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Umar Johnson Message To Black Women re Dating and Relationships

Part II aka

I'm taking a BREAK from writing articles bcuz I'm looking for what's HAPPENING NEXT in the BLAK WORLD! There's so much going on & closer eyes are NOW needed! This I know & so as a FAVOR to US, I'm siccing Doc U on y'all &so to all of y'all HATERS, take a seat & DON'T HATE the PLAYER! I'm not trying to DEFEND anyone so don't start telling Me about how ya can't stand Umar, Dr Phil V & too many more! WE just here DEFINING what's to be in the soon coming NEW ERA as WE usher the old out! CHANGE is TREACHERY! With new times, WE gotta have new info & b2a is gonna make sure that WE get there intact! I know most of ya are probably gonna get at Me with the heard it all before mantra but I can feel it As well, ya gotta know with the MELANIN RISING that there,…

The Blak Smith goes in on his BOOK, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die - Part II

Yea, there is so much happening that I won't COVER NOW bcuz if I do, too many of Y'ALL is gonna DISBELIEVE & so.........this is Part II of Me going in on my newest book, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die & how the whole entertainment industry is outright CONTROLLED! WE took that ride & didn't put out Part II right away bcuz there is so much going on! I gotta talk about it y'all & they don't want this to come out bcuz they keep fucking with what I'm writing but WE will MARCH ON!!!!! Yo......eric holder quitting that post before soetoro's term is over is the equivalent of a POPE resigning. Y'all ain't ready for what's about to happen & I been speaking on it for some time but WATCH what happens. Them same mofo's that was shooting YOU will be running from YOU bcuz yo MELANIN will kick in right & will SHOW NO MERCY! How ya like that for EXPOSING the entertainment biz for that ASS?

Ayo.......Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA


Ya reap what ya sow! This BOMBING of Syria shit masks the fact that once again, the peepo of iraq are getting a whole nother dose of BOMBING RAIDS as well & though soetoro has said that there will be NO GROUND TROOPS, always remember that a country could never be INVADED from the AIR! As quite as it kept, there's still a WAR raging on in afghanistan but excuse Me while I say

Who remembers when we were supposed to have attacked the whole misnamed Middle East? At 1 time, there were talks of taking iraq, iran, afghanistan, egypt & too many to mention! For those that don't know, just like there was talk of taking iraq & all that SWEET CRUDE OIL way before 9-1-1, the same goes for syria. WE here at b2a recall articles like this; Note that this article was published almost 3 years ago. I remember headlines saying that he would be TOPPLED…

The Blak Smith goes in on the BOOK, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die!

From what I've been hearing, BP is still getting their ASSES handed to 'em & in this video, I show HOW in this thing that WE call the entertainment biz! Man I go in & I use my book, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die to do it but.........before ya go in, who remembers this?; In this article, WE talks about the BW, Miriam Carey, who was gunned down outside of the krakka house with a BABY in tow & how she was killed for still unknown circumstances! As well, this was the 1st I caught wind that soetero was GAY & that michelle is really MICHAEL! As I didn't write that article, DO NOT get at ME bcuz my PATIENCE with those of ya who STILL BELIEVE WHATEVER ya BELIEVE is really THIN! This was almost a year ago & with the recent BREACH at the krakka house & NO SHOTS FIRED, how much more do these d'evilz gotta show that they can't stand ya? WE still do not know anything about tha…


Yes, RANDOM INFO yet IMPORTANT & to have INTERNATIONAL FUTURE CONSEQUENCES! What the HELL y'all talking about? Before WE go anywhere, DON'T get it TWISTED, that FERGUSON SHITUATION is FAR from OVER Y'ALL! There is now a NEWS BLAK OUT & the peepo is still out there in them STREETS demanding JUST-US! After trying to download dozens of vids off of JEWtube of US interrupting that city council meeting & all of 'em going out on Me, WE now know that the FIX is IN & so do what ya gotta do bcuz JUSTICE ain't coming from politicians yo! Instead........check this video & even though it's from a DEVIL, know that KNOWLEDGE is KNOWLEDGE; (dude really sums it all up at about 12:45)
Know that WE are peepo of NATURE! WE are the GODS & GODDESSES of the EARTH & so THINKING that WE gonna take it BLAK by being VIOLENT ain't gonna happen. Just be READY for when t…

Bill Cooper interview CNN Uncut original

Behold a Pale Horse pdf for your reading consumption has been provided by Cooper's own site;

This vid is LONG so I'll make this SHORT! I really RESPECTED Bill Cooper bcuz as far as I could see, he was an INSIDER who told the TRUTH & was KILLED right after 9-1-1 for telling all that he knew........he wrote Behold a Pale Horse, the book that I recommend the most to those who need to be on the Fast Track to this knowledge WE seeking. When I first read this book in the mid-90's, I had totally dismissed the UFO parts but learned over time to keep my mind open & when I read it again recently, I was shocked bcuz of what I had learned on that topic! As he covers so much, absorb the info in small doses & get ready for the FIRE! Look for this dollar to CRASH soon & keep yo self from getting too distraKKKted. As a reminder, the fiscal year in the u.s ends on September 30th.


