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The Walls Of Jericho are FALLING!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey b2a! Do Y'ALL know how happy I am to report to Y'ALL how THEY WALLS are FALLIN the fuKKK down? Ya see, I do use the bible as reference but bein that most of US don't know that the 1st bible was written in Aramaic, a language that still exists today in Ethiopia, ya don't know NOTHIN! I don't concern myself about what's in it but what THEY want US to know in order to MAN I pulate US. In order to do this, 1 has to have OUR STORY on who & what made it. Yea.....all that sounds good but today WE ain't here for that. Today, WE gonna talk about how europe & the european is fallin apart at the seams on a 1 way road to nowhere. It would behoove ya to get outta THEY WAY as he steamrollin hisself into oblivion like a bat outta hell. I say Blak Peepo, GTFO his way. Today, the links that I provide will be short for all of Y'ALL short attention span MOTHERFAxxxERS! Let's see what WE got on deck here.........


Les Nubians La Guerre

This song izza WAR SONG & when ya play it, play it LOUD!!!! 205 days left!!!


Hey b2a! First off, much LUV & PROPS to those who showed up to the Auburn Research Library on this past Saturday. The Blak Smith is BLAK & though I wanted to post a video/movie or just be plain old lazy, I just couldn't do that today. It's been a while since I graced Y'ALL with an article & so.........I just had to write to get some things off of my chest. With 206 days left, WE ain't got much time & a lot of you readin this as WE speak ain't gonna be ready for what's to come. I hope that Y'ALL can go from NIGGERS to MAN to GODS but ain't much time left. As I've attained near GOD status, I find myself teachin less & less & just lettin people know that if ya don't RESEARCH like me as I have ReTHUNK what WORK is, I spend MOST of my TIME lookin up OUR LEGACY & simply TELL about what I find. What the fuKKK you talkin about?

As said in my last article, the Blak Smith is Official, the solution is that there is NO SOLUTION…

The Blak Smith is OFFICIAL!!

^^^^^^^^^^^(use for pest infestation)

By now ya MUST know that I'm about to BLOW UP! It's in my DNA & written in the COSMOS as I consult my GURU's who know who THEY are as THEY let me know that the UNIVERSAL MAMI luvs me & what I'm doin. Big shout out to Super Nat Turner on that level but ain't NOTHIN stoppin US as WE are predestined to INHERIT this here EARTH (GAIA) & I wanna see ONLY the REALEST there at the COSMIC PARTY. Oh SHIT, pardon my manners but I didn't greet y'all so WTF is up fo real tho? WE in the atl, where the weather & the peepo are warm & the BW are so BEAUTIFUL! So.........what Y'ALL thinkin?

Yea....this 1 today is about ME! Can I ask permission of my elders to feel on MYSELF today? Shit, I'm about to ASK the ELDERS & the ANCESTORS for PERMISSION in GRAND STYLE to address ALL of Y'ALL LIVE & DIRECT! This is gonna be my biggest public address ever & I need Y'ALL help to find REASONING & R…

the BoonDocks "Return Of The King"

I absolutely LUV this show & Aaron Mcgruder izza GENIUS! Damn when I watch this!!! Didn't I say fuKKK all of Y'ALL NIGGAS a few weeks ago? Ain't the KING sayin the same SHIT almost 50 years later? Here ya have it & I LUV this show so much as it goes over most of OUR heads that.........WE just fail to overstand. This 1 here goes out to all of Y'ALL who don't have cable, don't watch tv or just NEVER tuned into MY FAVORITE show. Peep the BALANCE with Grandad (old), Huey (what WE at b2a strive for) & Riley who represents the POTENTIAL in our NIGGAFIED YOUTH. It's ALL HOOD so tune in, peep game & know that like a NYC area code, we now have 212 days left & WE ain't lookin BLAK! Those of y'all in the ATL or who will be, come check me at the Auburn Avenue Library on May 26th between the hours of 3 - 6pm & let's have a BLAST of a time. Til then, have a laugh on me & HOLLA BLAK!!!! WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eyes On The Rainbow (The Assata Shakur Documentary)

