Saturday, November 26, 2016

Classic Album of the Week 36 and 37 the Jackson 5 Greatest Hits/MJ Greatest Hits

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In this 1 there will be nothing but singing along going on so no need for many words!

CLASSIC ALBUM of the Week # 37

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WE do not just inform.......WE ENTERTAIN the mind with what WE HOPEaint nothing but the BEST! Get with US in the near future as WE guide yall thru! For now, enjoy OUR BLACK ROYALTY! Peace.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Classic Album of the Week # 35 Floetry - Floetic

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These chicks did the 2000 British Invasion via Philadelphia Soul & was it IMPRESSIVE! These 2 hit the scene like a STORM & it has been ON & POPPING since! These ladies from the uk came over & did their thing & unfortunately broke up but not before making their mark with this album & the followup, Floology. Being that this was all a few years ago I hope that they reunite to give US that special hotness that they came with.............get into this 1 & Hey You! Before I was the Blak Smith my name was Big Ben. Its getting Late & so I better put this out. There will be no Subliminals & so get them Butterflies out ya stomach. You wanna fly? If I was a bird........................Enjoy the MUSIC! 

Monday, November 14, 2016


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Today is gonna be kinda HOT bcuz today WE are gonna evoke what the Ancestor Dr Frances Cress Welsing as taught to her by her MASTER TEACHER, Dr Neely Fuller spoke on. What WE gonna break down here is the 9 People Activities and how it affects ALL of US azza peepo! Some of US may be familiar with these 2 since the book, the Isis Papers but to those who did not read it...........get it or least read that MASTERPIECE! 

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As I have covered this subject plenty of times here on this blog & in both of my books I aint perfeKt but take it from Me and Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die, I will not make this long but hopefully when done, I will have been OVERSTOOD so let US get right into it. Going by alphabetical order, the 1st dynamic WE will speak on is ECONOMICS.

1. economics - People do not wanna hear this but the older I get the more I see that WE really do not need MONEY! When the world catches up to that WE will be in a much better place an do WE TRANSACT BUSINESS Blak Smith? WE gonna go BLAK to TRADING as the TIMES are a CHANGING! WE are already in the TRANSFORMATION PROCCESS bcuz the BRICS SYSTEM between Russia and China are LIVE with Trump ready to back the Dollar under the GOLD STANDARD making GOLD MONEY AGAIN! There is enough for EVERYONE on this planet and so.......WE gonna be alright! For Economics Matters check Dr Claud Anderson at Dr Claud Anderson and Dr Bob Law say We must Unite Economically to Move Forward

2. education - the 2nd on the list and very important! To those who are educated, why and what are ya educated for? Going forward should WE continue the model of reading, riting and rithmetic? Of course not! What needs to happen is like what my Big Brother says here at Dr Booker T Coleman - Educating Our Youth for the 21st Century.

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the LINK to buy this expose is at

3. entertainment - Most of US probably think of entertainment as not necessary but BOREDOM is DANGEROUS especially for the YOUTH. As a researcher and as inquisitive as I am, the question that I always have is WHY? I wanna know EVERYTHING including why OUR BEST ENTERTAINERS always flip out or die early? I wrote a book exposing the entertainment industry and just some of the reasons those peepo do crazy things. I went in something heavy like in this lecture at the United African Movement in Brooklyn and here it is at REAL HIP HOP is BACK so check that brand new A Tribe Called Quest at 

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4 labor -  have yall noticed that in the last 3 or 4 years that there has been very little talk about the JOB SITUATION? Stats on that used to be a weekly thing but now I guess its BORING to talk about it. Not having a job to some is like it must be YOU at fault but...............look, EVERYTHING is gonna CHANGE bcuz the EARTH is ABUNDANT! Labor actually means HARD WORK like having a BABY for a woman! Most of US get our SUSTENANCE from JOBS but check this out and see why the WORLD as WE know it will SOON CEASE to EXIST at or how about this at George Carlin the ameriKKKan Dream Best 3 minutes of his Career.
EVERYTHING is gonna CHANGE! Me talking about Trump is not bcuz I support him but bcuz whether ya like him or not, he is gonna SHAKE EVERYTHING UP! 

5. law the law as WE know it will go back to the Earth and what it provides as it was all gotten with NATURE! It takes MIXING a whole bunch of REAL STUFF to make FAKE STUFF! WE must all remember that the very 1st Law of Nature is that of SELF PRESERVATION! So how are WE educating OUR CHILDREN when it comes to the LAW? Are they learning SPIRITUAL LAW aka MAAT? Are WE teaching them about great minds like Solomon? Steep self in a body of DISCIPLINE that is JUST and follow those LAWS to the letter. GOD is LAW bcuz when RAs ERECTION rises.............1 plus 1 equals 3 if ya know what I mean and if its TWINS???????????

