Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm a Dreamer

I'm dreamin now about writin this article. In da dream, I wished dat WE would get our act 2gether & do wat we must do 2 be FREE. HMMM, I dreamed dat I invited 100 peepo 2 tell 'em how 2 do so & only 4(not includin me) showed up when 30 confirmed dat they would be there(5%). I'm dreamin dat I was on da shores of Western Afrika on a clear beautiful day & all was well. Everywhere U went, fish was cookin, all kinds of music was playin & everyone was smilin a real smile, widely. I dreamed dat there was no 1 sellin food on da roadside & dat school fees were abolished as the resources were more than enuff 2 pay 4 all of da schooling needed thru college. While daydreamin in dat very same college, I dreamt dat I married my sweethearts, had beautiful children & was able 2 live on free land as I developed a jungle into a haven(heaven). Remember, in da beginning, I created da heaven & earth. While doin so, I dreamt dat 2000 Seasons & Things Fall Apart were jus books written wit vivid imaginations. I also dreamt dat U caught THEM sayin in dat Avatar movie dat they goin in NIGERIA & Venezuela & dat da 8.8 earthquake in Chile was da next phase of havin South America surrounded. Note dat I also dreamt dat both of these regions are full of OIL & dat they are both hostile 2 US interests! I dreamt dat medicine was a root, plant or herb dat was 2 be gathered up after a lion peed on it & it was not cleansed or rinsed off. I dreamt dat this was alchemy at its best. I dreamt dat marijuana grew wildly & 1 smoked it ceremonially 2 induce trains of thought 2 da stratosphere while building da pyramids. Da punishment 4 gettin caught not usin it ceremonially was havin 2 cut down a tree of it & spreadin dat LUV!!! I always dream about killin false prophets. U see, tho THEY don't like wat I say, they cannot refute wat I say bcuz THEY OVEREMOTIONAL like bitches(female dogs). I HATE when I dream of 'em but I learn from 'em. I dreamed dat HipHop Music was made wit positivity even when speakin on sex & realationships. I dreamt dat we were hip 2 all game & never let those LHITE Peepo BLAK into our GARDEN, east of Eden as we are doing now wit da addition of da Chinese. Wow, wat I really dreamt of was peepo doin they research instead of not likin da truth & turnin coat on dat truth teller. Malcom went thru it & he was famous so some modern day truth tellers don't get dat same credit as THEY label truth as hating. Besides, they done figured out 2 not widely publish OUR real messengers. I dreamt dat we all stood up 2 watever responsinilities we have goin on. I dreamt dat Blak Peepo greeted each other as in Peace God & Peace Earth & not a 1 asked, "Are U a 5% or a Muslim?" I wished all Blak Peepo knew dat all Blak Peepo ORIGINATED IN AFRIKA as all peepo in da world come from us but THEY ALL somehow got washed or bleached out. U kno dat Peter Tosh Song.....I wished in dat same dream dat WE would realize dat our history din't start wit slavery unless dats all U kno & if U don't, U wouldn't be able 2 draw from dat Ole Blak Magic dat we now use 2 only destroy each other. I wish I could make y'all kno dat some of these dreams I have became nitemares when I awakened. I wished dat I dreamt more of Martin & Marcus & Frederick & Harriet & Nanny & both Kwame's, Nkrumah & Toure. I dreamt dat y'all have those dreams 2 as some of us believe dat dreamin is 4 sleepin kids wit alotta time 2 imagine da imaginary dreams only. I dream like a Game song. I dream when I see ya potential. I dream wat U can kno but don't wanna kno bcuz maybe U are now an adult & put ya dreams away. So now dat I shared my dreams, will U dare dream on wat could be? Wat would U want? I dare 2 dream on wat is coming & all I see is Blue Skies. Don't wake me as I recreate da world like Tupac, da voice of a generation whose dreams live on thru peepo like US. I was dreamin about other shit when he was still alive; things like cars, houses & ladies but I would always wake up wit wet underwear. DAMN!!!! I dream 4 U! When U take dat LOOOOOOONG DREAM, other than ya family & close friends, who's life would U had made a difference in? Dream on dat & HOLLA BLAK!! I got more DREAMIN 2 do!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Da Blaksmith GETS IT IN!