(damn he's UGLY eh?)

Get ready for the T-Shirts of the year! As you all can see now, WE feature just some of OUR BEST MINDS of OFFICIAL FREEDOM FIGHTERS of all stripes & shapes to REPRESENT WHO WE BE! This line will be called the Afrikans United series & for now comes in BLACK ONLY in Large, X-Large & XXL. As orders come in, please refer to OUR soon coming WINTER LINE which will include heavier cotton shirts with long sleeves! WE MAY do hoodies. On the back, WE point by numbers as to who is who as these shirts are dynamic, BOLD & to be used as an educational TOOL! Details on how to get yours is at  the bottom of this article!

My 1st book! As the title says, the name is I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me & it's the ride that I took outta the South BX NY in the early days of HIP HOP til today & BEYOND! In this semi-auto bio book that I wrote, I go on in detail of what I've seen in my LIFE in the u.snaKKKes, the Caribbean, in Afrika & for …

B.R.I.C.Squad - Part V - southern afriKKKa

to make sense of it all, please read series in order as the previous 4 parts are below*.........ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now.........what up peepo? WE here talking about the B.R.I.C.S which is starting a new BANK named the New Development Bank which will include the emerging nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China& South Afrika which for this article, will be named south afriKKKa bcuz it ain't FREE!!!  The actual name is AZANIA! Whatever the case, WE going in but before WE do so, WE gotta remember that the peepo in our BLAKyard aka Satan Island, Lost Angels & FuKKKuSon are STILL at it seeking answers for their SHITUATION as far as pig brutality & murders go........none of the officers in any of those cases has been indicted & in fact, Attorney at War, Alton Maddox has been summoned to the former home of Mike Brown so look for some FIREWORKS in that event! As well, the gun charge of Ramsey Orta was adjourned to Oct 31st 2014, s…

B.R.I.C.Squad - Part IV - WE in CHINA YO!


B.R.I.C.Squad - Part III - INDIA the VAST!!!!!


Once again, this is the Blak Smith & from what I've heard, the u.s economy is gonna be over next week on 9/9/14. As I've said it all before & as of yet it didn't happen, I won't say whether it will or it won't but..............WE SOULJAH ON! I got peepo asking Me about all kinda shit lately & WE gonna address just some of why the B.R.I.C.S is so very important. Again, this acronym means Brazil, Russia, India which WE will go in on here, China & South Afrika which is still PRISTINE! Just wait til thatLAND SITUATION gets DEALT with. As it stands, the COLOUREDS of South Afrika are from this vast & over populated place & ya (racist) dude, ghandi is too......why do WE still refer to him as a great leader when he hated YOU? DO yo RESEARCH!

So..........India right? This country is RICH in peepo resources having ove…

B.R.I.C.Squad - Part II in Russia!!!!!


There's too much SHIT going on & so today........WE jumping right in! The 2nd Part of OUR BRICSquad series goes in on RUssia & how I spell it ain't a typo.......nah Man, I spell it like that bcuz right now, it's all about the Ukraine & WHY the WAR there is so very IMPORTANT in WORLD politriKKKs right now! I will barely cover a fraction of what's going on there so I hope ya stay with Me as it may all be a bit confusing but at the end, I will try to make it make sense. If ya THINK that it's gonna make sense without checking the links, I'm here to tell ya that ya won't unless ya RESEARCHING bcuz the distraKKKtion meter is on HIGH! Get with US on this brief journey & see what WE mean! WE got BRICS on DECK!

I hope that y'all know that RUssia aka the u.s.s.r broke u…


In moving toward unity, we are at a point of no return. But however steadfast we are, we must be even more so in negotiating our nations’ participation in international forums like the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.*

It's beeen a while eh? What up yo, it's the Blak Smith & though I've been gone a week, I'm still here serving that DOPE! Some of y'all bring it with that CRACK like Kanye & the Game did some years back! Others bring it like the snow man, jeezy.......but the Blak Smith is bringing it like those BRICS that this series comes from as in Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Afrika. That right there is the BRICS that I'm talking bout & for that matter, let's get with how & why it is IMPORTANT! While the BS persists, this is really what they ain't talking about yo!

#1- BRAZIL This ameriKKKan country is the 2nd largest on the continent after the un…