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  (movie trailer on his LIFE)
The name & the claim to FAME is there on the pic & so no need to state who he is! Sir Amilcar Cabral was a WAR STRATEGIST born in Guinea Bisseau of Cape Verdean parentage. This Afrikan was born for the J.O.B of REVOLUTION as he started off many a student MOVEMENT while still a young dude all the while attending school in lisbon portugal. Like another unsung GREAT in Kwame Nkrumah, he returned to Afrika to lead movements there finding plenty of succes in those then portugese colonies.
Of course these movements proved successful & this is why this name is not mentioned unless 1 is very studied. Amilcar Cabral is like the Boukman of Afrika as too often, I hear the names of Dessalines & Louverture but not Boukman.........what a SHAME! But getting back to Afrika, what Nkrumah failed to do by waging the ENEMY with politriKKKs, Cabral did by waging WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!
In keeping with the series, I the Blak Smith strongly urges Y'ALL out there to use these articles to spur ya to find more. I searched the web for docs on the Man & couldn't find any but that's how they do OUR BEST & why it is I do what I do! No need to worry though as the devil is running scurred  with tail between his legs. Man I can smell that that ya swear ain't coming! WE gonna finish this series with a BW who was the BRAVEST ever. WE'LL see ya soon when WE get BLAK to US at b2a aka HOLLA BLAK! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

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(Queen Nanny the MAROON from about 1685-1785
Check out the STRENGTH of an AFRIKAN WOMAN in the above video which isn't even 10 minutes long! Queen Nanny belongs alongside the names of Yaa Assentawa & Queen Nzinga yo! Said to be from the then named gold coast aka Ghana.........................Nanny descended from REAL ROYALTY & came over here with servants but would not let her peepo be ENSLAVED by them brit niKKKa's! She did this all in a lil island named Jamaika & WE thank the CREATOR & ANCESTORS for that as WE continue bringing Y'ALL the forays of those FREEDOM FIGHTERS who are not so popular. Get OURSTORY & do further research to know that WE are a very PEEPO! HOLLA BLAK to WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

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To OUR MASTER TEACHER, the late & GREAT Dr. Ivan Van Sertima

Once again, WE are BLAK inside of BLAK's OURSTORY MONTH & so far it's been a good 1! So far, in Part I, WE went in on Paul Robeson (, in Part II, WE covered Callie House (, in Part III it was Carlos Cooks & last but not least, WE looked into the LIFE of Fannie Lou Hamer in Before WE get into OUR next GIANT aka Dr VS, catch up like squished tomatoes & vinegar!

What can WE say about this most EGNIMATIC MAN who was a MASTER TEACHER? Unfortunately, many of OUR GIANTS who were born in the Caribbean don't get the proper credit in the u.s like Dr John Henrik Clarke & a host of others who are known as the GODS that they are! With this series, WE aim to change all of that & instead of getting into who the GREAT DOCTOR was, what I will tell ya is that he was born in Guyana on January 26th 1935 & passed while I was living in Ghana on May 25th, tribute to him, posted this short video of him & though very short, it taught Me so much. In it, the Doc says that before 55,000 years ago, EVERYONE on planet EARTH looked just like YOU! WHAT the HELL happened between THEN & NOW? Why not check & see for self?;

To get a comprehensive listing of the many BIBLES that the good Doctor wrote, why not check 'em all out at When ya click that link, the list pops up but if interested, hit ya BLAK BOOKSTORES & show ya LOVE & SUPPORT! The above pictured book is perhaps his Magnus Opus but all of the others are as worthy as well. You have now been INFORMED so go forth & multiply! As usual, it's WAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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THE PEACE & LOVE BOOK TOUR featuring Blak Smith and myself is 8 days away.  Thank you in advance for the acknowledgement, support, and energy towards this historic event.

Don't know what YOU know but.................WE about to make OUR STORY! Who's WE ya may ask? Well..............the Blak Smith & Author C Grooms is about to showcase OUR BOOKS & explain what they mean to YOU, the PEEPO! Yea that's right, WE gonna be UPTOWN near the BOOGIE DOWN & just a stone's throw away from the place WE affectionately call BK getting it in on how WE do it! Come out & join US if ya in the NYC area & meet US as WE wanna bring Y'ALL the latest info on what it means to be BLAK in 2015! With all of the snow & cold weather lately, WE wanna meet Y'ALL while WARMING US up with great info, books & a lil Q & A. Again, this all goes down on Saturday, Feb 21st in the village of Harlem NYC from 2-6pm & admission is FREE! Show ya LOVE & SUPPORT & buy a book or 2! I won't be having any paper books but e-books on the instant download tip will be available &......................SPECIALS will be offered so don't miss it yo! For more info, get at Me on my FB page (INBOX ONLY) as the Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) & hopefully, I'll see ya all there! It's gonna be a show 'nuff SMOKER! 1 mo' thang though..........don't be bringing no beckies or taylors yo!!!!!!!!!!! WE LIVE & in COLOR! Peace!

