Sunday, July 31, 2011

I WARNED y'all about the Final WARnin!

Ayo, 509 left & bring on August! What up & WTF my peepo? I can hardly believe that WE are under a year & a half away from VICTORY! WE gotta alot to cover today & so if ya limited for time, ya may wanna come BLAK to this Final WARnin as WE goin in HARDBODY. I warn y'all that this 1 here ain't for the faint of heart. If ya wanna go from nigga/bitch to gods/goddesses, this may be for you. WE aimin today to talk to the religious, the street peepo, the spiritualists, the atheists, the believers & the non-believers. If ya have a doctrine or system or a way of thinkin, what will it do for ya when it comes to matters of SURVIVAL? This is why I named this article as the Final WARnin as WE are now at WAR & things will soon RATCHET UP based on what has been HAPENIN. The weather once again has been HOT as reflected in my last article, Scattered sHOTs & that was HOT! I told y'all that some of my contacts have been tellin me that the ANCESTORS would heat up the atmosphere & them krakkas have responded with HAARPIN the weather to rain whenever THEY know that it would be UNBEARABLE to THEM. Ok, I think I gave y'all enough of a WARnin! Let's get into the Final WARnin & see what it's all about.

Oslo on July 22 was off the EVEYTHANG! As ususal, WE had the lone gunman NUTJOB who just happened to kill 77 peepo BY HIMSELF & like at columbine & so many other places, it was reported that there was a 2nd gunman. That bomb killed 8 peepo & do you know how hard it is to kill 69 (nice number eh?) peepo? The BLAK STORY on all of this though is that there were BOMB TRAINING EXCERCISES the DAY BEFORE the disaster. In other words, this FALSE FLAG OPERATION coincided with the FACT that norway was ABOUT to disengage from the nato strike force attackin LIBYA! This neo - nazi PATSY named anders behring breveik comes from a long line of INDIVIDUALS who could pull off such a stunt & by now, most of US know better than to believe the accounts that WE have been hearin but where does 1 go for the real? Would WE go to rupert murdoch? This dude is another 1 of those so called jews, born in australia, raised in england & is now a us citizen. Laws were changed for this dude in the 90's in jew york for him to own the rag of a newspaper, the ny post & ya favorite of all chanels, that sly foxxx that nas talked about a few years ago. This dude got caught hackin peepos info & the dude that was WHISTLEBLOWIN named sean hoare was SUICIDED! The police, upon findin him said that the death was UNEXPLAINED but NOT SUSPICIOUS! Y'all prolly didn't hear about it OR know this bcuz it was a story for a day or 2 & then...........NOTHIN! Ayo, this dude told on a BILLIONAIRE & durin the scandal, died suspiciously & just check this out:

This goes out to you! My beautiful Blak Peepo. I've already told alot of y'all that IDGAF about how y'all feel about me. I have a lotta supporters who know where I'm comin from whether they AGREE with me OR NOT! I've also said that if ya disagree with me, that I'm a GUERRILLA WRITER & not an academic so don't expect me to be supplyin data & pie charts & shit like that. I quote from books, lectures, friends, television & of course the net. Alot of what I write about is THEORETICAL & therefore not VERIFIABLY PROVABLE. Alot of what I provide is not POPULAR & therefore not WELCOMED by the uninitiated. I simply want for some of US to look outside of the PROVERBIAL BOX. Some NIGGAS can't even have a convo without invokin whatever DEITY that hold up as the TRUTH. How sad! This paragraph here is the setup as WE about to go in. Can ya hang?

As I'm not sayin much that is new, I hope that now that Y'ALL have seen that LIFE as WE KNOW it is CEASING to EXIST! Usin my past articles, I will simply rehash what I already spoke of here on this blog. The shituation that I'm goin to use is the DEBT CELING that sotero has been talkin about since early this month. Simply put, think of it like you havin a credit card with a $10,000 limit. Ya payin the minimum amount & now ya want to raise the limit. Ya work at a low payin job & the credit card company has to revue ya status before they do so & see that you are a CREDIT RISK. The us is in total DEBT & a news story is now sayin that apple has more money than the us govt. WTF? This is where the us is right now & WHEN THEY lose their bond rating.......................................................CATASTROPHE! 