Oh Shit, y'all need 2 tell y'all peepo dat when da Blaksmith gets it in, he don't be playin. I gets it in, inna lotta ways, cursin & raisin all kinda hell but 2day, I'm gonna talk about y'all health. Since alotta y'all HATE me anyway, bcuz I be spittin unbridled HOTNESS, I'm really gonna put it on ya inna lotta ways & some of this U may kno & some U may not. It don't matter so hi haters! I'm goin HARD 2day! Let's get it.
1. My ladies, I luv y'all & U already heard this but dat creamy crack is killin y'all. Tho Madame CJ Walker was well intentioned, she din't kno wat kinda mosnta she unleashed on U. Chris Rock made a movie about it & bcuz he's an entertainer, he had 2 SELL da movie & water it down. Da creamy crack I speak of is haircare products such as relaxers, dyes(dies), wigs, weaves etc etc. Those blondes U see who are not natural(white women 2) are dyin of all kinds of cancers as these deadly kemikkals seep thru ya bloodstream & y'all don't hear about 'em gettin autopsies dat da medical profession keeps quiet bcuz y'all volunteering CUSTOMERS. Lobbyists actually lobby 2 keep harmful products on da market 2 make MONEY! U gotta look a certain way & natural aint it. Burnin y'allselves wit hotcombs, PROCESSING ya hair & hatin how U look cause yo Mama sed it wasn't proper jus ain't rite! This is merely a holdover of slavery as U don't even kno U wished 2 mimic da freedom of white women & her free flowin hair. Pls notice dat when THEY want a white woman 2 rep beauty, they always show her wit her hair, BLOWIN IN DA WIND which represents FREEDOM! Think of Thelma & Louise in dat convertible & U get my drift. Have U ever heard da expression, "let ya hair down?" U also need 2 appeal 2 dat NIGGA(whiteman) who din't want no pale skin he could actually see at nite. Now dat U work 4 him & lose respect 4 non-workin Blak Men, he don't wanna DREAD ya LOCKS! Natural Hair means KNOWLEDGE of CULTURE & dreads them silly bcuz when they can't trick U into it, they know U know SOMETHING. They are SCIENTISTS! Besides, ain't we all BLAK in da dark? Think about how she wants somebody TALL, DARK & HANDSOME so when ya natural potna seeks her out, don't be upset wit him. 4 da Blaksmith, natural is da best. Don't we all want da REAL THANG? I do.
2.I'll bet dat most of y'all use FLOURIDE toothpaste. U been made 2 believe dat it's good 4 ya teeth but I betcha din't kno dat FLOURIDE is actually bad 4 U. FLOURIDE was used 2 keep da very few Jews who were imprisoned during WWII, dopey as a motherfucker! Flouride is in most water systems & cities in da kno have tried 2 have it BANNED 2 no avail. Stop chemicalizin da world wit war & use Natural stuff like Toms of Maine or any of da numerous non-FLOURIDE products out there. Drink only unflouridated bottled water & check da expiry dates as those PCB's in da bottles leach into da water & never heat food in da microwave in ANYTHING PLASTIC. Use ceramic.
