Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Death of......

Wow, so much goin on! What it do y'all? Remember me? I'm the Blak Smith & I'm still approvin my messages. What about you? How y'all doin out there? Haiti had a big storm the other day & caused MORE DEATH & HOMELESSNESS. Let's see.....uh...Iran had a 6.1 earthquake & though I told y'all that NYC might get an earthquake in September, it AIN'T happen & we got 2 days left in the month. I hope that it doesn't happen but.....I saw a link on FB sayin that there is a Bitchup eddie long sex tape. I didn't even go in on that link bcuz if the accusations are true, I don't wanna see 'em. It's just so much goin on. Well, it seems like ya boy Chris Breezy did his MEDIA TIME & properly weathered the storm of his riri thing. Accordin to the usa today, dated 9/24/10 written by Steve Jones on page 11D, the headline read, "Fans are starting to climb back on board with Chris Brown." The subtitle said "with No. 1 song and album on the way, singer is restoring reputation." Need I say more to that? North & South Korea could be goin to war at anytime which would lead into China & the US gettin it on. Ya see, the US needs another war to finally shut this mother down like they want to! Man, I'mma keep this prelude short. I wanna talk about MUSIC today & how it really relates to all in this world. So with that, LET'S Get it IN!!!

Okay, the music industry. Y'all already know that I covered HipHop has gone WILD! Parts I-X. Y'all know that every so often, I cover music & the ramifications thereof. What happens when the ghost in the machine dies? Well, let's take it from a white woman artist named Aimee Mann as I ran across an interview in the Atlanta Journal Constitution dated 9/24/10 in the Entertainment Section on page D7. The interviewer was Holly Aguirre. This is pretty heavy stuff here. Check out what she got to say.,
Q:Your turmoil within the music is well-publicized. Do you forsee a change or a backlash to come?
A:I don't think the music industry will ever be the same. I think there will always be oppurtunists who will find a way to make money off of people who make music. That is going to evolve into mostly manufactured pop where they bring in songwriters, producers, stylists-where the artist is more of a product. Where the money comes in is having all these tie-ins with other products. Britney Spears has her perfumes and clothing lines and stuff. The music helps to sell that as opposed to to being what is sold because people just don't pay for music anymore. Anybody who is in the music business thinking that they're going to make money is crazy. I think the supermanufactured stuff will get bigger and bigger and that's what you're going to hear. The indie stuff just has to be more and more homemade because it's too expensive to make a record with musicians and studio time. There's not much of a middle class.
Now to all y'all out there, I quoted a 50 year old white woman who has been a singer for some time, has been nominated for an oscar & has no reason to lie to anyone as she has nothin to do with HipHop as far as I know. When she speaks here, she ain't thinkin on the next lil wayne or paul wall BUT she is somebody we can HEAR with our ears, SEE with our eyes & LOOK at for what's goin on from an impartial source without prejudice! To all aspirin artists, read those words again as she's speakin on the industry as a whole! She said you gotta be CRAZY if you think you gonna make money. Yo Pa, that music better start bein made like that homegrown you grew every summer on the low. I been tellin peepo since a few years ago that "AIN'T NO FUCKIN MONEY IN THE GAME NO MO & IF YOU THINK IT IS, try & sign & see. You'll be like them dudes complainin in the Source & XXL from years back while thinkin, "nah, not us." The only way you gettin thru is thru 360 deals & if you really want that & don't know what it really is, you hustlin backwards. Look that shit up yo!
Now, I ain't gonna make this LONG like eddie but....The technology is now so cheap & everybody has access to a computer such that, music will have to be real again. That organic, made ya own instruments from animal skins & such will win over electronic manufactured anyday if it's DOPE! As the creme will always rise to the top, THIS IS THE BEST TIME TO RECLAIM HipHop bcuz HipHop is US! Like Ded Prez always says, turn off that radio & that can allow US to determine what can rise to the TOP from the BOTTOM UP! Just like WE created the artform, we gonna define it & ya won't need to be rich to do so. Start off with the digital stuff & when you get to a point where you can get a real band, do so as it is sonically superior & healthier. It should go BLAK to the old style of honin the craft, perfectin it, goin out & then doin it! Shit starts with REAL PEEPO on the local level, not youtube & facebook! They took it & wouldn't let go but now all of the legislation that they did to destroy it is BLAKfirin on them & everybody doin what they fuck they wanna! Dudes just take straight instrumental tracks now from popular artists, sell 10,000 copies of they own mixCD & keep it movin just like that. Dudes with followins can do the same & sell their music at point of contact but if its online, it's free. HOLD THAT THOUGHT & MARINATE ON IT! You won't get rich but GET CREATIVE & multitask & be those MULTIGENIUSES that y'all was born to be. In other words, be a complete artist! No more ageism in HipHop as if you heard a dude spittin & you bought it & then afterward found out dude was 47 but he spit that FIRE, would you be mad at him? Hell Naw, dude NICE, what's the damn difference? Ya see, like the arts, THEY time is up & they already mega-rich from ya blood sweat & tears & it's now OUR TIME TO literally SHINE in the SUN/SON! This metaphor can be seen as his TIME IS UP & y'all better be ready for it as he knows it. This is why he sweatin now; he ain't reproducin & he got us out here same sexxin & killin each other to control our numbers! For whatever reason, we have had 'em in a losin position & always have used a sense of justice or compassion & when they strengthened back up & got in position, THEY came back & got what they wanted bcuz we always allowed them too. The age old sayin about those not knowin they history bein condemned to repeat it ring true & we won't allow it ANYMORE! I luv thru INSPIRATION & so if this depresses you, don't come around me yo! Nah, his time is up BUT he wanna take as many of us with him as he possibly can. He has created the vehicle to destroy HISSELF & we can liken it all to a one way unstoppable locomotive train & we way in the back not knowin when it's gonna stop; but we all waitin for the other shoe to drop. As most of us only wanna kill when it's JUST US, we gonna have to allow that train to take its course. Will you be with him upfront on that day or with us in the BLAK? The DEATH of..... ..... is IMMINENT