We've been thinkin that the next 9-1-1/katrina or bp was gonna happen. WE see that when these fragile alliances break up like in norway just a few days ago, WHAMMO! I asked y'all some time ago Can U Change? I asked that question bcuz Y'ALL need to START thinkin about CHANGIN before Y'ALL are FORCED to & that's a very TALL ORDER. You MAY want to start with RELOCATIN as if ya wish to farm, ya can't do it in the north in november. If the economy falls apart, who's gonna work? That was the purpose of ReTHINK what WORK is wherein, I told y'all to get a different idea as to how YOU are goin to meet the next dispensation of TIME. WE need to stick together as a COLLECTIVE CONCIOUS group of peepo to do WHATEVER WE must when the time comes. That went especially to OUR beautiful BW who have so much COMPASSION & will find it HARD to not be sympathetic to those seemingly NICE KraKKas. The work to be done can be described BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY as the JOB of NATION BUILDING must continue! This is where POLYGAMY comes in as those who are ENLIGHTENED will know that whatever devices are at our disposal, MUST be used. This is NOT a MANDATE but WE will continue to POPULATE the earth & this must be known. This won't be an issue bcuz when WE get where WE need to get to, WE can dispel all HOAXES such as AIDS & all of the FAKED DISEASES that are keepin the fallacy of US repopulatin up. Any ORGANISM CREATED in a lab that never would have came about NATURALLY is for a purpose & therefore a HOAX with a purpose. Research margaret sanger & the eugenecist movement. I Scattered sHOTs all over the net as TIME has sped up & will contine to do so. This war in Libya has been goin on since late april & THEY thought that ghadaffi was gonna be a PUSHOVER. This is showin US that THEY are NOT all POWERFUL & that THEY can be beaten. Innocent peepo are gonna have to DIE & as Dr John Henrik Clarke used to say, NEVER HESITATE to PULL that TRIGGER if it comes down between you & that KraKKa! As a COLD BLOODED ANIMAL, he has no COMPASSION so just remember SLAVERY, the BOMBING of Japan & the Inquistion. The Final Countdown 2012 WARned y'all as to what MAY be on deck & note that the INSTRUMENTAL word in that sentence was MAY! Whatever ya do, plan ahead & THINK HARD about what it is you have to do in order to SURVIVE! 

This economy thing is gettin hectic & bcuz most BLAK PEEPO cannot possibly imagine LIFE without this FIAT, THEY SCARED! WE ain't talkin about this & some of Y'ALL secretly hope that things go BLAK to normal. WE ain't goin there! If the elderly don't get THEY social security checks, what do you suggest WE do with them in an already depressed shituation? If that happens, all entitlement money is next. It's goin down yo! You cannot AFFORD to be AFRAID! When things break down, be with those who have always proved reliable. So....................WE will be here FOREVER! Determine that you will LIVE & be ready for ANYTHING! WE ain't gona get thru this tryin to be RUGGED INDIVIDUALS! WE ain't goin nowhere without each other! If it don't break down on 8/3, there's always the 4th, the 5th & so on. The Collective Conciousness will PREVAIL! You will prevail. To the VICTORS, goes the spoils of WAR! Alutua Continua. Stay up. Hopefully 1 day, I will meet y'all & personally tell ya to HOLLA BLAK! 

The Blak Smith is still at it & as of now, still needs ya HELP. Maybe ya won't be able to send in ya DONATIONS but if ya can, HELP me with the BOOK. The name is I ain't perfekt but take it from Me. Or, y'all can help me run this site by sendin same. Holla at me at my e-mail, or on Face Book at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Peace & stay up! 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's HOT & so.........Scatter sHOTs!

