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So.......BAMBATTA is a PEDOPHILE!!!!!!!!!

This pic was taken from Looking for the Perfect Beat by Bam and the Soul Sonic Force.

So.....let US get a little into exactly who this Bambatta dude is. WE quote from Lance Taylor AKA "Kevin Donovan" (born April 17, 1957), better known by the stage name Afrika Bambaataa, is an American DJfrom the South BronxNew York. He is notable for releasing a series of genre-defining electro tracks in the 1980s that influenced the development of hip hop culture. Afrika Bambaataa is one of the originators of breakbeat DJing and is respectfully known as "The Godfather" and "Amen Ra of Hip Hop Kulture", as well as the father of electro funk.Through his co-opting of the street gang the Black Spades into the music and culture-oriented Universal Zulu Nation, he has helped spread hip hop culture throug....more at

WE skip thru time and come to NOW where Bam as he is affectionally known as a PEDOPHILE! WE here at b2a aint gonna describe him as a GAY MAN because a GAY MAN would not have SEX with a CHILD and I do not care how old someone looks.......if they are UNDERAGE, they are still CHILDREN! This all came to be known as Ronald Savage wrote a book named Impulses, Urges and Fantasies. Once I was advised by a BROTHER on facebook that Bam had that HAND SIGN up in the above pic, I knew something was amiss but let Me tell yall how this all works as I was very involved in chasing a record deal in NYC in the 90s. 

Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

This book, my MAGNUS OPUS, tells about just some of the things I have seen as a result of chasing that record contract but never getting it. Though it does not get into the Zulu Nation, I drop it on HOW IT ALL REALLY WORKS! Get yours and as the link is provided, get it soon! 

In the late 90s, I heard from a friend that there was gonna be a meeting at the Harlem State Building on 125th St. As I had nothing better to do, I came thru and Bam was there holding it down with a whole bunch of dudes. As it was a COMMUNITY EVENT, there was no set topic and when the A.I.D.S section came up, Maria Davis spoke on how she was h.i.v positive blah blah blah. Those who have been reading Me for a while know that I always say that AIDS is a HOAX and so after, I told her that, she gave Me this look like I was BLOWING UP HER SPOT and when someone else got her attention, got away from Me saying she would get my info but never again making eye contact. In other words, like Magic Johnson, she was made to have the 4 letter disease to SET the AGENDA so that WE could see that people get it and LIVE! Remember, WE are going back in time to get back to NOW! Right there and without knowing, I knew this but I was still NAIVE about how this all worked. This is why I think that yall should read my book where I go in TELLING it ALL.  22 2s by Jay Z

The point that I wanna make is that there is a FLY in the OINTMENT! Supposedly Bam went to Afrika as a teenager and this changed his life immensely. Who financed this trip because during the formation of Hip Hop, the South Bronx was on FIRE and the FAULT goes to those property owning jews who paid ARSONISTS to torch their buildings so that they could get INSURANCE PAYOFFS! Anyway, the way that Krakka thinks is in blocs of 20 years while he keeps most of US thinking for  about 2 weeks! Always remember that gay edgar hoover said Prevent the RISE OF A “MESSIAH” who could unify, and electrify, the militant black nationalist movement. Malcolm X might have been such a “messiah;” he is the martyr of the movement today. Martin Luther King, Stokely Carmichael and Elijah Muhammed all aspire to this position. Elijah Muhammed is less of a threat because of his age. King could be a very real contender for this position should he abandon his supposed “obedience” to “white, liberal doctrines” (nonviolence) and embrace black nationalism. Carmichael has the necessary charisma to......more at 

KRS-One performs "Outta Here" live on Yo! MTV Raps 13 and Good by BDP

So......could Bam have been identified as that MESSIAH soon after the deaths of 2 of OUR GREATEST EVER, put into an MK ULTRA program and sent out to achieve FAME to put himself in a position of INFLUENCE and then become a sort of PARENT FIGURE to the lost youth with this African Mysticism SHIT? Now that WE are WISER, I am really SUSPICIOUS of those who had to sign those BLOOD OATHS but yet speak out against it and this includes dick gregory, paul mooney and Bams biggest defender and I do not believe I am saying it but KRS1 who defended Bam for being a PEDO. Whether KRS1 wants in or not, he went is IN bcuz like Dr Dre, this happened Randy Hubbard Parker, son of rapper KRS-One, was found dead in his Atlanta apartment over the weekend in an apparent suicide. He was 23.Simone Parker, KRS-One's wife and Randy's mother, said Tuesday (July 10) in a statement that her son's death was related to "severe depress.....more at 

