Thursday, January 27, 2011

Joyce Allen Speaks 2 US!

Hey Y'all, long time no see. Once again, I am the Blak Smith & I am BLESSED! I have another GREAT FB Friend in a woman named Joyce Allen who challenges me to no end. Like OUR previous FB Friend & poster, Tameika Helen Reese, we disagree onna lotta different things but always seem to conclude on the same page after WE chop it up enuff. Boy, the year is flyin & before ya know it, Blak HIStory month will be here but I don't celebrate it bcuz I celebrate US everyday! Ya boy, barry delivered the Fake of the union address & WE still got peepo spoutin off "get outta his way & let him do his job" as if THEY don't know that soetero izza hi-tech slave, SMMFH! Moscow hadda bombin & all that is is the FEAR FREQUENCY kept at a visible level. Did y'all hear about that ARK-Storm that's suppoesed to hit Cali? As the last days approach, be ever vigilant & if you a good person, continue to do so as time is on OUR side. I get into alotta BULLSHIT as I am very unorthodox but I can take it. Tunisia has calmed down & if Egypt gets HOTTER......Prophecy will be decided in the so called Mid-East & Babylon aka the USA & it's only a matta of TIME! 694 days OR less & alotta these krakka's is gone & very many of 'em know it. Remember when the Blak Male was a so called endangered species? I'm here, you here & if ya decide to not go nowhere, come meet me at the Cosmic Party my dude & dudettes. That's gonna be the party of the AGES & AGELESS! Go in now & let my SISTAR tell y'all about some things WE should be thinkin about. The days of havin 22 children will soon be upon us again! Welcome BLAK.....I missed y'all!

Is the dual minority status more of a hindrance for black women especially in a patriarchal society than being a black male in the same society? i.e. Is being a Black woman more of a handicap in America than being a Black man?
Submitted by Joyce:

Being an African-American and being a woman were just two principle struggles thrown at the black woman during and after slavery in a patriarchal society here in the United States. These views began during the enslavement of our people and have since continued. During that time, the slave family was often structured around a strong woman figure who was expected to produce adequately in the fields and then to cook and take care of her children. In slave families the women seemed to have a bit more of the upper hand with regards to controlling the relationship. For clarity, this must be put into the conversation. The women definitely took on more of the family responsibility while the men took on the manual labor. Slave women had to fend for themselves since their husbands couldn't provide protection from our masters. So with Black Women taking on a role that was given to them, not by choice but mandatorily, to keep the Black Family together as best she could, up til today we are still looked on as Black Women who don’t need the support of Black Men.
We speak of this dual minority status today in a hindrance patriarchal society in 2011 and the struggle our ancestors dealt with on the plantation is still in existence and has now replaced the struggle we are dealing with on todays plantation, aka the corporation. Black Women are still out there doing the same things as their ancestors, working outside the home, cooking, taking care of the children, and making sure the family is still kept together. Are we viewed any different today? Today, the status of African-American women are determined by as many of the choices, challenges, and triumphs that women face, which are reflected in the hurdles that we clear, and those over which we sometimes stumble.
In an election year when women of color are being asked if they are voting their race or voting their gender—as if we could divide them—it is important to note that race and gender are intertwined for African-American women, and that both are determinants in our economic, social, political, and educational status. The intersection of race and gender, additionally create a third burden for African-American women in that part of our status is a function of the way that the majority society marginalizes and demonizes African-American men.
A most stunning example of this third burden is evident in the labor market, where both African-American men and women experience unemployment rates that are higher than those for the overall population. The unemployment/underemployment of African-American men represents a burden to the African-American women who, then, often shoulders unequal responsibility in supporting households and children without sufficient contribution from spouses, partners, or fathers. A full perceptive of the third burden explains, at least partly, why African-American women cannot separate interests of race and issues of gender in analysis of political candidates, economic realities, or social and cultural realities.
There are other important significant economic realities that shape the status of African-American women. While more likely to be employed than African-American men, African-American women earn lower wages than African-American men. A focus of women at the top should not preclude attention to the material struggles for African-American women at the bottom of the economic spectrum. One in four African-American people and more than 40 percent of African-American children live in poverty. Many of these poor are working poor—women, who earn little more than the minimum wage in service occupations. They struggle to make ends meet, often bridging the gap between living expenses and inadequate paychecks. Too often, especially when public assistance is involved, the status of African-American women is linked to the financial role that African-American men do not play in poor families. Once again this places the family survival burden on African-American women.
African-American women do not do what we want to do; we do what we have to do. That overwhelming adage of service and community, of shouldering the third burden, remains applicable. Those who ask African-American women to choose between race and gender ignore the fact that race and gender only partly explain African-American women’s reality. The third burden, the intertwining of African-American male and female lives in the context of patriarchy and economic oppression and is an important way of viewing the complexities of the African-American woman’s survival in these United States. In the context of this patriarchy, we are consumers, not producers of our images in popular culture, the target of a drive-by public policy analysis that asks us to choose between race and gender as we navigate our reality. To invoke the South African proverb, “Black women hold up half of the sky” in the African-American community. Whether operating from a strong economic base, or from the poverty status that affects more than one in four of us, we shoulder a third burden as we hold up half the sky. Race, gender, and society’s treatment of African-American men shape and define our reality and determine our status.
Are we as African American Women more handicapped in this patriarchal society than African American Men?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The 2K Womb Man

Hey y'all, what it do? This is the Blak Smith & today, I'm givin it up to my homegal, Tamieka H Reese, a great FB friend who blessed me with this article a few weeks ago. This article is entitled atop here but before I allow her to go in, let me just tell y'all that this site here izza community forum & I AIN'T gotta AGREE with you for you to write on here but it gotta make SENSE before I post it. Send ya submissions to & if I like it or think that it's valid, I will post it & you get the credit but no pay. All I ask is that you promote you as well as myself. We need to spread the word to the UNINITIATED bcuz as of today, there are 702 days left! The Sistar is comin heavy & this one may talk a lil more to the ladies but the brothers MUST learn as well. Tunisia is now on fire, the Ivory Coast shituation can flare as Iraq, Pakistan & Afghanistan rage on. Haiti is ashambles & big up to my Sistar Lahiny who is on her way there inna few days. Got somethin on deck from her as well. If you can contribute anything to her cause, contact me on FB or at the above mentioned email. Hopefully, the animals there ain't just dyin spontaneously but we'll get Blak to that soon. They eatin these dead animals in some US cities & so you know, shit is outta control! Without further ado though, let my Sis take it from here.

