Sunday, July 29, 2012

Troops Ordered To Kill All Americans Who Do Not Turn In Guns

Titles like this are meant to scare US, WE the peepo darker than blue! Yea, shit is soon comin but by now I hope ya know better than to be around too many KraKKa's. It's goin down the wire & them NIGGA's have got to do SOMETHIN! Things are HEATIN UP & in this case, I ain't just talkin about the weather. Nah MAN, all of the conditions are ripe & those of ya who think ain't nothin gonna happen have an agenda. I always say that what's about to take place is gonna be for OUR BENEFIT & so to anybody readin this, be on the lookout for ANYTHING to happen. As much as possible, stay away from negative peepo.

If ya do have guns registered, know that ya must get 'em outta ya private domicile. THEY will come like a thief in the nite & if ya feel it's worth dyin for, then DIE! I don't care what y'all say but THEY time is up! THEY gettin more desperate by the day! THEY are WEAK & so must get more BLOOD but too many are now aware of 'em & THEY chicanery. Didn't THEY state in THEIR OWN constitution that THEY would never use the military on the us populace? THEY are LIARS who will soon see that In 144 days, the NATURAL ORDER will be here & right now, WE see it as an ongoin process. Please don't allow this KraKKa to steal ya shine in his last days. Stay alive & thrive my peepo. See y'all there.

The Blak Smith is reachin out for Y'ALL to get on the ball. WE ask for donations OR better yet, that ya buy my book available at: If ya want ya book signed, get at my email, or on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Other World Events aka I OWE U


Before I start this 1 today, gotta first send out props & LUV to Atta Mills, the former president of Ghana who passed away on Tuesday July 24th. As he was the man who became president after a very contentious election while I lived there, I felt it a lil more personally than those of Y'ALL who have never ventured there. He was known to be a very good man & will be missed but somethin about his death troubles me in that before he passed, he came to the usa for mediKKKal treatment. Ghana is now producin oil & while I was there, this man wanted to revue the contracts as the last admin before him basically SOLD OUT the country. That admin was also accused of dealin HARD DRUGS & is supposedly a conduit for dealers: I won't go in too deep but as things develop, I will report about it BLAK HERE. Thank you John Atta Mills for ya years of service.

So, how y'all doin? Last week was super crazy eh? WE have a lot of different things goin on & like I put in this article:, 1 of the TOP STORIES of the year was that there MAY have been an assassination attempt by is(not)real to kill hilary (shapeshiftin) KKKlinton. I think that it was TRUE bcuz ya won't find anything about it in the mainstream press & if it had been just a RUMOR, THEY would have came out & debunked it so as to say how silly would that be. Have any of y'all heard of this outside of the internet if ya even heard about it at all? If so, HOLLA BLAK!

WE now go to colorado & that fuKKKery! As I always tell Y'ALL, shit gonna somehow always come out when it's supposed to. As I do this for my community, Y'ALL need to know that plenty of info is comin. Literally, when it all jumped off, there was a meetin tryin to ban guns for the citizenry: Y'ALL gotta PAY ATTENTION! Now, I already heard soetero say that he didn't think that peepo in the us would go for it but who knows what THEY doin behind the scenes while TOO MANY of Y'ALL is DISTRAKKKTED. In my city, mayor boomburg gotta STOP & FRISK policy wherein THEY can stop mainly BM for just walkin down the street so know that all this SHIT is connected. ALL POLITIKKKS are LOCAL! THEY tryin to take ya guns & givin TOYS at x-mas! (toys 4 tots) WTF? Before I move on from that, check this latest joint I found while scourin the net: The economy is about to BLOW!

Let's now go to anaheim ca where the streets are literally blowin up! Last week, a young unarmed man was shot & while protestin, yet ANOTHA dude was KILLED despite the fact that he was CUFFED! Now these dudes were prolly Mexicans & though news is sketchy, like the shituations above, shit will come to the lite of day. On top of that, DOGS were released & this makes me know that WE are THERE wherever THERE may be! But y'all gotta know something; I used to live in orlando fl & the shit that went down there hardly ever made the news & why? Bcuz disney world is there & that brings in BILLIONS for the zios. In ca, disney land is guess where.........anaheim & note that ya wouldn't know that by these accounts. Ya never hear about stuff like this & that place in the same breath! I'm more than sure that the popo out there be WILDIN bcuz if the tourists get spooked, ain't NOBODY goin there & so.............

From the GOD don't like UGLY files: This 1 is kinda old yet still shows the level of AVARICE this so called jew (khazar) has. It was recently reported that bernie (who) made off with over $50B of other peepo's cash, was made to pay off just 405M to investors. That ain't even 10% & what that means is that peepo with long money is gonna get some of they money while again, the lil guy gets the SHAFT! This would be like someone owin ya $5,000 & payin ya back $405:$405m/. Mannnnnn........if it ain't over in 146 days, IDK what I'm gonna do but watch out as somethin is in the air. STAY TUNED.

As always, I need y'all HELP! As I HATE askin for donations, if ya REALLY FEELIN me, why not buy my book?: If not, why not hook a BRO up as WE count 'em down? Do the Old Skool thing & send a us postal money order. Get at me at or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smith). Watch these days as THEY be WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight

Can Y'ALL feel the Final Countdown 2012 yet? WE now have 147 days left! WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Its' Pimpin' Pimpin'

Don't EVER forget that thru it all, WE gotta keep OUR sense of humor! The WORLD as WE know it is still runnin on a pimps & WHORES SHYSTEM! Please don't get the wordin fuKKKed up! Katt Williams tells it like it is & WE gotta big him up as much as possible. It's KRAZY how the comedians are sayin the REALEST SHIT today & WE ain't realizin it so I gotta showcase 'em to slide the info to ya while Y'ALL laugh Y'ALL asses off! In fact, he's so real, he has gone thru some shit like: Ya know how I know this n.w.o shit is real? Like 5 years ago, this chick was EVERYWHERE & now, NOTHIN! Don't believe the Blak Smith but check this out:

At this point, Y'ALL can believe what ya wanna! The SHIT is VERY REAL & if ya wanna ignore this OR claim that GOD (whoever that is) is in control, blah, blah, blah, go right ahead. If ya won't take it from Me, take it from the INSIDERS who have seen what really happens in the entertainment industry. Ayo, WE got 148 days & I hope that Y'ALL are ready as WE are livin in the MOST INTERESTIN of TIMES! Mars is about to shine like the MOON at nite in the beginnin of august. The planets are alignin. Get yo SHIT ready my peepo. I LUV Y'ALL!

