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Lies Disinfo & Ms Info Part III

I'm BLAK at it again so how do we do my peepo? This is the Blak Smith & we here to get it in once again at black2afrika. Man, the Haitians are still there fightin & that dry as the Sahara (Im)palin bia... just went over there on some pseudo non(hue)manitarian shit which was no doubt, a photo op as if she has anyone fooled. The South Koreans said that they were gonna proceed with the War Games despite the North warnin 'em of dire consequences if they continue....Afghanistan & Pakistan rage on while europe is on FIRE with protests & all most protests are, are small scale CIVIL WARS. I already warned y'all that when that SHIT gets to the US, step aside & let those krakkas do what THEY do to THEMSELVES. All Blak Cops will become BLAK MEN again or perish. SHIT, they even SUPPOSEDLY gettin it in in of all places, Sweden. Of course, my GOSH, this bombin was done by oh my GOD, an Iraqi. Did y'all know that al qaeda literally means, the TOILET? This supposed group has been debunked years ago as FAKE but you DON'T hear me though. Holla Holla as Jah Rule is in prison for two years for gun possession. Looks like BitchUp eddie long is tryin so hard to MEDIATE this case of his but that case has a thousand twists & turns. Niggas broke into his place & supposedly got DAMAGIN EVIDENCE to make him cave in but as usual, we ain't questionin that. Even if he gives up alotta dough, I still smell a rat bcuz he's gettin hit from alotta sides & 98% US are gettin our INFO from mainstream MEDIA SOURCES who LIE all day erry day! They write the song & MAKE YOU dance to the tune like a script so EDUCATE YASLEF to THEY ways right here! Blaks have THEY OWN STAR WHACKER SYSTEM called the LAW. Damn, alotta peepo who used to look at me crazy for talkin about stuff I HEARD about are startin to ask good questions without acknowledgin that they thought I was a KOOK just six months ago. Maybe THEY will HUMBLE themselves now & ask BETTER questions. Can't you feel it in the air as we have 733 left?

Ok, one more definition to go on & that one is lil Ms Info aka misinformation. As www.dictionary.com describes her, misinformation is to give false or misleading information to. As the definition of lies & disinformation are similar though not the same, misinformation is a lil different. Why do I say that? Bcuz to misinform could be innocent. In this busy life, we can get confused, we can be tired, disoriented, ill or for any number of reasons, misinform someone though not intentionally. Ya see, someone could go in & out of a building & you talk to them & go do something & they come back in while you weren't lookin & ten minutes later, someone asks for them. You may innocently tell that person that whom they are lookin for went out bcuz you didn't see them return. The person lookin leaves only to later find out that you MISINFORMED them even though that was not the intent. We not talkin about that type of Ms Info. What I wanna talk about today is a purposeful misinfo with TRUTH in it to CONFUSE & PARALYZE. Let's go in.

barry sotero is a misinformer. oprah winfrey is too. These type peepo are the 10% leadin the deaf dumb & blind masses. Quite ironic on how THEY are leadin the masses but WE have so many as in eddie long, td snaKKKes & half a dollar. sharpton & jesse jaxxon lead the pack as reverend politicians. I covered most of the RAPPERS in Hip Hop has gone WILD! so no need to go there. But let's point to another icon in........louis farrahkan. Most of y'all is too scared to talk about him but blak2afrika ain't. The man who for years BRAGGED about FACILITATIN the death of one of OUR GREATEST EVER in El Haj Malik Shabbaz aka Malcolm X. This is also the man who
was called a CHARLATAN by Dr John Henrik Clarke. jesse ventura is misinformant. The man to my knowledge, never accounted for the millions of dollars given at the Million Man March & if anyone can say DEFINITIVELY what he did with that money, I will stand corrected. alex jones is a misinformant. The man who commissioned a book called the Secret Relationship between Blacks & jews Parts I & II, which btw are EXCELLENT BOOKS. The first one is the book that got Dr Leonard Jeffries banned from the chairmanship of of the Black Studies Dept at City College in NY while an already TENURED PROFESSOR. It is NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE to get a tenured educator that can prove his assertions fired but y'all already know! amy goodman is a misinformant. This is just a short bio on who lou the charmer is but let's look a lil closer into some more recent developments.

On August 22nd, lou did another amazin lecture in tampa fl & in the last 15 minutes, he referenced to dianetics without mentioning the word. In case ya don't know, dianetics is a book written by some dude back in the days named l.ron hubbard. Dianetics transformed itself into a religion now called scientology or scientific religion. barbara walters is a misinformant. Well, most peepo are not original & this l ron dude studied under john whiteside parsons & alisteir crowley, arguably the then premier satanist of his time. This dude is easy to research but just to give y'all an idea of how big he was, he was on the cover of the Sgt Pepper album by the beatles which SUPPOSEDLY changed rock music forever. danny glover is a misinformant. Note that the music was CHANGED without creditin the BLAKS who originated it BUT that's a whole nother series. The beatles had also said that THEY wanted EVERYONE that they RESPECTED on that cover but crowley wasn't famous at that time.....hmmm. Makes one wonder as to why john lennon was killed. Anyhoo, this dianetics/scientology is now ably represented by plenty of celebrities such as Mike Jackson's former wife & elvises daughter, lisa marie pressley, tom cruise, will smith, john travolta & that fat bitch ya luv to hate, kirstie alley. spike lee is a misinformant. Before his most untimely death, Isaac Hayes was also a member & it was rumored that his death was a result of of that church but WE ain't goin there. Let's get back to lou.