Womb-Ma[DB]_Bleach_The 2K n

Okay, I’ll just get straight to the point! No sense in “beating around the bush”—or trying to “soften” the blow either. I’ll just tell you what I’m so VERY sick of—because it is hurting my people—PERIOD!
Don’t agree? I DON’T care—it’s MY opinion… and you certainly are entitled to YOURS! But—BLACK WOMB-Man, when will you finally OVERstand the importance of your role in the family… and WHY are you subjecting yourselves to this highly supported European way of living—that is OBVIOUSLY NOT a healthy way of living for the BLACK FAMILY?
“Independent woman…”… “I don’t need no man!”… “I AM the daddy!”—and all of the other VERY foolish statements we, as BLACK womb-men, so loosely spit forward—like a damn badge of honor! REALLY? And you wonder why our homes are so damn broken? And usually tend to blame it on the “absence” of the black man in the home? Well, this is part of the reason why. “Independence” is not a characteristic of “the family”… and a MAN, certainly is a MAJOR source and part of the home and family structure. No husband, no father… are you serious? And WHY would you brag about being “the daddy” anyway? And sure, YES—I do OVERstand that this simply is the case sometimes—but, to go around BRAGGING about it… shouting it from the rooftops, like it’s something to be proud of—and promoting this type of lifestyle, is utterly RIDICULOUS!!! We should think MORE of ourselves, our children AND our “black men”… our “black family”---PERIOD! Do you not care about the NATION—because, as of this day, and up unto this point—we have none! And it’s this new-age (2k) mentality that is responsible for much of the break-down between the BLACK Man and the BLACK WOMB-Man. Yes, BLACK WOMB-Men—we, too—are VERY much to blame. It’s time to get off of our high (white) horses! REALity awaits us.
It is now 2K11—and I can assure you that many of you are so focused on YOU—listening to your girl, FANTASIA—“I’m Doing ME”… and go head—DO YOU… but, don’t forget your obligations and responsibilities in the midst of DOIN’ YOU… and they shouldn’t be limited to and focused on your “independence”. Sadly to say—we have been “taught” and TRAINED with the “illusion” of POWER in our “independence”; however, I beg to differ—and also CHALLENGE you to free your minds from this VERY oppressive way of “thinking”. Sure, being independent does have its strong points, under certain circumstances—but NOT ALL… and certainly not when it comes to the STRENGTH and INTEGRITY of “the family”. Your role as a WOMB-Man will be greatly enhanced and that “power” and feeling of “divinity” (DIVA) that you seek—will be many times greater, once you begin to see that you indeed DO “need a man”—it is your UNIverSOUL, Natural and DIVINE “purpose”, as a WOMB-Man. Your WOMB is not meant to be “independent” of a MAN---but, to be FILLED with his presence, instead… and it’s time for us to realize the damage we are inflicting on ourselves and our families—our BLACK NATION—in promoting and nurturing a lifestyle that is so very detrimental to the integrity of our own people—INDEPENDENT (DIVA) status—is really NOT all that “divine”… 4ReaL…
So, let us take a look back over the last few years of our celebrated “independence”—and realistically, see what it has truly gotten us. Not a damn thing! Obviously, we need to come up with a better “resolution”.
So, what’s your plan for 2K11?

Copyright ©2011 Tamieka H. Reese

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2010 - A Blak Perspective Part IV

Let's conclude this series. As y'all already know, I am the Blak Smith & I greet you in the way you would greet a friend, elder or baby in the style of God or Gods that you represent. Sayin that, I hope that ya religion is keepin ya happy. To that, I also say FUKK THAT! In Part III, I wrote about the connection with that Alaskan senator & that BIA... who you'll never see her name here & now that congress woman in AZ gettin shot. Wow! Of course bcuz she's a SHAPESHIFTER, she won't be prosecuted as the LONE GUNMAN THEORY rears its ugly head AGAIN! What black2afrika is tryin to do for y'all & I say this all the time is make y'all connect the dots as most occurences are not COINCEDENCE! IN other news, that John Wheeler dude pissed DickHEAD Chainy off & wound up dead & instead of me reportin about it, read this nice & sweetly very short article on the how & why at In breakin news, that Ted Williams dude, the golden voice dude who was rediscovered on an OH street & now has plenty of work as a voice announcer was detained in Los Angeles for havin a loud argument with his daughter inna hotel. It's tough to go from nothin to everythin overnite & so I hope he makes it. No one is talkin about the psychology of what he went thru other than he's been clean for 2 years. We are watchin. Ok, I think y'all got enuff of that so let's conclude 2010 - A Blak Retrospective Part IV.

October 2010 - There was a time when October was a very expectant month. What I mean by expectant is that there used to be an October Suprise before the election OR an event that could sway it either way. Last October was actually kinda borin & not that nothin happened but October Suprises haven't happened inna long time bcuz THEY butt naked RAW with what THEY do & THEY do it when THEY wanna & dare US to do somethin about it. Well, some willin to do somethin are the europeans who have been riotin. They truly know what TAKIN IT TO THE STREETS is all about as riots were seen in the uk, france, russia, spain, ireland & so many other countries. They always fightin in italy but ain't the vatiKKKan there? Check them naples garbage strikes. On the homefront, General James Jones resigned from the soetero admin & if ya didn't know, he was the national security advisor to be replaced by tom donilon. Alotta hi-level staffers left the white house in the run up to the so called election & it will continue in the hereafter. The white house lifts the moratorium on deep well oil drillin openin US waters to again take on spills of epic proprtions. As quiet as it's been kept, bp AGAIN, spilled oil just two days ago, Jan 10, 2011 but they are also protected by the shapeshifters. Those Chilean miners trapped in that mine start to get rescued & for once, all of them made it out. If that were the US, them NIGGAS woulda been ass out as THEY do things here that are more cost feasible up to & includin payin off ya family without admittin liablity when they die. Onna world level, that was probably the feel good story 2010. Finally, a story that I covered extensively here was the toxic sludge spill in hungary. As this sludge was from aluminum, & only (supposedly) eight peepo died, I was quite suprised. Aluminum is one of the deadliest elements known to man! This sludge ran thru whole villages makin 'em unlivable in a very fertile part of the country. It was feared that this spill would have got into the danube, the second largest river in europe & it did though as of this report, it hadn't done major damage. Low level fish kills were discovered soonafter & subsequent research on my part found no extra harm but this will have effects for years to come. The BLAK WOMAN who is the EARTH is SUFFERIN! She will cleanse herself in 709 days though like SHE did of these peepo in October 2010:
Albertina Walker, a gospel singer of the Caravans passed in October of last year. Also, Solomon Burke, an R&B singer songwriter perished & I once saw him in NY for free. He was pretty good. Our man from Jamaica & a biggie died in GREGORY ISAACS. His Night Nurse saw him into the long night & WE have much to be thankful for with that song. Big up! Another gospeler, James Phelps passed on. Walter Payton & thank GOD not the football player who ALSO died PREMATURELY but a musician died last October. One of my favorite basketball players from BLAK in the day whom I admired was Maurice Lucas aka the Enforcer perished as well. He was that kick ass dude that no big man wanted to take on & he's famous for fightin anyone! Big basketball fans from the 80's & 90's would remember him. Let's go one month over to