It's on & poppin................WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, July 23, 2012

The KraKKa has CONCEDED!


Actor tom hanks hasn't had a hit movie in YEARS! This is like an animated komikk & so most WOMEN won't like it but onna symbology tip, this right here is HUGE! If you can stomach watchin a series of 20 6 minute short stories, you MAY have yaself quite a lil series here! The names, places & symbols are tellin US in this series that the KraKKa has CONCEDED & is tellin US in this format. This ain't gonna be no long article but if ya know how to read thru this type of shit, you will know that WE have won!

There are 150 days left & so for those of Y'ALL who are new to me or this blogsite, I count down the days til 12/21/12 & if ya think that the mayan calendar izza great SHAM, then answer me why so much is goin on lately? This does not mean that on 12/22 that EVERYTHING will be hunky dory but the NATURAL ORDER of things is comin BLAK & I will be in the VANGUARD! Everywhere ya turn, there's a HOT SPOT goin on! Now when I say that the KraKKa has conceded, I ain't sayin that all of 'em have......nah, if you are in his way on his road to perdition, he will sweep you along with him so the most important thing that you can do is stay outta THEY way & pray that it's like 100 degrees every day til november. All the SUN tan lotion in the world can't help 'em!

Just picture when the world stops spinnin on 9/25/12 & the grids shut down for 3 days. No lights, ELECTRICITY, computers, cell phones or any electronic communications. Now I'm not sure that this is gonna happen but I've been hearin about this for quite some time. I want ALL of YOU readin this to really THINK about all of this as you watch this & other stuff like it. Just as THEY allow comedians to say ANYTHING, THEY TELEGRAPH what THEY doin in movies, tv shows, the news & on radio. In order to really get it though, you should watch the whole series. A BIG indication of hanks involvement in the occult is RE-CREATION & that nigga outgrew that cute boyish look years ago. With that gone, he now looks OLD & has to do voice overs as no one wants to look at him anymore while Morgan Freeman just got married! He's a FREAK SHOW in & of hisself but that's another story. Ya gotta know how to READ this type of shit to see that the KraKKa has conceded & like my mast says, WE shall be VICTORIOUS! Get PREPARED or be SCARED!

150 days left yo! Ya see, the Blak Smith ain't workin & for those of US who know & RESPECT what I'm doin, ya gotta help support me. You can buy my book: OR send me a donation but ya gotta go the extra mile & send a us postal money order. If ya SIRIUS, holla at me at or on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Look for ANYTHING as that KraKKa will go down style. WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HATE by Organized Konfusion

The song speaks for ITSELF!

Saturday, July 21, 2012


What a title eh? WE gotta lot to cover so WTF is up? Ok, that's about as a nice greetin that ya gonna get from me today.'s really ON & POPPIN up in here ain't it? WE start off in syria & the bombing of the Defense Minister of that govt. Anyone who does their due diligence knows that the usa FORMENTS most of the wars & has been sabre rattlin to get into syria for the longest time to get at that oil & all of the other resources there. I provided a map for the GEOPOLITIKKKALY challenged so that y'all could see the relative proximity between all of these states. The us has relative control of iraq & as quiet as it's kept, now has bases there PERMANENTLY. Once syria is under control, on fighter jets thru iraq, ya got total access to...........iran. They been wantin iran for the longest but that country gonna be hard to take as they have strong military & ain't givin a fuKKK but in years past, I've seen pics like this so what do you think?:

Now, WE get to the bus bombin in bulgaria. This bus was alledged to have been carryin israeli nationals & got blown up the same day of the ahem........syrian bombin. Ayo, syria is about to fall & control of that country is gonna see an allied front up in there. But BLAK to bulgaria.  Like 911, the israeli adminsitration was sayin that, OH SHIT, iran did it basin their reasonin on this: WE already know from 911 that placin blame on another country that FAST is virtually IMPOSSIBLE but with the looks of the above pic & all the fuKKKery of WAR which is a matter of WHEN, that THEY all in on it & want this SHIT to go down. Y'all mothafuKKKa's got 152 days left!

Now WE get to the good part! Supposedly, there was an attempt on hilary clinton's life while she was in all places, is(not)real. I say supposedly bcuz if it happened or not, the us mainstream press is refusin to report it though news sources across the seas have. WOW, I think it actually happened bcuz is(not)real would do anything to get those wars popped off NOW bcuz THEY know THEY time is UP! There ain't no time left & them nwo niggas is chompin at the bit to get it in! Check this commentary out by INTELLIGENT BLAK MEN aka IBM:

I swear that I luv Blak Peepo & that link above was the best that I've heard from all this fuKKKery. get alla Y'ALL distracted, guess what THEY did?: That's right, most of my regulars know by now how WE do here. WE tell the 100% TRUTH unadulterated. Did y'all know that denver co is the HQ of the nwo in ameriKKKa? Did y'all ever do any research on the earthquake in va & co? Did y'all know that a lotta those mountains in co house secret military bases with all kinda TOP SECRET shit funded by you, the taxpayers? WE'LL soon find out that the shooter was some deep cover mk ultra deep cover operative who probably was triggered by a certain scene in the dark knight & did what he was made to do. Ain't no surprises here as more of this will happen in the days to come. My peepo, DO NOT GET DISTRAKKKTED!

HollyWEIRD is just gonna keep gettin WEIRDER & WEIRDER! BG from cash money gotta do 14 years. Ushers stepson is now officially dead! tara reid is in the hospital with some pancreatic disease. Those not in favor will have car accidents & the fuKKKery will continue at a break neck pace so STRAP UP bcuz WE's in the home stretch HOME SKILLET! Y'all could say what ya wanna about whatever but I'm gonna What about YOU HOMIE? really HAPPENIN NOW! Hollla Blak witta DONATION via us postal money order at ya HOLLA BLAK dude. Get in touch at or on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Island of Dr. Moreau

As jewtube takes e'm down, I reload 'em & though it's a different version, you'll get the point. Enjoy. done on 10/1/12

This goes out to YOU readin this! Now that ya got that pang of "what did I do" in ya, lemme say why I DEADicated it to ya. Too many of Y'ALL believe in anything other than what certain DEITIES REPRESENT. At this point, just like too many of y'all say that jesus's COLOR doesn't matter, I say, he don't matter AT ALL. This shape shiftin shit is real. Clonin been in existence. Stem cell research never stopped. All presidents, prime ministers & other so called vip's have replicas & so many movies have told US that but y'all dismiss it in yo mind like, "it was just a movie!" Films such as the manchurian candidate, no way out, vantage point & are looked upon as GREAT but IMPOSSIBLE to HAPPEN while the SHIT happens right in front ya face. You sir/madam, are PATHETIC!