Before I continue, those who are CELEBS as well as YOU are being judged & have a STORY to tell & as I don't believe Bam wanted to be a part of the baphomet, MUST ACCOUNT for this & SHIT like it! As well, WE must OVERSTAND that even some of these so called CONSCIOUS NIGGA's may be in it
bcuz like Hip Hop, RWS CREATED the need for CONSCIOUS niKKKa's & that most of US are
being played from the MIDDLE bcuz WE REFUSE to THINK in LAYERS!!!!! ANYBODY can be ANYBODY & I don't blame some of y'all for believing that I could be an AGENT & if so, so what? I ain't FORCING NOBODY to do NOTHING so if ya wanna throw that TERM around, go right ahead but I got a FUTURE to look forward to & a NATION to BUILD with OR without YOU!!! What's your mi......more at

The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” -Vladimir Lenin

So at the end of the day, Bam could really be a VICTIM and though he is GUILTY of being a PEDO, WE need to get down to the end before WE can properly JUDGE him. Remember, WE are living in the days of REVELATIONS and a lotta peepo are VICTIMS of CONTROLLED OPPOSITION! So as not to leave ya fucked up, let US leave you a link and just maybe, you all can figure it out yorselves at If ya wanna get NEAR outsmarting them niKKKas, ya gotta STUDY what they do! Til then, it is WAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!!

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Classic Album of the WEEK 18 O.C Word.....Life Word........Life by O.C

By itself, perhaps the MOST SLEPT ON Hip Hop album EVER by O.C! Maybe it did not go over well with the general public bcuz it had an UNDERGROUND feel to it but this album stayed in my box for a few years.

Resultado de imagen para pic of Omar Creadle the Crow by OC

As I wanna make this about the MUSIC, I will not delay your ears. Get into the mind of a great MC who kept the ESSENCE TRUE and ENJOY!

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From BRICS to BREXIT & BEYOND! Brick House by the Commodores

In todays article at b2a, WE gonna CATCH UP to a lot of the stuff that I have not spoken of because of the Operation Save Tito series that will continue to be UPDATED until Tito is FREE! Anyway, what WE are going to do is speak on how everything happening NOW is MASKING how the MEDIA stopped talking about how the ECONOMY is DONE so let US get right into it. Let US start with the BRICS aka Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Afrika. Im Busted by Ray Charles

The new global development bank is now online and is ready to serve governments of the world. This is the official inauguration of the new financial system that will usher in a new era of massive econ........more at 

But unfortunately and recently, there was a coup in Brazil as the west uses last ditch efforts in the only place they still kind of control in Brazil. Check this out  At the same time it is clear to everyone that the all-male, all-white cabinet represents something that is totally different from Dilma Rousseff’s government was representing in the last years. Brazil is an ethnically diverse and mixed country. And for you to have an all-male, all-white cabinet definitely shows a lot on what is at stak.......more at

As well, check what is happening next door after Hugo Chavez was KILLED by the West & what they are going thru..........The current situation in Venezuela – with reported inflation as high as 200% and shortages of basic goods – is getting more and more severe. Since the elections on Decem...more at 

El presidente de Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro

From ameriKKKa, WE go over the pond to france & what, you did not know that they are RIOTING everyday when there are no FALSE FLAGS of note? Well, let US see what WE found........labor strikes at oil refineries and nuclear power plants; fuel shortages paralyzing aviation and public transport system; violent street protests; nationwide riots; and a state of emergency until the end of July to cover the Tour de France has proved a major headache for François Holland.......more at

Paris is BURNING! 

Let US get back to ameriKKKa & the little heard about KILLING of singer, christina grimmie.......Hillary Clinton Linked To Orlando Pop Singer Murder And Massacre Of 50 Gay Pride Celebr.......more at

So according to the last article, kilary kklinton was responsible for those Orlando KILLINGS which have been attributed as FALSE FLAGS and before yall start with that CONSPIRACY THEORY SHIT, just know that I did not write any of these articles! I am COMPILING articles to PRESENT EVIDENCE and YOU can let your CONCIOUS be your guide. Allow Me to DEFINE FALSE FLAG & let US continue on. 

False Flag

The contemporary term false flag describes covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.
Historically, the term "false flag" has its origins in naval warfare where the use of a flag other than the belligerent's true battle flag before (but not while) engaging the enemy has long been accepted as a permissible ruse de guerre; by contrast, flying a false flag while engaging the enemy constitutes perfidy.
Operations carried out during peace-time by civilian organizations, as well as covert government agencies, can (by extension) also be called false flag operations if they seek to hide the real organization behind an operation.........taken from

Or how about this..........