November 2010 - If October was pretty borin, November was off of the FUKKIN HOOK! Ireland, to get off of the hook of owin too much money to the world bank & imf, DISSOLVE their government until the 2011 budget is in. I told y'all in alotta articles last year that the PIIGS countries(portugal, ireland, italy, greece & spain) were in deep dire dodo & had to get BAILED out much like most states here on this side. Those riots in europe had been happenin but increased in frequency even in countries like france that weren't SUPPOSEDLY in this kinda trouble. It seems like the only country over there without mass riotin was germany as THEY had been thru all of that in WWII & knew how to avoid that. Like the dollar, the euro & the pound are DONE! Closer to home, ya boy, chalie rangel was found GUILTY of ethics violations & censured. Though he is still the rankin congressman, he was basically silenced & removed as the ways & means chairman. tom delay, another lifelong politico was convicted of political wrongdoins as well & was given a three year sentence on Jan 11 2011. I won't be suprised to see his sentence pardoned OR commuted. Ya see, when ya serve for a long time, ya get the goods on certain peepo. One of the biggest stories of the year was also the draconian laws passed wherein the tsa started either doin x-ray searches or invasive hand pat downs on air travellers in, to & from the US. That was the talk as peepo were pissed but every once inna while, the so called power entities need to test just how far they can go against the general public & the pushback. The responses will gague the next moves. I told y'all to get naked or go to the airport nasty, smelly & gassy. Fukk 'em! North Korea bombed the South & for a minute, it looked like there was gonna be WWIII but like I was told, there will be NO nukes goin off bcuz that missile flyin in Los Angeles that was never OFFICIALLY identified was a NUKE that the Pleidians knocked out of the sky. It was supposed to hit Iran but y'all think I'm crazy anyway so google it. Most of all though, the soetero admin FAILED. First of all, HE backed india to get a permamnent seat on the un security council, where all the real power is. Just to give ya an idea, the permanent 5 are china, france, russia, the uk & the usa. Remember that china & india share a very long border & have a lotta border disputes. pakistan as well & the problems between india & the pakis are legendary. So as in the NK & SK siutation, they have to cause tensions to keep confusion reignin & THEY can keep on collectin amidst that confusion by sellin WEAPONS & MILITARY EQUIPMENT. More are dyin in neighborin afghanistan than in iraq now but same shit, different toilet. bush even admitted that he approved of waterboardin! soetero freezes wages for all government workers. At home soetero takes a bloodbath of a loss & like kkklinton, is a democrat surrounded by so called conservative gop types. After this so called bloodbath, soetero disappears to asia to have ya favorite peepo again commandin the headlines as traylor shift releases a new # 1 album that breaks records since the last record breakin release. bush is promotin his book & tells us that his most disappointin time in office was kanye west callin him a racist. west goes on national tv to apologize & is GASP, coincidentally releasin an album that very week! He then cancels an appearance on the today show for those uneducated in SCRIPT WRITIN so that unsophisticated BLAKS who still like him can BUY his SHIT as he stood up to the MAN! He says that THEY were usin him with all the theatrics of a 20's ham actor but don't be mad at him! Kanye, like Mandela is not the same dude & THEY usin him & if he fights them, he could get Mike JACKED SON! soetero is nowhere to be seen after the democrats lose big & FAILS to get the Chinese to float their economy to make the dollar stronger. The chinks own almost $1 trillion of the US debt that will never be repaid. Oh well. After Hellary KKKlinton is exposed, she announces that she will no longer run for any elected offices. Them zionists want that AK BIA..! The economy ain't shit & I write a countdown tellin y'all to not celebrate X-Mas as it's a made up HELLIDAY. Y'all don't hear me though.
Those of note who died last November were Bobbi Sykes, an aboriginal Australian who was an activist for the rights of her peepo. She was BEAUTIFUL! dino de laurentis died & I could give a fugg about him but some of y'all luv movies so much & so....Quintin Dailey, a former very talented but troubled basketball player died & I didn't know about it until I researched it. He was only 49 years old. Damn! Hotep Idris Galeta, a south afrikan jazz pianist, composer & lecturer died then too. Sonia Pottinger, a Jamaican record producer died as well. Leslie Nielsen was probably the most well known person to die & we can still laugh at his movies. Finally, the case of all cases, Ronni Chasen which I also covered extensively in my Lies Disinfo & Ms Info series of a few weeks ago. It seems like that case has been closed & just maybe, we'll get a murder mystery movie outta it. Let's do the last month of the year, December!

December 2010 - Last month of the year! Phew, 2010 was a year man! I wouldn't even describe it as bad but it was very weird. That wikileaks dude, julian assange admitted that he was an israeli shill or one who dupes those who don't know better after he was arrested for sexxxin women who he wasn't married to. The law states that to have sex without condoms in sweden where he was arrested is ILLEGAL. How convenient! Ghana opens up her oil wells & begins her quest to be a top producer as oil is still bein found in her waters. We'll see if she suffers from the resource curse or the peepo get blessed by this. Wesley Snipes went to prison for 3 years for not payin taxes. That there seems to be the only reason why peeps go to jail with no regard to race, color or creed even though that law is not MANDATORY. The don't ask don't tell policy forwarded by the kkklinton admin is repealed & it is now GREAT to be openly gay in the military as if that ever stopped anybody. The Health Care Reform law that soetero tried to enact has been declared UNCONSTITUTIONAL as the re pubi cans take over the house & shit all over soetero after he failed miserably to change economic policies in asia. In australia, heavy floodin caused mass evacuations especially in the brisbane queensland area. The X-Mas season sucked as the populace is broke & no one has money but ya still saw IDIOTS runnin into malls & tramplin each other to satisfy spoiled rotten kids who will break most of these toys by Dec 27th. Too many retail businesses are closin & so many are sufferin & most of US(at least too many) are worried about shows like housesluts of atlanta & the game. Too many of us are still listenin to poverty pimps & won't even let ya finish a line on anything other than their respective dogmatisms. Ayo, we got 709 days left. With so lil time, I'm waitin for that cataclysm to happen so that WE can get on with it. Or just maybe, they gonna slow dance US to death as we just.............wait for that SHIT to HIT the FAN like Super Sky Sperm Guy bustin a nut! Let the SUN do his work! Let the EARTH cleanse herself! It wasn't no damn new year anyway as it really starts on April Fools Day. Keep on LIVIN & may whatever this year be, don't die, MULTIPLY!

