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The Best of George Carlin: Exposing REAL SHIT!!!!

Won't have many things to say and ya gotta know...........this was that COMEDIAN!!!! IMHO, 1 of the BEST to EVER do it! To say anything else is not to give it ALL to him and in this clip, WE show his BEST MATERIAL! In times of STRIFE, WE gotta LEARN that WE still gotta LAFF!!!! As well, I go in REALLY HARDBODY in my EXPOSE of the ENTERTAINMENT BIZ in the pic of my book below! Get at Me for ya copy at my inbox on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Orrrrrr...........get at Me at the paypal email at To get the book directly, hit the link below the book. At b2a, til it's PEACE, it's WAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, July 28, 2014


And the standard world map flipped upside down:

(how do WE KNOW if the WORLD is UPSIDE DOWN?)

Greetings to all of my peepo & welcome BLAK from a GREAT WEEKEND I had! There's not enuff minutes in a day to cover all but the WORLD is HOT right now with all of these international events that just have OUR heads spinning like ya wouldn't believe but if ya come here often, ya would have already known that WE don't BELIEVE SHIT! How are things by you? WE hope that all is well & that ya SUMMER is coming along swimmingly. But what about in other necks of the woods? Let's take a look & WE'LL start with Ground 0 for most of US in the u.sKKKa.

WE here at b2a say that the WORLD is a HOTSPOT bcuz pretty much wherever ya go today, there are lots of TROUBLES brewing! As stated in my last article,, there were police actions that resulted in 2 young BM dying that deserve that the RIGHT QUESTIONS be asked. But what about over in Syria? Iraq? Iran? Afghanistan & so many many more? What happened with Syria being taken over? Though WARS are raging there, why aren't WE hearing about it? For the record, let them Kkkazars & palestinians kill each other as neither gives a WIT about US! Everything is CRAZY & most ask, "when will it all end?" I wish I knew but the ONLY thing I can tell y'all out there is that it will. What part are YOU playing in KILLING WHITE SUPREMACY? Let's skirt around the world a lil & see where all of these crazy events are happening.

Let's start off on a good note & all the stuff happening in what the natives refer to as Zim..........instead of making this a long wordy article, what I will find is a link expressing the best way to look at this; I luv Me some Robert Mugabe!!!!!!!!!

Okay....from there WE go to Malaysia & unless ya been sleeping under a rock, ya would know that a flight disappeared & those in the know say that the plane (flight 370) went to diego garcia, an island outpost in the south Pacific and then.......2 weeks ago, a 2nd plane (flight 17) also disappeared for a minute & then crashed in the ukraine. Rumors swirled that putin was using that flight path & that his plane was really the target but they are counting on those of you who BELIEVE ANYTHING to not read my blog & others like it! How are planes just disappearing just like that?


Before WE move on from that, I did the MATH aka the NUMEROLOGY on the shituation & look what I came up with. I took both flights & made them into 1 # or 370 + 17 = 387. 3 + 8 + 7 = 18 & 18 = 6 + 6 + 6. As well, there were reports that the bodies found in the supposed wreckage were ALREADY DECOMPOSED too soon after that flight crashed! WTF yo? Lately, instead of driving myself crazy thinking about what may have happened, I let the news catch up to Me! IDK what's up but it will all come out.!/2011/04/nature-of-threat.html

Now....let's go to my FAVORITE PLACE on GAIA aka PANGEA & get BLAK to AFRIKA! As well, in Mali, there was a WAR that was little mentioned in the mainstream media but WE covered it & if ya wanna know:!/2013/01/the-west-intervention-in-mali.html. I have to constantly remind US that WE do what WE supposed to do but RWS* will rear it's UGLY HEAD just when WE see some daylight! All of these BM dying wherever WE may be are ALL RELATED! Anyhoo.......last week, Air Algerie Flight # 5017 did same after it had disappeared, went down & though the black box was found, NO SURVIVORS but............."He also said there was "no link" between the crash and the mediating role played by Algeria and his own country in the ongoing conflict in northern Mali between government forces, backed up by French troops, and Islamist militants"**


Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

If ya want the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY DEMYSTIFIED, get this book DIRECTLY from this link; If ya just wanna know why some die too early, go to prison or just FALL OFF, get this book! If ya want ya copy personally autographed, go to OUR paypal email account at If ya wanna get at Me, send Me an INBOX on FaceBook as Blak Smith (Blak Smith). Get at Me & let's get FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been saying for years now that rws is pretty much DEAD! Them DEVILS ain't reproducing & got US being HOMO's & shit like that now! As all they do is TRICKNOLOGY, stay away from 'em as much as possible as they die from diseases WE never even heard of! While they FOCUS on OUR death rates, what's theirs? Though the u.s birthrate for Afrikan Amerikans is LOW, the rate is so HIGH in Afrika to the point, of offsetting the losses on OUR part! In the RACE against TIME, they're still LOSING & are DANGEROUS so be very CAREFUL in their LAST DAYS & TIME & from this point on, b2a is NOT in the prediction game anymo'! I've taken the approach that WHATEVER is gonna happen is gonna happen & that WE gonna be OK! So get up in that SUNSHINE & dance the DANCE of LIFE to not even being 2 full years removed from;!/2012/12/the-5th-dimensionthe-blak-smith-age-of.html.

* RWS = racist white supremacy

** taken from

Thursday, July 24, 2014


WE now say GOOD NIGHT to OUR dude, Eric Garner aka that dude that got CHOKED OUT by them PUNKS who jump up to get SHOT DOWN in staten island ny. Mannnnnnn, the BLOOD of many is at a BOILING POINT in these ny streets as once again, WE had to see 1 of US go out like a GOD! He leaves 6 behind & this goes out to all of y'all young BM out there.......these police ain't playing yo! Now commissioner BATON is saying that all of them PIGS gotta do retraining in of all places, los angeles where they deal with an embedded gang culture unlike anything out here in the northeast! This ain't nothing but a PAID VACATION for those cops to test their mettle out on the west coast & give tips on how to keep the niKKKa's & spiKKK's in check............a big WHATEVER YAWN & EAT a DICK to ALL COPS! I hope y'all all DIE!!/2011/12/sorrow-tears-blood_27.html.

( a young Eric Garner & may he R.I.P!)

Something that happened a week before Mr Garner got it, happened not far away in nj & seemed to have disappeared off the radar but was even crazier than that! This occured in jersey city nj to be exact & it involved a BROTHA named Lawrence Campbell who shot a young latino cop named Melvin Santiago. Campbells lady said that if the cops were gonna ASSASSINATE him without trying to arrest him, that he should have BLAZED 'em all out & I agree's hard for Me to BELIEVE that it's that cut & dry & here's why; the majority of cops on the j.c force are white! Did Santiago witness something & wouldn't be a part of it? Was he playing ball with the j.c police or trying to be RESPECTFUL to the HOOD? Was he a SACRIFICE? Who shot Campbell & why hasn't his name come up? Was Campbell a MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE? What was the deal between cops & that community before this TWISTED SITUATION went down? Well.........guess what I found just days after the funeral for Mr Santiago; To boot, when the community publicly mourned Campbell, it was stopped by them cops & the reason given was that peepo were not GIVING WAY! Is anyone gonna take that display on?

Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never DieThere it magnus opus.........WE show ya the connection to the Hip Hop Cops! WE expose the Entertainment Industry! Sales are brisk so get ya personally autographed copy by getting at US at OUR paypal e-mail at or on facebook, WE at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). For ya copy straight from the source, go to the link here at By all means necessary, HIP HOP will be the FREQUENCY WE use to be FREE once & for all TIME! Help US to help YOU!
Going back to the staten island SHITuation, if ya from ny, you would know that choke holds are not allowed & so that faggot of a commissioner is mos def wilding out & out to proteKKKt them under the blue wall of SILENCE yet they want US SNITCHING on each other! To y'all young peepo out there, please know that the police are not ya friend as earlier this year, a cop threw a young dude thru a window in the Bronx & DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN but Ayo........I'm here to tell Y'ALL that it ain't a GAME & this is why WE MUST ASK the RIGHT QUESTIONS! For now, YOU make what ya want outta this article but be very careful as soetero has admitted that there was NO EVIDENCE of russians bombing that 2nd fuKKKery as far as these Malaysian planes go! Remember, it's the kkkhazar who has invaded palestine but the ORIGINAL PEEPO were the PHILISTINES who were BLACK PEEPO occupied that LAND!!! So don't let 'em fool ya........or even try to skool ya..............if ya gotta go out, SHOOT the SHERIFF! This has been a b2a PSA & just know that the Blak Smith approves this message! Peace to the Campbell & Garner FAMILIES! WAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR on the BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

