Thursday, May 28, 2015

Must See! How The ILLUMINATI uses Television to Control Your Mind

Ain't gotta say much as WE already know it works! Watch & HOLLA BLAK!

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I ain't got SHIT to say bcuz they are ALL UNDER CONTROL & when they tell ya themselves, LISTEN!

                 WE WILL NOT LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Feng Shui

Guess what y'all? I have a GUEST AUTHOR named Linda Schofield & MAN is she BEAUTIFUL! In order to give her proper shine, I won't have much to say but..........maybe WE can learn a lil something about what some call FENG SHUI. Without further ado, WE go to OUR SISTA & her wise words.

                                  HARMONIZING your INNER & OUTER SPACE

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese Culture and religion that dates back over 6,000 years. Known practitioners of Feng Shui are Buddhists, Taoists, & Confucianists from which the principles of Feng Shui are derived.

This ancient Chinese Culture & religion is designed to bring harmony & balance in YOUR LIFE balancing your YIN which is FEMALE and your YANG which is of course, MALE ENERGY.

CHI is the UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harmonizing your inner & outer space encourages balance which encourages good CHI!

In other words, if 1 is feeling off balance particularly in your RELATIONSHIPS, HEALTH or FINANCES, FENG SHUI just may be the area that you need to FOCUS on. There are many levels of this dynamic that need to be further explored from the food WE eat to even the position that your bed is in.

Speaking personally, I have made plenty of changes in my apartment as well as in other pertinent areas of my life. In order to obtain this balance of good Chi, know that our surrounding's affect our lives on so many levels. I have arranged my life according to these Feng Shui principles & am happy for it!

As well, the SELECTION of COLORS on my walls have made a big difference in my LIFE! The elimination of clutter & cleanliness are all essential practices of Feng Shui. Learn about this & get your LIFE in ORDER! PEACE & FENG SHUI! 

Linda Schoefield is an accomplished Feng Shui practitioner & new author with a soon coming out book. She will continue to contribute to black2afrika & will teach what she knows. To get in touch with her, e-mail her; & on FB as Linda Logan Schofield. All the best in your travels & peace!

Linda Logan Schofield

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


First of all, a BIG HAPPY BORNDAY SHOUT OUT to OUR SHINING PRINCE, El Haj Malik Shabbazz! I didn't get to go in on that yesterday bcuz I was too busy doing what I do so don't think that WE at b2a is going soft! So WE just gonna go in on some things & what of B'Mo? Detroit a few months back; This SHIT WE go thru every day is CRAZY yo! Lately, they are so BOLD as to show ya that WE ain't gotta snow ball's chance in HELL when it comes to EQUALITY! Let's get into it!


So while the kkkiller kkkops almost killed HAMMER TIME dude, David Baril, these gang ass niKKKa's was going kkkrazy out in wacko tx where COINCIDENTALLY, Jade Helm is about to pop off! As well, with all of the FALSE FLAGS EVENTS lately, WE MUST take into account that this could be a distraKKKtion so that the police stay occupied while they sneak in peepo to help the kkkabal; Now.......IF this is just merely a gang feud well then look how RELAXED the police look KNOWING that the POTENTIAL for all this to pop off could occur! They were already there & this is why supposedly only 9 died! When a BM is a SUSPECT, they want ya FACE in the GROUND & when they find that it ain't ya, don't even APOLOGIZE! And then ya got dudes like this speaking on their behalf but..........

Authorities investigate a shooting in the parking lot of the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas. Authorities say that the shootout victims were members of rival biker gangs that had gathered for a meeting.Authorities investigate a shooting in the parking lot of the Twin Peaks restaurant Sunday, May 17, 2015, in Waco, Texas. Authorities say that the shootout victims were members of rival biker gangs that had gathered for a meeting.

In my HUMBLE OPINION, MAY I posit that the new way to go is for US to GANG UP & NOT RUN when the police come? If it's good for the goo...............anyhoo, a big shout to the meXXXiKKKans who got their $15 minimum wage DONE; Did y'all know that they've been seeding the clouds in ny but it HASN'T BEEN RAINING? Like Kkkali, WE damn near in drought status! As well, in Kkkali...........; The west is still getting that RADIATED WATER from fuKKKishima! Damn!