Wow, what up y'all? How y'all doin out there in b2a land?  Welcome BLAK to Scatter sHOTs & as the weather has been HOT as HELL, we have a lot to FOCUS on. Bein that this is article will have no 1 topic, I won't have any pre-message before the message if ya smell what I'm cookin. Some of the stuff that I'm sayin here is gonna be funny & some of it will be SIRIUS but WE GOTTA show luv to those of you who GET IT! There is an ancient Chinese curse that says "may you live in  interesting times" & ain't WE doin just that? Niggas is STILL believin in religion, AIDS, this economy recoverin & so much other NONSENSE but they read my shit every time I post. I'mma start askin y'all if y'all think I'm funny or amusin like joe pesci does in his movies. I miscalculated on the Final Countdown last week & as it stands now, like a long island area code, we got 516 left. Last week, I was workin overnites & that threw EVERYTHING off. I'm still recoverin so unless ya gettin paid handsomely OR have no choice, I wouldn't advise ya to do this! Alrite, I got the 9mm cocked & loaded & I'm about ready to SHOOT! With no target in my sites, let's Scatter sHOTs!
           Right now it's 7:02 in NY & though it rained for a quick minute a few hours ago, it's HOT LIKE A MOFO! I say MOFO for those of y'all who don't like me sayin MOTHERFUKKKER so THERE! I was told by 1 of my great FB friends, Super Nat Turner that OUR ANCESTORS would heat up the atmosphere. Them white NIGGAS is stayin inside as THEY cannot WORK outside in OUR FATHER, the SUN! This is the perfect oppurtunity to tell y'all REAL BLAK PEEPO that now is the PERFEKT TIME for a 1 day WORK STRIKE which should take place on 8/17 in HONOR of OUR SACRIFICE to Kenneth Harding who was shot & killed by the san francisco police dept last week. Though THEY say that HE committed acts of murder in washington state, WE forget that a SUSPECT should be considered INNOCENT before proven GUILTY as this is the LAW of the LAND! I see those of US sayin that he murdered & so on BUT he was sHOT bcuz supposedly, he was tryin to avoid payin a $2.25 bus fare. Like Oscar Grant, he will be a symbol of what Racist White Supremacy is all about whether HE MURDERED or NOT! WE already know that THEY control the MEDIA & can TWIST shit to THEY specifications the way THEY see fit!
                Did y'all hear that ya boy 50cent wants to now feed HUNGRY AFRIKANS? I think HE thought of this bcuz HE ain't NEVER gonna sell many more records, he can't act BUT, he is still useful to THEM & so if he didn't think of this himself, THEY thought it up for him. 50 is a student of the 48 Laws of Power author robert green & so he will do WHATEVER he must to stay relevant. Coincidentally, Ja Rule who just got JAILED for a gun charge is also, like Weasley Snipes, gettin 2 mo years of prison time for tax issues. Those tax laws are VOLUNTARY but NIGGAS is 3/5ths a man & other celebrity news, by now y'all know that amy KraKKhouse is DEAD! Who's surprised? I could make drug jokes, rehab jokes or whatever but what difference would it make? I actually liked her but she's a KraKKa & THEY time is up & so she beat most of 'em to the punch. As far as I was concerned, she died along with caylee anthony & BW, don't get all SENTIMENTAL on me! A KraKKa is a KraKKa is a KraKKa to me & her mom got off & so........what's it to ya? You ain't mad at the FACT that NO white man has EVER been convicted of rapin a SISTAR in what is now known as the us of a! Do y'all remember who Tawana Brawley is? Did y'all know that the duke rape victim, Crystal Magnum, has been charged with MURDER for stabbin her man? Man.........WE supposed to be MORE CRAZIER as a peepo!
                Did y'all know that the english channel recently had a major earthquake? Did y'all know that japan had a 6.5 last week? Did y'all know that needs y'all DONATIONS? Did y'all see the AIDS izza HOAX movie that I posted on this site where white dudes such as Peter Dusberg DENOUNCE AIDS as a FARCE & peepo still wanna debate me instead of researchin & seein that there are plenty of RESPECTED SCIENTISTS debunkin this SHIT? I know Blak Smith......pick yo battles! Did ya see that recent SINKHOLE in leesburg fl? This is the story for those of ya who didn't.

