Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Walls Of Jericho are FALLING!!!!!!!!!!!

The walls of Jericho falling down.


Hey b2a! Do Y'ALL know how happy I am to report to Y'ALL how THEY WALLS are FALLIN the fuKKK down? Ya see, I do use the bible as reference but bein that most of US don't know that the 1st bible was written in Aramaic, a language that still exists today in Ethiopia, ya don't know NOTHIN! I don't concern myself about what's in it but what THEY want US to know in order to MAN I pulate US. In order to do this, 1 has to have OUR STORY on who & what made it. Yea.....all that sounds good but today WE ain't here for that. Today, WE gonna talk about how europe & the european is fallin apart at the seams on a 1 way road to nowhere. It would behoove ya to get outta THEY WAY as he steamrollin hisself into oblivion like a bat outta hell. I say Blak Peepo, GTFO his way. Today, the links that I provide will be short for all of Y'ALL short attention span MOTHERFAxxxERS! Let's see what WE got on deck here.........

A man would control all banking and commerce (Revelation 13:16-18). Remember, this prophecy was penned 2000 years before our computer-driven society. Yet, until recently, you couldn't have even dreamed how a person could control all commerce. *

1. Ok, since a lot of Y'ALL think that things are HOPELESS & can't see clear, let me SHOW Y'ALL how I KNOW THEY ain't got much time with evidence. WE all know that the KraKKa luvs that MATERIAL as he knows that he has an expiry date. He places all of his VALUE in what he has as opposed to lovin peepo but he can't as he doesn't even love himself. For a few years now, WE'VE been hearin of such a thing as the PIIGS nations aka portugal, ireland, italy, greece & spain. At the moment, greece seems to be the most in trouble with the others not far behind. Like in the us, the STRONGER nations in europe have had to BAIL OUT these weaker performin nations & at this time, THEY AIN'T hearin it no more. As the world economies are all integrated, this is causin problems all over the place. Economists worth their salt knew that these days would come but WE know how that goes. In the main, this is for the most part hurtin THEM & it will continue. Check this out:

2. Yea, I hear ya.....that KraKKa has superior firepower. His weaponry can't be beat......whatever! On 2nd thought......he does! So the fuKKK what? The ULTIMATE WARRIOR has won & didn't have to amass arms to do so. What.....didn't ya read the Art of War by Sun Tzu? With all of the wars the Krakka starts, he can't win bcuz most of the countries he attacks have young populations who are gonna fight til the end! You will never see ameriKKKa attack countries like India & China bcuz those 2 countries have too many peepo & an occupyin force cannot control too many peepo especially when they don't look the same. Y'all need to be aware that WAR is ANY MEANS USED to SUBDUE a PEEPO & know that the west was ALMOST successful in gettin China durin the Boxer Rebellion & THEY couldn't do it with arms. Check that hist-tory in my book as I covered it extensively! With the 4th estate (the media), THEY try to keep US in FEAR with SHIT like this: but WE'VE seen to much & know the game. What made this guy do this though?: After that, ask yaself, who created the DRUGS for anyone to even attempt this.

3. And now onto ya favorite topic, RELIGION! Don't y'all just luv it........ so, those SODOMITE PEDOPHILE NIGGAS is at it again eh? The ordinary news junkie has probably heard about this but for those of ya who haven't, I submit this: Now, if ya not a KatholiKK, ya might say, "wtf is this?" To that I say a lot in that, if any religion in the WORLD is to be recognized, it MUST be approved & chartered under the vatiKKKan! If not, it will be labelled as a CULT & therefore, ridiculed if it reaches any level of prominence. The bankin scandal of the vatiKKKan was years ago & why haven't THEY cleaned it up yet? What about all of those priests fuKKKin children? Oh yeah, there's a lot more to all of this so STAY TUNED bcuz this MAY get WAY more INTERESTIN but with 204 days left...............

4. Let's sum it all up now. The economic SHYSTEM of the KraKKa is DONE! That's the city of london that contols most of the worlds (includin the us) central banks. Some of it is it's just time for it to be so & some of it has been engineered as in the brits weren't part of the euro but HEADED it when the euro 1st came out! What kind of fuKKKery is that? Them NIGGAS never came up off the pound & in fact are still usin it. As far as the military which is headquartered in the pentagon, ya better be more concerned with CHEMICAL & BIOLOGICAL WARFARE as opposed to any outright military actions. Most of these new THINGS bein used start out in those military labs includin haarp. soetro is the FIGURE HEAD of the 10 block Capitol of the district of columbia & the rest of y'all NIGGAS is on ya own. Be on the lookout for Blak Peepo bein SAVAGE as in doin things that WE normally don't do. Ya more likely to die at the hand of another NIGGA than to get killed by the military or even the police but them drugs especially in the foods approved by the fda......
Ya couldn't EVER TRUST religion & by the way, THIS ain't just all start! This fuKKKin lil kids shit is NATURAL to those greco-romans & THEY art & his-story tells ya that so no need refutin what I'm sayin! Research what is. So, WE find that the city of london/dc & the vatiKKan serve as the pure axis of EVIL masqueradin as do-gooders & israel serves as the last bastion of a BASTARDIZED STATE with them kickin Afrikans the fuKKK out now. I think Y'ALL had enough but before I go, know that like how NIGGERS kill US & other NIGGERS, that KraKKa is helpin US by bein his SELFISH self & for that, he get's much PROPS! What I mean is this: Listen to songs like, especially between 5:30 - 7:45. europe & europeans the world over are at -0 birthrate yo but before he goes, he wants to take as many of US possible with him. It's his imperative but there's too much infighting at the TOP for THEM to POP OFF like he really wants to but most of US will never be privy to that type info if ya don't know how to see it so I'm now SHOWIN YOU. Keep ya SPIRITS & ya HEART rate up so that you can ascend to the next DIMENSION like I have. I ain't gettin stuck in no 3D shit. HOLLA BLAK!


