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You are FREE now!!!!!


There is NO WAY that I am going to try and describe the enigmatic 1 named Prince but I know that he is and was 1 of the most INTERESTING ARTISTS that ever lived. As Part II of Entertainment is Entertaining aint it is on deck, I figured I would give Prince his own well deserved TRIBUTE here at b2a as done by my FAMILY and Hip Hop Pioneer, DJ Stevie Steve of the Boogie Down Bronx!

Look, Prince was what he was to you so instead of getting LONG WINDED here, let the MUSIC PLAY courtesy of Prince, DJ Stevie Steve, b2a and all of the REAL FANS who absolutely ADORED GIRLS and BOYS! The music is INSATIABLE and WE know that you have joined MJ, Whitney and the recently departed Bernie Worrel. If ya do not know, ya bette...............................

Sunday, June 26, 2016


 Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die


I´ve been REPORTING on how the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY really works for some years & after getting so much RESISTANCE, decided to finally write the above book that I think pretty much covered it pretty well. If ya wanna really know what it´s all about, hit this link & get ya personal copy. The Blak Smith really appreciates it!

Just 2 of the G.O.A.T.s at what they did! 

Okay, I think that yáll had enough of Saving Tito & as that is an ever developing story, let´s get into some other stuff & that´s how too many are DYING way too YOUNG as in US! While WE focus on the 2 above deaths, there has been so many others who have gone & THEY need to be mentioned as well. The year started off really ROUGH with the deaths of 2 of my FAVORITES, Dr Frances Cress Welsing & Dr Delbert Blair aka REAL FREEDOM FIGHTERS as those 2 in the above pic. Also remember, in that same time frame, Natalie Cole & david bowie also perished. What they bought to their respective JOBS depends on what you THINK about ém but what about this report I found soon after?


So just by the already mentioned 4, ASSuming that the queen BIATCH did it and as this all already transpired..........but after reading the above short link, this should be enough to CONVINCE you of what´s really going on. As said above in the 1st paragraph, I got tired of explaining how the ENTERTAINMENT BIZ works & did a lotta RESEARCH to get up on how it happens. The 2 longest chapters cover HIP HOP but there was plenty about OTHERS such as actors, comedians, singers & even athletes because ATHLETES ENTERTAIN & have a PLATFORM to speak from. What was Muhamad Ali? I am so glad that many more GET IT than before I wrote that book but let US look into some of those deaths & just because they were ENTERTAINERS doesn´t mean that they were KILLED by the illuminati. 


Everybody knew that Natalie Cole was a heavy Cocaine User back in the day but people never ask why those who get to those levels take it there..........WE at b2a THINK its because these people have to in order to make it BIG TIME. It really didn´t get bigger than her Dad, Nat King Cole & so she was exposed to all of what WE speaking on long ago. Always remember, in the Entertainment Biz, the DRUGS are FREE! As far as Dr Frances Cress Welsing was concerned, take it from a contemporary of hers at........it appears as though foul play did not play a role in the suspicious death of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing.  Murder is a complicated issue, however.  A murderer would like for the public to believe that a dead person did not die from criminal mea........more at




Everything I saw about david bowies death seemed to be a FALSE FLAG just like what happened in Orlando. As he´s OLD & had an album coming out, what better way than to buy his last album if you´re a BIG FAN? As I don´t really care, WE get into Dr Delbert Blair, perhaps OUR BEST METAPHYSICIAN who gave US so much INFO on inner earth & the INTESTELLAR. They killed his WIFE & attempted to kill him numerous times but he always esacaped it. Instead of taking your time, how about you get to know him thru his work at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izPc3Eix6HA.

One that hit Me really HARD was that of Maurice White & coincidentally, Blair, Welsing & White were all from Chicago. For those who don´t know, White was the head guy of Earth Wind & Fire perhaps the GREATEST BLACK BAND EVER! As he was an ELDER & was ill for some time, WE won´t say that he was KILLED but.....................they were the 1st that I know of to mix Kemet to US on a commercial level. Look at the pic below & get into the music.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWcATuuZAxs Thats the way of the World by Earth Wind and Fire.

In our next segment, WE will speak on Phife Dawg, Afeni Shakur, Billy Paul and show the connection between what happened with them and MJ, Whitney and Prince. WE will also show what happened with OUR MAIN DUDE, Muhamad Ali. Stay tuned as WE go in soon at b2a and thanks for your patience. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! 

