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The Best of George Carlin: Exposing REAL SHIT!!!!

Won't have many things to say and ya gotta know...........this was that COMEDIAN!!!! IMHO, 1 of the BEST to EVER do it! To say anything else is not to give it ALL to him and in this clip, WE show his BEST MATERIAL! In times of STRIFE, WE gotta LEARN that WE still gotta LAFF!!!! As well, I go in REALLY HARDBODY in my EXPOSE of the ENTERTAINMENT BIZ in the pic of my book below! Get at Me for ya copy at my inbox on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Orrrrrr...........get at Me at the paypal email at To get the book directly, hit the link below the book. At b2a, til it's PEACE, it's WAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!


(how do WE KNOW if the WORLD is UPSIDE DOWN?)

Greetings to all of my peepo & welcome BLAK from a GREAT WEEKEND I had! There's not enuff minutes in a day to cover all but the WORLD is HOT right now with all of these international events that just have OUR heads spinning like ya wouldn't believe but if ya come here often, ya would have already known that WE don't BELIEVE SHIT! How are things by you? WE hope that all is well & that ya SUMMER is coming along swimmingly. But what about in other necks of the woods? Let's take a look & WE'LL start with Ground 0 for most of US in the u.sKKKa.

WE here at b2a say that the WORLD is a HOTSPOT bcuz pretty much wherever ya go today, there are lots of TROUBLES brewing! As stated in my last article,, there were police actions that resulted in 2 young BM dying that deserve that…



WE now say GOOD NIGHT to OUR dude, Eric Garner aka that dude that got CHOKED OUT by them PUNKS who jump up to get SHOT DOWN in staten island ny. Mannnnnnn, the BLOOD of many is at a BOILING POINT in these ny streets as once again, WE had to see 1 of US go out like a GOD! He leaves 6 behind & this goes out to all of y'all young BM out there.......these police ain't playing yo! Now commissioner BATON is saying that all of them PIGS gotta do retraining in of all places, los angeles where they deal with an embedded gang culture unlike anything out here in the northeast! This ain't nothing but a PAID VACATION for those cops to test their mettle out on the west coast & give tips on how to keep the niKKKa's & spiKKK's in check............a big WHATEVER YAWN & EAT a DICK to ALL COPS! I hope y'all all DIE!!/2011/12…

11 HOURS/Best Slow Jams Love Songs

Who would have EVER THUNK it? The Blak Smith is for all that SEXXXiness & all that! Yo BLAK PEEPO......the next time HE/SHE/THEY come over, just hit the link with NO WORRIES!!!!! 11 hours of.............well................YOU NAME it! I wanna see NEPHEWS & NIECES & not y'all BIRACIAL JOINTS! Leave that in the COOKIE JAR! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

Today, WE at b2a are gonna take the LAZY way out & make sure that ya stay with US for 11 hours! It could be, thru the nite, in the car, at the dinner table, on the bus, train or at ya significant others place. You could sleep with this on real low or writing ya next book or thinking of that next big idea! Pass this on to someone who has found new love, is in love or getting outta loving relationship. Whatever it is that ya do, please ENJOY this immensely & always, HOLLA BLAK!!!!!!!

PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS Part IV - Tech N9ne talks


To catch up to the whole series, go here




I like Tech N9ne & most do as he is personable but before WE get into that, the BREAKING NEWS is that another malaysian airplane was downed somewhere in the ukraine. I BELIEVE that this happened today to MASK THIS: ready to see shit get really CRAZY as the distraKKKtion level will be high! Also, there are rumblings that the economy will soon lapse. Do y'all remember that the 1st plane was NEVER found? Who's talking about the resurgence of the redeployment of u.s soldiers in iraq? NOT allow yaself to get distraKKKted thru …

PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS - Part III - Ain't No New Thing