"Ok Blak Smith, get to ya point!" My point is......a lotta these movies is TELEGRAPHIN to ya what to expect. The only movies I put in here for you to laugh involve SIRIUS COMEDIANS who mix social commentary with HUMOR. All the other movies are for Y'ALL to EXPAND yo minds & THINK about what ya see that THEY do & what ya could IMAGINE that THEY don't tell US about. In other words, be like a CHILD & IMAGINE with these movies in mind!! A lotta these movies are more REAL than actual LIFE is & if ya think it's a joke, why are ALIENS, ZOMBIES & UFO's everyday regular news today? They been preparin US for the last 20 years so when it comes, however it comes, ya already had what to do PROGRAMMED in ya mind. Don't look at it as evil or wrong. Gene splicin & shit like this been here under wraps in underground tunnels & such. With 154 days left, go in & enjoy the Island.........

Armagedon, it been in effect.......go get a LATE PASS.........................................STEP!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( as said by Professor Griff)

Update: Check this out while ya at it:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nappy Roots - Hustla

These dudes is from Kentucky & I LUV 'EM! WE now have 154 days left so get yo HUSTLE ON!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Documentary on KraKK(a)'s

I'm glad that NatGeo depicts mainly KraKKa's in this documentary! Watup my peepo? I have a Drug & Alcohol Chapter in my GREAT BOOK: I also have excerpts of my book if ya look BLAK talkin about all of this stuff. Y'ALL need to know that The reason why it seems like WE use more drugs than THEM is bcuz if ya watch Traffick, young KraKKa's usually use drugs in affluent SUBURBS INSIDE! Our communities are usually OUT as the teemin masses converge in packed neighborhoods any corner in hood us(g)hetto! I always say that heroin put US on the stretcher & that KraKK put US inna COMA! Ayo, WTF is startin KraKK in this day & age? Ya need to look at that KraKKa in the next cubicle who keeps fallin asleep at the computer. For now though, check this & stay off of DRUGS unless ya smokin that GOODIE! At that, make sure ya gettin that UNLACED SHIT! Go in & enjoy. WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR with 156 days to go.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

HI JaKKKed HIP HOP izza rap!


That's a BOLD TITLE eh? HI JaKKKed HIP HOP izza rap......hmmmm, what does he mean? It means that I'm BLAK at this keyboard typin away to let Y'ALL know that WE got just 158 days left. Where Y'ALL at? What it do? Today my peepo, WE gotta HUMDINGER for ya so ya best be prepared when ya read this 1. But first, as I've been sayin for the last year, WE gonna be OK! I almost didn't write this today bcuz lately, I've been feelin like fuKKK ALL but then a dear friend of mine told me that she & a lotta other peepo WE know have been feelin same. I think by now that most of my LOYAL READERS always see me puttin up these HEAVY SOLAR FLARE ACTIVITY posts & ya also gotta know that that shit affects US down here like a MOFO! THEY gettin STRONGER & STRONGER & the KraKKa can't mess with that. He's too busy preparin US with the jesus hologram/alien invasion/zombie takeover program so watch for that. I hope Y'ALL inna good mood when ya get this. I'm lovin that it's been very HOT bcuz THEM NIKKKAS can't take it. As the summer continues, look for it to get much HOTTER & I luv when it's HOT so that I can see all of the BOOTYFUL BW out there. Unless ya REALLY LIGHT SKINNED, BLAK peepo do not need sun screen so STOP that SHIT! Do that walk again gal as it's so sexxy! Let's talk about Hip Hop today.

The term has been co-opted. I've told Y'ALL plenty of times that Hip Hop is ALIVE & VIBRANT but ya don't hear me. Hip Hop is MC'ING, DJ'ING, DANCE & GRAFFITI! I don't know who coined the phrase but Professor Griff always says that Hip Hop is somethin ya LIVE & rap is somethin you DO! In other words, 1 could rhyme about Hip Hop (balance) & some could rhyme about the streets (rap). When ya just rap, what ya doin is COMMERCIALIZIN ya sound for the purpose of makin money while not carin for the art form to get PAID. In & of itself, that's not necessarily a bad thing but what of the youngsters who look up to those they wanna be like? (

Here's the rub. I described all of this in depth here: What's happened is that THEY HI JAKKKED Hip Hop & made it THEIR OWN to the point that WE think it's OURS bcuz WE present it. I remember the very 1st time I heard a brotha define "rhyme music" as rap & I thought a new music was out. That word is now used interchangeably to the detriment of the art form as anything positive or negative happenin among the 19-35 crowd is now defined as Hip Hop especially if it involves Blaks who LIVE or DO Hip Hop. Case in point:  Ice T & Souljah Boy gettin into twitter beef. Is that Hip Hop?

Face it, most of the rappers ya hear on the radio waves today are just that - rappers. When was the last time that ya heard anythin socially conscious by a mainstream artist on ya radio airwaves? Like the post office, the old model of radio is dyin & BLAK in the day, WE used to complain about just 40 songs on regular rotation. In the 90's, it became 20. Now, it's not uncommon to hear a song 20 minutes after ya just heard it. Those few of you who still listen in prolly do so in the am when ya need to pump up by listenin to those jocks who keep it movin. steve harvey & tom joyner come to mind & just so y'all know, them NIGGAS is made too. A made nigga is 1 who is chosen to sell ya out with a supposed moral compass. I think ya gettin me. AT least I hope ya are bcuz that would be Hip Hop.

Hip Hop, started out in the dark, WE used to do out  in the park - MC Shan from the Bridge

So what's been up in Hip Hop lately? drake & chris brown throwin bottle atta downtown nyc club. Did y'all know that Lauryn Hill has a court date in october for tax evasion?  Like Wesley Snipes, she may get years. Stop expectin her to come BLAK full tilt bcuz to do so would put her right BLAK in fuKKKery mode! Now when she came out atta show with Nas at SummerJam......that's Hip Hop! Hip Hop is GREAT FOOD & rap is fast food, cheap & easy! Ya see, what's happened is that anything associated with youth music by Blaks is associated with the genre & WE further it by NOT CORRECTIN those who use these words & don't know what they definin. Those who are paid make shit so CONVENIENT! The media defines who does what & bcuz bouncy is married to gay-z doesn't make her a Hip Hop artist. Same goes for rihanna.