Man he went in again! The Blak Smith is waitin for YOU to KNOW that his book, is ABSOLUTE FIRE! Hip Hop is the FREQUENCY that courses thru me! You know ya want a copy. HOLLA at me for ya autographed copy & I'm at or on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). The TIME is NIGH so bang on that BEAST! WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Les Nubians La Guerre

This song izza WAR SONG & when ya play it, play it LOUD!!!! 205 days left!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hey b2a! First off, much LUV & PROPS to those who showed up to the Auburn Research Library on this past Saturday. The Blak Smith is BLAK & though I wanted to post a video/movie or just be plain old lazy, I just couldn't do that today. It's been a while since I graced Y'ALL with an article & so.........I just had to write to get some things off of my chest. With 206 days left, WE ain't got much time & a lot of you readin this as WE speak ain't gonna be ready for what's to come. I hope that Y'ALL can go from NIGGERS to MAN to GODS but ain't much time left. As I've attained near GOD status, I find myself teachin less & less & just lettin people know that if ya don't RESEARCH like me as I have ReTHUNK what WORK is, I spend MOST of my TIME lookin up OUR LEGACY & simply TELL about what I find. What the fuKKK you talkin about?

As said in my last article, the Blak Smith is Official, the solution is that there is NO SOLUTION! Or.......there just MAY be 1 but Y'ALL don't believe me when I say it OR maybe ya gloss over what I say & don't BELIEVE what I say OR ya got ya own sense of what is gonna happen OR............whatever. WE gonna get BLAK to that inna minute but let's get into a few observations I've had over the last few days. Life since May 20th has been quite interestin & as WE all know, LIFE is for the LIVIN so please allow the DEAD to bury the DEAD & those who are SPIRITUALLY & MENTALLY DEAD as just as DEAD as those who are no longer LIVIN but then again, it's just my OBSERVATION.

My observation is that this SHYSTEM is CORRUPT from the inside & out & if ya don't know that, YOU will advocate to keep things the way they are! That to me means that ya DON'T KNOW what TIME it IS & that there is NO HELP for ya. If WE can't explain to you how it works, you are part of that WALKIN DEAD I addressed a lil while ago. I always talk about the 9 Peepo Activities (economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex & war) & if ya know ANYTHING about CULTURE, you would know that ALL PEEPO need these dynamics under THEIR OWN CONTROL in order to function properly. This is how CULTURES have developed since day 1 & if ya don't know that the NATURAL ORDER is rightin itself in the NEW DAY which WE are already in, then ya KNOW NOTHIN! Times are steadily

I want y'all to know that I now CHERISH ADVERSITY! Those who question or doubt are the majority. I just LOVE it & here's why; those of you who EMOTIONALIZE over ya answers, run outta steam when you have to refer OUTSIDE of ya SELF bcuz ya givin emotional answers. If you are a so called African American, why would you deny that YOU are an African when ya very definition of SELF has African FIRST in ya own definition of who you are? When I speak, write, express or otherwise communicate my message, I use the TOTALITY of OUR STORY so when ya ready to challenge me, come equipped bcuz I stay on my GRIND daily. Too many of y'all is arguin against RESEARCHED FACTS as opposed to what WAS/IS & then when appropriate, use OURSTORY SELECTIVELY & don't get it TWISTED, not all of OURSTORY was/is good! IT IS what IT IS! Afrikan History is OUR STORY & it started WAY LONG AGO before any other peepo were ever thought of. With that, WE can go FORWARD!!!

I've said this before & I'm gonna say it again; if ya think that Blak Peepo are gonna get it together, WE WILL but not in the way ya think. Global Warming was called a HOAX a few years ago & I too thought that was the case but WE all can remember last winter 2011. Get a load of this though: I've heard tell that there are 2 SUNS! I've heard tell that WE are gonna have 200 degree temperature days & when that happens, a lot of these KraKKa's are gonna COMBUST into thin air. I've gotten a lot of this info from my elder scholars such as Dr Delbert Blair, Dr Phil Valentine & the recently deceased, Steve Cokely. All of those left KraKKa's will NOT be allowed to be around US & will be sent to places like Antartica & Siberia after the fact & for those of US who still THINK that THEY can be REFORMED is goin with 'em CASE MOTHERFUCKIN CLOSED!!! All PROBLEMS have SOLUTIONS & those SOLUTIONS lead to CONCLUSIONS! So......what the fuKKK were you sayin again?

So....if ya wasn't in the place to be, that's BASICALLY what it was all about as the Blak Smith & b2a move forward. WE got yo BEST SELLER whenever ya want it here at & as Y'ALL already know, if ya want it signed, holla at me at or on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). These KraKKa's know what TIME it is & will be lookin to get rid of US so KEEP on LIVIN til that Cosmic Party! To all of YOU with EARS that HEAR & EYES that SEE, I say PEACE.

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Blak Smith is OFFICIAL!!

^^^^^^^^^^^(use for pest infestation)

By now ya MUST know that I'm about to BLOW UP! It's in my DNA & written in the COSMOS as I consult my GURU's who know who THEY are as THEY let me know that the UNIVERSAL MAMI luvs me & what I'm doin. Big shout out to Super Nat Turner on that level but ain't NOTHIN stoppin US as WE are predestined to INHERIT this here EARTH (GAIA) & I wanna see ONLY the REALEST there at the COSMIC PARTY. Oh SHIT, pardon my manners but I didn't greet y'all so WTF is up fo real tho? WE in the atl, where the weather & the peepo are warm & the BW are so BEAUTIFUL! So.........what Y'ALL thinkin?