JooTube took down the ORIGINAL VID & so here goes:

The QUEEN NZINGA of OUR TIME!! This is THAT WOMAN & I humbly SUBMIT to her. Man this BW is BEAUTIFUL & FREE in Cuba due to the GREAT Fidel Castro sponsorin her. At b2a, WE are very busy as WE have a Hip Hop ain't perfeKt but neither are WE Book Reading this Saturday, May 26th at the Auburn Research Library on African American Culture in downtown Atlanta from 3 - 6pm. WE'LL be discussin & readin from my epic book, I've been tellin Y'ALL to prepare as that KraKKa's TIME is UP & that WE need to be READY for whatever bcuz, believe it or not, WE are livin in the TRIBULATION/REVELATION times NOW & must make sure that as many of US possible make it thru & as FEMININE ENERGY will reemerge to take it's RIGHTFUL PLACE, who better to feature at this…


This is ME 100! Yes, on the day of Malcoms BIRTH 87 years ago, WE gotta know that Malcom's Dad was a Garveyite. MLK's Dad was as well. Elijah Muhammad & Noble Drew Ali also got things from them & on down to Dr John Henrik Clark all claim him as the inspiration to CONTINUE learning what MUST be learned. I already told Y'ALL about this & what y'all think?: Now WE must USE all of the lessons that WE'VE learned from way back to take US FORWARD, the mission of this here blog. All of this COSMIC PHENOMENA that WE'VE been witnessin lateley is Garvey comin BLAK in that WHIRLWIND he spoke of long ago. In his way too shortened life, this documentary doesn't do Garvey justice but comes pretty near it. Please enjoy & see where OUR BEST got it from. WE have 217 days left & Blak Peepo, know that I LUV Y'ALL too MUCH! HOLLA BLAK!!!

DistraKKKtion is ON & POPPIN!!!

Hey Y'ALL! Yea, just went thru some BULL SHIT & if ya notice, those words have the initials of my name. How y'all doin? Now that Y'ALL know that I don't give a fuKKK about a KraKKa or niKKKa's, let's get on with the business! WE here at b2a are movin forward bcuz all of the distraKKKtions that these so-called elite niKKKa's is throwin at US means that SHIT is comin to a HEAD! I don't know about Y'ALL but I have to let this KraKKa say how I feel lately:

Yea y'all, THEY are steppin up the BULL SHIT METER to an all time high in order to NOT prepare US for whatever is to soon come. Let's start off by lettin y'all know that I know this due to what's bein showcased as news lately. It pretty much starts off on the street & rises up to the executive level & beyond & it all seems so seamless but I see those rogue threads on that nice shirt. Instant media of today makes it HARD for …

The Education of Sonny Carson (1974)/ the TRUTH YO!!!

- If ya don't know who SONNY CARSON is, please READ this AFTER watching this FILM -

A lot of Y'ALL may not know who this dude was but this movie will DEFINITLEY tell ya who he was. If you are from the NYC area, ya MAY know who Sonny was as all POLITRIKKKS are local! Dependin on the time of day, this dude could have been ANYBODY but he was who he was & today, most BM don't know what it really means to be a BM without COMPROMISE! If ya readin this, ya already know what it is as I've OFFICIALLY sworn off all NIGGA's as THEY will lead to ya DESTRUCTION before ya CONSTRUCTION. The only person that I could liken Carson to was OUR MOST REVOLUTIONARY BROTHA, GEORGE JACKSON who was a GUERILLA WARFARE SPECIALIST & was down to DIE to FREE his PEEPO! Most of US today don't know NOTHIN about that & are too willin to die for BULSHIT & it needs to STOP PRONTO! Ya see, I think like this & then forget that I already said fuKKK all! Just check the mov…


RESPECT to all of you in finding out how I'm doin. I hope that when BLAK PEEPO get this, that WE take ACTION in NOTHINGNESS! Natue will take care of things! As TOO MANY of Y'ALL didn't get the MEANIN of, I gotta go in a lil more to let Y'ALL know what it is so that ya won't THINK that I've FLIPPED my SCRIPT! The only CHANGE worth talkin about here is the WEATHER & look out for 200 degree temperatures SOON: Also, look out for may 20th & june 6th. WTH are WE talkin about?