So at that lecture, speech or whatever you wanna call it, lou was on! He was talkin about signin on a piece of paper & for those who didn't, they would NOT hold the position of ministerin to HIS peepo any further. malauna karenga is a misinformant. In referrin to dianetics, the motive was dubious bcuz if one wants others to be in somethin, they are supposed to let you know OUTRITE with full disclosure, what THEY expect at least as how WE see it. Now I respect lf & all but come on man......there are those followers who FOLLOW ANYTHING without question & will continue to do so. lf is ALWAYS talkin about God & the bible now & hardly even talks about the koran anymore. 50cent is an informant. He seems to have the charisma of a preacher now. But let's tie this all up & be done with this series on misinfo. As quoted before, the books entitled the Secret Relationshop of Blacks & jews I & II are great books & required readin for those sirius in Blak scholarship but......with these kinda moves, what I see happenin is TRUTH & LIES mixed in so as to confuse the masses in these LAST/BEGINNIN DAYS. ann coulter is a misinformant. It has been said & I'm paraphrasin to "never follow a man for he may lead you righteously for seven years & on the seventh year & first day, lead you to the road of perdition." I also always tell y'all to question the TIMIN of everything & WHY these dynamics are happenin NOW. How many of these followers are REAL & how many are knowin that they just runnin inteference? Who are THEY runnin inteference for? Goin past just what was reported & gettin more info is ANALYSIS, somethin Blak Peepo need to be doin more of! russel simmons is a misinformant. Time will prove what it is.

To those of you who fear for my life, fear for ya own. As I always say, fear doesn't exist in God so don't fret for me. I write as I see the world! alex haley was an informant. Y'all don't have to trust what I say bcuz I might have an agenda but I ain't askin y'all for SHIT & so..... my stake in alla this is to PARTY HEARTY in 2013 with the Pleidans, hehehehe........This is not an indictment against lf bcuz I could point to the pope & the black pope that hardly anyone ever speaks of. ernest withers informed on MLK. Them pope NIGGAS & they cronies been fukkin them kids missin on the side of milk cartons & did y'all ever hear of one bein found? bill gates is a RICH misinformant. It is a fact that the NOI is under the pope as all RELIGIONS are & I wrote about that on this blog before. They go under the Shriners & all of these groups are MASONIC in nature. For ME as I don't follow anyone though I can RESPECT KNOWLEDGE wherever it comes from, I follow no man or woman who CLAIMS to be GOD over any MAN or WOMAN anywhere anyhow includin Super Sky Sperm Guy or maybe that IS the ULTIMATE MISINFO. Never follow man bcuz..............................ted turner is a misinformant. Put another way, my GODS are my REVERED ANCESTORS who were found to have never betrayed the peepo who want LIBERTY which WE shall soon get through divine provenance. Y'all peepo talkin that WAR SHIT on FB gotta be FUCKIN KIDDIN! Y'all gotta hang on tight bcuz these next 733........gonna be a real doozy. Hey y'all, no more acceptance of Lies Disinfo or INTENTIONAL Ms Info Mation! Fake Hair onna Blak Woman is Ms Info as the proper signals won't go thru to ya own BRAIN. Maybe now y'all might believe that I LUV Y'ALL! Peace!

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Lies Disinfo & Ms Info Part II

Yeah WE BLAK for the second installment of Lies Disinfo & Ms Info & a big shout out to alla y'all takin ya time to read my lil ole blog which means so much to me. Been gettin alotta new frends online & whatever y'all doin out there INDEPENDENT of the krakka, DO YOU & PROSPER! As I always state, no one owes you anythin includin a JOB! Them peepo in Haiti would luv to be here not lookin for a job but recognizin oppurtunities that they can take advantage of. It seems like the Ivory Coast has calmed down as I haven't heard much since the votin. Wonder how them toxic sludge spill peepo in hungary are doin. I HEARD that the US shot off a missile to iraq that was shot down by the pleidians. As a matter of fact, gotta lil story to tell y'all. Last week, I was sittin somewhere & ran into young lady that I know. We sat, hadda laugh or two & some more of her frends came around. Now this sistar who shall remain nameless is a kkkhristian type but she coo. She told her frends, (a brother & sister) that I was a good debator. So the SISTAR frend wanted to debate but WE pretty much agreed on what we spoke on. And then.......she asked me about 2012 & I told her the things that I had HEARD as I had mentioned in the Final Countdown 2012. Well, our nameless sistar was appalled & tho she tried to hold her composure, she was obviously pissed that her frends were givin me audience but I didn't know that her frends were even comin as she didn't tell me they were comin. As they had somethin planned already, nameless sis tried to leave me with her frends but I said don't let me break up ya lil party as I had things to do too. As they were leavin, I told nameless sis, GOD bless you & she shot back at me, "don't tell me that!" It was so funny but is it? To those of you who are righteous, I say stop worryin so much. Ya got 737 days left & ya just gotta hold on. Let's get into this disinfo shit then.

Ok, again, so as to not MISLEAD y'all or get anythin twisted, www.dictionary.com will define the word. Let's be formal for the sake of bein so. disinformation - noun - false information about a country's military strength plans, publicly announced or planted in the news media , esp of other countries.

Ok now that definition is kinda heavy bcuz WE now have INSTANT MEDIA ON DEMAND 24/7 365 a year. WE live in what is called the INFORMATION AGE & peepo pay good money to stay in the loop. We already told y'all about all of the holes in the assassination of publicist ronni chasen. WE already told y'all about WWW III & the Wiki Leaks scandals. By the way, yahoo hadda story posted on mock evacuations on Dec 15th 2010 in South Korea & you can find that linked here at www.news.yahoo.com/s/ap/as_koreas_clash. The Scanner Scammers story told y'all that them tsa head niggas like michael chertoff is makin a killin sellin those machines to every possible place of travel includin trains & bus stations, national & local. The Final Countdown 2012 was tellin y'all what TIME it is. The ECOCNOMY(short & sweet) reported on how the money SHYSTEM is in the toilet & y'all don't know about anythin other than cash in ya hand which is fiat or valueless PAPER. Well since the definition of disinformation speaks on the military, let me expound in Part II exactly what I mean.