False Flag Formula #1: Drill at the Same or Nearby Time and Place

The exercise or drill – at the same time, at the same place – has became the sine qua non or indispensable element of the recent false flag operation. Sometimes there are slight variations on this when the Government plans a drill nearby (a few miles away) rather than at the exact place, or plans a drill earlier on in the day, so it can just coincidentall....more at

Let US go to Dallas TX, the New Capital of the Republic of the US also named DC or Dallas City. Come on, yall know what happened in yet again another FALSE FLAG or False flag events have 2 characteristics. First, there is normally a drill a few days before the actual event, and the drill mimics the false flag event. Secondly, in the event of false flag assassinations, the patsy typically acts alone, has a diary of stated intention......more at

Getting back into the MONEY & the REASON WE are here at this site, how about the Emperor of Japan leaving or According to NHK, the public broadcaster in Japan, Emperor Akihito, 82, who in 1989 succeeded his father, the wartime emperor Hirohito, told close aides that he intended to pass the throne to his son, Crown Prince Naruhito, 56, before he die.......more at 

And now for the BIGGEST SHIT to hit NEWS since Muhammad Ali died........but before WE go there who remembers this? Senior BBC production staff and palace advisors scrambled to cancel the take, but not before the Queen expressed dark fears that this will be the last Christmas on earth because malevolent forces, much stronger than her own, are stalking across Europe, gain......more at

Well if you thinking about that, what about this? It looks increasingly possible that Brexit will lead to the demise of the United Kingdom. That may be for the best, as it's abunda..........more at

Well.....WE could talk about all the rest like again, Nice France, the ATTEMTED COUP in Turkey, Munich Germany and the like but I think by now that you get the HINT! But......what do you KNOW about this? Obama’s leadership will be tested in light of the tragically failed coup against the Islamist Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is blaming Fethullah Gulen for the uprising. Gulen lives in Pennsylvania. Erdogan demands we turn him over, presumably so that the frail old man can be executed. As if to enforce this demand, Erdogan appears to be holding 1,500 US troops hostage in Turke....more at

 And finally, what yall should be CONCERNED about aka

Operation “Summer of Chaos” exposed: Obama Admin, Soros, Black Lives Matter, plan to activate martial law before General Election revealed.......more at

So again and as far as I see it, the reason why all SHIT is hitting the FAN now is because it is really OVER for them and their only strategy now is to keep you in FEAR so that you do as they say! Do what you do for US and do not sweat having MONEY because if you are worth a grain of salt, somebody somewhere has a PLATE for you somewhere. Stay alive as ALL THINGS WILL CHANGE AROUND! Blak Peepo, WE at b2a absoulutely love yall! Til then, its WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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OPERATION SAVE TITO UPDATE # 1.......its MORE than PERSONAL! Rock the Boat by the Aaliyah

So its your favorite blogger who came to this earth to rock the BOAT and in order to save Tito, WE are going to not give a FUCK about how you feel! The infamous tN is still an ASSHOLE but because so many of you have asked the right questions, WE are going to get straight into it all. Without Me actually telling people of what I am going thru here in Honduras, they are coming up to Me and telling Me they see what is really going on and most do not like it. What you are doing is wrong yo!

My brother Javier got married in 1990 and tN the ASSHOLE got offended because while doing the invitations, Javier did not know that the parents of both parties should have received the SPECIAL GRAND INVITES. As he was never married before and did not know better, most would have let it go but not tN. Because tN is such a PERFECTIONIST, he vowed not to go to the wedding even though ALL in the FAMILY urged him to. Eventually, he did go but came in clothes like he was hanging out at the local bar with his friends. What I am doing in telling yall all this is that tN has a very UNFORGIVING SPIRIT when it comes to his direct family but treats OUR COUSINS better than US and this is still going on! I will finsih this article with what did NOT do for my Mother in DEATH at the end of this article. This must stop so that COMMUNICATION can happen. Family Affair by Sly and the Family Stone

What I am going to do now is put out the NAMES of the persons most RESPONSIBLE for helping tN do what he does. All of these peepo have BENEFITTED from Me helping them but after my Mother passed on, all of these various NIGGERS have done nothing but SPIT on my Mothers GRAVE as they take direction from tN. I asked in the series, if my Mom was to visit you in a dream, what would you tell her as you SABOTAGE her SONS who never did ANYTHING to VIOLATE or INTEFERE in your own family affairs? Also as previously said, I helped you all out when your FATHER and GRANDFATHER was on his DEATH BED but since then yall have ABANDONED ME saying shit like I do not want to get involved while you SNAKE Me and my INTERNAL FAMILY MEMBERS. Because tN is the RINGLEADER, he gets the majority of the BLAME but again, Me, Javier and Manny want Tito in the USA so that he can LIVE his LIFE and have ACCESS to the HOUSE OUR MOTHER left behind for her SONS because tN is FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE to live with and that is why she built that HOUSE. tn is not GOD so FUCK HIM! A House is not a Home by Luther Vandross