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blak Realationships Part III

Ok, the BLAK dude is BLAK! Yeah, as in BLAK. Crazy shit goin on man!!! Ya boy, BitchUp Eddie Long was AGAIN accused of stickin his hand where it shouldn't be & I'm talkin in some young MEN. Damn, when I moved to the gayTL, I had heard the rep but didn't know it was off the everythang like THAT out here. Now before y'all say that I said something else, it just shows me that too many RELIGIOUS PEEPO are allowin themselves to be led astray into I don't know. Big up to Willie Hutch! If it ain't true, I hope those who falsely accused him are punished but in the meanwhile.....fuck him, fuck it fuck X-MAS. I take that first one BLAK as he might like it. This shit is all lies & as the days go, ALL will be REVEALED as we livin in REVELATIONS! It won't be LONG now. Another interestin piece I was exposed to recently was this kanye west & taylor swift shit with a twist. In the weekend edition of the usa today(dated Sep 17th), with her face on the cover, the article was entitled, A dozen CDs with a shot at platinum. In the weekend Life section on page 3D, we see KW in a pose onstage doin his rap thing with a pic of our fave krakka lookin in his direction though they are totally seperate pics. She actually looks kinda seductive in there & that's the ticket. Those two will be talked about for a long time comin & in all actaulity, I won't be surprised if they eventually make music together. The drop that I got is that though their pics are close but seperate, the association made is to HATE KANYE(whites) + LUV TAYLOR(Blaks) + REMEMBER HIM BEIN AGRESSIVE + RACIAL TENSISONS + THEM BEIN CONNECTED HOWEVER THEY CONNECTED TO THE NWO = CONTROVERSIAL ALBUM SALES subliminally placed in your mind by the owners who have just one more X-Mas to CAPITALIZE on, before the recordin industry as we know it is done! To finish on that, the article didn't even mention their common situation from the VMA's & that confirmed it all for me. There are no coincidences. In her blurb, she even said that, "each song is a different confession to a different person." WOW, she gonna ride his dick into the sunset. In other news, I read in the Final Call dated Sept 7th, that Fidel Castro was FASCINATED by a book written by Daniel Eustlin entitled, the Secret of the Bilderbergers. This book is basically speakin on HOW THEY run the world. A few weeks ago, I wrote HipHop has gone WILD! & boy was that a smoker! Castro excerpted from this book that, "the esoteric Frankfurt school of socialist academics worked with members of the rockefeller family in the 1950's to pave the way for rock music to control the masses by diverting attention from civil rights & social injustice" Later in the article it states that, "the man charged with assuring the Amerikkkanas liked the Beatles was walter lippmann himself." This dude was a political philosipher & newspaper columnist who died in the early 70's. To finish this all, the article also stated that, "in the us & europe, great open air concerts were used to halt the growing discontent of the population" On that note, that drug infested rapefest, woodstock comes to mind. To my younger readers, look that up! Don't take my 10 part series as a joke y'all. Everyday, I get more & more confirmation that WE on the right track so stay tuned. That same Final call also had a story headlined, ACLU Cancels Plans to use Military Heat Rays on Inmates on page 6. That one was self explanatory. Boy, lately, CT is on fire. First, a BLAK man kills up a beer factory & then a whole family gets murdered by thieves as the cops wait outside. IDIOTS! THEY wanna attack Iran so BAD! North Korea is still there! The economy is gonna go bust in 2011. How I know that? They wanna redisign the money & when ya lazy ass googles exactly those words, you'll see it for self. In the meantime, I'm still BLAK, still beautiful & if ya hate me, you must luv what you readin because you came here after I provided the link. Yeah, I got ya OPEN!!! Let's now talk about my favorite PEEPO as in YOU!!!