The Healing Benefits of Walking Barefoot To ease some of the ANXIETY, WALK BAREFOOT on the EARTH at least every other day when possible! GROUND SELF so as to absorb the ENERGIES of the EARTH which is a LIVING BODY!; The BRICS is coming! Just bcuz WE don't talk about it much, WE WILL NOT LOSE & what WE do here is try & keep y'all spirits up despite how gloomy things look! So that ya know that the BEST is NEAR, allow Me please to to take some excerpts from Ben Fulford who speaks of what will happen & though I don't BELIEVE everything he says, I know that WE will still REIGN VICTORIOUS! 

A representative of the G7 group of nations has been approached with a proposal by the Khazarian mafia banking community to “re-purpose their funds for the benefit of humanity,” in exchange for “amnesty for certain Jewish bankers.”

This came on a visit to Russia that started immediately after Kerry snubbed the Russian May 9th parade in celebration of Russia’s victory over the Nazis in the great patriotic war (World War 2). The fact the Chinese and Indian armies both marched in that parade appears to have rattled the Washington DC gangsters.

The war-mongering headline comes from Russia Today a news site with a .com domain meaning it is not based in Russia. This clumsy propaganda headline has outed RT as a sophisticated Western agency run news service pretending to be based in Russia.

Here are two suggestions for big law firms to pursue. The first is to go after General Electric and Westinghouse for their role in the March 11th tsunami and nuclear terror attack against Japan. GE and Westinghouse sold their nuclear power divisions respectively to Japan’s Hitachi and Toshiba in the years before the 311 attacks.

The international US dollar is now controlled by a combination of the Chinese government, Asian royal families and European royal families. The US dollars issued inside the United States are now issued by the Treasury Department, he says.

Another indication the US power structure has changed was seen last week when US “acting president” Barack Obama invited the heads of the Gulf Cooperation Council to a summit meeting in the US. Only two of the heads of state bothered to show up.

In terms of diplomatic protocol, this was an unprecedented snub. The message was clear, “NO OIL MONEY for YOU.”......more at

To end this all, ALWAYS KEEP in MIND that WE shall REIGN VICTORIOUS! I think that y'all should cop my book to get ya thru these LAST DAYS & to do that, WE provide ya with that link at Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die For your personally autographed copy, get at US or on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). When it's WAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR, know that WE got Y'ALL BLAK!

Monday, May 18, 2015


Get Part I at & Part II is at 7 minute video about what GREEN SCREENS means. He really explains my point starting at 3:45.

Hey........the 2 biggest stories last year have totally disappeared from the NEWS & that would be EBOLA & the WAR in the Ukraine! Y'all REMEMBER that? Well if ya don't or ya keep wondering why I keep talking about these GREEN SCREENS then why do these pics of police officers keep coming up when in Part I, I already showed Y'ALL how those pics USED to look. Right now, OUR LIVES ain't nothing but 1 HOLOGRAM after another but ya MUST see WHY they are doing all of these things now! You are about to see ya glory & that d'EVIL wants to SALT the EARTH just like a jealous husband who wants to KILL EVERYBODY in sight on the KILLING FIELD of what they call LOVE! I don't use that WORD very often bcuz of SHIT like this; This is their mentality! As far as they're concerned, RAPE is LEGITIMATE!

Let's get BLAK to NY now & talk about the HAMMER TIME DUDE named David Baril. Just like last year when Daniel St. Hubert supposedly STABBED 2 children in an east new york project, this year, the suspect was caught wilding out in manhattan & was caught in a kkkrazy ass situation after supposedly running up on 2 cops just after 1 was supposedly KILLED in queens. On camera, however GRAINY the film was, WE saw what happened or did WE watch a grainy GREEN SCREEN PRODUCTION? Why wouldn't those cameras in an area frequented by the hundreds of thousands DAILY, not have clear TOP NOTCH cameras? Were the witnesses CRISIS ACTORS HIRED for this specific purpose?:

 Crisis Actors Note the COLOR of LOGO!

We are specially trained actors helping first responders create realistic drills, full-scale exercises, high-fidelity simulations, and interactive 3D films.

