That HARD WHITE on white KKKrime

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Well, well well,,,,,,,,,,for more than 40 years now WE have been hearing of the infamous Bob C or what was normally known as Black on Black Black Crime but what about his ILLEGITAMATE BASTARD Brother WOW C aka White on white crime? WE seriously ask this Q bcuz it seems like them them niKKKas is DYING out every time my eyes open & mostly from OPIOID OVERDOSES from so called LEGAL DRUGS! Who remembers the KraKK epidemic from the 80s when niggas was selling everything & the kitchen sink?

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For the most part, it is THEM who seems to be dying from this EPIDEMIC THEY wanna label a PROBLEM sorta like when Loretta Lynch told KKKomey to call an INVESTIGATION a MATTER! Just a few days ago, I saw this headline that inspired this story so follow & see where this goes at

Too Many Bodies in Ohio Morgue, 

so Coroner Calls in a Death Trailer

But this dynamic is not just happening in Ohio though........during the 80s, yall favorite demoncrat with the last name of KKKlinton said that THEY would bring SUPER PREDATORS to HEEL like DOGS! So just maybe now yall can see in just 1 way how WE are still WINNING though it does not seem so! STAY ALIVE bcuz ALL THINGS DO CHANGE AROUND! The ultimate OBJECTIVE is to WIN & LIVE ANOTHER DAY! 

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So take a look at yaself BLAK PEEPO bcuz WE are now in a position to take over as ya smoke that BLUNT & SIP lightly on some WINE! But before WE go off topic a few more Qs such as Who is DOING the SUPPLYING? Who is TRANSPORTING it? Who is BUYING & SELLING? Who is DUMPING OD bodies at the hospitals? Will the ACCESSORIES be JAILED? Why is this new shit 100 times STRONGER than the regular street grade Heroin?

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To answer the last question, WE go to the 2 biggest factor & 1 is FENATYL & the 2nd is CARFENTANIL & THEY drop that info here at This will let ya know the REAL!

Just let it be known that like GENTRIFICATION, this OPIOID EPIDEMIC is WORLDWIDE! Who remembers Boy George & that FIASCO? Who recalls Phillip Seymour Hoffman? How about George Michael? Or how about the movie up above set in various European locales? But wait, it gets BETTER............them not so righteous types are going out another way as well & that is in the realm of NON REPRODUCTION bcuz for the most part, a lot of these ODs are dudes who have yet to reproduce! Their already at -0 BIRTHRATE & all of their best EXPERTS have been telling yall this for over 100 years but yall dont hear Me though.Yea yo, ya woman wants Me but I save em for the real niKKKas & THUGS that WE need to get rid of anyway! Becky & Sue with Daequon & lil Ray Ray who carries that gun he so lil........they still my niKKKas though bcuz they are gonna BREED yo ass outta EXISTENCE so make up ya mind! And do not bring ya DOPE to the HOOD! 

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So I am about to get outta here but can ya now see why the WAR you probably have not even thought of in a while rages on in Afghanistan. As WE ASCEND into the NEXT DIMENSIONS, WE are to leave behind what makes US feel good for what is actually good for US! I aint advocating SWIRLING but niKKKas gotta do their job yo! WE tend to think that THEY aint SUFFERING but SUFFERING they are & to that, all of you PIECES of SHIT BLACK or WHITE doing DEVIL SHIT need to go POSTHASTE! What WE cannot do, NATURE will! Til then, that HARD WHITE on WHITE CRIME will continue! I even gotta needle for ya! WAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Confusion by Aleem

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