Monday, August 24, 2009

Ghana Beach Women

Sankofah: Back to your roots
John Henrik Clark

Marcus Mosiah Garvey

Kwame Nkrumah: Thinking Hard.......

Friday, August 21, 2009


Wow, it's been a little while since I been here but what is this word & what does it mean? 4 2day, I won't take the dictionaries definition as it wouldn't serve the purpose of what we doin right here. Anyway, who in our community could be described as the title of the article? It could be any1. It could b a teacher/professor such as the late Dr. Ivan Van Sertima or Molefe Asante. It could be a police officer as in Eric Adams or a lawyer as in Attorney at War, Alton Maddox. It could be a psychologist such as Amos Wilson or Dr. Frances Cress Welsing. Hell, I would even say that it could be a reporter like the late great War Corrospondent, Del Jones aka Nana Kuntu, who died here in Ghana a few years ago. Note, he called himself the War Corrospondent as we are at war! It could be a President like Kwame Nkrumah or someone standing up for the people like Ken Saro Wiwa who decided that the Nigerians in the Delta would fight 4 COMPENSATION from the multi-national companies destroying their enviorment. 4 his activism, he was killed & his family was recently renumerated. That money won't bring him blak but WE live on in his spirit. Marcus Mosiah Garvey was the ULTIMATE ACTIVIST havin done everything he did! Activism is a neutral word & can be used 4 evil as Satanists RECRUIT ACTIVEly 2 get new members so don't always think that it's a good word. Gang members are ACTIVE in recruting as well, as the Crips & the Bloods had nobler intentions in the beginning & morphed in2 what we now see in most major cities across the US. Activists such as Masons in days of yore also had good intent as this was the Mystery School System that all great prophets such as Yeshua & Musa went to. They are now homo's, pedophiles & weirdoes.** Most groups such as the Knights of Templars, Jesuits & fraternities on most college campuses use ACTIVISM as a cover, doing good works 4 people 2 see as they clandestinely do dirty deeds under the guise of furthering the New World Order. Aren't KKKilluminatti members ACTIVE in furthering this impossible feat of world domination? So when U ACTIVATE, what are U doing it 4 or WHO are U bein ACTIVE 4? We're all ACTIVE in something so are U an ACTIVIST 4 good or evil? I am an ACTIVIST & a Pan AFRIKAN all day every day in the spirit of my revered ancestors. I do this here thing 4 U, my Beautiful Black Peepo!!!! HOLLA BLAK!!! ** The name of the article is Freemasons are so Gay written by Henry Makow. Excellent info.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hair 2day!