OK so now, most of the women don't like me as much & the dudes is just luvin me. Dang, not my intention but we know what intentions are. Today, I'm addressin ALL of US & I'm here to let y'all know that we ain't goin nowhere without each other. When it's GREAT, WE be havin too much fun havin them BABIES & I don't know about y'all but I don't want no cloned, test tube BABIES or artificial intelliGENTS or anything like that, ya HEARRRRRDDDD?? As I said in Part I of this series, this new & comin world is strictly gonna be for those who on some think different stuff & if you wait til it's too late, you gonna have a hard time adjustin when those of us who already there is light years ahead of you. The way that WE are ALL the same is in that WE are all DIFFERENT. No one, includin twins are composed of the same exact DNA. Time & space didn't make you less of an Afrikan but some of us are confused as we let OTHERS rename us while TORTURIN us away from each other. That willy lynch is in ALL of US & the best of US has to do what we have to to get that info out so that we can break these vicious cycles. We luv OTHER people more than we luv OURSELVES & all the excuses & bullshit gotta stop because those of y'all thinkin on that Blak & white shit ain't carryin that over in my realm. If a race war started tonite & you with your other side of the track friends, which side is you choosin? Your very best friend that you luv so much is gonna get on the RIGHT side of town & you......? Stop this shit about I'm a racist & all that other stuff; history is racist & I didn't start it & I'm still amazed that there are those who can't see it but hey, peepo are still eatin mcdonalds.

The purpose of life is to SERVE! Who are you servin? To what purpose do you serve? All of the things happenin in life are by far coincidences & are actually signs of what's to come to wake y'all up. At it's BEST, BLAK LUV is the SHIT & NOTHIN BEATS IT. At its worse, we preservin our PEEPO & that's what it's all about. Even for white cave bitches, the ideal man is tall, DARK & handsome & they want this world to be some half-breed breedin ground & thats why almost all of our SISTARS are workin while the BLAK MAN languishes, waitin for that other shoe to drop. WE HAVE TO STOP BLAMIN EACH OTHER as this is the time for the FAITHFUL & I ain't talkin religion. You read Part II. You know that THEY put the drugs, alcohol, guns & social programs that exclude the man into our midst & contain it in 1 great big PROJECT & that shit WORKS!(for THEM) Sistars, y'all know that they raped y'all & as quiet as it's kept, us too. Sometimes, it started in the HOLD of the ship. He ain't ya savior! Dr Laura was a month ago & that shit is already forgotten but remember WHY the siter called in. USE ALL YOUR REFERNCES!! We don't wanna talk about those things but when you ready to point fingers, point 'em at yaself too. We're ALL FUCKED UP & not one of us is better than the other. We are the only ones that are gonna give each other THERAPY & ya better be ready for it. The COLLECTIVE CONCIOUSNESS got time for you but it's a give & take thing. We still in the drill stages but when this baby goes live................watch out for that SEXUAL NUCLEAR EXPLOSION OF THE AGES for our SISTARS without fear of hoaxes such as AIDS, 911, ebola, katrina(fema) & all of the religions falsely put here to enslave all of us. From this point on, I'mma start pissin alot of peepo off because it's time for NO MORE MR NICE GUY to rear his ugly head & make y'all make your minds up to get Y'ALL SHIT TOGETHER OR PERISH!! The KID GLOVES are officially OFF YO!! It's on & who gonna take the weight? We shall see!!! As Marvin Gaye & Smiff & Wesson said, "let's get it on!" Peace & only 820 days to GO get you some REAL LUV like MJB said!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Blak Realationships Part II

