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Troops Ordered To Kill All Americans Who Do Not Turn In Guns


Titles like this are meant to scare US, WE the peepo darker than blue! Yea, shit is soon comin but by now I hope ya know better than to be around too many KraKKa's. It's goin down the wire & them NIGGA's have got to do SOMETHIN! Things are HEATIN UP & in this case, I ain't just talkin about the weather. Nah MAN, all of the conditions are ripe & those of ya who think ain't nothin gonna happen have an agenda. I always say that what's about to take place is gonna be for OUR BENEFIT & so to anybody readin this, be on the lookout for ANYTHING to happen. As much as possible, stay away from negative peepo.

If ya do have guns registered, know that ya must get 'em outta ya private domicile. THEY will come like a thief in the nite & if ya feel it's worth dyin for, then DIE! I don't care what y'all say but THEY time is up! THEY gettin more desperate by the day! THEY …

Other World Events aka I OWE U


Before I start this 1 today, gotta first send out props & LUV to Atta Mills, the former president of Ghana who passed away on Tuesday July 24th. As he was the man who became president after a very contentious election while I lived there, I felt it a lil more personally than those of Y'ALL who have never ventured there. He was known to be a very good man & will be missed but somethin about his death troubles me in that before he passed, he came to the usa for mediKKKal treatment. Ghana is now producin oil & while I was there, this man wanted to revue the contracts as the last admin before him basically SOLD OUT the country. That admin was also accused of dealin HARD DRUGS & is supposedly a conduit for dealers: I won't go in too deep but as things develop, I will report about it BLAK HERE. Thank you John Atta Mills for ya years of service.
So, how y'all doin? Last week w…

Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight


Can Y'ALL feel the Final Countdown 2012 yet? WE now have 147 days left! WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its' Pimpin' Pimpin'

Don't EVER forget that thru it all, WE gotta keep OUR sense of humor! The WORLD as WE know it is still runnin on a pimps & WHORES SHYSTEM! Please don't get the wordin fuKKKed up! Katt Williams tells it like it is & WE gotta big him up as much as possible. It's KRAZY how the comedians are sayin the REALEST SHIT today & WE ain't realizin it so I gotta showcase 'em to slide the info to ya while Y'ALL laugh Y'ALL asses off! In fact, he's so real, he has gone thru some shit like: Ya know how I know this n.w.o shit is real? Like 5 years ago, this chick was EVERYWHERE & now, NOTHIN! Don't believe the Blak Smith but check this out:

At this point, Y'ALL can believe what ya wanna! The SHIT is VERY REAL & if ya wanna ignore this OR claim that GOD (whoever that is) is in control, blah, blah, blah, go right ahead. If ya won't take it from Me, take…

The KraKKa has CONCEDED!


Actor tom hanks hasn't had a hit movie in YEARS! This is like an animated komikk & so most WOMEN won't like it but onna symbology tip, this right here is HUGE! If you can stomach watchin a series of 20 6 minute short stories, you MAY have yaself quite a lil series here! The names, places & symbols are tellin US in this series that the KraKKa has CONCEDED & is tellin US in this format. This ain't gonna be no long article but if ya know how to read thru this type of shit, you will know that WE have won!

There are 150 days left & so for those of Y'ALL who are new to me or this blogsite, I count down the days til 12/21/12 & if ya think that the mayan calendar izza great SHAM, then answer me why so much is goin on lately? This does not mean that on 12/22 that EVERYTHING will be hunky dory but the NATURAL ORDER of things is comin BLAK & I will be in the VANGUARD! Everywhere ya turn, there…

HATE by Organized Konfusion


The song speaks for ITSELF!


