Thursday, July 30, 2009

What are you aware of?

Hey y'all, watup? Lets talk about being aware 2day. What would the dictionary say this word is? Well according 2, the word aware means 1.having knowledge; concious; cognizant: aware of danger & 2. informed; alert; knowledgable; sophisticated : She is one of the most politically aware young women around & I end quote. Well I hope that we are all aware if we are not in a coma or in some type of deep, weeded out & drunked up state of sleep, well then, what state are we exactly in? I might add a butt & this a big one, but, "What exactly are we aware of?" Most of us know about Chris Brown & Rihanna's domestic problems & 99.9% of us don't know them but we ride for one side. You don't actually know these people & take sides & don't even find it strange to do so. WTF?It's crazy to be here in Ghana & examine problems of celebrities in the west when it's hard for hardworking people here to put out a decent meal every night. Try telling Ghanians that you ain't rich when you have on jewelry, can take a taxi anywhere & eat at any resteraunt at the drop of a dime. Again, what are you aware of? I love Common but he made a song about banging bitches in the mouth. The name of the song is I Poke her Face & represents a step backwards for this most legendary MC. Should we believe that he reps this or is this a vacation from his usual stellar norm? Who are you aware of? The time soon approaches for the real to show themselves as Dave Chappelle did when he stepped away from actual SLAVERY, when he refused all that dough from that Comedy Network! He came 2 Afrika 2 chill his brains!! That was his therapy! Y'all need 2 know that the devil is everywhere & he's waiting to harness your power & energy. Where do you think the term LIFEBLOOD comes from? They need your BLOOD to work & with you dead, your blood can be drained & drunk up in a cup just like cherry Kool-Aid. Can't y'all feel that non-Obama type change comin? What that change is I just don't know yet. I just know to be AWARE when it comes, ya dig? So now ask yourself, what are you aware of? Could it be your own conciousness or lack thereof?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Intro 2 cyberworld

Hey Y'all Blak Peeps, I be da Blaksmith shoutin U out from Accra in Ghana West Afrika but I hail from da Boogie down Bronx, U know the birthplace of Hip-Hop & the home 2 more Afrikans from the continent than any other city in the United Snakkkes. Whut it do? Anyhoo, I'm here 2 give y'all a tru look into livin in Afrika coming from the perspective of a young Afrikan Amerikan. Its crazy different being here & its something that aint for everybody but for now for me, its home. Come take a peek into how I see life here & if you ain't been 2 the continent yet, I believe that if U can afford it, you should at least check out ya ANCESTRAL HOMELAND!!! Why not? Do you ever hear of Europeans or Asians denouncing they cousins & neighbors in they respective home countries? Only Afrikans got a problem with the "Old Country!" That's Ok though so as I wait a for a lion 2 emerge from the jungle & eat me, I'm gonna holla at y'all who at least wish 2 see this most wondrous place that we the people darker than blue come from. We will feel the heat, sniff the odors, revel at the fauna & contemplate our most ancient & recent past. It promises 2 be a blast so stick around & lets get 2 it. As Dr John Henrik Clarke used to say, "Pan-Afrikanism or perish!!!!!" HOLLA BLAK!!!