Yea....this 1 today is about ME! Can I ask permission of my elders to feel on MYSELF today? Shit, I'm about to ASK the ELDERS & the ANCESTORS for PERMISSION in GRAND STYLE to address ALL of Y'ALL LIVE & DIRECT! This is gonna be my biggest public address ever & I need Y'ALL help to find REASONING & RATIONALITY in this here Krazy ASS WORLD! Ayo, the clock just struck high noon & with that WE now have 210 days left. You are now in the official age of the NEW DAY as I felt a whole nother NEW WAY after the ECLIPSE WE had just a few short days ago even though those of US here on the east coast didn't see SHIT! So what, this is the BM's time & ain't nothin changin that Y'ALL! Yo KraKKA, WTF you talkin bout jesus, muhammad & all? GTFOH!

So who's yo GOD? For ME, it's that UGLY ASS NIGGA uptop this page & he told me to tell y'all that HE don't give give a fugg about what Y'ALL think with him cursin & sayin words Y'ALL may not care for. That dude told me to tell Y'ALL that he LUV Y'ALL & that he wants US to live. Ya see, even though he's a NAGA (please look that word up), he wants to DANCE with the BABIES & direct US into INFINITY as Nobody Ever Really Dies (N.E.R.D). You are ENERGY & don't let these KraKKa's fool you into thinkin that all of the OIL in the EARTH is about to run out. Every time THEY say that, THEY wind up findin more where WE belong & are at & anyway, OIL is the BLOOD of the earth & ain't start bein used til recent times. If the EARTH is BILLIONS of years old, do WE need it? 500 years in the annals of TIMES izza FINGER SNAP so who's challengin that? These KraKKa's took TENS of THOUSANDS of YEARS to just learn how to do what THEY do  & even after that, REVERTED to PRIMACY in the DARK AGES!! Know that THEY learned all that THEY know from US! Yo I RESEARCH EVERYTHING I put out & not just from google & jewtube. What YOU doin POTNA?

Yea, that Blak Smith dude be on some SHIT yo!!! Y'all know that he be on some HOLLA BLAK SHIT! Yo, when I was doin DRUGS, I met that dude & he was always talkin some Krazy stuff, countin days & just travellin all over the world gettin his EDJUMACATION! That dude izza MENACE & needs to EXPRESS himself to the ends of the BLAK WORLD! Help him do that in the atl where he gonna go in talkin about: at the Auburn Avenue Research Library in the atl at 101 Auburn Avenue NE Atlanta GA 30303. If ya don't know anything about the A, this library would be the equivalent of what the Schomburg is in my hometown of NYC in Harlem! As HE will also give those of you a head start on HIS next book, TRUST ME, ya don't wanna miss it! I wanna meet all these SHIT TALKIN peepo from fb, twitter & all of Y'ALL sayin what sounds right & see ya CONVICTIONS in ACTION! In other words, make me a BELIEVER!!! I'm still that accessible dude talkin about Don't be helpin those KraKKa's yo! I've been tellin Y'ALL that WE want & that NATURE will do HER/HIS job & don't need to say that the BW or the BM is GOD as collectively, WE all are! The solution is that there is NO SOLUTION or........come see what it is when ya HOLLA at US at you know where! WE aim to please so

Ya see? I just gave Y'ALL who that BLAK dude is in Hip-Hop, Reggae & in R & B! Just so y'all know how BLAK it gets, I'm gonna let Y'ALL know in 1 more genere that I've pretty much gotten rid of doubt & am now READY to take the WORLD by STORM! Big shout out to Sharon Smith (SAS) & Bomani Tyehimba who run the engine that makes US go HARD at what WE do! There are so many to acknowledge & y'all will get a mention but the WORK must CONTINUE! Big up to all BUSHMAN in the atl who keep that supply of LOUD on DECK! WE up in this & ain't holdin back no mo! Get at US!

As VICTORY is IMMINENT, STAY the COURSE! If ya not in the atl, Y'ALL can still get with US by hittin US up at my e-mail, at or on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) for ya SIGNED COPY of my BOOK. WE got e-books so consider that option!  If ya don't care about all that & just want the book, hit up & order away . WE ain't got much time left & as I am now WAY UP in the future with my feet in the NOW, do what ya must & STAY ALIVE! That book izza BOMB & ya need it ASAP. WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the BoonDocks "Return Of The King"

I absolutely LUV this show & Aaron Mcgruder izza GENIUS! Damn when I watch this!!! Didn't I say fuKKK all of Y'ALL NIGGAS a few weeks ago? Ain't the KING sayin the same SHIT almost 50 years later? Here ya have it & I LUV this show so much as it goes over most of OUR heads that.........WE just fail to overstand. This 1 here goes out to all of Y'ALL who don't have cable, don't watch tv or just NEVER tuned into MY FAVORITE show. Peep the BALANCE with Grandad (old), Huey (what WE at b2a strive for) & Riley who represents the POTENTIAL in our NIGGAFIED YOUTH. It's ALL HOOD so tune in, peep game & know that like a NYC area code, we now have 212 days left & WE ain't lookin BLAK! Those of y'all in the ATL or who will be, come check me at the Auburn Avenue Library on May 26th between the hours of 3 - 6pm & let's have a BLAST of a time. Til then, have a laugh on me & HOLLA BLAK!!!! WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Eyes On The Rainbow (The Assata Shakur Documentary)

JooTube took down the ORIGINAL VID & so here goes:

The QUEEN NZINGA of OUR TIME!! This is THAT WOMAN & I humbly SUBMIT to her. Man this BW is BEAUTIFUL & FREE in Cuba due to the GREAT Fidel Castro sponsorin her. At b2a, WE are very busy as WE have a Hip Hop ain't perfeKt but neither are WE Book Reading this Saturday, May 26th at the Auburn Research Library on African American Culture in downtown Atlanta from 3 - 6pm. WE'LL be discussin & readin from my epic book, I've been tellin Y'ALL to prepare as that KraKKa's TIME is UP & that WE need to be READY for whatever bcuz, believe it or not, WE are livin in the TRIBULATION/REVELATION times NOW & must make sure that as many of US possible make it thru & as FEMININE ENERGY will reemerge to take it's RIGHTFUL PLACE, who better to feature at this time? After you finish watchin, check this song & get with US as WE move on lookin back at all of these fuKKKery type distraKKKtions. Do yo SANKOFAH! WE already are VICTORIOUS & that KraKKa is the 1 hangin by his chinny chin chin. Righteous Ones Bangin On The System means R.O.B.O.T.S to ME. Where y'all at? WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012


