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SPACE TRADERS (Derrick Bell's Movie)

Damn, this SHORT MOVIE by soetero professor, Derrick Bell hits that NERVE! I've been hearin about it for some time & while trollin thru jewtube, I found it & present it to you & yours. See what ya think of this hot 1! Also know that at b2a, WE are in need of funding & have products such as my book, I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me available here: If ya want a SIGNED COPY, HOLLA BLAK to my email ( or on Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WE now have 235 days to go so be careful to STAY ALIVE! WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eddie Murphy Kill The White People/ 236 Left!!

As jootube took off Eddie Murphy's GREATEST WORK EVER, I resubmit that work.:

McFadden & Whitehead Ain't No Stopping Us Now/ this is for MY PEEPO!!

With 237 days left til the Final Countdown & the Blak Woman has that NUCLEAR SEXUAL EXPLOSION, this needs to be the ATTITUDE!!!!

An Emergency Blueprint for the Trayvon Martin Case: May 2012

I absolutely positively love Attorney at War Alton Maddox & as there is no one who could say this & know what they saying, I copy & pasted this to give it to y'all straight no chaser. I feel that too many of US gave up this cause now that zero-man is out of jail but WE must stay vigilant! With 238 days left, DON'T GIVE IN to racist white supremacy aka RWS!!

TEL.: (718) 834-9034 FAX : (718) 884-8241
P.O. BOX 35
BRONX, NY 10471
By Alton H. Maddox, Jr. My study, experience and achievements qualify me as an expert in the field of litigation. These are impeccable credentials. No Black lawyer was supposed to be in possession of these credentials. Johnnie Cochran also acquired them. New York decided to illegally disbar m…

Lauryn Hill - Mystery Of Iniquity

She INSPIRES US! She INSPIRED THIS!: She was the CHOSEN 1 turned upside down by industry politriKKKs but I still LUH HER! She is enigmatic & not perfeKt but neither am I. She's a gemeni born in NJ & WE need to be THANKFUL to HER as she gets BLAK in FORM. WE now have 240 days left & she's READY! I knew a lil somethin about her before but in researchin OUR SISTA for my 2nd book, I have an all new APPRECIATION & LUV for this SISTA! She is in my MEDITATIONS & listen to this pure soul croon about EVIL! b2a luvs y'all & so we present - Ms Lauryn Hill!


Hey b2a PEEPO! Knowin that all WE NOW have left is 242 days makes me feel GREAT! I hope y'all feelin the SAME bcuz Y'ALL need to tell me why shit is.....Before WE start out the gate, as I always say, WE have again been experiencin ADVERSE WEATHER whether ya like it or NOT! Today in the atl, was rather cool & brisk, somethin more like early february weather. Though it was sunny, a jacket at the least was needed if ya ventured further than the nearest corner. In upstate ny, I overstand that there was considerable SNOW & a whole lotta peepo lost POWER. If ya think this is funny, Y'all already know what the Final Countdown 2012 is all about & if ya don't, ya better get ya RESEARCH SKILLS up! These KraKKa's AIN'T playin & if ya THINK they are, move on to the next!

Before ya even go in on this segment, get a load of this: http://ne…

Dred Scott - Can't Hold It Back/ the ANGST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rita Marley - One Draw/ 4/20 THEME Song of the Evening


Musical Youth Pass the Dutchie/ the 4/20 Theme Song


DEATH comes in 3's!


Hey there my peepo! How y'all? Hope all is well & thanks for stickin with US whether WE give ya articles, songs, movies, links or articles from contributors. Shit, WE be even puttin up pictures of thangs WE think y'all ought to be seein. As of now, T Martin killer has YET to be bailed outta jail & WE cannot afford to relax on this 1 bcuz as WE speak, them NIGGERS is CONCOCTIN somethin to get his ass out! When they do, THEY gonna have hella police in & around the courthouse so don't get REACTIONARY as this SHITUATION ain't notin but Cornbread Earl & Me 2012. Peepo, peepo, WORK WITH ME & OVERSTAND that WE are livin in the days of REVELATIONS as in REVEAL! If you are unlike me & NOT REVEALIN the going ons of the world, then what is bein UNFURLED onto you? Put that in ya pipe & SMOKE IT!

So today I'm writin about how TIME is absolutely fuckin FLYIN lately & how almost all the time, how peepo a…

A Spike Lee Joint: Bamboozled/ Some of Y'ALL NEED this!

THEY cancelled it above so go here!

I'm still gonna post footage of my lecture that I did in Atlanta from a few weeks ago but y'all gotta be patient! How y'all doin? I hope all of y'all are well & I will be comin with a new written article soon so HOLD ON like En Vogue. Though I happen to think that spike lee is a sellout, WE can use his movie as a TEACHIN OPPURTUNITY so that some of y'all on the fence can see SELF! Too many of US have been BAMBOOZLED & as WE only have 248 days left, Y'ALL better get it right. WE ain't doin this for all naught & so get with US, buy my book (link : & if ya want the e-book, holla at ME at or at Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). My PEEPO have already WON but don't know it yet. Them KraKKa's is OUTTA HERE! HOLLA BLAK!