What a title eh? WE gotta lot to cover so WTF is up? Ok, that's about as a nice greetin that ya gonna get from me today.'s really ON & POPPIN up in here ain't it? WE start off in syria & the bombing of the Defense Minister of that govt. Anyone who does their due diligence knows that the usa FORMENTS most of the wars & has been sabre rattlin to get into syria for the longest time to get at that oil & all of the other resources there. I provided a map for the GEOPOLITIKKKALY challenged so that y'all could see the relative proximity between all of these states. The us has relative control of iraq & as quiet as it's kept, now has bases there PERMANENTLY. Once syria is under control, on fighter jets thru iraq, ya got total access to...........iran. They been wantin iran for the longest but that country gonna be hard to take as they have strong military & ain't givin a fuKKK but in years past, I've seen pics like this so what…

The Island of Dr. Moreau

As jewtube takes e'm down, I reload 'em & though it's a different version, you'll get the point. Enjoy. done on 10/1/12

This goes out to YOU readin this! Now that ya got that pang of "what did I do" in ya, lemme say why I DEADicated it to ya. Too many of Y'ALL believe in anything other than what certain DEITIES REPRESENT. At this point, just like too many of y'all say that jesus's COLOR doesn't matter, I say, he don't matter AT ALL. This shape shiftin shit is real. Clonin been in existence. Stem cell research never stopped. All presidents, prime ministers & other so called vip's have replicas & so many movies have told US that but y'all dismiss it in yo mind like, "it was just a movie!" Films such as the manchurian candidate, no way out, vantage point & are looked upon as GREAT bu…

Nappy Roots - Hustla

These dudes is from Kentucky & I LUV 'EM! WE now have 154 days left so get yo HUSTLE ON!

Documentary on KraKK(a)'s

I'm glad that NatGeo depicts mainly KraKKa's in this documentary! Watup my peepo? I have a Drug & Alcohol Chapter in my GREAT BOOK: I also have excerpts of my book if ya look BLAK talkin about all of this stuff. Y'ALL need to know that The reason why it seems like WE use more drugs than THEM is bcuz if ya watch Traffick, young KraKKa's usually use drugs in affluent SUBURBS INSIDE! Our communities are usually OUT as the teemin masses converge in packed neighborhoods any corner in hood us(g)hetto! I always say that heroin put US on the stretcher & that KraKK put US inna COMA! Ayo, WTF is startin KraKK in this day & age? Ya need to look at that KraKKa in the next cubicle who keeps fallin asleep at the computer. For now though, check this & stay off of DRUGS unles…

HI JaKKKed HIP HOP izza rap!


That's a BOLD TITLE eh? HI JaKKKed HIP HOP izza rap......hmmmm, what does he mean? It means that I'm BLAK at this keyboard typin away to let Y'ALL know that WE got just 158 days left. Where Y'ALL at? What it do? Today my peepo, WE gotta HUMDINGER for ya so ya best be prepared when ya read this 1. But first, as I've been sayin for the last year, WE gonna be OK! I almost didn't write this today bcuz lately, I've been feelin like fuKKK ALL but then a dear friend of mine told me that she & a lotta other peepo WE know have been feelin same. I think by now that most of my LOYAL READERS always see me puttin up these HEAVY SOLAR FLARE ACTIVITY posts & ya also gotta know that that shit affects US down here like a MOFO! THEY gettin STRONGER & STRONGER & the KraKKa can't mess with that. He's too busy preparin US with the jesus hologram/alien invasion/zombie takeover program so watch for that. I hope Y&…

Wild For Da Night - Rampage ft Busta Rhymes/ Y'ALL need 2 AMP UP!


Tales From the Hood/ This is the 1!

Go here as jewtube took it down:

Who didn't like this 1 when it came out? I guess bcuz so many HOOD MOVIES had been out back then, this 1 kinda got LOST in the SAUCE but this 1 here izza BEAST! Did ya see the last segment of this gem? Man, the actin was on point & even included a-list KraKKa's up in here so ya know it was DOPE! As WE move on with 161 days left, a lot of US need to contemplate on what WE doin. Get up on this & WE gonna come with more excerpts of my book again soon. HOLLA BLAK!

Onyx - Last Dayz 163 dayz LEFT!!!

These the Last Dayz get YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This SONG says it ALL & though I don't AGREE with HOW THEY go about livin in the LAST, I can OVERSTAND it! Hold onto this 1 which was RELOADED with the GOOD BROTHERS from Dead Prez. Not much to go & with that.......


This is to let Y'ALL know that this SHIT been around for a while. Ya fingers would NEVER form that way spontaneously & take solace knowin that SOON, this FIGMENT of OUR IMAGINATION will be OVER!