6. politics Politics is merely the HANDLING of people in a given society with the euro determining that the MAJORITY RULES! To those of ya who thinks that they always tell the TRUTH.........being that trump just won the (s)election and I see a lotta peepo reacting ya know what this dude is doing behind the scenes or are ya still in REACTIONARY MODE? Have ya ever seen a party outright REJECT a president elect like the RepubliKKKans are doing to him? Have ya asked yourself WHY? What do ya know about Pizzagate? Well........check that out at

For those many citizen journalists who are in the know, Pizzagate was immediately recognized as the scandal that will literally take down the U.S. Federal Government, after it dissolves the Democratic Par......more at the Scandal that will take down the Clintons, the Democratic Party and the US Federal Govt

7. religion As I absolutely HATE RELIGIONS, I will not spend much time here but I no longer even tolerate convos about em so please, dont try to convince Me that I should beLIEve. What will the very few of you who still beLIEve have time for when this SWITCH OVER becomes FINAL? True SALVATION comes from within and Malcolm Xs Life is a TESTAMENT to the real POWER of TRANSFORMATION! I honestly think that had he lived to be an old Man that Malcolm would have EVOLVED past RELIGION and would have become a STATESMAN something like Paul Robeson. That SPELL from GOD will soon be lifted so get ready bcuz too many BLACK WOMEN are VICTIMS of this dynamic. Next!

photos1.jpg Hero by Nas

8. sex In my opinion, the last bastion and know that these DEVILS are way too EVIL! They knew that the way to turn the BM into a HOMOSEXUAL was to imprison US, CHEMICALIZE US, brainwash US and thru SEX FARMS during SLAVERY, pacify US! Lately I see a lot of peepo especially BW dissing the hell out of POLYGAMY without knowing any of the reason as to why it exists. I am constantly telling peepo to become RESEARCHERS to know WHY it exists and until ya know...........not to talk much bcuz ya just blowing SMOKE about something that has existed for a very long time! Right now I have nothing but bcuz I know what is to come I am gonna have to beat yall Ladies off with a stick. There are also SEXUAL LAWS that WE are going to have to observe. Til then.............

9. war a CON FLICK! Where there are peepo there are WARS but all WARS start with SELF! War should be learned thru books like the Art of War and others like it. A young man I met in Atlanta wrote a book named How to Hustle and Win who goes by the name SupremedaGodofUnderstanding that you should check as well. Well anyway going forward let US hope that the WARS aka COMPETITIONS will cease and that those 62 persons who OWN most of the wealth give some of that money up. I am telling yall now that most of ya do not know what is coming but as far as I can see its all GREAT! The rothschild family is responsible for almost every WAR in the world as they FINANCE both sides all the while raking in that dough! Check this song that also speaks on the 9 Peepo Activities at

Resultado de imagen para rothschild funding wars memes Stop Being Greedy by DMX

So ya see.......when 1 knows this kinda stuff, why would I wanna fight YOU Blak Peepo? If I could get ya to OVERSTAND that this dude above and peepo like him are the reason as to why there is so much HATE in the WORLD I could get ya to BUILD with Me but.............ya gotta get there. WE shall soon see so HOLLA BLAK ASAP bcuz its just about over for these niKKKas! 

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Resultado de imagen para pic of president beer If I were president by the Pharcyde

What the FUCK is wrong with yall? As if VOTING ever saved yo ass! By now if ya aint left the country like Me and not bcuz of this VOTING SHIT...............most of US have already been thru the WORST and who notices that since hitlery supposedly collapsed at the 911 ceremony in NY that the False Flags have all of a sudden stopped? What did increase though was those that the KKKlintons have killed since the days of Wild Cowboy Slick Willy! 