I said this in my last article & I'm gonna say it again that "I ain't givin a fuKKK bcuz WE keep expectin to get GOOD TREATMENT from DEVILS who can't even LUV theyselves." If ya notice, I NEVER COMPLAIN about the KraKKa bcuz he's gonna do what he do bcuz he's a KraKKa so WTF are ya expectin? I simply tell Y'ALL what THEY do with the express intent of YOU…


Hey there b2a peepo & with just 227 days now left, I must ask, HOW GOES IT? Can y'all guess by the title that I'm MAD as HELL & that I don't give a FUGG no mo? Well if not, guess what; I don't give a FUGG anymore & hope that YOU don't either. Y'all pretty much gave up on Trayvon Martin & like ME, y'all ain't gonna do SHIT til the next SHITUATION & be all bellyachin about how FUGGED up that KraKKa is! Ya know the old sayin, same SHIT, different day! What's the difference between yesterday & today other than the date? Ya still broke. Ya hate ya job that ya been on for 7 years. Ya kids ain't learnin SHIT but rws & ya still readin the hottest BLAK blog ever to hit the airwaves right here! Ya HEARRRD ME?

As I've said before, that 1% KraKKa don't give a fuKKK about NOBODY includin other WHITES that THEY can't USE! If ya didn't come on the mayflower or aren't a khazar, this is what THEY think of THEY ow…

White Dog/ the more things change.....

Ya gotta see this 1 til the END is all I gotta say! If I put ANYTHING with the word white in it, ya know that it has to be GOOD!

Ol Dirty Bastard - Dirty Thoughts (Documentary)

1 of the CRAZIEST, ENIGMATIC & ENTERTAININ & again, CRAZIEST ever to live & his name was ODB. Y'all know that he had MANY names & no need to cover 'em here as the movie will explain. In my next book, I go thru lengths to tell y'all who this dude is. Yeah, that book is comin soon & the title is.................still not titled as of yet. Ayo, a lot of peepo thought that ODB was CRAZY & of course he was but that doesn't negate the fact that he came from a 2 parent stable home & became who he was. Can y'all believe that it's been almost 8 years since his untimely death? Allow the ODB to come BLAK in yo LIFE & let him tell US what it is: For all of y'all CONSPIRACY BUFFS who BELIEVE in NUMEROLOGY, check how THEY keep changin the frames as ODB says mothership at 8:55 aka 18 or 6 6 6. That frame which starts at 7:04 stops at 9:11. COINCIDENCE? Simply put, the ODB had a STYLE that couldn&…

ameriKKKan PSYCHOseXXXuality!!

Hey.....& welcome BLAK to another edition of the MADNESS that WE call b2a with ya host, that crazy ass HOLLA BLAK dude, the Blak Smith! It's been a lil minute since I wrote my last article & as far as I'm concerned, y'all done let the PRESSURE of the Trayvon Martin case down. I copy & pasted an article as written by Attorney at War, Alton Maddox detailin just that & what WE can do to keep that pressure up. When a low bail is applied to a case, more than likely, that person will walk. I posted that video on kol nidre & what that means & I don't know if y'all took it SIRIUSLY but if ya didn't ya need to. May is here & yesterday, (5/1) was the birth of the illuminatti in 1776 & the SUPPOSED 1 year anniversary of bin laden's death. Man how fast a year passes whether ya havin fun or not. THEM NIGGERS LIE EVERYDAY!

Yea so, there comes times where I really don't wanna write much & just put movies & music videos reflectin…