3. Peepo have told me dat I stink at times & admittedly, sometimes I do & when I discover it, I hide. Why? Well bcuz, I refuse 2 use deoderants wit ALUMINUM in it. ALUMINUM CHLOROHYDRATE or any aluminum byproduct is very strong & blocks your pores from sweating & we all kno dat our SKIN is our biggest organ. Imagine blockin ya mensies like Deprovera did b4 they banned it, SMH. Everythang MUST FLOW! Sweat is a must as certain toxins leave da body this way. Not all can be erradicated thru shittin, pissin, spittin, coughing, sneezin & alla dat. Makeup does da same thing & if U don't believe me, ask women over 60 who made themselves up erryday if they pores are healthy. Dat stuff makes 4 some nast lookin skin down da road. More on dat in #5 but google aluminum & see how harmful it is 2 da human body. All restaraunts MUST use Stainless Steel Pots bcuz aluminum leaches into da food after it reaches a certain temp & wreaks havoc on ya system. Again, I use Toms Of Maine dat says on da label, ALUMINUM FREE. Da aluminum goes into ya bloodstream & is da reason why we suffer from BREAST CANCER along with alla da toxins U willingly put inside of yaself 2 make dat TOXIC COCKTAIL, watever U get! So when U say I stink, now U kno why. I'll be stinkin into my HUNDREDS, while U jus dead & stinkin at 53.
3. Meat as in beef, pork & even chicken 2 a greater or lesser degree is harmful. Most of it is irridated, given growth hormones & fed genetically modified foods makin 4 a toxic mix dat we don't kno wat will do 2 us.
I DON'T think dat everyone should be a vegan/vegetarian but as we get older, it almos becomes imperative. Now b4 y'all get ya intestines all bunched up, y'all kno this stuff ain't good 4 U. Pork is actually poison. It retains salt & makes 4 very bad hi blood pressure. It also takes 48-72 hours 2 leave ya system & if U kno anythang about proper digestion, U aint supposed 2 sleep wit anything CHURNING in ya system. This is da reason why most holy books teach about fasting. Da stomach is a muscle & must rest at times. If U must, eat organic meats bcuz even tho it's more expensive, it pays off in da long run. U don't rest properly when U do eat late but......1 shouldn't eat after 7PM & if U do, excercise & do that at least 4 hours b4 U doze off. While we on dat, da worst food 1 can eat is WHITE rice, WHITE bread & WHITE sugar. Alla dat starchy stuff turns into sugar leading 2 DIABETES. Milk is food & in actuality, milk is liquid MEAT! Breast feed OUR OWN lil animals as calves don't drink from peepo, ya dig. DO NOT SUBSTITUTE SOY PROTEIN 4 MEAT as it has alotta estrogen in it. 4 women it will throw U off balance & 4 men it will effeminize U. Eat it sparingly & use supplements. 4 ya B12 complex & Omeaga 3's, eat wild salmon grilled, (not farm raised) without da dyes once or twice a week.
4. All soaps are chemical laden & dry da skin of Blak Peepo as they have properties dat SUCK out da moisture of our skin. 1 should read wat these kemikkals are & U would gasp if U did. Use Dr. Bronner's as I offer solutions as opposed 2 wat U shouldn't do.
5. Again 2 my ladies, please slo down wit ya makeup unless its NATURAL! Natural is da way 2 go as da world turns in ARTIFICIAL TIMES. Makeup was made 4 white women 2 have FEATURES dat BLAK women have. Boostier dresses were worn during da late 1800's 2 imitate da so-called Venus Hottentot woman who was shown azza Zoo Exhibit. Y'all don't kno dat they wanna be U & U wanna be them. They tan tryin 2 be COLORED as that is da NATURAL ORDER of thangs. They are da teaspoon of milk in dat Blak Coffe World! Y'all beautiful enough without it & if ya keep ya skin moisturized, U will look FOINE wit ya natural do's! Y'all look good 2 me & real eyes(realize), get real guys. Give me half dat money dat y'all spendin in them beauty parlors & salons & let me caress ya hair blak 2 Afrika!