This is ME 100! Yes, on the day of Malcoms BIRTH 87 years ago, WE gotta know that Malcom's Dad was a Garveyite. MLK's Dad was as well. Elijah Muhammad & Noble Drew Ali also got things from them & on down to Dr John Henrik Clark all claim him as the inspiration to CONTINUE learning what MUST be learned. I already told Y'ALL about this & what y'all think?: Now WE must USE all of the lessons that WE'VE learned from way back to take US FORWARD, the mission of this here blog. All of this COSMIC PHENOMENA that WE'VE been witnessin lateley is Garvey comin BLAK in that WHIRLWIND he spoke of long ago. In his way too shortened life, this documentary doesn't do Garvey justice but comes pretty near it. Please enjoy & see where OUR BEST got it from. WE have 217 days left & Blak Peepo, know that I LUV Y'ALL too MUCH! HOLLA BLAK!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

DistraKKKtion is ON & POPPIN!!!

Hey Y'ALL! Yea, just went thru some BULL SHIT & if ya notice, those words have the initials of my name. How y'all doin? Now that Y'ALL know that I don't give a fuKKK about a KraKKa or niKKKa's, let's get on with the business! WE here at b2a are movin forward bcuz all of the distraKKKtions that these so-called elite niKKKa's is throwin at US means that SHIT is comin to a HEAD! I don't know about Y'ALL but I have to let this KraKKa say how I feel lately:

Yea y'all, THEY are steppin up the BULL SHIT METER to an all time high in order to NOT prepare US for whatever is to soon come. Let's start off by lettin y'all know that I know this due to what's bein showcased as news lately. It pretty much starts off on the street & rises up to the executive level & beyond & it all seems so seamless but I see those rogue threads on that nice shirt. Instant media of today makes it HARD for them KraKKa's to hide but as THEY are basically just showin US THEY ASS as in becomin FREAKS & HOMANS, THEY could care less on what WE might do. WE have NO MILITARY, TANKS, HELICOPTERS or STAGIN AREAS to wage WAR with 'em so do as much as possible to see ya way thru. Do WHATEVER ya gotta do yo & I mean that! WE now have 219 days left & with that, let's get into it.

So it seems like rihanna who by the way, is under some government sponsored program via Multiple Personality Disorder has been doin drugs, havin wild bisexual relations & partyin like how a whole gaggle of those KraKKa BIATCHES were doin 5 years ago (paris, linsey, nicole). Recently, she was pictured with snoop dogg after a show & she looked HIGH as HELL & like she was under a spell. Y'all know that this ain't a gossip column & so let me get where I'm goin.

Lately, WE'VE been inundated with news of kim kardashian & kanye west bein a couple. As it is more than obvious that THEY are controlled however remotely, why are THEY together NOW? At my meet & greet in atlanta a few weeks ago, it was told to me that kanye's mom was his HANDLER & though I never heard of that, if she was, it didn't matter bcuz she dead now. Remember, bush(it) said that it was his WORST MOMENT as PREZ when kanye said that he didn't care about BLAK PEEPO. Ain't it crazy that a chiKKK named chelsea HANDLER made it so that kanye & trailor snift kissed & made up? What is it with the kardashian family & thier obsession with BM? What favors are owed them & WTF is goin on with lamar odom since bein sacked by the mavs right before their disastrous playoffs after winnin it all last year? Peepo, peepo, I want answers!

What's up with will & jada? I'll get BLAK to THEM inna minute but 1st........WE all remember a few months ago when bouncy had her ROSEMARIE's BABY in blu ivy. The internet was abuzz sayin that this name spells the DEVIL backwards & rumors flew around for months sayin that bouncy wasn't the real mama. Every so often, articles of that birth can still be found & as I really don't care, I don't pay much attention but it's somethin to just keep a watch on. I've noticed lately that what I started earlier in this article has been happenin TOO MUCH lately. In the daily news on 5/15/12 in the Seen Heard gossip section on page 20, will smith was quoted as sayin that "the president's support for gay marriage was BRAVE in an election year". As well, check out what jay-hova has to say: What's that all about?

Y'all have to know that rich BLAKS like okrah, mike jordan & even some who talk shit against THEM can't do shit for you is bcuz THEY are CONTROLLED!!! This is why cosby's son died & why Snipes is in prison. This is why Dave Chappelle went to Afrika! What ain't you gettin yo? jigga comparin gay rights to the Blak Struggle is PLAYED OUT & of NO COMPARISON as no 1 can choose their RACE or BIRTH! A few years back when bush(it) was still in office, a great friend of mine used to call me all of the time railin about gay marriage this & that. As I had never lived in atlanta at that point, I told him not to mind this all bcuz it wasn't for him but WE as Blak Peepo cannot afford to look at it that way in this day & age bcuz OUR CHILDREN won't provide more CHILDREN if WE allow them to feel that bein gay is ok. WE now have a generation of peepo who have grown up thinkin that it's absolutely OK to be gay. Couple that with the amount of missin in action fathers & WE have what WE now have with no end in sight. I know that atlanta is the worst example but with an admitted 40% gay/bi rate, 50% religious ZEALOTS & just too many LAME ASS NIGGAS who don't count, what's a young BW to do? I feel yo pain.........