Steve Cokely 9.19.11 LIVE & UNCENSORED: The Turning Point

This TRIBUTE goes out to this BLAK MAN who gave his LIFE to US! Unfortunately, HE passed on to the ANCESTORS on the 11th of april & Y'ALL need to know that WE have lost another BIG 1! He was known as the very 1st BLAK Researcher who named the names. He spoke on EVERYTHING that was important to Blak Folks & loved US immensely! He set the template for others to do same & I am 1 who happens to count myself in that number. With 250 days left, I hope to unearth the info Y'ALL need to keep goin ahead like this dude did. To all of you who are capable, continue the legacy & let's get FREE! Never underestimate the POWER of what YOU as an individual can do! Peace Baba & LIBATIONS! Check out this video about who OUR DUDE was: Rest in WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raphael Saadiq - Grown Folks/ WE need mo HELP than the CHILDREN do

WE are all MESSED UP & the CHILDREN come out PURE! Stop messin 'em UP & that's an ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's BEEN Open Season on........

What is Kol Nidrei?
                                    (check especially between :30 - :50 seconds)

Yea..... just like I told y'all some time ago,!!!! Howdy & how the hell are ya? As if (I care). Blak Peepo, I know THEY time is UP! Y'all nervous & just goin around killin US but like I used to tell an old gal pal of mine, YA CAN'T WIN! Go(o)d will triumph over the (D)evil so y'all just enjoyin ya LAST G(l)ory days. If ya notice, most of these killins is happenin on the eve of THEY HELLIDAYS & I keep tellin y'all to be careful around those times but (THEY DON'T HEAR ME THOUGH). I'm here still SMH & all. What gives my peepo? Did y'all check the latest & how THEY tell US?: The instrumental word in the 2nd paragraph is COULD!

Yea, like I wa…

What Y'all Think?/Jaime Maussan - Crop Circle May 2012

Check out this VERY SHORT VIDEO that SEEMS to point to BIG THANGS soon comin! I posted this on Face Book yesterday & soonafter, my account was SUSPENDED! I came here on b2a today & SOMEBODY hacked into my account! I must be pissin off the RIGHT PEEPO bcuz the DEVIL is in my DETAILS but he can't win bcuz he only got 258 days left! I think I know who's tryin to stop me but SHE'LL only create more HELL for herself if she keeps on! What y'all think about that? Man, don't these NIGGAS got other shit to do? Anyhoo, y'all need to be aware that the WORLD keeps on SPINNIN & WE goin on with it as WE ASCEND! I been told y'all that the SEPERATION has been made. Look for me less on Face Book & definitley HOLLA BLAK here! Support US in OUR ENDEAVORS & don't be scared of anything that KraKKa & his minions do! THEY can't stop the BLAK GOD! Be aware of who ya with & what ya doin. Footage of my East Point ATL lecture on deck! WAR!!!!!!!!!…

The Harder They Come (1972)

Hey b2a & guess who's BLAK? This is now I think y'all know the name & this 1 goes out to my peepos from the Carribean who CLAIM that I don't SPREAD LUV the PROPER WAY! As I've been CRAZY BUSY promotin my book, I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me, haven't had much time to TYPE up a blog & so I show Y'ALL US inna CLASSIC WAY! This 1 right here is the ULTIMATE JAMAICAN flick that let US know what was goin on pon the YARD! I LIVICATE this to alla my PEEPO & WE all need to know that WE are the same, if not in COLOR, then WE are the same in OPPRESSION! Big up to Jimmy Cliff & to all of the MASSIVES wherever WE be! I LUV BLAK PEEPO & will continue to do so. Til 259 is gone, please keep enjoyin how WE get at ya & never forget to HOLLA BLAK at my e-mail: or on Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Live right & get at ME! WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's REVUE!

So, with so much goin on lately & some of y'all salty bcuz I didn't greet ya, how the HELL are ya? Yea, it's that CYNICAL BLAK dude again comin attcha like a shoe does a FOOT! Watup & are ya WOKE yet? If not, know that ya got 261 days left & I know that I lose a lot of y'all with this Final Countdown SHIT but so what? Too many of y'all is still doin some version of Holy Rollin or somethin close to it & just like ya don't care for what I got, vice versa so keep on livin & keep on doin YOU! march was a mothaforya & so far, it looks like april is gonna be a lotta FUN! Let's revue a lil see what WE come up with. The summer has yet to come but for now..........

Last year it was this dude: But this year, WE gotta go BLAK to march & must first go to kony2012. The month started with invisible children & how so many peepo saw so…

Trouble Sleep; Yanga Wake Am - Fela Kuti/ AFRIKAN SOUL MUSIC!!

Are U havin TROUBLE SLEEPIN? Listen to this & let it take ya away & pay attention to y'all DREAMS bcuz if ya answers ain't comin from ya CONCIOUS, they may be comin from ya CONCIOUS. Never SLEEP bcuz SLEEP is the COUSIN of DEATH! That last comment was for those with EYES that SEE & EARS that HEAR! With 262 days left, know that ya got it goin on & it won't be long til that Cosmic Party WE shootin for! All things change around, stay the course, be around BEAUTY & listen to GREAT MUSIC. After alla that, HOLLA BLAK!

To contact me, I'm on & on FaceBook, I'm known as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Keep on with that same ole feelin & see y'all SOON.