                         So........the Final Countdown is still countin! 516 to go. How are y'all feelin? What y'all up to? Lately WE been puttin up a lotta info & WE SIRIUSLY hope that Y'ALL checkin for it. As WE haven't had any feature writers lately, as a COMMUNITY FORUM, I'm askin y'all to submit anything to me if ya feel it needs a VOICE & is helpful to US. Don't get at me with anything that will benefit MANKIND as his TIME is UP & this segment leads me to say this. I've said in previous articles that the REASON why THEY still exist is bcuz of US! When those ABOMINATIONS aka ALBINOS were born in Afrika, Afrikan Women SAVED them NIGGAS from sure DEATH! Look the shit up as this is HISTORIC As well, when PLAGUES hit europe & as WE are the OLDEST here on this earth, WE SAVED THEY ASSES bcuz of our ENDLESS COMPASSION that THEY don't have, never had & NEVER WILL when it comes to US! Ghana wishes to arrest ALL HOMOSEXUALS in her midst! Though she leaves much to be desired, AFRIKA will never wholesale accept HOMOSEXUALITY! Thank ME for that! I am ORDAINED & BLESSED & therefore will see the NEXT DISPENSATION of TIME so stop worryin about me! Ain't no Blak Peepo gonna be savin these KraKKas from CERTAIN DEATH when THEY TIME comes at the end of next year yo! I say this with NO FEAR & need to let y'all know this NOW! You will save 'em for what? They have a 6,000 year existence & that time was up in 1914 but THEY were given 100 more years & that SUN is doin his job & doin it well. Without ELECTRICITY, his GOOSE is COOKED! For all of y'all who feel ya need to save him, GTFOH! WE ain't got enough room at the Cosmic Party where nobody needs SUN TANNIN LOTION! Got MELANIN?
                  Man, them DEVILS about to get it......the governators son was hurt in a surfin accident. Anotha non-KraKKa bitch winds up DEAD in a rich dudes home in san diego & like I said earlier, the rich MOTHERFUKKKER, jonah shacknai, a PHARMACEUTICAL Company CEO is presumed INNOCENT before GUILTY unlike the aforementioned Mr Harding. His 6 year old son had an ACCIDENT a few days later. DON'T BELIEVE SHIT that I SAY & so:  A young KraKKa from westchester ny, lauren spierer went missin in bloominton in & the search is OFF. Though she WAS pretty, she was seen leavin from a bar STAGGERIN DRUNK & never  made it back HOME somewhat like natalee holloway did a few years back in Aruba. While the mainstream media portrays OUR BW as video hoes, sluts & jumpoffs, these young white chicks who DRINK to excess & do unimaginable things, get a pass bcuz they look so young & innocent aka VIRGINAL. THEY have no TWIN SOUL & use SEX (sperm is BLOOD) casually after partakin of the TRUTH SERUM! EARTH GIRLS are EASY! Damn MAN, this keyboard is HOT! I think that I was RECKLESS in how I scattered these sHOTs! 516 to go & HOLLA BLAK! Peace.

The Blak Smith did it AGAIN! Y'all ain't been too kind to me as of late & that's ok as long as ya BLAK! I still need y'all help as I'm workin HARD to avoid day jobs. This site MUST be maintained & I must eat! I never knew that puttin out a book would take so long BUT, I ain't perfekt but take it from Me is ON DECK! Y'all already know that a $20 DONATION or MORE get's that for ya & anything less means that ya got my BLAK. For those who absolutely LOVE this, I'm at OR on Face Book at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Peace & Luv to ya WORLD!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

ReTHINK what WORK is!