It's MEEEEEEE!!! Whatup y'all? Alot goin on since I last left y'all & I'm BLAK to report what I hear, see & smell. HMMM, the president of Senegal seems to be reachin out to the Diasporans in AmeriKKKa & euROPE to come BLAK there & develop. I remember after the Haiti earthquake he had offered them arable land if they could make it there but most peepo in Haiti are poor & even if they coulda made it, the native population in Senegalshouted that idea down because they NEED that land. However, the moves bein made are FANTASTIC in that, for the first time in a long time, there are Afrikans abroad who find it necessary for US to come BLAK home & thus the name of this site. Afrika still burns in my heart & I wanna be where I will be appreciated & respected. Alot of y'all read Is Blaksmith a Spy & got stuff twisted, but....As we speak, there are plenty of meetins goin on to decide on these & other matters, important to ALL of US as a PEEPO. They don't need us & we don't need them but we need each OTHER & we better realize that soon! As the world spins, we need alternatives. Kansas may soon be ocean front property. We need to START ALL OVER AGAIN! The earth will cleanse herself right before that X-Mas that you won't get to celebrate. X-mas SUCKS anyway & even Hughie on the Boondox taught you that!
But don' worry about that now.......the GREATEST STORY ever told starts........here, NOW!!!

Callin all GODS who kinda look like GODS. This ain't for MAN, this rite here is for GODS. You know him when you see him....He's smart. Quite strong. A good provider. Is humble but will kick ass if provoked. Rough with other men without bein disrespectful & always has a kind word for all females. Oh, he'll peu ya ass in check too. Will ALWAYS make sure that there is enough on the table to eat & drink & have lil some left over for the intangibles. Should speak in a manner of siriusness but always know when to shut that off as his sense of humor is all that. Should always respect his FAMILY first & TEACH THE YOUTH in whatever it is that they need to know. Hopefull your father/guardian/fatherfigure had those type of characteristics. The BLAK MAN is GOD!!!

Now my BROTHERS, whatup? What we gonna do about our beautiful SISTARS out here in the wilderness? You know we can't live with 'em, can't live with 'em. Y'all get that one? We can blame them for most of our ailments & frailities but they can turn around & do the same & where does that get us as a peepo? Right where we at now & gettin worse by the day. Fellas.....I gotta holla at y'all as we in a pickle with no brine. That basically means that we dryin up as our SISTARS do leaps & bounds over us BUT......that Kkkracker still takin the blame for ALMOST all of what we go thru includin these realationshits. Let me show US HOW.

"A brief discourse in offspring development will shed light on the key to economic principles. Pay little attention to the generation of original breaking but concentrate on future generations. Therefore, if you break the female mother, she will break the offspring in its early years of development and when the offspring is old enough to work, she will deliver it up to you for her normal female protective tendencies will have been lost in the original breaking process.
For example, take the case of the wild stud horse, a female horse and an already infant horse and compare the breaking process with two captured nigger males in their natural state, a pregnant nigger woman with her infant offspring. Take the stud horse, break him for limited containment.

"Completely break the female horse until she becomes very gentle whereas you or anybody can ride her in comfort. Breed the mare and stud until you have the desired offspring. Then you can turn the stud freedom until you need him again. Train the female horse whereby she will eat out of your hand and she will in turn train the infant horse to eat out of your hand also."

OK, here's the good part y'all; "Take the meanest and most restless nigger, strip him of his clothes in front of the remaining male niggers, the female and the nigger infant, tar and feather him, tie each leg to a different horse in opposite directions, set him a fire and beat both horses to pull him apart in front of the remaining niggers. The next step is to take a bullwhip and beat the remaining nigger male to the point of death in front of the female and the infant. Don't kill him but put the fear of God in him for he can be useful for future breeding." from the Willy Lynch Letter & the Making of a Slave Pages 14-15.

I think that these points alone should make a heavy statement as to why 95% of our REALATIONSHIPS don't work but today, I won't UNDERSTATE anything. I have warnins before you get inside my site & if you are a sensitive type or squeamish, this AIN'T for you so get out NOW. We gonna go in a lil further now & see what we come up with.