Because the shit going on is so pervasive in the Garifuna Community, I will start with the # 1 CLOWN in this FIASCO and his name is sixto david lambert. He is involved in local politics and most people in Travesia do not like him He is my 1st cousin. This niKKKa was filtering tNs messages to Me and used to piss Me off when I was taking care of my Mom last year. He is almost 50 years old but he is a A CLASS COWARD! He dare not address Me because he knows that I took care and bought his Father down here from NYC after helping take care of him. The first few days I was here he was sticking pins in Me but as my Mom  was sick, I had to ignore it because I would have EXPLODED if I went off. When I came back to Honduras this year, I saw him in front of his now deceased Fathers house standing with his wife and when I greeted him, he went inside his car leaving his wife outside like a little BITCH! What if I was wanting to fight? When he sees Me, he acts as if he does not see Me so what is that but GUILT? Even though you are a FAMILY MEMBER, you are a class A BITCH because you are helping tN SHIT on US! Not 1 of Manuelas Sons abandoned her but WE had to leave her alone because tN is such an ASSHOLE. Maybe I need to start some SABOTAGE in your FAMILY! We are Family by Sister Sledge

The only reason why yall can do this is because tN allows it while he keeps US away from what is OURS! Next on my shit list is sixtos son bryan david lambert and he is tNs grand nephew. That niKKKa was watching Me for tN.  tN THINKS that everybody is STUPID while he is the only SMART 1 but I used to feed bryan the info he wanted so he could go and tell tN what I thought because unlike yall UNDEVELOPED MOTHERFUCKERS, I do not give a FUCK what people think of Me! This niKKKa is not even near HALF my AGE but thinks he can tell Me stuff as if I did not know that he speaks for tN. WE even smoked WEED together and he probably did not inhale it as if I did not know that he was reporting back to tN. He travels back and forth to the u.s with tN and is his outside eyes and ears and that is cool as tN is BLIND and needs that but the next question I have is WHY the FUCK is Tito looking like SHIT while yall are always dressed nice with your hair trimmed properly? They are in the US now. There is so much to this and if you are looking out for Tito, exactly what is it that you are doing for him? No one of yall niKKKas matter to Me as yall are just FLUNKIES. Blinded by the Light by Manfred Mann

Next up is the next niKKKa that figures BIG in all of this and instead of bullshitting about it all, I am just going to put his name out there as edwin harry better known as geobani. More than anybody else, this dude really disappointed Me because he is LIVING IN my MOTHERS HOUSE and DOES NOT want to move out. I told him that I want to be in her house while here and that my 85 year old BLIND Aunt who owns the land the HOUSES are on wants to be in FAMILIAR SURROUNDINGS before she goes but do you think he cared? He insists that he had a DEAL with my Mom to buy that house but he does not know that tN cannot sell that house and will just collect rent from him supposedly til he dies but I got some news for you.........tN is playing you because he CANNOT SELL because I made sure of that! tN had the NERVE to tell Me that he owned the house because he pays the TAXES and when I asked him from what money, he had no answer because he is full of SHIT! Before Ma died, I told him that Ma told Me from her mouth to my ears that the house was for Javier and Me, tN and Javier discussed all this before my Mom passed. As usual, tN threw in his STALLING TACTICS and Mom got worse and here WE are. At geobani, just know that I am now in Honduras for as LONG as I have to be until I get YOU and YOUR FAMILY OUT so that when my BROTHERS come down, WE do not have to stay with the troublesome tN. geobani, you can WIPE YOUR ASS with that AGREEMENT you have with tN because you are not going to get that HOUSE. I am CLAIMING it for Me and my BROTHERS! Because of your FUCKERY, I am now going to have to get your FAMILY out by KINDLY and with TOTAL RESPECT, asking your lady to MOVE OUT of a HOUSE my MOTHER LEFT for her CHILDREN. As a MOTHER, I would think she would UNDERSTAND that. You disappoint Me because IMAGINE someone doing the same to YOUR CHILDREN! One way or another, YOU WILL be OUT of the HOUSE that my FATHER did not PAY FOR! Did you know tN claims my Mom STOLE from him to build her HOUSE? If you SAY that my Mom was like FAMILY to YOU, how dare you DISRESPECT her in DEATH like this? If you REFUSE to leave, you will FORCE Me to get DIRTY because none of yall obviously give a fuck about US as you listen to tN talk about US as if he RESPECTS US! Why not wait for your Mom to die and as a matter of fact, where is she? I love it by Icona Pop

Next, WE go to the BROTHERS LAMBERT aka Javier and Manny trying to 1. get OUR HOUSE back and 2. LIBERATE Tito from tN. All I have to say to yall is that WE must be BOLD and UNAFRAID for what is rightfully OURS. Now that all is out and in the open with tN in NY, let him know that WE are 1 and I do not give a FUCK but tN can no longer ORDER US around as WE are all over 40 years old! At tN, why not stop being a PAYBACK niKKKa meaning, feeling like you have to PAY BACK every TRANGRESSION however long ago done to you? It seems like you want to PAY BACK EVERYTHING RETROACTIVELY and make US pay for something WE did not do! Why did Ma build that HOUSE behind your back? You are going to be the ONLY 1 to BENEFIT from stuff that was not left for you? What you are doing is STEALING on TECHNICALITIES niKKKa! No one lives without offending or getting offended so why is it that you want to leave US a MESS IF you die before US? Why not sort out whats going to happen with Tito now? In 1994, Javier was heavily hurt in a fire. In 2004, I almost died of Malaria and almost went out in March of this year in Honduras in a fire. As well, Manny had a BAD CAR ACCIDENT last year so there are no guarantees in LIFE. What the FUCK are you waiting for?