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(Mama Fannie Lou Hamer)

As a Blak Person, ain't ya SICK & TIRED of being SICK & TIRED? As Y'ALL are the only peepo that I'm really trying talk to, I'm thinking that if ya answer is NO well then ya must be....................fuKKKing Kkkrazy & delusional! Look at that face above & tell Me that ain't yo Mama from BLAK in the days! That pic above my PEEPO is OUR ANCESTOR Fannie Lou Hamer who fought VALIANTLY for US & today, I'm gonna keep this 1 brief! Like Booker T Washington, though Mrs Hamer was a devout Christian, they get RAspect bcuz I BELIEVE that in their heart & minds that what they did while ALIVE was 1st & foremost for US with the best of INTENTIONS! With that, let's get into OUR REVERED yet mostly unknown ANSISTA, Mrs Fannie Lou Hamer by watching this half hour documentary at

Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

Enjoy & don't forget to DONATE to the cause by getting at US at, on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) or by purchasing OUR books directly here at

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The War In Consciousness

Ayo......real quick, this is the Blak Smith & as far as I'm concerned, this missive speaks VOLUMES as to what I expect to happen in the near future aka NOW! All ducks have been lined up inna row & look for the Kkkabal to see their days of JUST-ICE come to FRUITION! For now though, let Carlos tell it!

“Watch the Earth Changes as they are a direct reflection of what is happening in the deeper consciousness. As the storms become more and more powerful, know that things are definitely changing. Nature too is healing.” – C Tavares

WarOnConsciousness A multi-dimensional war is taking place right now and has been for centuries, between other beings, for the continued enslavement and entrapment of the human bodies on this planet (along with the entrapment of our very souls and parts of our spirit bodies), and on the other side highly advanced beings who are wanting us to further evolve and develop freely.
Multi-faceted reasons of the “wardens” or enslavers ranging from the harvesting of the humans in the material world (DNA and flesh), to harvesting of our life-force and the consciousness and experiences that we have been creating, even the addiction of power, knowing that they have had control over other Divine Gods/Us, the Forgotten Gods.

Pyramids within Pyramids

If GOD’s (Source) only mandate to the Gods was to make known the unknown, ie to expand the overall consciousness of the GOD mind, to be explorers and adventurers in the Void; then these entities that are manipulating and suppressing us are in a way limiting, and slowing the expansion process and natural flow of consciousness, by their manipulation and entrapment over us.
This entire process is generally totally hidden from our perception by design. What bits we are able to perceive are few and very subtle. We can say that they have done a really good job of creating this entire entrapment.
This mutli-layer war in and on consciousness is structured in such a way, almost beyond belief as to affect our material/flesh body and some of our lower spiritual levels.
As long as you are not a threat to them, are one of the good sheeple, totally oblivious to what is really going on, they leave you alone. Leave you alone in all your pointless distractions, work and play, while they get their way with you, subtly steering and managing this world to what they want, while feeding-off of our energies and consciousness. The average dumb citizen oblivious in their misery or happiness, whichever keeps you occupied.
Their greatest threat is our overall awakening and discovering that all the power is within us, thereby making them obsolete, as we create anything of our desire, starting with our freedom and sovereignty. They have been doing everything in their power to prevent this. This is done mainly by keeping us occupied and under stress. This is the main theme in everything we see currently in this world.
Controlling you through the financial system, always needing to work more and more for less and less real assets. Or brain-washing you to buy endless “new-models” of crap and countless gadgets, that in end do not make your life better or happier, totally pointless. At the same time suppressing the real technologies that could improve life for all, like free energy. Keeping the population under stress through endless wars and rumors of wars. Keeping you entertained with the most ridiculous programs mainly through TV and the movies, which continue to get more and more vulgar and extreme. More and more focus on violence and sex. Always keeping you in the lower seals of your spiritual body.