"Then take the female run a series of tests on her to see if she will submit to your desires willingly. Test her in every way because she is the most important factor for good economics. If she shows any sign of resistance in submitting completely to your will, do not hesitate to use the bullwhip on her to extract the last bit of bitch out of her. Take care not to kill her for in doing so, you spoil good economics. When in complete SUBMISSION(capitalization mine), she will train her offspring in the early years to submit to labor when they become of age.
Understanding is the best thing. Therefore, we shall go deeper into this are of the subject matter concerning what we have produced here in this breaking process of the female nigger. WE HAVE REVERSED THE REALATIONSHIPS."(capitalization mine) Page 16

In order to cover this thoroughly, I would have to write the book over again but if you live in the US, are BLAK, & wish to be in a REALATIONSHIP, if you don't have this book, you're kiddin yourself! "They reversed OUR NATURE by burnin & pullin one civilized nigger apart to the point of death all in her presence. In this frozen psychological state of independence, she will raise her male and female offspring in reversed roles. For fear of the young male's life, she will psychologically train him to be mentally weak and dependent but physically strong.
Because she has become psychologically independent, she will train her female offspring to be psychologically independent. What have you got? You've got the nigger woman out front and the man scared. This is a perfect situation for sound sleep and economics." Page 17

So there we have it fellas & what are WE gonna do about it? We have the formula as to HOW it has happened & before we get into it too deep, we gotta address this willy dude & whether it's a myth or not. Who cares? It's just like Kkkhristianity; if you believe in it, it exists. Are we for the MOST part, livin this way or not? Fella's, are we scared with our women on the front lines?

Of course we aren't. As I stated in BR Part I, the game has been rigged from the word go & the Krakka gets all of the blame. Again, my purpose is to EXPOSE the lies & show y'all what we goin thru & attemptin to give us a way outta it. Blak Woman, you are NOT at FAULT. Alot of your anger is from frustration with us. Blak Man, you are NOT at FAULT. The system was rigged long ago & SISTARS, if you thought what I wrote was bad, try witnessin it, even in a movie. Who didn't see Kunta Kinte tryin to keep his name? Who saw Mandingo? Sankofah? Ill Gotten Gains? We are at fault when we get presented the TRUTH & still ACT like we don't know! To whom much is given, much is expected. This treatment is in our DNA & it ain't goin nowhere. We HAVE TO KNOW so that we can get it out, so as to teach our children, so that we see a need to REALLY luv & appreciate each other. That's gotta be our THERAPY & it's OUR RESPONSILITY ONLY as no one will do it for us. Those who don't TEACH you right, won't TREAT you right. We wanna be GODS & create a HEAVEN on EARTH but because most SISTARS who have a good education, job & living see alotta us strugglin, we are struck down as unworthy bcuz a SISTAR is HARD WIRED to be TAKEN CARE OF. That financial filter is part of the equation my BROTHER & only a woman deeply in love or very wise, can overcome it. Unfortunately, most of the BROTHERS out there able to financially take care of women & EXCITE THEM are THUGS & most SISTARS in this day & age, have to have one bcuz we sick! Some of them get pregnant with these males seeds, beat up, robbed, mentally abused & are scarred for life & then MIRACULOUSLY FIND A cool dude for marriage but they borin as hell as these cool dudes don't offer the roller coaster of emotions that a THUG does. I don't want that type & they come in all flavors so watch out for 'em my dude.

OK BROS, here goes. We actually more sought after & what I mean by that is if you are healthy, intelligent, decent lookin, in shape & resourceful, the ball is in your court. In other words, there's more of us than them but WE got limits to deal with too. When things change over, you will be in even more demand bcuz there won't be any excuses to not BUILD NATIONS as those who for whatever reason can't/won't multiply with our SISTARS will be banned bcuz, WE WILL SURVIVE & the NATURAL ORDER will be compelled by the FORCES OF NATURAL LAW. We can't escape it & only the responsible capables will OVERSTAND it while others look around wonderin what the fax is goin on. In takin off the KIDS GLOVES, I aint FUCKIN with none of y'alls beliefs whatever it is bcuz I'm dealin on an ASTRAL PLANE. I live on the EARTH but we dealin with alignments & all of that other shit so take it there if you will! You'll tell the absolute TRUTH & have what you want & our NATURAL MATES will fall in line & it won't be contentious at all. Most of us still got time to play STUPID but them days soon GONE! It will be a new day & you'll be blessed! If ya ain't prepared NOW & ain't practicin for the BIG GAME, when are you gonna prepare? Oh, I know, you waitin for Super Sky Sperm Dude to come save you......my bad! Blak Man, as KRS1 said on his most classic song, Aww Yeah, "stay alive all things will change around!" GOD is comin BLAK!!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Blak Realationships Part I