6. I wish y'all would stop drinkin excessively, smokin cigarettes, usin Western Science Medicines & BELIEVIN in them MOTHERFUCKERS dat U don't even kno over somebody who cares about U & who doesn't have a stake in lyin 2 U no matter wat & givin U this shit 4 free. When I tell y'all, y'all be formin da next thing 2 say(excuses) & don't even wanna hear me but dats coo. I'mma stay lovin y'all & keep hittin y'all wit these hot verbals bcuz y'all got da rite recipe 4 formin cancer, diabetes, strokes & all da things dat families suffer from b4 they hit da ages of 70's & 80's, as in Soul Food, da movie. Start Juice Fasting using Jack LaLanes Juicer 2 get rid of alotta chronic issues like arthritis if U wanna live 2 be old. I promise, U will reduce ya ailments & get rid of some of 'em if U do so. This is supposed 2 be da best time 2 be livin in 2 see dat other side dat Martin talked about. I'm here 4 y'all! They get rid of me wherever I speak da truth & I've seen da world. Mine eyes have seen da...... I think U get me. I even kno peeps who say they wanna live 2 be 80 & no more & I tell 'em 2 shoot theyselves at 79 years & 364 days if U even live half dat long. I'll do my full time on Planet Earth! U don't kno what may come 2moro so why not see it? U mite even be killin ya old teachers who used 2 lie 2 U & give U detention! I'm da Blaksmith & this will be a continuing series as I see fit & if U don't like it, U can SICK MY DUCK! HOLLA BLAK!!!!!!!!!!!
I put 2 #3's 2 see if y'all awake purposely so if U feelin me, I kno wat time it is. Hey Haters, I luv U, U luv me...............................................HAHAHAHA & LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLL!!! Luv Life!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Is Haiti still on y'all mind? Them peepo still over there sufferin as we speak & as quiet as kept, they been sufferin & will continue 2 suffer. I bet alot of y'all who dontated 2 Yele, da Red Cross & alla those stealin agencies dat even admit they stole, alotta dat money ain't reachin da intended victims of this disaster. Those of U who still BELIEVE dat this disaster wasn't MANMADE will see how & why it coulda been jus dat without me havin 2 prove shit. Lets continue
Ok 2day we talkin about BELIEVERS & how most peepo get they BELIEF SYSTEMS indoctrinated into themselves. Any questions class? None, well ok on wit it. Most of us at least in da United SnaKKKes are born into KKKhristian Families. Da reason most of us are born in KKKristian families is bcuz most of our parents was born into these families & forced into it since Slavery Times. If U kno like I do, most KKKristian families teach they children not 2 question da bible bcuz it's God words jus like I was taught. So U kno, as da generations went, these generations TAUGHT those 2 come da same things & TAUGHT those later, 2 not question & here we are in 2010, doin da very SAME SHIT & teachin our children dat same ole same ole. So 2day, when we see drug dealers, pimps, gunmen & preachers thankin God 4 their avoidance of death sentences or jail terms, who's da 1st entity they thank? Dat ain't da God I'm servin but ain't there supposed 2 be only 1 God?! Are they thankin a God dat U thank 4 ya 1st wakin breath in da mornin? Are Jay-Z(J-Hova 2 some or God), Beyonce(God's Wife or Goddess), Rihanna(HenchWoman) & Kanye West(HenchMan) thankin da God I kno & luv or are they lovin Lucifer, son of da morning? My point being is dat ya BELIEF SYSTEM was filtered in ya very early formative years thru religion & ya failure 2 re-examine 'em in ya older years will put U in dat very physical Lake of Fire when da REAL SHIT HITS DA FAN. Ya see, I'm atta good place in my mind as I impart info 2 peepo who want 2 emotionally refute wat I research but I ask 'em 2 research watever they talkin about b4 engagin in ARGUING, something I no longer do. So when y'all don't respond 2 my FB posts talkin about these kinda things but y'all waitin 4 my next msgs so U can ridicule me 2 U & ya friends who believe da same BULLSHIT U do, save it it 4 ya fellow BELIEVERS as I can't tolerate 2 much BULLSHIT anyway. U have been taught not 2 question & 2 BELIEVE in. PROPAGANDA dat ya masta has made U take in. On top of dat, y'all would rather BELIEVE him rather than seek OTHER INFO while shootin da messenger. I already told y'all dat I am a Messaiah & at da same time, a Poor Righteous Teacher in my own right. I wanna walk in da spirit of da 3 M's, Malcom, Martin & Medgar & free ya souls & I don't charge U 1 penny bcuz y'all dat important 2 me. Wit dat, let me debunk some popular BELIEFS & see 4 yaself if after U read this if ya still BELIEVIN in BULLSHIT!