Wow, this 1 is gonna prove controversial. HAIR 2day, gone 2morro. It used 2 b a very popular Broadway play. The politix of hair can b dangerous. Blak in the days, I remember almos gettin in2 fights wit young ladies inre 2 tellin 'em that fake hair is toxic & that they should look up something thing called Inorganic Chemistry. Kanekalon, that 2 many of our Blak Women use is killin y'all Endocrine System & acumutively, causing preventable diseases such as cancer, diabetes, lupus & skin conditions, not 2 mention burning & scarrings. Processed hair DOES NOT get a pass as anything processed is processed wit Chem-it-kills. Chem comes from Kemet or another name 4 ancient Egypt where all Blaks in the world come from & b4 U start tellin me about Arabs & stuff, look up ya history. Sorta like how 1 thinks about Amerikkka & thinks of a European runnin stuff as opposed 2 the very few Indigenous livin there now. The story of the world 4 the mos part but anyway, blak 2 hair. Here, the hair situation in Ghana is worse as mos peeps here are not as exposed 2 what I write of & by the time U tell 'em, they won't argue or become belligerent but the glazed over, "Nigga Please" look comes across very well. Now when I say this, I don't mean that no woman shouldn't use this fake hair but some see it as a LIFESTYLE as opposed 2 a style 2 b used sparingly. I OVERstand vanity in a woman who wishes 2 appeal 2 a man BUT this is about ya health Sis. Ya Mama prolly beat U if U went outta the house lookin a hot mess & U never questioned this dynamic & fell in line like the rest. The beauty parlor became the place 2 b a GROWN ASS WOMAN doin her thang. OK, mayb its my problem that I don't OVERSTAND but look at it this way. About 10 years ago, when OUR women went WHITE I mean crazy 4 being blondes, something that U never hear about in the Mainstream Media occured. Record numbers of otherwise healthy women in their 30's & 40's were dying suddenly. Upon completion of autopsies, 2 many of these women were dying of Cancer bcuz of DYE (DIE) toxicity after bein OVEREXPOSED 2 the dangerous chem-it-kills 4 2 long. The inside of their brains was as gold as the hair they so bought I mean loved. I call this LIFESTYLE LIVING. Alot of nurses pass on this info 2 OUR SISTA'S but so many stay so far gone, they aint HAIRIN it. Hair is culture. We don't break down words enuff but they literally DREADED ya LOCKS, thus DREADLOCKS & that's y that BLAKLASH in the late 80's-early 90's when that became the fashion. Hair is POWER but naturally so. This fake hair business has taken over & 2 me, the more makeup, fake hair, fake eyes, tight clothes etc etc continues, the more OUR PEOPLE go down the rat hole. I ask myself, how many layers of fakeness can 1 take? Then when we get preventable diseases from all of our various ill behaviors that we so take 4 granted, we jump up & wonder y we DYEING at 33 when we supposed 2 really start livin. B4 I go, I gotta tell this story that I tell all the time that makes me so sad. Had a homeboy who's wife had the Dream Job of all jobs. She was hairdresser 2 the stars & I aint talkin about Hood Chix gettin $ in da hood wit hoods - I'm talkin about peeps on TV! Anyhoo, my man & his lady was in they late 30's tryin 2 have a kid bcuz she never wanted any but found the rite man & was ready 4 it all. When he told me that she would get preggers but never deliver 2 full term, I asked him what kind of work she did & he told me hairdresser 2 the stars. B4 I started 2 tell him 2 read the disclaimers on these powerfully potent RELAXERS,DIES & LIES, he started that GOD SHIT about if it's meant 2 b & all that dumb shit Blak People say 4 unexplained phenomena & silenced me. I felt so sorry 4 him bcuz I was unable 2 go further & I determined that I couldn't tell him bcuz he moved soon after. That shit still bothers me 2 this day. I told peeps 10 years ago that OUR BELOVED Mary J Blige would NEVER have children bcuz she always got some GOLD SHIT in her head. She's destroyed her birth canal! Look up who owns this industry!!! U voluntarily givin 'em CONTROL of the most important part of ya body. But I digress, I gotta 8 O'clock 4 my weave job.....When the war starts, will ya hair b as important? Survive or Dye? The Lye or the Truth? Slave or a Slave 2 Fashion? Which side r u choosin? Documentary soon comin as done by Chris Rock.HOLLA 4 HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just what is a realationship?

Yea, that's 2days question, just what is a realationship? We talkin bout Men & Women here. Ya Moms & Pops, ya homies & they wives/significant others etc. We talkin 1 wife or many, between old & young, light & dark & for that matter, everything else in between. I aint talkin bout those tryin 2 change the REAL meanin of MARRIAGE but of those who wish 2 marry, produce offspring, grow old & hopefully LIVE 2gether til something do us part. Come on, y'all kno that in the United Snakkkes at least in OUR community, marriage is pretty much a dead thing. I once had a man who was about 50 years old, tell me that he felt bad 4 my generation(34-49) because virtually all of the woman alive have been bred on some whole OTHER SHIT & they bought it hook, line & sinker & this was about 10 YEARS AGO. Things like POLYGAMY come 2 mind. That shunning mentality NEVER fully took hold in the OLD WORLD & travellin really reveals who runs this shit! There is a SEPERATION of LABOR & there4, a seperation of POWER. Men are men & Women are women. Non Hue Mens have gone all over the world CORRUPTING Native Populations & thus the mess we in 2day. Everythang was affected including realationships!! Did U ever consider that the way we now look at realationships is thru the eyes of the very oppressor that ADAPTED us 2 his ill behaviors? Blak Women in the US can't even fathom having a conversation about multiple wives because it HURTS. This is the warnin shot 2 tell y'all, a new day is comin & when we get REAL, U gonna be 1 out of many or would U prefer 2 b wit some1 ignorant that don't kno nothin? U see ladies like cool guys & cool guys like LADIES. It takes a SPECIAL MAN 2 2 do this & it ain't jus about SEX, it's ANOTHER SYSTEM as ancient as anythang else we've done. The current financial situation is gonna change thangs & those not ready gonna wonder, "What happened?" What U scared of? Realationships in Afrika are WAY DIFFERENT from the US. Though IMO because I am a product of the West, I see realationships differently than my Ghanian family, I don't OVERstand how in this day & age, people don't adjust 2 how it is 2day. The women are trained 2 get ALL from a man & that poses problems 4 some1 like me as in the West, U are taught 2 get ya own & it used 2 b doable but 2day.....? Travellin shows 1 how it's done. Being a WORLD TRAVELLER is an education in & of itself. As an Afrikan Amerikkkan in Afrika, U can't tell 'em U ain't got lucre. U can't tell 'em that U have 2 leave Ghana because U ran out either. 2 many here think they problems disappear when they go over. It affexx the realationship. 2 many have these krazy ass notions & U hate 2 dash 'em but...somebody gotta tell 'em da TRUTH! A homegal that I heard of but never met, came 2 Ghana & confirmed 2 the homies what it is there. She spoke about a shootout in BKNY & an old lady got hit just outside of the building THEY lived in. I tell my peeps here about how violent the US is. They looked amazed when I tell 'em like, Whoa! What about y'all in the US, tryin 2 get by? U can have a realationship with Afrika. It sure aint perfect but it sho is HOME! Realationships here are hard but the way I look at it, it keeps the population down. EVERYBODY AINT SUPPOSED 2 REPRODUCE!! According 2 some PEOPLE(?), the population is already 2 much & so that must make THEM the minority....AHEM!!!!!! Afrika is actually UNDERpopulated. Anyhow, just some thoughts from a NY homie gone crazy in the MF land & stop thinkin like a Nigga, MF stands 4 MOTHER/FATHER!!!! Realationships, the one thing that we want until we have it, well at least in alot of cases. What b your realationship 2 U & ya spouse/sigother? One more question, what is the realationship between U & yaself? 2day & 2day only, I give U my ansa!! I say the realationship between U & yaself is the TRU MEETING between GOD & SELF!!! HOLLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blak Starz