Wow, 512 left! Pardon my manners but it just occurred to me that WE are almost under 500 days left. WOW! Just so Y'ALL know that I ain't gone totally LOCO, a big WHAT UP to all y'all who knows that I am LOCO! In case y'all forgot, this is BLAK2AFRIKA & don't get it twisted, the Blak Smith is still an AFRIKAN as in! A little word to the WISE before I tell y'all about that WORK SHIT! I am the Blak Smith & I write about all things BLAK! After my POLYGAMY series, I all of a sudden became this dude who became associated with only that! If y'all on Face Book put me in ya group, DON'T EXPECT ME TO CONFORM TO YA MISSION STATEMENT WHEN I DIDN'T ASK TO BE IN IT! As y'all use me to pad ya stats, I will use y'all to pad mine! After that, y'all be writin me, threatenin to kick me out of ya group as if I give a flyin fish. To some others, if I come up with a CONTROVERSIAL TOPIC & ya don't agree with it, be RESPECTFUL as I don't put names or situations in my articles unless I give a special shout out to someone special to me like Jendayi Nanyamka. I don't put peepo on BLAST & I don't give a FUKKK about how Y'ALL feel about me onna personal level. I am not BIGGER than the WHOLE of US! Azza peepo, WE gotta get beyond that & disagreein for the sake of disagreein as in the AIDS izza HOAX articles. I posited that AIDS doesn't exist in nature & as some of y'all study it, BELIEVE IT, get OFFENDED & differ with me, I have to remind 'em that I am not an academic but a GUERRILLA WRITER. I always say that to be a so called expert on somethin, ya have to RESEARCH it PRO, CON & in the MIDDLE so as to know it inside out! You can then study it from an INFORMED ROUNDEDNESS & come up with ya own conclusions. Anythin less than that smacks of educational ELITISM from the same krakka niggas that enslaved/colonized you! Some of y'all cherish them degrees more than Kanye's dad on the College Dropout skits. Most of those degrees are now as WORTHLESS as that paper in ya pocket. Grow up & learn to discourse. Also, y'all have to know that a lot of US are from different parts of the WORLD & what may be considered as RUDE or ABRUPT in one place may not be in another. Things even differ in different regions of the same country & so who has the TRUE MEASURE of what RESPECT is? To me, RESPECT is communicatin to others as you would wish others to communicate BLAK to ya. If I have offended anyone, FUCK THAT, this is my blog & you can do as you wish! Note I did not say FUCK YOU but if the cap fits.....

Alright - WORK! Something that WE all have to do & most of US absolutely HATE our jobs but like everything in life - they gotta get done. I've been meanin to write about WORK for a minute but it just never seemed to be the right time. I recently had a 2 week stint workin at.........let's just say a place that is the biggest retail chain in the WORLD & boy is it slavery! They keep ya onna constant move & as the area that I now live in has a large foreign population, they tend to TRY & ENSLAVE everyone workin there. I was born & raised in the us & know the ins & outs & so - I ain't goin for the BULLSHIT like those who don't know better. They try to speed ya up, don't observe safety procedures & plain old don't give a SHIT about ya past you workin for 'em. The way the job market is today, companies KNOW that peepo are DESPERATE & therefore SHIT on they employees. They psychologically profile ya, gauge ya personality & pick the most DESPERATE while danglin ya SECURITY in ya face with they GAME of "let's see if he/she will go for this." This is why for the most part, single AFRIKAN AMERIKKKAN WOMEN are runnin corporate AmeriKKKa. Azza virtue of Racist White Supremacy, women have to look at MONEY as SECURITY & when I say this, I'm not talkin about gold diggin bitches. I'm talkin about regular everyday peepo just tryin to make it til tomorrow aka MOST of US. Work? Why should WE? Why should WE not? Let's go in on it.

Work as defined by goes a lil somethin like this, work: noun 1. exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something; labor; toil. 2. something on which exertion or labor is expended; a task or undertaking. The students finished their work in class. 3. productive or operative activity. The definition goes into the other definitions but for brevity, I think that you get my point. Work as we know it in the modern day world has been defined by Racist White Supremacy aka RWS. As these ALIENS have a different mind set from US (left brained thinkin), they MUST be over any & every thing to the point of abuse! They use they psychology & certain voice tones & hire white borderline retards to work with just over functional non-whites & use those who wish to climb up as SNITCHES. As I have been makin it too easy on Y'ALL, look up the dutch east india company. As LAND is the basis of ALL, look up the middle ages. WE use words everyday & NEVER know the proper weight of what we usin.  Have any of y'all ever heard of a landlord? She is that person that euros had to pay after she allowed you to live on her LAND. She was/is the LORD & you MUST pay her about 25% of ya salary. Your payment was to CIVILLY SERVE (civil service) her to her satisfaction durin the most CONVENIENT time that she determined. Remember, women go thru a PERIOD of TIME where THEY should rest & not be around peepo unnecessarily. One had no choice as TAXES were paid back to her! Ask Blak Peepo from the south about share croppin. In either case, it wasn't nice for those who couldn't afford to THEY got jail for ya like THEY did Wesley Snipes. Yeah, that's it, jail.

