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Image of the most lucid and brilliant leaders in Africa, Comrade Amílcar Cabral, who instilled in us tremendous confidence in the future and the success of his struggle for liberation.”— Fidel Castro, 1966 Tricontinental Conference in Havana, Cuba (movie trailer on his LIFE) The name & the claim to FAME is there on the pic & so no need to state who he is! Sir Amilcar Cabral was a WAR STRATEGIST born in Guinea Bisseau of Cape Verdean parentage. This Afrikan was born for the J.O.B of REVOLUTION as he started off many a student MOVEMENT while still a young dude all the while attending school in lisbon portugal. Like another unsung GREAT in Kwame Nkrumah, he returned to Afrika to lead movements there finding plenty of succes in those then portugese colonies. Of course these movements proved successful & this is why this name is not mentioned unless 1 is very studied. Amilcar Cabral is like the Boukman of Afrika as too often, I hear …


(Queen Nanny the MAROON from about 1685-1785 Check out the STRENGTH of an AFRIKAN WOMAN in the above video which isn't even 10 minutes long! Queen Nanny belongs alongside the names of Yaa Assentawa & Queen Nzinga yo! Said to be from the then named gold coast aka Ghana.........................Nanny descended from REAL ROYALTY & came over here with servants but would not let her peepo be ENSLAVED by them brit niKKKa's! She did this all in a lil island named Jamaika & WE thank the CREATOR & ANCESTORS for that as WE continue bringing Y'ALL the forays of those FREEDOM FIGHTERS who are not so popular. Get OURSTORY & do further research to know that WE are a very PEEPO! HOLLA BLAK to WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!



To OUR MASTER TEACHER, the late & GREAT Dr. Ivan Van Sertima

Once again, WE are BLAK inside of BLAK's OURSTORY MONTH & so far it's been a good 1! So far, in Part I, WE went in on Paul Robeson (, in Part II, WE covered Callie House (, in Part III it was Carlos Cooks & last but not least, WE looked into the LIFE of Fannie Lou Hamer in Before WE get into OUR next GIANT aka Dr VS, catch up like squished tomatoes & vinegar!

What can WE say about this most EGNIMATIC MAN who was a MASTER TEACHER? Unfortunately, many of OUR GIANTS who were born in the Caribbean don't get the proper credit in the u.s like Dr John Henrik Clarke & a host of others who are known as the G…


Don't know what YOU know but.................WE about to make OUR STORY! Who's WE ya may ask? Well..............the Blak Smith & Author C Grooms is about to showcase OUR BOOKS & explain what they mean to YOU, the PEEPO! Yea that's right, WE gonna be UPTOWN near the BOOGIE DOWN & just a stone's throw away from the place WE affectionately call BK getting it in on how WE do it! Come out & join US if ya in the NYC area & meet US as WE wanna bring Y'ALL the latest info on what it means to be BLAK in 2015! With all of the snow & cold weather lately, WE wanna meet Y'ALL while WARMING US up with great info, books & a lil Q & A. Again, this all goes down on Saturday, Feb 21st in the village of Harlem NYC from 2-6pm & admission is FREE! Show ya LOVE & SUPPORT & buy a book or 2! I won't be having any paper books but e-books on the instant download tip will be available &......................SPECIALS will be offered so …


(Mama Fannie Lou Hamer)
As a Blak Person, ain't ya SICK & TIRED of being SICK & TIRED? As Y'ALL are the only peepo that I'm really trying talk to, I'm thinking that if ya answer is NO well then ya must be....................fuKKKing Kkkrazy & delusional! Look at that face above & tell Me that ain't yo Mama from BLAK in the days! That pic above my PEEPO is OUR ANCESTOR Fannie Lou Hamer who fought VALIANTLY for US & today, I'm gonna keep this 1 brief! Like Booker T Washington, though Mrs Hamer was a devout Christian, they get RAspect bcuz I BELIEVE that in their heart & minds that what they did while ALIVE was 1st & foremost for US with the best of INTENTIONS! With that, let's get into OUR REVERED yet mostly unknown ANSISTA, Mrs Fannie Lou Hamer by watching this half hour documentary at