Thursday, June 9, 2016


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKSJN3WWR3E Hate Me Now by Nas

Yeah.......do you smell the HATE yet? Those who love tN are probably over the age of 40, born in Honduras and know him as a really FUNNY GUY who´s always making jokes. Those who really know him but know the side that I speak of are still going to love him and I don´t blame you because I try to live my LIFE in PEACE so FEEL FREE to be YOU. Now check this out. When tN retired from general motors at the beginning of 1991, he had a PARTY and in that same week, ran his ASS to Honduras as if the LAW was after him. Another big thing that he did was not allowing Mom to receive her RETIREMENT PACKAGE because his INSURANCE had him, Mom & Tito covered. This is where it gets INTERESTING. 

WE flash forward a few years and tN is almost completely BLIND. Some papers arrive in NY that need to be EXPEDITED so that the insurance coverage continues. These papers arrive at the house of a cousin who shall remain nameless. Because of previous fuckery, my Brother Manny refused to answer tN´s phone calls and by the time that cousin sent the needed paperwork, the coverage EXPIRED. Note that Manny was not in communication with tN for his own reasons as tN is always at WAR with US & BLAMED Manny when in fact, if he had let Mom RETIRE with her own insurance package, she would have been taken care of and probably would still be alive today. As well, tN could have moved to the South PART TIME & when they needed better MEDICAL CARE, would not have to get on & off planes to do so but tN KNOWS ALL & listens to no 1 in his OWN FAMILY. You cannot even bring up what he does not want to hear. He has his own head so up his ass that he could not hear you if you SCREAMED INSTRUCTIONS at him. This was just ANOTHER REASON why Mom died too young. Evil people die OLD so that they can SUFFER! He will as well.

Haters Gonna Hate (Kid Cudi Edition)

Okay this goes out to my HATERS in Travesia that HATE so much that they actually have sit down MEETINGS about Me. I am about to really TURN UP and I have PEOPLE who are not very VOCAL but are HELPING Me because what I am doing is RIGHT. Let Me ask you all a question..........if your Mother died, would you allow ANYONE to keep you from your BIRTHRIGHT including your FATHER? Right about now, I´m feeling like the Lion King but instead of battling my Uncle, I´m doing this with tN, my supposed FATHER. I already told yáll what the LAW says & I know how things happen in Honduras but I will not LOSE. Right now, there is a 9PM Curfew because so many are getting KILLED. The crosses burn as the tables turn you know & tN & all of his BULLSHIT is about to be put to a HALT! At this point its ALL or NOTHING because I am on the RIGHT SIDE of EVERYTHING! Keep having your meetings getting 1 sided INFORMATION. I would HOPE that instead of focusing on my FAMILY PROBLEMS that you would take the ideas on DEVELOPING Travesia instead of HATING on something that doesn´t concern you directly. Just like with his own FAMILY, tN doesn´t give a FUCK about YOU because he was raised like a WOLF. 

lion king photo: lion king l_5a0685db8f32d4734160d136aa0d0a1f.jpg

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2Wp5SLHwTw Lion in the Jungle by Rob Symeonn

I already know that most of these Patriarchal Dudes who are really closet HOMOSEXUALS won´t UNDERSTAND what it is I am saying because deep down inside, you HATE WOMEN. Anyone with a little bit of KNOWLEDGE knows that REAL LOVE is FREEDOM & none of US including myself has ever had it. As well, most of you only focus on MONEY & are STINGY because you remember that you did not have any as a young person. tN is a JEALOUS BLOOD SUCKER and used to always tell Me that my Father did not BUY Me anything like that when I was YOUNG but the stuff I bought was not in existence when he was a CHILD. Huh? Now that things have CHANGED, I am here for the LONG HAUL so get READY for it tN. This is how Garifuna Niggers think.........if I leave without Tito you all will say that I LOST. If I leave and have to come back because SOMETHING HAPPENS and I do not have the MONEY to come back they are going to say that I am BROKE. Who among would take care of Tito without taking ADVANTAGE of him? Fuck ALL HATERS and I do not care who you are! 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9GnkEF_on0 Free by Denice Williams

Eventally, something TRAGIC is going to happen! If tN even CARED a little, he would at least sit down with US and DISCUSS how to go forward but because he thinks that he is OUR GOD and does NO WRONG, he will not! He is not READY for what is to come and I have the LAW on my side! It is UNFORTUNATE that tN will DIE ALONE without the LOVE of his OWN SONS but that is how it goes and he STARTED IT! This concludes the series wherein SOON, Tito will be FREE! Tito will watch movies, go out and EAT, DRINK, see a CONCERT and take WALKS without being on an ERRAND or WORKING. He deserves to be FREE and FREE he will BE! My name is the Blak Smith and I approve this message..............watch when Tito gets FREE! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

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Operation Save Tito Part XI Where do WE go as a PEOPLE?

