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There is NO WAY that I am going to try and describe the enigmatic 1 named Prince but I know that he is and was 1 of the most INTERESTING ARTISTS that ever lived. As Part II of Entertainment is Entertaining aint it is on deck, I figured I would give Prince his own well deserved TRIBUTE here at b2a as done by my FAMILY and Hip HopPioneer, DJ Stevie Steve of the Boogie Down Bronx!

Look, Prince was what he was to you so instead of getting LONG WINDED here, let the MUSIC PLAY courtesy of Prince, DJ Stevie Steve, b2a and all of the REAL FANS who absolutely ADORED GIRLS and BOYS! The music is INSATIABLE and WE know that you have joined MJ, Whitney and the recently departed Bernie Worrel. If ya do not know, ya bette...............................



I´ve been REPORTING on how the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY really works for some years & after getting so much RESISTANCE, decided to finally write the above book that I think pretty much covered it pretty well. If ya wanna really know what it´s all about, hit this link & get ya personal copy. The Blak Smith really appreciates it!

Just 2 of the G.O.A.T.s at what they did! 

Okay, I think that y├íll had enough of Saving Tito & as that is an ever developing story, let´s get into some other stuff & that´s how too many are DYING way too YOUNG as in US! While WE focus on the 2 above deaths, there has been so many others who have gone & THEY need to be mentioned as well. The year started off really ROUGH with the deaths of 2 of my FAVORITES, Dr Frances Cress Welsing & Dr Delbert Blair aka REAL FREEDOM FIGHTERS as those 2 in the above pic. Also remember, in that same tim…


Image Hate Me Now by Nas you smell the HATE yet? Those who love tN are probably over the age of 40, born in Honduras and know him as a really FUNNY GUY who´s always making jokes. Those who really know him but know the side that I speak of are still going to love him and I don´t blame you because I try to live my LIFE in PEACE so FEEL FREE to be YOU. Now check this out. When tN retired from general motors at the beginning of 1991, he had a PARTY and in that same week, ran his ASS to Honduras as if the LAW was after him. Another big thing that he did was not allowing Mom to receive her RETIREMENT PACKAGE because his INSURANCE had him, Mom & Tito covered. This is where it gets INTERESTING. 

WE flash forward a few years and tN is almost completely BLIND. Some papers arrive in NY that need to be EXPEDITED so that theinsurance coverage continues. These papers arrive at the house of a cousin who shall remain nameless. Because of previo…

Operation Save Tito Part XI Where do WE go as a PEOPLE?

For Part X, go here at Fight the Power by Public Enemy

I remember when Me and Manny were talking and he dropped a plate. tN came out of his room and blamed Me but I was washing dishes and was nowhere near enough to stop him and tN ACTED like he wanted to STAB Me but he was too much of a COWARD to go thru with it because he is really afraid of African case you have not gotten it yet, Tito MUST be FREED because tN, alex and hondo are all BLOOD SUCKING VAMPIRES who have the POTENTIAL to suck the very LIFE FORCE out of anyone living in his HOME. It is like that niggers dick gets HARD every time he tells 1 of US in his FAMILY off. When I got to Honduras, tN was calling my Moms side of the family YOUR FAMILY. My Mom had her OWN ROOM in HIS HOUSE because before she fell ill, her and tN had a falling out about that HOUSE. The stat…