11 HOURS/Best Slow Jams Love Songs

Who would have EVER THUNK it? The Blak Smith is for all that SEXXXiness & all that! Yo BLAK PEEPO......the next time HE/SHE/THEY come over, just hit the link with NO WORRIES!!!!! 11 hours of.............well................YOU NAME it! I wanna see NEPHEWS & NIECES & not y'all BIRACIAL JOINTS! Leave that in the COOKIE JAR! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

Today, WE at b2a are gonna take the LAZY way out & make sure that ya stay with US for 11 hours! It could be, thru the nite, in the car, at the dinner table, on the bus, train or at ya significant others place. You could sleep with this on real low or writing ya next book or thinking of that next big idea! Pass this on to someone who has found new love, is in love or getting outta loving relationship. Whatever it is that ya do, please ENJOY this immensely & always, HOLLA BLAK!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS Part IV - Tech N9ne talks


To catch up to the whole series, go here




I like Tech N9ne & most do as he is personable but before WE get into that, the BREAKING NEWS is that another malaysian airplane was downed somewhere in the ukraine. I BELIEVE that this happened today to MASK THIS: Get ready to see shit get really CRAZY as the distraKKKtion level will be high! Also, there are rumblings that the economy will soon lapse. Do y'all remember that the 1st plane was NEVER found? Who's talking about the resurgence of the redeployment of u.s soldiers in iraq? NOT allow yaself to get distraKKKted thru this as something BIG is on the horizon. Regardless of what happens, the soundtrack that's gonna take US on to the next will be OUR beloved HIP HOP! Get busy or get lost!

Let's summarize for a moment; in Part I, WE spoke on the PROBLEM & how forbes magazine dubbed iggy the force that runs HIP HOP & all that jazz. This is a problem bcuz just a short 40 years after it's creation by US, like jazz (benny goodman), rock & roll (elvis), r & b (the osmonds) & now HIP HOP (iggy a), WE MUST RECOGNIZE the PATTERNS that emerge & just how they do it! WE also spoke on how perhaps, the SOLUTION may be to do like Tech N9ne & just go for yours on the INDEPENDENT TIP using ya own business model especially if doing it all for the LUV of MONEY which isn't neccessarily wrong if ya in it for that. In Part II, WE merely ANALYZED Part I & went in with a lil more depth. In Part III, what I did was tell y'all  that AIN'T NOTHING NEW & used Gil Scott Heron to show that what he said BLAK then was PROPHETIC!!!!! WE continue!!!!!!

Anyone who knows Me knows that I absolutely LUV these 2 real HIP HOPPERS above! If ya been in the game as long as they have, ya gotta be in the boule, the society which translates to the blaKKK skull & bones (not my definition). If you are a HOUSEHOLD NAME, RICH or always rising like dre to BILLIONAIRE STATUS, you are in & the OBVIOUS WAY to know is to see that hand sign! Another meaning to boule would be "helper of the kings" & by now, WE all know who the "kings" are. If ya wanna be "in", ya gotta do what they want & as I get further & further into this, the more discouraged I get bcuz this shit is pervasive. The reason why this is all so formidable is bcuz they cannot allow another BLAK messiah rise up to electrify the BLAK masses! I went to that Zulu Nation meeting on June 14th & every ranking member was throwing up them goat horns in every pic they took! ( They were rewarded with the right to now do biz with the nyc parks department & make money at summerstage &.................this is now the REAL MARK of the BEAST!

Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

There it magnus opus.........WE expose the Entertainment Industry! Sales are brisk so get ya personally autographed copy by getting at US at OUR paypal e-mail at or on facebook, WE at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). For ya copy straight from the source, go to the link here at By all means necessary, HIP HOP will be the FREQUENCY WE use to be FREE once & for all TIME! Help US to help YOU! 