Those who died in December 2010 include Brandon Joyce, another nfl player who died of a gunshot wound durin a stickup in St Louis. How sad. Bernard Wilson, formerly of Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, the group that spawned so many hits in the 70's perished. First Teddy Pendergrass in Jan & this young man in December. Magnolia Shorty aka the Queen of Bounce from NOLA got it in a drive by shootin. The vanilla child aka teena marie died & you can now find her behind the groove. richard holbrooke was an ambASSador & fuck him. James Moody was a saxaphosnist jazzman extraordinaire who didn't get his TRUE PROPERS. WE show our LUV & RECOGNITION for him here. Finally, 2010 died in 2010 as we ushered in a MANUFACTURED 2011 or 6251. Luv to all readin this as this concludes 2010 - A Blak Retrospective. Watch out for what's on deck as WE go in HARDBODY with guest writers who are gonna further dazzle ya! Peace, Luv & a big HOLLA BLAK to all! 1!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

2010 - A Blak Retrospective Part III

Hey y'all! How y'all doin? I hope fine. I'm ok & just seein what the new year is bringin. It's already quite interestin! I gotta hit y'all up with the news of animals dyin ALL OVER THE WORLD! In doin my investigations & gettin some from my GREAT FB FRIENDS of who there are so many, I found out that Vladamir Putin, the Prime Minister of Russia SQUEALED on the USA who snatched 63 METRIC TONS of a GAS named Phosgene from Iraq at the beginnin of the war. This gas was supposed to be destroyed & when the Ruskies issued the report to say that the US didn't, they buried it deeply in the ground(this is the type of shit wikileaks should cover). This is what is causin these dead animal situations. This also caused 500 small EARTHQUAKES in that area & what ya won't hear in the media is that the peepo there are HEAVILY CONCERNED! Did y'all know that Pine Bluff is a majority Blak Place? It was also rated as the most DANGEROUS metro area by morgan quinto, a research & publishin entity. Who gives a fukk about a NIGGA.......well, here comes John Wheeler & his Vietnam era expertise. He was a big part of writin manuals durin Nam & vowed that he would never allow things like this to happen again. He knew the symptoms & soon after hearin about what was happenin, left Delaware, went to the Pentagon & threatened to expose all of this & for his efforts, wound up in a garbage pit.* More Lies, Disinfo & Ms Info but we already know what it is y'all. An investigator has even came up with the premise that Mr Wheeler crept into that dumpster as a result of bein disoriented. They don't even try to hide anythin anymore but with 713 OR LESS left, THEY TIME IS UP! I could write a whole lotta other stuff on just this year alone but we gotta go BLAK - to 2010, A Retrospective. Let's do it!

July 2010 - The US is inna shambles as the economy is TERRIBLE. The media is callin the SHITUATION a recession & it probably is for krakkas but for Blak Folk & Negros, it's an outright DEPRESSION. Homes are bein foreclosed & the numbers on the public dole increase weekly by the hundreds of thousands. Ya boy arnie schwartz a NIGGA even made CA state employess take three unpaid days off a month. WTF? The unemployment rate was skyrocketing & almost 50% of the unemployed hadn't worked for more than half a year. That most definitley wasn't Lebron's problem as he made the DECISION & his hometown peepo went on to HATE him. He went to the miami heat & as THEY say, the rest is history. The owner of the team talked shit & still hates him but again, SCRIPTWRITIN is in effect! The league is not as excitin as it once was & now, they gotta SELL the game with side antics such as this. The Israelis had found oil but who's gonna pump it when there's so much goin on around her? The former speaker of the hut, nancy Pee Loser blocked an independent investigation of the bp oil spill as an estimated 4 million barrels were left unaccounted for. In fact, bp so overshadowed this event but the BIGGEST oil spill ever in the Midwest also happened in MI alongside the Kalamazoo River. We cannot forget this! Of course the way we think here, THEY tryin to POISON everything as THEY time is up. Ya see, to admit defeat is not like THEM but THEY know it's inevitable & like ORIGINAL SIN, they tryin to fuck it up for everybody. Droughts in Eastern Europe & Western Asia raised the price of wheat & torrential rains flooded Pakistan & as the US UNDERREPORTED it, made it seem like yet another HAARP OPERATION. Geopolitically speakin, Pakistan is militarily STRATEGIC to US aims & goals & so peepo there gotta die. Millions were stranded or left homeless. The house ethics committee came down with 13 counts on charlie rangels head & the case was decided in Novemeber 010. He was censured. Sara imPALIN is finally REFUDIATED! To prove that the so called jew is the prevailin face of this most devilish agenda, a buncha orthodox leaders & rabbis issue a statement sayin that homosexuals MUST be accepted in the skools & synagogues without tryin to change or reform 'em. Got that from A raw food store named Rawesome was raided in Venice. This made peepo aware of that S.510 law that I always talk about. Collectin rainwater is illegal in alotta states as well & check S.3896 for the details on that. And finally, the head of the GA USDA, Shirley Sherrod was fired by the soetero admin for supposedly makin racist statements against whites. Ya see, an IDIOT named andrew breitbart recorded the speech, edited soundbytes & spliced it back together to make the speech seem like she hated whites. After it was found that she was helpin everyone, the admin offered her another job after firin her from her post. The white farmer she had helped sung her praises but the damage was already done. I remember when this was all goin down & it just shows that when it comes to US, it's JUST US! These krakkas is given the benefit of the doubt while WE get jacked for sayin boo. Damn!
Those of note who died in July 2010 include Harvey Fuqua, a musician with the Moonglows who became an integral part of Motown. He was instrumental in Marvin Gayes career & gets a big shout here just bcuz of that. Melvin Turpin was a former basketball star in college. Vonetta Mcgee starred in Blaxploitation films. Sugar Minnot, a reggae artist & Walter Hawkins who was a noted clergyman & homosexual....smh! He left us with that most beautiful song tho named Oh Happy Day. George Steinbrenner aka the boss left us & as a shipbuilder, we know where his money came from. Carl Gordon who played the father of Roc on that TV Show. My kinda guy. Kenyon Cotton was a former football player & note here how many football players die early. Ayo, this dude died after havin complications from Achilles Heel surgery. WOW!!!! Jack Tatum.....well at least he reached his 60's. Al Goodman from Ray Goodman & Brown fame & that's not a law firm. They were named the Moments before they became R G & B & they provided GREAT music & if ya don't know, youtube just two of their songs named Special Lady & Inside of You. Ya won't be disappointed. Gary Shider, another GIANT behind Parliament Funkadelic who sang & played guitar. Lorenzen Wright was murdered & from all what I see, he probably was set up by his wife bcuz he was broke. Finally, Zheng Ji, the oldest known professor died last year at 110. He was a Chinese nutritionist & biochemist & if you examine his life, you too may live to be that old, walkin & talkin with ya memory intact. Isn't a look into his life worth it?