So, those Korans in FL didn't burn eh? I wished that it would have happened as THEY are lookin to start the war of all wars so that THEY can shield THEMselves, declare martial law & once & for all, lock shit down! I can hardly wait!!! Fukkk what ya heard, the Gulf Coast is still a mess. For every job, an average of 70 applicants apply..........what else goin on? HMMM, another big storm named hurricane igor may hit FL as a category 5 this weekend & earl pretty much fizzled out 2 weeks ago. T.I may more than likely be goin BLAK to jail & what a flocka....I mean shame. I also just found out that ya favorites, jiggaman & slim shady are supposed to be doin a concert in of all places, yankee stadium in the Bronx(my hometown & birthplace of HipHop). Let them circle THEY wagons as they bring their evil rituals BLAK to the birthplace of HipHop for the very first time ever. This is deeply symbolic as that team, like the Dallas Cowboys, is AmeriKKKa's BASEBALL TEAM. Note too, that the former owner, george steinbrenner just died & to me this means that as far as the essence of it all, the cypher is complete on HipHop goin WILD! I need ya help though in stoppin it from runnin afuckinmuck! We can do it together & this is how: don't celebrate Kkkhristmas! From this point on, in my blogs, I'm goin to remind y'all that y'all shouldn't be celebratin it & if it's a must, do Kwanza & save ya resources for whats to come. Notice, I said resources & not MONEY!!! Our presence in the here & now is all we got & I don't wanna get old without y'all! I luv y'all & give y'all all of me so that we can all attend that soon comin Sirius Sirus Space Party like Gwen McCrae sung about BLAK in the day. Holla BLAK at me if ya remember that one! There's ONLY 829 days left & so let's get into it, now that y'all all warmed up & fuzzy inside.

This article may prove to be my most controversial in that, we have to do a SANKOFA at this point in our existence. What this means is we MUST look BLAK while movin forward because TIME MARCHES ON! Check that movie by Haile Germina & the symbology, is a bird walkin forward while lookin BLAK! All of US & I include myself in this number, HAVE to start lookin at life differently because the just past 911 9th anniversary made me realize just how different shit is from when that happened. In numerical parlance, 9 is the number of completion bein that it is the last whole single digit number. It also is an upside down 6 & bein that 69 is a sexual position & .........just seein if y'all still woke. Laugh out LOUD!!! Wow, that was the first time that I ever spelled lol out. Anyway, what I'm was sayin is, as a peepo, we in deep trouble & we just getin more mired in what we doin instead of doin what's already been PROVEN. Hey, I titled this & so y'all know what I'm talkin about. I'm talkin about Blak Realationships & the shit we doin that's causin our children to sag they pants, do crime, be homosexuals, do drugs & all of that stuff y'all NIGGAS be doin. Everything starts with YOU & unless ya significant other is beatin you, torturin you or screamin like a cat on its 9th life, you somehow share part of the blame in any breakup of the FAMILY STRUCTURE. In other words, rare is the case where there is only 1 party fully to blame for what we speak of. WE in these realationships & we got to get them together. As I'm freestylin this dynamic because it can go so many ways, I will let y'all out there determine if this should be a single story or a series by the feedBLAK I get. Let me address y'all LADIES first.