Hello & welcome BLAK to another episode of b2a aka black2afrika on ya internet browsing dial. WE'VE been here doing the SAVE HIP HOP THANG for a minute & so to all of ya who say "give her up" I say a big "HELL to the NAH" bcuz it would be like giving up on a FAMILY MEMBER in TROUBLE! My generation created HER & now that she's almost 41 years of age, WE gotta protect & LUV her til it hurts! Another thing I'd like to say is that though WE FOCUS on HIP HOP, as the poem by GSH says, this AIN'T NO NEW THING & as it's not even 5 minutes long, give it a listen to get the full context of what WE mean. From there, WE GO where WE gotta. After ya listen, let's talk about some SOLUTIONS to the many PROBLEMS facing the most important cultural/musical/ourstorical MOVEMENT in the last 40 years. I call her HIP HOP! 

So as Gil said, in ameriKKKa it's the same old SHIT! But then WE look aside & see that WE got a dude named Tech N9…


Hey & welcome BLAK to Part II & ANALYSIS of the PROBLEM of them DEVILS trying to take OUR way of ENTERTAINING Y'ALL! It's really ON & POPPING when they get an aussie to come here & do that bcuz on a world stage, the ONLY LEGITIMATE PLACE that MOST BELIEVE HIP HOP comes from is the u snaKKKes of ameriKKKa! This is why that iggy BIATCH scares Me bcuz in earnest, it really started in the early 90's with the emergence of certain mulatto's I've already mentioned before. As I real eyes that some reading this may be new, some names are Derrick Jeter, Maria Carey, David Justice & Jason Kidd. Note that I NEVA said that these peeepo aren't TALENTED or don't deserve the accolades. There was a time when SUPER MODELS whose ancestry couldn't be traced would be described as EXOTIC! As a whole, what that devil is really trying to do is what's gonna happen to him & that's WRITING HIMSELF outta the NARRATIVE of HIS-STORY! Let's see ho…


(from this pic, Iggy is a MONARCH BUTTERFLY MK-ULTRA viKKKtim....check that out!)

Hip Hop is now over 40 years old so don't go expecting peepo who are under 30 to be it's saving grace. Nah, it's up to US in OUR teen's & early 20's to get that SHIT right & finally! If ya look above, ya see ya FAVORITE FUNNY SOUNDING chiKKK from Australia (of all places) has came up with more to go! Today, WE talk about the problem & a possible solution if WE can manage to get OUR MINDS right. Dig in & see how WE mean.

the PROBLEM! When asked about Forbes’ claim that hip-hop is run by a white, blond, Australian rapper named Iggy Azalea, incumbent queen bee Nicki Minaj laughed hysterically. The financial magazine may be qualified to calculate the $250 million valuation of Nicki’s Myx Fusions Moscato wine coolers, Nicki reasoned, but only the hip-hop community can bequeath the throne to Iggy. One week later, Iggy Azalea became the only artist since the 1964 Beatle…

Madd Mary - "Eff Iggy" (Iggy Azalea Diss) Prod. by OJ The Producer

Hey.......I need not say NOTHING!

State of the BLACK PARENT

FAMILY = GOD! Hey to all of my b2a peepo! This is the BUSIEST TRAVEL day of the SUMMER so make sure that ya stay hydrated, light & most of ALL, COOL! This ain't gonna be a long 1 but my gal, Shaunes Richardson is having a BLAK PARENTS CONFERENCE on the 3rd week of July (the 19th) in NYC at Riverbank State Park in Harlem's West Side! It all takes place in Rehearsal Room A. This conference will cover all things that Blak Parents need to know so as to get OUR CHILDREN straight! If ya have any concerns, ya need to be there especially since it will be in a centralized area. So as the lady says what needs to be said, no need for Me to have much to say & I will be there. case ya missed it, here's a lil more of what to expect;
MISSION: Remove the barriers of the BLACK FAMILY. Is your family able to survive the economic storm? In today’s society, it is challenging for …