August 2010 - Boy August was HOT! Them rains in Pakistan persisted! It was estimated that 1600 peepo died, plenty injured & millions HOMELESS. Fields of agriculture, GONE! These rains hit vast areas of Pakistan & further weakened the fragile hold that their government had over the peepo there. bp leaked at least 5 million barrels accordin to conservative guesstimates. Soulja Boy MAY have been exposed as a coke(not the soda pop) user after model chicken head, kat stacks exposes him onna tape she releases to the public. Former senator, ted stevens who was found guilty of corruption & later had the charges DISMISSED bcuz of MISCONDUCT died in a plane ACCIDENT. As he was a republican from AK, he probably had the goods on sara imPalin's ass & had to go. I didn't see anybody cover this! Anyhoo, he died comin from a fishin trip where lobbyists & all kinda politicos would go to cut deals so FUCK HIM. Can y'all say IM PALIN in 2012? Kanye releases that Power video & all I can say is WOW! Shit got so bad with the grain situation in russia, THEY banned grain exports until it got better. The US put out stats sayin that 131,000 jobs were cut in the month prior. Also, China passed Japan as the second largest market in the world behind the US. Tensions between the US & China persist as the soetero admin wants China to float her economy & she flatly refused. Fantasia homewrecks a marriage, ALMOST commits suicide & then DEFINITLEY has an album & REALITY SHOW comin out. Parade Magazine showcases a dog on the cover page that survived Vicks dogfights & continues to vilify him even though he did his time & is HUMBLE to the point of not bein himself anymore. They still fukkin with him man! The Blak Smith made OURSTORY after writin a scathin 10 Part series entitled, Hip Hop has gone WILD! Y'all need to check that! Omar Thornton: whattaman! My dude went out in blazes shootin up a beer distributionary where he worked in CT. The only thing unfortunate about this was that he killed himself but I wanna adress y'all about that. If ya gonna go out, fukk believin that prison for the rest of ya life is the only way out. As your life is yours, if ya must kill yaself, take as many as ya can as possible as they treated him in such a racist way & he felt that killin 'em all was the way out. Note & ya won't hear this loudly but HE LET SOME OF THOSE KRAKKA'S leave bcuz those ones weren't fukkin with him. FUKK PRISON! They don't give us CHANCES based on prosecutorial misbehavior such as sen. stevens so why not off yaself if ya feel like it? Look at COLIN FERGUSON! I always tell y'all to embrace death as it is inevitable. Omar Thornton gets props for doin himself in on black2afrika!
August is the BIRTH MONTH of Marcus Mosiah Garvey! Those who died durin August are Dejene Berhanu, an Ethiopian runner who died much much too early. Franklin Brito was an agriculturalist who went onna hunger strike to protest against Chavez policies. Louis Bastide of Mali was a chief justice of the Malian Supreme Court. How about Johnny Bailey & Gary Johnson, again football players who were respectively 43 & 57 or MUCH TOO YOUNG TO DIE? Not only that, but of all of the major sports, football has the worst pension plan of all with the most injuries. Alotta them dudes like Ray Lewis can't even walk after they retire yo! I already mentioned ted stevens. Now we get to Robert Wilson who was behind that FUNKY ASS BASS in the Gap Band. As some of my younger readers won't know that name, search away on youtube as alotta Hip Hop types sampled from 'em. Also, Catfish Collins died & he was a big part of the JB's & Parliament Funkadelic. Last but certainly not least, the ultimate in musical activism was no other than Abbey Lincoln. I'm not gonna lie on here & tell y'all that I'm familiar with her music but the outpourin level of luv & support after she passed said it all for me. She was lauded by those before my generation & I'm speakin the GREATS & that's enuff for me to know that she sung her heart out for US! I will research & find some stuff & present it here soon.

September - Man September was a MONTHerfugg! Politrikkks heated up as soetero refused to enact legislation for tax breaks for the wealthy while larry summers & rahm emanuel were makin exit plans right before the mid-term elections. Imagine havin ya spouse & best friend abandonin ship right before something big in ya life. ls was barrys chief economic advisor & re was his chief of staff. zionists rule the roost! The poverty rate hits a 15 year high with no end in sight & jobs goin overseas. dr laura, that talk show bia... was on the telephone on her show & told a SISTAR about herself while usin her LEFT BRAIN & got tossed off the air & then apologized. We know that bia... wasn't sorry & to be sure about it, a few days later, she sorta kinda recanted the apology & said she was goin to XM/Sirius radio so she could say what the FUKK she wanna like ME. Blak peepo are still a mess & BANG; ya favorite pastor in BitchUp eddie long is accused of havin SEXXX with young MEN under his ministry. That was the talk of Blak Amerikkka at that time as the talk shows & pundits all came to the fore with conviction or contrition. I admitted here earlier that I thought he did it & as the case went on, alotta things just didn't add up. Again, I don't know if he did or didn't but my concern is his misleadin MORE peepo into believin in this Super Sky Sperm Guy SHIT! If he's innocent, why didn't SSSG come down from the cross & save his ass? If he's found guilty, HE SHOULD HANG but......the latest developments in this case have el wantin to setle this case thru mediation so that none of the gory details come out with no admission of guilt but does that make him guilty? Mike Jack copped a plea in his first case bcuz it was ECONOMICALLY SENSIBLE! Have ya ever heard the expression, CUTTIN YA LOSSES? In columns dealin with this story, I already told y'all that MOST BLAK MEN who THEY don't have anythin on & need to be quieted, get SEXXX SCANDALED & WE must all remember that el had an anti-gay march here in Atlanta some years ago. He COULD have been set up to allow that AGENDA to flourish & at the same time, keep our numbers down. Soonafter these allegations surfaced, THEY then hit him again inna scandal involvin real estate properties that persist til today in 2011. It ain't over for him yet! This is why Blak Men should never set themselves up as all that as that krakker salivates to take every penny you get BLAK away from you. They break the economy down inna way & then blame you for not workin while THEY give all the money back to the banks, wall street & big biz thru YOUR tax money all the while givin you BLAK pennies! That's the Amerikkan Way.
The deaths of Tony Thibodeaux happened in September. He was a King of Cajun Music. Tony Curtis died & he was alrite but he was OLD. Remember when Biggie said, "it's ok, she was OLD anyway!" Kenny Mckinley was a former football playa who killed himself at the tender age of 23. I think alotta dudes in the NFL is Niggas For Life & sufferin roid rage or goin crazy off them steroids they take. Alphonsus ARROW Cassell, maker of the worldwide international song Hot Hot Hot died & ALL OF Y'ALL danced to that song as it is still popular & has been remade over & over again. Give him his props! King Coleman, most known for singin Do the Mashed Potato perished last year & he was heavily instrumental with the likes of the Spinners & James Brown. Ron Walters, a politician & activist for his FOLKS died of cancer & was always into somethin for his peepo. Finally, Dick Griffey, founder of Sound Of Los Angeles Records or SOLAR died & WE must give him his props. Bcuz of him, WE had the music of Shalamar, the Whispers, the Deele, Dynasty & so many many other. Research all that I say & see where some of todays artists get their samples from.
Ok, we finish the year with the last quarter inna few days. So sit BLAK, use ya mental capacities & go in with us in the next & conclusion of 2010 -A Blak Retrospective Part IV. Peace & luv y'all!