For Part X, go here at http://black2afrika.blogspot.com/2016/05/operation-save-tito-part-x-lil-too-late.html

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWTrAVLhbS8 Fight the Power by Public Enemy

I remember when Me and Manny were talking and he dropped a plate. tN came out of his room and blamed Me but I was washing dishes and was nowhere near enough to stop him and tN ACTED like he wanted to STAB Me but he was too much of a COWARD to go thru with it because he is really afraid of African Americans............So........in case you have not gotten it yet, Tito MUST be FREED because tN, alex and hondo are all BLOOD SUCKING VAMPIRES who have the POTENTIAL to suck the very LIFE FORCE out of anyone living in his HOME. It is like that niggers dick gets HARD every time he tells 1 of US in his FAMILY off. When I got to Honduras, tN was calling my Moms side of the family YOUR FAMILY. My Mom had her OWN ROOM in HIS HOUSE because before she fell ill, her and tN had a falling out about that HOUSE. The stated reason was because she was falling out of the bed but that never happend while I was there and so......................Tito MUST be FREED because he has a RIGHT to a LIFE of HAPPINESS. Though he is LIKE a CHILD, he can make certain CHOICES of his OWN and if you ask him, he will tell you EVERY TIME that he wants to live in Los Angeles CA. Now I don't know if that is going to happen but can't he at least VISIT with HIS OWN MONEY? Remember, that this series is not just about Tito but also the LEGACY of what will become of the Garifuna People as a whole. Let US finish this series and I pray to the GOD that I UNDERSTAND that Tito is leaving with Me. Death is in the AIR all over Honduras and my Garifuna People would be WISE to LISTEN to Me because YOU ALL are NOT READY but do not say that this DIFFERENT NIGGER did not WARN YOU. We will now go back to the 9 People Activities that WE started this series with.

1. Economics - instead of writing an OPINION on what anyone should do regarding MONEY, let Me put this down

It's very important before moving forward, we first revisit where the USA has been in modern and recent history:

When Puerto Rico defaulted on May 2, 2016, so did the USA, Inc which was founded in Puerto Rico in 1871 and illegally mimicked the Republic of the United States government originally founded in 1776.

This means all government agencies created by the illegal USA, Inc. government also defaulted including but not limited to: The Federal Reserve Bank, Internal Revenue Service, Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency, National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, and National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

A hand chosen white hat military leadership along with white hat politicians have been positioned and seated in this new Republic government that has been installed by the BRICS nations to handle the day to day operations of the United States that includes military and political oversight over all domestic and international matters concerning the country.

To re-establish international banking credit, the Republic is now to put out a gold backed currency called United States Notes (USN) that will have Martha Washington on the $10 dollar bill. The Republic's sovereign currency designation is called Treasury Reserve Notes (TRN) and is currently being traded on markets all over the world, specifically between governments.

All 208 sovereign nations of the world are now only diplomatically, militarily and financially recognizing the Republic of the United States and their USN/TRN combination of monetary value. Meaning the USA, Inc, and all of it's minions and false agencies, are no longer acknowledged on the global stage.

Anything having to do with enemies of the State Obama, Biden, Trump, Clinton, Sanders, US Congress leadership… is nothing more than a pageant meant to keep their grand lie going. Their nickname is the cabal.

Chinese Elders gave this cabal two additional weeks, plus an extra transition week to permanently vacate all US affairs publicly, which clearly they have not done as to protect the illusion that their pageant is still relevant.

On Monday May 23, 2016, the Chinese halted all financial extension graces to the ever withering cabal political, financial and military pageant. They have thus eliminated for good the USA, Inc from the face of the earth as no sovereign country in active participation with the BRICS can participate with the USA, INC on their new gold backed financial system.