1. Adam & Eve if they actually had an existence, were da physical manifestations of da CAUCASIANS reintroduction back into da families of Civilized Man. Da Gods(da Blak Man & Woman) who were already in da Garden of Eden even told U in ya bible, "let US create man(without HUE & hue=color) in OUR image." All dat snake & apple shit was SYMBOLIC of their errant ways & y'all bought dat shit as literal as WE wrote da bible. Proof positive is da wars between da Palestinians(half-breeds of Caucus & Afrikan descent) & Khazars or da so called Jews 2 claim a land of origin in Palestine. The origin of all Caucasians are as Albino Bastards exiled long ago from US Afrikans & now dat same Khazar is tryin 2 claim something he is not. If they could somehow kill alla those new Palestinians, they could rewrite his-story & claim they rite as God's Chosen but U know da truth now & any refutation of this is denial or "but dat was so long ago" type shit but is is tru or not? Do ya research!
2. Jesus Kkkrist never existed 2000 years ago as da story paraded worldwide was of Ausar, renamed Osiris, Auset renamed Isis & Heru or Hero, all renamed by ya favorite homosexual peepo, da Greeks. They changed it after their successful invasions. These peepo existed whether in fact or in myth 4000 years b4 da so-called Adam & Eve! I don't need 2 get heavy into this as all U gotta do is read the Historical Jesus & Mythical Christ written by Gerald Massey or watch the Lion King 2 see how it really went down. Hakunamatata Motherfuckers!
3.Modern day Christianity ain't nothin but Paganism disguised. Constantine, a war monger saw that it could be used as a conquering tool as religion is nothing but opiates for the masses. If you feel that religion is warranted, then you should be a Copt, the very first Christians who are still very much in existence in Addis Ababa Ethipoia. In Amerikkka, when the slavemasters saw dat THEY could not take away the spirituality of us Afrikans, they gave US the edited homosexual King James version which justifies us as perpetual slaves thru some curse of Ham shit. Then they allowed poverty pimps(preachers)from our community to quote bible & verse & here we are today, Kkkristans without a cause.
4. There is no such thing as new diseases. The 1st known usage of biological warfare was by Jeffrey Amherst who gave da Indegenous Peepo smallpox infected blankets as tokens of appreciation. Most peepo think dat most Indegenous peepo died of war but not so - most died from this disease. Herpes aint nothin but a cold virus gone crazy. AIDS is a manifestation of guilty thoughts after repeated exposure 2 several RISK FACTORS & BELIEVING in a death sentence diagnosis from a Western Scientist. Soonafter, 1 is takin deadly meds like AZT & pro-tease inhibitors which mimic da disease. Ya trust & BELIEF in these Western Scientists, coupled with ya low self-esteem & lowered immune system is deadly to any & errybody with certain metaphysical(mental & physical)
death lurking around erry corner. Other deadly diseases like Ebola always originate in Afrika & our ways like polygamy get blamed as they label it promiscuity. We been livin aroun these animals 4 millennia & they sayin we sexxin apes too.....? All of a sudden outta da blue..... ? Don't worry tho as this knowledge I give U is powerful.
5. The Space Landing by Nasa in the 60's featuring Armstrong & his lackies actually never happened & was filmed in a studio.