- to be continued -

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 - A Blak Retrospective Part II

Yes sirs & m'aams! The Blak Smith greets y'all once again with what WE came here to do. WE come to inform y'all as to what WE have seen, are seein & will see. We use the PAST to gague the PRESENT while predictin a rosy FUTURE for all of my REAL BLAK PEEPO. My 9 ETHER PEEPO & if ya don't know, look it up. At that time, ONLY those who have proven RIGHTEOUS will be given priviledges to stir up the pots. To lead. To speak from a moralistic level. To set up infrastructure. To build. I say these things as I watch them manifest in dreams, visions & thru subconcious thought. I see Haiti bein a big part of that & though I was wronged by a supposed haitian bro some years ago, the spirit of those peepo is indominable. Afrikans as a whole but them more in particular. The lowest of the low shall rise like a Phoenix with those of the Gulf Coast on deck. Tsuanamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, civil wars & famines will NEVER kill US. THEY still wonderin how the hell WE still alive as they PROJECT what would kill THEM. As Redman would say tho, "you can't puff or sniff it, because WE were born with it!" 718 like a NY area code to go.

Ok y'all, the last time WE were here reviewin 2010, we stopped in March & so on to April 2010 - alotta shit happened durin April 2010 but weather DOMINATED. Most peepo don't remember but those volcanos in Iceland started actin up in mid April as europeans were shocked & awed into submission. They really shouldn't be bcuz as I researched, tho Iceland is about the size of Virginia( a state in the USA), this small island with an approximate population of 260,000 peepo, spews out 1/3 of the total lava output in the world. I tell y'all that research is great bcuz one learns so much. Man, it got so bad, flights at ALL major european airports were cancelled & alotta those airlines lost BILLIONS of DOLLARS in revenues. I always thought of ash as just that burnt little annoyin stuff that floats in the air but I NEVER would have thought that a lil ole ash could stop planes flyin 50,000 feet above from movin all over a CONTINENT. That shit gets heavy FAST & can lock up those VERY sensitive engines. The nite pics from this disaster are BREATH TAKIN & a google search yields the prize. Lightin, lights & lava make for a great pic. It's FREE & NATURAL!Go see 'em!
Soonafter, the bp oil spill aka the Story of the Year. This DISASTER happened on 4/20/2010. This was the date that adolph hitler was born & also when the infamous Trenchcoat Mafias devestated the Columbine High School with a bag of bullets. The secret so called powers coicidentally do these things on these dates OR do you still believe in coincidences? I've previously reported here that the Gulf State Areas are full of oil & to make my point stronger, we had fema(katrina) & rita DEVESTATE that area to no end. We here at blak2afrika MAINTAIN that these storms were formed PURPOSELY usin HAARP & that the so called powers, in not wishin to COMPENSATE all those in the area by movin 'em, caused these storms & the oil spill so that peepo be FORCED to move from these MADE NATURAL DISASTERS aka ACTS of GOD. The khazars are doin the same in palestine. The soetero admin went down there & showed barry supposedly swimmin in the waters there but he was alledged to have been in HI in those pics. Supposedly, most of the oil was ALLEDGED to have been cleaned but upon further inspection, it's all on the ocean floor wreakin havoc. An overwhelmin majority of the seafod eaten in this country comes from that area. These include mammals such as whales, dolphins, porpoises & others like turtles, crabs, shrimp & all of the attendant birds. They practically KILLED a whole ocean & the peepo there are dyin man. As this debacle was done PURPOSELY, you can check This story in my humble opinion has to be the #1 story as I have heard reports that all of that oil sittin at the bottom of the ocean affects the jet stream which is responsible for regulatin temperatures in western europe. All of europe was gettin record cold & snow storms in early December which is highly unusual. Alotta peepo were sayin that bcuz of the bp scandal that these strange weather patterns happened & a general study could prove conclusive to you as well. The undercurrent of all this is that the peepo are dyin in that area with the sprayin of corexit, a known carcinogenic when other SAFE solutions were available & less expensive. Yes, even them white trash fishermen who have lived in these areas for hundreds of years are gettin it too. Them so called elites don't give a FUKKK about them either & as this story is a work in progress, one should have knowledge that the EARTH knows how to cleanse herself so don't worry my peepo. Bein that we are like RATS & ROACHES & we've been given EVERYTHIN toxic already, WE KNOW that what kills this generation will ONLY strengthen the next. Retribution or Vengeance shall be OURS!
Some of those who died in April 2010 were Dorothy Height, a MOTHER of the movement. She was the pre eminent lady of the Blak Liberation struggle after the demise of Queen Mother Moore. Now I don't know if she couldn't or wouldn't, but Dr Height never had children & fought valiantly & tirelessly for her peepo thruout her life. She was 98 when she passed yo!Check her out online. Another GIANT that WE Blak Peepo lost last April was Benjamin Hooks, a powerhouse BRO of the struggle. Though he was a major part of the naacp which is nothin but a zionist front operation featurin boule members, Dr Hooks exemplified Blak Dignity & racial pride, somethin missin in today's fast food world. darryl gates who was the lapd pig chief died & may he rest in shit in pieces. He oversaw that police force thru most of the 80's & was forced to resign in the early 90's after so many scandals. Malcolm Maclaren goes down in Hip Hop History & as he wasn't the first but was one of the first to recognize the POTENTIAL that Hip Hop had, he put out the World Famous Supreme Team with songs like Buffalo Gals & Hey DJ. If ya too old to remember, hit youtube yo! These songs are classics. Finally, Guru of Gangstarr fame died in one of the most bizarre deaths ever in Hip Hop. As he was estranged from his longtime partner Premier, details were sketchy but supposedly his partner Solar had ALL of his estate holdins in HIS NAME & the family was shut out from knowin anythin about Guru's until he was already on the VERY CRITICAL LIST. Could Solar be an nwo frontman? Did Guru know too much? It will all come out eventually. Remember back in the day when peepo used to just die? Today, a death is like the WWF man! James Brown died a lil further back & didn't get buried until way after his death. I hope by now that all his shit is sorted out.