For me, this is the epitome of Hip Hop:

Ya walk & talk Hip Hop! Ya should LIVE & BREATHE it! Hip Hop is not welcomed in corporate ameriKKKa unless THEY makin money off of it. Hip Hop phrases are watup, chillin & keep it real. Hip Hop shouldn't just be about money which when coupled with luv, is the ROOT of all EVIL! This was why rap was switched to the south so that THEY could get young peepo to start sayin DUMB SHIT who ain't been exposed to all the BS that most older artists seen & would warn the lil Homies about. It's hard for a 19 year old to relate to what my next book is about  & the name of that 1 is gonna be,  From Hip Hop til NWO (NOW). Southern Hip Hop was at it's peak pre-boule Outkast & Goodie Mobb & more in particular, Dre 3000 & Cee-Lo. Yea, I meant that & it will be reclaimed like the EARTH that can no longer take all of the pollution THEY put here. The EARTH needs a COLIN CLEANSE.

So ya see, drake & chris breezy got into a RAP BATTLE as MOST Hip Hop artists express thru LUV! WE call it rap & BULLSHIT(r&b). The LAST MC as far as MAINSTREAM that I RESPECT is Kendrick Lamar but he's rollin with dr dre & so he may be a lil suspect. frank ocean is not a Hip Hop artist so him comin out ain't Hip Hop news. That was a NIGGA comin out with, OH SHIT, an album comin out. gay-z & kanye defendin gay rights is not Hip Hop! A lot of deaths that happen to Hip Hop artists are carried out by this dude: & the various Hip Hop Police that still exist til this day. Ya don't hear about 'em much anymore bcuz rap is CONTROLLED by HANDLERS. Do y'all notice that real Hip Hop artists don't even battle anymore? It's so played out & ya know why........the real Hip Hop artists are too old & don't have time for it as most of 'em are 50+. It was pretty much a (w)RAP after 1990 when it became RAP & BULLSHIT!

Rap legend KRS-One (Lawrence Parker) takes the stage at a sold out Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver.

So to finish this off, this AINT TRUE: It's ALIVE,  VIBRANT & just as EXCITIN as it's ever been. Why not check out my 10 part series I put out 2 years ago here?: I put it all out & in my opinion, that was my BEST SERIES EVER! As KRS-1 said BLAK in the day, "boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVER DIE" so stop CONFUSIN it with this MANUFACTURED BULLSHIT ya hearin erry day erry day erry erry erry day! Go see some new underground cats who ain't poppin bottles & shit like that. Listen at  youtube for other shit but stop complainin yo & as these days count down, let's get BLAK into makin LIVE MUSIC! This HI JAKKKIN SHIT is almost over but WE gonna go to this & when ya listen, listen all the way til the end: Yea, rap izza WRAP so rap it UP!

Yea, get at me at or on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WE now have 158 days left. WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tales From the Hood/ This is the 1!

Go here as jewtube took it down:

Who didn't like this 1 when it came out? I guess bcuz so many HOOD MOVIES had been out back then, this 1 kinda got LOST in the SAUCE but this 1 here izza BEAST! Did ya see the last segment of this gem? Man, the actin was on point & even included a-list KraKKa's up in here so ya know it was DOPE! As WE move on with 161 days left, a lot of US need to contemplate on what WE doin. Get up on this & WE gonna come with more excerpts of my book again soon. HOLLA BLAK!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Onyx - Last Dayz 163 dayz LEFT!!!

These the Last Dayz get YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This SONG says it ALL & though I don't AGREE with HOW THEY go about livin in the LAST, I can OVERSTAND it! Hold onto this 1 which was RELOADED with the GOOD BROTHERS from Dead Prez. Not much to go & with that.......


Earl  Campbell, Football, Houston Oilers

This is to let Y'ALL know that this SHIT been around for a while. Ya fingers would NEVER form that way spontaneously & take solace knowin that SOON, this FIGMENT of OUR IMAGINATION will be OVER!

I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me (excerpts) from the Sports as ENTERTAINMENT Chapter

Joe Louis Photo Archivearthur asheAlthea Gibson

Above, just some of the ATHLETES that I drop it on in my book, I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me! Hey b2a peepo with 163 days to go & the weather a bit more bearable, how y'all doin? Big shout out to all of ya & if ya can't OVERSTAND what I say here, ya probably speak proper english & I do as much to BUTCHER this fuKKKin language as possible! Some years ago, I read a book called the $40M Slave by William Rhoden who is a sports columnist. As a former sports fan, I thought I knew a lot more about sports but it turned out that I didn't know SHIT! This book somewhat inspired the 4th Chapter aka Sports & Entertainment. Too many of US don't look at sports as entertainment bcuz WE should also be in shape for SELF but when ya pay to see a game or have cable to watch those games ya can't get locally, IT IS! As well, the nwo has incorporated a lot of the stars WE know of today as HE cannot afford to allow any of US to POSITIVELY INFLUENCE the future. In case ya think I'm KIDDIN, check this out: . That abso poso tells how it is & if you can find it, watch it.

I used to wonder why the Blak Athlete wasn't more vocal BLAK in the day but when ya watch this film & OVERSTAND why THEY have to harness our energy, you would know that the biggest FEAR of the KraKKa is the rise of that merciless MESSIAH who will lead US into the new dispensation. As quiet as it's kept, HE'S ALREADY HERE & those KraKKa's readin this very message, know it!!! This is why our dudes such as Allen Iverson, Mike Vick & Doug Williams get vilified while excellin & then when THEY are not at THEY peak anymore, get DISSED! Hey, y'all remember when THEY used to always talk about the 1st NEGRO to do this & that? Be READY for US to talk about the LAST election & the LAST X-mas & the LAST KraKKa in 163 days. For now, let's check some of OUR ATHLETES out from excerpts from my book, I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me.