Denver, Los Angeles, New York

In police work, when a crime is being INVESTIGATED, the 1st thing to do is establish a MOTIVE! Most murders happen bcuz of a perceived offense & the person with that MOTIVE gets REVENGE just like in most karate flicks. So............the nypd is being WATCHED CLOSELY bcuz BM keep on dying & for that matter, dept's everywhere are & so.................starting with this;, WE at b2a saw a pattern emerging using the old Hegelian Dialectic!

“He was just going crazy,” Gottdenger added. “He said, `I want to sit down, I want to get a Bible, who wants to die tonight,’ he kept changing his words. He was either really high on drugs or an (emotionally disturbed person).”

Rosenblat was so immersed in reading religious text, he never saw the attack coming.**

If ya remember that above, then this was when WE started hearing the word RESTRAINT coming from their mouths;

“The officers responded with great restraint. They made every effort to try to disarm the individual. And they, in the work they did so courageously, protected lives,” de Blasio said, speaking alongside Police Commissioner Bill Bratton outside the Empire State Building Tuesday evening.

“This individual had already assaulted Mr. Rosenblatt, may have caused much more damage to others. Lives were at stake. And these officers with courage and skill and restraint handled the situation very admirably,” de Blasio said. **


Soon after, the 2 cops in brooklyn supposedly got killed & de blasio was dissed by kkkops who turned their backs on him culminating with today's controversy of; As he can longer justify more kkkops bcuz of the low crime rate, he now cites TERRORISM as the case to increase those numbers though de blasio fights him tooth & nail. As well, to make it seem like crime is outta control, this dude above was the weekend story of nyc though I never heard of him before his death; As an aside, WE MUST NOTE that those days of niKKKa's selling drugz til he makes it is outta here as most family news outlets only used his name Chinx & not his whole name of Chinx Drugz of the Coke Boys...............SMMFH! Ya WORDS have POWER! Live it & die in the KILLING FIELDS!

obama-police-equipment far as the Blak Smith & b2a see's it, the police forces in the usKKKa are using politiKKKal machinations by either FAKING shituations saKKKrificing their own to gain SYMPATHY from those who BELIEVE their stories for the purpose of saying by easing back that they are getting slaughtered in them streets! Before ya think that I'm spewing CONSPIRACY THEORIES, check this out; As well as BLAK & white, this is good -v- evil & PATRIARCH -v- MATRIARCH! Stay tuned but stay VIGILANT bcuz for now..................WE still at WAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

the BM needs something BEAUTIFUL to look at so that's why the pic is there! Cop my books at For ya personally autographed copy, get at US at or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). FREEDOM is the ONLY ROAD to TRAVEL on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Friday, May 15, 2015


Hey.......glad that YOU'RE BLAK for OUR next Part that I didn't even think that I would write but with the SPEED of the BULLSHIT increasing.........had to come BLAK 1 mo' & again! Check them SKULL & BONES above aka Krakka Heaven! They love DEATH as they feed off of the BLOOD which equals ENERGY & WE know that this is TRUE bcuz when someone NEW comes around & gives NEW LIFE to an ENTITY, peepo call 'em YOUNG-BLOODS! Aren't these KILLING FIELDS nothing but BLOOD & GUTS? While ya ponder those points, let's get into today's article & see what it do! Strap in tight.


That above is the pic that supposed HAMMER ATTACKER in nyc, David Baril had on his FB page as if there are aren't peepo on social media carrying REAL ASSAULT WEAPONS that could take down DOZENS in SECONDS! If ya haven't heard about this, check the :21 video & then come BLAK;

So.........why did the train CRASH in Philly a few days ago? Though WE may not be able to see it now, all of these EVENTS are RELATED & I'm gonna tie it all up before WE finish this article today or will I? I see an emerging pattern going on & WE MUST deal with this til it's all officially over! Will this BULLSHIT WE call LIFE as WE know it soon be over as in next week? Stay tuned!

Okay....time to tie this all up! It's been rumored that the mayor of nyc aka de blasio has been warring with his top cop, ratton about hiring more cops & let's quote from an article so as to give ya some background;
Top cop Bill Bratton has finally reached his breaking point with Mayor Bill de Blasio.
The police commissioner exploded with rage during a meeting Monday over police staffing with Hizzoner’s top deputy — vowing to go around the mayor to get funding for 1,000 more cops before storming out of City Hall, The Post has learned.

