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Image Caught Up by Chubb Rock

I have not been keeping up CONSISTENTLY & so in this 1, what I wanna do is KETCHUP on some of the STUFF that I havent covered since WE last spoke! That last joint here got a response of epic porportions as we finally eXXXposed farahKKKoon & his silly ass antics! Yall gotta know that this 1 Woman 1 Man Shit is super played out as WE move into the FUTURE!  Now that I caught ya up just a little, lets get into todays article & whether ya like it or not, ya gonna LEARN today! case ya been sleeping under a rock lately, the above pic is of Kim.comof wikileaks & the recently deceased DNC LEAKER, Seth Rich.  As a lot of US are not into politriKKKs, allow Me to make ya AWARE as to why these 2 guys could bring down the DEEP STATE any day from now.

Ok, Seth Rich used to go by Panda aka his online handle. He was hired by the DNC as an ANALYST to trap him as the DNC knew that he had been leaking those…

eXXXposing farrahKKKoon!

Ya might wanna check this out before ya get into the posted article! Under Love by Melba Moore

Hey there & welcome BLAK to yet another edition of b2a & today, WE are gonna eXXXpose ya boy farrahKKKoon & I do not care who dont like it! As I have already had the MALCOLM vs the noi Argument 1000 times & still stick with Malcolm, SO WHAT? The ONLY JUSTIFICATION I need is that Malcolm & MLK have been gone for a long time now while those who would vilify them live to be old men such as KKKoon & messy Jesse! Always remember that if I did not write the article, do not waste time getting at Me bcuz if I post it, it doesnt mean that I agree with it 100% either..........I may just find it all INTERESTING! With all said, let US get into this article that I renamed & enjoy as all these FRAUDS are exposed! Yesterday, zbigniew zbresnski died & if ya d…


Yall know as in RAVING...........Come on now, yall know that I gotta put a little paint where it aint & as I have not written an article in so long............This 1 however will be short but packed with info. For some recent reports on sorta related stuff, I suggest that ya check out this most scathing report at Ok, on with the RAVINGS of a MAD BLAK MAN! Ooh Child by the Five Stairsteps

I seem to remember a few months back when all these RUMORS of WARS started that so many of yall was all up in my inbox telling Me that it was on and popping & as I was on it like that 2 years ago, I overstood but today is a NEW DAY & I do not see it happening the way yall do. In fact, I will explain a little later in this very article how I THINK it will go but before that...............I will let yall know that most of ya are not …