So........I hear that ya boy Donald Trump was voted for u.s president! Roll that around in ya mind for a while and make it mean what it means to you but just imagine.........a lotta yall reading this now had family members who 200 years ago were actually in chains and shackles! In my unthinking days I used to say that old tired shit about Im moving out of the country bcuz of guiliani-bush, etc etc. Suck the shit up and get over it bcuz at the end of this day WE really do not know what the fuck the Donald has planned. With that let US get into a new part of all this. If I were President by Wyclef

First off, the electoral college votes the supposed POTUS in! Who are these people bcuz as long as I have been living I have never met anyone who admitted that they worked for this entity and TRUST Me, I have been around! If yall who went Obama Crazy have not learned that the office of president is for a PUPPET FIGUREHEAD Idk what to tell ya but........have ya ever heard this quote..................."Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws." as said by mayer amschel rothschild

Resultado de imagen para pic of mr burns and rothschild together Funky President by James Brown

As Idk what the hell I be talking about, maybe Montgomery Burns said that but what about that still sitting niKKKa prez who FORGED his birth certificate after Trump pressured it out of him? All of them niKKKas is going to the FIERY PIT as far as I am concerned. In other words, where are all of my OBAMANATIONS at? I still can not get a direct ANSWER from any 1 as to exactly WHAT that niKKKa did for the Moors of the usa! Those who dare try always talk about those FREE PHONES, obamacare and whatever but who remembers that initiative supposedly where that niKKKa was supposed to provide 4 TRILLION DOLLARS for that I am my Brothers Keeper Initiative? If anyone got anything from this please advise here bcuz I sure never met anyone who did! 

Resultado de imagen para pic of hillary in jail Hey Mr President by Janelle Monae

So is that BIAAAAA and her hubby and this last admin going to prison now or later? Wait a minute.......did not the Blak Smith post an article as written by Benjamin Fulford say that the above BIAAAAA was DEAD after that collapse in nyc just 2 months ago? ( I really do not know what the fuck is going on but WE need some answers yo! As well, the fbi has dropped the case again but now all of the other ALPHABET BOYS such as the nypd, dhs and others can take this on. Ya gal Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner are going to sing like SONG BIRDS! Everybody including barry soetero will soon be looking to make deals! Supposedly the BIAAAAAA sent over a BILLION to qatar so lets see bcuz all of them previous niKKKas have international arrest warrants on their asses! I am talking about the last admin as in the sons of a BUSHES!

Resultado de imagen para pic of morgan freeman as us president Black President by Nas

So as far as I am concerned, that nigga uptop is just as viable as ya boy Trump. Or how about Me as ya write in candidate like ya boy Dick Gregory won in 68? What about ill stein? Do yall know that most of the MARIJUANA LAWS were passed in the states LEGALIZING or DECRIMINALIZING it?

Resultado de imagen para pic of marijuana farm How to Roll a Blunt by Redman

Ayo Black People, MAN and WOMAN the fuck up and suck it in bcuz this is what ya got for now! Bcuz trump is backed and protected by Putin, expect things to get better! If ya like NATIVE NEW YORKERS then ya should at least like what trump is doing! When I say that I do not mean that ya have to love him for him but that direct NY ARROGANT a Hip Hop artist, he has to appeal to all ameriKKKans so stop worrying about the KKK and them type peepo. Did not Barry say that he was ameriKKKas president and proceeded to give SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS their DUE as in GAY MARRIAGE or am I wrong? Good luck but WE still have 71 days to see what they gonna do! Good Luck MOTHERFUCKERS! Native New Yorker by Odyssey

Monday, November 7, 2016

Classic Album of the Week 34 --- Busta Rhymes When Disaster Strikes Woo Ha by Busta Rhymes

This is #34 and pretty soon ya gonna get yall 2 a week bcuz this is a Series and if WE going by the year, WE way past week 34 but my LOYALISTS remember that I had to FOCUS during the peak of Operation Save Tito bcuz I was in WARRIOR STATUS but get this, after the no (s)Election tuesday,( ya LIFE is CHANGED FOREVER and the CRAZY SHIT is WE DONT KNOW HOW JUST YET! Do you out there think that this is about just another election? Anyway............the TITLE is APT bcuz the DISASTER like the EMPIRE STRIKE is on THEM! Let this unacknowledged REAL MC get his SHIT OFF! LIFE is going on! May just BAKE a COOKIE later.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Classic Album of the Week #33 Minnie Riperton`s Greatest Hits

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the BEAUTIFUL Minnie Riperton aka the GREATEST VOICE EVER!