I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me (excerpts) from the Sports as ENTERTAINMENT Chapter

Above, just some of the ATHLETES that I drop it on in my book, I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me! Hey b2a peepo with 163 days to go & the weather a bit more bearable, how y'all doin? Big shout out to all of ya & if ya can't OVERSTAND what I say here, ya probably speak proper english & I do as much to BUTCHER this fuKKKin language as possible! Some years ago, I read a book called the $40M Slave by William Rhoden who is a sports columnist. As a former sports fan, I thought I knew a lot more about sports but it turned out that I didn't know SHIT! This book somewhat inspired the 4th Chapter aka Sports & Entertainment. Too many of US don't look at sports as entertainment bcuz WE should also be in shape for SELF but when ya pay to see a game or have cable to watch those games ya can't get locally, IT IS! As well, the nwo has incorporated a lot of the stars WE know of today as HE cannot afford to allow any of US to POSITIVELY INFLUENCE the future. I…

What Goes Around(poison)-Nas/ Anotha TRUE BANGER!

Almost 100% TRUTH & I know in my HEART that though Nas is down with the BAPHOMET, he's still FIGHTIN 'EM! 166 days to go!

I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me (2012 excerpts)

Ayo! This is the Blak Smith & in my OPINION, I really don't think that TOO MANY of y'all know who I am! I always tell Y'ALL that my BOOK is FIRE & bein that I write FIRE, if ya wanna FIGHT me, better hit me with that KANGEN  STUFF! WE got 167 days left & ALL is WELL! The downloads keep on comin & I shall remain OBEDIENT to what MY IMPERATIVE is & to those of YOU who don't know what I mean, it means that I'm gonna do me FOREVER as I know that NOTHIN is PROMISED! Live every day like it's yo last yo! Not gonna get too wordy today but to those who think ya gotta chance, THEY let zero-man get out AGAIN! This NIGGA has no credibility but he's out to  DISTURB the PEACE again. Blak Peepo, when yo time comes, SHOW NO MERCY is all I gotta say! Right now, get into just a piece of Chapters 6 & 7 & in those chapters, I'm talkin about J.O.B.S & RELATIONSHIPS. WAR!!!!!!! P.S - fuKKK romney & soetero!

Taken from Chapter 6, the EMPLOYM…

3/12/12 Kerry Cassidy: Above Top Secret, GOIN DEEP 2012

First of all, KNOWLEDGE is KNOWLEDGE! As these are KraKKa's, most of 'em have info that most of US have no idea of. This is the SHIT I've been talkin about & all non-believers need to get the fuKKK out NOW! Listen to this & LEARN as the days go on. Was kickin it with the Baba Morse Donaldson yesterday & he gave ME some names to check out as far as the events goin on lately. Check this out here: I've been waitin for this time my WHOLE LIFE! WE are finally here & ya better guard yo HEALTH my peepo! I've been told that WE are supposed to be takin chlorophyll & dandelion root so as to guard against excess radiation from japan. As well, the solar flare activity will continue & INCREASE so make sure ya put that MELANIN on by SUN BAT…



Hey Blak Peepo! How WE doin? I'm a lil pissed off with a lot of Y'ALL lately. Why? WE azza WHOLE still ain't gettin it. This heatwave is KILLA for a lot of ya favorite peepo & to those of ya who still have ya doubts about these FACTS & the SHIT I say, hold this!: Everything in the UNIVERSE has MELANIN aka PIGMENT & those (US) who can produce the most have the ability to ANIHILATE the white genome outta EXISTENCE! I don't care what KraKKa differs with that but THEY NEVER address what was just said DIRECTLY. They'll get THEIR BEST as in freud but have Y'ALL ever heard of a dude name Arthur Schopenauer? If not, check him out here:

The weather is HOT so please STAY COOL! Peepo's BRAINS is FRYIN as THEY dyin for it to get back to winter. Have y'all heard that WE suppose to have 3 days of darkness in late Septem…

Dead Presidents - Here's anotha 1!

When I think of what BM go thru, I think of this FLICK! Bcuz of his young demeanor, I don't think that Larenz Tate gets enuff credit but that dude izzan INCREDIBLE ACTOR! Take a gander at this & HOLLA BLAK at yo PEEPO! WE  got 173 days left! WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!