When are you going to GROW UP? When are you going to stop being SELFISH? How dare you accuse my Mother of STEALING MONEY from your account when all she did was work? You better stop DISRERSPECTING my Mom because her only FAULT in marrying you was NEVER LEAVING your STUPID ASS! Keep your stuff but WE are not going to ASK for what is OURS as WE are going to take it! Give your shit to who you feel deserves it but first FREE TITO!

Last but not least and something I never talk about is that tN is getting the PROFIT off of my Grandmother Mama Pensa House who absolutely HATED tN! After my Uncle passed on, that house went to my Mom who fell ill soon after and then into his hands. Before my Mom got sick, she worked out a DEAL to sell that house to a 1st cousin but because Mom was sick when I got here last year, I decided not to pursue with all that was going on. I do not know where that process is now but do you think that tN is going to SHARE any of that money with the RIGHTFUL HEIRS? As he is not an HEIR to somebody who could not stand him, why not give some of that money up? tN is a money hungry PUNK who absolutely pays his own family back and use it as JUSTIFICATION for his FUCKERY but.........I started this telling yall about Javiers wedding and.........tN did not place a HEADSTONE on my Mothers GRAVESITE! Did he forget about his WIFE of almost 55 years or was it like FUCK IT? Which is worse, ya son making an innocent mistake or are you still paying US back by NEGLECTING her yet again? Basically speaking, with Ma out of the way, that niKKKa is HAPPY but I am watching every move you make! This is why I say that all of these niKKKas is LATENT HOMOSEXUALS because yall HATE WOMEN and LOVE THINGS and MONEY. Get it right. Tito MUST be FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                    

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For Part IV, go here at

I don't want to be remembered for my tennis accomplishments. Arthur Ash
Read more at: Muhammad Ali - I shook up the World

The MAN was born in Louisville KY & determined early in his LIFE that no 1 would ever VIOLATE him again after his bike was stolen by some kids older than him. WE all know that Muhammad Ali was the GREATEST & notice that he never said that he was the GREATEST BOXER but always said the GREATEST. To remember him only as a boxer would cheapen his LEGACY & he dealt with the common Man all the way down to the GREATEST at what they did! The movies, books, articles & how the media PORTRAYED Ali really do a DISSERVICE to OUR GOD's LEGACY as so much of his LIFE is not accounted for. Fuck a CONSPIRACY THEORY when you KNOW this Muhammad Ali vs superman

Now that WE are more sophisticated & live in the day & age of INFORMATION, WE now know that the Notion Of Idioticy was snaking Ali & his money. They also made Ali keep away from Malcolm even though at that time they were practically GREAT FRIENDS. You can find that info in a great book I read years ago named the Judas Factor as written by Karl Evanzz. Before y'all FANS of the noi, elijah muhammad & for a KKKoon get at Me, digest what I had on the blog last year at To simply remember Ali as only a boxer is not getting who he was! Like Malcolm, he spoke out on OUR BEHALF & suffered YEARS of inactivity for it! Some say that like MLK, his downfall was speaking out against the WAR in Vietnam. He made US know that racist white INFERIORITY was a WORLDWIDE PHENEOMENA. He articluated what WE thought but couldn't say & was the PLATFORM on that grand stage & was SILENCED before his boxing career was over. Come on, before I finish this series, you have to see the PATTERNS being established by the likes of him & what Katt Williams did in EXPOSING what goes on behind the veil! Check this short but sweet video out at 


I don't want to be remembered for my tennis accomplishments.............Arthur Ashe who was given fake A.I.D.S


I don't want to be remembered for my tennis accomplishments. Arthur Ash
Read more at:
I don't want to be remembered for my tennis accomplishments. Arthur Ash
Read more at:

By far, Muhammad Ali was not PERFECT but he was OURS & was loved the way Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Whitney, Tupac & Nelson Mandela was. If you notice, at any given time, its always a BLACK MAN who is the MOST FAMOUS PERSON in the WORLD & unfortunately, that same dynamic is present today in that glittering MULATTO named barry soetero. Instead of addressing all HATERS directly, what I will say is that as an athlete, you must depend on OTHERS & those in a position to be BRIBED, have ACCESS to slowly POISON the TARGET & when you finally RETIRE, basically NEUTRALIZE you. The pre 1980 Ali would have never lit the olympic torch in the name of the u.s. The pre parkinsons Ali would have never been eulogized by the likes of billy crystal or a criminal like bill KKKlinton. To put it short, the way they get you is just like how the nba did Allen Iverson after he lost a step. The so called elite had every right to do what they did to OUR GOD bcuz he gave the BM a heavy dose of SELF ESTEEM during the Civil Rights Era countering 1 of OUR MOST REVERED in MLK. Give up the PROPS to the GREATEST as there will be no others to take his place. How I will end this is by saying that the Blak Smith is the GREATEST WRITER you ever read & he needs your help. Being that I hate to ask for MONEY, can you buy my book which explains how they do it?

Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die Stop Fronting by KRS 1


                                   - this segment CONCLUDES OUR series -

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Entertainment is ENTERTAINING AINT IT Part IV Michael Jackson Greatest Hits

So I get it now..........the more people read this blog the more I get called a CONSPIRACY THEORIST but as I´ve been doing this here almost 7 years now, I really DGaF anymore what yáll think of Me bcuz when ya call Me that, you VALIDATE ME bcuz in order to RESPOND or REACT, means you felt some kind of way and all I want most of you out there to do is THINK a little more outside of wherever your THOUGHTS lead you to. WE gonna get right into it today from my book, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA Die which covers the Entertainment Industry all the while focusing on Hip Hop. Let´s make some connections as to how MJ, Whitney and Prince all died of MYSTERIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES at young ages and of DRUGS. 

Ok, so what I´m gonna do here is put a LETTER in my BOOK that dealt with the STAR WHACKER PHENOMENA and pretty much tells ya what COULD have happened to OUR beloved Michael Jackson some years ago and then another link to drive the point home. I put those extra words in there for yáll CONSPIRACY THEORIST calling MOTHERFUCKERS that I don´t give a FUCK about. Here WE go..............

(Actor Randy) Quaid says he discovered that the paperwork for a $1 million life insurance policy was missing from his City National safe deposit box. Quaid claims someone used it, along with his forged signature, to secure more loans in his name. Quaid says Gavin Perdue, former head of City National Bank's Roxbury branch entertainment division, had "full knowledge" of the theft of his life insurance policy. The 220-page lawsuit, which mixes attachments with notes scrawled over the pages in black marker alternating with the pages of the lawsuit, also suggests that someone had a plot to kill Quaid and his wife.

Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

All the info from my book and more at this link at

After City National Bank's estate planner allegedly told Evi Quaid that the bank preferred to manage the assets of "dead actors," she heard a man's voice on her cell phone in Texas saying, “If you kill her, there's a lot of money in it for you.” Evi wasn't sure if this was an actual threat on her life or meant to intimidate her as a witness, but this together with the stolen life insurance policy and the estate planner's insensitive remark, and now Alan Watenmaker, the estate planner acting very evasive when we request trust ID numbers and the fact that Watenmaker's firm did Michael Jackson's will and life insurance policy trust, has us very suspicious of their motives," the lawsuit states.

Quaid says his case has a few "striking similarities" to the situation Michael Jackson was in before his death. "Aside from the fact that we both used the same law firm to do our wills and trusts, one of Jackson's music attorneys was David Braun, Lloyd Braun's father. David Braun resides in Santa Barbara County where Jackson had a series of legal troubles brought on by false accusations before his death. "Recently Evi and I have also been the subjects of false accusations in Santa Barbara over a paid hotel bill (the hotel tried at least five times to charge my wife's Chase credit card $73,000 for a $10,000 bill) ... Knowing what we know about them now, we firmly believe that Lloyd Braun, his father, David, and Watenmaker had something to do with our arrest in Santa Barbara Cou..........more at

Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die Jordan Chandler admits he LIED about MJ
Soon after that, this dirtbag committed SUICIDE! MJ beat the case bcuz the boy REFUSED to TESTIFY Whitney Houston Greatest Hits

Okay......Whitney´s case was a little different but what the media does not highlight is all of the FUCKERY involved in her DEATH. She was MURDERED just like MJ was and a few years later, so was her only living heir, the BEAUTIFUL Bobbi Kristina almost the same way her Mom died. Again, WE go to my classic book, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will Neva Die and the segment WE go in on was written by Nicolas Duplessis.

Within an hour of her death, her music cost 60% more making the saying of “ya worth more dead than alive” all the more true! The next logical question to ask was, “if it wasn’t accidental, then whodunit?” For that, we go to celebrity insider and blogger, Nicolas Duplessis who says that Whitney was with Ray J because he’s a drug dealer and was in it strictly for the power! His mom Sonja Norwood had made a deal with the hollyweird illuminati for Brandy’s 1st born baby and when Brandy freaked out at the hospital backing outta the deal with the devil, they tried to kill her by drugging her and she got into that car accident where she killed Awatef Aboudihaj.

The deal was then reconstituted for Ray-J to get killed but they changed it again to Whitney as she was the bigger fish to fry! Now mind ya, Sonja thought that her son was in danger because them illuminati niKKKas don’t play! Nicolas goes on to say that Ray didn’t actually kill her but that he gave her the zombie amount of coke to knock her out and that along with an injection that made her act out the night before was the coup de gras. That injection killed her slowly as she was already a walking dead corpse! This way, even if they had surveillance cameras on her room, no one could tell who delivered that fatal dose as we are conditioned to think that all drugs work the same way and in fact, they don’t.

