready to spend MONEY backed by GOLD! Yall already kinda used to STRAIGHT TALK from NY! Aint it DIRECT STRAIGHT to the POINT with NO CHASER? Oh, I get it, ya cannot RELATE! Well........just get ready to see them niKKKas that do the NAY NAY in PRISON STRIPES unless they just BODY themselves 1st & thats if they aint already DEAD! What up to all of my GANGSTALKER niKKKas even if I do not acknowledge ya in them streets! Ya bosses is about to get INDICTED or a word that yall are used to! Get ready to build that WALL bcuz MOST TERRORISTS are coming in from Mexico & this aint Me saying it! Get ready for Trump to DRAIN the SWAMP & like Blak & Dee Nice, did not KNOW HOW WEDID IT! I will be the 1 asking the QUESTIONS! Ya see, the average EMPIRE lasts about 500 years but the usKKKa will not even make 200! The COSMOS…


Image Searching to find the 1 by Unlimited Touch

Those of ya who know Me know that I absolutely HATE anything that has anything to do with PEDOPHELIA! As well, by now most of ya know that I too am a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL who is constantly GANGSTALKED! Any household name that ya know who is worth morth than $20Million is more than likely a PEDO bcuz when ya worth that much, they gotta be able to OWN ya so asto keep them SECRETS! Check this very short video & see what the HELL WE talking about yall! The DEEP STATE is DESPERATE & therfore, DEADLY as Trump DESTROYS that ASS! The dnc has to get rid of hilary! Rumors by Timex Social Club

This aint gonna be long but I really feel for this dude & wanna help him but he has to help hisself & release those names like MF TODAY! If I, the Flaveus Jones a virtual NOBODY who is not FAMOUS like child star, Corey Feldman can be TARGETED for GANGSTALKING &am…


the TABLES TURN as the CROSSES BURN remember, YOU MUST LEARN!!!!!!!!!!! MCs ACT like they dont know by KRS1

Man, this 1 is gonna be LONG, HOT & HEAVY so read at ya own RISK! As well, as this is super PERSONAL, allow Me to ask ya to read this when ya have time bcuz this 1 is near & dear to my heart.& with that, lets get right into it! the Clap Back is Real by Diamond & Silk

Do yall yet get that LIFE as WE have KNOWN it has already actually CHANGED? Yall went ahead & elected Trump ya PRESIDENT & commander in chief. Well, as he is older than Me, I may be thinking like him but on a micro level & WE gonna explain all that & more in this very interesting article here! Have yall noticed that those who CRITICIZE Trump disappear as fast as they came with that criticism? I notice that a lotta yall niKKKas who cant stand him have slowed down on the extra shit talking somewhat li…

5 On The Black Hand Side an Old Skool Movie

So much going on but I gotta keep yall ENTERTAINED! Gimme 5 on the BLACK HAND SIDE!

b2a radio presents Estelle - Shine

the BEAUTY of Estelle! I wanna LOVE You

Ok, WE back & there is absolutely too much going on but WE gotta GIVE YALL SOMETHING & with that, WE got the BEAUTY of Estelle for ya auditory PLEASURE! Come on, who did not just luv this London Chick after she paid tribute to all of her American Boys? Though I love that song, the reason why I put this album out is bcuz it is now my TIME to absolutely SHINE as I have FREED myself from yall system of SLAVERY! In all actuality, my LIFE has just begun so yall get ready to LOVE Me unless of course you are a HATER & if such is the case,......................keep on living ya life! Right now though, its about the MUSIC & so Estelle................give em just a TOUCH! 

Estelle Fanta Swaray (born 18 January 1988), simply known as Estelle, is a British singer-songwriter, rapper, producer and Grammy Award winner from West London, England. In league with other contemporary British sirens like Amy…


Image Complexion by Kendrick Lamar
The queen of dark skin will be appearing for the first time in Harlem, New York with her off Broadway production of the play, A dark skin woman’s revenge. This is a one-woman show where Rashida plays 5 characters. The show will take place Saturday, November 4th at the Maysles Documentary Center located at 343 Malcolm X Blvd in Harlem. For tickets visit To reach the queen of dark skin for bookings and appearances about her work and its impact or to book the Dark Skin Activist Tour, email
Get to Know Rashida Strober, the world’s first dark skin activist and the inventor of dark skin activism. No one has done what she has done & know that she is not just the flavor of the viral moment. Nahhhhhh.......sure millions came to know who she was through her commentary on the Rapper Kendrick Lamar back in 2015. Rashida’s commentary on the rapper took the world …


This is Larry Davis & if ya do not know who he is, do some RESEARCH & find out! Hate by Organized Konfusion

So now, THEY got some SHIT for US just after KNEELGATE & Vegas eh? The peepo who are at the BOTTOM have again been viKKKtimized by SHEER STUPIDITY & this all has BIG SIGNIFIGANCE bcuz I just discovered weeks ago that I was/am being GANGSTALKED as a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL! Ya see, I do not have to PROVE to anyone that the DEEP STATE is seriously LOSING bcuz all of this BULLSHIT that they do not have to be doing...................them niKKKas got peepo like Me as a blaKKK Identity eXXXtremist but for them I gotta BIG PIECE of eXXXKKKrement for their MOUTH! I gotta lotta yall SCARED of the type shit I SAY! Ya get uncomfortable & will not even DARE entertain what I speak & in fact, SELL Me OUT in the PROCESS of that same FEAR! Man, lets get into this! Oh Shit by the Pharcyde


eXXXposing T.I Part IV - the CONCLUSION

To get the full HIT, please check Parts I, II & III at, &

I would put a link of the movie up but all of èm arent the type of QUALITY I like & so......... Check Yoself by Ice Cube & Das Efx when peepo ask Me WHY my LIFE is so FUCKED UP, I can finally point to being a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL & so when they say I am CRAZY I can say FUCK YOU with AUTHORITY! This is still a peeling onion so get a load of this article.

gang stalking 1. What is gang stalking

Gang stalking is a form of community mobbing and organised stalking combined.Just like you have workplace mobbing, and online mobbing, which are both fully recognised as legitimate, this is the community form.

Gang stalking is organised harassment at it's best. It the targeting …

eXXXposing T.I Part III

Image Crazy by Gnarles Barkley

Yea......they are trying to get Me THINKING that I am CRAZY & if ya dont know what WE saying, check Parts I & II at They are really trying to go in on Me & as I see who it is, THEY gotta change their TACTICS & writing this is my PROTECTION aka those who CARE about Me HELPING ME when they see this! Inside Bitch & Lil Ugly Monster are really trying Me but cant win! I lost my MAMA behind a lotta this BULLSHIT & so yea.....the pic above named the tavistock institute is the PLACE that DEFINES POLICY for all countries paying the english commonwealthe a TRIBUTE*. My book, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die below gets started there so please support if ya able to.That there is a word that ya dont know the true meaning of & so look it up to know the real. Being th…