As most of y'all read this, ya don't take me SIRIUS! The Blak Woman & US in particular could have THEM on they knees in a week if WE would all just stop WORKIN! That & stop celebratin the FAKEST HELLIDAY EVER, XMAS! They GIVE you the jobs that THEY WON'T DO but now THEY got MEXICANS doin 'em! Some of y'all need to go blak & read my Fast Food Info series. I witnessed them not tryin to do the REAL WORK durin the ups strike some years ago & that SHIT was HILARIOUS! I see too many of US WORKIN too hard on these jobs & gettin stress related diseases as a result of makin THEM NIGGAS RICHER! Shit, if WE ALL did that, THEY would at least RESPECT US a lil more but.....ya CHILDREN enslave you as you THINK that without a job that you will end up DESTITUTE. If you workin under messed up conditions, YOU ALREADY ARE DESTITUTE bcuz ya don't own the MEANS of ya PRODUCTION! The economy that nobody wants to speak of will soon collapse coincidin with the fall of this empire & THEY timin it so as to cause as much CHAOS as possible. In THEY eyes, outta ORDER comes CHAOS & so ya can't be afraid of it. In order for US to be free, this CHAOS has to happen or would ya rather continue bein taxed to DEATH? Some peepo who consider themselves INFORMED, don't want things to CHANGE bcuz they live with THEM & drive a nice car  & THEY are the ones who will feel it most. They went to skool, married & gotta good JOB but that for a BM who ain't a sell out has just about disappeared. SISTARS have been placed in SURVIVAL MODE as RWS affects all modes of our RELATIONSHIPS. Them krakkas is WORKIN hard to keep them inside jobs to they selves! They want yo ass SWEATIN for that WORTHLESS PAPER that THEY made US need. LIFE as WE KNOW it WILL SOON CEASE to EXIST & I mean that inna good way! The so called ELITE don't even use money. Money is for peepo who ain't got it & if ya look at the 1st definition of work again, IT MENTIONS NOTHIN ABOUT MONEY! Work is somethin that WE must all do so let's ReTHINK what it is!

For a BW, the ultimate job should be to be a MOTHER. Nothin tops that & as the Blak Smith is not a woman, I'm gonna stop there. Fellas, it is wired in US to be providers & protectors but this system does everything possible to not allow it. This is yet another reason for POLYGAMY but I already said that before. As WE need providers & protectors in any NATION, I speak not of drug dealers, addicts, alcoholics, deadbeats or those who are irresponsible. The great comedian, George Carlin told US that the game was rigged & he had the WISDOM to know that even most whites ain't included in the GRAND SCHEME of THEY END GAME! As BM, WE must reDEFINE how WE are goin into the next realm & it shouldn't be with the mentality most of US are still holdin onto. Atta minimum, WE should ALL be THINKIN about what WE could be doin outside of his JOBS so when WE get to the other side, WE have a DIRECTION as to how & where to go. Remember, this site is about NATION BUILDING & if that's not what ya about, ya on the wrong site. If WE have skills, WE need to start bartering.  Paint my house & I'll give ya free bananas for a year. We need to learn how to FARM & build irrigation systems. Amerikkka's HEARTLAND is disappearin under alla that floodin & where are ya gonna grow ya food to sustain ya peepo if ya wanna stay here? Everythin that WE do can't be about money & this is why I ask Y'ALL for DONATIONS without the guilt trips. WE need a platform that isn't COMPROMISED by ad rates & where ANY & ALL can come & drop a message as PURE as it comes out of ya! Dr. Frantz Fanon & Dr. Frances Cress Welsing told US that the 9 People Activities makes a NATION & NATION BUILDING is WORK! Thinking is WORK! Labor is WORK! Nature WORKS! Love is WORK! Hate is WORK! Help ya bro the Blak Smith out bcuz writin this blog is.......................................................................WORK! It won't stop & it can't stop! Now Get to WORK!