Ok, we got six parties involved in the Korea Situation. There's the US, North & South Korea, China Russia & Japan. In a nutshell, the US is losin all of her power as the days go & she is supposed to as this was all prophecized in the unholy & so called holy books. The North does not want to be apart of South Korea bcuz that would make it a US puppet government. As reported in WWW III - Is it on deck?, Russia & China just signed major deals & at the same time, decided that they would use their own CURRENCIES further devaluin the usd, a pretext for war. As Japan has been made to follow the us like lapdogs & bcuz of the proximity of the Korea's, she is just seein what will develop. As of this time, NOTHIN! So where do WE go with this? The US continues to DISINFORM YOU! They tell US that they havin WAR GAMES & not sayin that they playin 'em in highly disputed territories. THEY TORPEDOED a SK military ship & blame the North who have no reason to antagonize a weakenin superpower into declarin outrite war. THEY BOMB territories in these war games not tellin you that the peepo in the North are shaken by these blasts as THEY use live ammo! Imagine havin to work early the next day witta brand new baby in the house & hearin BLAM with the earth shakin constantly. They don't tell you that they jam up their radio & television airwaves sendin messages of Communism is futile & give in. They also don't tell ya that the Koreans are one peepo split by a war not caused internally & that these peepo like the germans before the walls came down have RELATIVES that they cannot legally see. As the war ended, a peace treaty was never signed but what does that have to do with ya relatives who are peasants & live on the other side of that split country? Those peepo are just as Blak at heart as we are as that is a form of slavery to not be able to see family members bcuz they live somewhere that was demarcated bcuz of a war fomented by opportunists who wish to get rich off of the back of the home populations. That's just the way it is.....smh!

Always know this: Information could be Disinformation is Lies is Misinformation is PROPAGANDA! We'll cover Ms Info in Part III but black2afrika is a PROPAGANDA RAG tryin to wake y'all sleepin giants up bcuz most of y'all won't read it if it's nice & sanitized & so I gotta make it juicy & wet like......well you know. Propaganda can be defined as info, ideas or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation etc & once again, this defintion from dictionary.com. Again I say, who knows if this is all goin to end in an Atomic/Nuclear fashion? This could all be a big FEAR FACTORY with an ENDGAME RESULT or the real thing but.........the Li Family of China are the nobility of the nwo in that part of the world & this could all be a great distraction bcuz THEY know the Blak Man is GOD! Or this could ALL be a big scramble with the Chinese bein the targets......or WE also must realize that the Li Family is one the most powerful families in China & more in particular, that part of the world. (y'all gettin my point?) In that part of the world, one cannot marry someone with the same last name even if perfect strangers & sharin no traceable ancestors. As I research, I keep STUMBLIN into new INFO that just boggles the mind. The Li Family is connected to the nwo along with a lil known secret society named the Triads who also work in unison with japanese gangsters named the yakuza. As Asians, they ALL consider each other BROTHERS & this could all be a game for them ALL to double cross the US as this scramble continues for WORLD SUPREMACY!

Sometimes I wonder what's up with US as a peepo. Sometimes I amaze myself with how I luv this SHIT! The SHIT I speak of is findin more & more of the answers to the world's problems. It hurts me that most Blak Peepo only make intricate plots when it comes to gettin somebody elses woman, car or money that ain't even enough to live off of for more than a few days or weeks & almost always, targettin another one of US. This stuff is so multi-layered & complex but each day, I get more & more of a vision coupled with lots of research & WE gonna win y'all. That Triad group just mentioned has branches all over the world & are the biggest drug dealers in the WORLD! The numbers in the nwo/illuminati pale in comparison to them but they are secretive bcuz there are so many different languages spoken in China & it's hard to infiltrate even in China & those countries previously mentioned. They were the ones along with the Illuminati sneakin that pure #4 into the fields of Korea & Vitenam druggin our brothers but it's war man. This is what Malcolm meant when he said BY ANY MEANS NECCESSARY! They were the ones who kept the wars goin as they too sell women, drugs & weapons & keep these evils goin so as to PROFIT from other peepo's miseries. Everything is comin out now tho & the wikileak scandal was just the tip of the iceberg tho none of those "so called" secrets exposed the US military to any harm. Another Disinfo Operation? For all that we know, this game could just be fought on the world stage to keep US all in "FEAR FREQUENCY" til THEY figure it out as THEY collapse the economy, cull the populations & DISTRACT US from our SPIRITS & MINDS but this is how black2afrika sees it. This world situation is like two big gangs havin a sit down. We have the Don(US & UK) who is old now but with loyal soldiers who would lay their bodies down atta moments notice even if the boss was to die of a heart attack five minutes later. Then we have the rowdy son(China) who though he loves his father, wishes to do away with the OLD WAY & finally do it his way as he is the heir to the throne. But the Don is holdin on & sonny boy is gettin impatient. At this sitdown, a loud argument ensues & guns are pulled. Father & son part & leave the soldiers to shoot, maim & kill each other as they both watch laughin behind a bullet proof one way mirror as everybody dies. They clean up the bodies & hire the sons of the loyalists & keep this game up til the Father kills the son bcuz that Old NIGGA just wouldn't die BUT the son had the Old Mans car rigged with dynamite by his killer, an unknown lower level soldier named Haiti Afrika &........CHAOS. No honor amongst thieves yo! Disinformation kills!!! 737 days to go!