What's gonna happen soon? Is may 20th a date to watch? Are ya thinkin ahead like me & tryin hard as hell to keep them KraKKa's away from you? Will you be ready for leadership in that next time & space? THEY are linin all of THEY ducks inna row & have amassed the NEW LEADERSHIP which now consists of HOOD NIGGAS who sold KraKK to his peepo like the kennedys who's family got rich off bootleggin LIQUOR durin prohibition. Y'all Kkkristian soetero NIGGAS that hate homosexuality is still gonna luv him & make some stupid ass exception to vote for this dude don't get it bcuz the whole fuKKKen SHYSTEM is CORRUPT from top to bottom & only NATURE can correct it! Like the Trayvon Martin shituation, while WE bitchin & moanin about the injustices that THEY'VE been heapin upon US, what are THEY doin behind closed doors with those laws? Do y'all even know what national security directives are? Yeah, what THEY not talkin about is what ya best be afraid of bcuz if ya don't know, how can you prepare for it? As I ain't talkin to NIGGAS, BLAK PEEPO & other RIGHTEOUS PEEPO of color, get on the ball & get ready as the time you been waitin for is near. Y'all know that ain't no rest for the weary. THEY smokescreens is THEM knowin that THEY TIME is UP!

Yes Sirs & Ma'ams, the Blak Smith has gone in once again & need to tell y'all that ya need to be prepared. If the world keeps on spinnin, WE gonna go in hard on both of my books in the ATL on 26th of May. If ya want a signed copy of my book, get at me. If ya wanna keep in touch, get at me at or on Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Here at b2a, WE luv US some Blak Peepo & urge that ya keep the FAITH! WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Education of Sonny Carson (1974)/ the TRUTH YO!!!

       - If ya don't know who SONNY CARSON is, please READ this AFTER watching this FILM -

A lot of Y'ALL may not know who this dude was but this movie will DEFINITLEY tell ya who he was. If you are from the NYC area, ya MAY know who Sonny was as all POLITRIKKKS are local! Dependin on the time of day, this dude could have been ANYBODY but he was who he was & today, most BM don't know what it really means to be a BM without COMPROMISE! If ya readin this, ya already know what it is as I've OFFICIALLY sworn off all NIGGA's as THEY will lead to ya DESTRUCTION before ya CONSTRUCTION. The only person that I could liken Carson to was OUR MOST REVOLUTIONARY BROTHA, GEORGE JACKSON who was a GUERILLA WARFARE SPECIALIST & was down to DIE to FREE his PEEPO! Most of US today don't know NOTHIN about that & are too willin to die for BULSHIT & it needs to STOP PRONTO! Ya see, I think like this & then forget that I already said fuKKK all! Just check the movie, do some research on George Jackson (Blood in my Eyes or Soledad Brother) & take note that there are now 221 days left! To know who Carson eventually became, check this link here:

Look out for the Blak Smith on the 26th of May at the Auburn Research Library doin a lecture usin my book here: & from my upcomin book, Hip Hop from THEN til NWO (NOW) comin out this summer. That's goin down in the ATL BUT....if ya not gonna be there, you can always get ya SIGNED COPY by hollerin at or at my inbox on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Let's get it POPPIN OFF Y'ALL!!!! WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


RESPECT to all of you in finding out how I'm doin. I hope that when BLAK PEEPO get this, that WE take ACTION in NOTHINGNESS! Natue will take care of things! As TOO MANY of Y'ALL didn't get the MEANIN of, I gotta go in a lil more to let Y'ALL know what it is so that ya won't THINK that I've FLIPPED my SCRIPT! The only CHANGE worth talkin about here is the WEATHER & look out for 200 degree temperatures SOON: Also, look out for may 20th & june 6th. WTH are WE talkin about?

I said this in my last article & I'm gonna say it again that "I ain't givin a fuKKK bcuz WE keep expectin to get GOOD TREATMENT from DEVILS who can't even LUV theyselves." If ya notice, I NEVER COMPLAIN about the KraKKa bcuz he's gonna do what he do bcuz he's a KraKKa so WTF are ya expectin? I simply tell Y'ALL what THEY do with the express intent of YOU knowin so that ya READY for the NEW AGE! Let me tell ya somethin, that BIATCH with her finger up soetero's ass ain't NOTHIN but the female version of same & so to all Y'ALL cavewoman lovers, STEP the fuKKK off! In how many cases do ya see an UNDERLING malignin they SUPERIOR especially PUBICLY? If WE as BM did our WORK PROPERLY & took care of  OUR HOOD, Marissa Alexander wouldn't be in that position (jail) bcuz WE would be ACCOUNTABLE to EACH OTHER!

What y'all think of me tellin Y'ALL to do whatever the fuKKK ya wanna? Don't THEY do that? Ain't that the ameriKKKan way? This is why I'm so CYNICAL & ain't makin no apologies about what the fuKKK I'm sayin! Who knows, maybe I got it all wrong & Y'ALL QUIET, makin strategic plans about what it is WE need to be doin. If CHILDREN are the FUTURE, WTF are WE doin for 'em so that THEY don't go thru what WE goin thru? A dude can hope for the BEST right?

Yea, in movin forward, WE must know what's BEHIND like Sankofah. Bein that the KraKKa's time is UP, some of US need to be plannin for that FUTURE that my eyes see & where things will be BETTER as the NATURAL ORDER comes in. I'm so glad that MOST of Y'ALL know that the planets will align & I NEVER EVER professed to know that things will change overnite BUT.....if ya worth ya salt, ya gotta know that things will change. Stop bitchin about soetero's agenda with gay rights & such. Stop bein ashamed & EXPLAIN that sex with the SAME SEX is WRONG BEHAVIOR without the FIRE & BRIMSONE in it. A GREAT EXAMPLE of that would be to RESIST bein BELLIGERENT to ya mate in front of the CHILDREN lest THEY think that it is NORMAL BEHAVIOR. Note, that this is for those with EYES that SEE & EARS that HEAR.