Ayo Ladies, I'm gonna keep it raw, gully & nasty with y'all. Y'all sure know how to turn a BROTHER on. Walkin with all that fine clASS. Coca Cola bottle type figures. WOWWWWWWW!!!!! For me, its a natural look but that don't mean a SISTAR who ain't totally natural can't get atta bro. You might be ready for refinement. You might polish me & we can refine together. You must be BLAK & I'll take ya from the lightest light to the BLAKKEST BLUE! You must be intelligent. You MUST be concerned in lovin BLAK PEEPO & I'm watchin for that extra careful because I've been fooled before on that end. Shit, ya exterior won't matter if ya ruff but when I speak as a MAN, all of that rah rah shit gotta cease. Real men do not tolerate SCENES & real women don't overEMOTE in public or Publix. This ain't no Battle of the Sexes but......psychologically, you have been broken down & are mad with Blak Men who could NOT save you from the common OWNER of us as he beat, whipped, abused & raped all of US & we could not PROTECT you! Them NIGGAS was rapin BLAK men too. They all homos. You've had 3 generations of social WELFARE programs that have taught you on a subliminal level that to have a man is to miss out on those very social programs that got you in college & in the boardrooms. The system is set up for you to win & forget about us so that HE can have you! I'm not BLAMIN YOU but OUR MOTHERS have taught you all that they know whether they know it or not, conciously or subconciously, too many of their NEGATIVE QUALITIES. I learned mine from my father. Most of US didn't have fathers around & for the few who did, too many weren't good examples. This enabled an IMBALANCE to develop & now, y'all don't know what it is to be around a man who will act like NATURE intended him to. Before you get mad, again, it ain't your fault. Stop rollin ya eyes & let's have a convo. Since ancient times, there has always been a seperation of labor in that, the men went out, hunted, gathered, adventured & dared to go where ALL MEN had previously been. Ain't nothin new under the SUN! Some of y'all may have called those peepo GODS but that's for another story. Many won't, but alotta us OVERSTAND ya anger & break it down on a psychological level & y'all gotta sometimes examine OUR NATURES & see what we really doin to each other. WE LIVIN IN A FALSE REALITY! I could write a 10,000 page book about US & never ever scratch the surface & so for this article, I'm gonna have to keep it brief. I dare any of y'all to do the math/science on births & see which populations have more men than women. In most socities, the birth rate of women to men is 51%-49%. When one considers in this case, the Blak Family, with dudes bein lost to the street thru drugs, alcoholism, criminality, prisons, health issues, accidents(as males dare much more than females), dyin in the military, homosexuality & not to mention, those men who for whatever reason refuse to have children, women don't have a chance mating on a 1 on 1 level. So if by the age of 25, for whatever reason, if 18-25% of our men are out of the MATING arena & only 5-8% of the MATING pool for women are lost, YOU HAVE SUCH A GREAT IMBALANCE, that men who are not fit, are having lots of women because they have money but are doin what is called CHEATIN/TRICKIN/LYIN & DECEIVIN. This is where we are now & this breaks up the family rather than y'all bringin home ya SISTAR who is a good woman, who can't find a GREAT MAN to procreate with, because you've been taught selfishness by ya momma who was taught the same by her momma who somewhere down the line got it from her slave ownin CAVE BITCH owner while her husband had his with way YOU! WE COULDN'T PROTECT YOU & those of us who know better are sorry but............this is why we must look BLAK while goin forward! Knowin the OURSTORY is half the battle. If that dynamic of the numbers is anywhere reflective of the truth, there are MILLIONS of BLAK WOMEN who will go CHILDLESS if we try to stick to the 1 MAN 1 WOMAN thing & we know that a determined woman can't be stopped. The only GOD you gonna be seein is in a HARD DICK, RA'S(GOD) ERECTIoN or resurection. The DICK is LAW & no amount of time & space is gonna change that & so y'all must SUBMIT! I din't say be submissive, I said SUBMIT & let a man be a BLAK MAN be a GOD, Allah, the All, Creator etc etc. Look at OUR history & you will see that all GREAT MEN had wives so as to keep a lineage goin. Note, I'm not tellin 40 year old women happy with 1 husband & vice versa to go out & tell ya SISTAR to come shack up with y'all. I'm sayin to y'all mature thinkin single women, that if ya wanna be with a GREAT MAN & ya can't find one, in order to be with one, ya just might have to share him & it's gonna take a lotta maturity & STRENGTH to do what you never thought possible. Stop reducin this dynamic to just SEX! This is a structured organized thing! Remember, if there are more of you to begin with & the numbers get skewed, where are you goin. Alot of y'all went runnin to the white dude & when that became a non-option, ya came runnin BLAK to.......that guy with the Lexus & brand new 10K jewelry but I got ya on the last note. If ya read my article of a few weeks ago, I wrote that in a perfect world, money will be banished & resources or real assets(estate) will be the commodity. Gold is cool but ya can't eat it. The earth will cleanse herself & then all WE gonna need is LAND, WATER & the sun that's killin our common enemy in record numbers. Worship the SUN/SON GOD! Pretty soon, those dudes who got more money than me ain't gonna be able to use it & as y'all look to men for SECURITY, all ya gonna need is a MAN that is a GOD as we CREATED the HEAVENS & the EARTH in Afrika in the beginnin that we don't know NOTHIN about. You won't be stressin him because all of ya needs will be taken care of. Just imagine what you would be thinkin of if you didn't have to go work for someone to make THEM profits that you hardly get a return on while you label ya children latchkeys & all that dumb shit we now take for granted. The village would raise US as it's about US & that collective conciousness that I always speak of! With all that I just said, would you still wanna be wih a THUG?