May 2010 - As the oil spill raged on, volunteers were sought out only to hear that alotta them were dyin or gettin morbidly sick. Who cares as the bulk of 'em are ex-cons & undocumented foreigners? Pics of oil covered animals were shown to the world & just the thought of alotta the ones I saw still make me cringe to this day. To boot, all swimmin & fishin were cut out until THEY delared things safe but alotta that ocean is now dead. Dependin on what you believe, the corexit is WAY more deadly than the oil itself. There was a car bomb scare in the Times Square area of NYC makin them stupid color ratins go up. That bomb never hadda chance but ya know they just need to keep ya ass afraid. A GA teacher decided that she would allow her students dress as klu klux klan members & allowed them to wear these uniforms to the cafeteria. I guess when one is around this for so long, one gets desensitized & loses all sense. Though this bombin had happened in March, the South Koreans along with the USA confirmed that the North had torpedoed & destroyed a South ship, sinkin it & killin 46 aboard. Though the North denies doin this, why didn't the South retaliate swiftly? My regular readers know! And finally, after a long series of POP TARTS, miley cyrus aka hanna montana was seen at rock in rio dressed as a slut & the media was buzzin crazy bcuz of it. As she is an employee of disney which was led by avowed racist walt disney & taken over by the zionists, they finally took over & you can see their hands in the cookie jar as she grows from tweener into a young christina aguilera, shitney shears & limsey HOHAN who is right now in rehab still gettin into SHIT that gets covered up. Boy, them zios is creatin these peepo & when they fight back after figurin out the game, are STAR WHACKED or made to appear CRAZY & put away. I covered all of this in my two scathin HOT reports entitled Hip Hop has gone WILD & HollyWEIRD has gone WILD! but we'll get into alla that a lil later. As an aside, every time I wanna believe that not EVERYONE is down with this devil shit, I get indicators to the contrary. On page 43 of the Creative Loafing newspaper from Atlanta, there is a pic of Cee-Lo of gnarles barkley & formerly of the Goodie Mobb inna car with two white lookin chicks with the DEVILS HORNS UP & dark NAIL POLISH with a demonic look on his face. This is the 12/23-12/29 edition & they are at To end onna HAPPY NOTE at least for the males loyal to US, Venus was wearin some revealin outfits BUT WE AIN'T MAD AT HER! Well at least I ain't! I luv my chocolate SISTARS so fooey!
Notable deaths in May 2010 were dennis hopper, an actor known for his roles in easy rider & the movie, speed. Gary Coleman, a young man who entertained so many from my era in different strokes, a show that still entertains MILLIONS & he will be missed. The dude was lil & was like a laughin stock & WE are almost certain that his ex-devil of a wife KILLED HIM. He was probably broke & the JUST US shystem JUST let it go. She will pay for all of this. Danger Ashipala, a military man for the ages died in Namibia after helpin SWAPO, a liberation army free that nation from those apartheid krakkas. Lena Horne, our SHININ PRINCESS who ALSO gave countless joy to so many went last year as well! She exhibited style & grace & was perhaps, our first beautiful proud celebrity Blak Woman who was talented but limited by the oppurtunities at the time. I researched her at the time of her death & we should be proud of her accomplishments like WE are for Sammy Davis Jr. She stood up for her peepo & WE need to hold her up in reverence! Last but not least, WE must go on & live in the memory of Aiyana Jones, a young 7 year old shot dead in Detroit MI by overzealous police. They also TORTURED the family while our Angel died on the floor. Remember her name like it's Oscar Grant's, Sherrice Iverson or Fred Hampton when it's time for YOU to show THEM mercy.

June 2010 - The first month of SUMMER....Atlanta turns to HOTlanta! The beautiful women take off their winter clothes & amaze us.....well some of us. Gettin to know my way around here & my favorite show, the Boondocks is goin in! They air shows talkin about tossed salads that never aired as they proved SO CONTROVERSIAL. For those of you not privy to AmeriKKKan slang, tossed salads means to have anal felatio with jelly & peanut butter included(sorry but before you came in, you were warned of adult content). Then he went in on Tyler Perry & how THEY do THEY thing in his compound. I luv the Boondocks & if ya don't know, go watch it now....well at least finish this first. The Gulf of Mexico where the bp oil scandal happened starts havin oily rain & is exposed as a superfund sham with Rep joe barton of TX APOLOGIZIN to bp for a supposed shakedown from the white house. You could read that to be a soetero snub but who cares.....he's still a NIGGA & if you don't like what I said, spray graffitti on ya computer screen. Y'all ain't say shit when joe wilson called him a liar at that house meetin. Then soetero goes on tv sayin that he talkin to the peepo in the Gulf area so as to know who's ASS to kick. As far as I know, no one has been indicted much less arrested but we know how that go. Anyhoo, mentions of leaks wikin or Wiki Leaks start surfacin in earnest but not like it did in Novemeber when their leader, julian assange was sought after by interpol & turned hisself in. We gettin ahead of ourselves.......Wayne Williams aka the Atlanta Child Murderer was interviewed on CNN by soledad obrien, a (loud gasp) so called Blak Woman who blindsided Mr Williams with confidential info of his participation in US intelligence activities. Those involved & emotionally invoved DUMMIES then voted on the results on national tv as if that made any difference. Did y'all know that a Blak Man named Adebayo Ogunlesi, a Nigerian bought LONDON GATWICK AIRPORT? This dude is no joke & we supposed to know his name like we do bob johnson or micheal jackson. Good news is in here to ya know!
Those of note who died in June 2010 are Queen Jane, a Kenyan benga musician who sang in the Kikuyu language. senator robert byrd from west virginia also passed but who gives a fudge. Who the hell goes to WV? william taylor was a lithuanian so called jew from BK NY son who fought for civil rights but I'm a struggle kinda dude so FUCK THAT! Ya might like him but......Rammellzee, a Hip Hop pioneer who also died & I've heard his name but never knew who he was. I didn't even hear of his death but I research all that I can for y'all. He was big in grafitti & I'm sure that I've seen his works but he gets props over here! Last but not least & thanks for readin thru as this is alot but my dude, MANUTE BOL passed! His name alone means Special Blessing. A true GIANT if there ever was one, my man went broke tryin to build 41 skools in his native Sudan. Bol was the very first Afrikan born player drafted in the nba. Bol visited refugge camps in his native country & even became a quasi political prisoner bcuz of his beliefs in that divided & war torn country. That's where the Darfur section is for those who don't know. Any of you who knows anyone who wants to contribute to Afrika, should help continue that legacy. Much props to my man & on to the next in Part III.