So again, I say to all y'all NIGGAS, fuKKK y'all bcuz ya ain't gonna do SHIT! Who the fuKKK gotta problem with that? I present this as a CHALLENGE for all of US to do BETTER as the time is NEAR & those of US who ain't actin right, better know that when YOU are accountable to ME, I'm gonna  ask, "what have you done?" It's that simple & so if ya gotta problem with that, YOU MUST be a NIGGA bcuz that NIGGA in YOU is that KraKKa INSIDE of YOU & the KraKKa that wants YOU to be HIM at work so that HE can satisfy HIS bottom line. He CAN'T ASCEND so REBUKE him 1 way or another. If ya read Destruction of Black Civilization by Chancellor Williams then you would know that OUR HUMANENESS is what's most killin US & when his ASS can't function bcuz of the SUN burnin his ASS, let him DIE! You ain't gonna have to KILL HIM ya BITCH ASS NIGGA as you've been trained to ONLY kill what looks like YOU. If ya don't know how, do it like this!: In order to not type all this SHIT again, I say fuKKK NIGGAS as the KraKKa INSIDE YA is the ONLY NIGGA ya need to kill!

So right now some of Y'ALL is sayin, "what about my GOOD KraKKa friends? To that I would say, "what about 'em?"

This has been a Pubic Service Announcement from the Blak Smith, brought to you by the Ancestors, black2afrika, all of you who have bought my books, those who gave donations & all of you well wishers. Bein that I have runnin water, I don't need a well but send what ya wish ya had. To contact me, I'm at & on FB, it's Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). 225 days left & ALL is WELL! WARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


2pac, hip-hop, middle finger, old school, thug life

Hey there b2a peepo & with just 227 days now left, I must ask, HOW GOES IT? Can y'all guess by the title that I'm MAD as HELL & that I don't give a FUGG no mo? Well if not, guess what; I don't give a FUGG anymore & hope that YOU don't either. Y'all pretty much gave up on Trayvon Martin & like ME, y'all ain't gonna do SHIT til the next SHITUATION & be all bellyachin about how FUGGED up that KraKKa is! Ya know the old sayin, same SHIT, different day! What's the difference between yesterday & today other than the date? Ya still broke. Ya hate ya job that ya been on for 7 years. Ya kids ain't learnin SHIT but rws & ya still readin the hottest BLAK blog ever to hit the airwaves right here! Ya HEARRRD ME?

As I've said before, that 1% KraKKa don't give a fuKKK about NOBODY includin other WHITES that THEY can't USE! If ya didn't come on the mayflower or aren't a khazar, this is what THEY think of THEY own: The POLICE serve the same purpose. Now that ya see that, what do ya think THEY think of yo 3/5th's self? This is why I just don't give a FUGG no more. A lot of y'all just wanna WORK HARD to feed his coffers but FUGG IT. In my humblest opinion, what I think WE should be doin is

Slappin BITCH ASS TRICKS/ bangin rick ross in the whip
And spillin out BLOOD tellin tales from the CRYPT
Ayo it's my script/ they say LIFE is a BITCH
Bang HARD onna BITCH like WE do onna SNITCH
Ya know it's that glock 9 hopper/ I call it the show STOPPER
Pullin out my HAMMER & LAYIN 'em PROPER
That Tupac pic let's ya know how I feel
WE livin this LIFE from the REAL to the REEL/ I APPEAL
that Y'ALL should do what ya WANNA/ STEAL
and KILL & get ya FILL/do DIRT in DEALS & even LIE if ya got to
give up the SILVER, the GOLD, the OIL & them ROCKS TOO
ya see what I'm sayin before ya get on all fours
I'm sayin fuKKK the WORLD bcuz the WORLD is YOURS
How many days left yo/ it's 227
SEXUAL NUCLEAR EXPLOSION goin all the way to

Hope that y'all like that SHIT right there. Ya know, since I don't give a FUGG no more, I'm gonna curse thruout this whole article. Ya gotta FUGGIN problem with that? Bein that ya don't, let's resume the DRILL! This is what it is yo! racist white supremacy has US so much on the run, tryin to put so many FIRES out everywhere WE look. There has probably been 200 Trayvons since he passed & maybe 30 Rekia's since Rekia Boyd. The way the KraKka got his infrastructure set up DOES NOT allow for US to do SHIT but committ SUICIDE if WE don't go about this STRATEGICALLY! Bein a REACTIONARY does US no good & for all of OUR BLUSTER, WE get another SHITUATION where the KraKKa DARES US to do somethin to JUSTIFY comin into the HOOD & BLAZIN US out. Shut the fuKKK up & keep on livin NIGGA! Talk that SHIT when it's your FAMILY MEMBER!

Yea, it's the same SHIT on a different day. As BAD as WE do have it, WE can THANK ME that WE ain't in ABJECT CHATTEL SLAVERY, on SHIPS for WEEKS gettin beaten & on the low, gettin RAPED & when I say that, I'm talkin about the BM too. So yea, what is the MINDSTATE of a peepo who have gone thru all of this & what did they leave US in OUR DNA which ain't no different than OUR GENETIC MEMORY? Are you still in LUV with that KraKKa who never ever gave a SHIT about you bcuz simply, HE CAN'T BE YOU? Damn it & fuKKK all yo!

I ain't givin a fuKKK bcuz WE keep expectin to get GOOD TREATMENT from DEVILS who can't even LUV theyselves. Take the SHITUATION of Marissa Alexander, OUR SISTA from FL who was in an abusive relationship & STOOD her GROUND! When approached by her PREDATOR husband, she fired a WARNIN SHOT & is now in jail though no property was damaged & no one was hurt. What kinda SHIT is that? She's in jail for what it took FOREVER for that NIGGA zeroman to be jailed but he killed a CHILD & she's INSTANTLY jailed for firin a WARNIN SHOT at a proven SICKO? I don't give a FUGG about a ny post sports writer callin jay-z a NIGGA. OUR SISTA is locked down & doesn't deserve to be there & there's NOTHIN WE can do without gettin OURSELVES killed. SHUT the fuKKK up BLAK!!!!

