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Kwame Nkrumah: Thinking Hard.......


Wow, it's been a little while since I been here but what is this word & what does it mean? 4 2day, I won't take the dictionaries definition as it wouldn't serve the purpose of what we doin right here. Anyway, who in our community could be described as the title of the article? It could be any1. It could b a teacher/professor such as the late Dr. Ivan Van Sertima or Molefe Asante. It could be a police officer as in Eric Adams or a lawyer as in Attorney at War, Alton Maddox. It could be a psychologist such as Amos Wilson or Dr. Frances Cress Welsing. Hell, I would even say that it could be a reporter like the late great War Corrospondent, Del Jones aka Nana Kuntu, who died here in Ghana a few years ago. Note, he called himself the War Corrospondent as we are at war! It could be a President like Kwame Nkrumah or someone standing up for the people like Ken Saro Wiwa who decided that the Nigerians in the Delta would fight 4 COMPENSATION from the multi-national companies des…

Hair 2day!

Wow, this 1 is gonna prove controversial. HAIR 2day, gone 2morro. It used 2 b a very popular Broadway play. The politix of hair can b dangerous. Blak in the days, I remember almos gettin in2 fights wit young ladies inre 2 tellin 'em that fake hair is toxic & that they should look up something thing called Inorganic Chemistry. Kanekalon, that 2 many of our Blak Women use is killin y'all Endocrine System & acumutively, causing preventable diseases such as cancer, diabetes, lupus & skin conditions, not 2 mention burning & scarrings. Processed hair DOES NOT get a pass as anything processed is processed wit Chem-it-kills. Chem comes from Kemet or another name 4 ancient Egypt where all Blaks in the world come from & b4 U start tellin me about Arabs & stuff, look up ya history. Sorta like how 1 thinks about Amerikkka & thinks of a European runnin stuff as opposed 2 the very few Indigenous livin there now. The story of the world 4 the mos part but anyway, b…

Just what is a realationship?

Yea, that's 2days question, just what is a realationship? We talkin bout Men & Women here. Ya Moms & Pops, ya homies & they wives/significant others etc. We talkin 1 wife or many, between old & young, light & dark & for that matter, everything else in between. I aint talkin bout those tryin 2 change the REAL meanin of MARRIAGE but of those who wish 2 marry, produce offspring, grow old & hopefully LIVE 2gether til something do us part. Come on, y'all kno that in the United Snakkkes at least in OUR community, marriage is pretty much a dead thing. I once had a man who was about 50 years old, tell me that he felt bad 4 my generation(34-49) because virtually all of the woman alive have been bred on some whole OTHER SHIT & they bought it hook, line & sinker & this was about 10 YEARS AGO. Things like POLYGAMY come 2 mind. That shunning mentality NEVER fully took hold in the OLD WORLD & travellin really reveals who runs this shit! There is a…

Blak Starz

Ayo, August iz here & September next - a very important time 4 BLAK PEOPLE because Aug holds the birthday of the Most Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey & September borned out of her womb the same for Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. These 2 are the titans that pushed the AFRIKAN CAUSE way ahead of their time, 4 us 2 see AFRIKA & AFRIKANS as not just hewers of water but as a people of regalness, royalness & of a DIFFERENT type of INTELLIGENCE. There are 2 many whom already have given their life 2 the Afrikan struggle & we must remember that recently, the great Dr Van Sertima passed after a long illness. Our revered elders are going & they need 2 be replaced as we go along but is it YOU that can fill those shoes? Oh, you must believe that this thing is comin & what it is is not known yet but......will U be leading or will U be led? The blueprint is there already. Mr Garvey provided you with it. He implored you "To do what you will." We in the know, know that Dr Nkr…

the Cultural Times

U can't puff or sniff it. U can't see it but can U feel it? It could be a weekly propaganda rag that will soon be out of existence. We all show signs of its effects & yet we still manage, whether good or bad. What do I speak of? I speak of TIME! "What TIME is it," is probably the most asked question in the world. The great & late Dr John Henrik Clarke used 2 say that "History is a clock that people use to tell their political & cultural time of day. It is also a compass that people use to find themselves on the map of human geography. Hisory tells a people where they have been or what they have been, where they are & what they are. Most important, history tells a people where they still must go, what they still must be. The realationship of history to the people is the same as the realationship of a mother to her child." Who amongst us would say that these are not wise words? Non-believers will exit the screen here but 4 those of U who stay,…


Hey Y'all. U see, I got this here blog & I gotta write, what should it b today? Well 2day, it's gonna b about ya hold on a place written as a business contract, the very place U know as the good ole US of A. Your constitution says as a Blak person that U are 3/5ths of a man/woman. U have been led 2 believe that where U live is the absolutely positively best place EVER, wherever U come from if it's in the Snakkkes. As KRS-1 would say, "Why is that?" I've lived in a lot of different places & I never thought that I would ever wanna leave NY myself, but after a certain age, I knew that the place wouldn't satisfy me the way I needed 2 b satisfied. So I went on a quest, workin 4 the US Navy as a Civilian Sailor or what some of U might call, the Merchant Marines. U wanna get hold of some racism? Well try being at sea, going against numerous time zones with strangers that U see every day all day whether U luv that person or hate them. Everyt…