Jack Johnson - the brother who broke & destroyed the color line. Literally! Not only was Jack Blak, he also married 3 white women (no props for that in this book). That was a bad nigger! He fought anyone & was practically the original shit talker in modern professional sports. He did this in a time where 1 could get killed for doing so because most of his fights were against whites! Jack was born in Galveston, TX in 1878 to former slaves. That man was a hell raiser & lived according to his own terms & even though he did a lot of things I wouldn‘t do, Jack had that rebel spirit that Blak people need to free us from these mental chains: brother was way before Jackie Robinson in breaking the color line, having won the title from a Jim Jeffries & would have won a lot earlier had he not ducked Jack for years. His reasoning; what else? He refused to fight a Blak man. Jack Johnson is the reason why the term, "Great White Hope" exists. Did y‘all know that Jack Johnson was linked with Amerikkka‘s first sex kitten, Mae West & German spy, Mata Hari? Johnson was even convicted & jailed for white slavery (the Mann Act), but fled the country before serving his time. Our brother retired from boxing at the age of 50! He continued to live a lavish lifestyle until he suffered a tragic, fatal car accident in North Carollina in 1946. Not even death slowed him down! Big props to your spirit Jack Johnson!

Paul Robeson - In this writers opinion, a descendant of Imhotep, the first recorded Blak multi-genius! Paul Robeson was all of that as he was an Activist, an Athlete, an Orator & Actor. He was all of these things & then some, but because space is limited, I will briefly highlight some of his football accomplishments. Sticking to the title of the chapter, our good Brother played in an NFL Championship Game in 1922. The team was the Akron
Indians & he was pursuing a Law Degree while doing all of this. Young Mr. Robeson, inspired by his older brother BEN, learned how to play football in vacant lots in their hometown of Princeton, NJ & eventually finished his education at Sommerville HS as one of the premier student/athletes to walk the campus. He went on further to excel at Rutgers Univ & was the star catcher on the baseball team. Mr. Robeson also excelled in track & basketball & would go on to become a 2 time All Amerikka Collegiate Football player. In announcing Robesons graduation, one newspaper called him one of the biggest all-around College men & athlete the world had ever known. A Statesman!

Jesse Owens - Born in Alabama & raised in Cleveland, Jesse would go on to defy stereotypes while displaying style & grace. His wins at the 1936 Olympics got him gold medals & outright hate when Adolf Hitler was the man in Germany. This was at the height of the racial superior-inferior rhetorikkk. Nevertheless, Jesse set records for all Junior High Skools in the COUNTRY! Huh?!! He won consistently for 3 years in a row & this continued into college at Ohio State while he worked & supported a family. Now y‘all know how much worse it was back then & most of us complain about taking 1 class after work as a single person. Jesse spanned the globe, spoke widely & taught us all. Big up Jesse & his family.

Larry Doby -
The 2nd Blak player to play professional baseball, Mr Doby played most of his career with the Cleveland Indians & even helped them win a World Series in 1948. Now when was the last time that you heard of a Cleveland Team winning at anything? Being that he was right after Jackie Robinson, Mr Doby too endured a lot of racial taunting & hatred. This ate away at the man & though he excelled in his profession, Mr Doby mainly kept to himself. He never received as many accolades as Jackie, but they played the game differently. Mr Doby was even kept apart & had separate accommodations when the team travelled. In addition, most don‘t know that Mr Doby was an A-1 Athlete who played professional basketball signing with the Paterson Panthers in 1943 as the 1st Blak in the ABL. He also was a star in the Negro Leagues before signing on with the Indians.

Jackie Robinson - Another hero of mine & as most of us  know, Jackie Robinson was the 1stBlak professional baseball player. He actually reintegrated the league but I want y‘all to do some research. Jackie was recruited by Branch Ricky because he saw that Jackie was a reserved & humble dude who THOUGHT that the way to go was thru integration. Ask yourself where integration has brought us. But at the time, integration was a fairly new concept & in all fairness to Mr Robinson, I want to believe that his heart was in the right place. Always remember that the devil is always awake, plotting & scheming while you sleep. For Branch Ricky it was just sound business tactics, much like abolishing slavery. It took plenty of grooving & schmoozing from Branch Ricky before Jackie made that leap from the Negro Leagues to mainstream (white) baseball. Boy did our Brother go through Hell, especially after being linked to Paul Robenson. Jackie was put on the witness stand by the Dept. of House UnAmerikkkan Activities Committee to denounce Mr. Robenson & was actually coerced. Coercion is a crime but who is the master 
kkkriminal in this world? Well after a riot in Upstate NY, Jackie retracted those previous statements denouncing Mr. Robenson & went as far as siding with struggling Blaks. All the while, he maintained his professional career, family & his activist fervor. That‘s what I call Young, Gifted & Blak but white supremacy wasn‘t having none of it. Jackie Robinson was a beautiful man with a beautiful heart who could play a mean game of baseball. Unfortunately, he died too early due to all of the stresses that a Blak man in his position would & could go thru in that day & age. On a side note, his son was so heartbroken seeing his Dad treated this way, that he moved to Afrika to become a coffee farmer. This racist shit is deep! How sad!

Joe Louis - Born in 1914 as Joe Louis Barrow, the Brown Bomber‖ dropped the Barrow after entering boxing. Joe was born in Alabama & moved to Detroit as a youngster. He remembered the racist South & carried that anger with him anytime that he entered a boxing match. Though he went to legendary heights, this was not his beginnings as Joe had a very unspectacular background as an amateur until he finally won a Golden Glove Championship in 1934. It was on from then. Joe went on to win 27 more fights until he lost to Max Schleming in Yankee Stadium. Louis was devastated by the loss and determined that vengeance would be his. He started by fighting lesser known opponents & the news media dubbed these fighters as the "Bum of the Month Club." He beat all of them & 2 years later fought & avenged his defeat to Schleming, very easily. If you didn‘t know, this was during Hitler‘s war mongering ways & so these fights had the added element of US vs Germany & in particular, Facism vs Democracy. I‘m sure that underneath the surface, most people saw it as a Blak vs White issue & you can put me in that number. The Brown Bomber fought on & retired but had to continue fighting again because he owed so much money to the irs. He fought Ezzard Charles & lost in a grueling 15 round bout & from this point on, it looked like the beginning of the end. He had to give it up after his loss to the peoples new champ,‖ Rocky Marciano. Joe Louis, from the South, experienced a lot of racism but didn‘t address it loudly or overtly. Too bad the man died penniless & broken because during his heyday, he gave money away to anyone who asked. That‘s whats up! He gave so he will always be blessed by the people, doing it his way. Give the Brown Bomber RESPEKT! irs – eat a dikkk!