Ayo, August iz here & September next - a very important time 4 BLAK PEOPLE because Aug holds the birthday of the Most Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey & September borned out of her womb the same for Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. These 2 are the titans that pushed the AFRIKAN CAUSE way ahead of their time, 4 us 2 see AFRIKA & AFRIKANS as not just hewers of water but as a people of regalness, royalness & of a DIFFERENT type of INTELLIGENCE. There are 2 many whom already have given their life 2 the Afrikan struggle & we must remember that recently, the great Dr Van Sertima passed after a long illness. Our revered elders are going & they need 2 be replaced as we go along but is it YOU that can fill those shoes? Oh, you must believe that this thing is comin & what it is is not known yet but......will U be leading or will U be led? The blueprint is there already. Mr Garvey provided you with it. He implored you "To do what you will." We in the know, know that Dr Nkrumah said, "Our independence is meaningless unless it is hooked up with the total liberation of Afrika." I'm here in Ghana KNOWING that these quotes emenated from them seeing first hand what went on in the states with Afrikan Amerikans when they were there. Fela can aso be included in this equation. Blak Starz I would call 'em. Yeah, are U on this team? This team includes Carlos Cooks, Sonny Carson, Dr Ben, Keidi Awadu aka the Concious Rasta, Dr Welsing, Winnie Mandela, Phil Valentine & that 5% dude that watches everybodies children on the block. 2day, this 1 is 4 y'all Blak Starz. 4 those of U who visit Afrika or read/listen 2 speeches by Malcom or get flak 4 being DIFFERENT, this message is 4 U & U don't have 2 be famous or popular. At the end of the day, what matters most is that U love ya BLAK PEOPLE. Dr Ben always talks about how much he & Dr Clark would argue & when they seperated, would hug & say that they loved each other. That's Star Quality, a dose of what Blacks need worldwide! As an Afrikan Amerikan here in Ghana, I don't have a favorite group of people as I am not directly from them. I love my people based on character as MLK taught. I tell Ghanians that I am more than Ghanian, I'm Afrikan! I said in a prior post that this is the time 4 the faithful & those who look at this as THAT BLAK SHIT, y'all better know it's comin. I'm talkin 2 my Blak Starz!! Shine on like diamonds against the stars. Keep on KNOWING while those around U believe in that next thing. Keep on usin the internet 2 make it destroy the system that created it. Thank U 4 makin it possible 2 slam an 80something year old Blak Woman in Ohio who was holding a knife at Walmart. If U are readin this, it means that U have a computer & U can look at it 4 yaself. Thank U 4 makin me cry AGAIN!!! Anybody with a little care & MOVEMENT could subdue an old woman with a lot less FORCE!! FUKK DA POLICE & 4 y'all bellyachin about me cursin, chill out. This thing is gonna be great as societies will have to start from SCRATCH!! Break it down!! Don't y'all c it by now? That U revisit my site despite no half-naked chicks shakin they thang means that U care enuff or well at least I hope U care. Ayo, I want 2 include U on my team, the Blak Starz. Marcus made the Blak Star Line & more. Dr Nkrumah achieved independence & served as a catalyst for that Afrikan Independence Movement. Are U a Blak Star? Ansa that 4 yaself, ya dig????!!!PS. If y'all need 2 find me, I'll be looking 4 MMG in the WHIRLWIND! HOLLA BLAK!!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the Cultural Times