The New-Age Attack

Even creating the entire “New-age” movement after the Roswell crash and other sightings as a form of damage control, because they knew deep inside the humans there was a desire to expand, that this expansion was inevitable, so they at least tried to steer it and slow it down.
Yes this is a definite attack, as people lose faith in the old false religions, the new-age becomes the new game. Twisting the truth, creating confusion, steering people in the wrong direction and always giving power away to something else, other than your own personal divinity.
Programming us through religion to turn the other cheek when someone is doing you wrong. In the new-age movement you have to project “love and gratitude” at everything. We are supposed to accept all the bad things that are happening to us as a lesson from the “Universe”. What a lot of bullshit.  Since when are we not allowed to defend ourselves? A brain-washing that says we have to allow, allow, allow……………….No!  No we don’t. The most powerful word we have is “NO”. No, I will not accept this crap. No, I will not agree.
No, that will no longer pass here. What happened to what I want, to what we want as a collective? Instead of reality happening to us, we now choose what we want. Instead of the chaos taking control, now we take control of this ship.

Ask yourself who wrote this crap, who twisted the teachings of the all masters, who benefits the most? They want their way with you and you have to allow it and at the same time further empower them with your love and gratitude bullshit. Fuck that.

We are talking of very complex hierarchical structures that do not end with the ruling elite families but structures that go “off-world” and then even inter-dimensional and into other realms we have yet to comprehend.
It is becoming more and more clear that as long you are helping with their plan (knowingly or NOT), they will assist you, openly or covertly (I am also meaning dimensionally according to many perspectives). If you are doing something in life that does not impact “the Plan”, they will probably just tolerate and ignore you. Once you have crossed the line though and are wanting to do something for the good of all, or are actively seeking and promoting the deeper truths, the information that can really blow open the entire system, then somehow you often run into difficulties, multi-level resistance to what you are doing, many times an invisible subtle resistance. There seems to be a “no ease of energy flow”. You would expect energy to simply flow with ease and abundance when fulfilling your mission to make known the unknown and expand consciousness.
Logically thinking you would expect the more that you awaken spiritually, that the closer to SOURCE you would get, that the easier things would become, that the joy would flow more and more.
So why are we not seeing this? Because it is all an artificial system. A system that’s very design is to keep us trapped running faster and faster within our own “hamster wheels”.
The most convincing and effective agent is the one that does not know he is an agent himself.
A very clever and sinister control system where most of the “Sub-controllers”, do not even know what they are doing, and are weak minded, brainwashed zombies. A system where even your own thoughts can be tampered with. Ideas can be placed within your mind, that you may think are your own original ideas, that in the end once implemented, only benefit the system and the Plan. A system where even your very own emotions can be frequency over-layered with false feelings and moods to further suppress your work.
The more powerful people who have tried to warn and free us are often simply assassinated, like Kennedy. Did you know the whole “Conspiracy Theory” concept as we know it today was started after that assassination, by the guilty agencies. Basically to discredit and confuse the whole issue, so that we would not get to the truth. And since then it has just gotten worse, where anyone that has a different view than the Main Officially Sanctioned View is immediately viewed as a conspiracy nutter, now policed by his very own fellow brain-washed citizens.

Taking This “Off-World”

In the greater scheme of things there must be other off-world beings, wise, powerful and healed races who see all this play out. Who can see that we are on a fast track to extinction, on a path to nowhere, on a path to a collapse in consciousness and a complete dead-end. A dead-end not of our choosing, but of our misdirection due to manipulation of powerful external negative forces, who have somehow lost their way and have now become a super-predator to humanity.
We have asked for help and help is at play, but we too must be part of this change by our creations, actions and thoughts. In the end no advanced race would want the curse to forever baby-sit us. We have also to become our own saviors.
I believe that we are starting to see the fireworks as these tyrants and predators are cleared-out and warred upon, from the higher dimensions, all the way down to our frequency reality.
The powerful Archonic forces have now met their match.
The objective is to become a totally free, sovereign, healed and wise civilization never again losing its connection to Source, with the respect and understanding of all life.
We can already see clear evidence of the “off-world” assistance with the new “phenomena” of the Green Fireballs, seen more and more around the world, as they help clear the skies of pollution. If they were going to let us self-destruct they would not be doing this.
Watch the Earth Changes as they are a direct reflection of what is happening in the deeper consciousness. As the storms become more and more powerful, know that things are definitely changing. Nature too is healing. And what we see in the earth changes is a “bleed-through” from other frequencies and dimensions.
Play your part, even if only through thought. After all everything is based in consciousness, everything. Your thoughts matter and affect the whole. Plant your seeds and create your reality. Focus on the outcome only.
To a New Reality.*

* taken from -consciousness/.

