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b2aradio presents The Ohio Players - Greatest Hits

WE will not take up yall time but WE taking this 1 back to OHIO, where the real PLAYERS be at! So go & take that ride on the Love Rollercoaster! Eat that Soupbone! Make sure ya put out that Fire! WE must be in HEAVEN! Yea........WE keeping it super FUNKY like Grandpas old sock drawer! Get into those dudes from the Midwest and wanna send a big salute to a BAND tha stands the test of time but I feel did not get enough credit, the OHIO PLAYERS are in the MF BUILDING! Stand the Fuck Up! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That HARD WHITE on white KKKrime

Image Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas

Well, well well,,,,,,,,,,for more than 40 years now WE have been hearing of the infamous Bob C or what was normally known as Black on Black Black Crime but what about his ILLEGITAMATE BASTARD Brother WOW C aka White on white crime? WE seriously ask this Q bcuz it seems like them them niKKKas is DYING out every time my eyes open & mostly from OPIOID OVERDOSES from so called LEGAL DRUGS! Who remembers the KraKK epidemic from the 80s when niggas was selling everything & the kitchen sink? Cracked Out by Master of Ceremony

For the most part, it is THEM who seems to be dying from this EPIDEMIC THEY wanna label a PROBLEM sorta like when Loretta Lynch told KKKomey to call an INVESTIGATION a MATTER! Just a few days ago, I saw this headline that inspired this story so follow & see where this goes at

Too Many Bodies in Ohio Morgue,  so Coroner Calls in a Death Trail…


For this to make better sense, WE refer to OUR 1st article here at

Philando Castille...........Peace GOD! 

This does not need to be long but the point must be made! Blacks Law Dictionary defines SOVEREIGN as the possession ofsovereign power; supreme political authority; paramount control of theconstitutionand frame of government and Itsadministration; the self-sufficient source ofpolitical power, from which all specific political powers are derived; the internationalindependenceof a state, combined with the right and power of regulating its internal affairs without foreign dictation; also a political society, or state, which is sovereign andindependent. See Chisholm v. Georgia, 2 Dall. 455, 1 L. Ed. 440: Union Bank v. Hill, 3 Cold. (Tenn.) 325; Moore v. Shaw, 17 Cal. 218, 79 Am. Dec. 123. "The freedom of the nation has its correlate in thesovereigntyof the nation. Political sovereignty is the assertion …


Image HATE by Organized Konfusion

Hey yall! Lately, I have been thinking of my LEGACY & what will peepo remember about Me in the FUTURE when I am OLD or gone. With that, what is it gonna take to let yall KNOW that the KraKKas hold on ya is over? Yea, its over but ya will not beLIEve Me & so...........? Ok, so what WE trying ro do here is show the ways that they USED to & that your IGNORANCE perpetuates this HELL that most of  US are trying to LIBERATE from. The 1st 1 I will use was the letter that .pee w. botha sent to his CABINET during the dying days of apartheid. Ayo...........YOU are NOW SOVEREIGN & it is your BUSINESS to find out how to MANIFEST OUR OWN MANIFESTO! Lets get into this.......................

Pic of TRUE FREEDOM aka Winnie Mandela! by Joi

Botha speech 1985: THE FOLLOWING is a speech made by former South African President P.W. Botha to h…

Awake - full movie WE MUST stay WOKE!

I gotta start this article by saying that this movie isnt all that great but what it actually is was the movie Get Out 1.0! Stop forgetting that sometimes, WE have to check MEDIA & not be ENTERTAINED & as I wrote the DEFINITIVE EXPOSE on the entertainment industry.............