“If I don’t get them from you, I’ll go to the City Council and get them!” Bratton barked at First Deputy Mayor Anthony Shorris during the heated sit-down, sources said.*

Soon after that, a cop get's SHOT & is named B. Moore just like the city that was on FIRE after cops there cracked the SPINE of a dude named Freddie Gray. Those circumstances left a lot to be desired & then..................this HAMMER wielding dude starts nailing peepo & get's caught for the camera's to conveniently see. For a few years now, amtrak has been fighting to get more federal funding & then the CRASH on perhaps, the ONLY PROFITABLE ROUTE in the whole usKKKa; that also happened to have personnel from 2 segments of the population that I spoke in Part I, aka MILITARY (jason zemser) & yet ANOTHER DEAD BANKER (Abid Nigali) who worked for wells fargo who are outta here. Check that here at Ya not gonna keep pointing Me to COINCIDENCES! Haven't WE been here before? As well, a few days ago, Mumia was again, RUSHED to the HOSPITAL! I think that they wanted him in the KILLING FIELD for MOVE's 30th anniversary but they haven't gotten their wish. Long live that SOUL JAH!

Let's break it on down now for that their RITUALS aren't working any more & in fact, BACKFIRING on 'em, they have to do other shit! The reason why those 2 cops supposedly died
was to bring HATE to de blasio who's FAMILY is BLACK! Doesn't FAMILY come before ALL? I BELIEVE that the dude is FAIR but has to fight the OLD GUARD that is outta here! The amtrack crash had 2 purposes as in, getting more FUNDING that they AIN'T gonna get ( & POSSIBLY.................placing Nigali in position to be killed bcuz he probably was gonna SNITCH on the FACT that wells fargo is DONE! Isn't it ironic that mainly, BANK EXECUTIVES die under these kkkrazy ass circumstances? And finally...............I already wrote about green screens in that last classic article reference here; Check why that HAMMER DUDE SHITuation is either FALSE FLAG or STAGED below!

(supposed officer, lauren o'keefe)

Basically, it's all 1 great big HEGELIAN DIALECTIC MIND FUCK wherein they CREATE the scenarios with the outcome or SOLUTION ready so that they can put their plans to work but it ain't gonna work bcuz they're WEAK! My great pal, Linda Rochon Bey always says that WE should stop PROTESTING/MARCHING & all that & gather & just MEDITATE on what WE gonna do! Tad Cromwell says SAME! Remember, they CONTROL MOST including that NARRATIVE & if so, what do ya make of this SHIT WE just wrote? How about this?; As I keep telling Y'ALL, get READY for ya GLORY bcuz it's coming & when it get's here, get READY to WORK! Get at US while WE at WAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I should have named this KILL WHITE PEOPLE LANE but then, too many of Y'ALL would have been like, "that Blak dude sure is MORBID!" Can it be that I've learned well from ya FAVORITE PEEPO? As well, today is the 30th anniversary of the MOVE fiasco in Philly & isn't it quite IRONIC that a TRAIN WRECK happened there? If ya don't know MOVE, check this; Also know that MOVE is that apparatus that spawned Mumia Abu Jamal who the government is trying to KILL as WE speak. Let's get into this KILLING FIELD STUFF!

Guess what? The KILLING FIELD is for them devilz IF they are really dying & I'll explain what I mean in a moment but WE must take notice that these peepo die CONVENIENTLY! Who has kept up with how many Krakka's have been dying especially SCIENTISTS? From where I see it, some of these scientists make discoveries & next thing ya know, they are DYING or DIE after their BOSSES get all of the INFO they need for their ULTERIOR PURPOSES. Yea yea...............WE know that y'all NAYSAYERS who do NO RESEARCH need PROOF & so.....................