Bobby Brown’s sister is on record saying that Whitney’s supply came from the infamous Ray-J and where was he getting it from? Well again, according to Duplessis, he says that it’s provided by the L.A. sheriffs department and the head man, Lee Baca* who has been dogged by rumors for years of supplying drugs, crooked police officers with ulterior motives and death squads with a direct link to hollyweird and that neat media machine that cranks out so much crappy copy. Whether you believe it or not, THEY ALL WORK TOGETHER & this is WHY it will NEVER STOP until the restoration of the NATURAL ORDER........

We can speculate all day and night about what that was all really about but 1 thing we do know is that Whitney’s death was not a planned suicide on her part, but a plotted murder and more than likely, cevil davis, her so called father and mentor did it! He so wanted to pay Whitney back for snubbing and getting him out of her life and she even bragged about it in an interview! In that interview, Diane Sawyer referring to Bobby, said that it was hard to get away from a svengali relationship and Whitney replied that she did it with clive.

For more, check my article that I wrote soon after Whitney´s death here at Prince Greatest Hits

As far as Prince is concerned, the man designed the very 1st Jordans sneakers! The reason I believe he died was bcuz he SUED warner brothers and WON the RIGHTS to his varied MUSIC CATALOGUE. Check this article out at THEY LOVE USING ANNIVERSARIES to do what THEY DO. In Part II, I showed him with the word SLAVE written on him as he waged a WAR with that company for 18 years which equals 666. His 1st born child days after birth and very little came out about that but more than ANYTHING..................

Ok, let's get into TYING all this up. First, WE are going to get a little into the abovementioned, Lee Baca & instead of satisfying those who accuse Me of being a CONSPIRACY THEORIST, allow Me to show you this What you know about that ACCUSERS? Next up, WE get into a dude named raffles van exel and this dude is all over the place. When not smuggling in drugs from Mexico, he is a GAY HUSTLING HOOKER! How the hell did he HOOK UP with BIG STARS? Here is another link for you HATERS at say too many links and you getting lost bcuz of news reports I did not write? How about this 1 at Is that your Bitch by Jay Z and Missy

Ok, WE covered MJ and Whitney but what about Prince? A few days after his so called death, check this link that I found that says Not many can say they were the protégée and duet partner of two legendary artists in the last days of their lives — that is, unless you’re singer Judith Hill..........a little later the article goes on to say But that wasn’t the first time Hill had collaborated with a star shortly before his death. Before meeting Prince, Hill was selected in 2009 as Michael Jackson’s duet partner for his “This Is It” tour. But less than three weeks before the tour was set to begin, Jackson passed away and the concert series was canceled..........more at

As far as I am concerned, I need say no more bcuz other than this article, I wrote none of the links! If yall out there want to LABEL ME then LABEL the writers who provided the information that I REFER to and keep it moving with your non RESEARCHING ASS. A great writer like myself puts hours of RESEARCH into what WE do. I am only responsible for what I say and not what you understand, OVERSTOOD? FOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And finally WE get to the BIGGEST and GREATEST in Muhammad Ali. He is so SPECIAL that I have to give him his own article bcuz that is where the CONSPIRACY SHIT is coming in. Do your RESEARCH and join US in Part V aka the Conclusion of Entertainment is Entertaining Aint It. Peace to my A-alikes bcuz WE B-alike and C-alike.

                                                    to be continued

Sunday, July 3, 2016


 Knocks Me off my Feet by Stevie Wonder

Yea, that's OUR GOD aka Muhammad Ali knocking george foreman the FUCK OUT! WE here in Part III and it's CRAZY how many of OUR GREATEST have gone into the ETHERS just this year. What a shame? But as the year goes along, lets cover just a few more deaths and be done with this topic and hopefully, YOU won't be in here.

For Part II, go here at

Muhammad Ali was and still is BIGGER than LIFE! Who was more known as the GREATEST than he? As I do not wish to fill this article with fluff, I will refer to my 1st book aka, I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me as written by Dr. Boyce Watkins.

I am speaking this week for the NAACP. The Topic: The Black Male Athlete
& their role in American society. Exactly what that role is, I am still not sure.
All I can say with a certainty is that they are not fulfilling it. I happen to be a
2nd cousin to Muhammad Ali who fought bravely to defy authority & become
his own man. He loved children, cared for the poor & fought through the
public backlash. He spoke truth to power, especially when it came to the
Vietnam War & the world hated him for it. Years later he is immortalized in ways
that no other athlete will ever achieve. Even without ever being the greatest
fighter whoever lived, he became the greatest fighter who ever lived . . . . 
if you know what I mean. After Ali, Number 2 on the Sports Illustrated list 
for most influential athletes is Michael Jordan. He is not just second, but a 
distant SECOND. Comparing him to Ali is like comparing the Lion King to Tony 
the Tiger. Sure Jordan was an amazing player, but like many other athletes, 
he became so socially castrated that he was never able to do anything
of signifigance outside of dribbling a basketball. He will live & die & most of the 
world will forget him: Especially out of the US. Catholic Priests, Kings, 
Nuns & clock makers will remember Ali, for he outgrew his gym shorts &
showed the world that he had something more than a great right ho.........more at 