Yeah, WE went in again. I really appeal to y'all to send in those DONATIONS as I wind down the process of my e-book release. The title is I ain't perfect but take it from Me & WE still have a few things left before release. A donation of $20 or MORE gets you the book & I will soon announce the date. If ya wanna get at me, holla at or on FB at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). In the meantime, OUR COMMUNITY FORUM (this site) needs funding & WE ask those capable to send in what ya can. We LUV Y'ALL so HOLLA BLAK! Peace.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

the TRUTH! DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!


A very SIRIUS greetins go to my BEAUTIFUL Blak Peepo! With 520 days left, them days is Countin Down eh? WE still here givin Y'ALL the REALEST hardest hittin info that ya may or may not wanna hear & WE ain't gonna stop. The Haitian Peepo are still sufferin, the WORLD is currently goin thru upheaval & krakkas is still krakkas. Racist white supremacy rules the day as THEY try to get rid of US all but as KRS-1 said some years ago, WE WILL be HERE FOREVER! As for you? I don't know about you but my countdown is for the GLORY of the comin days! Some of US will be ascendin in DIMENSIONS while OTHERS will descend into DEMENTIA! Some of US are already in both places. Where you at? What are you thinkin? When you read this, this article here will resonate in ya mind......I am goin to haunt you in ya dreams & make you RETHINK ALL you ever held SACRED! I'm gonna MIND FUCK you with this 1 here MF aka MY FRIEND! AIDS izza  HOAX just like religion & paper money. Get busy or get lost! WE goin in!

Ok, let me just say before I go in deep that I am pleasantly surprised that alotta Y'ALL out there have heard OR doubt this AIDS FIASCO as this news is not new. There were, are & will be peepo who know how to research, study & come to conclusions without the EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE seen in so many who still wanna believe this BULLSHIT bcuz they seen they ____________ die from this disease. Take a psychology course & see that ASSOCIATION is a MOTHERFUCKER & when the stimulus is placed in front as in a word, place, concept etc etc, peepo go apeshit crazy! Let's dispel some of that my peepo as this krakka has placed too many of US into a REACTIONARY MODE & a person who REACTS can never REVOLT! Once you see someone you luv dearly succumb to this or something like it, you attach those emotions to the SUPPOSED REALITY of  that SHITUATION instead of RESEARCHIN for SELF beyond a shadow of a doubt what this is all about. You are a CONVICT of ya CONVICTIONS & get IRATE with anyone who stirs up those emotions. This situation is worsened by virtue of age as youngsters tend to blame parental problems on themselves. It's HUMAN NATURE to get upset when WE don't OVERSTAND somethin & if that person is violent, they will react violently with the proper stimuli. This is basic psychology & you can check to see if what I say is true.

As is I said in AIDS izza HOAX, the mind is very powerful. Powerful to the point of peepo on Face Book reportin my blog as SPAM bcuz of my strong subject matter instead of gettin at me & askin that I not post in THEY group pages that I NEVER ASKED TO BE IN. If ya see yaself in this, please delete me if I annoy you. WE SOUL JAH on though & check this out; most of US are suffering nothing from more than & I provided the link for ya so you can see what it means directly from the site itself. You havin a dirty mind coupled with all the INHERENT RISK FACTORS plus LOW SELF ESTEEM suppresses the immune system & when ya reach OVERLOAD, a simple cold could kill you. No one in this country EVER died of AIDS as this supposed disease has too many symptoms that could come from most diseases. On autopsies, THEY say that the person died of ARC or AIDS RELATED COMPLEX,* a cocktail of SYMPTOMS that you could get from a cold & that toxic azt.