Enjoy & don't forget to DONATE to the cause by ge…

The War In Consciousness

Ayo......real quick, this is the Blak Smith & as far as I'm concerned, this missive speaks VOLUMES as to what I expect to happen in the near future aka NOW! All ducks have been lined up inna row & look for the Kkkabal to see their days of JUST-ICE come to FRUITION! For now though, let Carlos tell it! “Watch the Earth Changes as they are a direct reflection of what is happening in the deeper consciousness. As the storms become more and more powerful, know that things are definitely changing. Nature too is healing.” – C Tavares
A multi-dimensional war is taking place right now and has been for centuries, between other beings, for the continued enslavement and entrapment of the human bodies on this planet (along with the entrapment of our very souls and parts of our spirit bodies), and on the other side highly advanced beings who are wanting us to further evolve and develop freely. Multi-faceted reasons of the “wardens” or enslavers ranging from the harvesting of the humans…


this is Carlos Cooks aka the IDEOLOGICAL SON of BABA MARCUS GARVEY

Here WE are again BLAK at b2a & here's hoping that all is well wherever ya are! WE up in here & while the ECONOMY CRASHES in FRONT ya FACE & all these FALSE FLAGS occur, WE gonna be right here INFORMING US on what the REAL is as WE go along! Ya see, the reason why those ALIENS ain't take the elite out yet is bcuz they believe that those here on the earth should do right based on something called FREE WILL! While all this BS occurs, hope ya getting yaself ready for that grand SPIRITUAL ASCENSION! Most of those featured in this series will be HISTORICAL FIGURES who have passed on & who were ahead of their time. With that said, let's get into that dude, Carlos Cooks.

Mr Cooks was born in of all places, the Dominican Republic & this is possibly WHY he doesn't get his PROPS! Over the years, I've met too many peepo from that place who are too CONFUSED & it pains Me more when THEY


Legend Album for ya listening pleasure at This is personal & my wish today is to tell OUR BABA who is now with the ANCESTORS that I wish him the BEST on his SOLAR RETURN aka his BORN DAY! Enjoy & 1 LUV JAH RAS TAFARI! Smoke 1 SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN & SECKLED!!


But if we’ve learned only one thing from the Obama Era, it should be how to discern sentiment from concreteness, emotion from passion, and symbolism from substance.........Yvette Carnell of Your Black World.

                              Callie House a BLAK OURSTORY SHERO

Welcome BLAK to another edition of BOM here at ya fave BLAK site, b2a. WE gonna celebrate this here OUR WAY & before WE do, unfortunately, WE gotta speak on the fact that Bobbi Kristina, child of Bobby & Whitney is still laying inna coma after almost drowning. As she hasn't died, info is skethchy but check this out after her Mom died almost 3 years ago at As well, 1 of ya faves as in a dude named suge knight is now sitting in jail for killing a dude & critically injuring his PAL even though he says that he didn't intend to do it though he was FLEEING & BACKED UP TW…


For those of ya wondering, the ECONOMY will FALL when it does so no mo' dates or PREDICTIONS but it's all happening as WE speak!

That above is a pic of a WINNER! Unfortunately, Mr Paul Robeson doesn't get enough credit for a lot of the things he did & if I can help it, WE at b2a are gonna put an end to that! This GIANT of a MAN was born in Princeton NJ in 1898 & passed away SAD & DEJECTED but never DEFEATED in Philly in 1976. I covered him in my book, I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me ( covering this GIANT on 2 pages of a book doesn't even begin to scratch the surface.The purpose of naming this article what I did was to let y'all know that too many who were too GOOD  to US died & not enough of US know what they did & why they did it! Please allow Me to cover just some of what Mr Robeson did for his peepo.

* was a standout collegiate…