The SOLUTION that I have been telling y'all for years now is to do what ya do & if ya don't wanna get in their radar, DIVERSIFY! Ya CAN'T WANT what they GOT! Try as much as possible not to draw attention to SELF bcuz unfortunately, the GIFT is the CURSE aka TALENT which BLAK PEEPO have in ABUNDANCE! When ya do what ya do for ya peepo, you become INDESTRUCTIBLE like Baba Dick Gregory, Attorney at War, Alton Madoxx & ME! When ya doing it for the money, the money CAN'T love you back! So til WE next go in on HIP HOP, be like Dead Prez & Ain't that what this is about?

* freeze camera at 30 seconds & see Tech throw up the GOAT HORNS in the VIDEO above!!!! SMH & DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                               - Part IV concludes OUR series -

Monday, July 14, 2014

PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS - Part III - Ain't No New Thing

Hello & welcome BLAK to another episode of b2a aka black2afrika on ya internet browsing dial. WE'VE been here doing the SAVE HIP HOP THANG for a minute & so to all of ya who say "give her up" I say a big "HELL to the NAH" bcuz it would be like giving up on a FAMILY MEMBER in TROUBLE! My generation created HER & now that she's almost 41 years of age, WE gotta protect & LUV her til it hurts! Another thing I'd like to say is that though WE FOCUS on HIP HOP, as the poem by GSH says, this AIN'T NO NEW THING & as it's not even 5 minutes long, give it a listen to get the full context of what WE mean. From there, WE GO where WE gotta. After ya listen, let's talk about some SOLUTIONS to the many PROBLEMS facing the most important cultural/musical/ourstorical MOVEMENT in the last 40 years. I call her HIP HOP! 

So as Gil said, in ameriKKKa it's the same old SHIT! But then WE look aside & see that WE got a dude named Tech N9ne defying the stereotypes of what WE know happens in the industry & check this.......he's totally ya know what that mean? WE really don't have much to report here on that bcuz if ya read Part I, you would have read these very words;

I heard about Tech’s music from Vigalantee (aka Roger Suggs), another popular artist out of the mid-west. According to Vigalantee, a lot of mainstream artists are actually afraid of performing with Tech due to the fear of being embarrassed by his lyrical skill set. What really impressed me is that Tech has a very strong following and tours around the world, all because he was able to build a working business model for himself.  In that regard, he’s better off than nearly any other artist I can think of.*

Those very words have to resonate in ya & if ya doing this music thang, ya gotta know that the model as provided by the established so called powers that be are gonna DESIGN whatever deal for ya if ya don't making ya into an EMPLOYEE & so whoever ya work for is called a BOSS! Ya see, the name of the game today is to ROCK a SHOW & have ya product there for those HUNGRY for what ain't on the radio & make 'em buy whatever ya put out next time ya come where THEY at even if they ain't heard it! While y'all saying that dudes from the 80's are now old, they are selling out arena's & SHIT like that & so it ain't a game! If ya SIRIUS, can ya replicate what works in ya own way?

I never spent any time checking out Tech but according to the same article, Tech pulled in a whopping $7.5 MILLION DOLLARS just ahead of 50centavos who I thought would be pulling in way more than that or do these stats include endorsements & all? Whatever the case, dude is paid & I'm more than sure has to pay some of that out but let's just say that he gets 1/2 that money; if so, DUDE is still PAID & I'm more that sure doing other shit aka, he's an ENTREPRENEUR! In this day & age, the name of the game is to DIVERSIFY wherein, ya can't just be an actor, MC, comedian, DJ, dancer or whatever. Ya gotta take that paper & INVEST in SELF! 

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 12.34.05 AM
(to all those who still believe in LORDS, SAVIORS & all that BULLSHIT!) 

Tech also expressed pride in the fact that he was able to consistently increase his income without the help of a record label and without major media outlets supporting him.  In fact, he doesn’t get played on the radio or television in hardly any capacity, since most media outlets have deals with record labels, which give them the incentive to only promote specific artists.* 

The dude does his thang & I wanna congratulate him bcuz he's doing it his way! Y'all gotta know that this is SIRIUS STUFF & right possibly, the best part of the whole equation is that ya now have a template to follow if ya really wanna do this. WE need peepo such as him & others to really represent as HIP HOP is vibrant & electric if ya not dependent on mainstream sources.

Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

There it magnus opus.........WE expose the Entertainment Industry! Sales are  brisk so get ya personally autographed copy by getting at US at OUR paypal e-mail at or on facebook, WE at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). For ya copy straight from the source, go to the link here at By all means necessary, HIP HOP will be the FREQUENCY WE use to be FREE once & for all TIME! Help US to help YOU!  

WE need peepo like YOU to OVERSTAND that WE are playing a high stakes game where the VICTORY will be for all of the marbles! WE'VE told y'all about the problems & some solutions bcuz when they say, it ain't about the money, it's ABOUT the MONEY! Please take what was written here with ya & get BLAK to US in a few days as WE conclude this series. Also, if ya know anyone who can benefit from this, please spread it as far & wide as possible! WE coming to a HOOD near ya really soon & so stay tuned! Hip Hop will NEVA die!

                                                                    - to be continued -


Thursday, July 10, 2014


Hey & welcome BLAK to Part II & ANALYSIS of the PROBLEM of them DEVILS trying to take OUR way of ENTERTAINING Y'ALL! It's really ON & POPPING when they get an aussie to come here & do that bcuz on a world stage, the ONLY LEGITIMATE PLACE that MOST BELIEVE HIP HOP comes from is the u snaKKKes of ameriKKKa! This is why that iggy BIATCH scares Me bcuz in earnest, it really started in the early 90's with the emergence of certain mulatto's I've already mentioned before. As I real eyes that some reading this may be new, some names are Derrick Jeter, Maria Carey, David Justice & Jason Kidd. Note that I NEVA said that these peeepo aren't TALENTED or don't deserve the accolades. There was a time when SUPER MODELS whose ancestry couldn't be traced would be described as EXOTIC! As a whole, what that devil is really trying to do is what's gonna happen to him & that's WRITING HIMSELF outta the NARRATIVE of HIS-STORY! Let's see how he's doing it!

So now that those mentioned above are in their elder years & established, let's see who were before 'em; hmmmm, WE had those who made DISCO MUSIC, Hall & Oates, early george michael & an older Michael Jackson............IJS LOL. Since forever, it has been posited that they HATE US bcuz they can't be US! Rick James used to say that ya CAN'T FAKE the FUNK! The reason why REAL R & B is SOUL MUSIC is bcuz that's where it comes from (the SOUL) & as they are YURUGU (look it up if ya don't know), they don't have 1! And then.........they got US praising their gods & here WE are in 2014 believing that some dude sen't here by SKY DADDY is gonna save US! In Ghana, they say that "if ya see a devil on the way to church on sunday, ya can go back home bcuz ya just saw god."

Well, being that an entity cannot operate outside of it's character for long if at all, the devil is showing US once & for all that he ain't playing as he looks to finally rewrite HIS-STORY! If ya look in his dictionaries, he started LANGUAGE when WE know he was GRUNTING in them caves like ANIMALS! Let's analyze the article now that ya have enough BLAK GROUND!

First off, the pic of iggy in Part I is a pic of a mk-ultra programming aka, CONTROLLED SLAVE! I go in HEAVY on that in my book, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die! Forbes Mag came out with the HEADLINE that iggy was running something that she didn't even create! If ya don't believe Me, check the link: They call that IMPRINTING the MIND & now WE got young peepo thinking this BS is it! In all actuality, niKKKi minaj ushered ig in! She has to comment to create a rift so that dick riders ride on 1 side or another! And then nikkki did something called CONTROLLED OPPOSITION wherein they create the distraKKKtions & pass laws while WE fighting over NONSENSE! ( AS we now know, stats are manipulated for PERCEPTION! 

UPDATE: The title of this article has been changed from its original version — “Hip Hop Is Run By A White, Blonde, Australian Woman” — because it did not accurately reflect the content of the piece. The author offers sincere apologies to anyone who was offended by it. (taken from

Look at it this way; at it's most basic level, HIP HOP MUSIC is BEATS & RHYMES! Of course iggy gonna get beats as she is a devil, white & the new style today is to have a devil repped by an established artist like dre & em, akon & gaga & usher & bieber.  She's under T.I's Grand Hustle IMPRINT LABEL & I BELIEVE that T.I was FORCED in after going to prison for very short stints. She's gotta get major pub bcuz she's a devil dominating in what is known as a BM's DOMAIN! If she succeeds, the TAKEOVER will have been completed so it will be seen if she she can do it. Look at how the powers that be have paired the top with the top of the time as in Bobby & Whitney, Jay & B & now Kanye & every instance, 1 of 'em is a HANDLER!