6. The tsunami, Hurricane Katrina & the recent eartquake in Haiti were all man made occurences. Now b4 U say, "prove it!", I don't need 2 but U must check da timing of these events. Da internet allows 4 info 2 be diseminated as soon as possible & 1 has 2 study geo-politics carefully 2 see all of da ducks lining up in a row. Bcuz every1 now knows dat da US-Iraq War is a farce, what better way 4 da only waning super-power 2 FORCE they way into other countries where natural resources are abundant? Cause a so-called act of GOD disaster & invade away! Da heroine trade is flourishing in Afghanistan. THEY got alla those NIGGAS outta New Orleans & they jus keep findin oil all over da Carribean in poor countries such as Cuba, Haiti, the Falkland Islands (Argentina & Britain had a short war 4 this place in the early 80's & tensions are at a boiling point as we speak again bcuz of this recent find). To round it all up, Venenzuela may have da worlds LARGEST RESERVE of oil tho these krakkers keep actin like it's all about 2 run out. THEY keep sayin this bcuz alla da resources is where THEY aint! When 1 adds it all up, an invasion & setup of military bases in da Caribean under da guise of AID is da perfect coup de gras 4 this waning super-power. It won't work tho as every ARROGANT EMPIRE lasts about 500 years & if U consider da start of this 1 as 1492, we already 18 years overdue. 18 years in da annals of time is like 3 seconds in a week 4 a peepo as ancient as us so don't y'all be frettin this small stuff. Simply put, THEY KNOW THEY time is up!
7. Global Warming is a hoax & Al Gore got chased outta a book signing session in Chicago as those in da know got his lying racist ass outta there b4 he could tell his 1st lie. Check out climategate on as this was blown all over da net months ago but suppressed by major media. Any1 remember da supposed energy crisis in California some years ago?

I found knowledge of self amongst Societies Throw Aways in da NYC Shelter System of all places. Too many of our peepo negate info without checkin it out & some of da worst perpatrators of this dynamic are educated dummies who hold their degrees up like weapons of mass distraction. I agree wit da 5% Nation when they say dat 85% of da peepo are da easily led deaf, dumb & da blind or da masses. 10% are leading those 85% but they know da truth & use it 2 manipulate those peepo. These would be ya preachers, politicians & pimps. Then U got da 5%, da poor righteous teachers, teachin da truth! Tho I am not a 5%, I teach truth & I'm poor! I possess a street degree & can read anything they read & spit fire truthfully! Da rest of y'all refuse 2 examine wat U have been taught & repeatin dead info dat was invalidated by my so-called street education bcuz it would mean dat ya parents & they parents lied thru da generations. Don't blame 'em tho as they could only teach U what they learned & there4, they din't mean 2 be malicious. Outgrow dat non-edukkkation & help US wit unadulterated TRUTH! Messiahs are usually not recognized in they time & alotta y'all is gonna be lookin 4 me 2 lead U soon but my question 2 U at dat time is gonna be, Who do U BELIEVE in? Better yet, What do U kno? My name is da Blaksmith & fukk wat U heard, I approve of this message up in here! HOLLA BLAK!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Hello there & don't think dat Haiti is ready 2 go 4ward. B4 we get in2 anythang, we have 2 acknowledge dat those peepo are still sufferin & will be 4 some time 2 come & don't U 4get, dat they been sufferin & ain't nothin changed ain't nothin strange! The media ain't talkin 2 much about it anymore as the mid-Atlantic snowstorm shut down DC & a few other states. They still need our help & we cannot allow the media 2 lull us in2 a false sense of security. Anyhow, on wit the show!