And then WE got those who are about to tell & on the way to TELLING, they either get plastic surgery & disappear OR................really die but as a cadaver belongs to the state til they RELEASE it to the FAMILY, who the fudge knows? Remember andrew breitbart, the dude who was supposed to tell what he knew about soetero & died on the way to that interview or how about william casey, head of the c.i.a. on his way to speak on the iran-contra sKKKandal & died on the way there or joe paterno at penn state during sandusky's booty banditry? Did the dead soldier in that CRASH in PHILLY blow on a whistle? Who remembers Gary Webb? Well, check the quietest & latest here;

Last but not least, did y'all know that the suKKK eXXXchange fell the fudge off on Monday? At this point, WE talking about those who work in FINANCE. Did y'all hear about all of these DEAD BANKERS that died in the illest of ways in the last 3-4 years? My presumption is that many of 'em were those who FELT RESPONSIBLE to those under 'em & blabbed on the phone or to their loved 1's that they couldn't LIVE with THEMSELVES & had to tell the TRUTH to the PEEPO who TRUSTED 'em! Remember, when ya take that OATH, ya RESPONSIBILITY is to THEM! The way to know all of this is to see how these peepo died outta the blue. Yo NAYSAYER, check this link; & after that, look at this 1;

The point of this article is that anyone not toeing the COMPANY LINE get's it in the HEAD or GUT & there ain't nothing that WE can do about that! They will stop at NOTHING to remain in POWER but as said here previously, get outta the way of Jade Helm as that's for the arrests of those who would continue to enslave US! Remember that those who SUPPOSEDLY KILLED bin laden all died in a helicopter crash & that's all being retold as FALSE; Or what about the lil talked about John Wheeler who was found in a DUMP after seeing that the usKKka wasn't prepared for cyber terrorism?; What did justin zemser know as military personnel get it as well & why were only these names released?

Only two victims have so far been publically identified so far:
  • Jim Gaines, a 48-year-old father of two and software architect for the Associated Press, was travelling home to New Jersey following a work conference in Washington DC.
  • Justin Zemser, a-20 year-old Navy Midshipman, was on leave from the Naval Academy in Maryland, and was visiting family in New York.*

 Also remember that
  • When wife rushed to hospital to see if he survived the accident, she claims she was told he was 'fine' and just undergoing X-rays 
  • She learned the next day that Tomar had in fact perished*

  • This accident happened in February just outside of nyc & coincidentally, outta 6 peepo who DIED, 3 were WELL PLACED BANKERS! Ain't that much COINCIDENCE in LIFE in light of that lil bit ya see there before ya even read the story! The link is below. 

    Rescue workers at the crash scene. Photo: 12 May 2015

    Please continue HANGING at Get with US as WE smell that VICTORY DAY & whatever ya do, DON'T EVER GIVE UP!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    ** Read more:

    Monday, May 11, 2015


    If I don't cover it, doesn't mean that it wasn't IMPORTANT! Going straight in, last week a Kkkop was shot in ny or SO THEY say! What get's Me today is that the pics being taken of these so called kkkoppers have been on green screens. If ya don't know what green screens are, check this definition from none other than  Iman Crosson doing his level best impersonation of soetero.*  

    When did the nypd start using these backgrounds? Before, killed kkkops used to get backgrounds like the 1 listed here with flags & shit but now...............
    Police Officer Dillon Stewart | New York City Police Department, New York New York City Police Department, New York

    I especially DON'T BELIEVE the story bcuz the report said that the kkkops pulled up on OUR HERO & asked him "what he had in his waistband" that he was tugging on previously. Is this a PLOY so that the nypd can get back to biz as they so wish to or...............what about the FACT that the mayor's office & nypd brASS are feuding bcuz of


    (LOFL & this pic says it all! The mayor's BLAK WIFE said NOT to TRUST RATton)

    Some bigwig ny politco named skelos & his son got busted last week for some MAJOR CORRUPTION SHIT!; In earnest, these investigations started in 2000 & when the investigator closed in, he warned those under his nose to do like Y'ALL should & STAY TUNED bcuz governor cuomo is NEXT!