- to be contiued -

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Lies Disinfo & Ms Info Part I

Ok y'all, greetings! As of this writin, 741 days to go & so I'm SIRIUS about the topic entitled, Lies Disinfo & Ms Info. Alotta weird things have been goin on & the Blak Smith is here again to guide y'all thru the storm. Stickin with our most important stories is what we do best & though the peepo are weak & dyin thru a PURPOSEFUL SLOW DEATH (genocide) in Haiti, THEY will survive as THOSE DEVILS could NEVER kill US all. Just like how malaria kicked my ass but I BEAT IT, Haiti defeated Napoleon when he had the TOP DOG military yo! We have somethin that THEY can't kill but believe me, alotta US is already gone bcuz WE don't BELIEVE in US! I saw that spirit twice last nite in Atlanta atta book signin & at another presentation nearby. Last week, a flareup happened there & the UN Troops who know history gotta be scared bcuz they fuckin with the wrong peepo man. It's on & poppin in the Ivory Coast as the incumbent & the runner are fightin for power, a typical Afrikan story that could lead to civil war. As that has yet played out, hopefully it won't get to that but...let's get into why we came here today.

So that we have no problems, today I will allow www.dictionary.com to do the honors of definin my title words. Some peepo wish to REDEFINE certain words but WE here at black2afrika are arch-conservatives when it comes to english & the bastardization of it. But for clarity, let them motherfuggers define our first word as in lies - 1a. false statement made with DELIBERATE intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; falsehood
2. something intended or serving to convey a false impression; imposture: His flashy car was a lie to deceive no one.
3. an innacurate or false statement.
4. the charge or accusation of lying. He flung the lies back at his accusers.

Ok, so hope y'all out there concur with these definitions before WE proceed. Mark Twain once said that there are "lies, damn lies & statistics!" I think he knew what he was talkin about. In this edition here, what I wish to do is use previous articles that I've posted on this site to SHOW y'all how THEY lie like the REPTILIANS they are! You know, crocs, gators, lizards & SNAKKKES. Anyhoo, the lies are lies & in these days of instantaneous MEDIA, THEY findin it HARDER & HARDER to cover up the lies & truth be told, the only thing they don't say is that they are actually LYIN. Unless of course, it's to say it to barry like SC republican joe wilson did durin a congressional meetin. As these stories are all developin by the day, I wish to show y'all how to analyze what ya seein & use YA OWN MIND! Please don't stop with just what ya read includin black2afrika. How y'all know I ain't gotta motive? Anyhow, this outright verifiable lyin started in earnest on a whole nother level durin the run up to war with iraq as they drummed it in ya head over & over that iraq had WMD's & kept CHANGIN the story every other day until it became about, freein the poor iraqi's. As that was almost ten years ago(astonishin ain't it), let's go BLAK a lil more recent to see how this affects you directly today.

On November 16th, a HollyWEIRD publicist, ronni chasen was assassinated in beverly hills ca. This had happened on the heels of Randy Quaid & his Star Whacking accusations & right away, the gossip columns started. Why, bcuz this hi-profile story was fishy from jump! At first, there were no suspects in beverly hills; home of movie stars where there should be cameras EVERYWHERE to protect those who generate SO MUCH MONEY for the US tax coffers. Then a "person of interest" was FOUND & that could mean anything as described by former boston, nypd & lapd pig(police)commissioner, william j bratton. You can look at how he spoke about the BLAK suspect named Harold Martin Smith(no relation) who accordin to the the UK newspaper, the daily mail says was no longer considered a suspect so conveniently after he was already dead! What kinda shit is that? The police said that as THEY approached Smith, he pulled outta gun & shot himself.......yeah I believe that. Most who are suicidal would shoot their agressors & when done, shoot themself at least that's the way I've always seen it. But hold up, this dude supposedly shot this lady onna bike six times clean in the chest! What kinda shit are y'all listenin to? Imagine tryin to rob someone with a big gun like a 9mm, bein nervous, sweaty & gettin off 6 clean shots to the chest in a car at a stoplite. Ya heart beatin hard, shootin a big gun makin a whole lotta NOISE, balancin a bike atta stoplite & nobody saw that? Supposedly, this dude was tellin peepo that he did that shootin & was braggin he was gonna get 10k for it. Should we assume these peepo are traceable? But wait, I told y'all I was gonna INVESTIGATE this crazyass story. TMZ.com of all sources found chasen's will & she was about to change it. It was to be updated from 1994 & at the time of her death, she had only 2 nieces in her family, melissa & jill. I guess that melissa was the good one as she was to receive the bulk of rc's money upon her death. The other niece jill, was to receive the hefty sum of $10 upon the death of our now dead lady friend. On a video clip of FORMER pig chief bratton at www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7113832n*, at about 1:39, he states that the department wishes to put a LID on the investigation. Mind you, Smith was already dead at this point. At 2:48 he says that it's pure SPECULATION that the niece (jill) is involved. He also said that if there were issues in that fam that she (jill) would have taken a few years to get BACK IN HER AUNTS GOOD GRACES. WTF? This right there leads me to believe that this goes higher up as the niece has to be the PRIME SUSPECT! This was a HIT! In such a high unproven controversial case like this, the FAMILY MEMBERS are always SUSPECT as they have the MOST to gain especially with the motivation bein that ya gettin NOTHIN as an inheritance! That's Policeism 101 y'all. If rc was worth 6.1M & about to change her will, what was she gonna change it to? How much MORE was she worth since she last changed it? This lady was a HollyWEIRD Icon yo! If ya wanna go back to the Star Whackin stuff, per chance, the niece may have had high placed collaborators who 1) wanted in on rc's lucre & 2) who wished to remove rc's influence to assume the mantle of HER influence. jill's POSSIBLE motive is more than obvious & she knew rc's schedules & appearances. To finish this off, I've obtained photos of the unwanted niece & she looks like a drug addicted LOSER. She also wrote a letter to TMZ that made it seem like she was high or drunk or both. After Harold Martin Smith died, in my humble opinion courtesy of the LAPD, I had to go to a FOREIGN NEWSOURCE in the daily mail, to find out that he was no longer considered a "person of interest", while bratton appears on tv blabbin about sealin cases. In BLAK english, "person of interest" means SUSPECT! This shows you the value of a Blak Man in the USA my peepo! As if ya didn't already know.