Multigeniuses is 2day's topic. We all kno dat da word multi means many & dat genius means a very smart person. I know y'all think of Einstein & Sherlock Holmes as geniuses but did y'all know dat Imhotep was da 1st? Have U ever even heard of this name b4? Well, peep game & let's get it in on the very 1st MG. Imhotep-aka the Father of Medicine(hippocrates was a hypcrite as Imhotep came 2200 years prior)just 4starters. Now don't get it twisted y'all, he was the 1st RECORDED mult-genius & hence, wrote down many potions, healing herbs & their properties as well as many other things. Imhotep was a great architect & was RUMORED 2 be the son of Ptah, a deity who could never be figured out. I walk in dat spirit as I was dubbed such by a Queen Mother once. Some of his titles include Chancellor of the King of Lower Egypt, Sculptor & Maker of Vases in Chief & Hereditary Nobleman. Ayo this dude was also a poet(2day he woulda been an MC) & a philosopher extraordinaire! Imhotep along wit AMENhotep were the only 2 mortals who reached deified royal status in Ancient Kemet now known as Egypt. What I'm sayin here truly does not do him full justice & I suggest y'all do some research on his life. Imhotep is still in the building!

Paul Robeson:A true Renaissance Man! An activist! A concert singer singin BASS like Chuck D! An All Afrikan/Amerikkkan Football Player. A Trade Union Activist. A multi-linguist. He was the MAN among other things & in fact, he still here as our DNA never let's us 4get if U know how 2 tune in2 it properlike. Remember, this info is 4 those who have ears 2 hear & eyes dat see & I don't care where U are or who U be! Paul was that dude yo! Ayo, my dude was a Broadway Star when Blaks & Niggers was gettin lynched & boy was he vocal about us bein free. This is somethin U hardly ever see 2day as those supposedly in power keep ya entertainers paid & complacent. Money is da root of all evil as they get it in & wouldn't give a crippled crab a crutch. This man loved his Blak peepo so much, he decided AT THE PEAK OF HIS CAREER, dat he would livicate his life 2 social justice issues much like Arthur Ashe & Jim Brown would do later. Of course U kno, 4 dat, the US, ruined his life & he had his passport revoked for 8 years. Kangaroo Courts tried 2 convict him of U name it but Mr Robenson was also a LAWYER. Yo, U gotta kno how this dude is as I'm givin y'all jus a smidgen of who he is/was. Imagine what more he could have done had he been white & free. WOW!!

Alton Maddox:A sandstorm who took on Human Form. He's not a lawyer, he is an Attorney at War as Del Jones aka Nana Kuntu was a War Correspondent. The man is a Master Litigator & I saw him in action makin Steven Pagones look like a lil Punk during a defamation trial in upstate NY. He was & still is defending our Sista, Tawana Brawley who was raped by White Govt Officials in NY State in 1987. He was the very 1st attorney to secure a special Prosecutor in a racial case for 3 Blak men beaten in Howard Beach as well. The man is a master activist, researcher, scientist, orator, teacher & 2 me, is the last man standing as his license as of this writing has been suspended since 1990. They used ilegal means 2 do this as the man fights VIGOROUSLY 4 his peepo & is relentless in his pursuit of justice. Because he is still very alive & kickin & I don't believe in biggin him up posthmously, I will refer y'all 2 his site where U can learn all about him 4 yaself. The name of the site is & U can also check him at the United African MOVEMENT in Brooklyn NY each Wednsday at the Elks Lodge 1068 Fulton St. Now b4 U go, this education ain't 4 the faint of heart or beginners. Here they kickin 100% pure & unadulterated BLAKNESS so if U gotta luv 4 the other side or anything like it, U won't like it. There are not many other places 4 us as most of us have been pacified & diluted down 2 BULLSHIT! Let's get 2gether & feel alrite.

the Blaksmith:I think he's talkin about me & wow, what can we say about this brother. He 2 is an activist, a writer, poet, MC & music producer. I can also orate & constantly teach the youth as 2 they identity but I be runnin up againt formidable opponenets, namely the media. He's also a world traveller & has lived abroad almost 5years of his life already & compiles info 2 let y'all know what it is out there. U can check him out at or whereever the hell U find him. If he ain't now, he will be ALRITE! So there U have it. Treat them children of yours rite bcuz we don't kno where our next multi-genius may come from. Do U?