U can't puff or sniff it. U can't see it but can U feel it? It could be a weekly propaganda rag that will soon be out of existence. We all show signs of its effects & yet we still manage, whether good or bad. What do I speak of? I speak of TIME! "What TIME is it," is probably the most asked question in the world. The great & late Dr John Henrik Clarke used 2 say that "History is a clock that people use to tell their political & cultural time of day. It is also a compass that people use to find themselves on the map of human geography. Hisory tells a people where they have been or what they have been, where they are & what they are. Most important, history tells a people where they still must go, what they still must be. The realationship of history to the people is the same as the realationship of a mother to her child." Who amongst us would say that these are not wise words? Non-believers will exit the screen here but 4 those of U who stay, hold on - I'm gettin there. This piece 2day is about TIME. Should we check the CLOCK or should we dream? I do know that TIME is cultural. Are Afrikans the master of this thing or is my Westernized concept of TIME superior? Who's time is it? What is TIME anyway? IMO, TIME is a measurement of your cradle 2 the grave existence. What do you have TIME 4? What do you make TIME 4? Where do U spend it? TIME here in Afrika is measured differently as people here are ROUTINELY 2 hours late & seemingly, very casual about it. U see, being from NY makes U responsible in that most peeps take the train & bus & have 2 leave home with at least a 30 minute window 2 be anywhere in NYC on TIME. Your job depends on it unless you're the superstar that I never was. In Ghana, I use 2 wonder y 80% of those I met with were at least 45 minutes late but I no longer do that, as I was explained that, Afrikans master TIME & there4 do not regard TIME in the same way as we from the west do. Alot here is figurative as opposed 2 literal. It's actually all quite abstract until U live here but I still don't like it. So who's right & who's wrong? Should I adjust & go along with this or should I try 2 change those dang latecomers? When I do a transaction, should I WAIT for my change or should I act like a crazy ass vexxed Amerikkkan? OK y'all, this TIME thang aint over yet. We'll finish this one here in due TIME. HOLLA BLAK!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Hey Y'all. U see, I got this here blog & I gotta write, what should it b today? Well 2day, it's gonna b about ya hold on a place written as a business contract, the very place U know as the good ole US of A. Your constitution says as a Blak person that U are 3/5ths of a man/woman. U have been led 2 believe that where U live is the absolutely positively best place EVER, wherever U come from if it's in the Snakkkes. As KRS-1 would say, "Why is that?" I've lived in a lot of different places & I never thought that I would ever wanna leave NY myself, but after a certain age, I knew that the place wouldn't satisfy me the way I needed 2 b satisfied. So I went on a quest, workin 4 the US Navy as a Civilian Sailor or what some of U might call, the Merchant Marines. U wanna get hold of some racism? Well try being at sea, going against numerous time zones with strangers that U see every day all day whether U luv that person or hate them. Everything is intensified as there is no escape. Everybody is out there 4 a different reason. It all happens there. So maybe my doing that job was to find myself a home somewhere in this big world. I chose Ghana. Some might choose Singapore, China or even Brazil. What I would suggest 2 those of U who don't travel is 2 establish realationships with those of other nations 2 go & cool out when the proverbial SHIT starts hittin that fan as U sleep like sheep so comfortably. Why not? Just think about it-anything can happen. U better b ready cuz that change is coming & most of have no clue as 2 what that will b. I welcome it & as Talib Kweli once said, "Rage against the machine, break it apart" Imagine a city of 10million & everybody doing they own thing. That business contract is about 2 b rescinded soon & it won't b reversible. Stop being afraid of fear & let the fear b afraid of U. Let's make a deal y'all - Y'all make it do what it do & we will see that it will b what it is. Ghana could b callin U or any other place in the world. Cash that check & go see the world. U can even drive from Alaska 2 Chile by car. Well, whatever U do or wherever U go, do something! I'm da Blaksmith, so HOLLA BLAK!!