Althea Gibson - Our 1st Lady!Ms Gibson was born in Silver Mountain South Carolina in 1927 & soon after, moved to Harlem NY. While in NY, Ms Gibson learned the game of tennis at The Cosmopolitan Club. After 2 years, a young Ms Gibson won the whole tournament in the All Blak Amerikkkan Tennis Association (THEATA). Success in a big city like NYC proved very distracting & so off to Wilmington NC (home of Mike Jordan though he was born in Brooklyn) where she enrolled in Hi-Skkkool & mentored by a Dr. Hubert A. Eaton. In 1947 Ms Gibson started a streak of 10 straight ATA Tournament wins. Ms Gibson was the 1st Black athlete allowed into the US Lawn Tennis Association (USLTA) & also the 1ST to win a Wimbledon Singles Title as well as the 1st to play in the US open in NY. She also was the 1st to play the French Open. Hold on though; as the commercial says, "that‘s not it!" Ms. Gibson gave up tennis & was the 1st Blak to earn a card from the LFGA, an organization of golfers known to be very racist. Not only did Ms Gibson excel in sports, she also taught Athletiks at Lincoln University in Missouri & also wrote an autobiography entitled ―I Always wanted to be Somebody. Get this, Ms Gibson
acted! Ms Gibson has passed on to the Ancestors, but she leaves us this quote, "no matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helped you." We should be wise & pay attention to those words.

Jim Brown - The Original Gangsta & why do I say that? Because Jim changed the game that‘s why! Jim Brown represents real Blak manhood in its best & worst state but most Blak men raised by the Anti-Nigga Machine have both sides. A Cleveland Brown Blakman! Mr Brown was born in St. Simon, GA in February 1936. Soon after his birth, Jim moved to Manhasset NY & was raised by his Grandmama. At skkkool, a young Mr Brown was to show his talents in the Sports Arena where he earned 13 letters excelling in such sports as laCrosse & baseball. During Hi-Skkkool, Jim was recruited by dozens of colleges, but chose to attend Syracuse University where he continued to shine especially in football. After graduating from Syracuse, Jim was drafted by the Cleveland Browns and won Rookie of the Year award. Mr. Brown also lead the NFL in yards rushed with the exception of the 1962 Season but made up for that by almost single handedly beating the Baltimore Colts 27-0 in the SUPERBOWL, rushing for 114 Yards & winning the MVP Award. Mr Brown shocked the sports world when he announced that he would retire at the tender age of 30 while filming the all time klassikk film, the Dirty Dozen. He retired to star in films & to work on improving racial relations. This started another era in the JB era as he found the Negro Industrial Economic Union which reached limited success. Jim starred in movies that showed his good looks & where he flexed muscle as opposed to his acting prowess, but that‘s OK. He dated the "Hot Girls" of Hollywood & was also the
1st Blak actor to sex a white-skinned woman, Racquel Welch at least on FILM. JB is a no-nonsense type that didn‘t take no mess. In 1988, Mr Brown set up his Amer-I-Can Program to try & deter young men away from the street & prison life. I also give JB extra props for his role in the klassik film, Animal. If you don‘t know, go find out about it. Much Props to my dude, Jim Brown!

Arthur Ashe - The true Blak gangsta & in this case, I say this in the sense as Dead Prez would say Revolutionary But Gansta (RBG). To give you an indication as to who Mr Ashe is, we quote him directly where he said that  "if people remember me as a tennis player, I would consider myself a failure." Profound words from a profound man who did his best work quietly & humbly. By now, I hope y‘all see that as an Entertainer, you have a platform & a voice that speaks volumes. Most of today‘s athletes are kept quiet by endorsement deals & perks of all kinds. If I say that entertainers of today have a responsibility to the community that raised them, y‘all would say that I‘m being too preachy, so I‘m going to stop & get back to some REAL gangsta stuff about Arthur Ashe! Mr Ashe used his platform to become a statesman, fighting racism worldwide. Isn‘t it ironic that most of my peeps that we speak of were born in the South? Mr Ashe was born in Richmond, VA & endured thru all of what we could never know because the face of racism constantly changes. Let us look at what Mr Ashe accomplished in his much shortchanged life. Mr Ashe won at Wimbledon & at the U.S open. He also organized the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) at a time when even the top players were not being paid properly & on time. This was for all players, not just Blacks. Mr Ashe was the first Blak man to play in the Davis Cup & Wimbledon. In 1969, Mr Ashe boycotted the South Afrika Open, a very very prestigious tournament. Due to the fakt of the skin he was in was of a darker shade, he was denied a visa. This was in 1969, not 1791! Oh yes, though softspoken & well mannered, Mr Ashe never shied away from political issues & having secured a BA from UCLA, wrote for the Washington Post & Tennis Magazine. He also wrote a book entitled "A Hard Road to Glory." These & many other accomplishments are why the quote in the beginning of the paragraph is so important. It would be a shame to remember this man as just an athlete. One of the downsides was his supposedly contrtacting AIDS from a surgery he had in 1983 which later led to his premature death. Though he tried to keep the issue quiet, scoundrels in the media leaked the story & under pressure, Mr Ashe admitted this dillemma to the world. In retrospect, for all that he did against the Establishment, I beleive that Mr Ashe was neutralized. We now know that AIDS is a HOAX & that it is used especially amongst unwanted populations, namely US! Before he left us though, Mr Ashe set up centers in impoverished neighborhoods so that youngsters could learn tennis. As well, he leaves us with revolutionary fervor & quiet moral authority. Big Up! Thank you Mr Ashe, for your shining examples.

* documentary is not in book.
To save 18% on ya online order til Jul 13th 2012, go here & use codeword CAUGHT at checkout: My personal info for lectures, workshops, seminars or to stay in touch is & on FB, I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WE are now at 163 so STAY COO FOO! WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What Goes Around(poison)-Nas/ Anotha TRUE BANGER!

Almost 100% TRUTH & I know in my HEART that though Nas is down with the BAPHOMET, he's still FIGHTIN 'EM! 166 days to go!

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I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me (2012 excerpts)

I aint perfekt but take it from ME

Ayo! This is the Blak Smith & in my OPINION, I really don't think that TOO MANY of y'all know who I am! I always tell Y'ALL that my BOOK is FIRE & bein that I write FIRE, if ya wanna FIGHT me, better hit me with that KANGEN  STUFF! WE got 167 days left & ALL is WELL! The downloads keep on comin & I shall remain OBEDIENT to what MY IMPERATIVE is & to those of YOU who don't know what I mean, it means that I'm gonna do me FOREVER as I know that NOTHIN is PROMISED! Live every day like it's yo last yo! Not gonna get too wordy today but to those who think ya gotta chance, THEY let zero-man get out AGAIN! This NIGGA has no credibility but he's out to  DISTURB the PEACE again. Blak Peepo, when yo time comes, SHOW NO MERCY is all I gotta say! Right now, get into just a piece of Chapters 6 & 7 & in those chapters, I'm talkin about J.O.B.S & RELATIONSHIPS. WAR!!!!!!! P.S - fuKKK romney & soetero!