The Blak Smith is an avid researcher & can lecture or teach about most things involvin Blak Thought. You can reach him at or on FaceBook as Blak Smith. If ya need me, leave a message with a phone number & I will get back to you. Peace.

- to be continued -

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 - A Blak Retrospective

This article is LIVICATED to the memory of Dr Ben whose birthday was on(12/31) & Dr John Henrike Clark whose birthday was(1/1).

Ah, if ya readin this, ya made it to 2011. How ya doin? Was 2010 good to you like it was to me? I hope it was bcuz alotta US didn't make it. Bein that this is a retrospective of last year, no need for my usual preamble info. I hope in absence of my usual two articles a week that you guys still stopped by & checked on OUR archives as WE are now goin on two years. It's hard to believe at times how long we've been goin in but....that's life in the big city. Anyway, what WE gonna do here is look BLAK into 2010 in three month blocks startin with January thru March. We gonna try to tackle it all & if ya want somethin covered OR if ya think that I missed somethin, HOLLA at ME & let me know. Or, know that this here is YOURS as well & submit somethin. I continually invite y'all to write in & if ya do, I'm gonna edit ya article UNTIL WE agree on a happy medium. Ya won't get paid BUT you can brag to ya friends on how ya writins is reachin round the WORLD. MotherfuKKKers is readin this shit in belarus. Don't that sound like a fat russian chick? 11 gonna be some shit yo! Before WE get deep in tho, lets go BLAK, way BLAK, BLAK into time................................

January 2010 - What more can we say? That earthquake in Haiti was the # 1 story of the year for all BLAK PEEPO at least in my opinion. That there was fema(katrina) on krakk & steroids! I've reported here extensively that Haiti was the very first republic in what is known as the western hemisphere ad nauseam so ain't no surprises unless ya new here. I found out thru researchin that Haiti is the last bastion of Pangea or the continents all together IF you believe in that stuff. OUR PEEPO are STILL there SUFFERIN & right after the earthquake happened, I told y'all not to send money bcuz THEY wasn't gonna get it & today, same shit different day but a NEW YEAR. Ya see peepo, there's a book named An Amerikkkan Dilemma: the Negro Problem & Modern Democracy (Black & Afrikan Amerikkkan Studies) written by a SWEDE named gunnar myrdal. Doesn't his name sound like gunner murderer? However, I like what Professor Kamau Kambon espouses more. That book is a STUDY of every possible action & reaction that Blak Peepo partake of. All of them NIGGAS is SCIENTISTS! They labelled you a PROBLEM. Them Mexicans is HIS PANIC! They so comfortable with what they doin with HAARP & YOU can't stop 'em but that's where YOU come in. All you can do is keep on LIVIN & let them do themselves! They did that earthquake shit HAARP style yo! Don't let 'em think THEY foolin you but STAY ALIVE as we in the last days. Time is speedin up! DO YOU!
Those who died in Jan 2010 of note were Jimmy O, a Haitian Hip Hop artist who died in that quake, Teddy Pendergrass, Gaine Adams, Imari Obadele who had formed the Republic of New Afrika & THEY killed a PIG. Tho he wasn't present when said PIG got killed, he still gets big props over here! Look him up yo! Apache, a one hit wonder rapper who made a song named Gangsta Bitch. Check it on youtube & make ya own mind up about him. Sr Boa, the last known speaker of an ancient Indian BLAK culture of Bo's & I didn' see anyone talk about that. Y'all got work to do with new languages! And last but not least, Howard Zinn, a professor, activist, writer & thinker & even if he CARED about US, I got my ancestors so we move on.

On to February 2010 aka Blak History Month - The month started with tiger woods bein a cheetah & losin pretty much his respect & endorsement deals, though his issues had started in November 2009. His white wife is now PAID! Not to mention his GAME is now SHIT & he hadn't won any tournaments in all of 2010. barry was still on top but them tea partiers started makin NOISE! al sharpton & tavis smiley arguin on who gonna be the HnIC. That chick from Precious wins an naacp image award. Some SUPPOSED missionaries from ID were caught trafficin Haitian kids & that never stopped but THEY gettin 'em out thru the Dominican Republikkk now. The USDA finalized a deal with the Blak Farmers & WE ain't get OUR money yet. Don't these farmers sound like the Haitians? THEY say that THEY don't know where THEY gonna get the money while the war fronts continue unabated. You see WE international here....Uganda says FUCK THAT to passin laws in favor of homosexuality & an anti-gay pastor there shows a movie featurin homo's eatin SHIT. Ayo, youtube this shit as I can't make this up. Stayin onna international tip, Chile has another major earthquake at a whoppin 8.8! They had one again today on 1/2/2011....WTF? This was another HAARP operation but didn't cause as many casualties as the infrastructure there was a lil better. I wrote about this one too & if ya sirius, y'all need to check out my archives. I GOTTA go DEEP for y'all to know where I'm comin from yo!
Noted deaths of Feb 2010 are Theodore Cross, another supposed civil rights activist, Barry Bowen, a Belizean politico who died in an airplane accident & Nujabes, a Japanese Hip Hop Producer. I'm just writin what I research.

March 2010 - Spring forward, the season of regeneration. Let's see.....tiger woods supposedly learned how to womanize from mike jordan. I thought his money did that. Like oj, all of his so called PEEPO started SHITTIN on him further RAKIN him over the coals! A Blak tiger with YELLOW stripes....meow! Jill Scott went on record sayin that INTERRACIAL DATIN is not OUR BEST option & I agree. Erykah Badu stripped on a video & had a case against her but no sweat. The ANKH protects her. Voodoo Priests in Haiti do a public showin HONORIN the dead from that earthquake. They ain't scared. One of my favorites ever, Dwight Gooden gets caught drivin drunk & high & that one hurt really bad. I was at that time, just movin & settlin in in Atlanta & I'm still here as of this writin. Peepo are amazed that I've stood still this long. WE shall make the south rise again!
The only 2 persons of note who died in March of last year were Robert Culp of I-Spy fame which co-starred then upstart, Bill Cosby & Corey Haim who I spoke of in a post soon after his death. He was a co-star of the Lost Boys movie, a flick about young devils who all wound up bein drug addicts & losers in REAL LIFE. This dude died of what the media dubbed as an ACCIDENTAL OVERDOSE as if THEY knew what the fuck happened UNLESS THEY planned it. When I see shit like that, I smell a rat but..........HollyWEIRD went WILD! & much much much more to come so stick around for Part II of 2010 - a Blak Retrospective. Peace for now!

- to be continued -