In all of this, WE cannot dismiss SEX! macklemore has a role to play in promoting homosexuality. nikki's butt is fake & iggy has a big 1 but is it real? As I don't care, WE move on. It's nice to see that some vets such as Lord Jamar of the Bran Nubians & Scarface of the Ghetto Boys are piping in they too are OATH TAKERS, if they are not genuine, they just serve to further muddy the waters! As well, Damon Dash wants execs fighting but is is too good to be true? Aren't INTERRACIAL relations being pushed? Doesn't iggy have a big butt aka BM's kryptonite?

Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die! That's the name of the book & in it, I dispel the mystification of how the Entertainment Industry works! WE go in with details & references & not just rumors & hearsay. If this series resonates in ya soul, ya need to get the definitive book on the beginning, middle & explore how WE gonna get outta this supremacist matrix! For ya personally autographed copy, get at Me at out paypal email, or on FB inbox ONLY as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WE got ebooks on deck as well! To get the book directly, go to the link below & thanks for ya support. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

In Part III, WE get more into the SOLUTION & what Tech N9ne is doing! WE still gonna SAVE HIP HOP so stay on point & wait for it as it's coming!

                                                                  - to be continued -

Monday, July 7, 2014


(from this pic, Iggy is a MONARCH BUTTERFLY MK-ULTRA viKKKtim....check that out!)

Hip Hop is now over 40 years old so don't go expecting peepo who are under 30 to be it's saving grace. Nah, it's up to US in OUR teen's & early 20's to get that SHIT right & finally! If ya look above, ya see ya FAVORITE FUNNY SOUNDING chiKKK from Australia (of all places) has came up with more to go! Today, WE talk about the problem & a possible solution if WE can manage to get OUR MINDS right. Dig in & see how WE mean.


When asked about Forbes’ claim that hip-hop is run by a white, blond, Australian rapper named Iggy Azalea, incumbent queen bee Nicki Minaj laughed hysterically. The financial magazine may be qualified to calculate the $250 million valuation of Nicki’s Myx Fusions Moscato wine coolers, Nicki reasoned, but only the hip-hop community can bequeath the throne to Iggy.
One week later, Iggy Azalea became the only artist since the 1964 Beatles to have her first two singles occupy the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and the fourth female emcee to hit No. 1 on the chart. Nicki has yet to claim the No. 1 spot.

However, the coronation of Iggy as one of the most successful rappers in history has occurred without much support from the imagined hip-hop community or from black people not invested in her brand. Funkmaster Flex has called her music “trash,” and Iggy’s hit singles have received little airplay on Top 40 “urban,” hip-hop radio stations. Reviews of her album The New Classic have been lukewarm at best. Even XXL, which made her the first female inductee of the magazine’s Freshman Class, admits that the music doesn’t live up to the hype.

If Iggy isn’t a great rapper, why is she so popular? Is it her whiteness? And is her reign part of a larger industry plot to whitewash black music with the likes of Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke?
Iggy’s meteoric rise is due, in part, to the music industry’s willingness to promote only a handful of super-sexy female artists. The twerk videos, cake Instagrams and a track literally named “P--$y” is a recipe for profit in a hypersexist marketplace. It has worked so well that men and women are buying tickets to Iggy concerts with the sole purpose of feeling her booty.
But Iggy is also an heiress to white supremacy, the mix of unearned racial privilege and racial fetish that has historically made black music without black people big business. Her aspiration to be like the Rolling Stones, not just tie the Beatles’ record, should give pause: Does Iggy really want to emulate white rockers that plundered the music and swagger of black musicians like Muddy Waters and Chuck Berry?

White people do seem a little too excited about discovering twerking and the Harlem Shake. But before we form a black-culture militia to defend hip-hop as the last bastion of race music, it might be worth remembering that anxiety over white appropriation of hip-hop has been around for more than three decades.