Taken from Chapter 6, the EMPLOYMENT CHAPTER: We as Blaks have lived in a white man‘s country too long & because of certain free(?) dumbs he has given us such as dating his unwanted women, drugs, consumerism & most of the negative things that we take for granted, we have forgotten of his cold & calculating nature. His grandfather beat & raped yo mama at will. If you haven‘t seen that yet, you‘re still waiting for a compassion that he never had. Because of him, our rites of passages have now become jail, rehab, loony bins, fathers who don‘t care about children, BATTLE of the SEXES & all of the other ills that never before plagued our communities. What rite of passages used to be were ceremonies to mark growth in youngsters coming into man/womanhood. EVERYTHING IN THE PROCESS OF TAKING YOU AWAY FROM YOURSELF (AFRIKAN) HAS MADE US SICK (AMERIKKKAN) & this is why I ask those darker than paper, ―When did you stop being an Afrikan & become an amerikkkan/european? Y‘all need to refer to Malcom‘s speech about the diner havin dinner in the diner to know what I‘m talking about. I LIVE IN HIS SPIRIT & those of my heroes & sheroes. They took our drums! They gave us processed hair that is slowly killing our women & some of our men too. They took your religion, repackaged it & gave it back to you to reenslave you & your insistence on being ―spiritual‖ is fake, false, won‘t work & while you tithe to Rev Hot Dog flavor of the Month, he gets himself into a sex skkkandal – again! Hey it‘s his J.O.B to minister to you & as a man, isn‘t he allowed to sin too? Y‘all pathetic!

From CHAPTER 7, the RELATIONSHIP CHAPTER: I AM THE SPIRIT OF ALL MY ANCESTORS ESPECIALLY THE ONES WHO HATE TO SEE US GO THROUGH THIS & THEY HAVE SENT ME TO ADVISE YOU! They have advised me to tell you that the way that things are are not your fault but at the end of the day, you must answer to the consequences of your individual actions. They have sent me to tell you that because of your proximity to the devil & his ways, that you have taken on his customs & that the Creator shuns those who disbelieve. They have also said that if you have a woman who is willing to love you & accept you as you are, that it‘s your obligation to stick with her through thick & thin. Blakman, always know that regardless of your financial situation, being that children don‘t ask to be born, you need to SPEND TIME with them as they will remember your presence & know that you CARE about them, as opposed to buying expensive gifts that they get in the mail. Give your children memories & wisdom. Blakman, you have been in existence forever. If you don‘t believe me, allow me to use the Bible if you believe in it: And God said, let US make man in OUR image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air and over the cattle and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.* BLACK MAN, YOU ARE GOD & your refusal to act on that because of what the devil has you believing is what is most holding you back. You created the devil – yeah him & the one that you call yourself. The greeks were the so called first civilized people of Europe. Before alexander the greekkk defeated Egypt, all of those pedophile philosophers studied at the mystery skools & guess what they called you? They called you God because you had the SACRED KNOWLEDGE!  Tap into your real mentality & let‘s get blak to life! I‘m here to teach US how to build pyramids. Y‘all with me?

* Gideon Bible from the Book of Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 26

So for today July 8th 2012, that's my message! I'm hopin that ya find that NUGGET of info that ya need as there is so much more to me than meets the eye. If ya need get at me, I'm always at If ya do the FB thing, I'm there as the Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). If ya got my number, call me. If ya know how to communicate telepathically, HOLLA BLAK! 167 to go!

Blak Smith

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3/12/12 Kerry Cassidy: Above Top Secret, GOIN DEEP 2012

First of all, KNOWLEDGE is KNOWLEDGE! As these are KraKKa's, most of 'em have info that most of US have no idea of. This is the SHIT I've been talkin about & all non-believers need to get the fuKKK out NOW! Listen to this & LEARN as the days go on. Was kickin it with the Baba Morse Donaldson yesterday & he gave ME some names to check out as far as the events goin on lately. Check this out here: I've been waitin for this time my WHOLE LIFE! WE are finally here & ya better guard yo HEALTH my peepo! I've been told that WE are supposed to be takin chlorophyll & dandelion root so as to guard against excess radiation from japan. As well, the solar flare activity will continue & INCREASE so make sure ya put that MELANIN on by SUN BATHIN! In this interview, WE hearin about stuff that happened months ago & even I'm LEARNIN! Each 1 Teach 1 & KNOWLEDGE is KNOWLEDGE Y'ALL! 168 days left so watch yo NUGGETS! WE goin DEEP 2012. WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey Blak Peepo! How WE doin? I'm a lil pissed off with a lot of Y'ALL lately. Why? WE azza WHOLE still ain't gettin it. This heatwave is KILLA for a lot of ya favorite peepo & to those of ya who still have ya doubts about these FACTS & the SHIT I say, hold this!: Everything in the UNIVERSE has MELANIN aka PIGMENT & those (US) who can produce the most have the ability to ANIHILATE the white genome outta EXISTENCE! I don't care what KraKKa differs with that but THEY NEVER address what was just said DIRECTLY. They'll get THEIR BEST as in freud but have Y'ALL ever heard of a dude name Arthur Schopenauer? If not, check him out here:

The weather is HOT so please STAY COOL! Peepo's BRAINS is FRYIN as THEY dyin for it to get back to winter. Have y'all heard that WE suppose to have 3 days of darkness in late September? I ain't did the science on that yet but bein that it's only 3 months away, I'll check on it & get BLAK to Y'ALL. For now though, check this link that was makin the rounds earlier this year here:!. Anyhoo, what I wanna go in on today is the  ELEMENTS which WE all have inside of US from A to Zinc just like centrum. What are those 4 ELEMENTS you may ask? I call 'em EARTH, FIRE, WATER & WIND! Let's get into it a lil & see what WE talkin about here.

