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I WARNED y'all about the Final WARnin!

Ayo, 509 left & bring on August! What up & WTF my peepo? I can hardly believe that WE are under a year & a half away from VICTORY! WE gotta alot to cover today & so if ya limited for time, ya may wanna come BLAK to this Final WARnin as WE goin in HARDBODY. I warn y'all that this 1 here ain't for the faint of heart. If ya wanna go from nigga/bitch to gods/goddesses, this may be for you. WE aimin today to talk to the religious, the street peepo, the spiritualists, the atheists, the believers & the non-believers. If ya have a doctrine or system or a way of thinkin, what will it do for ya when it comes to matters of SURVIVAL? This is why I named this article as the Final WARnin as WE are now at WAR & things will soon RATCHET UP based on what has been HAPENIN. The weather once again has been HOT as reflected in my last article, Scattered sHOTs & that was HOT! I told y'all that some of my contacts have been tellin me that the ANCESTORS would heat up t…

Ironic that this guy escaped DEATH 20 years ago &........

Buckshot Lefonque- Blackwidow blues


Wolves.......C'mon, 2 minutes of ya TIME!


Can Y'all see why I can't stand 'em? THIS IS A MUST READ with 514 left.

It's HOT & so.........Scatter sHOTs!

Wow, what up y'all? How y'all doin out there in b2a land?  Welcome BLAK to Scatter sHOTs & as the weather has been HOT as HELL, we have a lot to FOCUS on. Bein that this is article will have no 1 topic, I won't have any pre-message before the message if ya smell what I'm cookin. Some of the stuff that I'm sayin here is gonna be funny & some of it will be SIRIUS but WE GOTTA show luv to those of you who GET IT! There is an ancient Chinese curse that says "may you live in  interesting times" & ain't WE doin just that? Niggas is STILL believin in religion, AIDS, this economy recoverin & so much other NONSENSE but they read my shit every time I post. I'mma start askin y'all if y'all think I'm funny or amusin like joe pesci does in his movies. I miscalculated on the Final Countdown last week & as it stands now, like a long island area code, we got 516 left. Last week, I was workin overnites & that threw EVERYTHING of…

HIV=AIDS: Fact or Fraud? A Stephen Allen film

How to cheat on your girl......I don't worry about this azza POLYGAMIST!


Killer Mike - "Burn" BET banned this but WE didnt!


X Clan "Fire & Earth" This in HONOR of that DEVIL killed soon after the interviews


Jeffrey Dahmer Interview: (Part 1 of 6) This is 2 all of Y'ALL who THINK THEY have REDEMPTION


YoungKhan- Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews....4 those who say I WRITE 2 LONG!


Bill Gates Admits To His Population Control Programs


Brother Dawud (early years) - HEAVY!!!!


Hard Times / We Got Made It - Dr. Buzzrads's Original Savannah Band....In 509, that's where WE gonna TAKE IT!


San Francisco Police Are Lying About Killing Teenager, Witnesses Say......I suggest that ALL BLAK PEEPO do a 1 day WORK STRIKE on 8/17.


Fuck Jesus, Yahweh, Prophet Mohammed. TURN the HEAT UP!


Steel Pulse - Soldiers.....this goes out 2 EVERY BM that sees this!


ReTHINK what WORK is!

Wow, 512 left! Pardon my manners but it just occurred to me that WE are almost under 500 days left. WOW! Just so Y'ALL know that I ain't gone totally LOCO, a big WHAT UP to all y'all who knows that I am LOCO! In case y'all forgot, this is BLAK2AFRIKA & don't get it twisted, the Blak Smith is still an AFRIKAN as in! A little word to the WISE before I tell y'all about that WORK SHIT! I am the Blak Smith & I write about all things BLAK! After my POLYGAMY series, I all of a sudden became this dude who became associated with only that! If y'all on Face Book put me in ya group, DON'T EXPECT ME TO CONFORM TO YA MISSION STATEMENT WHEN I DIDN'T ASK TO BE IN IT! As y'all use me to pad ya stats, I will use y'all to pad mine! After that, y'all be writin me, threatenin to kick me out of ya group as if I give a flyin fish. To some others, if I come up with a CONTROVERSIAL TOPIC & ya don't agr…

My Best Blak Athlete EVER!



Plies - Why U Hate? WE dissed him 4 Buss It! Big props!


Lupe Fiasco - Hurt Me Soul......very HEAVY!


02 - Joi - Freedom....the ORIGINAL b4 Panther


Like a Long Island NY area code, 516 left!


the TRUTH! DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!


A very SIRIUS greetins go to my BEAUTIFUL Blak Peepo! With 520 days left, them days is Countin Down eh? WE still here givin Y'ALL the REALEST hardest hittin info that ya may or may not wanna hear & WE ain't gonna stop. The Haitian Peepo are still sufferin, the WORLD is currently goin thru upheaval & krakkas is still krakkas. Racist white supremacy rules the day as THEY try to get rid of US all but as KRS-1 said some years ago, WE WILL be HERE FOREVER! As for you? I don't know about you but my countdown is for the GLORY of the comin days! Some of US will be ascendin in DIMENSIONS while OTHERS will descend into DEMENTIA! Some of US are already in both places. Where you at? What are you thinkin? When you read this, this article here will resonate in ya mind......I am goin to haunt you in ya dreams & make you RETHINK ALL you ever held SACRED! I'm gonna MIND FUCK you with this 1 here MF aka MY FRIEND! AIDS izza  HOAX just like religion & paper money. Get bus…

More Fast Food Info

Some of Y'ALL 4got!

I am not JUST a POLYGAMY Guy.......but this is GREAT STUFF!

Olmec/Mayan Calendar end date..... is 2011, Hopi Prophecy, Comet Levy & Honda...


white man tells truth


Ancient Egyptian Freaks

Fast Food Info!