In this 1, it is gonna strictly be about the SINGING DIVA named Minnie Riperton who started out with an ensemble named the Rotary Connection. This Diva had some pipes in there yo! I once met a dude who told Me that Minnie was given BREAST CANCER by the industry bcuz she did not want to stay married to her husband richard rudolph. Damn WE lost a big 1 but she left US a fine catalog though she only lived to be 31 years old. Before ya get into that catalog, check some of her stuff from her Rotary Connection Days! Enjoy and HOLLA BLAK bcuz all the SHIT Ive been talking about for years is coming! Those high up politrickians is gonna get theirs as EVIL will be ushered out! I am the Black Gold of the Sun Peace at Last Black Gold of the Sun by Nuyorican Soul as inspired by Minnie Check the Rhime by ATCQ inspired by Minnie

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


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Well...........SHIT is about to hit the FAN but Black People as a whole only need to watch this show happen! Anybody out there who even remotely knows ANYTHING about that bitch above better be quiet until she gets INDICTED! Unless ya been sleeping under a rock lately, by now, you have found out that the BITCH up above supposedly had more emails found on her Assistants laptop. The name huma abedin comes to mind aka, the estranged wife of former NYC congressman, anthony weiner, infamous for SEXTING underage young gals. I aint gonna make this too long bcuz WE have a lotta ground to cover but in looking back, what is the relationship between those 3? Did mr weiner have something on Hil? Check out what I found while browsing earlier today..........

why did Comey do this? And why now?

Since the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails and the Clinton Foundation were deliberately stonewalled and set aside by the Obama Justice Department , there’s been a major morale problem at the Bureau according to various sources. Comey understandably had lost the respect of many of the agents, there are quite a few resignation letters on his desk and it’s at the point where, reportedly, a number of people won’t even return his greetings and limit their interaction with him as much as possible. Reportedly, even his wife was disappointed in him and kept urging him to admit he was wrong when he said Hillary shouldn’t be char........more at

Just to let yall know who she really is, I am going to put just 1 of her MAJOR CRIMES here and as the ACCUSATIONS are not mine, do not start saying that I do not like her blah bla blah etc etc..........

According to Clinton Cash, the total donations from Uranium One shareholders to the Clinton Foundation exceeded $145 million, in the run-up to Hillary Clinton’s State Department approving the Rosatom deal, which gave Russia control over about 20 percent of U.S. uranium..........more at

Let US get into our next customer and his name is really Donald Drumpf! Do the RESEARCH if ya do not beLIEve but............

Resultado de imagen para meme of a jailed trump the Final Countdown by Europe

In this dude, he is just as dirty but was not a politrickan and therefore cannot be held to a standard but note how both of these niKKKas are somehow beholden to the Russians. Before the 8th of november, they gonna have to both come clean but check out what else I foumnd while doing some friendly neighborhood browsing..............

Back in 2008 Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr, told a New York Russian real estate investors conference that a “lot of money [is] pouring in from Russia”. “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets,” he added.

A lot of the money was destined for the 46-storey Trump Soho hotel and condos project on Spring Street, which was partly funded by group of questionable Russian and ex-Soviet state billionaires. The building was embroiled in a Manhattan district attorney investigation into fraud alleged by buyers, until Trump and his partners settled out of court.

Much of Manafort’s relationship with Firtash was exposed in a 2011 racketeering lawsuit that was later dismissed. It described Manafort as aiding the mogul in moving his wealth out of Ukraine and into overseas assets. Firtash is currently under indictment in the US, and Deripaska is banned from entering the country due to ties with organised crime 

Should we be worried?

I’m going to say yes. Anytime there are people with these ties to foreign powers that have interests that do not align with our nation’s or our allies’ best interests, people need to sit up and pay close attenti.......more at

At the end of the day, the emails are really the COVER STORY to distract from the PAY to PLAY POLICY but have yall noticed latelty that no one is talking about ya boy Barry? How about this that came out over the news a few days ago? According to reports, late Friday evening the White House quietly cancelled all of Barack Obama's future campaign events for Hillary Clinton.Or how about this at

Resultado de imagen para meme of a jailed obama

Obama Knew Of Hillary Server? (Used Codename/Lied About It) Breaking: FBI Found He Used Hillary Private Mail (Video)............more at Stress by Organized Konfusion

So now WE get to the name of the article and though Idk what is going to happen, I sure think that there will be NO ELECTION next Tuesday! These REVELATIONS are coming at this time bcuz their TIME is UP as determined by the COSMOS! Most of ya have heard the expression as the world turns but how about may you live in INTERESTING TIMES! Too many were quick to dismiss Me after the Mayan Calender date of December 21st 2012 but here WE are not even a whole 4 years later and as I used to always say, to the UNIVERSE, 100 years is a finger snap! Scandal by Ultra Nate

So.......I have not even touched the surface of all these SCANDALS & niggaz & niggerettes is still talking about VOTING! Yall must be CRAZY but WE gonna take ya thru! Lets see what happens in Part II. WAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!