In 1981 Debbie Harry’s “Rapture” magically became the first “rap” song to hit No. 1 on Billboard and the first rap song that MTV chose to air. In 1983 the plotline of Charlie Ahern’s classic film Wild Style was driven by white downtown art collectors who threatened to destroy the uptown graffiti scene. White emcees—besides the Beastie Boys and 3rd Bass—were banished to the underground in the early 1990s when Vanilla Ice almost became the “Elvis of rap.”
Everything about Eminem’s success, Harry Allen wrote (pdf), could be attributed to the power of hip-hop fused with the power of white supremacy.

Most post-Eminem talk about the problem of whiteness has been coded in conspiracy theories involving the Illuminati or the gay mafia. Hip-hop’s reigning philosopher Lord Jamar is currently using the metaphor of white artists being guests in the house of hip-hop. If Miley Cyrus and Macklemore keep drinking out of the milk carton and leaving their dirty socks on the floor, black people reserve the right to kick them out. We will see if Lord Jamar has the power to evict Justin Bieber for the nigger jokes.

Veteran emcee Scarface is using a gentrification analogy to describe a conspiracy to make “Elvis the face of hip-hop” within 20 years. In the musical equivalent of an urban renewal scam, white executives have turned the rap hood into an intellectual ghetto filled with buffoonery, violence and drugs. Once hip-hop is near death, they will bring in white hipster rappers to “revitalize” and “save” the culture. Black rappers, Scarface tweeted, could become the hip-hop generation’s Chuck Berrys.

If there is a conspiracy to whitewash hip-hop, Scarface is right to point the finger at the executives that ultimately profit from Macklemore being marketed as hip-hop’s Great White Hope, or New Zealand artist Lorde being allowed to sing that hip-hop is a bunch of black people ranting about gold teeth, Maybachs and diamonds. It is time to start “CEO beef” with the music executives and “culture vultures” behind the scenes, according to the outspoken Dame Dash.

Viewed within this broader history of whiteness and hip-hop, it should be no surprise that Iggy Azalea is being viewed with some distrust. We will know in 20 years if Scarface and other defenders of hip-hop are correct about the whitening of hip-hop and whether Iggy is really a carpetbagger intent on exploiting the culture.

Until then, the safest bet is that Iggy is the lighter counterpart to Nicki Minaj, an artist with an uncanny gift to make infectious “hip-pop” anthems for the summer and to profit from the racism and sexism of the music industry. Like Nicki, she will be laughing all the way to the bank. Depending on your point of view, that makes Iggy either the essence of real hip-hop hustle or more proof that hip-hop as meaningful black music is almost dead.*


Travis L. Gosa, Ph.D., is assistant professor of Africana studies at Cornell University, where his research focuses on racial inequality and African-American youths. He has written for Ebony, the Chronicle of Higher Education, Fox News and a number of academic journals.

In case ya MISSED that HEAT:


The rapper Tech N9ne (aka Aaron Yates) is not only one of the most creative and talented artists in the music industry, he is also one of the most well-off financially.  Tech has a powerful and energetic style of music, presented in a series of albums going back for well over a decade. So, he’s been in the game as long as Jay-Z and any of your other favorite rappers, but he’s made his riches on his own terms, which is part of what makes him unique.
I heard about Tech’s music from Vigalantee (aka Roger Suggs), another popular artist out of the midwest.  According to Vigalantee, a lot of mainstream artists are actually afraid of performing with Tech due to the fear of being embarrassed by his lyrical skillset.  What really impressed me is that Tech has a very strong following and tours around the world, all because he was able to build a working business model for himself.  In that regard, he’s better off than nearly any other artist I can think of.

Tech shocked the world by popping up on the Hip Hop Cash Kings List from Forbes Magazine, which is typically reserved for artists who are getting major corporate backing.  Tech was actually ranked #18 on the list ($7.5 million), right ahead of the rapper 50 Cent ($7 million).   With each passing year, the 42-year old rapper is finding himself with a bigger bank account and he’s earning every penny.

 Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 12.34.05 AM

When he was asked about his position on the list, Tech actually gave the kind of advice that one would expect from an intelligent financial manager, not a corporate buffoon.  But then again, when you’re managing your own money, your own shows, and your own brand, you can’t afford the blissful ignorance that comes with being a corporate slave.  You actually have to think like a businessman, which is a whole different level of consciousness.  Tech said that he doesn’t announce his income to the world, because that usually brings unwanted trouble.
“I wanted to keep it a secret. When people feel like you won the lottery, they call you. Cancel your Facebook and everything,” Tech said to “When you make that much money, I guess they have to report it. Forbes wants to say, ‘Look what this guy did. $7.5 million this year,’ and I was like, ‘Don’t say that’.”

 Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

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Tech also expressed pride in the fact that he was able to consistently increase his income without the help of a record label and without major media outlets supporting him.  In fact, he doesn’t get played on the radio or television in hardly any capacity, since most media outlets have deals with record labels, which give them the incentive to only promote specific artists.
It’s clear that mainstream media doesn’t promote rappers with the most talent, since much of the hip-hop on the radio is starting to sound like a 24-hour robotic infomercial.  In fact, I agree with

Damon Dash, who claims that the culture has been kidnapped by corporate vultures seeking to turn the power of hip-hop into a force for destruction of young black men, keeping us filling prison cells and caskets, while white guys walk away with all the money.
“I’m proud of it. That was bigger than the year before,” Tech said about his big financial haul this year. “We’re steadily on the incline, and it’s a blessing to be able to do it independent. Our own money, without major radio or video – still on the Forbes list.”

Financial Juneteenth lessons from this story:

1) To succeed in the music industry, you should probably start by studying business.  A person who knows marketing, distribution and enterpreneurship can go a lot further than someone who just knows how to sing, dance or rap.  The person with no business skill often spends their time feeling like a hooker on the corner, waiting for someone to pick them up and give them an opportunity.  But the person who knows business can create opportunities out of thin air.  All you have to be able to do is identify a need and produce a product to fill that need.  The biggest money in entertainment is made on the back-end, not on the field or stage.  That’s also where you get all the power.  If you’re interested in taking a class on how to start your own business, you can do so by clicking here.

2) Tech’s best advice from this interview is to keep your income level to yourself.  His decision to remain private about his financial situation is in direct contrast to an industry where artists are accustomed to bragging about how much money they have.  Bragging about your income level is not only a sign of insecurity, it also brings serious problems to your table.  Human beings naturally sniff out those who have the most resources at their disposal.  So, by boasting about how much extra money you have, you’re effectively asking everyone you know to come borrow money from you every chance they get.  This will increase your financial pressure and also make you look that much sillier when you end up in bankruptcy court.**
You can hear Tech discuss his financial strategies at this link.
 So........I provided a lotta info here today but in Part II, WE will ANALYZE what was said here bcuz I don't want NOBODY saying that I'm just TALKING about the PROBLEM with NO SOLUTIONS forthcoming so STAY TUNED to that b2a station! As usual, it's WAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 * taken from

** taken from

                                                        - to be continued -

Friday, July 4, 2014

State of the BLACK PARENT

Hey to all of my b2a peepo! This is the BUSIEST TRAVEL day of the SUMMER so make sure that ya stay hydrated, light & most of ALL, COOL! This ain't gonna be a long 1 but my gal, Shaunes Richardson is having a BLAK PARENTS CONFERENCE on the 3rd week of July (the 19th) in NYC at Riverbank State Park in Harlem's West Side! It all takes place in Rehearsal Room A. This conference will cover all things that Blak Parents need to know so as to get OUR CHILDREN straight! If ya have any concerns, ya need to be there especially since it will be in a centralized area.
So as the lady says what needs to be said, no need for Me to have much to say & I will be there. case ya missed it, here's a lil more of what to expect;
Remove the barriers of the BLACK FAMILY. Is your family able to survive the economic storm? In today’s society, it is challenging for many parents to energize, promote, and enforce education with so many distractions and divisions. Organizing a STATE OF THE BLACK PARENT conference is of the utmost importance. As volunteer parents, our team hopes to unite BLACK PARENTS who share the same interest and concerns while respecting the fact that we each have different background & experiences. We want to learn, discuss issues, share thoughts, and inspire dreams that focus on the same concern…OUR FUTURE DREAMERS, LEADERS AND ACHIEVERS!!/2013/04/save-children-marvin-gaye.html. WE owe it to OUR CHILDREN to at least look at some different aspects of PARENTING? I think that WE do & if ya interested, please come over & HOLLA BLAK! WE gotcha & all the best! I'll be there with bells on! Peace!