Thanks to all of my FB LADY Friends who gave me mad insight on how they think on the topic especially Dee Whitlow, Deanna Michael-de Sousa & Marrissa Amos-Perry. I went head to head with these Sistars & they TAUGHT me so much in a topic that not 1 dude I know on FB touched, mainly, POLYGAMY. Big up & stay tuned for Part II where I get at y'all dudes.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

911 Is a Hoax

Hey y'all! It's been a lil minute but guess who's BLAK? It's me again, the Blaksmith & we today at BLAK2AFRIKA gotta put a lil paint where it ain't. Something that I never write about specifically but I always refer to. I think that we'll call that lil something, World Conspiracy Day but y'all might call it 911. If ya hate readin, let me just say, like most things reported by the CONTROLLED mainstream press, it was a HOAX. Those buildings were made to take the kind of impact that hit it & like the levees in New Orleans, explosions were heard rumbling before the buildings FELL. The buildings didn't EXPLODE, they FELL! When I say that they FELL, what this means to me is that it was SUPPOSED to happen exactly the way it did & THEY don't even hide or cover it as THEY don't care if you know. They did this along with the mossad(israeli intelligence) & if you check the records, no so called jew died durin this whole fiasco! The purpose of me writin all of this is not to try to persuade you into believin me. There's too much info out there for me to try & do that. What I'm tryin to do here is show y'all that lil by lil, they shuttin this country down & y'all better at least be havin plans on doin things differently. That goin to college & gettin a 9-5 job, buyin a home, gettin married to 1 wife havin 2.3 kids life has BEEN DEAD & GONE & ain't comin BLAK! The paradigm shift is happenin in slow/fast motion in front of ya face & y'all just don't see it happenin but are we the same society of 9 years ago? Doesn't 2001 seem like 50 years ago when you think of it? Different (p)resident, same wars. Different decade but same numbers. I didn't know that my education would continue but I read less books now. I've made up for some of that readin by TRAVELLIN & I'm not talkin in the sense of bein a MASON. I don't follow any one group & so I can say what the FUKK I wanna without anyone gettin at me. I've said before in this BLOG O MINE that anything that ya can't prove but BELIEVE IN, exists because you CHOOSE to believe it without prejudice. I could give a flyin fukk what you believe as far as 911 goes, but I know that these secret government types planned it & executed it & still plannin on gettin rid of 95% of US & y'all gonna start with this outside of you GOD SHIT that I ain't tryin to hear. Your beliefs all come from the same place dude!!!!!!
SANTA=SATAN! Where does Santa fit in on the supposed existence of some sent HEAVENLY SPERM DUDE from who knows where? Why should I soak in that nigga's leprosied (A.I.D.S) infested blood? If y'all would just STOP CELEBRATIN Kkkhristmas, we could break that nigga's back but y'all just holdin on to y'alls CHILDHOODS thru ya children. Your old ass felt deprived & now you don't wanna deprive THEM! Oooooh, I'm givin y'all FEELINS. Why should I validate your argument more than my own? I ain't get hit with lightnin yet & I been sayin this shit for awhile now. Do you want me to get hit?

Look man, forget about all that! I'm tryin to pay my respects to my peepo who died in one of the biggest manmade disaters of all time. Manmade terrorism sponsored by good ole UnKKKle Sam who feeds you green samonella EGGS & your beloved, wormy HAM!! You probably also believe in some curse of HAM shit too but still eat it! You are so PATHETIC! But I did know 2 peepo who worked in the WTC who are no longer with us & they deserve to be remembered. Like the soldiers dyin in Iraq/Afghanistan, they had to die for US to be free but do you now feel freer or more constricted than ever? Isn't that what Sperm Dude died for? Are you happier or richer? Come on now I'm serious? When you break it down, all you got is a habit & it's breakin down as we get to the last days. Pay ya respects, do the math & get real about life my peepo. We got 833 days left & it still ain't too late to get ya mind right. Like Dres from BLACK SHEEP said, "but then again, the choice is YOURS!" 911 was a HOAX!!! WAAAARRRRRRRRR!!!!!