What most American's are looking at everyday is nothing but a scripted lie, a con, whereby a single family by bloodline (aka the cabal) is attempting to convince the world they are still a relevant controlling entity-which they are not. But because most American's don't know of their ruse, they also cannot comprehend that their government has been a lie for their entire lives, nor are they quick to adopt or embrace the truth generations of their own families have been fooled.

And no matter how bizarre this update may come off, what you are reading is the truth about your country and world, and those providing this intel to you care enough about you personally to share the truth no matter how difficult to receive-because we all deserve to know the TRUTH.

Be advised on sovereign rates on all first basket redemption currencies, they are being made available to American public until the end of May.

Sovereign rates are intentionally high to help replenish the devastated American economy which has collapsed due to cabal decision making over the last 100 years since the creation of the Federal Reserve Banking system.

Also, an influx of liquid capital will put a final dagger into the side of the cabal pageant actors /companies / media still playing out their facade daily.

Taking and sharing such wealth with friends, family and community is how you can participate in taking down the bad guys, taking from the rich and giving to the poor as well as performing your own patriot duty as a proud American citizen of the new Republic.

Anyone that tries to steer you in a different direction is either ignorantly or intentionally supporting the cabal's desire to limit the net positive effect of the RV on American soil, and thus retain financial control over you, your family and your community for generations to come.

As of Sunday evening May 22, 2016, the proverbial rubber officially hit the road with regards to the the Chinese Elders, who benevolently placed the gold up for the entire new financial system including our own Republic, with the unconditional support of all over sovereign nations of the world--who are also united in taking down the cabal where ever they are, going or fleeing through arrest or physical elimination..........more at https://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2016/05/30/benjamin-fulford-5-30-16-new-york-branch-of-khazarian-mafia-now-final-obstacle-to-world-peace/.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJURtLEzTTk ItzSoEZ by De La Soul

2. Education -  As I always say, LIFE is EDUCATION. This is why I want to start Garifuna University with no FORMAL CLASSES. The classes will be determined by the WILL of the PEOPLE. What WE must LEARN is how to be SPIRITUAL BEINGS. Do you want to know how to do just about ANYTHING? Do you want to know how to make CASSAVA?  Put it in www.google.com and LEARN how. Just in case, the LINK is here at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8fBW1cYaZE. You can LEARN how to do ANYTHING with Google and www.youtube.com. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYF1xRgqdOM You Must Learn by KRS 1

3. Entertainment - the GARIFUNA CULTURE is the CULTURE of Belize and Honduras. WE must find a way to COMMODIFY and CONTROL it. I am a BLACK MUSIC LOVER and pretty SOON, will deliver you and yours a smoking hot article on all of the things I have yet to write about since I started this series namely, the death of Prince, Bambatta being GAY, the POLITICAL CLIMATE in South America and how the RING of FIRE is very ACTVE. My UNCLE Froylan TAUGHT Jose Feliciano all that he knew for him to be who he was. He was the HEAD MUSICAL AMBASSADOR of Honduras but never wanted FAME, Look out for your own ENTERTAINMENT soon.


4. Labor - the Garifuna can build a HEAVEN at HOME if WE wish to right on that BEACH. Most of the Garifuna villages near La Ceiba and Tela have PAVED ROADS and so why not US? 1 thing the Garifuna must get into OUR HEADS is that all WORK is NOT PHYSICAL. I can WRITE a PLAN on How to BUILD a NATION and before that happens, many revisions will take place and YOU should be a PART of it. Respect and LOVE the LABORER because the PURPOSE of LIFE is to SERVE. The KING and QUEEN of a people must be the ULTIMATE SERVANTS. 

5. Law - WE must go away from thinking of Mans Laws governing US. I do not need to go too deep on what LAW is because WE ALL want to be RESPECTED and LOVED but too often, I hear Garifunas saying that OTHERS are DIFFERENT. If Garifuna people are too CLANNISH, how can WE possibly bond with those who want to help? WE MUST get with other Black People because the GARIFUNA as a COMMUNITY are SMALL on a WORLD LEVEL. When WE embrace the SPIRITUAL LAWS left behind for US to follow, WE will be alright.