The EARTH! As far as I can remember, my only HOME. As a CapriCORN, I relate to her & all of her/my properties. Steady as she goes as she spins on her axis in the realm of the COSMOS. My friends, I'm here to tell Y'ALL that she is very TIRED & azza BODY, she needs to rid herself of those who can't possibly luv her just like a BW with a piece of SHIT husboy! Soundwaves taken in space says that she is off key as any livin thing gives off a hum which is really it's respiratory process at work. She is old but yet still vibrant. She still has enuff pristine areas but it seems like the usda/monsanto is tryin to change all that as THEIR time is UP! They've destroyed the Nigeria delta! It's not just the HUMAN (those uncorrupted Blak Souls) that is sufferin but also the plants, trees, flowers, insects & animals. I'm the EARTH & so like KRS-1, "I'm a sandstorm takin human form." If ya don't believe what I just said, check those pics of all those sufferin sea creatures after the bp oil spill. Damn I even hate to THINK of those pics today. As THEY always said, it's not nice to fool with Mother Nature aka Medu Neter! When ya think of EARTH SIGNS, think of Capricorns, Tauruses & Virgos. If ya wanna hear it in song, check this out:

FIRE! Yeah, like I already said, it's mothafuggin HOT! I've been tellin y'all for some time that this crazy ass WEATHER is gonna get HOTTER than HOT so look out for that. Yea, that's FIRE! What do ya get when ya mix EARTH & FIRE? Hot LAVA! FIRE can DESTROY but it can also PURIFY! It can warm ya food or make it SCALD ya hungry tongue. Be careful bcuz that ultimate FIRE is the SUN & I luv the SUN SON! As Baba Delbert Blair always says, let HIM do his job. Blak ameriKKKan Peepo ain't NEVER had the gumption to get up & arm OURSELVES & even if WE did at this point, WE don't make weapons. More sacrifices will happen but ya need to REMEMBER who ya up against when he's DONE! All WE do is FIRE guns while the us has bombs on DECK for days! FIRE atta J.O.B is not good unless you a FIREman/woman. Blak in the day, I was a pyromaniac aka someone who luvved seein FIRES burnin for the sake of seein it. Blak Peepo, ya need to stay FIRED up in these next 169 days as ya gonna need to keep ya HEALTH UP. The FIRE that burns in me is a billowy, blowin one so if ya get in my way, I'm gonna have to spit FIRE at ya. FIRE signs are Aries, Leos & Sagitariuses. If ya wanna go in onna song level, check this here:

WATER - so WONDERFUL when it's under control but so unbearable when comin in like a TSUNAMI. Most peepo don't know but this is the strongest FORCE known on the EARTH & ain't it KRAZY that the ocean waves are under the influence of the MOON? WE use WATER to wash OUR face every mornin & don't miss it til the well runs dry. WATER can quench OUR thirst the way nothin else can! Ya ever saw a rainbow inna WATERfall? Have ya ever been onna ship & been surrounded by nothin but SKY/WATER? I used to be a merchant seaman & if ya ain't never did that job, you'll never know what it is to be workin on WATER & seein an occasional ship every other day or so. For all WE knew, WE were the only peepo left on EARTH. Ya even dream different stuff bcuz ya under the jurisdiction of the WATER GODS & remember, the EARTH is 67% WATER. Ayo, like the EARTH & FIRE, WATER is also livin & breathin & as WE all know, that those who don't care about it litter it with IMPUNITY & them NIGGAS is gonna get taken out by it. Ya fight FIRE with.................................WATER! I've heard that the east & west coast will soon be flooded along with the mississippi valley. Japan is done & will be overran with WATER as well. Supposedly, atlantis is supposed to come BLAK! The levels of the oceans are risin. The us army corps of engineers exploded the levees as New Orleans 9th ward was purposley destroyed in the biggest outright landgrab & MURDER as in 9-11. As much as possible, take care of OUR WATER! WATER signs are Cancers, Scorpios & Pisces. Our song for WATER is

WIND - Works in unison with the REST. A sandstorm is LETHAL & will get ya like 10,000 paper cuts a second. Sand is EARTH. FIRES burn anything in their paths & need OXYGEN to continue. Oxygen can be made synonymous with the word AIR/WIND. A controlled FIRE boilin WATER creates steam which can then be used for ENERGY. The best possible sustainable energy that can be used is WIND energy made by WIND mills. The WIND can be like a summer breeze or a thunder storm blowin rainWATER like a mofo. WIND can blow ya hat off when ya least expect it & make ya chase money that blows away from ya hand inna sudden WIND. Man, the WIND beneath the WINGS of birds is what allows them to fly so gracefully. Did ya ever leave an inner part of a city & go to the seashore? The temperature drops 5 degrees if ya don't have somethin blockin that WIND. Before engines were created, how do ya think those sailboats moved? WE use NATURE bein that WE did it all before them NIGGAS came on the scene about 6000 years ago & THEY time is UP! Before ya know, THEY gonna be like a whisper in the WIND. The WIND is made up of AIR & when ya mix EARTH with WIND, ya get sand/dust. With WATER ya get precipitation. With FIRE ya get more FIRE. Tell me how do I breathe with no air? Blak Peepo are the WIND beneath my my wings! Air Signs are Libras, Aquariuses & Geminis. Ya need to go?:

So there ya have it, the 4 ELEMENTS & Blak Peepo, you are all of it & then some. WE have MELANIN & that keeps US cool in the HEAT & warmed in the COLD. Activate that pineal gland & take a sun bath when ya can but stay HYDRATED. The SUN activates it thru ya chakras. Swim in the best possible WATER & if possible, hit up the NATURAL SaUNa, the EARTH. I hope a light breeze is helpin ya thru it all & don't worry about that KraKKa as Mother Nature is gonna take care of 'em however it happens. Too many of y'all think that I'm talkin outta my hat but so ya know that it ain't just me, hold on to this video & see for SELF.: Til the next time WE meet my b2a peepo, it's all ELEMENTary! WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's now more than OFFICIAL that the Universal Mami has declared WAR on THEM. Y'all really need to check my book out & as I don't have anymore, ya gotta get it from Don't be afraid to send ya HOLLA BLAK DUDE a us postal money order as I need y'all to help me keep this site goin. For further info, get at me via e-mail at & on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Not many days(169) to go & so.................KEEP on LIVIN & LOVIN on US!

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Dead Presidents - Here's anotha 1!

When I think of what BM go thru, I think of this FLICK! Bcuz of his young demeanor, I don't think that Larenz Tate gets enuff credit but that dude izzan INCREDIBLE ACTOR! Take a gander at this & HOLLA BLAK at yo PEEPO! WE  got 173 days left! WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!