I don't give a fuKKK & I'm glad that ya know it! Why should I? WE ain't gonna do SHIT but TALK & as I've said plenty of TIMES, SACRIFICES MUST be MADE as the SHEDDIN of BLOOD is a MUST when the PEEPO need to PURGE! If ya know that WE are at WAR, then ya KNOW that IT ain't start yesterday & it ain't gonna be gone tomorrow! Why should I give a FUGG about how the KraKKa want me to be? To be workin just to stay Just Over Broke. Didn't I tell y'all to ReTHINK what WORK is plenty of times? Yeah, if ya got the mind to do so, go DRINK in EXCESS, SMOKE WEED, hit HOOKERS, spend all of ya MONEY on WHATEVER, go CLUBBIN, create CHILDREN, eat FAST FOOD, GAMBLE, listen to killNIGGAdieMUSIC, don't pay TAXES & KILL whoever the fuKKK ya wanna! I think by now ya heard me!

Yea, that's right, fuKKK it ALL. I done gave y'all EXACTLY what y'all need to hear. I've tried so long to maintain this FACADE of bein a BLAK DUDE givin a fuKKK about y'all but y'all ain't SENDIN no LUV so as a MATTER of FACT, fuKKK all y'all NIGGAS. Yea, the Blak Smith is on his 6 month period & I ain't tryin to hear anything to appease this PEN right now. WE got 227 days left & to those of YOU who think that SELLIN OUT is the way, ya done lost already. may 20th is around the corner & them SOLAR FLARES are gettin BIGGER & BIGGER yo!: I ain't doin this for the PAST as there are WAY too MANY names to recall here! I gotta get Y'ALL ready for the NEW DISPENSATION in the NEW AGE & so WHATEVER I say from here on is for those READY to do what MUST be done when the time comes. This ain't to NEGOTIATE, make DEALS, sign PETITIONS, enact LEGISLATION or any of that! Nah NIGGA's, WE gotta ASCEND into those NEXT DIMENSIONS & do what MUST be done. As said previously, my teacher Baba Debert Blair states, "LET NATURE take CARE of 'EM!" As they say, "LET GOD SORT 'EM OUT!" It's gonna REALLY get HOT soon & so........ayo, all of Y'ALL NIGGAS who ain't READY, get behind the protection of that OLD SHIT that's about done as WE GOT THIS MAN!!! To that KraKKa, Damn&fuKKKitALL! Time to LUV on some Blak Folk.

That's what I'm sayin DAMN IT & fuKKK ALL to! Who ya with? Take this with ya while WE at it:

Yea, that Blak Smith dude ain't gonna stop & so ya may as well git with it! WE got I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me: WE on DECK with that new Hip Hop joint comin in the summer. WE comin with some of the BEST RESEARCH MATERIAL on the net & need yo SUPPORT! Get with US at or on Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Not much time to go & so...............HOLLA BLAK!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

White Dog/ the more things change.....

Ya gotta see this 1 til the END is all I gotta say! If I put ANYTHING with the word white in it, ya know that it has to be GOOD!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Ol Dirty Bastard - Dirty Thoughts (Documentary)

1 of the CRAZIEST, ENIGMATIC & ENTERTAININ & again, CRAZIEST ever to live & his name was ODB. Y'all know that he had MANY names & no need to cover 'em here as the movie will explain. In my next book, I go thru lengths to tell y'all who this dude is. Yeah, that book is comin soon & the title is.................still not titled as of yet. Ayo, a lot of peepo thought that ODB was CRAZY & of course he was but that doesn't negate the fact that he came from a 2 parent stable home & became who he was. Can y'all believe that it's been almost 8 years since his untimely death? Allow the ODB to come BLAK in yo LIFE & let him tell US what it is: For all of y'all CONSPIRACY BUFFS who BELIEVE in NUMEROLOGY, check how THEY keep changin the frames as ODB says mothership at 8:55 aka 18 or 6 6 6. That frame which starts at 7:04 stops at 9:11. COINCIDENCE? Simply put, the ODB had a STYLE that couldn't be FATHERED!!!! Note that I posted this on the same day that mca from the beastie boys died. Also note that the ODB never flashed that damned baphomet sign. Let's give it up to the MOSTORIGINAL DUDE EVER whether ya LUV him or HATE him. I LUV ODB & miss him. Peace.

 ODB in BETTER TIMES!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

ameriKKKan PSYCHOseXXXuality!!

Hey.....& welcome BLAK to another edition of the MADNESS that WE call b2a with ya host, that crazy ass HOLLA BLAK dude, the Blak Smith! It's been a lil minute since I wrote my last article & as far as I'm concerned, y'all done let the PRESSURE of the Trayvon Martin case down. I copy & pasted an article as written by Attorney at War, Alton Maddox detailin just that & what WE can do to keep that pressure up. When a low bail is applied to a case, more than likely, that person will walk. I posted that video on kol nidre & what that means & I don't know if y'all took it SIRIUSLY but if ya didn't ya need to. May is here & yesterday, (5/1) was the birth of the illuminatti in 1776 & the SUPPOSED 1 year anniversary of bin laden's death. Man how fast a year passes whether ya havin fun or not. THEM NIGGERS LIE EVERYDAY!

Yea so, there comes times where I really don't wanna write much & just put movies & music videos reflectin on how I feel & where WE as a peepo need to be headin. When ya don't see a written article, don't think that WE'VE abandoned the cause. Look at it as US doin other things such as writin my 2nd book (Before Hip Hop til Now), sellin my current book ( & waitin by the mailbox for y'all to send DONATIONS as Y'ALL gotta support me for givin y'all vital info. If ya want ya book mailed to you signed, ya gotta send a money order & I'll send it to ya address. I do a lot of different things & will be lecturin at the Auburn Research Library in the Historic District of Atlanta from 3 - 6PM on May 26th 2012. Bcuz of this,, I wonder if I'll meet y'all there. If ya don't live in the ATL but plan on bein in the area on memorial day weekend, come on down so I can meet ya. More info on that soon.