I am a student of the Great Work (RSE). A Nature Conservationist and Wildlife Manager by profession. Abductee and Ufologist with an a passion for all things paranormal and the Occult, my entire life. A diver, martial artist and author. I am a seeker of truth and the experiences. Only through experiences do you get personal truth and deep understanding.........written by Carlos Tavares 

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this is Carlos Cooks aka the IDEOLOGICAL SON of BABA MARCUS GARVEY

Here WE are again BLAK at b2a & here's hoping that all is well wherever ya are! WE up in here & while the ECONOMY CRASHES in FRONT ya FACE & all these FALSE FLAGS occur, WE gonna be right here INFORMING US on what the REAL is as WE go along! Ya see, the reason why those ALIENS ain't take the elite out yet is bcuz they believe that those here on the earth should do right based on something called FREE WILL! While all this BS occurs, hope ya getting yaself ready for that grand SPIRITUAL ASCENSION! Most of those featured in this series will be HISTORICAL FIGURES who have passed on & who were ahead of their time. With that said, let's get into that dude, Carlos Cooks.

Mr Cooks was born in of all places, the Dominican Republic & this is possibly WHY he doesn't get his PROPS! Over the years, I've met too many peepo from that place who are too CONFUSED & it pains Me more when THEY are pitch BLACK! I won't even mention names but look at the pic below to see 1 who currently looks like the MOST FOOLISH EVER!


But getting BLAK to Mr Cooks...........he was the engine who moved to Harlem & after Marcus the GREAT was deported, was the bridge between Garvey & Malcolm X who he advised. Though too many born as LATINO's don't know who they are, Mr Cooks was adamant about being Afrikan! He was loyal to the peepo & advocated SELF DEFENSE to Robert Williams of Negroes with Guns who then went on to influence the Black Panthers! Before I go though, this BROTHA also was way ahead on the BEAUTY of OUR WOMEN ala "It was Carlos Cooks who first initiated the concept of natural hair as an issue of racial pride through his ANPM's MISS NATURAL STANDARD OF BEAUTY CONTEST. But just about everyone who comes in contact with AJASS knows this because our programs are based on truth and, so, we always let everyone know just where we're coming from. (Don't bother to ask the folks running the "Miss America Beauty Contest.)"*

To read more on this ENIGMATIC MAN, go here at

So...........Mr Carlos Cooks again was a GREAT MAN! WE all need to know his name & get it right as he served US as the BRIDGE between perhaps 2 of the GREATEST BM in ameriKKKa! Get into his life & know who this GIANT was! This has been the Blak Smith & til it's PEACE it's HOLLA BLAK TIME & WAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, February 6, 2015


Legend Album for ya listening pleasure at
This is personal & my wish today is to tell OUR BABA who is now with the ANCESTORS that I wish him the BEST on his SOLAR RETURN aka his BORN DAY! Enjoy & 1 LUV JAH RAS TAFARI! Smoke 1 SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN & SECKLED!!

Thursday, February 5, 2015


But if we’ve learned only one thing from the Obama Era, it should be how to discern sentiment from concreteness, emotion from passion, and symbolism from substance.........Yvette Carnell of Your Black World.

                              Callie House a BLAK OURSTORY SHERO

Welcome BLAK to another edition of BOM here at ya fave BLAK site, b2a. WE gonna celebrate this here OUR WAY & before WE do, unfortunately, WE gotta speak on the fact that Bobbi Kristina, child of Bobby & Whitney is still laying inna coma after almost drowning. As she hasn't died, info is skethchy but check this out after her Mom died almost 3 years ago at As well, 1 of ya faves as in a dude named suge knight is now sitting in jail for killing a dude & critically injuring his PAL even though he says that he didn't intend to do it though he was FLEEING & BACKED UP TWICE on 'em! I absolutely LOVE & SUPPORT MARSHAWN LYNCH & WE know he knows just bcuz of his last name; Let's get into Callie House now....................

Nothing in Callie Houses life was NORMAL & even this pic indicates exactly that! (1st photobomb ever?) Perhaps the guy behind her was joking but this wasa really SIRIUS SISTA! This SISTA was the very 1st ex-slave in recorded HERstory to start the movement to get other ex-slaves to be COMPENSATED (REPARATIONS) during the reconstruction period when speaking out against anything white supremacist was still very DANGEROUS! In fact, in the year 1898, Ms House was elected assistant secretary of the National Ex-Slave Mutual Relief, Bounty & Pension Association of the United States of America (MRB&PA).*

Ya see, to make ends meet, Ms House did laundry for those Kkkind white folk who cared about US so much that they just had to GIVE US work! Soon after OUR SISTA became asst. sec, she had over 300,000 members sign up for the above mentioned movement all the while competing with more famous luminaries as in w.e DUBIOUS & hooKKKer t washington. Could ya imagine being a BW in that type of racial climate yo?