6. Politics - is the POLICY of MANAGEMENT of the People. He who CONTROLS your POLITICS CONTROLS YOU but not to worry because whether you believe in number 1 or not does not really matter to Me. When all this new stuff happens and YOU are NOT READY, you better be really HUMBLE because I have been eating your SHIT for a while now but I see the FUTURE and it is BRIGHT.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QkjkRiZKnA Lovely Day by Bill Withers

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vvicl83SMp4 Brighter Days by Cajmere featuring Dajae

7. Religion - always the most DIFFICULT because WE have all been TRICKED into THINKING of GOOD and BAD as RELIGION and DEVILTRY. tN has been the way he has been for so long now and cannot recognize that what he does SERVES no 1 but HIMSELF. If you do not like what I am doing in EXPOSING all of who he is, then tell Me WHAT I AM DOING WRONG? He always told Me to tell the TRUTH though he made Me LIE for him.  All RELIGIONS must have a charter from the vatican or be labeled as something OTHER or DIFFERENT. Very few people use RELIGION to BENEFIT anyone outside of SELF. If it is NOT a TRADITIONAL RELIGION coming from a TRADITIONAL PEOPLE...............FUCK THEM! None of  y´all ever met a white jesus. 

Fuck jesus

8. Sex-  Too may of these Garifuna Niggers are PEDOPHILES. Look, I am in my early 30s and have no problem with younger ladies but it is only OK if you plan on being SERIOUS with her because she may LOOK like a WOMAN while holding the THOUGHTS of a CHILD. Homosexuality SUCKS but between 2 consenting adults, WHATEVER! If your relationships are BAD, what becomes of the children BORN from YOU? Pleasure them LADIES and make sure that they EJACULATE as well.

9. War -  WE already declared WAR on tN and just in case you want to get in this, I have the FULL SUPPORT of my BROTHERS Javier and Manny so if you think that YOU are going to get at any of US with MORAL SUPERIORITY, YOU are WRONG! I already told yáll that I don´t give a FUCK what you think so keep your OPINIONS about OUR INTERNAL FAMILY to yourselves! If you are helping tN PLAN his FUCKERY, keep helping him with his 1 sided Information. I do not HATE tn but I really feel SORRY for him.This is not about REVENGE because WE have been speaking on this for YEARS and now WE are here. tN declared WAR on US long ago and if this series was not enough for you, I can not help you. You already decided that you LOVE him despite what I say but now you know that to his OWN FAMILY, tN is 1 SPITEFUL MOTHERFUCKER and so EXPOSING him has been PLEASURABLE to Me. Now you can say that you know him FULLY. There can be NO PEACE until REVOLUTION and now tN knows how his FAMILY has been FEELING for too long.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8YM5P8NicI Fruit Man by Kool and the Gang

Three things WE must go into before WE finish this is HEALTH, NUTRITION and THOUGHT. To not get into it too deep, the vast majority of Garifuna must learn that GREAT TASTING FOOD and NUTRITION do not MIX. Too many are FRYING FOODS and too much of that is UNHEALTHY. In new houses, build the kitchen separate so that the HEAT does not kill you as they did in the old days. WE must EXCERCISE and the FRESH AIR on the BEACH is the PERFECT PLACE for that. Finally, what you THINK is 50% of your HEALTH and so if you THINK that YOU are going to get away with a BAD TEMPER in the TROPICS YOU are SADLY MISTAKEN. Eat more FRESH FOODS. Bad tempers in the TROPICS lead to HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, HEART ATTACKS and STROKES. Keeping cool and eating plenty of FRUITS and VEGETABLES can lead 1 to living until 90 -95. Stay well FAMILY. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DY3yYqKQcVA Liberation by Outkast

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LX38B_KjrCY Love You and I by Jazzanova

Yes, pretty soon Tito will be FREED and with his BROTHERS who never gave him up! I hope that you stay alive and see US DEVELOP projects in Honduras and WORLDWIDE for that matter. If the Garifuna see each other as SPECIAL, then WE cannot continue the way WE have been going. Are you SPECIAL with FUCKERY? Even though WE have NEVER been ENSLAVED, the effects of it did not escape US and WE need to connect with other Black People to STRUGGLE on for US ALL. The generation above 60 years of age need to REEVALUATE where WE go as a people and need to concern themselves with the LEGACY they leave behind for the PEOPLE and not just your own family. OLD IDEAS must DIE! That way of thinking has US where WE are right now. These new people being born today are going to see that FREEDOM I speak of and will know Tito in that FREEDOM! tN and others like him must know that the OLD will die as FREEDOM is not an EVENT but a PROCESS. When further details emerge, I will UPDATE you and to end this series, Free Tito because Tito must be FREE! I love Tito! He´s my BROTHER!!!!!!!!!