Ok, so y'all wonderin what the title to this post has to do with what I already wrote about. The short answer is NOTHIN! WE gonna get into that now though. I'm sure that most of y'all heard by now that soetero's secret service has been implicated in a PROSTITUTION SCANDAL down in South AmeriKKKa that compromises his office. As far as I know, no 1 in the BLAK PRESS is talkin about that but WE at b2a go above & beyond for y'all & that's why y'all gotta SUPPORT US! The ANCESTORS tell me what to write about.  KraKKa's ain't gonna help me destroy 'em so where y'all at when a BROTHA needs y'all help?

PsychoseXXXuality? Hmmm.....that's what allowed them KraKKa's to RAPE our SISTAS & continues to allow 'em to in AFRIKA, Asia, South AmeriKKKa & anywhere where RWS rears its UGLY HEAD. This is what allows for the KraKKa to NEVER have been convicted of rapin a BW anywhere in the usa & if ya don't BELIEVE it, find that case. This is what allows US BM to objectify OUR BW's & for them to be seen by the WORLD at LARGE as mammies, bitches & whores ( I had a great convo with some peepo yesterday & simply put, the reason why WE'VE gone so far off of OUR SQUARE is bcuz WE'VE been around these DEVILS for too long & have gotten used to THEY WAYS! If ya THINK that WE are supposed to SUFFER, GTFOH! THEY say that PROSTITUTION is the world's oldest PROFESSION! When ya hear those words uttered by a Blak Person, they also believe in the adam & eve story.

Yea so this PSYCHOseXXXuality affects US all bcuz I wanna change the FREQUENCY of who WE are to HIP HOP while RWS does what it does. Them secret service niggas who supposedly protect soetero are in deep SHIT for stickin they hands too far in the cookie jar. Who would think that a bunch of whores could get dudes who protect barry in this deep of a mess? I bet most of 'em are married. How can the us stand on moral high ground when 1. their clergy are sexxin lil boys 2. those such as sandusky from penn state who are sworn to protect are sexxin lil boys 3. captains of industry have sex rings & cover it up as in: & leaders such as teachers & elders sex OUR YOUTH? This SHIT started with the KraKKa in the caves of europe & if ya think by this point that ya gonna civilize the KraKKa with common sense & reasonin, THINK AGAIN!

As that KraKKa has only 232 days left, by now, he knows that he can't kill all of US! Some will have to be SACRIFICED but like Trayvon, WE cannot afford to just let 'em kill US & OUR children. DO NOT LET HIM & SO MANY OTHERS DIE IN VAIN! Too many of US that he can't kill will do time in prison. That leaves those of US who I like to call, the GLITCHES in the MATRIX! Too many of US are SUFFERIN while doin TIME on Planet Earth. He wishes for many of US to take his underpayin jobs where he can further humiliate ya but don't go for that as the flip side is heart attacks & strokes from the ENDLESS STRESS. It's up to YOU to ReTHINK what WORK is. He wishes to homoseXXXualize US & if not, to make US not men & therefore, effemenized. Read this & get the point:

Ok, to finish this off, what I don't like is the west USIN soetero as a FRONT, fuKKKin with my Afrika. A few years back, the west was tellin Uganda that they had to liberalize their GAY LAWS & the Ugandans said, "FUCK THAT" in all caps like I just did! Not only did they say FUCK THAT but they were very adamant about it. If you a news junkie like me, you will see that every so often, countries in Afrika are bein WARNED to liberalize THEIR LAWS or suffer the consequences of NO AID. In  february of this year, Atta Mills, the president of the usa's last colony,Ghana, told the WEST that under no circumstances could he ease those laws. But bcuz Liberia is the only OFFICIAL COLONY in Afrika of the us, Johnson Sirleaf, the only FEMALE prez of an Afrikan Nation is gettin it hard! Jus recently, the west threatened her & though it was quiet, you can see it here: The ASSAULT is INTERNATIONAL but DIFFERENT in DIFFERENT LOCATIONS!! Know that.

If you like soetero, you don't know what time it is. No peepo have EVER been freed by their OPRESSOR by askin for it! The same goes for CHARISMATIC LEADERSHIP. WE are at WAR! The KraKKa already told ya The SEPARATION has been made & the time is NEAR! I've told y'all OVER & OVER again that the SCRAMBLE for AFRIKA is on & poppin & that WE need to remain vigilant! THEY comin in so many different ways & don't be confused that THEY got US jumpin from 1 fire to anotha as rws looks to keep US disUNITED! While neighborhood watch men, police, white trash citizens, police & NIGGERS kill US, THEY wish to introduce a DEATHSTYLE in AFRIKA to EFFEMENIZE the MEN & in another generation, RAMPANT HOMOSEXUALITY & it's attendant symptoms! This is another form of GENOCIDE aka POPULATION CONTROL! In the face of AFRIKAN MANHOOD, WE must FIGHT every FIRE with WATER & not go for the okie-doke as WE can't do anything about it here bcuz of the LAW! In almost every poor nation, the peepo can't afford creature comforts & so resort to COPULATION & from that comes PROGENY! As THEY look at all of US as USELESS EATERS, THEY wish for you to have same sex relations so that no PROGENY comes from it & like them freaks & homans, THEY can TRAIN your young'uns to be like 'em & they can PAY parents to give 'em a better life so that THEY can turn US into THEM! This is just 1 methodology of rws & that's an ill, ameriKKKan PSYCHOseXXXuality. Now that ya know, don't fall for it & spread the word! Peace.

Where y'all at? It's May & I'm doin a FUNDRAISN THING this month tryin to get DONATIONS from y'all GREAT AFRIKAN FOLKS. Heck, at this point, I may have to take funds from KraKKa's. Y'all don't want that or do y'all? Anyhoo, I would prefer that ya buy my book as I don't believe in SOMETHIN for NOTHIN & if ya want that, email me at or hit a BRO up on Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Do y'all thing, know that the Blak Smith loves y'all & HOLLA BLAK!