Anyhow, the reason I posted this movie is bcuz WE need to see these things over & over to know that there aint NOTHIN NEW! You can call em SATANISTs, CABALISTS, PEDOPHILES, ZIONSTS, REPTILIANS or the DEEP STATE:::::::::::this shit involves EVERYMFBODY so KNOW THAT! That friendly & smiling Doctor may have been sent to ya to FINISH the JOB! This need not be long & so........stay WOKE; stay ALIVE but most of all, stay AWAKE! Enjoy ya movie as ya get EDUTAINED! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRR…

Trump MONEY from A to Z Part III - the Conclusion

Image Rumors by Timex Social Club

Man this 3rd one promises to be on & popping yo! WE last left off at P & please Pardon Self for neglecting to include the Pope & the infamous P2 Lodge, perhaps the highest lodge of what they call the Zionist/Globalist/NWO/Illuminati/Satanist/Paganists/Pedophiles/Reptilians. They need a real big WAR bcuz YOU are witnessing the FALL of the WHORE of Babylon! Man these Rabbit Holes get deep! Who remembers this from the Recent Past? And where in the hell is P diddy these days? How about when Ovomit said that is(not)real CANNOT OCCUPY Palestine forever?

Ok.....WE got thru the Ps so lets continue! As this article …

Trump Money from A to Z Part II

Image Punks jump Up to get a Beat Down Bran Nubian

I suggest that when ya read this that ya have enuff time for the video below bcuz if ya at all interested in any of this, it EXPLAINS things in depth! If not well then...........WE continue to go in! When WE last left off, WE left off at G & above is that ever classic pic of Trump Gangstering his way to the front bcuz he was the MAIN ATTRACTION that day in Brussels! LOFL! The lightweight he shoved is like a scrub that got dunked on in basketball! This is why I am now OFFICIALLY riding with DJT bcuz he does UNPREDICTIBLE SHIT keeping the DEEP STATE off balance! Today though, like Hewlett Packard, WE going from H-P! Why not join in? Happy People by R Kelly

To Me, HP means Happy Peepo bcuz HEALTH = WEALTH = HAPPINESS & what more can 1 have than that? The very last prez that bucked the system was Kennedy & WE know what happened to him! When raygun…

TRUMP MONEY from A to Z!

Image I wanna be RICH by Calloway

Welcome back to yet another super edition of b2a & how WE about to be RICH bcuz as quiet as its kept, things are happening BEHIND the SCENES! WE are trying OUR hardest to give it to yall straight & uncut so that ya READY even though very few hear Me though.........some of ya are reading this right now & probably saying yeah, just like ya said that December 21st 2012 was gonna be that date. I have spoken on the Global Economic Reset before & its only a matter of time that WE see some RELIEF! Some of your better INDICATORS of things to come was brexit & Trump last year & as WE go, more stuff is coming! So now, get with US as WE go from A to Z to see what exactly is popping off. If ya got ideas, send em along bcuz with US putting OUR heads together.........WE may just figure all of this out! Some of the info will have links & some won´t........... for now, the DEEP STATE is shaking in thei…

Prison Song Full Movie

Image Vows by Keon Bryce I have a song by Eric Roberson Prison Song by the Yard Vows by Keon Bryce

WE even supplied yall with the SOUNDTRACK above!

For some reason, most of the MOVIES WE LUV wind up getting panned by the CRITICS but as Method Man once said, WHO GIVES a FUCK? It has been a minute since I posted a flick & this 1 here is as good as any if ya ask Me! WE got the almighty QTip doing his thing & he was quite impressive in my humblest of ya popcorn, ya drinks & spark that el to get into this 1. Just know that WE at b2a luv ya but the need to be entertained must be…

b2aRadio presents the Goodie Mob - Soul Food

I hope that yall read this before ya listen and why not check the BEST SONG that they ever made at least IMHO at Man, it seems like 1996 was 3 years ago instead of the 21 that passed US by and WE still wondering WHO is that PEEPING in the WINDOW? With 1 Million niggas INSIDE its hard to tell! These dudes were the 1st to TEACH about the DIRTY SOUTH! They taught Me to KEEP FIGHTING for my SPIRIT and MIND something MOST of US are INCAPABLE of for FEAR of losing JOBS and HOMES! FOH and check this BREAKING VIDEO about how Ovomit and the DNC is about to go down at then, keep bouncing to the GREAT MUSIC and see yall in FREEDOM!