I aint perfekt but take it from ME 

the Blak Smith really APPRECIATES your BUSINESS and the BOOK is GREAT so get with US!
The very 1st Conspiracy Theory I ever made sense out of was that Ali was slow posiosned after his anti-Vietnam stance. Did y'all know that MA was very close with Malcolm X? There is a lotta info out there that has been left covered but WE could go anywhere with that. The GOD SHOOK up the WORLD & WE LOVE YOU FOREVER!  

Reports have surfaced suggesting Muhammad Ali was injected with a drug known to cause Parkinson’s disease in the late 70s as part of a plot by the US government to strip its most influe........more at
Kimbo Slice

Now........why would Kimbo Slice die just 3 days after Ali? As I do not like UNNECESSARY VIOLENCE & so was not into Mr Slice, I put y'all onto this
Bernie Worrel 

Bernie Worrell, the cherished keyboardist for Parliament-Funkadelic and an unofficial member of Talking Heads, has died. The musician lost his battle with stage four lung cancer at the age of 72. Known as The Wizard of Woo, Worrell was a New Jersey native who moved to Detroit in the 1970s with doo-wop group The Parliaments........taken from 

So there WE have OUR next segment or Part IV, WE are going to get with the CONNECTION as to WHY most of these DEATHS are RELATED! Again, this does not mean that all of these DEATHS are SACRIFICES but when it comes to MJ, Whitney, Prince & Ali.....................................................................................ya need to HOLLA BLAK & see what WE got coming. Til then, it's WAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR because everything is REAL in the FIELD!

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For Part I, go here at

As I covered Phife Dawg soon after his death which I do not beLIEve was a illuminati HIT, no need to go in too far bcuz this dude was a DIABETIC pretty much his whole life just like Prodigy of Mobb Deep so dudes gotta be CAREFUL! Nevertheless, his death was quite TRAGIC in that Phife was only 45! What a shame to lose someone so young! Let US get into this right now!

Somebody that I did not cover was connected to Prince and she goes by the name of Vanity of Vanity 6 fame and sorry for that but she passed while I was travelling! Some of you younger peeps may remember her from her BIG HIT, and if you are too old and do not...........WE got the Notorious B:I.Gs version for you and thats at In case you are interested, this is what wikipedia had to say about Vanity. In 1994, former front woman Vanity overdosed on crack cocaine and suffered from near-fatal renal failure. Upon recovering, she renounced her stage name and music and became a born again Christian.[11] Vanity died on February 15, 2016 – aged 57 – from sclerosing encapsulating peritonitis, a complex form of a kidney disease.[12]

Another hard hitting death for the younger generation was my man above aka Leon Haywood, most known for his HIT back in the day named All of yall from the WEST SIDE better STAND UP bcuz Dr Dre used that song to put SELF into the STRATOSPHERE! I gotta advise you! Lets Go Crazy by Prince

As I am trying to keep all of this in order, WE can now get a little into Prince. For years, I heard a lot about this young Man but as he was very INTERESTING and INTRIGUING, I really do not feel comfy trying to cover him. What I will do instead is quote a little from Zakaos Ewing and then link the whole article for those who are most into him...................They sprayed Prince with Chem trails and made him sick with Black goo ( Programmable Black matter ) . This is then programmed to attack cells and mimic a specific sickness like what ever they program it to do via Smart meters ,cell phones and TV ext . This is standard C.I.A. soft killing of tod......more at

Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

I´ve been REPORTING on how the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY really works for some years & after getting so much RESISTANCE, decided to finally write the above book that I think pretty much covered it pretty well. If ya wanna really know what it´s all about, hit this link & get ya personal copy. The Blak Smith really appreciates it! Me and Mrs Jones by the above, Billy Paul

1 that kinda got lost in the sauce was the dude above and of course his name is Billy Paul. He was a little more than a 1 hit wonder but the above song will forever be known as his signature! The song was infamous in the early 70s and the most ironic thing about it was the song was really about his HEROIN HABIT. If you relly listen to the song, that becomes obvious as the word JONES means to have a HABIT aka JONESING! Man WE losing out!

Thanks but WE still have plenty to go and after WE report the deaths, WE will again tie it all up with why celebs die so unexpectedly. Come on yall, MJ, Whitney and Prince gone just like that? WE still have yet to cover what is going on with Afrika Bambatta, the dire situation in South America (Brazil and Venezuela), the BRICS, Putin, China and the Economic Reset that will be hastened by BREXIT. Will the uSEXit soon? Stay tuned as b2a gets that all in soon!

                                                                 to be continued