Have you ever heard of anthony faucci? Have ya ever heard of robert gallo? Do you know the connections between the eugenics movements aka POPULATION CONTROL, the (secret) government & the nwo? I've stated before that the so called elite refer to US as USELESS EATERS! This also  includes those whites who are really MIDDLE CLASS but as WE don't have much, we look at 'em as rich. Most of them ASPIRE to be with this so called elite & if proven can move up the infrastructure of the us has a housin glut, the prices of houses has fallen while everything goes up & up! THEY no longer have use for US & are tryin to get rid of as many of US as possible so runnin to the doctor is not the answer. Look up those 2 names & you will see that those 2 dudes have been at the forefront of studyin it but in order for it to get a cure, YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE THAT IT ACTUALLY EXISTS while THEY tie ya mind up in endless MIND FUCKERY! Let's just go back a lil to 1984 & see what was goin on in the USG. ReaganomiXXX was runnin the show & jobs were plentiful. rock hudson was the 1st famous person to be diagnosed with AIDS & was exposed as a homosexual givin it the face of gay white men & ya favorite drug, krakk was soon to rage all over Blak Amerikkka. Do any of y'all old enough to remember those times make a connection? After the 60's with Malcolm, Nkrumah, Lumumba, Martin, the Blak Panthers & Kwame Ture, THEY allowed the 70's to go by until watergate made them krakkas run for the tall grass. After lettin that steam blow over, here came the 80's & THEY AGAIN went in FULL THROTTLE on killin NIGGAS! Legalized abortion & the ERA was also figured into the equation BUT as WE have been MUTATED into THEY WAYS & ACTIONS, WE still gonna get our FUCK ON! To those BREEDERS who insisted on havin children DESPITE diseases supposedly ragin, make 'em FEAR FUCKIN causin dissension amongst US! Look at Panther again & see how when WE was comin up, they introduced DRUGS to SUPPRESS US! Another way to look at it is in Dead Presidents with the character comin home from WAR & not bein able to find a job. For those with multiple partners & RISK FACTORS, GET TESTED! To those who were hopelessly addicted esp to krakk, ya now have a MENTAL DEATH SENTENCE with LOW SELF ESTEEM while UNHEALTHY in the street lookin for that next hit. The BW was esp hit hard as she had to use her body to get that drug. Is this true or does it sound like I made this up?

Let me get BLAK to YOU now......yeah YOU, the DISBELIEVER. If you are a regular reader & you believe that I luv you, why would I FUCK with ya MIND? I OVERSTAND the emotion of losin a luvved one to a so called disease BUT in order to progress, one must learn to lose FEAR as it will hold you back! Once I have this type of discussion with someone who had a luvved one die from this who STILL BELIEVES in it, they get REACTIVE & COMBATIVE. I have NOTHIN to PROVE & after these articles, my purpose is to get YOU to RETHINK EVERYTHING that YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW. If ya say that ya BELIEVE it exists, like ANY RELIGION, ya don't know! Put another way, just like I can't PROVE ya WRONG, ya can't PROVE SELF RIGHT as 99.8% just read & don't know what true RESEARCH is unless ya writin a school paper. I am not the only 1 sayin this  (just google the title) & a brother came on my Face Book page a few days ago sayin that DENIALISTS are dyin from AIDS & so I should be careful. Like Redman says, Wateva Man! THEY own the media & most of how WE get our info & do ya believe THEM every time THEY make up some OUTLANDISH SHIT? Like most things in life, THEY PROGRAMMED Y'ALL thru FEAR & Y'ALL FAILED to read anything other than what THEY say bcuz you BELIEVE that THEY are the AUTHORITY. Y'all would rather believe ya GOD SPELL PROGRAMIN than lil old me who gives this info for FREE! NIGGAS REACT & Blak Peepo PROACT! Stop REACTIN & start RESPONDIN as a 1st REACTION is usually not good. I again will recommend that y'all read Can U Change written here a few months ago & as it is an archive, type the title into the search box & go! Nothin I said here today will disprove the naysayers & if anyone readin this can disprove me usin THEY OWN MIND, y'all already know that this is a COMMUNITY FORUM & ya submission will be published. And stop usin's givin you AIDS! Peace.

* Wikipedia said that clinical use of this term was widely discontinued by the year 2000 in the us after having been replaced by modern laboratory criteria. The BULLSHIT never ceases but Y'ALL think that I'm crazy.

Damn man.....that Blak Smith dude went in somethin FIERCE like AGAIN! How does he maintain the site & write his book? He maintains it by DONATIONS for buyin his e-book which is soon comin done by the likes of you & yours. For forwadin info to contribute to his cause, hit him at or on Face Book at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Peace to all of you & stay healthy.