I can say that that this looks a high profile cover up bcuz bratton got up there as a former top pig & cannot be held liable bcuz he is no longer a public servant. Like me, he can say whatever the fukk he wanna say without consequence. He was pig commissioner in jew york when the devil himself, rudy gooniani was mayor & unleashed a level of police brutality that exists to this very day. As gooniani was as corrupt as they gay...meant get, he was never caught with his hands in the cookie jar but his presidential candidicacy would had exposed his devil ass & so he bowed out before it got too hot for him. After bratton left, bernard kerik took over as pig commish of ny & is sittin in prison now for his crooked dealins with mobsters. These niggas is all crooks & all crooks are LIARS & they the ones RUNNIN SHIT! I tell peepo all the time & I didn't make this up, that if any part of a sentence is false, the whole sentence is FALSE. The sentence that starts off the WEST aka the new world( which has to be placed in ORDER) is, "christopher columbus discovered amerikkka!" THIS WHOLE TIME WE LIVIN IN IS NOTHIN BUT A BIG LIE with NON-PEOLPLE DEFININ IT!!! No, bratton is speakin for the nwo niggas & runnin cover for 'em as THEY cannot be implicated as he speaks for them in an UNOFFICIAL CAPACITY! This is what I call UNOFFICIAL OFFICIALNESS! I told y'all that after Smith killed himself, that this case wouldn't be over & it still ain't. The police are now lookin for other suspects like OJ was for the murderer of his ex-wife.

This concludes Part I of our series & next will be the Disinfo Section in Part II. I'm gonna provide the link references below so that y'all can check these news stories for y'allselves & come to ya own conclusions!


* name of story is Hollywood Murder Mystery: Was suicide VICTIM linked to publicist's death? - Note how the story puts the thought in ya mind & not clears him like the daily mail's article. This is purposeful to keep you thinkin about the suspect NEGATIVELY so that the case goes cold & every body forgets.

For the note left behind by jill cohen for her aunt, go to www.google.com & type jill cohen note to deceased aunt, ronni chasen. Over 10,000 entries come up & there, you can read other background info that I didn't provide.

- to be continued -

Monday, December 6, 2010

Wiki Leaks or Weakest Links?

Boy o boy are we livin in some interestin times! Gotta greet y'all first though & how y'all doin? Haiti is sho messed up but EVERYWHERE is messed up! I just finished up with OUR last 3 Part Series entitled WWW III - Is it on deck? & the response went thru the roof yo! I told y'all that as SHIT gets closer to the blades, WE here at black2afrika were gonna turn it up a notch or two & are we doin that? FeedBLAK negative or positive is NECCESSARY but not MANDATORY & thanx to those of y'all fearful for my life! Don't be afraid to read this & HOLLA BLAK at me bcuz I know who's readin me. These so called elites got ya heads turnin every which way & don't let it spin. When ya need a lil time to settle down & settle in, WE are always here for ya FREE of CHARGE. There is so much to write about & everytime I think I'm goin in one direction, HISTORY leads me somewhere else! Too boot, most of these shituations are developin & I have to use my predictive mind to anticipate what could happen so as to prepare y'all. What that means is I don't KNOW for sure what's gonna happen but read as WE use the past & present to guesstimate the future. Please have patience as these articles are not for beginners but easy to OVERSTAND for those with eyes that see, mouths that speak it & ears that hear. The rest is up to you. If ya slow, squish some tomatoes, put 'em in a bottle & KETCHUP! We now have 746 to go yo!

Ok, this Wiki Leaks stuff.....very interestin & hard to keep up with but let's try & keep it simple. I'm gonna get the basics down & ya need to follow carefully as I believe this is just the beginnin of this debacle.

As said on www.conspiracyplanet.com/channl.cfm?channelid=65&contentid=7403, "we explore one possible motivation behind the CIA & the State Department setting up an international FAKE* website like Wiki Leaks -- damage control." Keep these very words in mind as we go along. *(caps mine)

In May 2010, young Private First Class, Bradley Manning was arrested after a film of a helicopter killing innocent bystanders along with a Reuters photographer in Iraq was leaked to the wl site. This film started this whole mess but let's get a lil into this dude's history. We do know that Manning is openly gay. This dude holds DUAL CITIZENSHIP with the UK. We do know that the military just had a don't ask don't tell policy reinstituted. HOW MANY TEAMS IS THIS DUDE PLAYIN ON? We do know that he was sharin his info ONLINE with a notoriously known HACKER named Adrian Lamo who also just happens to be a homosexual.....man ya head should be spinnin by now! Anyhoo, this young lad was spillin his guts out to Lamo about how his life sucked in the military as he leaked over 200K+ documents & supposedly, NOBODY KNEW until the leaks went LIVE! As stated previously, I was in the military & worked for it & maybe bcuz I'm Blak, they watched me closer but man.....this dude was a PFC & so I'm wonderin how he got that kinda access. As a communications officer, he had to know that he would be surveilled & that leads me to beleive that 1) he was drugged to do this & set up as a PATSY 2) he had a bone to pick or 3) that he was drugged to do this. We're gonna tie this all up so let's move to the next.