    • In 2013, an estimated 1,163,146 violent crimes occurred nationwide, a decrease of 4.4 percent from the 2012 estimate.
    • When considering 5- and 10-year trends, the 2013 estimated violent crime total was 12.3 percent below the 2009 level and 14.5 percent below the 2004 level. (See Tables 1 and 1A.)
    • There were an estimated 367.9 violent crimes per 100,000 inhabitants in 2013, a rate that declined 5.1 percent when compared with the 2012 estimated rate. (See Tables 1 and 1A.)
    • Aggravated assaults accounted for 62.3 percent of violent crimes reported to law enforcement in 2013. Robbery offenses accounted for 29.7 percent of violent crime offenses; rape (legacy definition) accounted for 6.9 percent; and murder accounted for 1.2 percent. (Based on Table 1.)
    • Information collected regarding types of weapons used in violent crime showed that firearms were used in 69.0 percent of the nation’s murders, 40.0 percent of robberies, and 21.6 percent of aggravated assaults. (Weapons data are not collected for rape.) (See Expanded Homicide Data Table 7, Robbery Table 3, and the Aggravated Assault Table.)**  

    Hey........did ya hear the 1 about the EXPLODING NUCLEAR POWER PLANT named Indian Point that just so happened to have a GIANT EXPLOSION just 40 MILES north of NYC? If ya ain't heard about it, what ya think of it in light of all what else is happening?; ............the previous link was wrong & changed on 5/13/15..........apologies for any confusion. 
    Getting back to the Kkkops, it seems that whenever they get killed, it becomes a BIG STORY to keep the IDEA in OUR MINDS that crime is OUTTA CONTROL when in fact, it's so low now! Did ya hear about liquori?;

    Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

    Anyhoo.............hang in there as WE WILL NOT LOSE! WE are ETHERIC BEINGS & yo J.O.B is to stay ALIVE & TEACH those not so fortunate to KNOW that in FACT, WE'VE ALREADY WON (1)! Y'all need to get my books as they come packed with so much info & in a few days, will post the lecture that I did at the UAM in Brooklyn on Wed, May 6th 2015. To my peepo, get at US & see ya in yo neck of the woods soon! WE at WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR & this message has been approved by ya HOLLA BLAK DUDE!

    Sunday, May 10, 2015

    The Intruders - I'll Always Love My Mama (Special Extended Version) PA. ...

    WE all got 1! If she's still here, CELEBRATE her if she's WORTH it! If not, CELEBRATE SELF bcuz there's a REASON she had ya! WE don't need to talk about Mama but CELEBRATE the great MAMA aka METU NETER aka MAMA NATURE!

    PS.................... &



    Friday, May 8, 2015

    Death Of The Hip Hop Illuminati - The Black Dot Pt 2 Of 2

    Is 1st CONTACT upon US yet? In Part I, Y'ALL thought that I was going crazy bcuz I put that the Black Dot would be speaking but it was Professor Griff & so as to keep with the theme.................this is the 1 that features Griff! As it's deep, just go in & ....................................................HOLLA BLAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get the book that EXPOSES the entertainment industry & that's at For ya personally autographed copy, get at US at or on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Look out for a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT tomorrow on the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII. See Y'ALL in WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

    Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

    Tuesday, May 5, 2015

    Death Of The Hip Hop Illuminati - Professor Griff - Pt 1 Of 2

    This is the Black Dot & he doesn't need much of an INTRO! Let him tell just how the DEATH of the ILLUMINATI is IMMINENT & that WE are gonna WIN! Without further ado, let's get into the REALEST out there! Fuck the POLICE & WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                              - to be continued -

    Sunday, May 3, 2015

    Friends, Family And Poverty Can Make You Sick - Dr. Llaila Afrika And Br...

    the Blak Smith will be doing a lecture on HEALTH that promises not to SPEAK to the CHOIR by tackling INGESTION in a real easy to comprehend style! WE gonna be talking about HOLISTIC HEALTH on a roundabout way starting from the head to the feet! Be there at the U.A.M, 1061 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn NY, May 6th, 2016 at 7pm. Bring those that ya can't talk to & tell 'em it's gonna be about whatever they wanna hear especially if they are the type that don't wanna hear that SHIT & WE ALL gonna die from SOMETHING! For more info, get at US at or on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) for the most cutting edge research!

    I ain’t perfekt, but take it from Me

    the GREAT DOCTOR is in the HOUSE & as I'm very BUSY lately, the Blak Smith is gonna take this way out by letting Doc Afrika do it! Get in where ya fit in & get some words on NUTRITION of OTHER SORTS! Instead of WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR this time, I say, PEACE!