The Pensions Bureau of the federal government reported that the pension movement "is setting the Negroes wild...and making anarchists of them," and that were it to continue, the government "will have some very serious questions to settle in connection with the control of the race."**

There was so much more to Ms House who did all of these things & more but the purpose of this series is not to give Y'ALL an autobio but to whet the appetite so that from this point, you can do ya own independent RESEARCH. I keep telling y'all that 2015 is OUR YEAR & if ya still just working a job & doing nothing toward the UPLIFTMENT of US, then ya doing NOTHING! In comparison to yesteryear, WE AIN'T going thru NOTHING & so what's yo excuse? To SACRIFICE as she & Paul Robeson did is a small price to pay for the PEEPO but so few are CALLED! To know more of the legacy of OUR dearly departed SISTA, go here to see what it is & SUPPORT;

Til WE are LIBERATED, WE at b2a will continue to bang the DRUMS of LIBERATION & telling the REAL to those who have EYES that SEE & EARS that HEAR! Please help US in these endeavors, SUPPORT US & raise the YOUNG 1's CORRECTLY while teaching the harsh & brutal TRUTH! This has been another missive from the pages of ya favorite BLAK site, b2a & from that HOLLA BLAK Dude. I LOVE BLAK PEEPO & so........................... Til then it's WAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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For those of ya wondering, the ECONOMY will FALL when it does so no mo' dates or PREDICTIONS but it's all happening as WE speak!

That above is a pic of a WINNER! Unfortunately, Mr Paul Robeson doesn't get enough credit for a lot of the things he did & if I can help it, WE at b2a are gonna put an end to that! This GIANT of a MAN was born in Princeton NJ in 1898 & passed away SAD & DEJECTED but never DEFEATED in Philly in 1976. I covered him in my book, I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me ( but covering this GIANT on 2 pages of a book doesn't even begin to scratch the surface.The purpose of naming this article what I did was to let y'all know that too many who were too GOOD  to US died & not enough of US know what they did & why they did it! Please allow Me to cover just some of what Mr Robeson did for his peepo.

* was a standout collegiate football player at Rutgers University

* entered Columbia University after leaving NYU bcuz he wasn't COMFORTABLE there.

* was a Broadway & movie Actor, singer & orator. Soon after marrying his wife, Eslanda Goode, went into the theater & if ya like older music, check out his version of

* played pro football for the Akron Pro's & the Milwaukee Badgers while still attending COLLEGE! 

I aint perfekt but take it from ME#

* worked as an Attorney but soon became wary of all of the RACISM! Became a fixture at the Schomburg in Harlem NY during the Renaissance Period.

* Paul Robeson Jr was born November 1927 while Senior was touring Europe.

* enrolls back in college to learn many languages & to find his heritage. Soon after, goes to Russia & sympathizes with them & their Communistic views. Paul declares himself a Communist & is recognized as the pre-eminent Afrikan American Actor bar none.

* became an Activist using the platform afforded to him by FAME! Speaks out on behalf of those losing in War due to imperialist governments.

* Announced that he would no longer appear in movies/plays that put the race in a negative light. The FBI labels 1 of his movies (Native Land) as communist PROPAGANDA. Now remember, these were the days of Mcarthyism.

* toured America in his play Othello & tried to get the colonial powers to stop exploiting Afrika to no avail.

This is the Blak Smith again & what I most know Mr Robeson for was that he was the 1st that I know of who said that in order for JUSTICE to take place, that they must be TRIED on WAR CRIMES in a WORLD COURT based on violating HUMAN RIGHTS! That link is TESTIMONY & is GANGSTER! For that, this Man became DANGEROUS & this is posited as the main reason why Malcolm X was killed a few years later! Did y'all know that a senate committee had Jackie Robinson TESTIFY AGAINST Robeson for his views? Robinson regretted it for the rest of his LIFE & basically died of a BROKEN HEART after all he went thru & before ya start judging, remember that this was all in the 1940-50's. February 2015, the Blak Smith is gonna bring out some of OUR more UNHERALDED HERU's so that WE can KNOW that there is so much to US! Do ya DUE DILIGENCE & like WE always say here it's WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR & HOLLA BLAK!