Julian Assange - An Australian born in 1971. He is the editor of wikileaks & the one responsible for these leaks makin the light of day. As the first leaks were found in April, the MEDIA didn't make such a big deal of 'em until recently as the whole USA falls apart. As big things happen, THEY gotta step up the levels of DISTRACTION! JA went as far as sayin that bcuz these documents are so hurtful, that ya favorite Kkklinton chick should RESIGN! Wow, from a computer hacker to INTERNATIONAL STATESMAN in just a few days. THEY create anti-heroes! The purpose of wikileaks was to (supposedly) EXPOSE rogue governments to make them accountable to their pieces of shit rags aka constitutions. Lo & behold, before ya know it, the Swedes at the behest of the US are charging Mr Assange with rape for havin CONSENSUAL SEX with 2 women & not wearin a condom! This constitutes rape in Sweden yo! This dude has interpol all over his ass but I don't think he will get caught unless he's supposed to. We'll see how this all develops!

george w bush & dick cheney - War Criminals & profiteers par exellence! A few choice words here wouldn't make a difference at this point as their exploits are legendary. Of course they are implicated in all of this as alotta these leaks date back to THEIR admin. When gwb was on his book tour, he even went as far as sayin that he should have FIRED his vp though dick was supposedly running things behind the scenes. Remember, that dick was in the pentagon when 911 hit. He was also bush 1 Defense Secretary & just one look at that NIGGA is enough to give MOST of US chills with his reptilian ass. cheney has even been indicted in Nigeria & though nothin will come of that, the word is out that these guys are outright criminals. The world will never be the same.

hilary kkklinton - What more can WE say as WE get to the good part? She looks like she's aged 20 years since the exposure of these leaks BUT........I knew that she was defeated when she announced a day after the release of the docs that she WOULD NOT BE RUNNIN FOR ANY ELECTED OFFICE ANYMORE. During the dog & pony show election campaign of 2008, I was swearin that she would be a shoo-in for the 2013 office that won't exist as the US will be in TOTAL DISARRAY. Accordin to the leaks, she signed off on SPYING on diplomats & ambassadors of foreign countries, friendly & non friendly. Now we all know that that goes on anyway but to be exposed on such a level....there is 0 TRUST between her & her peers & EVERYBODY under her is runnin for the tall grass yo! They can't even deny the spyin & everybody is passin the buck but it stops with her! I see practically NO BLAK PEEPO talkin about this & y'all better know that if THEY comin for they own, why not you? If the very government, ahem......sworn to protect you is fallin apart, what happens when THEY decide let's just round everybody up, take care of 'em & sort 'em out? Ayo, this chick actually said that after her job as Sec of State is done, she would go into Woman & Childrens Advocacy. WOW!!! Talk about ya cover ups!

barry soetero - Y'all will believe anything? This dudes past cannot be verified & bcuz y'all THINK that y'all are readin, y'all think that y'all got it. There's scannin, readin, studyin & INVESTIGATIVE RESEARCH! Which one are you doin? Y'all think that I don't like barry but do you know who he really is? Y'all like him bcuz he's SUPPOSEDLY BLAK & that's BULLSHIT. This dude has practically no traceable record & is a zbigniew brzezinski puppet. This dude is a cold war holdover & the grand chess game is bein played now in REAL TIME on the world stage. As bs is the so called pres of the US, anything done by anyone under him goes under the strictest of scrutiny. That kkklinton chick reports to him! bs reports to zb! zb reports to the stockholders of the usi aka the united states incorporated. Scanners at ya local airport? They wanna keep you here so that they can kill you to make the Georgia Guidestone guideline of 500Million elite(population of whites) kept alive & to hell with all of the "USELESS EATERS" aka, you & me while makin a KILLIN as they own shares in these traded companies. The majority of the whites kept alive accordin to that plan would be enslaved. The plan as stated by NSM 200 & global 2000 by ya favorite peanut farmer, jimmy carter is to cull 95% of the earth's population & I've stated that here on this site plenty of times. Rass Kass also told y'all that 15 years ago on his song, Nature of the Threat. Look it up bcuz I'm not the only one sayin this SHIT! bs is for non-sophisticated Afrikans to luv & accept as ONE OF US so as to pacify US & so that these europeans can establish a new homeland in Afrika when the shit hits the fan as THEY have already polluted most of the land in the so called free world. They tried every space ship & alla that but THEY never learned how to breach the highly RADIOACTIVE Van Allen Belt. Ketchup with me as I can't tell y'all all. You livin a lie yo! They ain't goin to no space & THEY told you THEY plan at the end of that movie, 2012. Time to make moves y'all!

the Mossad - Only those of you steeped in knowin all realms of history know who THEY are. They are israeli intelligence & the most dangerous of all. They, along with the cia funded & started wikileaks & are the ones responsible for catchin these leaks before they get in harms way. You see, the fight uptop between the zionists & these Krakka's is where the REAL SHIT is & we just in the way. This is strictly based on hearsay so take these words in & retain 'em as you need it. Or just discard 'em but.....the plan that I heard was that the israelis would DOUBLE CROSS the US as they have done already settin up this fake site as quoted at the beginnin of the article. Ya see, all they do is bribe you through scandal & if THEY can't ruin you, kill you. After this double cross, the US will NUKE israel as the war of all wars will be there somewhere in the middle east. By the way, those responsible of all of this ACTED like they wanted to keep these docs secret but knew that by slowly oozin 'em out, THEY would slowly gain interest until, BAM!!! This is the killin of the US! The IMPLOSION has begun in earnest! You can now find the info all over the net! This will also lead to RESTRICTIN the net! This has been prophecized from long ago but WE gonna soon see how this all plays out. As WE have no weaponry, beware when alla these UNEMPLOYED middle class krakka's find themselves in the same position that poor Blaks have been in since......the krakka kicked our ass.

I am not here to amuse you! I've been given specific instructions & placed in certain places by the CREATOR in ME to tell y'all what I know as keepin it all to myself won't do me any good. Y'all are free to read me & not give FEEDBLAK. I want y'all to THINK is all! In the BEST of times, all of US wouldn't make it & this is why I implore y'all to get ya minds right & do what must be done for the betterment of the peepo. You can think, say or do what ya want but look at all of the fires in the world now. The Iraq & Afghan wars rage on. Iran, Syria, Egypt & Yemen loom in the background. Nigeria indicted our former vp. The US & SK have reassumed WAR GAMES in the highly disputed Yellow Sea territories. ANY DISTRACTION away from all of this NOW would be good for the US. The US owes China $870Billion that it CAN'T repay & this may be a foolish pretext to war to get this shit on BIGTIME once & for all! The US as WE know it is done yo! Oh & as this is just the tip of the iceberg, look for more names to surface. This is the chaos that THEY need & if ya read the ECONOMY (short & sweet) & WWW III - Is it on deck? then ya already know. WASHINGTON IS HOT RIGHT NOW! It's bigger than US & it ain't about no particular government or what have you. This about a new world odor & even these white middle class niggers is feelin it! I'm talkin about MILLIONAIRES who WE thought were rich drivin Benzes & Beamers bein broke. VERY FEW ARE ELITES! This is for all of the chips! bill kkklinton is kinda quiet! But just for a minute, forget about what I typed here & just look at the timin of this all. You still can't see it? If ya can, then I just told ya some WHATEVER info. If ya can't then you are the weakest link! You decide! 746 days to go!

I leave y'all with something that I found in this link at www.rense.com/general92/leaks.htm. This sums up this most SERIOUS BULLSHIT that is the wikileaks leak scandal of 2010. It says "Its actually a very slick trick: If they can actually get away with it. And because the general population tends to be EXTREMELY LAZY when it comes to anything that is as MANY LAYERED as this topic is: The chances are the public will simply demand the execution of one man & the shutdown of whatever enabled him to receive the documents. Then of course, the continuing censorship of anyone that did not hate Assange immediately would follow. Then the public could consider the case closed. What the public will lose if that happens is, virtually any chance of ever finding out what has been going on in their name for the last 10 years. Also lost would be what passed for policy in the previous decades as well. The documents go back to before the USI was actually outed for the Criminally - crafted - LIE that it has alwasy been since 1871."

Peace y'all!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WWW III - Is it on deck? Part III

Greetins to ALL who dare enter this lair! Once again, the Blak Smith is here to take a lil of your time to hopefully tell y'all the hour of the time. Well, it's PM & we are already in the 11th hour! The fema(katrina) peepo are for the most part, screwed. The Hatians are barely hangin onna string. Wikileaks just exposed hilary clinton, sayin that she APPROVED spyin on ambassadors & diplomats......now that's a big one & as this story is just developin, we gonna have to monitor it. As things are very SIRIUS, I'm gonna jump straight into it blak2afrika style, ya heard?

Yes y'all, I last left y'all on 11/10/2010, when soetero had went to Seoul Korea for a G20 Summit. I told y'all that he basically got his ass handed to him & it looked like a combo of gettin beat in the polls, not enuff sleep & jetlag. These politrickans may look superhuman but they aren't. After all of the FAKE defeat durin the mid-term elections in the snaKKKes, the so called president of the FREE WORLD went to Asia to again, get his ass kicked! Bcuz he went on an international jaunt, the media tried to play like he did something but he ain't do shit! Some of y'all may call it damage control. We take it from there.

November 23rd 2010 - After relentless bombins, the North calls the South to ask that THEY stop bombin. Remember, these borders are on land & at sea. Now also remember, the SK's & Amerikkkans are usin live ammo & agitatin everyone within hearin & impact distance. The North is livid & after hearin these bombs for so long, shoot they shit off killin 4 & injurin 18 on Yenopyeon Island. This island is highly disputed. The North was tired of talkin & just took care of biz like they supposed to. About 8 minutes after the smoke had cleared, the South fired back but it is not known how many were killed if any on that side. A whole lotta talk about retaliation & all that came from the South but as of this writin, cooler heads have prevailed.
Note, the very same day, not two weeks after barry bombed out on his lil trip to the Far East, Premier Jiaboa from China & the leader of Russia, Putin, DUMPED the dollar in a press conference held in St Petersburg. This NK bombin that island totally OVERSHADOWED this but was MOMENTOUS & TELLIN in so far as to what was transpirin in Russia. Quotin directly from www.conservative.com/index.php/national/3455, it says that "China & Russia have decided to RENOUNCE the US Dollar & resort to using their OWN currencies for bilateral trade. Chinese experts said the move reflected closer relations between Beijing & Moscow & is not aimed at challenging the dollar, but to PROTECT their domestic economies." This article was a GODSEND as it would take you about two or three minutes to read but it's packed with compact, concise info. It gets way better though. The article then goes on to say that, "They also officiated at a signing ceremony for 12 documents including ENERGY COOPERATION. Putin said one of the pacts between the 2 countries is about the purchase of 2 NUCLEAR REACTORS from Russia by China's Tianwan nuclear power plant, the most ADVANCED nuclear power complex in China. Putin has called for boosting sales of natural resources - Russias MAIN EXPORT, but PRICE has proven to be a sticking point. Wen's trip follows Russians President Dmitry Mededeves's 3 day visit to China in September, during which he & President Jintao launched a CROSS BORDER PIPELINE linking the worlds BIGGEST ENERGY PRODUCER with the LARGEST ENERGY CONSUMER." Now back to US at black2afrika just for a second my peepo. I urge Y'ALL to read this article BUT I gotta quote the killer part of it all & tie it up for ya......"Wen said Beijing is willing to boost cooperation with Moscow in Northeast Asia, Central Asia, & the ASIAN PACIFIC region as well as in MAJOR INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS & on mechanisms in pursuit of a "FAIR & REASONABLE NEW ORDER" in international politics & the economy." They establishin a NEW WORLD ORDER without usin the WORLDS RESERVE CURRENCY TO PROTECT THEIR OWN. Protection is imperative inna war son! The US attitude is, "how dare they without us?" I already told y'all in the ECONOMY(short & sweet), that economics is war! Check that Boxer Rebellion History again!

November 24th 2010 - the South continues to threaten the North with merciless retaliation but as of this writin - NOTHIN! Also on that day, as reported by international news sources, the situation in the Pacific Rim caused the world markets to slip 1%. That translates into BILLIONS of dollars yo!
In the US, the news seems to have sympathized with BUSINESS as opposed to the lives lost but y'all already know how that go! As far as krakkas is concerned, if you aint a krakker, you's a nigga.

We are as I type this, 751 days away from our Final Coutdown date. I wrote that article days before this all transpired & I told y'all to watch out as things occur. In the last few weeks, notice how Iran, Syria, Yemen & the middle east as a whole have DISAPPEARED from the radar screen & now Asia is on Front Street. Our lesson should be that THEIR PLANS aren't goin as planned & THEY KEEP CHANGIN 'EM as THEY can't invent anythin new anymore! Even Michael Bennet, a Democratic senator from Colarado was caught onna hot mic sayin that the lame duck situation barry is caught up in, "is all rigged!"
The GAME is UP y'all! They so sloppy fightin each other, they resemble a bumblin gaggle of Keystone KKops! But don't sleep bcuz kkkops are dangerous!

Let's end this onna GEOPOLITICAL note. As a former Merchant Seaman, I've been to Japan & South Korea. From certain parts of Japan to the South, it takes just a few short hours on ship. We already covered the demilitarized zone & the amount of troops already there. There is no way to stop missiles from hittin if this shit goes full scale! All of the military installations in Japan belong to the US with the exception of the Royal Guard. I reported in a post earlier this year(Hip Hop has gone Wild! Part IX,) that Japanese Prime Minister, Yukio Hatoyama resigned as a direct result of not bein able to get US Military installations outta Okinawa. His campaign was built mainly on that promise to his peepo & this news story was underreported in the US so as to hide the motivation behind it. The amount of soldiers violatin the populace there is staggerin! The Japanese, after bein made passive to the US by gettin NUKED wish to now determine their own destiny but can't as the US determines certain policies with the influence of MIGHT! The Japanese GOVERNMENT is heavily in this soup but the peepo hate this SHIT! Both of the Koreas are on the Chinese Mainland yo! They tradin & talkin big biz. China is the reason NK still exists. NK is actually China's lynchpin! That very presence is the reason why the US must keep tensions hot between the Asian countries! If North Korea sees itself as left with no choice, their bombs will hit the South, Japan & perhaps NYC & Los Angeles. This will most definitely involve CHINA, their only ally & by virtue of these new deals just signed, Russia. As the US now has so many enemies, Iran & that middle eastern crew I mentioned earlier might just jump in as most countries have a bone to pick like hyenas attackin a weak lion for his just killed dinner.

Onna sensible level, at this time with so much goin on, it would be foolish for the US to start a war & those think tanks are at work as we speak, shit, sleep, eat & everthing we do that's imaginable. That NEVER stopped 'em & as I examine the TIMIN of it all, why are they so draconian with they law makin now? The TSA is sexxin peepo at airports, the S.510 bill is in the offin, rainwater catchin is illegal & all of the stupid shit that just won't work is in ya face EVERY FUKKKIN DAY yo! They tryin to keep you distracted as they fail miserably. Why? Why now? I'll tell ya why: THEY in the RACE against TIME & if y'all think I'm writin to JUST ENTERTAIN Y'ALL, y'all don't get me at all! I'm countin down the days for US to get our propers & I'm goin thru hella shit as alotta y'all makin shit difficult for me. Educate ya spirits & stop thinkin that money is all! I'm gonna be on some every man for himself shit in about a minute. Read my words & apply 'em to ya life situations & see what you come up with yaself. I ain't tryin to be nobodies guru & I don't want followers. Anybody intelligent who has served in the military could write this so don't put me in that deep category shit. The EARTH is now a big chessboard & the spoils go the victors! I wanna prepare y'all INCASE these NIGGA'S decide to say fukkk it & MAKE it happen! They've done it before & they can do it again even if they don't have to. That's where the profits are! Remember this is a RACE for peepo with an expiry date. The peepo they gotta take care of first though is YOU! WWW III - Is it on deck? You are now armed to answer that question for SELF! Peace.

Portland Mayor, Police Chief discuss return to Joint Terrorism Task Force

Portland Mayor, Police Chief discuss return to Joint Terrorism Task Force